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CM7201 COMPETITIVE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS LTPC3003 AIM: To impart knowledge on the pace of changes in the manufacturing technology.

OBJECTIVE: To emphasize the knowledge on the quality improvement, automation, and advanced manufacturing techniques to create the highest-caliber products quickly, efficiently, inexpensively,and in synchronization with the marketing, sales, and customer service of the company. UNIT I MANUFACTURING IN A COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT 9 Automation of manufacturing process - umerical control - Adaptive control - material handling and movement - !ndustrial robots - "ensor technology - flexible fixtures - #esign for assembly, disassembly and service. UNIT II GROUP TECHNOLOGY & FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS 9 $art families - classification and coding - $roduction flow analysis - %achine cell design &enefits.'omponents of (%" - Application work stations - 'omputer control and functions $lanning,scheduling and control of (%" - "cheduling - )nowledge based scheduling *ierarchy of computer control - "upervisory computer. UNIT III COMPUTER SOFTWARE SIMULATION AN! !ATABASE OF FMS 9 "ystem issues - Types of software - specification and selection - Trends - Application of simulation- software - %anufacturing data systems - data flow - 'A#+'A% considerations $lanning (%" database. UNIT IV LEAN MANUFACTURING: 9 ,rigin of lean production system - 'ustomer focus - %uda .waste/ - "tandards - 0" system Total $roductive %aintenance - standardized work -%an power reduction - ,verall efficiency )aizen - 'ommon layouts - $rinciples of 1!T - 1idoka concept - $oka-2oke .mistake proofing/ 3orker !nvolvement- 4uality circle activity - )aizen training - "uggestion $rogrammes *oshin $lanning "ystem .systematic planning methodology/ - 5ean culture. UNIT V JUST IN TIME 9 'haracteristics of 1!T - $ull method - quality -small lot sizes - work station loads - close supplier ties - flexible work force - line flow strategy - preventive maintenance - )anban system strategic implications - implementation issues - 5ean manufacture. TOTAL: "# PERIO!S TEXT BOO$S: 6. 7roover %.$., 8 Automation, $roduction "ystems and 'omputer !ntegrated %anufacturing 8, Third 9dition, $rentice-*all, :;;<. :. $ascal #ennis, =5ean $roduction "implified> A $lain-5anguage 7uide to the 3orld?s %ost $owerful $roduction "ystem@, ."econd edition/, $roductivity $ress, ew 2ork, :;;<. REFERENCES 6. 1ha, .). =*andbook of (lexible %anufacturing "ystems 8, Academic $ress !nc., 6AA6. :. )alpkBian, =%anufacturing 9ngineering and Technology 8, Addison-3esley $ublishing 'o., 6AA0. C. Taiichi ,hno, Toyota, 8 $roduction "ystem &eyond 5arge-"cale production $roductivity $ress .!ndia/ $vt.5td. 6AA:.