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Question A dominant wave is characterized by A prominent wave should have As an electromagnetic wave travels in free space, the only one of the following can hap Pick up the correct answer: Two straight parallel conductors carry equal currents in opposite directions. The force b Which of the following material will have the least value of relative permeability? One Newton metre equals: Circular waveguide may be preferred to rectangular one for same application because of The most important primary force of attraction in the formation of solids is In order to reduce cross-sectional dimensions, which of the following wave guide is pre Waveguides are generally not used for frequencies A cavity may be considered as: In a transmission line terminated with a load equal to the characteristics impedance, the The skin effect causes current to flow For different loads the range of the values for VSWR is Side lobe of an antenna causes When electromagnetic waves are propagated in a waveguide: The power handling capacity of a ferrite component depends upon its A TM wave in general is characterized by When a wave travelling in air enters into a waveguide Propagation of frequencies in UHF range takes place by means of Polarization of a radio wave is taken as the The dimensions of relative permittivity is The dominant mode in a waveguide is characterized by Biot Savart law states the relation between magnetic intensity and TEM mode in coaxial line has In electromagnetic waves, polarization Very low frequency waves are used for some types of services because The important postulate arising out of Maxwell's modification of ampere's law is The numerical value of directive gain may lie between Diffraction of electromagnetic waves In case of surface wave, to prevent short-circuiting of the electric component, the wave In a waveguide the attenuation near the cut-off frequency is:

The disturbance from adjacent telephone line is called: Which of the following statement is false? Compared with equivalent transmission lines The refractive index of the ionosphere for radio wave is An antenna coupler is used due to all of the following reasons except A waveguide can be considered as Directional coupler with three or more hole is sometimes used in preference to the two h When freespace wavelength of a signal equals the cutoff wavelength of the waveguides Which one of the following is very useful as a multiband HF receiving antenna? When electromagnetic waves are reflected at an angle from a wall, their wavelength alo Indicate the false statement: An advantage of stripline over waveguide is its An arbitarily elliptically polarised wave can be broken up into The utility of VLF waves in communication is due to their Polarisation of electromagnetic waves is due to When a charge q moves with velocity v in an electric field E and magnetic filed B, the L The relative permeability of a paramagnetic substance will be Which of the following statements is true for isotopes? In case of antenna the ratio of power radiated in desired direction to the power radiated In a waveguide the suffix mn of the modes TE/TM denote Yagi antenna has: Directivity depends upon The electric field intensity at a distance 'd' from a infinitely long charged line will vary a The ground waves eventually disappear as one moves away from the transmitter becaus The maximum useable frequency of sky wave propagation lies in the range of A typical radar antenna has a bandwidth of Refraction of electromagnetic wave occurs when they In a horizontally polarised wave The effective height of an antenna is slightly greater than physical antenna because Directive gain of an antenna in a given direction is the ratio of: Between a hollow and solid metal sphere charges reside Impedance variation is obtained by use of : The VHF band is Plasma signifies: Inductive reactances applies to sine waves because it Between the plate of a capacitor, an aluminium foil is introduced midway and connected

Which of the following is not a wide band antenna? The magnetic field intensity from a closed surface The polarization electromagnetic wave is The divergence theorem applies to: For a plane electromagnetic wave travelling in a linear, isotropic, homogenous and stati When a electromagnetic wave propagating in the z-direction, the x and y components of When an EM wave travelling in one medium strikes upon a second medium having diff An EM wave travelling in x direction has Ex and Ey components at 45 phase apart. Th In a perfect conductor, the incident and reflected waves combine to produce: The polarization of dielectric materials results in: The absorption of radio waves by the atmosphere depends on: When a current carrying conductor is brought into magnetic field, the force that moves t A uniform wave have components: The wavelength of an EM wave after reflection at an angle on a surface: In a TM wave, if the electric field component E along the direction of propagation is zer Transverse magnetic (TM) waves have: Transverse electric (TE) waves have: The ratio of a tangential component of electric field at the surface of a conductor and lin When EM wave incicdent from more dense medium to less dense medium at an angle eq When magnetic vector of an EM wave is parallel of the boundary surface and electric ve As a result of reflection from a plane conducting wall, the EM waves acquire an apparen The EM field and current are concentrated close to the surface of the conductor. The ph Wave propagation in plasma is called: The wavelength of an EM wave in a waveguide: When two sinusoidally time varying vectors having different amplitudes and phases are Poynting theorem relating electric intensity E, magnetic intensity H and the rate of energ AC current can induce voltage because it has: Hysteresis losses Which of the following statement is true? If a dielectric is placed in an electric field, the field strength In a parallel plate capacitor with mica and air as the media, capacitance increases on: The electric field strength at any point equals: Unit of electric intensity is: Law of conservation of charge states that the sum of current due to flow of charges and

The curl of a vector is: Volume integral of a volume is: Surface integral of a surface is: Line integral around a closed path is called Gradient of a scalar function results in Scalar or dot product of two vectors A and B indicated by A.B equals: For coupling a coaxial line to a parallel line which of the following is preferred? Antenna radiation efficiency can be increased by Front to back ratio can be increased by The minimum height of outer atmosphere is: The power gain of an optimum horn antenna approximately with a square aperture of 10 The parabolic and lens antennas are used extensively at: In case of lossy transmission lines, the changing SWR is represented by: Higher the radius of constant SWR circle on smith chart: Smith chart can be used to determine: The arcs of circles on smith chart represents: The distance between adjacent maxima and minima of a standing wave on the transmiss High value of VSWR signifies SWR equal to unity implies that The marconi antenna produces: A resonant antenna is a system with A rhombic antenna in a horizontal plane produces An added capacitance: An antenna behaves as a resonant circuit only when its length equals: Directivity of an antenna is Antenna reciprocity is put to use in: EM waves travelling in free space only following can happen: Tropospheric scatter is made for communication of frequency in the range: In Faraday rotation the polarization phenomenon: When microwave signal follows the curvature of earth, it is known as: Cassegrain feed is used with a parabolic reflector to: Helical antenna is used for satellite tracking because of Electromagnetic cavity resonators are energy storage devices and are used in: Radiation resistance of a half wave dipole antenna is

In an endfire array maximum radiation occurs: The radiation pattern of one wavelength long centre fed antenna has number of lobes eq Power gain of an antenna in a given direction is the ratio of: Main drawback of a two hole directional coupler is its: A transmission line is required to match with the load over a wide frequency range. It is Compared to equivalent transmission lines at low frequencies, waveguides are: In binomial arrays elimination of secondary lobes takes place: Omni-Directional Range (ODR) operates by: When an aeroplane is directly above the cone of silence, it means that: Which of the following characteristics is shown by microwave antenna? compared to resonant antenna, the directive gain of a non-resonant antenna of the same If the diameter of parabolic reflector of a microwave antenna is doubled, its gain will in The folded dipole antenna is quite conveniently connected to: Both end fire and broad side arrays are: Which of the following effects occur in tropospheric scatter propagation?

Option 1 highest cutoff wavelength no phase shift reflection curl gradV=( V)=0 repulsive silver one watt rotation electromagnetic flexible below 1GHz Low pass filter zero in the center of the conductor 0 to 0.5 reduction in gain of antenna they travel along the walls of waveguide curve temperature The electric field component wholly transverse the phase velocity will increase surface waves direction of the magnetic field Farads longest cutoff wavelength filament current no cutoff wavelength is caused by reflection they penetrate the ionosphere easily a steady current produces a magnetic field 1 and +1 is caused by reflection from the ground vertically polarised low

cross fire are less lossy greater than 1 to prevent reradiation of local oscillator Bandpass Filter to increase the bandwidth of the system zero conical horn the same as in free space smaller bulk two circularly polarised components rotating in same direction low power requirements transverse nature of the waves F= qE+vqB they have different atomic numbers and the same atomic masses transmission efficiency half wavelength of E field and full wavelength of H field only driven antenna the distribution of radiated power in space d2 tilting 10-500 kHz 5 pass through a small slot in a conducting plane electric component is perpendicular to the ground wave velocity in conductor is less than its velocity in free space radiation intensity in that direction to the average power radiated on the outer surface in both a quarter wave line 0.3-3MHz electronic medium increases with lower frequency increases

less than 1

marconi depends on dipole moment the direction of electric and magnetic field static fields only E and H lie in the same plane wave is circularly polarised neither transmitted and partially reflected linearly polarized a stronger incident wave absorption of electrons polarization of atmosphere the value of current in the perpendicular direction E existing while H is zero increases in the actual direction of propagation TE wave c field component H in the direction of propagation and no component of electric field E in this d c field component H in the direction of propagation and no component of electric field E in this d characteristic impedance total internal transmission vertical velocity of propagation Faraday's effect plasma dispersion is less than in free space linearly polarized EXH constant magnetic field generally increase with direct current in a coil Alnico is commonly used in electromagnets increases increasing the area of plates the potential gardient at the point Newton zero

a scalar integral of volume differential of weight vector around the path scalar function AB cos slotted line reducing radiation resistance of the system sacrificing gain 100km 150 SW an arc of a circle lower is the magnitude of reflection coefficient SWR for any given transmission line-load mismatch normalised resistances or conductors higher ohmic losses the transmission line is open circuited figure eight directional pattern zero SWR vertically polarised waves increases the effective length of antenna /4 same as its directive gain radar system refraction low frequencies does not exists troposcatter increase the gain of system broad bandwidth klystrons 72 Ohms

along the array 1 radiation intensity in that direction to the average power radiated poor directivity a balun transformer less loss at the cost of directivity comparing the phase between two signals the plane is directly over the antenna high directivity smaller 0 dB coaxial line non linear Faraday effect

Option 2 lowest cutoff wavelength no attenuation absorption curl gradV=( V)=1 attractive iron one joule-second the smaller cross-section electrostatic rectangular below 10 GHz High pass filter 1 near the surface of the conductor 0.5 to 1 reduces beamwidth of antenna they travel through the dielectric without touching the walls gyrometric resonance the absence of magnetic field component in the direction of propagation the group velocity will increase space waves direction of electric field Farads/metre shortest cutoff wavelength surface current direct current can't pass is due to the transverse nature of the waves they are very reliable a changing magnetic field produces an electric field 0 and 1 arises only with spherical wave fronts horizontally polarised high

cross talk are less bulky equal to 1 to discriminate against harmonics Band stop filter to reduce spurious mode generation 377 ohms folded dipole the same in the wavelength and perpendicular to the wall greater bandwidth two positively rotating circularly polarised components high reliability longitudinal nature of the waves F= vBq 1 their electron cofiguration differs front to back ratio Half wavelengths of E and H fields in directions other than guide axis driven antenna and a reflector solid angle of the radiated field pattern d4 maximum single-hop distance limitation 8-35 MHz 3 pass into a medium of different dielectric constant electric component is parallel to the ground wave velocity in conductor is more than its velocity in free space radiation intensity in that direction to the total input radiated power on outer surface in hollow and throughout in solid balun transformer 3-30 MHz solid dielectric increases with lower inductance decreases

discone depends on volumetric compaction factor the direction of electric field time varying fields only EXH=0 wave is elliptically polarised totally reflected circularly polarized a stronger reflected wave release of high velocity protons polarization of waves the weight of the conductor in the direction of propagation E existing while H is zero decreases in the actual direction of propagation TM wave field component E in the direction of propagation and no component of magnetic field H in this d field component E in the direction of propagation and no component of magnetic field H in this d surface impedance total internal reflection horizontal group velocity Skin effect propagation dispersion is greater than in free space elliptically polarised E. H varying magnetic field are caused by high frequency currents Paper cannot affect magnetic flux because it is not a magnetic material decreases increasing the thickness of mica negative of the potential gradient at that point Newton/Amp infinity

a vector double integral of volume differential of volume intensity around the path unit function AB sin balun transformer increasing radiation resistance of the system increasing size of conductor 150km 300 MW a circle higher is the magnitude of reflection coefficient magnitude and angle of reflection coefficient different values of SWR /2 higher ohmic losses and possibility of insulation breakdown the transmission line is short circuited pencil beam directional pattern a very high SWR an endfire pattern decreases the effective length of antenna /2 directive gain expressed in dB television broadcast system absorption high frequencies is non-reciprocal Faraday effect increase the bandwidth of system good front to back ratio band pass filter 144 Ohms

perpendicular to the array 2 radiation intensity in that direction to the total input radiated power narrow bandwidth a single stub of adjustable position able to carry more power at the cost of gain comparing the frequencies of two signals the plane is very far from the range station high gain greater 2 dB two-wire line non resonant fading

Option 3 no attenuation highest cutoff frequency attenuation curl gradV=( V)= -1 zero cobalt one joule freedom from spurious modes quantum-electronic circular below 50 GHz Bandpass filter -1 through central core of the conductor 0 to 1 ambiguity in direction finding they are reflected from the walls but do not travel along the walls line width the absence of electric field in the direction of propagation the phase velocity will decrease ground waves normal to the direction of magnetic field Meters/Farads infinite attenuation volume current above both are true for TEM mode results from the longitudinal nature of the waves of the low powers required a changing electric field produces a magnetic field 0 and infinity will occur when the waves pass through large slot circularly polarised very high

inductive disturbance have lower attenuation less than 1 to make antenna look resistive low pass filter to increase coupling of the signal 3.7 Mega Ohms log-periodic shortened because of the doppler effect higher power handling capacity two stationary circularly polarised components simpler antennas reflection from another medium F= qE slightly more than 1 only their atomic numbers differ less coefficient Full wavelength of E field and half wavelength of H field driven antenna and directors both of the above 1/d interference from the sky waves 30-300 MHz 2 are polarised at right angles to the direction of propagation magnetic component is parallel to the ground resistance of conductor is less than that of free space average power to maximum power throughout in both half wave line 30-300 MHz liquid dielectric increases with higher frequency remains same

helical is infinite the direction of magnetic field both static as well as time varying fields E and H are mutually perpendicular wave is linearly polarised partially transmitted and partially reflected elliptically polarized a standing wave which is not propagating creation of electric dipoles their frequency the direction of conductor E and H are zero in direction perpendicular to direction of propagation remains same as the wavelength perpendicular to the surface TEM wave both magnetic field component H and electric field component E in direction of propagation both magnetic field component H and electric field component E in direction of propagation critical impedance total internal refraction elliptical phase velocity EM concentration effect parametric dispersion is inversely proportional to phase velocity circularly polarised E/H stronger magnetic field cannot be produced in a iron core because it is a conductor iron is generally used for permanent magnet remains unaltered increasing the air space the charge at that point Newton/Coulomb equal to the current due to charge flow

unit vector triple integral of volume integral of surface circulation around the path vector function AB tan irrotational coupler providing effective earthing using materials of high conductivity 200km 450 Microwave an inward moving sign higher is the permittivity of the transmission line dielectric th of short circuited T.L section of known characteristic impedance to provide desired i/p imped normalised reactances or susceptances /4 higher radiation resistance the transmission line's characteristic impedance equals load impedance circular directional pattern a very low SWR a broadside pattern has no effect on antenna's length /2 or its integral multiple the maximum value of its directive gain commercial radio broadcast systems attenuation very high frequencies exists along the perpendicular direction duct propagation reduce the size of main reflector circular polarization wavemeters 288 Ohms

at 30 to the array 4 average power to maximum power poor directional coupling a double stub lighter in weight at the cost of power measuring the time taken by a pulse to reach a station the plane is on the course low input impedance the same 4 dB flat ribbon-type transmission line of wide bandwidth super-refraction

Option 4 all of the above lowest cutoff frequency refraction curl gradV=( V)= infinite palladium one volt-ampere none of the above quantum- magnetic ridged below 150 GHz Band reject filter infinity uniformly through the conductor 1 to (infinity) none of these none of these all of the above none of the above none of these sky waves none of these it is dimensionless zero attenuation all of the above None of these always vertical in an isotopic medium all of the above a motional emf is produced by a coil moving in a magnetic field 1 and infinity may occur around the edge of a sharp obstacle of high power zero

none of these can carry higher powers equal to 0 to provide output amplifier with correct load impedance high pass filter as it is more efficient infinite square loop greater than in the actual direction of propagation greater compatibility with semi-conductor devices none of these these waves are not used at all none of these F= qE-vqB around 0.5 the first ones discovered were those of neon none of the above half wavelength of E and H fields driven antenna, reflector and directors none of the above 1/d2 loss of line of sight condition 100-500 MHz 1 encounter a perfectly conducting surface none of these none of the above none of these none of the above full wave line 0.3-3 GHz gaseous medium decreases with higher frequencies increases twice

folded dipole is zero none of the above magnetic fields only none of these none of the above totally transmitted horizontally polarized a standing wave which is propagating production of eddy currents their distance from the emitter none of the above E and H exists only in direction perpendicular to direction of propagation remains the same as in free space longitudinal wave neither magnetic field component H nor electric field component E in direction of propagation none of these electromagnetic link impedance none of these circular normal velocity Ohm's effect spherical dispersion is directly proportional to group velocity none of these E-H high peak value none of these all of the above becomes zero increasing the thickness of plates negative of the charge at that point Volt/Coulomb equal to current due to displacement

may be either a scalar or a vector integral of weight double integral of surface density around the path periodic function AB cot quarter wave transformer any of the above all of the above 400km 135 all of the above none of these lower is the propagation velocity all of the above none of these none of the above none of these none of the above none of these None of these None of these none of these none of these none of these none of these reflection ultra high frequencies exists along the axis of the array ground wave propagation allow the feed to be placed at a convenient point maneuverability all of the above 400 Ohms

at 45 to the array 8 peak power to rms power high SWR broadband directional coupler less loss and able to carry more power none of these interlocking code letter the plane is on the reciprocal course wide frequency range about 12dB more 6 dB shielded line not suitable for short wave transmission atmospheric storm

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