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Dear Jaden Smith, May I just say that you are progressing wonderfully as an actor.

The Karate Kid remake was a great portrayal of your artistic abilities; your role demonstrated the vast improvement of acting skills, which are that of a role model for our generation. You are a great actor and you have been raised in a commendable way by your parents. However, there are different privileges that you have that others dont. You, as a young actor with unlimited means, can get an education in many different ways, yet there are so many kids that are not at the same level as you, and are more limited with the choices they have available. These tweets about education being rebellion and that if everyone dropped out of school, we would have a much more intelligent society were, in my opinion, uncalled for. These types of tweets are, sometim es the cause for others actions, since they look up to you as a role model. To start off with, these tweets are not socially acceptable. The first one kind of stood out to me: School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth. I dont know why you tweet in all caps, but Im not here to write about that. First, this tweet is just wrong. School happens to be the foundation that students rely on to help them have a successful future. The second one was shorter than the other one, yet still as equally wrong as the first one: Education Is Rebellion. This is just plain awful. Education is a fundamental aspect of learning that shouldn't be rebelled against. This next tweet just irked me so much that I had to write to you and tell you about it: If Everyone In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society. This tweet makes me want to (no offense) punch you in the face. This is one of the reasons that I feel that writing to you might give you some sense on where you stand on the balance between positive and negative. Education and school are important to this world. Just because you dont have to go to school doesn't mean that you tweeting about that makes it right for any of the students that look up to you and think that because Jaden does it, I have to do it too. Just saying, tweets like this may result in many consequences, starting with the possibility of thousands of students dropping out. Just saying, this is not the image you want to portray. Everyone knows you as the son of Will Smith, the man that has left a positive imprint on the world. He is known for his positive spin on comedy and his charismatic way of acting. He is one of my favorite actors because of his positive attitude. 'The Prince of Bel Air,' a show that your dad came up with, showed a subliminal message that he created: how a street guy, living in the hood, making bad decisions move somewhere that is more safe and positive. He shows that everyone doesn't have to be negative, and that there can be positive results to positive actions in the world. You, as his son, need to be more positive. These tweets are showing your negative side, a side that is quite the opposite of what people, even your father, expected of you. These kind of tweets can jeopardize the bond your fans have with you AND your father, Will. He raised you to be better, not as a negative teenager spewing controversial sentences on Twitter.

To finish off, Jaden, dropping out of school will not make the world much more intelligent. In contrast, it would actually make it less intelligent, with the sense that there are many kids not getting ANY education. We cant be more intelligent if dropping out was our way of not knowing how to deconstruct a passage for a standardized test. There are many reasons that education is important and I want you to know that, even though you are a good kid and you aren't necessarily this rebellious against education, there are almost thousands of people that are counting on you to make the right decision and not goof up. From one fan that sincerely cares about the way that this world is going, go to school. Please.

Sincerely, Nikolas Lam