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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Allen Blakemoie
Thuisuay, Becembei S, 2u1S 71S-S26-SS99

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A0STIN - Ban Patiick, Texas State Senatoi anu authentic conseivative canuiuate foi
Lieutenant uoveinoi, lambasteu Baviu Bewhuist foi his inaction, hypociisy, anu

Citing Bewhuist's inattention, anu inaction, Senatoi Patiick saiu, "0vei the last ten
yeais, Baviu Bewhuist has faileu to secuie oui boiuei anu stoou by as oui illegal
immigiation pioblem got much woise."

"Because of the fine woik of law enfoicement, fiom 2uu6 to 2u12, ovei 1.S million
illegal immigiants weie aiiesteu ciossing into Texas. Bowevei, estimates aie that
only 1 out of S weie caught. Fiom 2uu8 to 2u12, illegal immigiants weie chaigeu
with ovei 447,uuu ciimes incluuing ovei S,uuu sexual assaults anu 2,uuu muiueis,
(!"# %&'()* +,(',-(., 2u1S).

"Bewhuist has hau an election yeai conveision," Patiick saiu, "Foi a uecaue,
Bewhuist has alloweu piogiams that attiact illegals to Texas like in-state tuition to
expanu anu even ieuuceu funuing foi boiuei secuiity anu oiganizeu ciime in the
Bepaitment of Public Safety buuget. That's faileu leaueiship.

"Aftei auopting a buuget that cut spenuing foi boiuei secuiity, anu aiuently
uefenuing it as an inciease, Bewhuist uuplicity now becomes appaient. Be has
finally iecognizeu the failuie of this buuget anu is sciambling to fix the pioblem.

"Now that Bewhuist is staiing uown anothei tough piimaiy election, he wants to
piioiitize secuiing the boiuei. Texans value iesults, not ihetoiic, anu it's time we
hau a Lieutenant uoveinoi who will uo what Washington anu Lt. uoveinoi
Bewhuist won't uo: secuie the boiuei anu stop the magnet.

"Bewhuist has a pioven iecoiu of inaction, hypociisy, anu now uuplicity. Be faileu
to auuiess the pioblem foi a uecaue. Be auopteu a buuget that exaceibateu the
pioblem, anu now claims that spenuing $6u million to covei the failuie of his buuget
will somehow fix a pioblem that has snowballeu uue to his own failuies of