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SAXON GENITIVE ENGLISH Marys dog is brown. Luis car is new.

The boys ball is black and white SPANISH El perro de Mara es marrn El coche de Luis es nuevo El baln de los nios es blanco y negro.

1. Write sentences using the saxon genitive. a) Janis / eyes / are / blue b) My / friend/ nose / is / big c) The / boys / classroom / is / wide d) Jane / is / Linda / friend e) She / is / my / mum / sister f) Raymond / snake / is / very long g) Bob / rabbit/ is / fat

e) Mr Jones has got a car. _________ car is purple.

3. Complete the sentences. Use the saxon genitive of the words in brackets. a) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ room is always messy. (Ian) b) This is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ teacher (The girls) c) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ computer is new. (Janis) d) These are my _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ photos. (grandma) e) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ sofa is very comfortable. ( My parents) 4. Choose the correct option. a) Susans / Susans dad is at home. b) Danny and David have got motorbikes. The boys / boys motorbikes are grey. c) My mums / mums best friend is Sarah. d) His brothers / brothers names are Alex and George. e) Chris / Chriss cat has got big green eyes.

2. Complete using the saxon genitive. a) Bob has got two snakes. _______ snakes are brown and yellow. b) Jane has got two hats. ________ hats are small. c) The pupils have got a bird. _________ _ bird has got beautiful wings. d) Dad has got three dogs. ________ dogs has got long tails. 5. Translate: a) La casa de mi ta es bonita. b) La hermana de Luis tiene doce aos. c) La madre de mi prima es francesa. d) El cuaderno de mi profesora es roja. e) La abuela de mi amiga es abogada. f) El ordenador de mis hermanos es viejo.
g) El to de Charles es Irlands.


1. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives: a) Where is (I) book? b) Here is (we) brother. d) (They) car factory. e) (You) f) (He) g) (I) Paris. h) We want to see (it) monuments. i) Leila likes (she) j) (It) dog ! name is Bobby. historical laptop is very expensive. favorite hobby is tennis. husband and I want to go to father works in a teacher. c) She goes to school with (she)

3. Complete the sentences with the words below. unfriendly ugly lazy serious nervous confident short 1. I am tall, but my brother is short . 2. Some people are hard-working, but some are . 3. Jeff is friendly, but Stan is . 4. Some children are shy, but others are . 5. Not all actors are good-looking. Some are . 6. Sometimes my dad is funny and sometimes he is . 7. Some children are calm before a test, but I am often .

2. Choose the right possessive adjective: a) Two students didn't do mathematics homework. b) I have a car. c) We have a dog. Pancho. d) Nancy is from England. husband is from Australia. e) Farid and Nadia go to a high school. little brother goes to primary school. f) Mr O'Brian has a van. very old. g) We go to a high school. school is fantastic. h) I like singing. me. i) Franois and Alain are French. family are from France. j) Mary likes often visits her. grandmother. She mother sings with 6. Your parents a small car. Your car isnt new. high van is car is black. name is 4. Complete the first sentence with have got or has got. Complete the second sentence with the word in bold and the Saxon Genitive. 1. Simon has got a pet dog. This is Simons dog. 2. My brother a computer. My computer is new. 3. Our friends a cat. Our cat is white. 4. The children a new teacher. The new teacher is nice. 5. Charles a guitar. guitar is fantastic!