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Llewellyn ’ s of Mind & Spirit ® September / October 2006 A Fateful Legacy


Llewellyn ’ s of Mind & Spirit ® September / October 2006 A Fateful Legacy Anna-Marie
Llewellyn ’ s of Mind & Spirit ® September / October 2006 A Fateful Legacy Anna-Marie
Llewellyn ’ s of Mind & Spirit ® September / October 2006 A Fateful Legacy Anna-Marie

of Mind


Spirit ®

Llewellyn ’ s of Mind & Spirit ® September / October 2006 A Fateful Legacy Anna-Marie
Llewellyn ’ s of Mind & Spirit ® September / October 2006 A Fateful Legacy Anna-Marie
Llewellyn ’ s of Mind & Spirit ® September / October 2006 A Fateful Legacy Anna-Marie

September / October 2006

A Fateful Legacy

Anna-Marie Ferguson

paints a signature tarot portrait

Illuminate Your MindLight

Beginning Your Spiritual Journey

Libros en Español

$2.95 U.S. / $3.95 CAN

Walk the path

Many Witches, Wiccans and Pagans use the Tarot for divination and meditation. Unlike the traditional Tarot, which is rooted in Hebrew mysticism and the symbolism of ceremonial magic, The Well Worn Path deck reflects the rich spiritual heritage of European Pagans. The 40 images in this remarkable and beautiful deck reflect both ancient and modern Pagan practices and can be used for divination, ritual work, religious study and meditation.

The accompanying book, A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path, is designed to accompany you on your journey down the path. Inside you will find card meanings for divination, suggestions for how to use the cards to both create and perform rituals, ideas for using the imagery as the basis for pathworking and magical alignment, and lessons designed to encourage you to explore the Mysteries of the Old Ways yourself.

Travel well and tread lightly as you begin your journey along this ancient and winding path.

The Well Worn Path • Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor • Illustrated by Mickie Mueller 0-7387-0671-X • Boxed kit includes 40-card deck, 216-pp. book, and black organdy bag $19.95 us • $26.95 can

Divination with the dead

What’s more perfect for Halloween than a Tarot deck featuring skeletons? Monica Knighton’s delightful Tarot of the Dead explores death and divination with wry humor and whimsy.

Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, a holiday honoring deceased friends and family, this deck seamlessly blends Mexican tradition with European divination. Engaging watercolor artwork — often depicting human and animal figures as skeletons — embraces the inevitability of our mortality.

The Fool hitchhikes with his skeletal dog, and The Hierophant sits in a lawn chair among pink flamingos. The 56 Minor Arcana feature pens, coffins, pistols and film reels, an intriguing twist on the usual pips. The Tarot deck and the accompanying instruction booklet are in both English and Spanish.

Tarot of the Dead • Created by Monica Knighton • Boxed deck includes 78-card deck, 56-pp. bilingual instruction booklet (in English and Spanish) and black organdy Tarot bag ISBN 0-7387-0427-X • $19.95 us • $26.95 can

Explore an enchanted world of wonder

The Gilded Tarot invites you to explore an enchanted world where ageless symbols and archetypal themes come to life as fair maidens, bold knights and sage mystics. Using the popular symbolism and structure of the Rider-Waite Tarot as his muse, award-winning artist Ciro Marchetti has created this vibrant 21st century reimagining of one of the most well-known and widely studied Tarot decks.

The guidebook included in this kit teaches you how to read the cards. You’ll learn everything you need to give accurate and insightful readings, from asking the right question to adding your own personal levels of meaning to the cards. Let the enchanting cards of The Gilded Tarot transport you to a timeless world of magic and wonder.

The Gilded Tarot • Art by Ciro Marchetti • Text by Barbara Moore • 0-7387-0520-9 • Boxed kit includes 78 full-color cards, 168-page book and black organza Tarot bag • $24.95 us • $33.95 can

All things can be known

The ancient Egyptians believed that everything vibrates with living magic; the actions of sacred birds and animals can reveal the will of the gods and goddesses; and with the right divination system, all things can be known.

The ancient Egyptians knew the power of the sacred scarab, symbol of life, hope and regeneration. Now Mysteries of Isis author deTraci Regula has created this fascinating oracle, based on a magical dream she had after studying Egyptian writings. You can use this oracle to gain insights about love and relationships, finances, career planning and much more.

Simple to learn and fun to use, this oracle contains 30 beautifully crafted scarabs and a satin drawstring pouch. Each scarab bears the likeness of a goddess, god or symbol of ancient Egypt. The accompanying guidebook includes a divination ritual, reading layouts and interpretations, all steeped in Egyptian lore and mythology.

Egyptian Scarab Oracle • deTraci Regula • Art by Kerigwen • 1-56718-561-4 • Boxed kit includes 30 scarab pieces, a drawstring pouch and a 168-pp. book • $34.95 us • $53.95 can

Modern oracle, ancient roots

Introducing the only system that can give you insight into the future, double as an altar and tools if you’re on the go, and teach you about the Craft! Combining divination, magic and religion, the Witching Stones kit is a modern twist on an ancient theme.

The stones of this unique witches’ oracle feature glyph representations of the deities, symbols and ceremonial tools of Witchcraft. The companion guide, Symbols of the Craft, contains descriptions and interpretations for each of the 35 stones, suggestions for ways to bless and charge your stones, and several unique methods for reading with this easy-to-use oracle. You’ll also learn how to use the Witching Stones as ritual tools to cast a circle and perform a variety of spells.

Those new to the Craft can use the Witching Stones to gain hands-on experience while learning more about the beliefs, symbols and tools of the Witch. Experienced Witches will appreciate this unique approach to divination that doubles as a portable set of ceremonial tools.

Witching Stones • M. A. Madigan & P. M. Richards • 0-7387-0194-7 • Boxed kit includes 35 witching stones, pouch and 192-pp. book • $29.95 us • $46.50 can

Store your deck with style

Tarot decks are like miniature works of art. Whether you have a single reading deck, five favorite decks or a collection of 50 decks or more, you’re likely concerned with keeping your deck in good condition. Most Tarot decks come in cardboard boxes that don’t help protect your beloved deck from wear and tear over time.

Now you can store your deck with style! Llewellyn’s popular Tarot bag is a beautiful way to protect and store your favorite decks — or runes, oracle cards or anything else you’d like to keep safe.

Our deluxe Tarot bags feature a black velveteen exterior and purple satin interior with matching purple fringe drawstring. This attractive bag’s convenient design is also adjustable to fit a variety of deck shapes and sizes.

Tarot Bag • 0-7387-0208-0 • $12.95 US • $19.95 CAN

The Llewellyn Tarot Carl Llewellyn Weschcke H ow proud I am to be able to

The Llewellyn Tarot

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

H ow proud I am to be able to write this editorial! The modern Tarot was established when Rider & Co. commissioned and later published the Arthur

Waite/Pamela Smith deck in the early part of the 20th cen- tury. It was a pioneering from two distinguished people. Shortly into the 21st century, Llewellyn commissioned Anna- Marie Ferguson to undertake a new deck based entirely on her own deep knowledge, both of the Tarot and her extensive research into the prime mythical foundations of the Western psyche. Born in Britain and raised in Canada, her own initia- tory experiences have shaped both her art and her psyche. Her primary source for this deck was the living Celtic tra- dition found in the mists and mountains of Wales. Here the tradition reaches further back than in Ireland or England, and her art fully embodies those primal energies. Her under- standing is rich in ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, as expressed in her book that accompanies the deck. The Tarot evolves, just as every esoteric system must, and the differences between the Rider deck and this new deck are striking. Yet the student secure in the one will find the Llewellyn deck both familiar and liberating. Although the art is rich in ancient imagery, the meaning is modern and reflec- tive of today’s challenges. One of the most important distinctions is readily dis- cerned when you compare the first card of the majors, the so-called “Fool.” The following is taken from my own intro- duction to Anna-Marie’s book. Most Tarot decks show the Fool as rather lackadaisically setting off, smelling the roses and seemingly unaware that he is about to step off a cliff! A fool indeed. The interpretation is that we start our journey into life totally unconscious of the challenges before us. But look at The Fool in The Llewellyn Tarot deck and see instead a youth on a white horse deliberately leap- ing across the rainbow chasm between the worlds to jour- ney into this land of promise, the world where we live to learn and grow and to become more than we were. Oh, he

may be a fool, but he is not foolish. He is filled with courage and pur- pose and is in search of adventure. Not a fool’s journey, but a hero’s — as was that of Percivale who evolved from fool to Grail Knight. Our artist, Anna-Marie Ferguson, immersed herself in the his- tory and mythology of Wales — the land of mists and mysteries and home of the old gods — in order to produce this new Tarot. But it is not “archaic,” rather it is a true picture book of the Mysteries themselves. It is a tool offering insight into the mystery that is life, and the Mystery that is the entire Universe within which all has being. Here is the story of the youth who eagerly enters into life, whose first step is that of the Magician. We are born with inner power and knowledge, and our journey is one of discovery and mastery in order to fulfill the promise with which we are born. … This Tarot is not only a fortune-telling device but one that is fortune- making. These are cards of power that when so used will awaken circuits of energy represented by their relationships in the formulas you create with your layouts. Or with any single card you choose with intent. Look at The Magician, and then The Priestess and each of the other cards, and feel the timeless stirring of their secret (archetypal) energies in your soul. Let them whisper secrets to you, and then speak them into mani- festation. Each card has a story to tell, and put into relationships with each other they make new stories that can become reality in this world. … The Tarot is the Universe hidden in a secret book of cards. That Universe is both “out there” and “in here.” As Above, so Below. The Llewellyn Tarot deck is the result of five years of intense study and creation by this artist — already knowledgeable and well-known for her creation of Legend: the Arthurian Tarot and for her illustra- tions to the Cassell edition of Le Morte D’Arthur, edited by John Matthews. We progress through our life journey just as do the Major Arcana, stopping at different places for particular lessons. I particularly like the artist’s drawing and conception of The Hermit, who is Myrddin (Merlin). Anna-Marie writes of this card’s interpretative qualities: “Seeking wisdom and under- standing of the larger patterns in life … psychic abilities are enhanced by peace and freedom of thought … foresight, pru- dence, knowledge. A study and respect of nature, and the lim- its it places upon us, such as the effects of seasons, time, etc.” These remarks can only give you a glimpse of The Llewellyn Tarot, but I hope they are enough for you to perceive its power and glory as a true 21st century product incorpo- rating ancient wisdom into our contemporary understand- ing and needs. Its imagery speaks the universal language of




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September / October 2006



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3 3

An Interview With Anna-Marie Ferguson

B r e t t

F e c h h e i m e r ,

P u b l i c i s t

“There has not been a Tarot deck with this much depth and spirit since the Ryder-Waite and Thoth decks were released to the world. Of the undreeds of decks I own or have owned, this one will forever be on of my personal favorites.” —Rebecca Cougill, Executive Director, Tarot Certification Board of America

When Llewellyn Publications decided to celebrate its Welsh roots with a flagship title, they enlisted Anna-Marie Ferguson to create a classic tarot deck drawing upon the rich Celtic mythology of Wales. Many may know her writings and art from Legend: the Arthurian Tarot, a work of popular and critical success. As a respected author and illustra-

tor, she is a choice artist for such special commemorative projects — most notably the illustration of the coveted classic Le Morte d’ Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, which has a long and exclusive history in art. Llewellyn was the first to publish her work, so in a sense Anna-Marie has returned home with The Llewellyn Tarot. New Worlds: How does a painting evolve? Anna-Marie Ferguson: Long before the art begins there

is much done to till the soil. For in-depth paintings and large

projects, it is essential that I cultivate a love for the subject (if not already there) that will sustain me through months or

years. I look to the landscape first, as the legends are a product of their environment. Then I research the time period and delve into the history and writings of the day (and some of what came before) to glean the sensibility of the people — their values, humor and tastes. Ideally I will develop a “nose” for the cultural nuances and progressions; I’ll fall in with its rhythms, and soon ideas stimulate the imagination … visions, voices for text, differing approaches, etc. It is an exciting time. With

a large project I am conscious of varying the moods, seasons,

landscape and palette to keep it alive. (The tarot has a color tradition that already accounts for mood.) NW: How do you build an image? AMF: Sometimes an image appears completed in my mind’s eye — all in a flash, as was the case for the Priestess/ Cerdiwen card. The finished painting is much like the original

vision. Other times it is a loose idea that’s built partly by intel- lect and text, then shifts and evolves with the imagination and the dynamics of watercolor (which can be unpredictable in the way it settles into the grain of the paper or washes on a certain day, under a given temperature, etc.). Much of the landscape

I will tease out of the paint. The figures are drawn complete

before they are painted, but they inevitably change with the paint; this quality of watercolor is a consistent element of sur-

prise that keeps me both interested and on my toes. NW: Do you use sketches and plans? AMF: I may do some very loose sketches that tend to make sense only to my eye. Many artists do detailed roughs, but I — nature of the creature that I am — find that my enthusiasm or inspiration wanes if I do a trial run or know what is com- ing. I certainly have to make several attempts at some sub- jects, which do improve with experience. The moon card, for example, I painted seven or eight times because I had my heart set on a particular sheen on the moon and a lively, dramatic night sky. Some early attempts were chalky dead bits of cheese. Watercolor can be unforgiving, but when those translucent washes sing — it is oh so beautiful, with an inherent light that is not found in other mediums and a glistening wet look, which, sadly, is not always retained in printed reproductions. NW: Would you give an example of how an individual painting evolves from blank paper to a work of art? AMF: The Temperance/Keeper of the Well card was one I had looked forward to since onset of the project. It combines two of my favorite subjects, a woman and water — and in this case underwater is even better!

two of my favorite subjects, a woman and water — and in this case underwater is
The accompanying story
The accompanying story
two of my favorite subjects, a woman and water — and in this case underwater is

is as mysterious as deep water itself, and survives in an atmospheric, but cryptic, medieval Welsh poem. Sister tales in Irish and Breton traditions helped fill in some details. In short, she guards the well that has overflowed and drowned an entire kingdom that had been wicked with excess. In some versions, she is kept company by her trusty dog, and is turned into a salmon years later, with her dog transformed to an otter. I had long watched this scene in my mind’s eye: a girl in the depths, in purples and sandy colors with chang- ing light — so many possibilities! I even dreamt of her once. While the composi- tion is what I intended, details evolved such as the fish-scale dress, suggesting her metamorphosis has begun. The way the paint settled in the paper first

gave me the idea. The way the dog’s ear rises in the water’s current is one of the delights developed from idle thoughts and stray pencil lines when I was drawing the scene. I so thoroughly enjoy those moments of dialogue with a painting! (The dog featured is my own trusty mutt of mysterious origin, who as a white dog — a sign of the otherworldly to the Welsh — also appears in The Fool cards for The Llewellyn Tarot and Legend: the Arthurian Tarot.) The Welsh and tarot elements blend and balance to give the sense of the tempered, mixing, combining quality symbolized by the Temperance/Keeper of the Well card … “in-betweens” or bridging worlds. She was the first drawing I did for the project, but I placed her toward the end of the schedule as a carrot. The drawing was just to get my feet wet — as Temperance is want to do. Generally my paintings will go through at least two phases where they look awful, with values askew at the very least. It was enough to make one cry after a couple of weeks’ work, but if you can keep the faith and press on, some beauty may yet be born. I often become “blind” to my subject after weeks of work. NW: How long does a painting take to complete? AMF: In this case, the major arcana cards are full-fledged paintings and took over a month apiece, stretching into years of work. The minor arcana are of a simpler charm and are based on the Rider-Waite designs — these cards varied in length and were a gentle pleasure to paint. NW: Do you use models? AMF: Not often, or not as much as I should. The images are products of my imagination 90% of the time. Fortune is the only painting I used a model for in The Llewellyn Tarot. I prefer a live model, but have collected many reference photos over the years, of friends obliging by enacting scenes from battle to bliss. It’s nothing I would not ask of myself, however. I did get into a very cold river once to model for Lady of the Lake, sword in hand, drowning in billowing fabric while friend and fellow illustrator

©Ingrid Plaudis
©Ingrid Plaudis

Anna-Marie at her studio

Alan Lee (of Lord of the Rings) took some reference photos. Great photos, though they were never used. (He also took the photo that became Fortune.) The landscapes, while true to the coun- try, also come from my imagination, unless we’re talking about a specific tree, mountain, etc. There are some images in The Llewellyn Tarot derived from life experiences. For example, the Strength card, featuring the comically fierce wild Boar, is modeled on steer wrestling competitions included in the rodeos of the Canadian prairies where I have my home. NW: What is your style of art? AMF: Classical watercolor; there’s a realism to it (but not pushed to the point of photographic realism, which I personally find leaves me

cold and wondering as to the point). While the subject may be mythologi- cal, the approach in art is real in landscape, figures, light, etc. This real treatment of the unreal creates a tension of the two worlds — a borderland, and herein I believe lies the power of the art. It is much like interplay in early Celtic mythology itself — not fantasy, but a mystic realism. It is an atmosphere rather than a sighting. NW: How do your paintings and characters of Welsh mythology differ from pre-existing images of other artists? AMF: Aside from the individual artist lens, the images were designed to serve as tarot cards, so the traditional tarot imagery is utilized. Sometimes it is subtle and unobtrusive, so that one might not know they were enacting the tarot. Mryddin (Merlin) as the Hermit, for example, appears self- sufficient as an individual painting of the bard, though a trained tarot eye would recognize the tarot elements. Lady of the Fountain, on the other hand, who appears on the Justice card, would be a recognizable character to the Welsh, given her fountain, bowl and yellow dress; yet in this rare case, I was forced to move beyond the Welsh text, to actually place her at the fountain with bowl and sword. While it is only a small leap of imagination — as Lady of the Fountain, I am sure she visited the site — I still was reluctant to take her out of her castle, but it was necessary to fulfill the tarot requirements. With much Welsh lore having been lost over time, some delicate patches are sometimes needed — and a little courtesy between the tarot and Welsh tradition. The Welsh characters tend to be highly individualistic, which is what makes them so fascinating, but can also make for a challenge in assigning tarot cards, since they pride themselves on not fitting neatly into the box. The reward, however, is a lively tactile deck with enough character to make a fresh, enduring relationship with its readers.

however, is a lively tactile deck with enough character to make a fresh, enduring relationship with


The Welsh Roots of The Llewellyn Tarot Anna-Marie Ferguson ©Ingrid Plaudis
The Welsh Roots of
The Llewellyn Tarot
Anna-Marie Ferguson
©Ingrid Plaudis

E ven in the bright light of our

modern age, the country of Wales

retains its air of mystery. It is a

land of green faery valleys, mist, moun- tain grandeur and standing stones. It has a turbulent history that has daring heroes, poignant art and many seers and saints. This is the home of the historical figure of Myrddin (whose life inspired the character Merlin), and Taliesin (the great bard of the Heroic Age whose poetry has survived over a thousand years). Wales is also the birthplace of Llewellyn George, the founder of Llewellyn publishing. He was a brave soul who in his youth left south Wales for America, and in the early 1900s established Llewellyn Publications. With a century passed, the modern house of Llewellyn chose to com- mission a special project to serve as a flag- ship title and bear the name of Llewellyn. After careful consideration it was decided a tarot would be an appropriate “ship,” given its noble nature, broad appeal and beauty in art. Furthermore, the tarot, whilst being a traditional deck, could draw upon the rich (but lesser known) Celtic mythology of Wales to illustrate its major arcana, and thus celebrate the Welsh roots of the publishing house. The

archetypes and stories from the Welsh tradition bring further depth and detail by reinforcing the interpretation of the cards with vivid symbolic tales and char- acters. Wales lies on the western border of England, and yet it is a distinct country with an artistic heritage that has long been recognized (and raided) as a treasure of Celtic lore. From Tolkien’s animated trees that take to the battlefield to Harry Potter’s chessboard that comes to life, the Welsh tradition has supplied some rare gems of imagination to writers. Countless artists have also had a long love for the wild and remote landscape, and silky tales of water faeries, sunken cities, other- worldly encounters and lively individual-

istic heroes. Much of the Welsh medieval

tradition has been lost in the breakdown

of oral tradition over the ages, and the tai-

loring of a tarot was at times challenging in developing something concrete from the delicate remnants of a tale or shad- owy figure of a god. Yet these remnants have a rare beauty — exquisite in evoking pagan mystery and the forest setting of a medieval world. In my early 20s, I created Legend:

the Arthurian Tarot, which drew upon the legend of King Arthur (a tradition which owes much to the Welsh). It is my deepest wish that in some small way my art may help preserve the lesser-known tales as “living legends.” As the success of Legend has taught me, the tarot deck is a most effective vehicle to this end. Given the interactive nature of the deck, the reader identifies and becomes inti- mate with the tales, and is rewarded in turn by the wisdom, example and frame- work of mythology that dramatizes our personal experience of life. When done with care and good faith, the marriage of the tarot and mythology can benefit both traditions. I had not anticipated creating a second tarot deck; in fact,

I had declined many invitations. But

with the opportunity to serve the Welsh legacy, and an unfailing delight in the imagery of the traditional tarot, I chose to board Llewellyn’s flagship! The art of the major arcana alone took nearly three years to complete, pre- ceded by research, musing and walking Wales. The time to paint the cards of the major arcana as full paintings was a factor in the negotiation, and Llewellyn has been patient. The minor arcana are loosely based on the popular Rider-Waite imagery, thus having a simpler charm and making the deck suitable for begin- ners. The search for the compatible Welsh character or drama needed to illustrate the figures of the major arcana led me

through differing branches of Welsh heritage. History is presented in the dru- idic and bardic figures of Myrddin (The Hermit), and Taliesin (The Hierophant). The Tower card draws on folklore with its story of the drowned town beneath the waters of Bala Lake, where the chimes of

church bells are still said to be heard ris- ing from its depths. The source material can range from an epic myth to a single medieval poem as in the case of the young priestess seen as The Keeper of the Well, which illustrates the Temperance card. However, most of the legends and romances come from the famous collection of medieval tales known as the Mabinogion. Here we find great cycling myths known as The Four Branches. The Mabinogion also contains

a selection of romances, an example of

which would be “The Dream of Macen Wledig,” whose story is based on histori- cal characters and serves for The Lovers card. Macen is the handsome and content emperor of Rome until he falls asleep beside a river and has a powerful dream, which enchants him with the vision of a woman and her clan in an unknown land. Once dangerously sickened with longing, he tries to find her — not knowing if she

is even real flesh and blood. Years later his

faith is rewarded, when, after following the signs of his dream, he arrives at her hall in Wales. He learns that her name is Elen (sometimes known as Helen of the Hosts). She later becomes his wife and a much-loved ruler in Britain. To live within reach of the supernatu- ral was natural instinct to the medieval Welsh. This mystic realism is, I feel, one of early Celtic literature’s most appealing qualities. It is not fantasy, but organ- ic reality, seen on occasion through an imaginative, poetic lens — the same way we experience the tarot.

but organ- ic reality, seen on occasion through an imaginative, poetic lens — the same way

Tarot that Brings the Light

O ver a century ago, a young boy left Wales and journeyed to America, where he started a

small press, now known as Llewellyn Worldwide. Llewellyn George’s adventur- ous spirit and Welsh heritage embodies The Llewellyn Tarot, which also celebrates the publisher’s enduring legacy. From the creator of the popular Legend: The Arthurian Tarot, this lav- ishly illustrated deck based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot offers universal appeal with a Welsh twist. A compelling story unfolds featuring Rhian- non as The Empress, Bran the Blessed as The Emperor, The Wild Herdsman as The Devil, Gwydion as The Magician, Llew Llaw Gyffes as the Sun and other figures from Welsh my- thology. Watercolor imagery beckons us forth into a mystic world of ancient forests, sensuous seascapes and wondrous waterfalls — gorgeous landscapes brimming with mystery, meaning and magic. Accompanying the deck is The Llewellyn Tarot Companion, which features an introduction to the craft and history of Tarot, along with the Welsh legends infused in the cards. There are instructions on how to use standard Tarot layouts as well as two new layouts created specifically for this deck, “Llew’s Spread,” used for bringing illumination to a situation, and “The Red Dragon Spread,” used to overcome obstacles. Added features of the book include a glossary, a key to the pronunciation of Welsh terms and names, and an extensive bibliography to guide you in more intensive research. The deck and book combine to give a magnificent introduction to the beauty of ancient Wales and the spiritual tales of that land. Also included is a beautiful pouch of sheer golden brocade dressed with ornamental beads and tassels.

The Llewellyn Tarot Anna-Marie Ferguson Boxed set consisting of 78-card full-color deck, 288-page full size book, and a sheer golden brocade pouch with beads and tassels 0-7387-0299-4 • $24.95 us • $29.95 can

full size book, and a sheer golden brocade pouch with beads and tassels 0-7387-0299-4 • $24.95
Llewellyn’s How To Books
Llewellyn’s How To Books

Friendly and Informative

Llewellyn’s immensely popular How To series takes a practical, hands-on approach to a variety of topics for the body, mind and spirit — from learning the tarot to meet- ing your spirit guides. Now these friendly and informative books are better than ever, with colorful new covers and a completely updated interior design.

new covers and a completely updated interior design. From Car Keys To Tea Cups, Every Object

From Car Keys To Tea Cups, Every Object Has a Story

You’ve probably heard the expression, “If these walls could talk … ” With psychic touch or psychometry, you can learn to read the energy of objects, places and people. Popular author Ted Andrews presents a positive and straightforward system for developing your psychic skills. With this guide, you will learn the basics of psychometry, why it works and simple techniques for doing your own readings. Using psychic touch, you can tune into the world around you in a fascinating new way. Discover how to:

Find lost objects and people

Sense health imbalances

Assess places and objects for harmonious or challenging energy

Use psychic skills responsibly and ethically

Enjoy a richer and more informed perspective on life

How To Do Psychic Readings Through Touch

Ted Andrews 0-7387-0814-3 • 240 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can

Andrews 0-7387-0814-3 • 240 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can Simple Color Healing Techniques For Energy

Simple Color Healing Techniques For Energy and Health

Everyone is affected by color. We use colors to describe our physical health, our emo- tions, even our spiritual experiences. Now you can learn how to use color to restore health and balance energy. Ted Andrews presents an effective system for developing your innate healing skills, including a chart that lists the beneficial colors for over 50 physi- cal conditions. With this easy-to-follow guide, you will learn the basics of color healing, why it works and simple techniques for healing yourself and others using colored lights, candles, cloths and charged water. Discover how to:

Use color to balance and restore your energy

Determine which colors you need using simple assessments

Project and absorb the healing properties of color

Develop the ability to “sense” color with easy, fun exercises

How To Heal With Color

Ted Andrews 0-7387-0811-9 • 192 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can

Meet Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Each of us can benefit from contact with the spiritual realm, and we often do so without realizing it. Spirit beings serve many roles and take many forms of expression within our lives. They inspire creativity and insight, help open us to abundance, protect us and serve as our companions. In How To Meet & Work With Spirit Guides, Ted Andrews teaches you simple and effec- tive techniques for establishing rapport with your angels and guides. Explore meditation, divination, fragrance, crystals and other ways to connect with spirit helpers, and enjoy the many gifts and learning opportunities gained by working with:

guardian angels

spirit guides

loved ones in spirit

animal totems

nature spirits


How To Meet & Work With Spirit Guides

Ted Andrews 0-7387-0812-7 • 216 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can

Andrews 0-7387-0812-7 • 216 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can Learn From the Past Have you

Learn From the Past

Have you ever experienced a feeling of déjà vu or had recurring dreams of a particular place or time or felt instantly close to some person? These experiences provide clues to past lives. With How To Uncover Your Past Lives, you’ll learn how knowledge of past lives can help you gain clear insight into your spiritual purpose for this lifetime. Popular author Ted Andrews teaches you how to safely and easily explore past-life memories using self-hyp- nosis, meditation, dowsing, fragrance and crystals. Discover how to:

Use past-life awareness as a tool for spiritual growth

Recognize soul mates and their role in your life

Understand the true meaning of a twin soul

Let go of self-defeating behaviors and beliefs from past lives

Gain insight into your life’s purpose

How To Uncover Your Past Lives

Ted Andrews 0-7387-0813-5 • 192 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can

Andrews 0-7387-0813-5 • 192 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can The Aura — Your Personal Energy

The Aura — Your Personal Energy Signature

If you’ve ever felt immediately comfortable — or uncomfortable — around someone you’ve just met, you’ve probably sensed a person’s aura. Now you can learn to actually see the aura — the energy field that surrounds the human body. Popular author Ted Andrews presents simple and effective techniques for not only seeing auras, but also deciphering what the aura reveals about a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual self. Discover how to:

See the colors of the aura and interpret their meanings

Make simple tools to measure the aura

Cleanse, strengthen and protect your own aura

Increase your sensitivity and intuition

Boost your energy and improve your health

How To See and Read the Aura

Ted Andrews 0-7387-0815-1 • 168 pp $7.95 us • $10.50 can

and improve your health How To See and Read the Aura Ted Andrews 0-7387-0815-1 • 168
A Time For Divination and Communication Elysia Gallo, Acquisitions Editor: Witchcraft, Paganism, Magick A s

A Time For Divination and Communication

Elysia Gallo, Acquisitions Editor: Witchcraft, Paganism, Magick

A s the long, warm summer draws to a close, the dark dawn of November provides a special, quiet time for reflection and transition. The transition from

October to November can be stark; from crisp, comfortable days to the onset of white skies and barren trees. Our bodies react to the chill in the air and the desolation of the landscape by mentally saying farewell to all the lush opulence summer provided; the boundless energy; the early rising of the sun. For centuries our ancestors have done just that, and prepared for the long winter ahead. “Samhain is derived from the Old Irish sam (summer) and fuin (end), which renders the meaning of Samhain as the end of summer,” Raven Grimassi tells us in Witchcraft: A Mystery Tradition. “Among the ancient Gauls this season began the new year, for it was an ancient belief that darkness precedes light. Therefore, the new year itself was born from darkness, as are all things that emerge from a womb.” A major aspect of Samhain is the brief connection it opens to the Otherworld. This has always made it a time to

communicate with the deceased. Grimassi writes, “An ancient European belief held that the borders between the natural and so-called supernatural worlds became passable. It was thought that the spirits and souls of the departed could come and go as they pleased during this period of time.” Hence we have the tradition of “dumb suppers,” or eating an entire meal in silence with plates of food set out for passed on family mem- bers. Favorite foods are cooked especially for departed souls to invite them to the table, and in some countries this is the time to visit cemeteries, leaving candles burning and tokens of affection on their graves. You can also use this time to quietly commune with the dead and listen for their answers, as detailed in “A Simple Ritual to Receive Answers from the Dead” presented here. Because of the ethereal, transitory quality of this period, it was also considered an excellent time for divination. In Halloween, Silver RavenWolf gives numerous examples of for- tune-telling methods using traditional Samhain symbols such as apples, nuts and pumpkin seeds. For example, she writes: “If

Hallowe’en Barm Brack

Hallowe’en comes from the Celtic celebration of Samhain, known as the “split between the worlds,” where time ceases to exist and mortals may get a glimpse of the Otherworld. As Samhain is a time of fortunetelling and divination, various objects may be wrapped up in waxed paper and baked into the barm brack. Traditionally these items include a thimble, representing spinster- hood; a pea, for poverty; a wedding ring, for marriage; a coin, for wealth; and a stick, representing a walking stick for one who is to travel far. “Barm” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word beorma, which was a fermented liquor that was used to raise a cake. “Brack” comes from the Irish word brac, meaning “speckled.” I once attended a feast where the bread was thrown against a wall, and the children then scrambled to collect the trinkets.

4 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Ring, coin, stick, pea, thimble, each individually wrapped in waxed paper

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 large tablespoons butter

1 package yeast

1 cup sugar, divided

1 cup warm milk, divided

1 egg

1-1/4 cups golden raisins

1 cup currants

1/2 cup mixed, candied peel


Sift together the flour, spices and salt; pinch or rub in butter with fingers. Cream the yeast with 1 teaspoon of the sugar and 1 teaspoon warm milk; mixture should froth up. If it doesn’t it means the yeast is old. Add the remaining sugar to the flour mixture and blend well. Pour the remaining milk and the egg into the yeast mixture and combine with the flour mixture. Beat well with a wooden spoon. The batter should be stiff, but elastic. Fold in fruit, chopped peel and wrapped divi- nation pieces. Cover with a cloth and leave in a warm

place until the dough doubles in size. Turn out and divide into 2 loaves. Place each loaf in a greased 7-inch cake tin. Cover again and let rise for about 30 minutes. Bake at 400 degrees for 1 hour. Test with a skewer before removing from oven. Glaze with 1 tablespoon of sugar dissolved in 2 teaspoons boiling water and return to oven for 3 minutes. Turn out onto rack to cool. Slice and serve with butter. Barm brack keeps very well, but if it does get a little stale, you may try toasting it.

Excerpt is from Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala



a girl peels an apple in one long piece at midnight on Halloween, and then tosses the peel over her left shoulder or into a bowl of water, she will be able to read the first initial of her future partner’s name in the shape assumed by the dis- carded peel.” Many divination methods became party games in the early 20th century, such as bobbing for apples, where again the emphasis was on who would marry whom, or be the first to marry. In Celtic Folklore Cooking, Joanne Asala tells us that charms were baked into bread on Samhain for divination.

We have included a recipe here so that you can try it out yourself. You may want to modernize this tradition with symbols of your own, as “spinsterhood”

is not quite as relevant to our society as

once was. Of course, there are countless other methods of divination, including tarot cards, palmistry, runes and more. For more excellent divination ideas for Samhain, read Lisa Finander’s article “A Powerful Time for Divination” on page 20-21. Have a safe and enchanted Halloween!


on page 20-21. Have a safe and enchanted Halloween! it A S imple R itual to

A Simple Ritual to Receive Answers from the Dead

it A S imple R itual to R eceive A nswers from the D ead For

For this section I contacted a reliable indi- vidual who is well known for working with police from different areas of the country to find missing persons, and who does private readings for individuals who wish to connect with deceased loved ones. Salt 1 purple candle Incense (your choice) Bell An object that belonged to the deceased or their picture Their favorite flower as a gift of honor, optional

Choose whom you wish to speak to, such as your mother, sibling, good

friend, father, grandparents and so on.

I don’t advise contacting anyone you

didn’t know personally, nor do I advo- cate contacting someone who had a personality disorder. Sprinkle the salt in a circle around you, or sprinkle a salt circle around the base of the purple can- dle. Light the candle. Light the incense. Carry the incense to the four quarters, beginning with the north, then to the east, to the south and to the west, ask- ing for protection and blessings. Put the incense beside the candle. You have just created sacred space. Ring the bell three times. Sit quietly and talk to your deceased loved one. You may feel a slight move- ment of air, the lights might flicker, et cetera, but most often you will hear your loved one in your mind. In the majority of cases they will sound as they did in life, including speech patterns, favorite sayings and so on. There is nothing to be afraid of. Just remember the dead weren’t perfect when they were living, therefore they are not unutterably cor- rect in death either. If they loved you, they will do the best they can for you, but don’t pattern your life entirely on the information you receive. If your loved one has died recently, they may not be able to communicate with you immediately. There appears to




Date: October 31

Other names: Halloween, Hallowmas, Samana, Samonios, Samhuinn, All Saint’s Day, Ancestor Night, Feast of the Dead, November Eve, Calangaef

Associated Celtic Deities:

Ceridwen, Gwyn ap Nudd, sacrifi- cial/dying gods, crone goddesses

Customs: Bonfires, apple games, costumes, fire calling, tricks, pump- kin carving, Dumb Supper (meal eaten in silence to which the dead are invited)

Symbols: Jack O’Lanterns, disguis- es, corn husk bundles, poisonous herbs, skulls, black cats, bale fires

Traditional incenses: Apple, mint, nutmeg, heliotrope, sage

Sacred foods: Acorns, apples, red meats, red wine, root and vine vegetables (squash, potatoes, pars- nips, carrots, turnips, etc.)

Excerpt is from Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala

be an acclimation period after death that is different for each individual, and they must learn how to communicate with you. If you don’t receive any information this time around, try again at a different time. The reincarnation schedule is also different for each individual. A few will be reborn almost immediately, where others may wait 200 years. Some experts feel the general earth-time span between lives aver- ages from 50 to 75 years. When you have finished speaking to the loved one, burn additional incense as a gift of honor, say good-bye and extin- guish the candle.

Excerpt is from Halloween by Silver RavenWolf

D o you have a fiery personality? Or are you more down to earth? We all have a natural elemental affinity, and by discovering your predominant element, you can customize and deepen your spiritual and magical development.

In Elemental Witch, Tammy Sullivan provides a way for you to revolutionize your path through the elements: earth, air, fire and water. She outlines the specialties and personality quirks of each kind of Elemental Witch to help you determine your predominant element. Are you an Earth Witch? Are you an Air Witch? Using a series of seemingly unrelated questions, the author guides Witches and other seekers through meditations and vision quests to the discovery of their elemental affinity. The rest of this practical text is dedicated to defining the unique spiritual path associated with each element. You’ll learn to work specialized elemental magic while maintaining the delicate balance of all four. Magical correspondences are provided for each element, in addition to associated crystals,

stones, herbs, colors, creatures and aspects of nature (rivers, trees, caves, wind, lightning, etc.). A detailed discussion of associated deities brings depth and color to each element’s unique lore. Elemental Witch is a remarkable book that breaks new ground. You will learn to work in harmony with a preferred element and individualize your spiritual path with its life-affirming attributes.

Elemental Witch • Tammy Sullivan

0-7387-0891-7 • 240 pp • $14.95 us • $18.50 can

0-7387-0891-7 • 240 pp • $14.95 us • $18.50 can Yo u r t h e

Yo u r t h e

M o t h e r

G u i d e

t o

M a g i c

o f

N a t u r e

The most important tools of natural magic cost nothing and are easy to obtain: the earth, fire, water, air … stones, trees, rain and fog. Some of the tools, like mirrors and candles, are linked with the forces of nature through the long-recognized power of sympathetic magic, or the philosophy of “like attracts like.” Earth Power is your tried-and-true guide to the ancient and effective art of natural magic. In his signature tone, author Scott Cunningham explains how to tap the power of the natural world, guiding you with his expertise every step of the way. Whether it’s drawing a heart in the sand, gazing into a mirror for a glimpse of the future or tying a knot to help a special friend, these simple techniques have proven effective — many have been passed down through the oral tradition and are centuries old. Filled with spells, charms, formulas, and simple down-to-earth magical philoso- phy, Earth Power is a classic guide to the magic of Mother Nature. Now experience it with a fresh new look.

of Mother Nature. Now experience it with a fresh new look. Earth Power • Scott Cunningham

Earth Power Scott Cunningham • 0-87542-121-0 • 176 pp • $9.95 us • $14.95 can




Revealing the Elements Within

Tammy Sullivan

A s Witches, one of our primary goals is to know ourselves. As Elemental Witches, we strive

to know both ourselves and our element. Understanding that the element is with- in, as well as without, is the first step to developing a deeper relationship with your personal element. Over the course of writing Elemental Witch, I had the opportunity and pleasure to bond with my sister elements, as well as to deepen the bond with my own. I immersed myself into each element individually. Moreover, I watched every Witch I know very closely for their predominant per- sonality traits and compared them to the gods and goddesses I had chosen. Amazingly, each element took on a dis-

tinct personality! The process of revealing the person- ality of each element was an absolute joy. I worked closely with two different elemental covens to ensure accuracy. Over time, the little nuances of earth, air, fire and water began to peek through in their personalities. Also over time I was able to note many of the ways the elements connect with each other, and how we respond in kind. For instance, as an Air Witch, I communicate differ- ently with a Fire Witch than I do with an Earth Witch. Time and time again, people seemed to take their cues from the elements in their response patterns. By this I mean that people tend to relate to each other in a similar manner as the elements do with each other in nature. To carry the example a bit further, as an Air Witch, when speaking with an Earth Witch I may come across as “superior” or condescending in my attitude, even though I am expressing frivolity (which is my nature). This is partly due to the placement of my element, and partly due to the fact that it is embedded so deeply in my persona. Researching and reporting the lore

included held me intrigued for weeks. While the book as a whole includes all of my favorite categories (lore, magic and deities), I must admit that the lore was the most fun to work with. Nothing else seems to touch people in quite the same way as the elements. When my first article about the elements hit the stands in CIRCLE Magazine, I was

surprised to find my mailbox jammed with letters from people requesting more information about bonding with the elements and how to discover which one they should be working with. It is my sincere hope that Elemental Witch serves to help all those that seek their personal element. To get you started, I’ll give you a guide.

element. To get you started, I’ll give you a guide. The Down & Dirty Guide To
The Down & Dirty Guide To Discovering Your Element Discovering your element is not as
The Down & Dirty Guide To Discovering Your Element
Discovering your element is not as difficult as you might imagine. Of course,
the results of this quizlet will not be as accurate as the full version, but it can
offer valuable insight nonetheless. Ready? Here we go!
1 You are contem-
to have all of the details
4 Magically, I prefer to
plating a new tattoo.
You want something
that “feels” right. You
work with:
b. I research the topic
a. Candles
on my own, draw my
b. Herbs
own conclusions and
c. Potions
report my findings.
d. Words
a. A butterfly or bird
c. I pay attention in
b. A flower or totem
class but back it up
with research.
5 If given a choice of
views I prefer:
c. A flame or a tribal
d. I goof off in class and
a. A waterfall or river
do the report my way.
b. Flower filled fields or
A symbol
a forest
3 Primarily, I dress:
c. A roaring fire or vol-
Suppose you had a
a. Comfortably
report due; which of
b. Razor sharp
d. A cliff top showing
the following would be
c. I try to be both com-
miles of blue sky
fortable and edgy
a. I pay attention in
d. I follow my own
school and take notes
avidly. I want to be sure
1. a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4
3. a=4, b=3, c=2, d=1
5. a=4, b=2, c=3, d=1
2. a=2, b=1, c=4, d=3
4. a=3, b=2, c=4, d=1
If you scored:
1-5 You are an Air Witch. Wild,
wicked, flirty and free-spirited.
11-15 You are a Fire Witch. Bold,
exciting and individual.
6-10 You are an Earth Witch. Warm,
welcoming and nurturing.
16-20 You are a Water Witch. Sassy,
intuitive and loving.

Ritual, Life and Everything

Amber K and Azrael Arynn K

S ome of the best moments of our lives have been spent with unusual people, in strange

places, doing odd things. The unusual people have included Witches, magick workers, Druids, sacred clowns, Fairies, Elemental Spirits, plant devas, animal allies, and ancient gods and goddesses of a dozen distant lands. The strange places? High in the gnarled limbs of a huge old willow tree, under a full moon. Deep under the earth, crawling through dark, nar- row, twisted tunnels. Dancing around a blazing 40-foot bonfire while a hun- dred drums thundered in unison. In a candlelit Temple of Isis, hidden under- ground in a modern American city. The odd things we do? Rituals. Oh, we enjoy classes and parties and potluck dinners and other things, but it always comes back to ritual: ritual to cele- brate holy days that we could scarcely pronounce; ritual to heal illnesses that confounded medical experts; ritual to break long droughts and bring life-giv- ing torrents of rain; ritual to banish confusion, anger and fear and draw forth clarity, compassion and courage; rituals to mark the great passages of life

and death, from birth celebrations to memorial rites. We do ritual because the human heart and soul need ritual. But like many other things we need for health and wholeness, (such as occasional soli- tude, extended family, harmony with nature), ritual is an endangered activity in Western (un)civilization. Our culture is ritual-poor. We have no real rituals for young people com- ing of age, for respected adults becom- ing elders, for ancestors who should be remembered and honored. Because of this, we lose clarity and respect among the generations, we sever our ties with our heritage, we let ill-prepared man-

children and women-children wander uncertainly toward the future. The few rituals we do have as a society, like the sheet cakes and jello served afterwards, are pallid and unsatisfying. High school graduation ceremonies, baby showers and birthday parties can- not sustain a culture. But ritual doesn’t have to be like that. We have known rituals that were exciting, mysterious, scary, intriguing, ethereally beautiful, boisterous, sweaty, cathartic, awe-filled, regenerating, painfully transformative, outrageous, breathtaking, ecstatic, overwhelming, hilarious, wild, deep, primal and weird. We know it can be done. We have done it. We have created a dragon elemen-

We do ritual because the human heart and soul need ritual.

tal under mountain skies as lightning cracked overhead. We have splashed and poured water on one another and watched the skies open to release the rain. We have weighed the soul of a departed brother against a white feath- er, on the Scales of Ma’at, and released him to the Sun God. We have laughed and cried and shouted for joy, and been transformed, and we know what ritual can do. So we wrote a book. It seems to be part of what the Goddess wants from us, part of a teaching-sharing-learning calling. We wrote RitualCraft to let peo- ple know that this ancient and poorly understood tool — ritual — could be

exhilarating and splendid, could change lives, could even help change the world. We had the stuff of a book. Between us, we have over 40 years of experience with ritual. We had our memories of the best (and worst) rituals we had ever

been part of. We had our personal files, with outlines and notes and ideas. We had wonderful input from our students, from teaching many workshops on rit- ual. We had access through friends and the Internet to rituals around the world

— so we could include ceremonies from

Africa and the Middle East and the Far North, and much more. Now, there are already some fine books on ritual out there. But many are very short, or focused on solitary rituals,

or just sabbats, or only rites of passage, or just one tradition’s perspective. We wanted something more com- prehensive, both broader and deeper. We wanted to cover the pitfalls as well as the possibilities. And we wanted to encourage you to be creative and daring, to stretch the boundaries, to dump the cookie-cutter, read-from-the-book type rituals and spread your wings. So we did it; we shared all that we could cram into 600 pages or so. And the book has a lot

— theory and sensory modes and mental

states and very diverse rituals from all over to illustrate the insights. Altars and costumes and chants, oh my. We wrote RitualCraft because our communities need great rituals for bonding, for healing, for transforming what we do and who we are as a society. Beyond that, ritual is a tremendous tool for self-transformation. Choosing to mold yourself, to create a better you, is the greatest art there is because its raw material is a living person. And beyond all the safe and common tools, the self-improvement books, adult evening classes and exercise programs, there is ritual. There is magick.

tools, the self-improvement books, adult evening classes and exercise programs, there is ritual. There is magick.















Conducting a ritual can seem as difficult as defining what a ritual is. In RitualCraft, Amber K and Azrael Arynn K have compiled a resource that describes the different aspects that constitute ritual acts. With decades of experience and numerous resources, this book provides thorough groundwork for crafting rituals of any make and meaning. What does it take to be good at designing and performing a ritual? Consult the Ritual Leader Checklist to determine areas where you excel and those where you experience challenges. From there, examine both ancient and modern examples of ritualistic rites, from an Amish wedding to Zoroastrian rituals of Fire and Water. Use the offered descriptions in practice, modify them to suit your needs or simply enrich your knowledge. As your understanding of ritual acts expands, you will be guided through preparing your own celebratory rites, including self-consecration, sanctifying ritual space, casting a circle, calling the quarters and invoking deities. The book then explains how to state your purpose, raise and send power, and finally earth the power and close a circle. Everything is clearly explained in depth. Equally important to learning ritual design is what not to do. RitualCraft includes a list of ten common mistakes so you can avoid them. It also includes advice for ensuring effective rituals, featuring special advice for small and large rites. Special features in the book include basic steps of ritual, a ritual preparation worksheet, samples of casting the circle and calling the quarters (even a unique wordless calling of the quarters), over 125

Rituals for small and large groups

The ritual environment

Altars and ritual tools

Speech, sound and music in ritual

Timing for rituals

Visual aspects of ritual

Rituals for personal transformation

Rituals for fun

RitualCraft • Amber K & Azrael Arynn K 1-56718-009-4 • 624 pp • $24.95 us • $29.95 can

themes for rituals you can do, tools for ritualists, deity references, magickal symbols, methods of sacralizing outdoor spaces, chants to raise power and much more. Pagans have had such varied ritual practices that until now there has not been a comprehensive set of instruction such as those used by occult groups or lodges. RitualCraft solves that problem. No matter what aspect of ritual you need to work with, this book has it all — costumes, altars, ethics, timing, safety, dance, tools and more. Whether large or small, public or private, improve the way you craft your rituals with RitualCraft.

improve the way you craft your rituals with RitualCraft . Make most of your rituals simple.

Make most of your

rituals simple. There’s nothing wrong with a long elaborate ritual for a very special occasion, but do not get the idea that every ritual you perform has to have robes, incense and a formal

casting of the circle. It is more important to do ritual often than to do ritual fancy. Remember to use personal correspondences: your unique language of magick. Often you can base a whole ritual — three minutes or three hours — on a single powerful image or memory from your life: the tree you played in as a child, for connecting with Younger Self; the song that was playing during a traumatic event, for emotional healing; the smell of your grandfather’s pipe tobacco, for honoring your ancestors.

Background ©

Samhain: The Celtic New Year

The Harvest is Done, the Dark Season Begins

Samhain, Hallows or “Halloween” is an annual festival of death that occurs at the conclusion of the Celtic agricultural cycle. It also marks the Celtic New Year. Samhain is a Gaelic word that means “summer’s end.” Wisely, the ancient Celts noted that endings and beginnings were united. What is an end? What is a beginning? These were the mysteries that our ancient ancestors acknowledged through the rituals and activities of Samhain.

Excerpt is from Wicca : A Year and A Day by Timothy Roderick

is from Wicca : A Year and A Day by Timothy Roderick M ark the passing

M ark the passing of time and honor each season with sacred ritual and seasonal craftwork, ancient stories and traditional

treats. Create a colorful mask for Samhain, make a honey cake for Imbolg, bake a Brigid’s Blackberry pie for Lughnasadh — it’s easy with Sabbats as your guide. Learn how to combine old customs with new expressions of your beliefs and your chosen tradition. Deepen your connection to the turning of the wheel as you celebrate the eight sacred seasons of the Witches’ year.


Edain McCoy 1-56718-663-7 • 368 pp $17.95 us • $28.50 can

T here are no short cuts to becoming a Witch. Traditionally, students take a year and a day to prepare for their initiation

into the Craft. Based on this age-old custom, Wicca: A Year and A Day presents 366 days of training in the Craft of the Wise. Ideal for solitary practitioners, this intensive study course teaches core Witchcraft tenets and practices: becoming attuned to the wonders of nature and the turning of the seasons, working with natural sacred energies, performing divinations and casting spells.

sacred energies, performing divinations and casting spells. Wicca: A Year and A Day Timothy Roderick 0-7387-0621-3

Wicca: A Year and A Day

Timothy Roderick 0-7387-0621-3 • 408 pp $19.95 us • $26.95 can

0-7387-0621-3 • 408 pp $19.95 us • $26.95 can T his much-loved book is not only

T his much-loved book is not only about the Great Sabbats and their profound significance but also about the minor Sabbats,

the magic of everyday life. The rhythms of Nature are ever changing on a monthly, weekly and daily level as well as seasonally, and these gradual transitions have a timeless magic all their own. Wheel of the Year is filled with simple rituals and charms that can be adapted to any spiritual tradition.

Wheel of the Year

Pauline Campanelli 0-87542-091-5 • 176 pp $12.95 us • $19.95 can

The Wheel Turns, the Veil Thins

Samhain marks the transi- tion from the light half of the year to the dark. The misty mornings of October melt into golden afternoons and crystal moonlit nights. Now is the time that the Lady, the fruitful Mother, has been delivered of her child, the fruits of the earth. The harvest has been com- pleted. Now is the time that our focus shifts from the physical side of life to the spiritual, for at this time of transition the veil is very thin between the two worlds. The sights and sounds and smells of October bring about in all of us subtle changes, and as our bodies begin to change metabolism in preparing us for shorter winter days, our conscious- ness begins to shift from the more actively mental to the more psychically recep- tive state appropriate to the dark half of the year.

Excerpt is from Wheel­of­the­Year by Pauline Campanelli


WITCHCRAFT, PAGANISM Witchcraft Ly de Angeles 1-56718-782-X • 288 pp $12.95 us • $20.50 can Immeasurably


Ly de Angeles 1-56718-782-X • 288 pp $12.95 us • $20.50 can

Immeasurably Ancient and Forever Young

A Witch realizes certain powers … rep- resents, rather than worships them … invokes them, fuses with them, emotes and lives them … recognizes them in the vast forces of nature and beyond. This comprehensive manual sets forth the tenets of Witchcraft, and explains in depth how and why magic works. It includes tried-and-true meth- ods for developing the magical will; along with religious training, ritual observances and spellcrafting techniques. Witchcraft:

Theory and Practice also:

Describes unique practices such as fith- fathing, fetching, shapeshifting and glamoring

Tells how to identify and interpret omens and portents

Includes instructions on astral travel, cleansings, banishings and invisibility

Offers a guided ritual for self-initiation

All things come full circle — reclaim the ancient power that sings within your blood through sacred ritual to the Earth and Moon and Sun and stars.

sacred ritual to the Earth and Moon and Sun and stars. Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft

Raven Grimassi 1-56718-257-7 • 528 pp $24.95 us • $38.50 can

The A-Z Treasury of Ancient and Modern Witchcraft

Craft Elder and author Raven Grimassi has revised and expanded his indispens- able reference work, the award-winning Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft. The first book of its kind to be written by a practicing Witch, this guide presents Wicca/Witchcraft as a spiritual path, connecting religious concepts and spiri- tuality to both a historical background and modern practice. With a wealth of information on European folklore and Western Occultism, and material relevant to any tradition, you can use this book to re- search any aspect of the Craft, including:

Theology — pantheons, Wiccan Rede, Three-Fold Law

History — Craft roots and influence

Places — historical and sacred sites

Verses, rites and invocations

Ritual objects and tools

Influential Witches — past and present

The Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft also contains a glossary of terminol- ogy; book references; Craft web sites, organizations and magazines; magickal alphabets, runes, correspondences and symbols; and 300 illustrations.



and symbols; and 300 illustrations. & SPELLS Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft Raymond Buckland

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

Raymond Buckland 0-87542-050-8 • 368 pp $17.95 us • $28.50 can

The Classic Introduction to Witchcraft, Bigger and Better Than Ever

Never in the history of the Craft has a single book educated as many people, spurred as many spiritual paths or conjured as much per- sonal possibility as Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft. — Dorothy Morrison, author of The Craft and The Craft Companion

This classic text is the most com- plete self-study course in contempo- rary Witchcraft available, written by the author who first went public with “the Old Religion” in the United States. One of modern Witchcraft’s most rec- ommended books, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft has been used by hun- dreds of covens to train new initiates and by thousands of solitaries looking for a detailed, step-by-step course in Witchcraft. This revised and expanded edi- tion includes additional photographs and illustrations, a new preface and an index. The revised workbook format now includes exam questions at the end of each lesson, building a permanent record of your spiritual and magical training.

Background ©

Background © Perhaps you are one of the nightkind, one who prefers the mysteries of the

Perhaps you are one of the nightkind, one who prefers the mysteries of the dark to the hectic energies of the day. If you are such a child of night, you know that darkness is not “evil.” Nocturnal Witchcraft presents techniques for work- ing with nocturnal and lunar energies and the ancient gods and goddesses of the darkness — the symbolic realm of shadow, illusion, death and rebirth, and the mysteries of the unknown.

Nocturnal Witchcraft

Konstantinos 0-7387-0166-1 • 240 pp $14.95 us • $22.95 can

0-7387-0166-1 • 240 pp $14.95 us • $22.95 can Everyone is familiar with the image of

Everyone is familiar with the image of Witches performing rituals under a Full Moon. Mysterious but not frightening, the Dark Moon (the night before the New Moon) is lesser known but equally power- ful. This guidebook reveals the hidden wisdom of the Dark Moon Path. It pres- ents the 13 Dark Moons of the year by the zodiac sign in which they fall, along with rituals designed to help you experience and learn from their energies.

Rituals of the Dark Moon

Gail Wood 0-7387-0582-9 • 216 pp $12.95 us • $17.50 can

Wood 0-7387-0582-9 • 216 pp $12.95 us • $17.50 can Darkness … demons … death …

Darkness … demons … death … life … love … sex … magick … Nocturnicon is your ultimate guide to the darker side of the magickal universe. Drawn from diverse sources — including ceremonial magick, ancient Greek mystery religions, chaotic energies, Hadetic rites and necromancy — the techniques for working with dark forces found inside this forbidding tome have proven to be more effective than any other form of magick practiced by the author in over 15 years of study.


Konstantinos 0-7387-0832-1 • 216 pp $14.95 us • $19.95 can

Shadow Work

“There are no secrets on the dark moon path but there are mysteries.” I have always been drawn to the Dark. It is not that I am particularly gloomy in my outlook on life, and it is not that I am fixated on the macabre, although I do enjoy scary movies and books. It is just that the Dark holds mystery out to me. The Dark embraces me and heals me. The sunlit spiral dances deosil in celebration of the sun, while the inward spiral of the Dark curls widdershins to explore the unknown parts of what is. It is the unraveling of self and the rediscovery of self.

It is important to understand that we are not trying to eradicate the Dark, but to be comfortable with it and embrace it. Dark gives definition to the light. In the Dark, we dream. It is unknown and that is what is frightening about the Dark. The Dark contains part of us that we have not yet accepted. The journey of the Dark Moon explores the unknown within so that we can weave and balance the sunlit and moonlit part of ourselves.

Excerpt is from Rituals of the Dark Moon by Gail Wood


WITCHCRAFT, PAGANISM The Book of Shadows Lady Sheba 0-87542-075-3 • 192 pp $9.95 us • $15.95

The Book of Shadows

Lady Sheba 0-87542-075-3 • 192 pp $9.95 us • $15.95 can

The First Book of Shadows Ever Published in America

In 1970, Lady Sheba became the first person to register Wicca as a legal religion in the United States. It was her wish that publication would bring to light the authentic beliefs of Witchcraft and reestablish the respectability of this ancient art. The Book of Shadows is a reproduction of Lady Sheba’s own hand-copied Book of Shadows and includes: initiation rites, the Laws of the Craft (also known as The Ardanes), ceremonies for the Sabbats, consecration rituals, invocations, and chants and dances for calling on the gods. Originally published in 1971 and brought back into print, this classic reference work was the first Book of Shadows ever published in the United States, and deserves a place of honor on every Witch’s bookshelf.


a place of honor on every Witch’s bookshelf. & A Witch’s Notebook Silver RavenWolf 0-7387-0662-0 •

A Witch’s Notebook

Silver RavenWolf 0-7387-0662-0 • 264 pp $12.95 us • $17.50 can

One Witch’s Words of Wisdom

Look inside the personal magickal notebooks of one of the best-known Witches of our time and find words of wit and wisdom gleaned from decades of study and practice. Author Silver RavenWolf is a Wiccan High Priestess and Clan Head of the Black Forest Family, a group that includes over 50 covens throughout North America. Key concepts like auric cleansing, healing channels, spirit tending and spell review are applied to magickal work on both basic and complex levels, offering a progressive approach into new realms of witchcraft practice. A Witch’s Notebook also fea- tures an extensive herbal section that includes the magickal uses, planetary energies, associated astrological signs and elemental energies of over 100 herbs, flowers, roots and fruits.

energies of over 100 herbs, flowers, roots and fruits. Book of Shadows Migene González-Wippler 0-7387-0213-7 •

Book of Shadows

Migene González-Wippler 0-7387-0213-7 • 240 pp $12.95 us • $17.50 can

Study the Craft With One of the Experts

As an established authority on the subjects of Santeria, Kabbalah and Ceremonial Magick, Migene González-Wippler began her spiritual exploration with Wicca, which she con- tinues to practice to this day. Incorporating the teachings of Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Raymond Buckland, Lady Sheba, Yvonne and Gavin Frost, Sybil Leek and others, Migene reveals her own perspective on the Craft in Book of Shadows. Her instruction begins with the basic tenets of Wicca, including the Sabbats and Esbats, coven structure and initia- tory rites, and progresses to advanced techniques including familiars, elementals, incenses, stones, spells and many other Craft specialties. Book of Shadows also includes essential refer- ence charts and tables, making it a valuable reference you’ll return to again and again.




You can make your own magi- cal potions at home with just a few simple ingredients. The following recipes are taken from Book of Shadows by Migene González-Wippler.

Moon Watertaken from Book of Shadows by Migene González-Wippler. A silver vessel is filled with distilled or

A silver vessel is filled with

distilled or spring water and placed where it may receive

the rays of the full moon. This

is done when the moon rises.

The vessel is left in its place


that it may be illuminated


the moon the whole night.

Just before sunrise the water is poured into a clay receptacle and closed tightly. It is kept where it may never get the light


the sun. This lunar water


marvelous to attract love,

money and to develop psychic powers. The hands and the brow are anointed with the liq- uid whenever the need arises.

Sun Waterare anointed with the liq- uid whenever the need arises. A crystal vessel is filled with

A crystal vessel is filled with

distilled or spring water and placed where it may receive the

sun’s rays from sunrise to sun- set. The water is poured into

a sterilized bowl and capped

tightly. This water is excellent for purification, energy, good health and especially to attract money. It is used to sprinkle around the house three con- secutive days every month. The bottle with the liquid is placed where it may receive the sun’s rays every day. It does not mat- ter if it is also illuminated by moonlight.

A Powerful Time for Divination Lisa Finander, Acquisitions Editor: Astrology, Tarot, Divination & Shamanism H

A Powerful Time for Divination

Lisa Finander, Acquisitions Editor: Astrology, Tarot, Divination & Shamanism

H alloween, All-hallow-even, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain

and All Saints’ Eve are just a few of the names given

to celebrations occurring on October 31st. Although

they all share similarities in their festivities, I am going to focus on some of the Celtic customs related to Samhain. Samhain begins at dusk on October 31st and is the Celtic New Year’s Eve. The god of summer is defeated and the god of winter and death now presides over mother earth. This is a special day, the time of year when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is the thinnest, and a time when the communication between these worlds is the strongest. This

has its good and bad points, depending on if the visiting spirits are welcome or not! When inviting loved ones home that usually reside in the Otherworld, it is customary to either set an empty place at the table with food and drink for deceased relatives or leave it out- side for any traveling souls returning to the places they once lived. The belief is that the souls nourish themselves on the soul of the food provided. Bonfires (from the English bone- fires) were lit, allowing the dead a place to warm themselves by. Doors, windows and gates were unlocked to make sure their long-awaited guests knew they were welcome. Jack-o’-lanterns

guests knew they were welcome. Jack-o’-lanterns The Rainbow Bridge is the journey that links one life-
The Rainbow Bridge is the journey that links one life- time to another. One vexing
The Rainbow Bridge is the journey that links one life- time to another. One vexing

The Rainbow Bridge is the journey that links one life- time to another. One vexing question that adherents of the tenet of reincarnation are always seeking an answer to is “What happens to us between lives?” In light of time not being linear, we would have to give the enigmatic answer nothing and everything. It’s important to keep in mind that time is not linear, but we are human beings living in a world of matter in which time is perceived as linear, and we must use our tarot cards with that conundrum in mind. For those of you interested in your past and future lives, the Rainbow Bridge Spread is a great way to gain insight and ask questions about your soul’s journey.

and future lives, the Rainbow Bridge Spread is a great way to gain insight and ask

Card 1

Shows the major issue of this spread as it affects you in your current life.

Card 2

Reflects your feelings about your decisions just prior to rebirth into this life.

Card 3

Shows your contentment or discontent with the pact you’ve made with yourself and your spirit helpers and considers what your future life will hold for you. It also illuminates how your new body and personality is likely to deal with the issue.

Card 4

Illuminates the primary issue you will deal with in your life to come. It may be a karmic issue you’ve carried over for one or many lifetimes, or it may be a new adventure or test.

Card 5

Shows your own will and that of those in the spirit realm who

are helping to shape you into the soul you want to become. This is the transition point where you settle many of the details of your future path.

Card 6

Shows the influence of spirit guides and other spirit helpers as you continue to shape the superstructure of your next life.

Card 7

Shows the choices and decisions you want to make in your next life without input from others.

Card 8

Indicates your initial feelings about the life you just left.

Card 9

Shows where your mind and heart were in relation to this spread’s issue in the months prior to your death in a past life

most closely paralleling your current life.

Excerpt is from Past-Life & Karmic Tarot by Edain McCoy

(originally carved turnips) were prominently displayed to protect the living and scare away evil spirits. The carvings depicted protective guardians living in the spirit world. Samhain is also a time when the ordinary rules of society don’t pertain, challenging the established order and introducing chaos. People dress up in costumes switching conventional gender roles, wear masks that emulate spirits or departed ancestors, and both worlds celebrate together. During this transformational period between light and dark, and life and death, there is an opening — a pause in time when magic is believed to be at its stron- gest, making it a perfect time for divination and seeing what the next year holds. It’s a great time to expand your intuitive skills. You could plan your own divina- tion party and give yourself a “New Year’s” reading to boot. Llewellyn has a variety of books and products on the different forms of divination.

1. You 2. Actions & Events 3. Unconscious Forces & 8 Emotions 4. Outside Forces
1. You
2. Actions & Events
3. Unconscious Forces &
4. Outside Forces
5. Knowledge & Beliefs
6. Possible Course of Action
7. Possible Course of Action
8. Outcome
Queen of Pens
Reina de Plumas
La Strength

A great tarot deck to add to your collection and especially appropriate for Halloween (with more skel- etons than you can count) is Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton. This Otherworld-friendly deck uses Pens for Wands, Coffins for Cups, Pistols for Swords and Reels for Pentacles. At the beginning of November, Mexico celebrates “Day of the Dead,” or Dia de los Muertos. While the specific dates and observances vary depending on the region, the core of the holiday is the same — to honor family and friends who have died. Cemeteries and homes are decorated with flowers, and offering tables are laid out with gifts of food, clothing and anything the loved one enjoyed in life. Some believe this is a time set aside for remembrance, while others believe


Tarot & Divination Diversity of Divination ©
of Divination

I n actuality, divination can involve any method by which events are interpreted and/or explained. Divination is more than foretell- ing the future. It does involve prediction, but it can also involve divining some truth or interpreting omens and signs as part of its practice. Divination often incorporates methods by which events are interpreted and explained. The most commonly recognized tools and methods in our modern society are runes, tarot, astrology, dreams and I Ching. Many strange and unusual methods of divination have been employed, from the reading of entrails to the study of cloud formations.

Aeromancy — the casting of dirt or sand into the wind to determine

answers by the direction the wind takes it.

Apantomancy — observing objects that appear haphazardly.

Belomancy — divination by the flight of arrows.

Bibliomancy — consulting a passage or line in a book at random.

Catoptromancy — divination through a lens or a magic mirror.

Ceromancy — dropping melted wax into water and observing results.

Chiromancy — divination by the lines of the hand.

Crystalomancy — divination by clear globe, pool of water, mirror or transparent object.

Geloscopy — interpretation of a person’s laughter.

Gyromancy — spinning and falling to the ground, leading to oracles.

Hepatoscopy — observation of a sheep’s liver.

Myomancy — divination by studying the entrails or the movements of rodents.

Oenisticy — divination by studying the flight of birds.

Onomancy — divination by rearranging the letters in a name.

Ooscopy — using an egg to determine the sex of an unborn child.

Phrenology — studying the bumps and contours of the head.

Physiognomy — the study of human facial features.

Pyromancy — divination by smoke and fire.

Tasseography — the reading of tea leaves and their shapes.

Xylomancy — observation of the position of twigs on the ground.

Excerpt is from Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls by Ted Andrews

Seeker Rachel Pollack 0-7387-0521-7 • 264 pp $12.95 • $17.50 can The Answers You Seek


Rachel Pollack 0-7387-0521-7 • 264 pp $12.95 • $17.50 can

The Answers You Seek Are in the Cards

Renowned Tarot reader, artist and author Rachel Pollack has taught her revolu- tionary Tarot insights to thousands of curious card readers. Now this trailblaz- ing Wise Woman shares her secrets for learning to read Tarot cards quickly and easily in Seeker. Inside this book is everything you need to know to start doing Tarot read- ings right away, including:

Keywords for each card to help you quick- ly understand the card’s basic meaning and provide a quick reference key while you’re learning

Astrological, elemental and numerological correspondences to paint a picture of what the cards are like and how they relate to each other

Detailed card spreads for birthdays, deci- sions, love and even dreams will show you how to put it all together for helpful read- ings that make sense

Written specifically to address the issues facing today’s teens and twenty- somethings, Seeker is the perfect place to start your Tarot journey.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Take your Tarot studies to the next level with The Tarot Companion. It’s packed with information about specific card combinations, court card personalities, chakra and color correspondences, and more! To progress from apprentice to expert Tarot reader, you need to understand the symbol sys- tems and archetypal energies of the Tarot. But with 78 cards, hundreds of symbols and several possible meanings for each card — not count- ing reversed cards — a comprehensive guide to the Tarot can go a long way. Explore the inner mysteries of the Tarot and add confidence, depth and clarity to your readings with The Tarot Companion.

Learn how to decipher the symbolism of the cards with a dictionary of Tarot symbols from Angel to Zodiac. Discover which card combina- tions can help you determine the timing of events predicted by the cards. You’ll also find compre- hensive information explaining the relationship between the Tarot and other esoteric arts, includ- ing astrology, numerology, the Cabala and the Tree of Life, runes and the I Ching. Illustrations and explanations of more than 20 Tarot spreads are also included in this com- prehensive guide. Immerse yourself in the story of each card as you hone your intuitive skills and deepen your connection to the Tarot with The Tarot Companion.

your connection to the Tarot with The Tarot Companion . The Tarot Companion Tracy Porter 1-56718-574-6

The Tarot Companion

Tracy Porter 1-56718-574-6 • 264 pp $12.95 us • $19.95 can

Porter 1-56718-574-6 • 264 pp $12.95 us • $19.95 can Forest of Souls Rachel Pollack 1-56718-533-9

Forest of Souls

Rachel Pollack 1-56718-533-9 • 312 pp $14.95 us • $23.95 can

The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep …

Join Rachel Pollack on a magical walk through the mysteries, archetypes and dream-like images of the Tarot. In the tradition of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, Pollack draws upon symbols, myths and folk tales, both ancient and modern, to illuminate the spiritual truths behind the Tarot’s symbols. The Forest of Souls unfolds like a dream, in a series of musings upon the confluence of the sacred and the mundane. How can a simple deck of 78 cards become keys unlocking life’s greatest secrets? While the most common use of the Tarot is for divination, this book shows how to use the cards for readings of an entirely different nature. Asking improbable, even impossible questions,

Pollack plays with the sacred possibilities and answers that the Tarot gives us. What nourishes my soul? What is soul? What is the Tarot? What plan did God follow to create the universe? Embracing paradox and nonlinear thinking allows us to push the boundaries of the known and venture into the unknown. It is in that sacred space, using the Tarot as our guide, that we may open ourselves to wonder and mystery. At its heart, The Forest of Souls is a truly prac- tical book. Its stories and readings, including sample readings from many different decks, with hundreds of illustrations, reveal how we can dis- cover our true selves.




Tarot for Witches and Magicians

What does the Tarot have to do with the Qabalah? What do either of them have to do with Witchcraft? The Witches Tarot explores the paths and spheres of the Tree of Life, and the mystical, magical experiences they represent. The striking imagery of these cards uses symbols from the Qabalistic Tree of Life, yet is decidedly Pagan in nature. The 320-page companion guide to The Witches Tarot included with this kit contains complete divinatory meanings for the cards, and an indispensable list of correspondences for each of the Qabalistic Paths with associated Tarot card, Hebrew letter, colors, astrological attribution, animal, gem and suggested meditation.

Sold separately:

The Witches Tarot deck • 0-87542-669-7 • $19.95 us • $26.95 can Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and a 32-pp instruction booklet The Witches Tarot book • 0-87542-668-9 • 320 pp • $12.95 us • $19.95 can

The Witches Tarot Kit

Created by Ellen Cannon Reed Illustrated by Martin Cannon Boxed kit includes 78 full-color cards and 320-pp book 1-56718-558-4 • $29.95 us • $39.95 can

Legend: The Arthurian Tarot

Anna-Marie Ferguson Boxed kit includes 78 full-color cards and 276-pp companion book 1-56718-267-4 • $34.95 us • $53.95 can

The Legend Lives On!

The Arthurian legend is one of Western civilization’s oldest and most enduring myths. Award-winning artist and writer Anna- Marie Ferguson has drawn upon this rich well of symbolism and storytelling to create the beautiful Legend Tarot. The 78 exquisitely rendered watercolor paintings of the Legend Tarot unite mythic elements from all major sources of Arthurian legend, including the medieval romances and the ancient Celtic legends, to create a system of unparalleled rich- ness and depth. Accompanying this gorgeous deck is the companion book A Keeper of Words, which explains the divinatory meanings of the cards, their symbolism and the legendary moment associated with each card.

A Delightful Deck for Nature Lovers

The Robin Wood Tarot is flavored with vibrant nature imagery and lumi- nous energies that enchant and stimulate Pagans and non-Pagans alike. The shining strength of this Tarot deck lies in its depiction of the Minor Arcana, which took nearly a decade to design. With its similarity to the popular Rider-Waite deck, even the novice reader will find these cards easy to understand and enjoyable to interpret. Radiantly colorful and infinitely captivating, this deck is a gift to your visual and psychic senses. Accompanying the deck is a detailed, 56-page instruction booklet, which provides the upright and reversed meanings of each card as well as three basic card layouts.

The Robin Wood Tarot

Robin Wood Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and 56-pp instruction booklet 0-87542-894-0 • $19.95 us • $26.95 can

There Are No Guarantees In Life

But there are many choices, and divination can guide you to the best

Y ou don’t need a crystal ball to know that life is full of uncertainty. Since we all have free will, the future remains in flux at all times. Thus, divina- tion can never guarantee that a situation will turn out exactly as shown in your readings — but it can help you make better choices, and avoid or overcome pitfalls.

Whether you use Tarot cards, runes, a pendulum, the I Ching or another form of divination, these practices can help you see how a given choice or action may lead to a certain outcome. If you’re new to divination, Tarot cards are an excellent way to begin. What’s in the Cards for You? shows dozens of possibilities for a surprising array of uses, including visualizing goals, decoding dreams, locating missing objects and predicting future events. It’s the perfect tool for anyone interested in Tarot but skeptical of its practical uses. It includes 30 Tarot “experiments” designed to show you the range of Tarot applications so you can prove to yourself that it works! For those more familiar with Tarot, The Complete Tarot Reader takes a holistic look at learning to read the cards. The lessons and insights in this book apply to any Tarot deck, including more than a dozen different ways to read reversed cards, how to use

elemental and numerological correspondences, developing personality profiles based on the court cards and the ethics of Tarot reading. Another simple way to practice divination is using a pendulum. It’s one of the easi- est divination tools around — many people have been known to simply use a ring tied to a string — and with a little practice it can provide accurate “yes” and “no” answers to a wide variety of questions. Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster has com- plete instructions for making pendulums. They can easily be carried in your pocket, in case you feel the need to consult this simple oracle while on the go. Webster has


How to Ask the Right Questions

Many people have a tendency to ask questions that are impossible for the pendulum to answer with its limited range of responses. For example, the pendulum would not be able to respond to: “Should I spend my summer vaca- tion in New Orleans or San Francisco?” In this instance, you should ask the question twice, once for each city. You may receive a positive response to both locations. If this happens, you could then ask, “Would I have a better time in New Orleans than I would have in San Francisco? ” Focus on your question while holding the pendulum. Repeat it over and over again in your mind. If any other thoughts come into your mind, dismiss them and return to your question. This is because the pendulum may answer one of your passing thoughts, rather than the important matter you are concentrating on. Questions about work and career are common, and the pendulum can be extremely useful in determining the best

path to follow. You can save time here by asking questions that include the words “instead of,”“in preference to” or “rather than.” Here is an example: “Should I return to col- lege and complete my degree rather than carrying on with my current employment?” If the answer is positive, you will know what to do. If the answer is negative, you can reverse the question and ask it again: “Should I stay working at XYZ Corporation in preference to returning to college to complete my degree?” Usually, it is best to ask a series of simple questions, rather than trying to formulate one complicated question that will answer everything with a single movement of the pendulum. In practice, you will receive a clearer answer this way, and the time difference involved will be negligible.

Excerpt is from Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster

been using a pendulum for decades, and shares tips for using one to communicate with your own subconscious, find lost objects, help resolve lingering health issues and even communicate with spirits. Palmistry is a very old and very fun form of divination — read- ing palms is an excellent way to become the life of any party! Once you understand how the shape of the hand and fingers and patterns of the lines interact, you can decode your life story, or

surprise a stranger with theirs. The Hand from A to Z is an excellent guide to this ancient art, showing you how to read and interpret every facet of the hand — the shape, gestures, flexibility, mounts, fingers, lines and nails — and synthesize all of these factors into

a meaningful reading. With over 185 helpful illustrations and a

unique palmistry dictionary of more than 250 personality and character traits, this has everything you need to start reading palms right away. From the frosty forests of Scandinavia comes another ancient system of divination, the runes. The runic alphabet began as a magical system of pictographs representing natural forces and objects. For example, URUZ the wild ox and KENAZ the hearth fire represented both a literal thing and a symbolic ideal. A Practical Guide to The Runes is a modern guide to the oracular uses

of these simple stones for insight, protection and luck. It teaches you how to carve runes and create talismans, as well as how to make and use a set of runes for both divination and magic. Another ancient divinatory system comes to us from the Far East, predating the runes by thousands of years — the I Ching. An oracle of such profound wisdom that it is still practiced by millions worldwide, the I Ching is often used to help foresee the future. The Magical I Ching respects this ancient tradition, but shows you how to go a step further and use the oracle itself as

a companion in your magical practice — in essence, helping you

create your future. While it’s true that there are no guarantees in life, you can breathe a little easier when you know that you’ve explored the possibilities and made the best choice possible at the time. Divination helps you explore the possibilities, and even check in on how a situation is developing. So while the stock market may go up and down, learning a form of divination is one investment you won’t regret.

a form of divination is one investment you won’t regret. The One-Rune Method The easiest and

The One-Rune Method

The easiest and fastest way to obtain a quick peek at what is acting on your life at present is the One-Rune Method. This is a very good method to use when you have your runes with you but no time or place to effectively perform a longer rune-cast. It consists of simply quieting your mind, concentrating on your question and drawing out one rune that can be used to ascer- tain several different things. This method is used when you know you need some guidance and information about an unknown situation. Simply ask the runes “What do I need to know in my life at this time?” The reply you get will often be comforting as well as enlightening. It is also good to pull out a rune first thing in the morning to get an idea of what your day will be like. Reach in and ask something like “What will today be like?” or “What do I need to know in order to make the right choices today?” Sometimes it is often useful to repeat this pro- cess at night to see how you did. I use this “morning rune” quite often, and it has helped me on many an occasion to anticipate situations that otherwise would have taken me completely by surprise. No one likes to pull out a reversed or a delay rune first thing on a Monday morning, but if you are aware that today is going to be a really tough day, it allows you to steel yourself for it, and it definitely coun- sels keeping a sense of humor. There have been many a bad day which I was able to turn around for the better simply by being aware that prob- lems were going to come up and by acting in the proper fashion when they did.

Excerpt is from­A­Practical­Guide­to­The­Runes by Lisa Peschel

is from ­A­Practical­Guide­to­The­Runes by Lisa Peschel See Product Listing in insert for ordering information 25
is from ­A­Practical­Guide­to­The­Runes by Lisa Peschel See Product Listing in insert for ordering information 25
is from ­A­Practical­Guide­to­The­Runes by Lisa Peschel See Product Listing in insert for ordering information 25
is from ­A­Practical­Guide­to­The­Runes by Lisa Peschel See Product Listing in insert for ordering information 25

See Product Listing in insert for ordering information

A Dark and Stormy Tarot Romantic, sensuous and mysterious, this Gothic deck speaks the language

A Dark and Stormy Tarot

Romantic, sensuous and mysterious, this Gothic deck speaks the language of the subconscious, of our dreams and sometimes of our nightmares. In doing so, it gives us the strength and guidance to face our fears with confidence. The vampires in these cards are not monsters, but dark and damned protagonists that live in technological and desolate urban landscapes, a version of our own reality. Their poi- gnant beauty is apparent as they move between their human and supernatural natures.

Gothic Tarot of Vampires

Riccardo Minetti, Art by Emiliano Mammuccari Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction book

0-7387-0246-3 • $19.95 us • $30.95 can

book 0-7387-0246-3 • $19.95 us • $30.95 can A Gorgeous Gothic Tarot Every card in the
book 0-7387-0246-3 • $19.95 us • $30.95 can A Gorgeous Gothic Tarot Every card in the

A Gorgeous Gothic Tarot

Every card in the Secret Tarot has its own soul and a voice that whispers forgotten things to the hearts of all who will listen. With images reminiscent of everything from Lord Byron to Mad Max, the ancient archetypes are dressed in new clothes. These cards represent the journey along an esoteric path lead- ing to the understanding of secrets from the past, present and future.

Secret Tarot

Marco Nizzoli Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0021-5 • $19.95 us • $29.95 can

A Gilded Tribute to the Tsars

The Golden Tarot of the Tsar is printed with shining gold foil, evocative of the richness of the art of the Tsars. Atanassov meticulously captures the intricate art of the Russian min- iaturists who exemplified the art of this time. He also bril- liantly merges the archetypes of the Tarot with the histories of Christian saints. Just as the saints achieved spiritual enlight- enment and expressed their precepts in their daily actions, so the Tarot helps us access the spiritual and manifest it in our everyday lives.

Golden Tarot of the Tsar

A.A. Atanassov Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0239-0 • $24.95 us • $39.95 can

Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0239-0 • $24.95 us • $39.95 can

Your source for tarot tradition and innovation

Lo Scarabeo Tarot decks are renowned both for their beautiful artwork and their ability to give insightful readings. Whether you’re looking for a new twist on the familiar or an artistic deck with its own unique theme, Lo Scarabeo is your source for exquisite museum- quality Tarot decks. Llewellyn is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Lo Scarabeo.

A Modern Deck for Pagans and Wiccans

This long-awaited project combines Wiccan traditions with modern lifestyles. Based on elemental dignities and the tra- ditional Tarot structure, the Pagan Tarot portrays the experi- ences of the modern Witch and pagan priestess. We see the challenging but successful mixing of mundane life and prob- lems with spiritual life and inner growth. This deck is a must for those following the Wiccan path. Deck and book also sold seperately.

Pagan Tarot

Gina M. Pace (Wicce) Artwork by Luca Raimondo, Coloring by Cristiano Spadoni Boxed kit contains 78 full-color cards, 120-pp book, and a satin tarot bag Boxed deck includes 78-card deck and instruction booklet Kit: 0-7387-0846-1 • $29.95 us • $39.95 can Deck: 0-7387-0243-9 • $19.95 us • $30.95 can Book: 0-7387-0937-9 • $15.00 us • $19.95 can

can Book: 0-7387-0937-9 • $15.00 us • $19.95 can Reconnect to Nature — Inside and Out
can Book: 0-7387-0937-9 • $15.00 us • $19.95 can Reconnect to Nature — Inside and Out

Reconnect to Nature — Inside and Out

Close to the elements of nature and the rhythms of the sea- sons, this deck helps you reconnect to both your inner nature and Mother Nature. Evocative and emotional artwork depicts different aspects of Native American life and spirituality, tell- ing stories in pictures that are sure to bring new life to your readings.

Native American Tarot

Laura Tuan Art by Sergio Tisselli Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0598-5 • $19.95 us • $26.95 can

Get Crafty With Your Cards

Modern life and ancient practices are portrayed in perfect harmo- ny in this enchanting mini Tarot deck. Young Witches populate these lively cards with their ponytails and jeans in a world that seems to lie between the worlds of fantasy and reality. Charming and mischievous, they are also powerful and in control of their own destinies. Peer into your own past, present and future with these vivacious characters of the Craft.

Witchy Tarot Mini Deck

Concept by Laura Tuan, Artwork by Antonella Platano Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0803-8 • $9.95 us • $13.50 can

Platano Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0803-8 • $9.95 us • $13.50
Beauty, Fantasy and History Winged horsemen, giants, tritons, angels and vestals of fire combine with

Beauty, Fantasy and History

Winged horsemen, giants, tritons, angels and vestals of fire combine with warriors and mages of Biblical and Roman his- tory to tell the Fool’s journey. The unique collection of images featured in the Ancient Enlightened Tarot is also linked to the secrets of the alchemists and to the medieval masters of natural philosophy. This historic deck, also known as the Sola-Busca deck, inspired Pamela Coleman Smith when she designed the revolutionary Minor Arcana of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Ancient Enlightened Tarot

Sola-Busca Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0018-5 • $19.95 us • $29.95 can

booklet 0-7387-0018-5 • $19.95 us • $29.95 can Comparative Tarot Text by Valerie Sim Boxed deck
Comparative Tarot
Comparative Tarot

Text by Valerie Sim Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0281-1 • $19.95 us • $31.95 can

Compare and Contrast for Deeper Meaning

The comparative method of Tarot reading is growing in pop- ularity. By comparing the same cards from different decks, the reader can gain a deeper understanding of the Tarot. Now Lo Scarabeo and Tarot author Valerie Sim have created a deck specifically for this purpose. Each card features the images from four different decks: The Universal Tarot provides classic iconography. The Tarot of the Sphinx gives the reader the Egyptian tradition. The historical Tarot of Marseilles represents Tarot’s roots. The Tarot of the Origins shares an exciting psycho- logical perspective — both powerful and shamanic.

A Passage Into Possibility

The 22 cards of the Tarot’s Major Arcana are sometimes referred to as “keys.” In a way, each Tarot card is a key capable of unlocking a door to our psyche. Filled with the symbolic imagery of doors, gates and other passages, Tarot of the 78 Doors will help you make the connection between your subconscious dreams and desires and your everyday world. Use it for divination, meditation or even Tarot spells to release blocks and open the door to positive changes in your life.

Tarot of the 78 Doors

Concept by Pietro Alligo • Artwork by Antonella Platono Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0789-9 • $19.95 us • $26.95 can

Platono Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0789-9 • $19.95 us • $26.95
Tarot of Ancients The valleys between Tuscany and Lazio were home to the Etruscans, a

Tarot of Ancients

The valleys between Tuscany and Lazio were home to the Etruscans, a society that rivaled that of ancient Greece and significantly influenced the mighty Roman civilization. In dry, lifeless tombs, remnants of a 3,000-year-old civilization remained untouched and still. As the first archeologists unsealed the tombs, colors faded, bodies shriveled, and we are left only with clues and traces of the magnificence of what once was. Artist Silvana Alasia incorporates colors and motifs found in an Etruscan necropolis near modern Tuscany. Her incredible art, coupled with Minetti’s extensive knowledge of the Etruscan culture, create a Tarot for exploring and illuminating the sealed parts of your heart.

Etruscan Tarot

Artwork by Silvana Alasia, Created by Riccardo Minetti Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0238-2 • $19.95 us • $31.95 can

booklet 0-7387-0238-2 • $19.95 us • $31.95 can Bosch Tarot Created by A.A. Atanassov Boxed deck
Bosch Tarot Created by A.A. Atanassov Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards with instruction booklet
Bosch Tarot
Created by A.A. Atanassov
Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards with instruction booklet
0-7387-0012-6 •$19.95 us • $29.95 can

A Beautiful Nightmare

“The master of the monstrous … the discoverer of the unconscious,” renowned psychologist Carl Jung once said of medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch. Drawn to painting the sorrows of human life and the torments of hell, Bosch’s unusual and sometimes nightmarish vision of the 15th century provides the filter through which artist A.A. Atanassov worked to create the Bosch Tarot. The quaint, the puzzling, the mildly amusing, the simply absurd and sometimes even the lovely go hand-in-hand with the rawest monstrosity and the most dis- turbingly grotesque images. All the cards are titled in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

A Visionary New Tarot

This stunning deck is a masterful synthesis of the ancient univer- sal archetypes and the post-modern experience. Traditional Tarot imagery combines with the artist’s own visionary interpretations in this 78-card deck, creating a tool that subtly yet powerfully accesses the surreal landscape of the subconscious.

Tarot of the Imagination

Art by Ferenc Pinter Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0048-7 • $19.95 us • $29.95 can

Pinter Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet 0-7387-0048-7 • $19.95 us • $29.95
Nightmares Come True Too Stacey Brown’s waking dreams are telling — telling her every time

Nightmares Come True Too

Nightmares Come True Too Stacey Brown’s waking dreams are telling — telling her every time that

Stacey Brown’s waking dreams are telling — telling her every time that if she can’t unlock their dark secrets, she’ll awaken to death itself.

unlock their dark secrets, she’ll awaken to death itself. “I Know Your Secret … ” Stacey’s

“I Know Your Secret … ”

Stacey’s having nightmares again. Not just any night- mares — these dreams are too real to ignore. The last time she ignored them, a little girl died. This time they’re about Drea, her best friend who’s become the target of one seri- ously psycho stalker. Everyone thinks it’s just a twisted game … until another girl at school is brutally murdered.

Blue is for Nightmares

Laurie Faria Stolarz 0-7387-0391-5 • 288 pp $8.95 us • $13.95 can

Stolarz 0-7387-0391-5 • 288 pp $8.95 us • $13.95 can “I’m Watching You … ” One

“I’m Watching You … ”

One year later, it’s happen- ing again. 17-year-old Stacey Brown is having nightmares. What’s worse is that she’s not the only one having weird dreams. A new kid claims that he’s been having nightly pre- monitions of Stacey’s death for months. Will their dark dreams come true?

White is for Magic

Laurie Faria Stolarz 0-7387-0443-1 • 312 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can

Stolarz 0-7387-0443-1 • 312 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can “I’ll Make You Pay … ”

“I’ll Make You Pay … ”

Stacey and her friends decide to rent a beach cottage together before they’re all off to college. When Stacey starts having nightmares again, she awakens with bloody noses. Then she feels icy cold death around a girl who lives in a cabin near them, and Stacey is determined to not let this girl die. But death has other plans — and a big surprise — for Stacey …

Silver is for Secrets

Laurie Faria Stolarz 0-7387-0631-0 • 288 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can

Stolarz 0-7387-0631-0 • 288 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can “I Know You’re Alone … ”

“I Know You’re Alone … ”

Nothing has been the same for 18-year-old Stacey since the summer ended so severely. When she heads off to pres- tigious Beacon University, Stacey hopes she can finally put her past behind her. But then the college president’s daughter Portia starts having fragmented nightmares that foretell a tragic death, and may also shed light on a shocking revelation that could change Stacey’s life forever …

Red is for Remembrance

Laurie Faria Stolarz 0-7387-0760-0 • 336 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can

Think Inside the Box The Blue is for Nightmares Collection It begins with the dreams.
Think Inside the Box
The Blue is for Nightmares Collection
It begins with the dreams. It always begins with the dreams. White lilies, the
death flower. Being chased through the woods, knowing she cannot outrun her
pursuer forever. Visits from the spirits of a girl who was murdered. Threats and
taunts from an unseen assailant. But that’s only the start. When the dreams start
to spill over into Stacey’s waking life, that’s when the nightmare really begins.
Included in this special collection is a spellbook — now you too can cast the
same successful spells as Stacey!
The Blue is for Nightmares Collection
Boxed set includes all four books in the series and specially-designed spellbook
0-7387-0988-3 • $29.95 us • $36.95 can


tu ne
T ell er s C l u b
oi n th e

G ena, Anne and Juniper proudly founded the Fortune Tellers Club to find lost objects and predict the future using tarot cards, ESP, a Magic 8-ball and more. Each girl has a unique

talent and a very different personality. The best of friends, they struggle to keep their lives in order as the mysteries and adventures of the Club continue to demand their attention and their time. And each undertaking seems to get more perilous, with the stakes raised higher and higher. Join their sus- penseful fun with each book in the series.

Join their sus- penseful fun with each book in the series. The Lost Girl Looking for
Join their sus- penseful fun with each book in the series. The Lost Girl Looking for

The Lost Girl

Looking for Gena’s lost retainer by gazing into a bowl of water, the girls instead see the face of a girl who’s been miss- ing for days. Will they discover clues that the police have not been able to find, and help to save her before it’s too late?

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0253-6 • 144 pp • $4.99 us • $ 7.50 can

Playing with Fire

With tarot cards, the Club looks to see whether there’s any possibility of a spark between Anne and Eric, the cutest football player at school. The sparks are flying, all right — in a series of unsolved fires! Is there an arsonist on the loose? They vow to put out this burning mystery.

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0340-0 • 160 pp • $4.99 us • $7.50

The Magic Shades

Gena’s new sunglasses give her a whole new perspective:

they show her the future. But when things don’t always turn out they way she sees them, the Fortune Tellers Club questions whether her bloody visions are serious enough to warrant action.

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0341-9 • 144 pp • $4.99 us • $7.50 can

Secrets of Lost Arrow

On spring break, the girls visit Juniper’s grandmother in Lost Arrow. Each night an ominous glow comes from the graveyard, and when Nan begins acting strangely and disappearing after dark, the girls decide to illumi- nate the truth behind the spooky flashes.

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0389-3 • 144 pp • $4.99 us • $7.50 can

Hand of Fate

A freak accident that injures her leg means Anne can’t com-

pete at this year’s cheerleading camp. Using a new divination tool, the girls question whether it was fate that kept Anne home instead. But fate reveals more to the girls than they would ever expect.

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0390-7 • 144 pp • $4.99 us • $6.50 can

Mirror, Mirror …

The girl Gena sees when she looks in the mirror is not her- self. Who is this girl, and what does she want? When the cute cat sneaking into her bedroom seems to have a secret

of its own, Gena, Anne and Juniper reflect upon the connec-

tion between these strange events.

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0436-9 • 144 pp • $4.99 us • $6.50 can

The Burning Pendulum

Juniper decides to write a book report on how to use a pendulum, until one of her classmate’s mothers decides

that she’d rather have Juniper expelled for witchcraft. Can

a mysterious clue help clear her name, or will the school only listen to one side of the story?

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0435-0 • 144 pp • $4.99 us • $6.50 can

The Ghost of Shady Lane

Anne’s history report on the house down the street uncovers

a haunting past, and when she catches a photo of a ghost

in the window, the Fortune Tellers Club is determined to uncover the true identity of the Gray Lady. But to find out who she is, they may have to meet her — face to face.

Dotti Enderle • 0-7387-0590-X • 160 pp • $4.99 us • $6.50 can

“And, to the Girl With the Dragonfly Tattoo, Don’t Do It … ” After getting
“And, to the Girl With the Dragonfly Tattoo, Don’t Do It … ” After getting
“And, to the Girl With the Dragonfly Tattoo, Don’t Do It … ” After getting
“And, to the Girl With the Dragonfly Tattoo, Don’t Do It … ” After getting

“And, to the Girl With the Dragonfly Tattoo, Don’t Do It … ”

After getting kicked out of her last school and sent to live with her grandma, Sabine Rose is determined to hide her psychic abilities from everyone at her new school. But when she starts having deadly visions of a girl with a dragonfly tattoo, she’s afraid that everyone will think she’s a freak, or worse — that no one will believe her until someone dies. Just like last time.

Don’t Die, Dragonfly • Linda Joy Singleton

0-7387-0526-8 • 288 pp $6.99 us • $8.50 can

The Dead Don’t Always Rest

So far, Sabine Rose has managed to hide her psychic abilities from her boyfriend and her closest friends, and she’d like to keep it that way. But when her beloved grandmother falls ill, Sabine will stop at nothing to find a cure. So when a lost soul starts showing up in Sabine’s dreams, helping a broken- hearted spirit is the last thing Sabine wants to do. Except Sabine doesn’t seem to have a choice, because this ghost will kill to get what she wants.

Last Dance • Linda Joy Singleton 0-7387-0638-8 • 264 pp • $5.99 us • $7.95 can

The Seer Series

Witch Ball — Dark Game Or Deadly Reality?

Sabine is finally starting to be accepted at her new school. She’s managed to keep her dark secret — her accurate prediction that a boy at her old high school would die — under wraps. Now, the predictions of a haunted “witch ball” are threatening to blow Sabine’s cover. Sabine must solve the mystery of the crystal ball before its final prediction — her own death — becomes a deadly reality.

Witch Ball • Linda Joy Singleton 0-7387-0821-6 • 264 pp • $5.99 us • $7.95 can

“Help Her, Help Her … ”

Sabine Rose moves back to San Jose to live with her family again. And she feels way out of place in the world of her past. She misses her grandmother and her friends in Sheridan Valley. The spirit of Kip, the guy whose death she predicted six months before, is hauntingly insistent that Sabine “help her” — but who is she? When her old fencing director asks her to help out with his beginner class, she’s happy for a distraction — but her simple sword play takes an ominous tone as Sabine realizes that cries of “En Garde” are really open threats for her to remain on guard, because if she doesn’t, she’ll die.

Sword Play • Linda Joy Singleton 0-7387-0880-1 288 pp • $5.99 us • $7.50 can

Bonechillers D. W. Cropper 0-7387-0758-9 • 264 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can Bizarre Demented


D. W. Cropper 0-7387-0758-9 • 264 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can

Bizarre Demented Totally entertaining

These 13 spine-tingling tales take young readers into a dark and twisted world of vampires, ghouls, werewolves and other unspeakable creatures. Watch Estelle struggle against the cruel imposter that only looks like her brother. Sympathize with poor Cyrus Spoon, the school misfit, whose only friends happen to be twin vampires. Cheer on Sarah who must defeat her younger brother’s not- so-imaginary friend with plans for a play date in hell. Cackling devils flying over rooftops, baby-swapping hags and seven-headed beasts with a taste for blood lurk within this frightening collection of bizarre sto- ries that splinter the imagination and chill the heart. All of the stories will make you shud- der while you read, but you won’t be able to put down this book. Whether you’re alone at night looking for a good fright, or sitting around a campfire tell- ing ghost stories with friends, Bonechillers will spook you. In fact, it will chill you to the bone.



you. In fact, it will chill you to the bone. Teens & Teen Witch Silver RavenWolf

Teen Witch

Silver RavenWolf 1-56718-725-0 • 288 pp $12.95 us • $20.50 can

Get Real

So maybe this book won’t teach you how to shoot thunderbolts from your finger- tips or turn someone into a toad — but you will learn the core teachings of the Wiccan religion and how these ancient beliefs apply to your 21st century life. From vital background information on the Craft to spells for homework and dating, this book contains everything you need to become a real Witch!

Choose from over 75 spells just for teens — everything from stopping gossip to attracting love and money

Learn about different magickal meth- ods like color magick, cord magick and candle magick

Discover how you can find spell ingredi- ents at the grocery store or even in your own kitchen

Explore different forms of ritual for Full Moon celebrations, Sabbats and spell- casting

Read true stories of other Wiccan teens, and get advice about how to talk to friends, parents and other people about your interest in the Craft

Written by one of today’s most famous Witches, Teen Witch is your guide to Witchcraft for real life.


Witch is your guide to Witchcraft for real life. ‘Tweens Sign of the Crescent Debbie Federici

Sign of the Crescent

Debbie Federici 0-7387-0808-9 • 312 pp $8.95 us • $11.95 can

Good or Evil? Right or Wrong? Salvation or Destruction?

Teenagers are mysteriously disappearing in Tucson, Arizona, and other cities. One night, 17-year-old Taryn nearly becomes one of them when a revolting, unearthly creature attacks her. The touch of a Zumar warrior should render her uncon- scious, but Taryn has the strength to fight until a young man with a sword comes to her rescue. This is how Taryn, an orphan with Ménière’s disease, meets Erick, a Haro Knight from another world. His job is fighting the Zumar who are kidnapping and enslaving oldworlders (Earth peo- ple). It is forbidden for Erick to socialize with oldworlders, but he can’t ignore the strong attraction between them … and Taryn seems different from other Earth people. When she’s abducted by the Zumar and taken to their evil sor- cerer leader, Taryn is confronted with shocking truths that explain her strange dreams and special powers.

Starry Nights Llewellyn’s 2007 Astrological Calendar Original art by Tom Metcalf 0-7387-0324-9 • 40 pp

Starry Nights

Starry Nights Llewellyn’s 2007 Astrological Calendar Original art by Tom Metcalf 0-7387-0324-9 • 40 pp •

Llewellyn’s 2007 Astrological Calendar

Original art by Tom Metcalf 0-7387-0324-9 • 40 pp • 12" x 12" $12.99 us • $17.95 can

Astrology for Your Wall

Llewellyn’s 2007 Astrological Calendar, with original, full-color art by T.W. Metcalf, will put rich, gorgeous color on your wall, and give you important astrological data for every day of the month. Each day has notes showing major aspects and monthly horoscopes by Sally Cragin with rewarding and challenging days for each sign. Also included is an ephem- eris for each month; the Moon’s sign, phase and void-of-course times; and a table of Retrograde Periods for each month. Be sure to read and study the travel forecasts by Bruce Scofield, a table of 2007 eclipses and the best dates for fishing and planting. Every year, thousands of people depend upon the information in this calendar, from those who like the art and the forecasts to professional astrologers who rely on the data. See for yourself why this calendar holds such an esteemed reputation, and let the stars guide you through 2007.

reputation, and let the stars guide you through 2007. Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide 0-7387-0331-1 •

Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide

0-7387-0331-1 • 208 pp • 5 1 2" x 8" $9.99 us • $13.95 can

Daily Celestial Guidance

Whether you’re keeping track of important business meetings or deciding what night to schedule a dinner party, Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide is a datebook with an edge. It’s filled with astro- logical indicators to help you schedule your life. In addition to space for marking appointments, each two-page spread has a week of information. Each day indicates important astrological positions. But you also get weekly astrological forecasts by Anne Windsor, aspects and ephemerides, guides to planetary sightings and eclipses, graphic tables of retrograde periods and more. This year features the addition of Opportunity Periods by Jim Shawvan. These are periods when a positive flow of energy for an endeavor won’t be obstructed by transiting planets. These periods indicate the best hours and minutes to plan events, from taking a vacation to closing a big business deal to looking for romance.

to closing a big business deal to looking for romance. Llewellyn’s 2007 Astrological Pocket Planner 0-7387-0332-X

Llewellyn’s 2007 Astrological Pocket Planner

0-7387-0332-X • 192 pp • 4 1 4" x 6" $7.99 us • $10.95 can

Catch a Star and Put It in Your Pocket

Llewellyn’s 2007 Astrological Pocket Planner is just 4 1 4" x 6" — the perfect size for a briefcase, purse or backpack — and it does what no other datebook does: it lets you track the movement of the planets last year, this year and next year. The Astrological Pocket Planner has a full datebook section (one week per two-page spread) with space for jotting down appointments and notes. But unlike other datebooks, every day features major planetary aspects to help in your planning. Other features include:

Aspectarian for 2006–2008

Planetary stations chart

Mercury Retrograde table

Take all your dates and astrological information with you wher- ever you go. Share the information with your friends. For ease of use it includes a handy time zone chart and is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time.

Ephemerides for 2006–2008

Void-of-course Moon tables for 2007

and is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. • Ephemerides for 2006–2008 • Void-of-course Moon tables for

& Magical Days

& Magical Days Llewellyn’s 2007 Sun Sign Book 0-7387-0326-5 • 384 pp • 5 1 ⁄

Llewellyn’s 2007 Sun Sign Book

0-7387-0326-5 • 384 pp • 5 1 4" x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can

Horoscopes For Everyone

Llewellyn’s 2007 Sun Sign Book not only includes astrological forecasts for you for the entire year, it has horoscopes for all the signs of the zodiac written by astrologer Kris Brandt Riske. But you will also find health, relationship and finance forecasts; world predictions; home remodeling with astrology; and 21st century careers. You’ll also find action tables that will give you the best dates to begin a wide variety of activities, such as looking for a new job, mov- ing, traveling and more. The articles are written by some of the finest astrological writers today, including Stephanie Clement, Sasha Fenton, Dorothy Oja, Alice Deville and others.

Sasha Fenton, Dorothy Oja, Alice Deville and others. Llewellyn’s 2007 Horóscopos y Predicciones 0-7387-0680-9

Llewellyn’s 2007

Horóscopos y



288 pp • 5 1 4" x 8" $9.99 us • $11.95 can

The Influence of the Moon

Most people are familiar with their Sun sign horoscope. But the Moon has a powerful impact on us, too, and you can use its beneficial influence with Llewellyn’s 2007 Moon Sign Book. The Moon Sign Book is unequalled as a yearly guide for conscious living. It includes weather fore- casts for the USA, economic forecasts, hunting and fishing dates, and moon tables for favorable and unfavorable days. This has been a best seller since 1906. This year it has over 20 new articles by authors such as Maggie Anderson, Chandra Moira Beal, Sally Cragin, Judy Carmen, Stephanie Clement, Kris Riske and Tammy Sullivan. Topics include Feng Shui in the garden, beneficial bugs, urban living, health and beauty products from herbs, tattoos, ecocelebrations and more.

Disponible también en español. Planifique el año 2007 con la ayuda de los astros. Also
Disponible también en
español. Planifique el
año 2007 con la ayuda de
los astros.
in Spanish!
con la ayuda de los astros. Also available in Spanish! Llewellyn’s 2007 Moon Sign Book 0-7387-0325-7

Llewellyn’s 2007 Moon Sign Book

0-7387-0325-7 • 384 pp • 5 1 4" x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can

• 5 1 ⁄ 4 " x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can The Collectible Tarot

The Collectible Tarot Resource

Llewellyn’s 2007 Tarot Reader is full of valuable, usable information for everyone from Tarot novices to experts. You’ll find deck reviews, card interpretations, Tarot history, new spreads, magic and infor- mation on professional Tarot readings. Among the articles are:

“Legal Readings: How to Play the Justice Card”

“Questions We Love to Hate”

“Regal Ladies: Living the Queens”

The writers include Teresa Michelsen, Valerie Sim, Corinne Kenner, James Ricklef and Elizabeth Hazel. The content of this book is sure to generate a buzz within the Tarot community. Be at the forefront of Tarot interpretation and practice, and read Llewellyn’s 2007 Tarot Reader.

“What’s in a Name? Tarot Nomenclature” “Tarot Solitaire”

Llewellyn’s 2007 Tarot Reader

0-7387-0678-7 • 288 pp • 5 1 4" x 8" $8.99 us • $10.95 can

Herbal Wisdom A Living Source of Health and Well-Being In Llewellyn’s 2007 Herbal Almanac you’ll

Herbal Wisdom

A Living Source of Health and Well-Being

In Llewellyn’s 2007 Herbal Almanac you’ll find more than 30 articles by experts that explore the use of herbs in common and unusual ways. Read up on tips for growing and gathering herbs, how to brew herbal liquors, ecological herb cleansers, herbal remedies, plant legends, herbs to attract wildlife and more. You’ll also learn the history of curry, how to use herbs to make jams, jellies and condiments, and so much more. Among the many contributors are Nancy Bennett, Jennifer Cobb, Patti Wigington, S.Y. Zenith and Eva Shegulla. Even though this almanac will only be available for a short time and it is a 2007 annual, the information in it is timeless. Support the ecology of the planet, make safe items you can use and save money when you use the valuable information in Llewellyn’s 2007 Herbal Almanac.

Llewellyn’s 2007 Herbal Almanac

0-7387-0328-1 • 336 pp • 5 1 4" x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can

Magic for Everyday

This year, Llewellyn’s 2007 Magical Almanac focuses on magic you can use every day. The almanac section (adjusted for Daylight Savings Time) has space for you to list your appointments and mark down the next ritual you plan to do. It has information such as the Moon’s sign and phase, appropriate incense and favorable colors, so the magic you do for any day will be stronger and more effective. Llewellyn’s 2007 Magical Almanac includes over 50 articles on magic, covering such topics as household rituals, fire magic, signs and sigils, water magic, color magic, banishing rituals, air magic, kitchen witchery, earth magic and more. Notable writers include Ellen Dugan, Cerridwen Iris Shea, Lily Gardner and James Kambos. You’ll have something magically new to do almost every day of the year. Get your copy of Llewellyn’s 2007 Magical Almanac and start using it today. Llewellyn’s 2007 Magical Almanac

0-7387-0327-3 • 384 pp • 5 1 4" x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can

• 5 1 ⁄ 4 " x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can Llewellyn’s 2007 Magic
• 5 1 ⁄ 4 " x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can Llewellyn’s 2007 Magic

Llewellyn’s 2007 Magic in the City

0-7387-0881-X • 20 pp • 12" x 12" $12.99 us • $17.95 can

The Artistic Heart of Magic

Yes, there is joy and bliss in simple pleasures, but there is also disappointment and heartbreak. Art that captures this lets us experience the full panoply of existence, the magic of life itself. This year, Llewellyn’s 2007 Magic in the City wall calendar brings this home like no other. Each month, there is a magnificent duotone photograph that almost mystically reveals the magic of the urban environment. For example, the photograph for September reveals a lone musician who plays on a deserted street. Lost in the photo’s shadows we have to wonder, “What drives him to play when nobody is there to hear?” Every month is like this. Each photo will send your heart and mind on a journey of remembrance as well as a journey of hope. To help you on this path, each photograph includes an inspiring quote from one of Llewellyn’s famous authors, respected experts in Wiccan and Pagan spirituality.

& Witches’ Ways Track Magical Appointments What’s the best way to remember that you need

& Witches’ Ways

& Witches’ Ways Track Magical Appointments What’s the best way to remember that you need to

Track Magical Appointments

What’s the best way to remember that you need to pick up some wolfsbane, have an upcoming coven meeting or scheduled a date? Why Llewellyn’s 2007 Witches’ Datebook, of course! Designed with spiral binding and a week-at-a-glance format for ease of use, virtually every page is a wealth of infor- mation with plenty of room to mark down your appointments. You’ll find copious amounts of astrological information to plan your days and rituals, includ- ing Moon signs, phases and times of change; best days to plant your herbs and flowers; best days to harvest; and holidays and significant dates. Keep this in your purse, backpack or briefcase. Or leave it out on a counter so you can consult it often.

“Monthly Moon Rituals” by Ellen Dugan

“Making Magical Inks” by Lynn Smyth

Llewellyn’s 2007 Witches’ Datebook

0-7387-0330-3 • 144 pp • Spiral Bound • 5 1 4" x 8" $9.99 us • $13.95 can

“Sabbat Rituals” by Abby Willowroot “Meditations” by Elizabeth Barrette

Willowroot • “Meditations” by Elizabeth Barrette A Full Year of Magic A different spell for every

A Full Year of Magic

A different spell for every day of the year? That’s what you’ll find in Llewellyn’s 2007 Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac. Presented in an antique “book of days” style, this is a contemporary volume filled with infor- mation and a different spell for every day of the year. Spells were contributed by 15 different authors, including Kristin Madden, Laurel Reufner, Ellen Dugan, Lily Gardner and Tammy Sullivan. The spells can be used on other days, too. Unique icons have been included that identify spells for love, money, health, etc. You’ll quickly be able to reference exactly what you need for any magi- cal goal. The spells include such information as any implements needed, when it’s appropriate to perform the spell and where best to perform it. If you want to add astrological impact, the almanac includes daily Moon signs and phases. Whether you choose to perform the rituals daily, or simply want a giant compendium of 365 spells, recipes, rituals and meditations, this is the almanac for you.

Llewellyn’s 2007 Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac

0-7387-0333-8 • 264 pp • 5 1 4" x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can

• 5 1 ⁄ 4 " x 8" $7.99 us • $9.50 can Llewellyn’s 2007 Witches’

Llewellyn’s 2007 Witches’ Calendar

Original Scratchboard art by Jennifer Hewitson 0-7387-0329-X • 32 pp • 12" x 12" $12.99 us • $17.95 can

Everything a Witch Needs

Every day is filled with magic when you have Llewellyn’s 2007 Witches’ Calendar hanging on your wall. It has magnifi- cent scratchboard artwork by Jennifer Hewitson, and each day on the calendar includes astrological data for ritual and activity planning. Perhaps best of all, this year’s calendar is jam-packed with articles by leading experts:

“The Green Man” by Raven Grimassi

“Pagan Trends” by Deborah Lipp

“Handfasting” by Jennifer McDevitt

“Solar and Lunar Calendars” by Elizabeth Barrette

Other articles cover important dates in Witchcraft’s history, invoca- tions and famous Witches. Seasonal topics are covered by authors includ- ing Ellen Dugan, Denise Dumars, Gail Wood and Stephanie Taylor.

























Vocations • Noel Tyl
Vocations • Noel Tyl

Chiron • Martin Lass 0-7387-0717-1 • 288 pp $17.95 us • $24.50 can

Eclipses • Celeste Teal 0-7387-0771-6 • 288 pp $17.95 us • $24.50 can

Teal 0-7387-0771-6 • 288 pp $17.95 us • $24.50 can Houses • Gwyneth Bryan 0-7387-0868-2 •

Houses • Gwyneth Bryan 0-7387-0868-2 • 192 pp $14.95 us • $18.50 can

0-7387-0778-3 • 216 pp $17.95 us • $24.50 can


new look

The Meaning



of eclipses

The celestial body known as Chiron was discovered in 1977. Initial astrological studies saw it as symbolically “wounding.” After 12 years of research, Martin Lass reveals that this is only half of the meaning of Chiron. The sec- ond half is the healing that comes after the wounding. Lass shows that Chiron indicates the awareness of things in our lives that we consider “bad, wrong, pain- ful, traumatic, dysfunction- al,” and how this can lead to healing and transforma- tion. Chiron functions as “a bridge, a catalyst, an inter- mediary” between wounding and healing on our journey through life. Charts and graphs explain the meaning of Chiron in all signs, houses, in aspect and in transit.

In Eclipses, Celeste Teal reveals how these phenomena can have a transformative effect in your life. It details the meanings of elemental signs and the impact of an eclipse within them. You’ll learn the different astrological effects of solar and lunar eclipses, and how the effects of lunar eclipses differ depending upon whether they are North or South Node eclipses. The book is filled with examples from 30 years of experience. You’ll discov- er how to determine the strength of an eclipse in a chart and explore the effects of any planet that is eclipsed. Included is a master eclipse and planetary transits chart complete to 2015, making it easy for you to add the influences of eclipses to read- ings for yourself, family and friends, or clients.

House Systems:

a guide for the confused

In Houses, Gwyneth Bryan brings the study of astro- logical houses into the 21st century, using pop-culture savvy, intuition and humor. Blending astrology, psychol- ogy and archetypal analysis, Houses covers the meaning of each of the 12 houses and the specific meanings of each planet in every house, mak- ing it a fun, comprehensive guide to this aspect of astro- logical study. Illustrated with charts and examples that clarify the concepts presented, Houses gives new life and modernity to the understanding of chart houses. See charts of Gloria Steinem, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, George W. Bush and others. This book will bring depth to your chart interpretations.

Find a great Job — in 20 Seconds!

Astrologers are frequently asked for information on the ideal job or profession for a client. A good job gives many people a sense of per- sonal fulfillment and suc- cess as well as financial sta- bility. In Vocations, Noel Tyl refines the results of 3,000- 4,000 cases he’s worked on to come up with the Midheaven Extension Process. The result is a system that is precise and accurate while cutting away much of the baggage of tradi- tional astrological technique. This technique involves nine analytical processes, and with a little practice you should be able to distill voca- tional direction within 20 seconds. If you are an astrolo- ger, you’re going to find this technique to be innovative, elegant and an incredible boost to your astrological practice. Featured are numer- ous examples using famous people, as well as many charts, making learning easy.

M a n t r a s c o p e s

Eclipses highlight education and long-term goals, bringing a mound of paperwork. Reconsider responsibilities you took on and extricate yourself from them. Stay in the moment and accept circumstances as they occur — flexibility will determine how much you benefit. Travel will bring unexpected adventures that inspire new ways of seeing the world. Organizations and group meetings continue to be a potential source of business. This is a time for relationship-building. New business deals come your way, and money flows into your wallet, but is not permanent unless you retain the business.

Pursue the path that is most fulfilling to you — this is the linchpin in your health. Your career has become both more challenging and more lucrative, but has taken an opportunity away from your personal life that will lead to career options. Complete initiatives — for a good cause. Energy put into your career rewards income. Challenges are abating and reaching your goals will be easier. Vary your activities and take frequent breaks. Be alert to others’ perspectives and keep communications in balance. Set boundaries in love to alleviate pressure later.

Introduce new opportunities into your life. Your relationships are exciting and unexpected. Watch for new ideas to emerge in your work life. You gain attention, and this may include financial reward. You’re in the flow. Emphasis is on personal freedom and fulfillment. Donate to your favorite causes, but don’t be so generous that you sacrifice financial stability. Pace yourself and take regular breaks. You’ve never felt better about your direction in life, and those close to you are behind you 100%. Don’t forget to express your appreciation. You wouldn’t have made it without them.

Finance and indebtedness move to the forefront. This is likely to involve a project that brings income but is not a perfect match to your skills. Tensions get a major release, though others appear more aggressive than usual; a non- reactive response will produce the best results, but the issues may be worth considering. Enhance the transformative processes in your life. Focus on your wellness by trying new things to get back in balance. Herbal cleanses, cleansing baths and mudpacks, deep tissue massage, acupuncture and energetic healing are a few suggested pathways.

You’re more prone to stress because you’re under pressure at work and life has gotten more complicated outside your job. However, it also invigorates you. As long as you don’t overdo it, regular exercise will keep you in balance. Children or romance are in the spotlight now, as your heart and mind are drawn toward projects in your home. You start to see more fulfilling work and recognition for your efforts since progress is gained more easily. But remember that personal and family happiness and security are the goal of career growth, not the other way around.

The approach to improve your health is providing visible results. Pay close attention to your body’s signals. The perspective of healing practitioners may be advantageous. Hard work on the job will produce results, so launch cre- ative plans. New training efforts pay off in new opportunities, and you’ll multiply your success if you focus on social activities and events. Issues that have lain dormant in your family and personal relationships come to the surface now. Events confirm your resolve to take dramatic steps, but later you may regret actions taken in haste.

Rising tensions at work could affect your health, and your workload may seem overwhelming. It’s not as bad as you think — prioritize your tasks, then take them one step at a time. New information helps you focus your plans; alertness and creative approach can minimize expenditures. Your attentions are drawn home; indulge your nesting instinct. Children and romantic ties go through an adjustment period, and patience produces the best outcome. This will generally be a pleasant experience that distracts you from the more serious aspects of your life. Exercise is your great balancer, and consistency brings results.

You have surmounted many obstacles to get where you are now. Consistent efforts will empower you to create even greater things. Life is full of events and activities with those who are close to you. Your drive to improve your home and relationship life is producing results — smooth over emotional issues by spending time together not at home. Enjoy physical activities outdoors. For variety, try staying closer to home when you exercise. A financial opportunity that arises is really someone trying to return a favor. However, don’t take it if it doesn’t feel right.

Work efforts are more effective because you’ve reached a turning point that becomes the springboard for accomplish- ments. Quiet work in the background is the basis of your next successful initiative. Demands on your time are dramatically reduced, yet income goes up. A vacation would go down well now, as play is the key word for you. You need time off, and you need to enjoy yourself — be active. Use time to refocus your relationships in a positive direction. Draw special attention to balance of freedom versus needs and responsibilities, since differences of opinion are likely.

Your life assumes a more peaceful tone, cash is good and your energy gets a boost, but don’t overextend yourself. Instead, maintain health routines. Hidden issues are the source of challenging events, so pay attention to details and to signs. Outside communications have a powerful impact. Romance and fun are in the air. Relaxation is a fine art that you should practice — take long baths. New romantic connections are possible, but thinking ahead and being cautious will help you avoid difficulties later. If you insist on indulging your impatience, you’ll push your relationships back instead of forward.

Check your ideals for personal fulfillment. You’re closer to your goals, but this is only the start. Something needs fixing before you have the firm foundation you want. You feel an urge to withdraw, and this dovetails with your need to get caught up on overdue work at home. Completed work brings inner peace, but don’t forget to pamper yourself. Rectify situations and relationships that have been damaged; indirect kindness or support will be felt by those who misunder- stood your intentions. Listen and speak thoughtfully; communicating needs in a low-key way could be good for you.

Maintain self-assurance when dealing with the balance of career and home. You have seen the necessity of change, however, your plans need tweaking. Pursuit of personal and spiritual development has led you to solitude and you’re beginning to see fertile ground. Continue, because you will see with increasing clarity what your next step on the path to fulfillment will be. It’s time to retreat, even if you have to take your solitude piecemeal. Leap on the opportunity to heal family wounds, even if it takes more than one encounter. Let the other party see the truth for themselves.

What’s a Mantrascope?

To reveal your mantra, read through your horoscope and look for the bold words. Read them in order to gain insightful wisdom that will help you achieve clarity in the coming months.

Virgo , escape on limitless endeavors

with Astral Travel for Beginners

on limitless endeavors with Astral Travel for Beginners Astral Travel for Beginners Richard Webster 1-56718-796-X

Astral Travel for Beginners Richard Webster 1-56718-796-X • 256 pp $9.95 us • $15.95 can

Libra, recognize signals of change

with Sacred Signs

can Libra, recognize signals of change with Sacred Signs Sacred Signs Adrian Calabrese, Ph.D. 0-7387-0776-7 •

Sacred Signs Adrian Calabrese, Ph.D. 0-7387-0776-7 • 216 pp $12.95 us • $17.50 can

Astrology Predicts Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D. A s drama in the political scene heats up,

Astrology Predicts

Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D.

Astrology Predicts Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D. A s drama in the political scene heats up, economic
Astrology Predicts Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D. A s drama in the political scene heats up, economic

A s drama in the political scene heats up, economic indicators fluctuate and personal issues become ever more complex, we all need the best possible tools for

forecasting events and situations in our lives. I have been a pro- fessional astrologer for over 30 years, and I have never found a method that works better for planning and preparing for the future than astrology. Astrology works beautifully for analysis of personality, for considering compatibility and even for find- ing good locations for you and yours to live. Still, forecasting is astrology’s forte. An article in the online version of the Wall Street Journal confirms predictions by Llewellyn astrology authors, made shortly after September 11, 2001. Jospeh Schuman writes that religious conflict “is the latest manifestation of growing ten- sions between Europe and the Muslim world.” 1 “Terrorist attacks, [King Abdullah of Jordan] said, are ‘an attack upon civilization,’ not a ‘clash of civilizations’ between Christianity and Islam. Terrorist groups ‘do not preach the

Islam of the Koran or of the prophet Muhammad. Theirs is a repugnant political ideology which violates the principles and statutes of traditional Islamic law.’” 2 Llewellyn’s book, Civilization Under Attack, first pub- lished in November 2001, detailed the astrological indi- cators of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the potential strike at the White House in Washington. The book further explored the astrological principles underlying analysis and forecasting of economic, political and religious factors involved in the growing prob- lem of terrorism in the world. That King Abdullah uses the same terms found in the title of this book to describe what is happening in the world today is a demonstration of the validity of the astrological perspective.

How To Use Astrological Forecasting

Stock market analysts are using complex astrological pro- gramming to predict market direction. Psychics use astrology to enhance their predictions. Farmers and gardeners have been using basic astrology techniques for hundreds of years to determine when to plant, harvest and perform other routine tasks. Astrology has been used to choose the date and time to begin all sorts of important activities. Millions of people claim to know their Sun sign at least, and will benefit from astrologi- cal forecasting — including you!

1 Schuman, Joseph, “Western-Islamic Gulf Widens Over Cartoons,” Wall­Street­ Journal­Online, approximately February 3, 2006.

2 “Jordan’s king calls on three great faiths to unite,” By Julia Duin, The­Washington­ Times, Published February 3, 2006,


See pages


for more


on these


You are also likely among the millions of people who use calendars, planners and other devices to keep track of every- thing from Mom’s birthday to dental appointments. Why not enhance that planner or calendar with astrological informa- tion? Llewellyn’s Astrology datebook, the 2007 Daily Planetary Guide, provides a unique feature for anyone, astrologer or oth- erwise. The calendar is laced with Opportunity Periods, writ- ten by Jim Shawvan. These remarks, inserted for appropriate days, signal the dates and times when the Universe is saying, “Okay, do it now, if you are so inclined,” and then tells you what “it” is. You can find good days for whatever objectives you have in mind, instead of randomly picking a moment that is convenient for you. Astrologers find Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide especially useful because it tells which signs the planets are in when they make an aspect (a feature missing from other astrological datebooks). You gardeners out there know what a difference it can make to plant when the Moon is in the appropriate sign. Lots of other activities are best begun with the Moon in the right spot too. Which reminds me to mention Llewellyn’s 2007 Moon Sign Book. This handy book, in print for over 100 years, provides key information for all your ordinary — and extraordinary — activi- ties. One very cool feature is the Moon tables, which show you favorable and unfavorable days for specified events. Once primarily the province of farmers and ranchers, the almanac section lets you select from a 20-page list of activities, identify the factors you want to have in place and consult the tables for good dates. Sure, you may have to be patient and wait for the best day (I am notoriously impatient!), however, by waiting, you allow your own plan to gestate. Maybe you’ll think it through a bit better while you wait and be even better prepared when the right moment arrives — then the outcome is sure to be more positive.

Making Astrological Predictions Personal

When you think about where the Moon is on a particular day, you may wonder how its position applies to you personally. Not


Astrology What’s In Each House? First House — Your temperament, overall constitution and persona. Gwyneth says,

What’s In Each House?

First House — Your temperament, overall constitution and persona.

Gwyneth says, “When I do a chart, I work with the Ascendant to under- stand the public face rather than the inner self.”

Second House — The material circumstanc- es we are born into, possessions and also emotions.

Third House — Siblings, early education, immediate environment and ways of getting around.

Fourth House — Land, a sense of home and loyalty to one’s family, domestic life and parents (especially the mother).

Fifth House — Creativity, play, exploring the arts and that first flame of romance, children and games of risk.

Sixth House — Work, work, work! Also diet, health, exercise, hobbies and our attitudes toward subordinates.

Seventh House — Learning to cope with partner- ships, mature relationships such as marriage and business relationships.

Eighth House — Here, the personality gets into more complex issues such as grasping human mortal- ity, sexuality and the mysteries of life and death. It also has to do with “other people’s money,” commu- nal goods like investments and taxes.

Ninth House — Governs higher education, religion and philosophy, getting to know what other cultures believe and comparing it with our own.

Tenth House — The house of our occupation, achieve- ment in the outer world, ambitions and aspirations.

Eleventh House — Friends as well as the community at large, brotherhood of mankind, social conscience.

Twelfth House — The metaphysical, which means “beyond” (meta) the physical, personal or mortal. It is also linked with hospitals, universities, monaster- ies and other places of seclusion. Reincarnationists believe that planets here also indicate what kind of pre-birth planning took place with the soul’s higher, etheric guides.

Excerpt is from Houses by Gwyneth Bryan

every one has the same kind of day, you are think- ing, and that is so true. Astrologers relate the posi- tions of today’s Sun, Moon and planets to your birth chart in order to determine what situations and events may occur in your life. One of the key pieces in the astrological puzzle is house position. Your astrological chart is divided into 12 sec- tions called houses. The arrangement of the 12 zodiac signs within the houses depends on the time of year and the time of day you were born. The houses indicate aspects of your life, and the arrangement of the signs affects each aspect in a way that is uniquely your own. Donald Trump was born with Jupiter — the grandfather of planets — in his second house. Donald has had it all, nearly

lost it all and gotten it all back again. He is practically made of money! He was quoted as saying that the idea of bank- ruptcy bothered him “from a psychological standpoint, but

it really wouldn’t matter that much.” (Wall Street Journal, May

28, 2004) I have Saturn — the planet that delivers our best lessons

— in the second house, and I have not had it all. However, I have had enough, throughout my life, and I have learned a great deal about the “stuff” that is most important to me. I usually get what I deserve (sometimes not the same as what I want, that’s for sure). Bankruptcy would matter a lot to me, but it wouldn’t kill me. I imagine that Saturn and I worry more than Jupiter and Donald do. So what happens when today’s planets move through the houses? Donald made the above statement in May of 2004, when Jupiter was in his first house. He was feeling pretty good about himself then. In May of 2005, with Jupiter retreating from his own Jupiter in the second house, his company filed

a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and he stepped down as CEO. As

Jupiter moved through Donald’s third house of communi- cation in October of 2005, the New York Times stated that Trump’s net worth was far lower than he had said. Donald’s personal math seems very different from the New York Times! Astrologically, Jupiter in the first house saw him tooting his own horn (big time), while Jupiter in the third brought his finances into the news, using a different set of facts. If Jupiter reflects Donald Trump’s financial fortune, as most astrologers would agree, then its movement through his chart describes the rhythm of success and failure in terms of money. My Saturn is slower, and very methodical. Look at your astrology chart to find out about finances or any other areas of your life. Then use the Daily Planetary Guide to track your opportunities throughout the year. By knowing the houses in your chart, you know which areas the planets impact each day. Planning becomes an informed, logical pro- cess in which you reduce the degree of the unknown and thus increase your success.

becomes an informed, logical pro- cess in which you reduce the degree of the unknown and
The Essence of Magick Donald Michael Kraig “The purest form of magick — tapping into

The Essence of Magick

Donald Michael Kraig

The Essence of Magick Donald Michael Kraig “The purest form of magick — tapping into your

“The purest form of magick — tapping into your own energetic awareness to create change — is accessible simply through the power of your will.”

Evidence indicates that indeed, sex magick works, so the real question is “what’s missing from the idea that sexual flu- ids, in and of themselves, are simply magickal?” The answer is that what is missing has been known to mystics and occultists for ages, it simply hasn’t been revealed. The secret is that for the sexual fluids to become magickal, they must be charged. The method of charging is two-fold. First, you must move energy so that it enters the fluids, and second, that energy must be focused to a specific end through the use of the will. Now here is where Modern Sex Magick differs from most other books on the subject. It asks a simple question: “If we’re working with energy, why do we need to put it into a physical form instead of simply using the energy directly?” As you may know, when something changes from one state to another (say, from a gas like steam to a solid like ice) it loses energy. If we focus on the energy we should have even more power to use than if we wait for it to convert into another form. But was there any historical evidence to support this position? I spent years searching literature and found several documents and books that supported a form of kabalistic sex magick that works with energy. It is this that is presented in Modern Sex Magick. There are numerous advantages to this. First, it is more egalitarian. Sex magick is no longer about gender, it is about energy. This means anyone can do it. You can work by yourself.

I often have people who want to be authors ask me for tips

on creating a successful book. One of the things I like to

say is that a key to success is often the title. I like crisp,

short titles that clearly indicate what is in the book. The reason for this is that if someone is looking for a book on a particular subject, a title that clearly indicates what the book is about makes it easy for the reader. One such title is Instant Magick by Christopher Penczak. There are several reasons this is a great title. First, the sad truth is that many people — often influenced by movies, nov- els, TV or comic books — are looking for “magick pills” and easy answers. They want to just say a few words and have the magick happen. Christopher’s title seems to indicate that’s what’s in his book, and that’s one reason I predicted it was going to be very popular. I have the good fortune of knowing Christopher, and I was honestly quite puzzled with the concept of the book — until I read it. I know that Christopher knows magick well enough to

understand that magick isn’t something that works like that. And indeed, Instant Magick doesn’t present magick that way. Instead, the concept presented in this book is that you need to develop your inner magickal abilities and energies. He gives exercises that will instruct and train you to accomplish this. Then, when you need to use your magickal energies, you can call on them at will and they will work for you. In fact, they work so well that it can seem like the magick happens instantaneously. Part of the concept of this book is that it isn’t always pos- sible to have available magickal tools such as candles, incenses, wands, daggers, altars, etc. The purest form of magick — tap- ping into your own energetic awareness to create change — is accessible simply through the power of your will. So this book will not only catch the attention of people who may not be looking for what Christopher reveals, but he shows them how to train and prepare so they can achieve such instant magick. Another reason I like this book is that its theory — the use of personal energy as a basic component of magick — parallels what I present in Modern Sex Magick. The growth in popularity and understanding of sex magick follows the modern indus- trial age where the focus was on machinery and the physical plane. Therefore, many traditional books on sex magick have focused on the physical aspect, especially the natural byprod- ucts of sexual activity. But does that make sense? If what our bodies produce during sex was magickal, wouldn’t there be wildly unpredict- able magickal events going on all the time? Since that isn’t occurring, it implies that either something is missing in the sex magick equation or sex magick doesn’t work.





You can work with a spiritual, non-physical partner such as an angel or visualized deity. And, of course, you can work with other people. If you have ever wondered about the inner nature of sex magick — whether you have a partner or not — this book can really enhance your magickal abilities. Curiously, by returning to its kabalistic sources, Western sex magick appears even closer than ever to Eastern Tantra. So I wondered if there was any evidence to a link. In the book The Jewish Mind by Rafael Patai (famous among Pagans for The Hebrew Goddess), the author points out that Tantra and the Kabalah have so many similarities that there certainly must have been communication between the two spiritual schools. This leads to a fascinating question, as Tantra preceded the Kabalah by thousands of years. Was at least some of the Kabalah derived from Indian Tantra? Patai says he can’t prove that’s true, and neither can I. But the similarities are fascinating. One of the best books to explore and compare Tantra and Western sex magick is Dr. Jonn Mumford’s classic, Ecstasy Through Tantra. Its first edition (and it was published in an unusual, oblong format) had the title Sexual Occultism, but the latest version is greatly expanded. It even includes a chapter — “A Tantric Weekend” — by myself. In his works on meditation and the kabalah, Aryeh Kaplan describes ancient Jewish mystics who would alter their

consciousness by assuming a sitting position with their head below their knees, and holding this position for a long period of time. In the Indian practice of hatha yoga, this would be called a position, or asana. In Ecstasy Through Tantra, Dr. Mumford describes the power of a certain position where you lock your muscles while sitting. If these two are not related, they are certainly from parallel sources. People studying the Kabalah or Tantra (or both) owe it to themselves to learn about the power of this simple position, and you can read about it in Ecstasy Through Tantra.

and you can read about it in Ecstasy Through Tantra . See product listing for ordering
and you can read about it in Ecstasy Through Tantra . See product listing for ordering

See product


for ordering


on these


See product listing for ordering information on these books! The Mula Bandha This simple technique will




This simple technique will help women achieve ecstasy easier. In men it will help give greater control and prevent a premature finish. For all people it builds strength in the “core” (abdomen) and lower back.

1. Assume a comfortable, seated position. Traditionally this is cross-legged or in a half or full lotus position, but it can be done in a chair, too.

2. Exhale. At the end of the exhalation, contract the muscles of the pelvic floor, from the pubic bone to the tailbone. The muscles of the lower stomach should move toward the spine and you should feel as if the tailbone is pulling up and toward your navel.

3. You may contract the muscles into this “lock” anywhere from 15-


4. Hold the breath out or in while in this lock and release the breath and the contractions when you need to. Alternatively, you may either con- tract and release with your regular breath or rapidly contract and release the muscles (this is known as “pumping”).

5. As you become more aware of these muscles, try to limit the ones that are contracted until you are only using those attached to the perineum.

6. Do not strain. Do not practice more than a minute or two at the begin- ning. Build up slowly to greater lengths and contractions.

Excerpt is from Ectasy through Tantra by Dr. Jonn Mumford

Penetrating Today’s Veil of Information

Lyam Thomas Christopher

F or decades now, scholars have been debunking the tenets of Christianity. The movie The Da

Vinci Code dramatizes some of their find- ings, revealing how the church fabri- cated its own lineage in order to remake itself into a holy, governmental author- ity. Where does the truth lie? Was Jesus actually married? Did he father a child and a bloodline? In years to come, more evidence of Christianity’s true origins will no doubt surface. Yet does this controversial informa- tion, true or false, really strike a blow to the monks and nuns all over the world who have found illumination by using Christ as a symbol? Do their spiritual insights suddenly vanish in the face of

undermining evidence? It would appear

that, for some, a discredited system of spirituality is still effective in spite of damage to its academic reputation. When a mythology, properly handled, has the power to change a person, can any amount of debunking invalidate it? Scholarly research has poked holes in the magical traditions as well. Modern witchcraft, for example, claims to be of an ancient European heritage, while numerous authors reveal that it is actu- ally a relatively young tradition pieced together in the 1950s by Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner. Rosicrucianism has a fictional origin too. There is no historical record of its mythical found- er, Christian Rosenkreutz. And even the Golden Dawn, the most cited magical tradition in Western occultism, has a

counterfeit charter in its origin. Despite these findings, people are still drawn to Western occultism. Why? Is there any substance behind the veil of facts? There is, but it is kept safe from pry- ing eyes. Our hero, the Scholar, unwit- tingly hides the entrance to the path of initiation with his “correct” analysis. He proves the legends never happened. He exposes the contrived lineages, the inauthentic publication dates and the mutually exclusive accounts of genesis. But his informational chatter is of little consequence to the practitioner. Whether the scholar proves or dis- proves the angels and demons of the Kabbalah to exist, for instance, has little bearing on the magician’s ability to employ them.

I n today’s world, there are so many ways to satiate ourselves into a life of complacency. Celebrities, politicians, religious

leaders — all offer methods to a fulfilling life, but don’t follow through with what they promise. Instead, these lifestyles simply produce a commu- nity that avoids answering questions about individual purpose. In Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation, Lyam Thomas Christopher explains how it is our own responsibility to access the invisible land of our origin — the realm of magic. By uncov- ering our true nature, we empower humani- ty to transcend beyond our mundane world, toward an enlightening evolution of spirit. The path to this awakened state is found in the Kabbalah and the precepts of the Golden

Dawn tradition. This complete course gives the infor- mation and instructions in the order of initiation, from neophyte to adeptus minor.

Christopher presents instruction on Israel Regardie’s The Golden Dawn, lending personal training to a complex topic. For each

grade you will practice appropriate daily rituals, read necessary materials, do written assignments and projects, and perform exercises to further your abilities. Included are the history of the Golden Dawn order, information on the Tree of Life, deities, demons, rules for practicing magic and the components of effective ritual. This book is a thoroughly modern presentation of both clas- sic and new material. It’s an ideal companion to Regardie’s The Golden Dawn. Discover the true secret of magic: the transformation of self. These techniques for higher consciousness will awaken you to a new way of life — outside the safety of conformity, challenging to the half- hearted, foreign to conventional thought. This is

the half- hearted, foreign to conventional thought. This is Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of

Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation Lyam Thomas Christopher 0-7387-0893-3 • 384 pp $17.95 us • $21.95 can

the way of magic.
the way of magic.

The Science of Magick

According to Silver RavenWolf, changing our reality is absolutely possible. The bestselling author introduces a groundbreaking system — based on quantum physics, magick and energy — for tapping into the life-changing potential in all of us.

In MindLight, RavenWolf puts quantum physics theories into plain English and explains how they can be put into practice for personal fulfillment. She shows how to achieve a special state of consciousness, including how to create and project a “MindLight,” or sphere of energy. This energy can then be used internally or projected onto other people (with their agreement) or objects.

The technique is surprisingly easy to master through meditations, visual- izations, rituals and mind exercises provided in the book. You’ll use these methods to open yourself to the energy and send it back into the universe with your intention. The result is the manifestation of your will, what has traditionally been called magick.

Included are meditations for using the MindLight to help with relaxation, empowerment, healing, problem solving, banishing negative thoughts and general wellbeing. There are also specific meditations for the planets as well as the New Moon and Full Moon in each sign of the zodiac. Each meditation reveals associated colors, intentions, herbal blends and much more.

MindLight is a complete spiritual system of development written in Silver’s distinct conversational and playful style.

MindLight Silver RavenWolf 0-7387-0985-9 • 288 pp $14.95 us • $18.50 can

0-7387-0985-9 • 288 pp $14.95 us • $18.50 can To remedy today’s tyranny of “cor- rect”

To remedy today’s tyranny of “cor- rect” information, we would do well to remember that all information on a spiritual path is false. Information is not reality; it merely describes reality. Myths and symbolic language don’t have to be “true” to deliver truth. The cloud of information, in the hands of a scholar, becomes a murky veil. But presented in another manner, it becomes a powerful

transformational formula. Part myth, part science and part discipline, the book provides the solitary student with a path for self-initiation into the ancient tradition of Hermetic magic. But it is not an easy path. Finding the mystical power beyond facts requires dedication and persistence. Some peo- ple are not ready for naked truth. “The magical work is nothing to be taken

ter and fall short of successful change. They may initiate a troublesome pro- cess of physical, mental and emotional transformation — and may get lost half- way through. The book may bring some danger. But it is perhaps more damag- ing to leave the average reader at the whim of the scholarly cloud of words that currently conceals the real poten- tial of magic.

“To remedy today’s tyranny of “correct” information, we would do well to remember that all information on a spiritual path is false.”

lens, concentrating spiritual light. The book Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation pro- vides information in just such a man- ner. It reconstructs the broken image of Hermeticism, which has been mishan- dled by “correct” scholars for hundreds of years. The already widely published magical techniques of the Golden Dawn, when reconstituted into a coherent step- by-step system, comprise a powerful

lightly,” warned a former teacher as she commented on Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation. Her concern was that the solitary student would be unable to handle the results of a truly effective magical curriculum. Some adepts feel that the student needs guidance to use the Golden Dawn in this way. True, some who start the step- by-step course in Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation will fal-

Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation provides a method by which to navigate through that cloud. It is a simple and direct course of symbolic essays and exercises that, if unwaveringly adhered to, carries the student onward to the realities behind the veil.

essays and exercises that, if unwaveringly adhered to, carries the student onward to the realities behind
MindLight Meditation Silver RavenWolf R ight now — this minute — I want you to

MindLight Meditation

Silver RavenWolf

R ight now — this minute — I want you to put this down and prop it so that your hands are

free, but you can read along with me. Are you situated? Good!

1. Position your hands as if you are

holding a small ball of glowing, white light. Take your time. Just relax and build the light between your hands. This light is a part of you and a part of the Great Work: what you will accom- plish for the good of others throughout your lifetime. The light is a tool that you can use to build a healthy, posi- tive future — and the most remarkable aspect is that this tremendous power

lies in you!

5. Now we add the sacred breath. As

you inhale with nice, deep breaths, draw your hands together to make the small ball. As you move your hands out and away from each other, exhale with one smooth, even breath. Inhale (hands in) — exhale (hands out). The slower the better. Techniques learned at a nice, slow pace stay with you longer and will be more precise when you need the power.

6. Rather than dwelling on a specific

problem at the moment, let’s choose an energy that encourages openness of opportunity. What do you want the most right now: Peace? Harmony? Creativity? Wisdom? Happiness? Healing? Choose one of these and say the word aloud.

2. Next, move your hands apart and

together as if they are held by a giant rubber band. Open, close, open, close. Keep playing with the light and, as you do so, remember what it is like to move your hands through water — nice and slow, with a gentle, flow- ing resistance, except here we translate that feeling through watery resistance as elasticity.

3. Add this remembered feeling of

what it is like to move your hands through water to the present move- ment of your hands working with the MindLight — in, out, in, out. Try not to go past your shoulders when you move out, because we are working on building (we don’t want to scatter).

4. Keep the rubber-band motion of

your hands moving in and out shoul- der-width apart, then move in for the compact ball of light, and out again. Repeat. Think of nothing but the light in your hands. If you begin to worry about other things, just gently push the thoughts away. Concentrate only on the ball of light. Stay in the moment.

7. Now, look into the MindLight you

hold in your hands and take a deep breath

in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this at least three times — more if you are stressed or unhappy.

8. Now, breathe fully from the dia-

phragm and then inhale from the chest. Practice this type of breathing with sev- eral cleansing breaths, and when you are ready, take three of these nice, deep, measured breaths.

9. On the third time, blow your desire (peace, harmony, creativity, wis- dom, happiness, healing, etc.) into the MindLight. That’s right, just pucker up those beautiful lips of yours and send that thought easily, fluidly into the MindLight you’ve created. Let the breath carrying your desire flow across your lips like fine silk through your fingers — the moisture from your body digitized by your thoughts of perfec- tion. Once the thought is in the ball between your hands, you may feel the seemingly empty space vibrate, or your hands may tingle, or you might feel a “lightness” throughout your body.

10. Pull your hands (holding the light

ball) in over your heart, allowing your body to drink in this lovely MindLight you created.

11. Breathe deeply several times, and as

you breathe in, think of your heart being surrounded by this harmonious, vibrant light. As you exhale, continue to relax and let go of any pent-up negativity — old hurts, pain, fear, unhappiness, etc. Every time you inhale, allow the light within yourself to grow stronger and brighter. Every time you exhale, let go of more and more crusted up, gross mental garbage. Let the negativity break away, piece by piece. Keep up this visualization as long as you can; there is no time requirement.

12. When you feel you are finished

for now, drop your hands to your lap, close your eyes and take another deep, even breath. Open your eyes and pick up the book. Don’t you feel great?

You’ve just learned two very valuable pieces of information — the benefits of deep, cleansing breathing and how to create a MindLight. Tomorrow morn- ing, when you wake up, don’t allow yourself to think of anything except that MindLight you just created. … Push all other thoughts aside — every single one. Just keep the word in your mind as you get up and begin the movements of meeting your day. Again, don’t line up those tasks like little marching sol- diers of personal duty. Instead, put that MindLight in your cup. That’s right, let the MindLight of happiness, positive self-worth, peace or creativity (whatever you called it) sink slowly into that steam- ing cup of coffee or chilled juice. Drink it. Say to yourself, “I will meet every task as I should. The day will progress with plenty of time to achieve all I desire, and I will feel energized, positive and useful until I go to sleep tonight.”

plenty of time to achieve all I desire, and I will feel energized, positive and useful
Magick & Shamanism Laying the Mystic Foundation Christopher Penczak W e live in a time




Laying the Mystic Foundation

Christopher Penczak

W e live in a time and place of

both a great blessing and a

great curse. Never before in

the history of humanity has everyone had access to all the world’s mysteries and wisdom. The great blessing is this —

the religions, myths, rituals and spiritu-

al techniques of almost all traditions are

available to us. We can go to the library, to a bookstore or online to search and find a little bit of information on any mystic tradition. It’s quite amazing, and nothing in the ancient world can com- pare to it. Though information and teachings were traded among mystics in the ancient world, such as the informa- tion passing from the Egyptians to the Greeks, it was not so readily available to

the average person in society. The great curse of our time is that never before in the history of human-

ity have we had access to all the world’s mysteries and wisdom. Wait a second … wasn’t that our blessing? It is both

a blessing and a curse, both a strength

and a weakness. The blessing has creat- ed a wonderful buffet of choices for our spiritual diet, giving us a range of expe- riences and ideas. The problem is that many of these systems are inherently

linked to a culture or specific worldview, and the full practice of the tradition,

a dedication to it, is what grants spiri-

tual awakening, centeredness and spiri- tual insight. Just tasting it occasionally doesn’t grant any of the benefits of the tradition, and some would argue a ran- dom sampling of many practices could even be detrimental. It’s like a buffet, but you never get to the food that really grants nutrition if you stick with the exotic and pretty looking ones sim- ply because they are new. Though you are eating often, the lack of spiritual nutrition means you are really starving. Another image used to describe this phenomenon is the well. When you start


tradition, you are digging a well, but


you never finish digging the well and

hit water before starting another one, all you have are a bunch of holes in the ground. By committing to a tradition for a time, you reap some of its benefits, its water, and can then decide if it’s for you in the long term. One aspect of this blessing of infor- mation is the opportunity to see the similarities between so many world tra- ditions and techniques. When you strip away the cultural connotations from many traditions and get to the core, you see that many of the mystical reli- gions of the world are all saying the same thing, and have similar methods to reach deeper levels of awareness. My teachers have said to look at how the same wisdom shows up in many places. In it, you find truth. But it takes an education in mystical theory, in seeing the patterns that run across cultures and in learning how to use them in our daily life. In this age of the great blessing and curse, we are challenged to reweave the mystical traditions into new forms for the new century, without losing the essential wisdom at their core. In our modern “New Age” spiri-

tual traditions, education of mystical theories, history and ideas are not often stressed. Though wonderful techniques are taught based upon what the stu- dent desires to learn, sometimes the big picture is lost. I know that’s been the case for me, even with the best of intentions as a New Age teacher. Not too long ago, I had a student who learned a specific meditation technique with me. The technique is perfectly safe and is a wonderful addition to any spiritual practice, but the student had no other background in metaphysics, and came from a fairly conservative religious family. He practiced the tech- nique diligently until he had a conversa-

tion with his grandmother, who said, “Meditation, hmmm. That can open you up to demons.” And then he got frightened and stopped. He then came to me afraid and agitated, full of ques- tions. Ultimately it was a good thing for him, but if he had been studying a par- ticular tradition, with its worldview on

spirits, demons, angels, psychic defense, prayer and a whole host of other topics,

I don’t think her comment would have

shaken him as much. He would have been a student of metaphysics, of mysti- cal tradition, rather than just a student of a meditation technique, no matter how good that technique is. A tradition gives a context for those experiences and can help dispel such fears, but our

New Age worldview doesn’t really have

a primer to explain our new collective,

multicultural worldview — so I set out to write one. Though most of my students come to me either seeking to study the heal- ing arts of Reiki or those of Wicca, I have a lot who enjoy meditation and mystical work, without committing to either of those traditions. I wrote The Mystic Foundation for those students. It’s an education book stripped of specific religious connotations, but gives mysti- cal theory and understanding to a wide range of practices that can be found in many cultures. If you were just starting your journey in the spiritual world, and wanted to know enough about a wide range of topics to effectively choose your next step on the path, The Mystic Foundation will provide you with the information and exercises you need. It fills in the holes for students of specific traditions, and gives them the ability to relate their practices to a larger world- view. The last section of the book details spiritual traditions, relating theology and mystical texts, so that you can see


Beneath the superficial differences, spiritual paths, both ancient and mod- ern, hold similarities that underlie the spiritual mysteries. In The Mystic Foundation, popular teacher and author Christopher Penczak clearly iden- tifies these many paths and points out correspondences and differences, revealing the foundation that supports spiritual paths around the world. The Mystical Foundation is also a personal adventure. It contains numer- ous exercises that will lead you to discovering the foundations of spirituality, including feeling and grounding energy, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, dowsing, speaking with spirit guides, meditation, healing and more. As you develop your abilities you’ll learn about the powers of creation, the elements, psychic development, healing and the fundamental forces within us. Penczak clearly, concisely and elegantly describes a variety of spiritual paths, including alchemy, astrology, Bahá’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Druidism, the Faery Faith, Ceremonial Magick, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Reiki, Shamanism, Shintoism, Sufism, Thelema, Wicca and Witchcraft and many more. Finally, he gives suggestions for discovering the right path for you. The Mystic Foundation offers a hands-on experience of the Divine in a non-denominational, encompassing manner. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn to understand yourself and the universe, giving you a foun- dation for life itself.

The Mystic Foundation Christopher Penczak 0-7387-0979-4 • 336 pp $15.95 us • $19.50 can

Penczak 0-7387-0979-4 • 336 pp $15.95 us • $19.50 can The Color of MagiC Color Magic

The Color of MagiC

• 336 pp $15.95 us • $19.50 can The Color of MagiC Color Magic for Beginners

Color Magic for Beginners

Richard Webster 0-7387-0886-0 • 312 pp $12.95 us • $15.95 can

Color is all around us, yet rarely do we think about the profound effects it has on us. Reds stimulate with strength, power and confidence and blues soothe with truth, stability and spirit. In Color Magic for Beginners, Richard Webster continues his contribution to the For Beginners series by revealing the vibrant vitality and specific attributes associated with different hues. The book begins by exploring the basic colors of the rainbow. In this section you’ll discern each color’s healing powers, emotional impact, psychological effects and magical properties. Color Magic for Beginners shows how color relates to people on a per- sonal level. Any situation can be magically enhanced by emphasizing corresponding colors with desired intent. Use colors in combination with astrology, the chakras, the aura, candles, gemstones, flowers, meditation, numer- ology or other systems of practice. Applied color philosophy has innumerable applications, including creating har- mony, attracting luck, healing, overcoming depression and solving problems. The book’s tone instructs in Webster’s inimitably clear and easy-to-understand style. Add flair to your magical practice and your everyday life with the dazzling use of colorful associations. Understanding the basics of color discipline will allow you to see the world through a whole new set of eyes. Enrich your magical palette, and use Color Magic for Beginners to help achieve your goals.

a whole new set of eyes. Enrich your magical palette, and use Color Magic for Beginners
Magick & Shamanism Magical Color Coordination Richard Webster S ome years ago, I read an




Magical Color Coordination

Richard Webster

S ome years ago, I read an article about a prison cell that drained anger from violent and aggres-

sive inmates. It was a standard cell, but had pink walls. Shortly afterwards, I gave a series of talks at a high-security prison. One afternoon I asked the guard who was escorting me if this particular prison had a similar cell. “Of course,” he told me in a matter- of-fact tone. “The pink room. It’s very useful.” Before I had time to ask any further questions, he continued. “You should write a book on it.” Funnily enough, I had already been thinking along those lines. I had stud- ied color for many years and enjoyed experimenting with the subconscious

effects color has on us all. For instance, many fast food restaurants use red in their color schemes, as this encourages people to eat quickly and leave. When

I was in high school I sometimes had

headaches while attending classes in

a room that was painted yellow. Years

later, I learned that too much yellow causes agitation and headaches. A friend of mine owned a factory and had staff that constantly complained of the cold. When he changed the color scheme from blue to orange, everyone suddenly felt warmer, and much to my friend’s delight, became more productive. Color consultants make use of this informa- tion every day. At one time I lived with someone who perceived colors whenever he lis- tened to music. The term for this is syn- esthesia, or color hearing. I soon became used to hearing music described as “magenta” or “campfire-smoke gray.” A number of composers, such as Alexander Scriabin and Jean Sibelius, were synes- thetic. Sibelius even asked a tradesman to repaint his stove in F Major. As a child I saw auras, and dis- covered that common phrases, such as

“green with envy” and “red with rage” had a strong basis in fact. Looking at auras helped me develop color con- sciousness, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I began interpreting the meanings of the colors. In fact, the abil- ity to see auras was something I seldom spoke about. This was because a friend made fun of me when I told him about the beautiful aura I saw around the organist at the weekly chapel services we attended at school. At the age of 17 I joined the Theosophical Society and starting learn- ing about the esoteric and psychological meanings of colors. I had a keen interest in candle magic at that time too, and this knowledge proved useful when it came to choosing the right candles for specific purposes.


of mine were working as color healers, and I learned the healing power of color from watching them and talking to their patients. Later still, I taught psychic devel- opment classes for several years, and this forced me to think seriously about colors and their meanings. Although they probably were not aware of it, the feedback of my students helped me enormously. In fact, virtually everything in this book was tested by my students years before I considered writing a book on the subject. It was seeing the excitement in my students’ faces when they learned their own personal colors, based on numer- ology, that made me write this book. The three most important colors come from the person’s Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge numbers, which are derived from the person’s name and date of birth. They are then converted into colors. The Life Path is the most important number, as it describes the person’s

This led me to color healing.

purpose in life. It comes from the per- son’s full date of birth reduced to a single digit. Unfortunately, there are two exceptions. If, during the reduction

process, you come across either an 11 or

a 22, you stop reducing at that point. Here are two examples:



1980 (year)


We reduce these to a single digit: 2 + 0

+ 1 + 6 = 9

2 (month)

29 (day)

1944 (year)


We reduce this: 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 22 (As both 11 and 22 are Master Numbers, this is not reduced any further.)