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Arg nitAnt tartBapt Nux moch Staph-Strong tendency to sleep all day.

Violent yawnings and stretchings, which cause tears to come into the eyes. Sleep retarded by mental activity (crowding o ideas!, or in conse"uence o an itching and burning sensation in the tetters and ulcers, or o violent pains in calves. Sleepy all day, awa#e all night, body aches all over. $er#ing o limbs, when sleeping. %isturbed sleep, with un"uiet dreams, and re"uent wa#ing with a start. &hild wa#es, pushes everything away and wants everybody to go away, restless at night as rom right ul dreams, calls or mother o ten. 'ascivious dreams, with emissions. Nat mur-(reat drowsiness during day, with re"uent yawning. )etarded sleep, and sleeplessness at night, with ine ectual e orts to go to sleep. %i iculty in alling asleep again, at night, a ter awa#ing. %i iculty in wa#ing, and excessively drowsy lassitude early in morning. Agitated sleep, ull o vivid and lascivious dreams, with prolonged erections and pollutions. Anxious, distressing dreams, with tears and tal#ing during sleep. *right ul dreams o "uarrels, murders, ire, thieves, etc. %reams o thieves in the house, ma#ing so strong an impression that patient wa#es up and cannot go to sleep again until the house has been searched, antastic dreams. %reams o burning thirst, starts and tal#s in sleep and tosses about. %reams which still #eep possession o the mind a ter wa#ing, and which are believed to be realities. +bullition o blood at night, with anxious heat (perspiration, violent throbbing o the arteries! and palpitation o heart. Nightmare. Somnambulism. At night, pains in bac#, "uivering, apparently o the nerves, re"uent emission o urine, headache, colic, asthmatic su erings, and great anguish o body. &arb su &arbo veg &arbn h &arbn o &on-%rowsiness during the day, even very early in the morning. Somnolence. ,nclination to sleep in the evening, with alling down o the eyelids. -ardy sleep. %isturbed and unre reshing sleep, with lachrymation, and re"uent, anxious, and right ul dreams. %reams o disease, mutilation, death, danger, and "uarrels. At night, headache, nausea, gastralgia, bleeding o the nose, pains in the limbs, etc. .al -wa#ing a ter midnight, with great anguish. Nightmare. Starting o the limbs during sleep. &rocu (raph

/reos-(reat inclination to sleep, with re"uent yawnings, sometimes with putrid taste in mouth, and want o appetite. *its o yawning, with shivering, weeping, pressive pains in orehead, or lassitude. &onstant inclination to sleep. %i iculty in going to sleep, caused by restlessness over whole body, or a sensation o atigue, with pains in all limbs. %isturbed sleep, with tossing. *re"uent wa#ing during night. 0nre reshing sleep, with paralytic sensation in all limbs on wa#ing. At night, pains in loins, internal shiverings, pulsations in head, restlessness over whole body, pressive and burning pains in eyes, agglutination o the lids, etc. Starting rom sleep in a right. *re"uent, anxious dreams, dreams o snow, o alling, pursuits, poisoning, emaciation, ire, o erections and o wanting to ma#e water, o oul and disgusting linen, etc. 'edum-(reat inclination to sleep during day, as when intoxicated, a #ind o drowsiness with great wish to lie down. Nocturnal sleeplessness, with restless tossing, 1er#ing, antastic visions and images on closing eyes. Agitated anxious dreams. 0neasy dreams, in which he changes rom place to place, and rom one sub1ect to another. 'ascivious dreams, with emission o semen. Nux vom 2pium 3uls-&onstant sleepiness and comatose sleep, with agitation and dis"uieting ancies, day or night. (reat tendency to sleep during day, principally in evening or a ternoon. ,rregular sleep, too early in evening or too late in morning, and sometimes with nocturnal sleeplessness. Sleep retarded, sometimes until two hours a ter midnight, and o ten ollowed by early wa#ing. A great low o ideas hinders sleep in evening and at night. Agitated sleep, with re"uent wa#ing, and general numbness o wa#ing. ,nability to sleep except when seated with head inclined orwards or to one side. %uring sleep, chattering, tal#ing, delirium, convulsive movements o mouth, eyes, and limbs, tears, cries, and moans, nightmare, starts rom right, shoc#s in body and 1er#ing in limbs. 4a#es up rightened and con used, #nows not where he is, cannot collect himsel . At night great agitation and tossing, in"uietude and anguish o heart, ebullition o blood, dry heat, itching, incoherent tal#ing, with ixed ideas. 4hen sleeping patient lies on bac# with #nees raised and arms placed over head or crossed over abdomen. *ear ul, right ul, anxious, con used, vivid, disgusting, voluptuous dreams, o "uarrels and o business o the day, o spectres, and o the dead. *re"uent yawning. Veratrum-5awning. %rowsy insensibility, or coma vigil, with incomplete consciousness, starts with right, and eyes hal open, or shut only on one side. (%rowsy in evening, yet cannot sleep at night.

6).-.&.!. Nocturnal sleeplessness, with great anguish. Sleep, long, uninterrupted, heavy, too pro ound. Sleep, with the arms passed over the head. %reams7 anxious, o being bitten by a dog and cannot escape, o being hunted, o robbers, with rightened awa#ening and a ixed idea that the dream is true, o "uarrels, right ul, ollowed by vomiting o a very tenacious, green mucus. 8oaning or whining during sleep. Sleep with thirst and diuresis.