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ISLLC/ IPSB STANDARDS ISLLC Standards The Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards ISLLC #1:

Vision of Learning As a schools administrator, it is vital to be developed and articulate your schools vision by developing and implementing principles and strategies that support student learning. In the development of the schools vision or mission, it is important that the administration staff collaborates with their colleagues in developing it. The vision or mission of the school should drive the foundation of the schools goals. By collecting and analyzing data, I will identify goals and assess instructional effectiveness. The data will determine help me in creating plans so they can be achieved. During the implementation of the plans, I will monitor and evaluate progress, and revise the plan if necessary to ensure student achievement. ISLLC #2: School Culture One of the most important roles as a schools administrator is cultivating a safe and nurturing environment that supports student learning. I will promote an environment that empowers my teaching staff to collaborate, trust, learn, as well embrace high expectations for our students by implementing instructional strategies for a rigorous curriculum. Student achievement and teaching effectiveness will be continuously evaluated through student progress monitoring. In addition, as instructional supervisor I will research and continue my own education on instructional practices and technology integration to ensure best practices are implemented in our schools instructional practices. Lastly, I will encourage and provide professional development so that my

teaching staff can implement these teaching practices and technology integration effectively in their classroom instruction. ISLLC #3: Leadership/Management Style As an educational administrator, I will monitor and evaluate the management and operational systems for efficiency. I will promote the importance of providing a safe environment for our students and staff members by evaluating safety procedures an ensuring they are implement effectively. Lastly I will that bother teachers and the organizational time will be focused on supporting instruction practices and student learning. ISLLC #4: Collaborative Efforts with Families and Community In supporting student achievement as a building administrator I will effectively collaborate with my faculty and community members. With the rise of Hispanic and low socioeconomic students attending public educational institutes in the state of Indiana, I understand the importance understanding the needs of our diverse population in developing and implementing multiculturalism education. I will partner up with the community and the families ensure productivity. ISLLC #5: Legal, Ethical and Professional Behavior Having integrity and being ethical are the most important attributes an administrator should have. I will ensure a system o accountability to ensure student achievement. As an administrator I will lead by modeling the principles of selfawareness, reflective practice, transparency, and ethical behavior. I will make decision based on what is ethical and what is best for the students. I know not all decisions will be easy or popular, but must be decided on based what is what ensures student achievement

and what is morally ethical. In addition, I will safeguard the values of democracy, equity, and diversity within my school building. ISLLC #6: Political, Social, Legal, Economic, and Cultural Environments As an instruction supervisor, and a teacher I will advocate for my students and their families, which will impact student learning at the local, district, state, and national level. In addition, I will assess, analyze, and research trends and infinitives s that I can adapt my leadership strategies that will promote student success. IPSB Standards Indiana Professional Standards Board (IPSB) IPSB #7: Instructional Program As an educational leader I will guide, facilitate, and provide support for my faculty to support the success for our students achievement. I will provide leadership in instruction practices, curriculum design, and creation of meaningful assessments by being an effective instruction leader. I will conduct programs evaluation to ensure students academic needs are being met by implementing instructional practices that meet the needs of our student population and that promote higher order thinking skills. In addition, I will provide professional development for staff members, as well as implementing accountability, which will promote student success for diverse learner needs. I will be continuously research theories and research-based strategies IPSB #8: Policy Implementation I will support and facilitate student learning through the implementation of the district policies. I will effectively align and implement district policies and adhering to state and federal regulations. I will accomplish this by staying up to date to new and

upcoming educational laws, as well as working closely with my local superintendent and school board. I articulate the current policies and laws to my faculty members and evaluate if policies and regulation are implement are in compliance.