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Seminar Overview
Offshore construction and design projects are complex and require the design and analysis to be performed efficiently and rigorously. Hydrodynamics and structural analyses are vital to the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries to ensure that floating structures meet challenging operational demands such as sea level rise and increased storm activity. To facilitate this, engineering simulation software must be powerful, robust and user friendly. Software solutions for the marine/offshore industry from ANSYS, Inc, the established and respected engineering simulation provider, are on focus here: ANSYS AQWA, ANSYS Structural and ANSYS CFD. These simulation solutions provides engineers comprehensive insight into their design and processes, thus enabling innovative ideas to be implemented that balances cost, functionality, reliability and environmental priorities. ANSYS, Inc and CAD-IT is pleased to invite you to a uniquely positioned event focused on engineering simulation solutions in the Marine Offshore, Oil & Gas industry. This seminar will provide a perspective on key industrial problems covering concerns in offshore & subsea structures, hydrodynamics, global analysis, process design, equipment and optimization. Participants will gain insight into how they can use engineering simulation and virtual prototyping to reduce costly experimentation, increase safety and reliability of products in todays complex oil and gas business. The seminar will also highlight broader issues of how engineering simulation is used to address technological dependence, environmental & regulatory concerns, and managing risks by integrating simulation early in the design process to help accelerate product development and discover potential problems early in the design cycle.

What customers say about our solutions

"ANSYS is a very formidable simulation tool in speeding up R&D work and reducing the needs of multiple design iterations" Wihaga Satya Khresna, Lead Engineer, Halliburton Sperry Drilling Technology "ANSYS AQWA Suite is user-friendly hydrodynamic solution, especially integrated with workbench to allow us to effectively interact with AQWA in graphic interfaces, easily carry time domain analysis on basis of results from hydrodynamic diffraction, as well as do structural checking by mapping loads to ANSYS Mechanical in a very effective way. This has greatly facilitated our department in building our strengh in the advanced analysis area." Rex Chen, Engineering Specialist, ABS Pacific SED Offshore Structures & Statutes "The after-simulate is as close to the reality as possible, and takes the least assumptions as possible. ANSYS allows you to do that. Once you see exactly whats going on, you can see what from simplified procedure can be borrowed and what can be completely re-worked" Michael Tchainikov, Structural Engineering Lead, Mustang Engineering

About the speaker

Paul Schofield has a degree in civil engineering and has worked in the oil & gas industry for almost 30 years. In recent years, he has been involved in offshore alternative energy such as wind and wave devices. He is also a member of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME). Paul's current position at ANSYS, Inc is Principal Engineer and he is based in Houston as part of the ANSYS South regional team. Paul provides pre-sales support for the Americas, Europe and Asia, assisting with WebEx presentations, benchmark creation and technical product training. Paul also works closely with the product development teams for the ANSYS Offshore products such as ANSYS AQWA, which is used for hydrodynamics and mooring analyses.

Paul has been conducting training in hydrodynamics analysis for more than 20 years, inclusive of his current role as principal engineer at ANSYS, Inc. He has also interacted and helped to support marine/offshore customers internationally, and carries with him valuable insights of what is happening in the industry and what companies are utilizing to meet design challenges and market demands.

Seminar Information
Seminar Title Dates Time Venue
: ASEAN ANSYS Marine, Oil & Gas Conference 2013

: Tuesday, 10th September 2013 : 9 am - 5 pm : Seminar Hall, Ground Floor, Bangunan UTMSPACE , No. 195A, Jalan Tun Razak, 40450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Please register early to avoid disapointment as seats are limited. CAD-IT Consultants reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event due to unforeseen circumstances For enquiries, please contact Mr. Cheong Xiang Hou at 03-7806 4626 or For corporate enquiries, please email
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