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Kill Thy Neighbor Preface ------If you do indeed take the information provided in this article seriously enough

to do it, please forget where you read it. Poisons -------The first and probably least known way to maime!such a nice word" someone is through the use of various herbal e#tracts..!no I don$t mean %insemella" &iffenbachia !dumbcane" '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-' Take (-) of the leaves and boil them in water !don$t inhale the fumes" *hen the water becomes a greenish color, take the leaves and throw them away..Now take the li+uid and add it to the victims drink,food etc..The victims voice goes kaput. ,leander. '-'-'-'-' Take a twig of this bush and grind it into a fine powder..Place the powder in the salt shaker,or substitute it for any other type of seasoning...-auses death within .-) hours...sometimes +uicker Poison ,ak/Ivy. '-'-'-'-'-'-'-' Take the leaves and do the above process..,r boil the leaves and when the water turns brownish/green pour it out into a vial...0dd a few drops to the victims beverage.. It tends to destroy the victims vocal cords... %ystemic roses. '-'-'-'-'-'-'-' Take a rose bush and soak the ground around it with a very poisonous fertili1er..In the days following the roses leaves,stems,etc will become highly deadly..*hen the victim gets scratched by it..2e/she dies..

Poisons Part ( -------------The second and more common poisons are that of deadly metals and earthy e#tracts. %odium 0rsenide. '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'This along with 3ead 0rsenide rank in the top ten of leathal materials %odium 0rsenide can be a+uired at a glass staining shop..It is placed int the victims food,etc. Potassium -yanide. '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'This is chemical is contained in appleseeds..To get it you must grind up about 4( o1 of apple seeds ..The effect is close to radiation poisoning...It kills within 5 hours / -urare. '-'-'-' This substance is basically a bad poison..It is various poisons combined into a leathal dosage..It kills within )6 minutes. 3ead. '-'-' 0lthough this material is very common it is also very deadly..Take about .7-)7 grams of lead shavings!dust" and put them in someones food.. It does wonders....8ack9: ;ercury. '-'-'-';ercury is a highly deadly material that kills skin on contact...To use most effectivly,place about (7 grams wherever the victim might place his hand or any other part of his body for that matter..,r place it in his food supply...It to does wonders...8ack9: Plutonium. '-'-'-'-'This material along with Pulonium, is 8<=>?: deadly...It causes cancer in even the most minute dosages. If the victim is e#posed to it he will die within a week of radiation poisoning....8glow in the dark9:

,thers !@nknown9" '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-' 0lthough it is impossible to list all of the deadly substances here I will show how to make contact poison... !credit to Ima 2acker" take . no-fly pest strips !tm" place them in a Aar of turpentine overnight..In the morning scoop out the white/brown gel at the bottom. it kills in 57 seconds..-ount $em !again credit must go to Ima 2acker" 2ighway 0ccidentsBBB -------------------The following section describes various was to seriously harm the occupant by destroying the victims car... =#plosions '-'-'-'-'Take a film canister filled with li+uid drano and drop it into the gas tank...&o this Aust before your target enters his car...*hen he$s driving down the freeway or any other part of the 2T% his car will suddenly become engulfed in flame. -arbon ;ono#ide !-," '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'&rill a small hole into the e#haust system of the victims car..Crom it run a length of tubing into the passenger compartment..0fter (7 minutes he will fall onto the floor and most probably die when he hits something. %tuck 0ccelerator '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-' Cind the victims throttle cable and cut follow the piece coming out of the manifold..Now supposing you found where it intersects the valve...There should be a small spring there that keeps the valve closed...-ut it...push the valve open....clean up...*hen ;r. <ictim starts his car the engine will race. when he shifts he should fly out of

control down the roadway..until 8K=>0%2: ,ther more messy ways --------------------This section is not really what you would call classic..but i suppose it$ll have to do. The -hain saw. '-'-'-'-'-'-'&on a ski mask and follow your victim. *hen he stops and turns around... Dive his limbs a vacation with your nifty poulan chainsaw....... The =#ploding 2ouse. '-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'Take one pound of plasti+ue and a blasting cap...hook the two wires of the blasting cap onto your victims telephone Eo#..insert the blasting cap into the plasti+ue..Now place the plasti+ue underneath the victims gas meter..Do to a pay phone and dial his number...when the phone rings 8E0000>>>,,,,,,;;9: house and all... -onclusion ---------This file was first suggested by %omeone =lse, F The =raser.. &utifully Typed by The 0rsonist. ----------------------------------&utifully stolen by T2= E=>G=>K=>. &,*N3,0&=& C>,; P-H7 %?%T=;%...... I-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-''-'-'-I 0nother file downloaded from The NI><0N0net!tm" %even F the Temple of the %creaming =lectron 6H)6 Eurn This Clag JK55 Taipan =nigma Gardo1 647/J.6)7H/.5.-

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