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Google Earth Instructions

DIRECTIONS: Follow the steps and answer the questions in complete sentences. 1. Open Google Earth and type 2511 Inverness Drive, Lawrence, KS in the search box in the top left and click Enter. What are you zoomed in on? I am zoomed in on SWMS. 2. Without typing in the address of your home, try to find where you live in Lawrence. Was this easy or difficult to do? Why? It was easy to go home because I know the roads from the school to my house. 3. Try to find your favorite restaurant in Lawrence. What is the name of the restaurant and what is its address? (If you cant find the address, Google it!) Freebirds: 739 Massachusetts St Lawrence, KS 66044

4. Zoom out of Lawrence and out of Kansas. What physical features do you see in the western United States? I see mountains and deserts in the western US.


What color are the state borders in U.S. in Google Earth?

The state borders on Google Earth are purplish-blue. 6. What do the yellow lines represent? The yellow lines represent countries. 7. Go to Times Square, New York City. Whats the first thing that you notice? When I go to Times Square I see LOTS of buildings. 8. Zoom out a little. What natural feature do you see? I see Central Park when I zoom out from Times Square. 9. Scroll down the river just a bit, until you see the Liberty Island. Zoom into the island. Youll see several red boxes. Click on any of them. What famous landmark is located on this island? I see the Statue of Liberty. 10. After clicking on one of the red boxes youll see a panoramic view of the island. What do you think all of those people are doing standing around? Maybe a ceremony or admiring the statue. 11. The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States as a gift. Using the internet, list who gave it to the U.S., when it was given, why it was given and how tall the statue is.

The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall. It was a gift from France on October 28, 1886 in recognition of their friendly relationship. 12. Travel to San Francisco. What state is San Francisco located in? San Francisco is located in California. 13. Using a Google search, list what three major U.S. mountain ranges you must cross if you travel from NYC to San Francisco. You would cross the Appalachian Mountains, Rocky Mountains, and Sierra Nevada Mountains. 14. Once you get to San Francisco, find Alcatraz Island. Find and click on the red square that says, Alcatraz Recreation Yard. Click on the panoramic football. What are you looking at? If you dont already know, use Google and list what famous tourist attraction is there. I am looking at a prison on Alcatraz Island. 15. Travel to Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy. Zoom in and click on the red square near the coast. Click on the panoramic photo. Find a red and blue kids slide. What is it sitting on? The red and blue kids slide is sitting on a wooden porch thing. 16. Look at the people relaxing on the beach. What body of water are they looking at? (Hint: exit the panoramic photo, look at the map and figure it out. You may need to pull up a world map on Google to figure this out.)

They are looking at either the Balearic Sea or the Tyrrhenian Sea. 17. Travel to the Tiananmen Square. What city and country is this in? Beijing, China 18. Travel to Macchu Picchu, Peru. Click on one of the red squares for a panoramic picture. Now Google this and tell me what it is (including what civilization built it) and when it was built. I am looking at the Incan civilization. It was built by the Incas around AD 1430. 19. Travel to the Sydney Opera House. What country is this in? This is in the country Australia. 20. Travel to Ziway Lake. Some of the oldest human fossils have been found bordering this lake, thereby suggesting that the origin of the human species originated here. What country is this in? Ziway Lake is in Ethiopia.

Subject line in email should read: Your last name then Google Earth