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UPTIMEPRO: towards the digital oil and gas eld

As oil and gas operators grapple with the twin problems of competent labour shortage and more expensive eld developments, digital elds have been identied as one of the key ways for operators to add value while maximising their existing resources. UPTIMEPRO provides the right information to the relevant experts in real-time, which enables oil companies to respond quickly to a situation. Digital oil elds have been identied by major oil and gas companies to provide a 1-10% increase in production.

Real-Time Performance Management through the eyes of the independent experts

The Benets of UPTIMEPRO

UPTIMEPRO performance monitoring and engineering support services provide immense benets to oil and gas operating companies: Real-time performance management information facilitating timely response from operation and maintenance teams Reduced OPEX by minimising operating and maintenance costs of heavy machinery which constitutes the majority of a typical OPEX budget Increased uptime and availability by proactively monitoring and managing performance of critical plant machinery Failure prevention by proactively optimising equipment operation and improving in-service performance Leverage and maximise your state of the art historian systems by ensuring raw instrument data, which is supplied from the eld and stored in historians, is better analysed and converted into useful information to which plant operators and management are able to respond Engineering support and expertise complements the software ensuring holistic performance management Equipment failure diagnostics and root cause analysis Accurate in-service performance benchmarking by utilising MSEs wealth of experience on performance testing and benchmarking of machinery operation in the eld. MSEs history of benchmarking, database of in-service machinery and Joint Industry Projects, means that in-service performance guidelines have been empirically developed which more accurately reect real-life oil and gas operations Operator Training - UPTIMEPRO is ideally suited for operator training; MSE provides training courses to suit client needs

Other Benets of UPTIMEPRO include:

Real-time adjustment of performance envelopes due to fouling and degradation Enhanced protability Extended asset life Value Improvement visibility Increased time between overhauls Safeguarded production Accurate visual representation of operating points Trending of performance over time Remote monitoring Colour-coded computed alarms Intelligent scheduling of routine maintenance, e.g. Gas Turbine water wash Ascertaining available driver power The Identication of bottlenecks in compression system performance

Digital Security
MSE recognises the importance of digital security risks to company information and processes. UPTIMEPRO mitigates any risks by running on existing DCS and historian systems. UPTIMEPRO utilises customers own software security systems, the existing data management infrastructure and the information from UPTIMEPRO is viewed through the existing user interfaces.

MSE Clients
BG Group BGT&T BHP Billiton BP Britannia Operator Ltd Centrica Storage Ltd Centrica Energy Chevron ConocoPhillips Caligari-Hess Operating Company ENAR Petrotech Fabricom GDF Suez GL Noble Denton Hess Husky Energy Marathon Marigas Company Limited ONGC Perenco Petrofac Petroleum Development Oman Petromec Pluspetrol Scottish Power Shell Global Solutions Sime Darby Engineering Star Energy Statoil Talisman Energy Total Fina Elf Wood Group

Independent oil and gas consultants

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Independent oil and gas consultants


Real-Time Performance Management through the eyes of the independent experts

Gas Compressors, Process Systems & Controls, Gas Turbines, Turbo Generators and Pumps
Are heavy machinery maintenance costs draining away your OPEX budget?
Operating and maintenance costs of heavy machinery and process plants gas turbine compressors, centrifugal compressors, turbo generators and pumps can represent up to 80% of the operating budgets of an oil and gas production asset. Therefore, any potential savings on improved operational efciency and maintenance have a major impact on the asset protability and continued production. Machine failure is normally preceded by an increase in frequency of alarms and trips, signals that are symptomatic of serious underlying problems that can remain undetected and ignored if the machine can be quickly restarted. The plant availability depends upon how an operator responds to these signals.

UPTIMEPRO is a unique, comprehensive and holistic performance management and monitoring service for oil and gas production plants. UPTIMEPRO goes beyond the standard condition monitoring and traditional engineering support to offer a complementary blend of cutting-edge software technologies with advanced operational and maintenance engineering support.

MSE expertise
MSE (Consultants) Limited is an independent engineering consultancy serving the global oil and gas industry. We have over 21 years experience of working with oil and gas companies and have completed over 350 projects. For details please visit UPTIMEPRO combines MSEs unique software technology with its availability of engineering expertise to ensure proactive monitoring and management of equipment performance. UPTIMEPRO software utilised is not another DCS or historian; nor is it a parallel condition-monitoring software. By running on the same platform (for example, it runs on OSISOFT PI data historian systems and can be congured to run on all such similar historian systems), it complements existing historian/DCS software and converts eld data into useful information. This information drives targeted and accurate performance improvement and maintenance actions. UPTIMEPRO is a tailored service which is able to meet the specic needs of the operating asset, offering realtime local and remote performance monitoring of gas compression systems.

MSE support
UPTIMEPRO engineering support complements standard vendor LTSAs for critical equipment and addresses operational issues and optimisation rather than just change-out of equipment components. UPTIMEPRO engineering support services include: Ofine process plant performance monitoring Equipment start-up and shutdown guidance Ancillary systems investigations (e.g. seal systems, lube oil systems etc). Call-off Engineering Support Agreements Gas compressor anti-surge control setting guidance

UPTIMEPRO monitors:
Centrifugal compressors Gas turbines Coolers Gas scrubbers Recycle valves

Compressor performance
Efciency Head and fouling Speed Radial vibration Axial displacement Compression power Performance loss Re-cycle ow

Gas turbine performance

Engine power Speed of power turbine EGT temperature limits Power margins Compressor washing IGV schedule

Legacy equipment operation

Operating of legacy heavy machinery in oil and gas production facilities presents constant challenges. Equipment and reliability, its performance and changing operating conditions combine to make decision processes complex. Quick xes and failure to nd the root cause of the problem invariably results in rework and increased downtime. Asset managers and operators need independent, intelligent systems and inside knowledge to make technically and economically sound decisions to ensure and improve the reliability and availability of an asset. This requires design and application engineering know-how and reliable data of the legacy equipment.

Design Know-how & Legacy Equipment

MSE offers design know-how and application engineering backed by a large database of installed heavy machinery, both old and new. Using our software tools, we assess the performance of both new and legacy compressors and turbines under varying operating conditions and provide practical and useful advice which adds real value to an oil and gas asset.