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Ifyouwouldliketofindoutmoreorapplyfor theFITWindTurbineMaintenanceProgramme pleasecontact: FastTrackIntoInformationTechnology 7ABellevueIndustrialEstate Glasnevin,Dublin11 Tel:35318825570



BackgroundtotheFITWindTurbine MaintenanceProgramme
The wind energy sector and the Green Economy are rapidly expanding in Ireland and across Europe and America. Staying abreast of maintenance schedules requires appropriately trained staff. The FIT Wind Turbine Maintenance programme will meet needs of the industry while providing candidates with an excellent opportunity to compete within the labour market in Ireland as well as capitalise on employment opportunities across Europe. It will also provide an ideal platform to pursue further educationinthissector.

multidisciplinary team of professionals including architects, civil and mechanical engineers, electricians, safety professionals, manufacturer's representatives and others associated with the planning, implementation and maintenance of wind farms. It is expected that candidates who successfully complete the programme will be working under the direction of relevant professionals. It should be clearly understood that the FIT Wind Turbine Maintenance programme does not enable the candidate to perform any action whichislegallytheresponsibilityofaQualifiedPerson. The programme also aims to develop the candidates personal effectiveness and job seeking skills so as to maximise their potential for employment and to develop the competence and capacity of each candidatetocompeteinthelabourmarket.

Unit 2 of the programme, Wind Energy Safety, incorporates the Working at Height certification awarded by Renewable UK and approved by the Global Wind Organisation. This certification is an accepted industry requirement for wind turbine maintenance staff. The programme also includes a job seeking and personal development unit which is not part of the accreditation but will be useful for those seeking employmentinthesector.Thisunitisnotassessed.

As this is a new programme, it is not currently mapped to the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland ortheUK.

Thisfulltimeprogrammewillbedeliveredoveraperiod of 27 weeks (including 3 weeks of job seeking skills and personal development) during which candidates will also be expected to undertake approximately 23 hours ofpersonalstudyperweek.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. WindEnergyOverview&WindFarmGrid Connections WindEnergySafety WindEnergyElectricalFundamentals WindEnergyMechanicalSystems WindEnergyComputerApplicationsandSCADA WindEnergyPracticalOperationsSkills& Preventative/CorrectiveMaintenance PersonalandProfessionalDevelopment&Work Experience

Thisprogrammeisdesignedtopositioncandidatestowork in roles associated with wind turbine maintenance. Wind turbine maintenance encompasses many varied skills including electrical, mechanical and skills required to work at height, all of which must be executed in the context of safe working practices which will protect the safety of self andothers. Candidates who successfully complete this programme should be seen in the context of members of a

The FIT Wind Turbine Maintenance programme is accredited by City & Guilds. This accredited programme comprises six assessed units. It is possible for candidates to achieve FIT certification in individual units, however to achieve the full City and Guilds accreditation all six assessments must be successfully completedwithinatwelvemonthperiod.

Assessment for this programme involves a combination of continuous assessment, and written and practical assessments.