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Capulet He can stay He has done know wrong, and I say he can stay; get out, Im in charge here,

not you: get out. You wont let him stay, God help me now, You want to cause chaos among my guests? You want to cause trouble, are you the boss.

Tybalt Why uncle it is a shame-


Get out, get out You are a naughty boy, am I correct? May what I say haunt you, You must obey me, or I will punish you (To Guests)Well said my friends! (To Tybalt)You insolent boy, go: Be quiet or-(To Servants) more light, more light! (To Tybalt)You should be Ashamed Ill makes you quiet (To guests) having fun my friends!


fine I will remain patient for now, But I will I will get revenge I will hide my angry feelings and pretend to for now. I wont start fight, but my vengeful plans will have to wait. he can enjoy is time here but I will get him.


I offer you my unworthy self. To someone as beautiful as you feel like I am a sin and youre ever so holy.

I am like to pilgrims standing before a church. I need you to help me by giving me a kiss.


Good pilgrim, you do too much wrong with your hands. The way you talk proves it. Saints and pilgrims both have hands, and their hands do touch. But they use their lips for prayer.

Romeo Juliet Romeo

Saints also kiss, dont they? Pilgrims should use their lips for prayers. Ok lets put our lips together like we put our hands together in prayer I pray that my faith in you wont make me miserable.


Saints dont move, but they do grant wishes from prayers.


Then dont move, while I make my wish come true. (Kisses her) By kissing you I have committed a sin, Let me commit this sin again.


You kiss very well

Nurse Madam, Your mother wants to speak to you Romeo Who is her mother? Nurse she is married to the man whos throwing the party. She is a nice and wise lady. I nursed her daughter, the one youre talking too. Whoever marries her will be very lucky. Romeo Shes a Capulet.

I keep on falling in love with the Capulet women.

Benvolio Come on lets go. This was a good party.


I think I dont want to go.

Capulet No, You cant go now The party is still on, (They whisper in ear)

Youre going right? Thank you for coming . Thank you for behaving; good night. Turn on more lights over here! Come on lets go to bed. I am going to rest.

Juliet Come here nurse .Who was that man?

Nurse The son of old Tibero

Juliet is that him going out the door

Nurse maybe but isnt that young Perutio

Juliet he comes to a party but does not dance?