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In order to give incentive to individuals and organisations which have achieve good results in the implementation and administration of occupational safety and health activities according to the Labour Code, after the consultation with the State Reward Institute and the other concerned bodies, MOLISA provides the guidance for annually rewarding on occupational safety and health activities as follows I ! S"#$%C&S 1 Co!!"#$%&"'( a' All "nderta(ings and %nterprises including production groups and production teams of all economic sectors) b' All "nits in charge of Occupational safety and health Activities in "nderta(ings and %nterprises) 2 I)*%&%*+,!'( a' &he full ! time or part ! time Staffs in charge of Occupational safety and health Activities in "nderta(ings and %nterprises* b' +irectors and vice! directors of the "nderta(ings and %nterprises* c' ,or(ers, including the group-s leaders II) &.% CR&&%RIA /OR R%,AR+ 1 Co!!"#$%&"' 1.1. In case of Undertakings and other business units: a' %very year a plan which meets all re0uirements on safety and health, fire and blasting protection is developed, ade0uate budget is allocated to ensure effective implementation of the plan* Occupational safety and health Activities is well implemented in combination with production development and productivity increase) b' Responsibility of each level and position of administration and the internal rules, processes, measures on safety for each (ind of machinery, e0uipment, 1obs are clearly defined) c' 2art ! time or full!time staffs is assigned for Occupational safety and health, a networ( of safety and health is found in every wor(ing groups, the fire protection force is available and in good performance) d' Many efficient measures and ade0uate investment have been made in order to improve the ,or(er-s wor(ing conditions) e' Occupational safety and health benefits are fully 2aid allowance in accordance with the law, such as ! &raining on occupational safety and health, fire ! blast 2rotection* ! &echnical inspection and application for a licence of "se Of machinery e0uipment, materials, substances having strict re0uirements on occupational safety and health as re0uired by law* ! 2roviding ade0uate personal protective e0uipment, fire ! blast protective and emergence medical devices in accordance with prescribe norms and (eeping regular chee(s and maintenance to ensure their effective use ! 2roviding sufficiently and properly compensation in (ind ! 2eriodical health e3amination is well organised* ! All regulations on wor(ing time and time of rest are strictly observed* f' 4o fatal occupational accident or accident that cause in1ures for several employees and fire ! blast accidents have happened in a year) g' /ull compliance with regulations on periodical declaration, inspection, statistics and report on occupational accidents and diseases) h' %nvironment and surrounding is preserved in clean and beauty) 1.2. In case of working groups:

a' A safety plan is available and in operation safety procedures and standards are strictly observed) b' Safety cadres and hygienist are wor(ing activity and effectively) c' AIl following occupational safety and health regulations are well implemented ! &o guide and supervise the use and maintenance of personal protective, fire!blast protection, emergency aid devices and (eep regular inspection, ensure their effective use* ! &o observe all regulations on time of wor( and time of rest* d' &here are no fatal occupational accident or accident that cause or in1ury for several employees, no fire!blast accidents* e' &o declare and do statistics all cases of occupational accident fully) 2 I)*%&%*+,!' 5)6) In case ofthe part!time or full!time occupational safety and health staffs of "nderta(ings and %nterprises a' &o advise the "nderta(ing-s leaders to implement sufficiently occupational safety and health legislation) &o develop long!term and annual plans on Occupational safety and health, to prepare a budget estimate to propose measures for implementation to employers* b' &o establish and (eep a file of, document and records relating to Occupational safety and health Activities in accordance with regulations such as Internal rules, processes and procedures on occupational safety* training records, occupational in1ury records, record of sub1ects having strict re0uirements on occupational safety and health, sell inspection records, training materials) c' &o (now e3actly number of machinery, e0uipment, materials and substances having strict re0uirements on occupational safety and health under administration of units, to have a periodical inspection plan and get licence of use) d' &o be regularly present at wor(place to and coordinate with concerned individuals and organisation in order to remind, to chec( and to supervise the implementation by employees all regulations on occupational safety and health, fire!blast protection, to inspect and find out causes of the occupational accident, production incidents and ma(e statistic reports accordance with laws) e' &o have some innovations on technical improvement and administration which aim to improve the wor(ing conditions and to ensure occupational safety and health) 2.2. In case of Director, vice director of Undertakings and Enterprises: a' &o fulfil properly all regulations, procedures and standards on OS. as defined in point I)I Section II* b' &o have innovation on technical improvement and administration, which aim to improve the wor(ing conditions, and to ensure the occupational safety and health) 2.3. In case of worker (inc uding fore!an, eader of group and e"uiva ent#: a' &o observe strictly all safety procedures and standards and do not admit any occupational accident) b' &o carry out sufficiently all provisions on occupational safety and health concerning provide personal protective devices fire!blast protection devices, self chec( and self control) c' &o be diligent roll in occupational safety and health movement of unit, having contribution into detecting and eliminating ris(s of occupational accidents and diseases) d' &o have innovations on technical improvement which aim to improve wor(ing conditions and to prevent occupational accidents) III ! /ORM O/ R%,AR+I47 1 I) #,'" o- Co!!"#$%&" ! Letter of commendation* ! Certificate of merit* ! Challenge banner* ! Labour medal 8order') 2 I) #,'" o- %)*%&%*+,! ! Letter of commendation*

! Certificate of merit* ! Labour Medal 8order') l9 !COM2%&%4C% A4+ 2ROC%+"R% /OR R%,AR+ 1 P"o.!"/' #o)+)%$$"" o- .0o&%)#" ,)* C%$%"' U)*"0 $1" C")$0,! Go&"0)2")$( ! #asing on the forms and criteria of rewarding as mention above and within its competence, 2eople-s Committee of province or Cities under the Central 7overnment shall consider and reward individuals, collectives referred to section I, who have rendered goof service in administration of occupational safety and health, fire!blast protection activities* ! &he number of rewards and its procedures are decided by the 2eople-s Committee of provinces or Cities under the Central 7overnment) 2 MOLISA '1,!! 0"3,0* $1" #"0$%-%#,$" o- 2"0%$4 #1,!!")5" 6,))"0 $o #o!!"#$%&"' ,)* %)*%&%*+,!' 31o 1,&"3")*"0"* 5oo* '"0&%#"' 2. I. $o reward %&'I()*( certificate of !erit: ! &he ma3imum number of certificates for individuals and collectives is defined as follows a' A certificates of merit to one individual and one collective shall be offered to the locality, which has less than 5:: "nderta(ings offers b' &wo certificates of merit to two individuals and two collectives respectively shall be offered to the locality, which has from 5:: to 6::: "nderta(ings) c' &hree certificates of merit to two individuals and three collectives respectively shall be offered to the locality, which has more than 6::: "nderta(ings offers ! &he Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs departments select individuals and collectives operating within)localities and report to the 2eople-s Committee of province in order to re0uest to MOLISA to honour them !with a certificate of merit) &his re0uest needs to be supplemented with recommendations of local reward councils, or supervising ministries branches) 2.2. $o reward with %&'I()*( cha enge banner: Annually, MOLISA shall select among the proposed candidates some collectives having to Occupational Safety and .ealth Activities in localities with industrial density and concentration of many several hard, ha;ardous, dangerous elements for reward of MOLISA-S challenge banner) 7 To .0o.o'" , #,)*%*,$" -o0 $1" P0%2" M%)%'$"0/' #"0$%-%#,$" o- 2"0%$ ,)* $1" Go&"0)2")$/' #1,!!")5" 6,))"0( 3. 1. $o propose a candidate for the +ri!e %inister*s certificate of !erit: ! Annually, MOLISA shall submit to the 7overnment a list of individuals and collective proposed for the 7overnment-s certificate of merit for their contribution to Occupational safety and health Activities* ! Localities shall select candidates among those who have been rewarded with certificate of merit for their contribution to Occupational safety and health Activities for < years consecutively of MOLISA or by 2eople-s Committee of provinces, cities under the Central 7overnment or have been rewarded with I challenge banner and 5 certificates of merit of MOLISA for = years consecutively* ! MOLISA shall in co!operation with State Institute of %mulation and Reward consider and submit candidates to the 2rime Minister for decision) 3.2. $o propose a candidate for cha enge banner of govern!ent. ! Annually, based on the list of underta(ings which have been reward by Minister of MOLISA or Chairman of 2rovincial 2eople-s Committee, MOLISA shall select the most eminent collective in order to propose rewarding with the 7overnment- challenge banner) 8 To .0o.o'" $o $1" S$,$" -o0 $1" 0"3,0* o- !,6o+0 o0*"0 ! Labour order is reward to individuals and collectives which have rendered meritorious services to Occupational safety and health Activities and have been rewarded with 2rime

Minister-s certificate of merit or the challenge banners of 7overnment and MOLISA or a banner, certificate of merit of 2eople-s Committee of province, Cities for their achievements in Occupational safety and health Activities for < years consecutively) Special attention should be paid to branches having several hard, harmful, dangerous elements, such as mining, construction, transportation, heavy and chemical industries) ! &he local people-s committee shall co operate with line Ministries of "nderta(ings located in their localities to consider and propose to State for rewarding labour order) MOLISA shall collect and classify all candidates and co!ordinate with State Institute of Reward to submit to 7overnment for approval and decision) 9 A*-1o# 0"3,0* Individuals and collectives having ad!hoc achievements in Occupational safety and health Activities shall be proposed by Ministries, branches, localities and collective organisations for a reward with MOLISA-S or the 2rime Minister-s certificate of merit or labour order immediately after those achievement are made, not wait for the end of a year) 9 ! R%,AR+ 2RO2OSAL S.ALL CO4SIS& O/ 6) &he official letter of proposal, or report, in which the proposed reward forms by the competent authorities are clearly defined) 5) &he profile list of the nominated individuals and collectives la form is attached') =) +escription of achievements of the nominated individuals and collectives compared to merit criteria and verified by .ead of underta(ing, office 9I ! IM2L%M%4&A&IO4 2RO9ISIO4 6) All provisions in this +ecree shall be effective from6>>?) 5) &he proposal for a reward made by the local authorities should be sent to the MOLISA before =:th of 4ovember every year) %3ception is for the case of 6>>? when proposal should be sent before 5<th of $anuary 6>>@) ! &he individuals and collective nominees in the armed force and police are collected and classified by Ministry of +efence and Ministry of Internal Affair sent to the MOLISA* ! &he Ministries, and branches may propose to local authorities for annual reward on Occupational safety and health Activities, in respect of those units under their administration but located in those localities) =) &he Occupational Safety and .ealth +epartment is obliged to co ordinate with the Merit and %ducation department in collecting and classifying the reward proposals in order to submit to the Ministers for decision within it-s competence and propose to the 2rime Ministry for consideration of higher reward) A) &he Labour, Invalids and Social Affair +epartment shall be responsible for co ordinate with local Merit bodies to assist the 2eople-s committee in implementing this wor( at local level) Ministries branches, localities and mass organisations shall report problems arising to the MOLISA for study and amendment) THE MINISTER OF THE MOLISA T0,) D%)1 Ho,) P0o2+!5,$"* %) ,$$#12")$ $o #%#+!,0 No 20/1997/TT-BLDTBXH *,$"* 17 *"#"26"04 1997 o- MOLISA 4ame of Office LIST o- I)*%&%*+,!' ,)* #o!!"#$%&" )o2%)""' -o0 0"3,0*


4ame of enterprise or individual

4ame of supervising organsation Specify the name of general company co operation, industry'

Summarised achievements

/rom of award


Specify the most eminent achevements and rewards have been given in the previous year