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Terms and Conditions

Accomodation at our studenthouses Tscharnergut, Fellergut and Kanonenweg is open to students registered at the University of Berne as long as they remain full-time students. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the management if the circumstances allow it. 1. Duration of your tenancy agreement: The dates mentioned in your agreement are binding. For the following services we shall charge an administration fee of CHF 50, payable before the new rental agreement is signed: Extension of agreement Change of room at tenantss request Please note, that notice of termination of indefinite A-agreements is only possible with effect of January 31st or August 31st (one month in advance). A change from an A to B agreement and vice versa shall be free of charge but is only possible with effect of February 1st or September 1st and with a notice of 30 days for holders of A-agreements. Cancellation of tenancy agreement prior to effective date If you cancel a contract short-noticed we are going to ask you the following administration fees: Cancellation up to 1 month before tenancy agreement starts: CHF 250 Cancellation of 1 3 months before tenancy agreement starts: CHF 100 Cancellation of more than 3 months before tenancy agreement starts: CHF 50 Premature termination of your tenancy agreement: Contracts with set termination date are not to be terminated prematurely! The only possibility for a premature termination is to find a new tenant. The request for premature termination of a tenancy agreement must be submitted in writing to the management. You are responsible to search for a replacement tenant (only students!). Ask the management, if the room is available beyond the date of your original termination date. Your replacement tenant should register under and indicate under remarks that he/she is applying for your room. The rental amount for the full rental period is due until your replacement tenant has signed a new agreement and has paid the deposit. Subletting in case of premature cancellation (contract A or fixed-term B-contract) will incur an administration charge of CHF 250.00. Moving-in and checking out Our offices are closed in the weekends. Moving-in: If the first of a month falls on a weekend the keys can, upon request by the tenant, be made available in a coded key safe, provided the signed agreement and the deposit have been received by our office. Checking out: If the month end falls on a weekend, checkout time is 11 oclock on the previous workday. If the deposit has to be remitted a charge of CHF 20.00 shall be deducted. Subletting Subletting of rooms for a minimum of two months is allowed under these conditions: The tenant has to find a replacement tenant. This has to be a person studying at the University of Berne or who attends practical courses. The administration charges CHF 100.00 for the admistrative work. The administration is willing to help you find a replacement tenant but is not to be held responsible for it. .A sublet agreement is to be signed but shall only be valid if endorsed by the management The replacement tenant has to pay a deposit of CHF 500.00 and has to pay the rent directly to the administration during his stay. Before subletting, the tenant has to empty and clean the room. The checking out date and time has to be defined with the administration. If the room is not cleaned sufficiently, the administration reserves the right to cancel the subletting and to, if possible, place the replacement tenant in another room. When subletting all keys have to be returned. The tenant has to ask the postal service to forward his or her letters to the homeadress as to keep the letterbox free for the replacement tenant.






Settling of accounts Rental charges for the current month are due by the 10th of the month at the very latest. Reminders to settle outstanding amounts will incur a charge of CHF 50.00. Duties and responsibilities: The management grants tenants as much freedom as possible. Students are requested to exercise selfdiscipline and to show consideration to fellow-tenants. The tenants of each floor will elect a representative and a deputy who are responsible for furniture and fittings in common rooms and observance of the house rules. He or she will also act as intermediary between the tenants of his/her floor and the management. In principle, each tenant is required to occupy the position of floor representative in turn. Each tenant has to pay a monthly small contribution to the cash box of every floor and to the cash box of the house. The caretaker will explain your duties to you (waste disposal, cleanliness in the kitchen etc). You will be assigned a job on your floor. Furthermore you have to pay a small amount to the cash box of the floor. Please note that extra cleaning work, which our cleaning personnel has to do in addition to the routine work (1x per week kitchen, bathrooms), will be charged to your account or to the floors account! Foreign police The city of Berne asks foreigners to give notice of taking up residence within 14 days after arrival. Address: Einwohnerdienste, Predigergasse 5, 3011 Bern, opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00 16.00 Mail Each tenant is provided with a lockable letter box (mailbox). Upon departure or during any prolonged absence tenants must notify the post office of their forwarding address on the official form at a fee. Please note, that we do not forward or store letters after your departure. Please ask postal services to forward your letters to your home address. Smoking In a survey the majority of the students decided that: Smoking is not allowed in the following common rooms: Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and floorcorridors, TV-room, newspaper-room and lifts. Smoking is allowed in the rented rooms and on the balconies. An unusal damage to rooms and furniture due to smoking shall be charged to the tenant upon departure Fire protection The student premises are equipped with a fire protection and alarm system operated exclusively by the staff. Tenants are responsible to prevent any excessive smoke or possible fires. The cost of tampering with the system or the raising of a false alarm will be charged to the respective tenant. If an individual cannot be identified, the tenant community shall bear the cost. Rooms Each tenant has to sign a receipt for the furniture and fittings in his/her room. No furnishings may be taken out of the rooms. The management is to be notified without delay of any damage. Furniture may not be modified or altered. Wall decorations are to be hung on the picture rail. Extreme care must be taken when inserting nails or drawing pins (thumb tacks). It is forbidden to fix objects to the walls, doors or cabinets with adhesive tape. Electric cookers, immersion coils, toasters, heaters, televisions and irons may not be used in the rooms. Pets are not allowed. Drying of cloths in your room is not allowed. Windows are to be closed when leaving the building. Internet access is included in the rent. No other installations are permitted. Common rooms The tenants of a floor shall be jointly liable for damage caused intentionally or by negligence to the furniture and fittings in the common rooms on their floor. Kitchen: For hygienic reasons, separating and collecting organic compost material is not permitted. Stairwell entrances and corridors: Depositing personal effects or furnishings in stairwell entrances and in corridors is not permitted Cleaning: Personnel may not be impeded during the cleaning of the shared rooms. Extraordinary stains and dirt will be charged to the floor responsible.









Visits The tenant is responsible for visitors invited by him/her. Visitors who remain overnight are to be registered on the visitor registration form. If one and the same person visits repeatedly, a single registration with the note gelegentlich (re-peat visitor) is to be filled out. For visitors stay of more than 3 days prior approval in advance by the management is necessary. Such visits shall entail lodging costs. More than one guest may not stay over night. For two or more persons, rental of guest rooms is required. Parties Big parties, etc. are subject to the authorisation of the management. Noise Loud noise is forbidden in the building between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am. Check out At the end of the rental contract time, the room is to be cleaned and presented to the management in a good condition. An appointment must be made for the handing over of the room.





August 2012