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The most Absurd, Grotesque, Vulgar Crimes in the Entire History of Humans. The crimes of radio frequencies to brain, and thousands upon thousands of studies on the public exceeds the term grotesque. This article is not just about something, or political, the administration will not stop for one day directing weapons at me (31 years and with cochlear brain implants), manipulating thoughts, denying my real religious or any other beliefs, and committing crimes, and on my son, and has spent years stealing intellectual information while using agents to fabricate lies for daily harassment, terrorizing and continued weapons direction. They have and are killing millions worldwide, and in Israel. (See Bushs investments in 'psych' wards for those who get terrorized each day, serious weapons to the brain and body, for knowing what it really taking place). KGB/NSA and Mossad assination units. All of the ideologies from new world order, to the cover up agents, were used and arrested, and judges put in at each stage to 'correct' the others who were used in corruption, and even they went on to be killed by those in weapons deals. More recently, they deny Jewish their rights, as in the case in Wilmington, and as in my own case, each day committing crimes, dneying real Judaic thought, or any thought, so they can keep their 'class wars' and 'race' and 'religious' wars going for weapons deals each day, in the end only those in those weapons and oil deals making out. In Africa we now see them setting up new oil installations, new construction, like it will be in Israel, after mass deaths, and using Oprah Winfrey to patronize and totally destroyed society and millions of partentles children that will be used as next genrations of agents, terrorists, or used in medical studies, mass weapons proliferations and medical abuses, scientific abuses. The military now, and police, for years have been used in these crimes with directed weaponry to destroy people, and then bring on new agents, one crime after the other, and try to blame it on the families and persons that are victims. They are being used on the whole public. They will all come to arrest or death by those in weapons industry: Microwave as sound, heat as weapon, maximum pain aim of US weapon The WE News Archives ... microwave field measurement excluding the usual sources (cell phone towers, etc. ... War Crimes Illegality of Preventive Attack. Unilateral Use of Force OTHER Major Government Crimes The MICROWAVE FRYING to death of Iraqi soldiers - The no-warrant abduction of small children ... Forbes who worked in one of the World Trade Center towers. Transmitter Sites from Hell Pictures of radio towers, antennas, and studios. Category: California > Central Valley > Radio Life manipulation in surveillance system and Crimes committecd by Involved Agents The development of the domestic surveillance system, its capabilities, and its ... invisible operatives have even used microwave voice to unlawfully drive unaware The administration is committing crimes on the whole public, and anyone involved, including attorney generals will be arrested later. They have committed hundreds of outward crimes, and disrupted us all day in conjunction with CIA/NSA/KGB directed weapons to brain, still using them to cause extreme disruption of body mind and daily activity that is learned on my son. They have committed heinous crimes to disrupt life for years and still keep using remote neural monitoring and fabricating lies for crimes on myself and my son from sending anthrax, to mind controls, attampted kidnapping of my son in 2001, RICO crimes, using the CIA in 'drug wars' to commit crimes on us, entering the home, using NSA agents to commit crimes, signals, causing DAILY disruption, agents trying to run us over, and threatening when trying to report the crimes. They will not stop. Mass police and police chief arrests have already taken place for being 'pushed' into committing crimes by the CIA and others at the higher end of mind controls and public manipulation. All of those from Attorney Gnerals, and Governors who have recieved letters from victims, and professionals on these weapons, like in other states, will be arrested, along with anyone else. We have already seen mass arrests in every area. And the deaths of 'scientists' who are simply ordered to direct weapons at the public and victims of daily torture. In South America and other nations every single person those in weapons got rif of somehow after these weapons deals, including the Israeli Mossad, the IDF soldiers, and Isreali Army, induing 'suicidal thoughts,' Israelis worldwide were killed in every kind of way, with directed weaponry for those who actually think. The fake Christian Leaders will all be arrested, and the world can't wait! However, there has always been a few profitting from the "Christian-satanic" destruction of Jewish communities and pogroms, standing in between real peace to keep the wars going, connected to the R.C. Church. The only persons making out on each individual after firings, arrests, deaths, (31 years in my case) is cochlear implants, and those behind the top most military manufacturing and aerospace, weapons. They can simply use religion, race, and every kind of ideology with individuals for continuous wars, at each phase using another group to believe they are covering up for one of those things. In 1989, they began with more operatives, some later fired, to commit more crimes on us, which got worse as time went on and this world war for a million reasons, are going to allow the perpetrators to keep committing crimes. I want to bring a law suit for the 31 years of crimes on me using different agents and agendas at each political phase for weapons deals, and ten going on to using lies every single day with NSA sommitting crimes, fabricating one lie after the other each day, trying to bring us to false arrests or death, or both, destroying relationships, as several friends were destroyed and some still harassed, and interfering with family for over 16 years, daily directed weapons on my son, still, to try and cooberate their lies and cover ups. See the other victims; that is--those who will not be part of the crimes of the Bush administration, from college professionals, to doctors, and other intelligent, caring families and people. World Day to End the Silent Holocaust TORTURE VICTIMS BOARD (and account of victim James Graf in NJ) This isnt victims or war or part of the population but all of the population except for the top most beneficiaries in patents and weapons, and aerospace manufacturing, and a few families doing it, as you can see the destruction beforehand on the Jewish population, which is continuing to their death of many. Everyone is used for weapons deals, directing weapons and programming, to torture, one way or the other, on each other for the deals, and then fired or arrested in every area, or killed. CAROL RUTZS LECTURE AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY, 2003 The Army's Chemical Corps at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland ended up conducting ... Much of this psi research came under the control of the Soviet military and KGB. Torture on Americans (see the harassment and terrorizing of myself, my son, and millions of other people, see below for the Jewish deaths, and the mental institutes (See Bush and others with investments in these institutes and building them by 1999 to lock innocent people up when their other crimes do not work and the individuals try to expose them) with billions of dollars of fraud, arrests at each phase of killings). The Bush administration has already committed hundreds of crimes and destruction on myself (for 31 years) and my family, and will not stop using directed frequencies. I know many, including friends, Jewish suicides, directed weaponry on Jewish families, and associates even since the 1970s who were linked to the Mossad, and Bush child kidnappings. These are used on those put in under the aerospace and weapons industries to commit crimes on the public, at each interval of firings and public propaganda, using those with dissolution of memory and programmed cyborgs. This is still ongoing, and now has been used on all of those who claim they havent seen a thing

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going on in the country. Any kind of state of mind or control can be done long range, as seen in Israel as well. At the end of the world war, there again, is arrests of the scientists, and deaths of CIA, and the setting up of new people for testing during peace time as they have now gotten rid of those used during the last peace time, or are still trying to. Weapons deals and manipulations around Israel have a direct link to these leaders manipulating right down to the police departments and corruption in the courts, the mass arrests of judges that recently took place, and then hiring new people to cover up the money laundering and crimes. All of the mind control studies are continuously used on ALL. however, those who cannot be controlled to commit crimes or come to an accusation or arrest, are continuously attacked, thier whole lives, and daily torment over ANY thought. Those in NSA 'spying' went on to be used to terrorize even AFTER my brain was in shock already, and they used the most petty criminals, and lies for 24/7 terrorizing of me and my son. Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA: Drugs, electronics and electroshock Targeting: Short range Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: Local production Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion Subprojects: Many. Pseudonym: Project Artichoke Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M. They take information as it is given them from those in directed energy weapons profits, and operate as told or as informed for that position, until their arrest (see arrests below). There are usually three sets of hires, fires, arrests, many deaths during world war. We are on the second to third now. It is done through: Targeting: Long range Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B. Most do not need to be abducted unless they are going to use the children or person for severe torture programming. The CIA/DARPA/Mossad was used for abduction in my case (with further attempted kidnappings) possibly because of the Cameron involvement in (Canada case) and because I had not been in surgery at the time. Everyone is tracked now with signals and satellites worldwide using RFID (radio frequency Identification). The crimes are heinous and do not have to do with tracking but with serious crimes on all with directed frequency. Most of the human rights issues brought out have more to do with what is being used rather than how it is being used. Many, including the millions of Jewish deaths, began noticing the crimes in 1989, while they changed over every single operative for this time period of weapons usage, as well as our own family. The Bush family and those in weapons, including the Cochlear implants, have been used on myself since 1974, November. Let it be known that every single person involved, including those scientists, military operatives, and doctors will come to arrest. Every single day, they keep using signals to the head and body, and after years of crimes, and continue to pretend to be surveilling using at the top the highest criminals and Mossad, and then trying to pass along lies while destroying. They continue to use the government as this all-elusive person behind the crimes, when in fact, it is again only a few people making off with trillions each year on the rest. The Bush administration has not stopped committing crimes on our family for weapons deals. Directing radio frequencies and hundreds of outward crimes, while rotating, firing, and bringing investigations on those involved, only to hire more operatives, one after the other. Tey have already killed millions of Jewish and nonJewish worldwide. Those in weapons profits have continued since the last holocaust with inducing illnesses, directed weaponry, all day long on populations, to the brains with thousands of studies over top of studies, and then studying again, and again, with more weapons, those illnesses and behaviors they induced in the public, conflict, they created with such extreme weaponry. You may have heard about the bombings of the twin towers and how officials were behind it. You may have heard about Katrina and how over 7000 people were killed, including being shot in the stadiums. You may have even heard about bomb threats which are done by the CIA. You may have heard of evacuations all over the country. You may have heard of chemical corporations purposely dumping (another case of the century of mind control by those in top weapons anyway). You may have heard of the spraying of the skies with barium used for weather manipulation and directed weaponry. You may see murders each day now in the media. But the crimes that we are seeing now are the most grotesque, vulgar crimes ever in the history of mankind, many you may not be aware of. Johannes Kepler, from the early 1600s, studied the radio frequencies of the planets in his Harmonies he discussed [what had been discussions before] in science, spheres, the solid figures in all forms, down to the smallest of particles, and the ratios of the planets to the sun, the vibrations or radio frequencies given off, and their harmonies. He made a quote, stating, I commence a sacred discourse, a most true hymn to God the founder, and I judge it to be piety, not to sacrifice many hetacombs to bulls to Him (the Eternal), and to burn incense of innumerable perfumes and cassia, but first to learn myself, and afterwards to teach others too He also spoke against pagan philosophies. The writings are detailed and have been re-written in Stephen Hawkings book, On the Shoulders of Giants, The Great Works of Physics and Astronomy. He suddenly died of a fever when going to collect some money owed. Right now, they have created cyborgs programmed in cults, who think of this knowledge of frequencies in a much lower-minded, cult-like attitude, that is not real knowledge but only programming. They are being used with the HAARP microwave system and other areas. All of those spraying, directing weapons and committing crimes are cult programmed, but will come to arrest. During the Black Death the Roman Catholic Church and scientists before Keplers time had already known about biological weapons and plagues. Even during Rome, they continued to kill Rabbis who spoke against the crimes and anyone else they could steal from. Three fourths of the planet was wiped out by the Black Death. After the middle century what would have been mysticism or secret knowledge groups, enmeshed more with those looking more for profit, creating hundreds more cults for manipulation, killing and taking all intellectual knowledge by those actions as stated below, and finally turning mysticism (as some refer to it) into Satanism (the Alister Crowley type we know today) with a hundred different off shoots of this satanic church that you see today for more profits in crime. None of this has to do with any original thought or even linked to Judaism or anything else. Around 1900, there were the first signs, and cases of Jewish men being implanted with brain implants as the study of radio-frequency gets heavier. They continue to do this over and over again, profiting highly by denying the technology to those who they can keep controlled since then. During WWII, they stepped up their crimes, gathering up millions of Jewish as well as non-Jewish, and using crime on them, transferring them, implanting brain implants for programming, killing many during transfer. As time goes on, those in crime continue the killings of Jewish, Rabbis, and those in science, monopolizing this science especially after the Rockefellers monopoly on oil and taking Jewish intellectual information, killing those who cannot be programmed for the cycles of their profits in weapons mutilation on the public and world wars. The deaths of Rabbis and Jewish by biochemical weapons shows this to be true from 1900, to the present whereas the whole system is set up in a criminal nature, i.e., Marxism was part of that brainwashing to have a system where they can keep monopolizing medical abuses, radiation abuses, biological abuses on the public with only a very few profiting. the Rockefellers, the Bush/Amschel/Baur families, and a few others actually made their money by the deaths of millions of Jewish and every single person they use for weapons, medical, and other crimes; from the scientists, to the Gangsters, to the programmed crime groups only doing their job. The holocaust has not stopped since the 1890s and is not for Israel, or anyone who will not commit heinous crimes for those in weapons. And even when they do, they come to arrest or death in some way. Because of such tight networks among Jewish, they sometimes target them in different ways, even though the deaths, over another million since the 1940s are the same. Those selling brain implants at the top, those selling weapons, HAVE MADE THEIR MONEY BY MILLIONS OF JEWISH DEATHS, AND AGAIN SINCE 1950 HAVE KILLED MILLIONS OF JEWISH. They have continuously stolen intellectual works of Jewish that are right minded and induced death in some way. Now, you can be a Satanist with a website telling of how youd like to kill, or you can be part of the save marijuana cults and you can be a president just waiting for their crimes tribunal, (all of whom are put through years of child abuse, ritual, used in the CIA as killers, and Moloch Worshippers under child ritual killings) or you can be part of Opus Dai, a cult believing in passing gas, or you can believe in Reptillian Aliens and turn the whole Torah into alien odyssey, you can be used for crimes against the public until your death by upper management, but you cannot be intelligent or innocent and see the fallacies behind all the groups programmed to be used in crime with the CIA or you will be the daily target of crimes by the top criminals. In all cases, the directed crime, and lies given to everyone they can are given by top military making the trillions off the deaths for those with investments in war and the patents for brain implants, who think they have the right to use everyone in the world for their money making schemes, from the Mafia, to the KGB, to the English CIA, the American CIA, foreign militaries being brought into the U.S., the Chinese mafia (which they just took out and accused a homeland security head of giving them their passports). When you are innocent, they are going to in one way or the other, use biochemical weapons on you (in my own case since age 7 with illegal brain implants they are now selling) every single day of your life to try to accuse you of something while they commit thousands of crimes. This is the case with Rabbi Meir Kahane, hundreds of other Rabbis (except for those they induced with death or killed by hired and/or brainwashed criminals) Things do not just happen. Neither do arrests. THERE HAS BEEN SURVEILLANCE IN EVERY AREA, WORLDWIDE SINCE BEFORE THE LAST WORLD WAR, then we could be sure before 20 years of abuse by a priest it would be known. THIS IS NOT AN ASSUMPTION BUT FACT. They also just accused many Rabbis of crimes. Why wouldnt they have been accused earlier? When those who keep these holocausts going got control of such biochemical weapons, and Israel, and the brainwashing, they set down this holocaust system using Russian agents, Gangsters, and by direction of top billionaires, the Rockefellers investing in war and the weapons, medical abuses. If there can be all stops pulled in Israel, after thousands of deaths and weapons deals and rewarding top gangsters, locking up those

who 'commit crimes' after using them in wars for years, then we can see that that while arrests occur here, they continue manipulating wars for weapons, still putting in places, those who will go along with it. If they cant find a person guilty of something for their purges, they use biochemical weapons on them to be able to change the state of the brain to do so, like in the cases of school shooters, or the women who through their children in the lake, and thousands of other cases you see on the news but get no story behind it, and in any case never stop committing crimes (as you will see) on Jewish and non-Jewish, Bush, Sr. and Bush, Jr., being large criminal benefactors in this planned weapons, planned usage of agents who are hired killers, turning them over ever so carefully, or killing, arresting the agents at just the right time, so as to have new agents who know only what they are told. If they still cannot accuse the victim of something, they will do it secretly anyway giving out lies all day long to agents to commit crimes, just as the military is told during world wars, in every country to aim shoot and ask questions later. When all else fails, they think they are going to blatantly call someone mental and use the ignorant public to believe their lies. After my pregnancy, they continued with severe weapons and signals direction, and harassment around the fact that we were all throwing up, sick before the radiation put my brain in shock, and other events. Again, we reach world war. Rockefeller and the Church are going to hire the new propagandists at each phase of deaths. They put out notices of Holy War (put out in 2000) and get Catholic Revolutionaries and other satanic cults behind the weapons in NSA. To say that one group does this or that is not the total picture, but in which order people are used, put in to positions, fired, arrested, how they manipulate brainwashing of these groups, and how these brainwashed groups are manipulated at just the right time; those in weapons, and the Rockefellers, who keep denying the holocausts can keep making trillions. Here, you will see how they are doing it and the deaths they deny. Those at the top of weapons are going to determine each stage of testing, each stage of firings, and killings, accusations, suddenly having someone investigate those used, and then bring to arrest or death, those they have used all those years in crime. Since the accusations also involve accusations (purposely put out by the propagandistssee WWII propagandists hired by those in world wide weapons deals and Rockefeller) against the Israeli Mossad, sabotage of Mossad agents, deaths of Rabbis, Jewish in all areas, the denial of the deaths (still) and the current induced killings by weapons on thousands of Jewish, than it is not Israel as a whole doing it, but it is organized crime for a few pockets. And if there were the killings of three fourths of the planet, the problem with the gangsters and criminals who profit from everyone on earth will still remain a problem. I spent years of my life studying, while those in weapons continued to rotate criminals in every area from the military intelligence, to DARPA, to the CIA, to NSA, committing crimes further down the road stealing all intellectual information and trying to force the victim into every area of thought through the abuse of such extreme weapons and by outward crimes try to rob me of normal thought and living by the fabrication of lies to begin with and by continuing to try to change the victims lives by such activity for more fabrication, destroying the normal daily living and thought that the person would normally have, i.e. through the most serious crimes daily, they try to change the persons demeanor, get them angry fabricating any lie they can. They did this to millions of Jewish by 2003 who were led to their death and many others arrested as extremists after years of using propaganda to get them into hatred mode in one kind of war or another after the Temple Mount incident around 2000. They had one Rabbi tell Jewish in Israel that if they didnt kill Palestinians they would be killed themselves, but at the same time, they arrest Jews for crimes of the very same nature later, and at any time of will by those in weapons deals, calling them terrorists. It was not just this one Rabbi, but the media and mind controls behind each and every day and movement for the wars for weapons deals, and only those in weapons deals coming out of it unscathed and rewarded, along with gangsters. The denial of each persons right to their own mind is extreme by such Russian weapons studies with the U.S., while using a few from Israel, and programming the Israeli Mossad to go along with it, all for a few weapons and aerospace dealers and families, again as it was during WWII. The fact that many are on a level of elementary minds today, or even have no clue as to the extent of such weapons abuse (or anything else for that matter) is only a sign of the abuses over the years and destruction on society with such technology. It is only after millions of Jewish deaths and destruction of Jeiwsh families, children, women, and deaths of even leaders, deaths surrounding Temple mind controls, that they set up the weapons industry in the Temple and arguments ensue in the Mossad because the new heads (2003) are only for military weapons. Now, they are going to arrest and detain Jewish who were put through hell and made to fight as Terrorists while those in weapons use every kind of lie they can to keep instigating arrests and deaths. The Third Temples Holy of Holies of course is now a Weapons Based Holy of Holies Even those in the CIA and Israeli Mossad are programmed through brain implants; many not really having a full idea of what is their own mind and what is coming through signals intelligence as psychic abilities or some other idea because of such brain implants. Most do not know what is driving their ideas. The remote viewing program used on the Israeli Mossad and CIA is mostly coming from signals intelligence and can be seen in the general population which drives persons to study one thing or the other without their knowing why. Those who were used in programming of newer agents are long killed, dead, or arrested. The Illuminati Formula 1: The Selection and Preparation of The Victim reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming (sodomite, sexual) was named Monarch programming ... in math it will have its programming scripts steered in that direction. ... - Doctors, Social workers tell about on this site as well. By 1990, they would have programming over top of programming, and billions believing many heresies. The total programming capability is even used on Israelis and the Mossad. At each political phase, whereas millions of agents are going to be used and different propaganda put out for the weapons deals, the whole public is swayed and thrown about by the crimes of thousands of weapons directions and heresies used to drive the agents, many being in cults, to do things on the public. With such extreme biochemical and brain to computer, computers to every area in the world, each weapons event is played out with everyone in programmed reaction to the first event or action to set it off. The whole world is moved by this criminal media, they being programmed to glamorize each and everything that happens; one day calling for peace and the next day calling for war for those making profits in weapons deals. Do you really think those in the media have a clue as to the total content of the world war? Are they taking into account the millions of Jewish women, men, and children, rabbis, killed? They are usually programmed in some sort of ideology, not understanding any bigger picture. Just as they were during World War II, we see the same sexual content of those in the administration and media, while millions die, and while many others are being accused of sexual crimes. By 1950, the total programming ability of individuals was already in practice and use, including on Israeli leaders, Rabbis, and the Mossad. The Isareli Mossad continued to be used in biochemical weapons testing and radiation, brain implant testing (themselves by this time being programmed), along with the CIA, military intelligence, and other operatives. Those in Russian mind control, from the scientists who would later be killed or arrested, to the other operatives, one group after the other to program those who would be used later; the heresies in each area and cults grew, along with the apathy of society towards being spoon fed lies in every text book and educational areas, to finally favoring such grotesque lies and heresies in science over any real truth and thought. By having such programmed individuals, even in science whereas they will do as commanded and trained for weapons rather than real studies for over two centuries, and by the masses programmed in cult heresies, we miss out on many mathematical and scientific benefits for society. The fact that these world wars and weapons deals are only for a few was already shown to us during WWII and even afterward. The other millions of Jewish deaths and destruction through mind controls of true religion, destruction of Judaism based on having a mind and thinking, and using information wisely being one of them is another thing which we see from the 1920s and the Rockefeller, Ford family, and others in weapons and aerospace technology abuses by such extreme mind controls, now moving every single moment for wars and conflict for this world war. By the time World War II began, there had been many studies, including brain implants on Jewish and non-Jewish, and the use of viruses and weapons for inducing illness, radiation studies. Like now, they went on to fabricate Scientology which became Hitlers higher office of security, and which was linked to Klaus Barbie in France. While at that time they used some Rabbis to round up Jewish to save them, like now, many went on to die, and even many Rabbis involved in the reactionary movements of weapons deals went on to be targeted. They induced everything from leprosy to many other diseases by the ability at the cellular level for these weapons. This is why we hear every kind of ideology during the holocaust, including the present one, from those in weapons using one group against another, one terrorist against another, and paid terrorists through the KGB, still who are then shot and killed after attacking Jewish. During WWII, they continued using White Socialists, the KKK, dirty agents, and every hate group that is controlled, including those programmed in Satanism (as it is today) for every kind of lie and heresy from killing someone for being half Jewish to killing someone for being Jewish extremist (usually after using serious mind controls on them). At the end of WWII, they still had scientists target Jews claiming that they were anxious. This is the lies of the Rockefellers and the Church. Anyone is going to be anxious after such media propaganda and directed weaponry and being forced into conflict situations; that is those knowledgeable as to what is taking place; of course, the ignorant were then rounded up in the end anyway. The scientists were indicted (the true scientists), except for those totally programmed as zombies who could still be used as only directed. Klaus Barbie only came to trial when those in weapons deals decided they would allow it. He got to live longer than most and not come to trial, as the Rosenbergs because of his stupidity and being totally controlled. During World War II, they continued to kill Rabbis who would not be controlled for these weapons wars. They do this by making claims that the wars are always for Israel or for the Jewish people, when in fact they arent. If they were, we would not see so many killed, manipulated into controls, and then called extremists, and killed after they use them in crimes, like other populations, many simply killed just because they will be in the way of such propaganda and hate, and controlled, gangster-like stupidity and mentality needed for the wars. From the last world war to the present, again, there were thousands of studies in extreme weaponry and biochemical controls of the body and minds, which included the brain implants now being sold. See references to the last 100 years or more, since the beginnings of the Rockefeller and church cults, of this brainwashing, and weapons money making scheme, programming through brain implants.

Today, most people, being manipulated over so many generations in heresies in science and every other area, including the re-writing of religion and by such extreme controls through weaponry cannot see those things in every area which they are told that is really lies. In fact, with such low level education, many will argue that they are sure those things are true. After those few in weapons deals got hold of this mind control technology and the ability through such technology to create millions of criminals, with the ideas of Karl Marx, and began with severe manipulations, cult programming, destruction of true knowledge, and millions programmed throughout this last century, including through media, in the gangster mind for weapons wars; millions more ideologies and ideas were set forth in every area with no truth whatsoever for the very manipulation of anyone at any time. They killed Rabbis in world war II for speaking out as did this Rabbi later, and have continued to kill Rabbis, because the true nature of the Rabbinate and Judaism cannot be used for manipulating in continuous mind controlled weapons deals and wars. The idea that Zionism was a unit never really was and Zionists have died the very same deaths. Zionism and setting up a state of Israel, as we can see today, is for the manipulation of moving people around, a mind control tool, so much while many die, and making weapons deals for world wars alone. Zionism actually was an evolved idea and only used for mind controls. Those in weapons deals at the top, through such extreme weapons with Russian KGB and NSAs, linked to aerospace and weapons, oil deals, have denied everyone their right to self, to own thought, and to true Torah as it relates to the study in Judaism. Over the last 50 years, as they did to me, they did to Rabbis and destroying them in some way; taking that study while destroying them. Half of the Rabbis get sexually attacked and half of the Rabbis go on to be killed or induced with death in some way. This was written in 1968 and was listed on Neturei Karta WORDS OF RABBI SHAUL BRACH Remembering the words of real rabbis. The following was written by the eminent late Rabbi Shaul Brach, one of the great anti-Zionist rabbis in Hungary before World War II, in the introduction to a religious text called Avos Al Banim. His words, just like The words of Rabbi Teitelbaum ring clearer than ever today. "Since the dawn of the Zionist movement, suffering has not ceased to exist in the world. All the warnings of the Torah have been fulfilled in their details among our People all over the world. For a believer it is no surprise that the Zionists are the same as the heretics at the time of the Destruction of the Temple. Thus, divine judgment has been unleashed on the entire world. It is, however, surprising how they can continue in their ways unless they have rejected the entire Torah and the Prophets, inasmuch as they support Zionism, they must surely hope they are successful. But the Torah states, "...lest the Land vomit you out because of how you defiled it."It is amazing that the leaders of the Agudah movement want many Jews to live in the Holy Land. Don't they fear for the lives of their children given the fact that there is nowhere else on earth where there is so much heresy and sectarianism as in the Holy Land today? As far as our brethren in America who support the Zionist heresy in the Holy Land are concerned, if they don't face up to the truth, in liberal AMERICA they will quickly feel the effects of the verse, "With anger poured out will I rule over you." May G-d have mercy. The following is a translation of an article written by Rabbi Amram Blau, of blessed memory in the newsletter of Neturei Karta, HACHOIMO, from April 1968. An appeal to resist the addiction and intoxication of Zionism. To our Jewish brethren the world over! Know that the heretic Zionists with the state they created called "Israel" have declared rebellion against G-d and his holy Torah in the name of "Israel". They set up the state for heresy and licentiousness as a concentration camp to destroy the Jewish People with "gas chambers" to wipe out the souls of the Jewish People under their control within the borders of their state to lead the Jewish People to heresy, sectarianism and abandon, may G-d have mercy. These destroyers have already managed to destroy and burn Jewish souls in their concentration camp and gas chambers. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF JEWS AND THEIR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN VIRTUALLY WIPED OUT. MOST OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE HAVE FALLEN INTO THEIR HANDS, JEWISH COMMUNITIES ALL OVER THE WORLD WERE DRAWN INTO THEIR STATE AS IS WELL KNOWN.Everyone is aware of what they did with the Jews of Yemen who were pious G-d fearing people. In the Zionist state they were almost all turned into heretics, they, their wives and children, turned against Judaism! The program of the destroyers of the Jewish People is the following: To penetrate every country where there are Jews, to hunt down these souls and to deceive them and remove them from Judaism, the Torah and G-d and to bring them into the concentration camp: to become Zionists, "Israelis", nationalists, a fighting nation. And these people have become like the agents, to assist them in their work. The Zionists work relentlessly to undertake all actions to provoke the nations where these Jews live, and then turn around and advertise themselves as the saviors and benefactors of the Jews. The "benefactors" direct the Jews to the Zionist state, whether in one stage or in two stages, like they have been doing to the Jews of Morocco by bringing them first to France and then to the Zionist state. All Jews must know the following: The Zionist heretics who run the State are collaborators and agents of Satan himself. Don't think that the these destroyers who started with the Jews of Iran and Yemen end with the Jews of Morocco and North Africa, may G-d have mercy. They also plan to do it to Jews in America and Switzerland if there is even a single Jew outside of "Israel." These people who run the State, these destroyers of the Jewish People, they are from the side of Evil itself the evil inclination, Satan, the Angel of Death, may G-d have mercy. These heretics who run the State are endangering the Jewish communities worldwide, and then present themselves as benefactors and saviors. They direct the Jews to the Zionist State, to the concentration camp and gas chambers which they have prepared in advance for their souls, their wives and children. They seek only to transform the Jewish People into a rootless people of heresy, rebels against G-d and our Torah. They have entrapped the children of Israel in the State of "Israel" to rebel against G-d, Heaven have mercy. The end result is that it is not just the souls but the bodies of Jews which are endangered within their State placing them before the enemies of the State, the surrounding nations, almost 100 million people!! And the end result of this State.... may G-d have mercy. Therefore brethren, if you care about your souls, resist before it is too late. Do not consider this a light matter. Every Jew the world over must resist to protect himself from these cruel persecutors. Every Jewish community must seek to expel from their countries the agents and representatives of the heretic Zionist rulers of the State, without regard for whether they are explicit heretics or even religious hypocrite Zionists masquerading with a beard and sidelocks, and anyone affiliated with them! You must struggle to resist their influence, and to recognize that they are persecutors seeking to ensnare every single Jew and the Jewish People as a whole - to destroy the integrity of the Jewish People, may G-d have mercy. If we do what we can to save ourselves, G-d will certainly will aid us to resist their influence, and may we merit to see the true Redemption speedily in our days.The words of the saintly Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, author of the VAYOEL MOSHE (in Hebrew, written in 195 ring clearly when we view events in the Middle East:"...if we place all the immodesty and promiscuity of the generation and the many sins of the world on one side of the scale, and the Zionist state on the other side of the scale by itself, it would outweigh them all. Zionism is the greatest form of spiritual impurity in the entire world. They are polluting the entire world. They have polluted the Jewish people with their heresy, Heaven help us. It is no surprise why G-d's anger comes down from heaven. It is necessary to repent and escape from them more than from a lion who is chasing a person to "It has been explained that before the coming of the Messiah this regime will come to an end, as Messiah cannot come any other way, since the Zionist state holds up the redemption of the world. We need G-d's mercies that divine intervention should bring about the end of the state. May G-d have mercy on us all." RABBI TEITELBAUM ALSO WROTE: "It is clear that anyone who believes in G-d has no doubt that they are from the source of the accursed impurity of heresy, Heaven help us. It is horrible that such a thing arose in our day, and how can we be silent when we see such violations of our faith and the principles of our entire Torah? Especially since so many of our religious brethren fail to speak out about the truth! In such circumstances, the entire truth could be forgotten, G-d forbid." "Everything our blessed rabbis cried out about earlier in the century about the dangers of Zionism has almost been forgotten! Even my own writings go ignored. THEREFORE, SHOULD THE TRUTH AND FOUNDATIONS OF OUR RELIGION BE FORGOTTEN? It is impossible to describe to what extent the world has become sunken in such a falsehood which is destroying the entire Torah. Therefore we are obliged to cry out before anyone against the deep impurity which has spread out in our generation. Let us hope there are increasing numbers who open up their eyes and the teachings of our forefathers should reach their ears to seek truth and faith. Without this, there is no hope...."

After continuous attacks of traditional Rabbis from the early 1900s with such biochemical controls and murder, and programming others into this Rockefeller Satanism and gangster mentality to cover up for those in the weapons industry, those profiting; Hundreds of rabbis were killed based on having right thinking. Those behind mind controls, and through mind control kept adding to religious texts, and keep hate groups against Christians, while at the same time, they arrest Jewish whom they have programmed into committing hate crimes, kill them, and slander them as extremists, If they dont go along with acts when those in weapons deals want them to, they are labeled and slandered as liberal and killed. Millions of Jewish deaths in WWII and the present under this Rockefeller world war show this. They want to totally control religion to be able to manipulate all sides. They program millions of scientologists and Masons in killing (see programming) and to kill Christians, which they are doing worldwide, but then they pretend to protect the church while they have already arrested thousands of child molesters, CIA involved in the church against children, so they can set up new agents to do it again. They killed, again, thousands of Jewish and then set up someone to protect the KKK so they can always put out hate propaganda. In this way, they deny Jewish and non-Jewish the right to true religion, true Judaism, and Torah as it relates to human kind. Otherwise those in gangster crimes at the top could not keep doing so. In addition, they put out propaganda, accusing Rabbis and Jewish people, after years of destroying minds through brain implants and programming, that they are all involved in crime because it is their nature. I know from personal experience with the brain implants, and NSA/KGB crimes, continuing to rotate and fire CIA/Mossad and all others throughout the years, using directed frequencies, microwaves, and continuing with outward crimes on my family every single day since 1989, and still directing frequencies all day and night long. At each phase of the plans for these weapons money making schemes, they take what those Rabbis and others said, and turn it into a pseudo-religion or ideology as well, i.e, they are now using groups who are told, as a comment was made to Blair, that the rulers and the state is evil but well be the ones killing was the intention of the remark. In any case, they manipulate truth with more lies throughout the cults. From 1900 onward, with such weapons, each ideology we see today and heresy was actually morphed slowly into that ideology by such abuse on the population over the years. For example, when one spoke of the fact that for every thing there is an opposite opposing force those in weapons would take one thought and turn it into a multitude of heresies to be used in cults and heresies for weapons agents and groups, including whole ideologies and false religions just from that one example. This thought, possibly coming from higher thinking just as a notation or observation is then taken and turned into the most ludicrous things for profit as the majority of people are happy to take anything in the simplest minded way, those in weapons play on it. At the highest level of thought there are much higher consciousnesses that with the holding of much years of study and knowledge another cannot take without destroying. The thought is not of itself to be manipulated in a lower way for general shredding. If there is any hate or complaint in this world it should be for the most despicable agendas of those who just killed millions more Jewish, the destruction of any truth or right to mind, and destroying anything right in society by such extreme abuses of technology and arresting at will every single person they use to do so. I myself was driven by brain implants as well through much study, but always had a sense of what was right, while the NSA and CIA was used to keep trying to destroy at every chance. I studied those things that are Torah, those things of all areas which are reasonable and not reasonable, and those things which are and are not true religion, and how Torah shows all human kind in light and their image of the eternal, which they still deny through signals all day long, threats, and crimes against daily living. They do this by covert and overt crimes, by signals, harassment in every area (many unaware of those things) by having to defend oneself every day from criminal acts against their body and mind. This is how they drove many Jewish in the same way into some defensive mode or other mode before killing them and then slandering them in some way. Now, those who go along with it are the same who become victims later. On each given day, they may manipulate to control the person through signals or by having someone in some area manipulate something around the person, whether in banking, business,

associations, mortgage fraud, many other frauds, gangsters, using criminals in the IRS, Scientology, and other criminal agents (all of whom have been indicted or killed at some time or another under weapons deals). A Rabbi who is most devoted to religious study would be most vulnerable to such biochemical and weapons crimes and manipulation as we have seen again over the last fifty years, and more recently the accusations of rabbis for sexual crimes, when in fact such biochemical weapons have been used on them, possibly to the fullest controls. The sexual blackmail on Rabbis has already been proven many times. With biochemical controls over and over for generations in this area of sodomy by those in top weapons money making with KGB agents, it is of the most criminal actions against all. These studies using microwaves to change sexual preferences continued since before WWII. One may expect to find sexual criminals, but not to the extent that we see today because of the MONARCH programming, constant kidnappings for programming, and extreme activity in these areas, using sexually programmed terrorists, trained killers, masses of pedophiles, with weapons by the millions on the public, and those in the top areas no indicted. Just like the extent of strokes and heart attacks, or car accidents after the Army Corps of Engineers for weapons benefactors was to announce their weapons for causing plane and car crashes; we saw mass plane and car accidents, including with Rabbis. At each phase of the destruction of the Rabbinate and Jewish people for over 80 years, those in crime put out propaganda that what they are doing is normal to Judaism and the Jewish people, while they have them arrested, killed, slandered and accused at the same time. (See deaths, biochemical testing of MONARCH (sodomy, sexual crimes arrests of pedophile and other fake psychiatrists and judges paid off). All of the operatives and other criminals used to cover up the crimes to destroy one group are arrested just as they find someone to slander that group, and then they go on to hire new criminals in weapons direction at the public and every area to target the people the new population of testing targets. By the end of World War II, they rounded up these programmed sodomite weapons handlers, as they are using on the public now, and hid them away in camps, after the crimes on the public, which they have not done to all yet in this administration. we have only seen a few arrest of child sex rings, including Priests, boy scout leaders, other leaders, daycares, senators, judges, psychiatrist, and other areas which are replaced later, or programmed later for more CIA testing on the public. We still have not seen the actual arrests of anyone ordering these studies and crimes. In every case it is the same, using groups against the public, and then getting rid of them later, hiding the evidence; from street criminals, to military intelligence, to other agencies, to the Merchant Marines, to judges, pseudopsychiatrists, CIA agents, FBI agents, to bribery of judges, paid informants and false witnesses, to the governors, senators, and attorneys general, they are all arrested at some point for the crimes they were put up to, even when they are unaware that the evidence handed them is false, the beginning scientists to the scientists at the end of the world wars. Many are simply killed by the induced weapons deaths or accidents. At the end of WWII, there were over 25,000 sodomites and gays in only one camp in Russia that were used during the war in crimes against the public, and there were Jehovahs Witnesses as well, in camps because of the same organized crimes and abuse being hidden behind the church. Former, fired, NSA top Analyst Russ Tice, discussed publicly, including his own harassment after speaking out, about the sadistic crimes they were asked to go way beyond to do; he discussed this after the debate over NSA terrorizing the public by fabricating phone calls all day to the FBI on innocent individuals while at the same time committing heinous crimes on them. Yet, NSA still continues to commit crimes all day long with weapons and pretend they are surveilling has already spent years helping those in profits for weapons and brain implants, the whole government set up to be used by those few profiting from these patents, 31 years on myself, with hundreds of other crimes they have committed on me. During all of the years of the holocaust and up to the present the whole idea was control of every group, through the killings by picking up key words to intelligence units, and then getting rid of those involved at each stage. Today, the Israeli Mossad is no less controlled into cult thinking and programmed than the CIA or FBI. Those few who benefited from the last world war are simply repeating the scene, and as the details unfold, with such extreme surveillance and mind technology, we can see the millions of deaths do not equal anything for Israel or for the Jewish people, but like World War II, the illusion of using such agencies, propaganda, and the destruction of parts of the world by weapons gives the impression that something is changing in the minds of those manipulated. World Wars, especially with so many ideological controls created since the last world war through severe manipulation of the minds, is a great illusion to many. It is with such extreme manipulation of the minds and with the highest brainwashing that the Israeli Mossad has been used and was formed in 1949 for the protection and security of Israel, while those in weapons profits have continued since then to attack Israel, destroy millions more Jewish people and those things that are right, with the illusion of needing the Mossad while purposely placing the enemy next door. Then the popes, as the frontline for the Rockefellers and those in Satanism continue to declare peace for the Middle East. For those profiting, with fifty years plus in profits plans on weapons and aerospace, it would be ideal to set up highly programmed units in 1949 and place the Palestinians at the end of WWII in that area for those continuous wars, which is what took place. With such extreme signals to brain and brain implant testing, also used on the Mossad with former KGB agents, worldwide signals able to be used in any manner, with extreme surveillance in every area since 1949, then we would not see such mass Jewish deaths as we have seen. In either case, those Jewish who do not go along with it are killed, and those who do are then killed and slandered as extremists. Things would look a lot different if the Mossad was not highly programmed to just go on orders for weapons agendas and profits, as well as the fact that they are continuously shuffled around, fired, or removed within short intervals, not seeing any of the long term actions in every area and strings pulled. Africa and all of the other countries, including Iraq were invaded during WWII, and with such weapons capabilities we can be sure that the wars, while changing, arresting those in science, to the agents, and every other area just continue to be fabricated. set up again and again, with each newly programmed agent believing they are helping in this stride toward democracy and freedom while all are controlled, and those, again, millions of Jewish who showed any voice were killed. At any rate, one can see the programming on the Mossad agents not just for assassinations but through the Russian KGB, Vatican programming, to be totally consumed with arrogance and short sighted controls. The very reason for the MONARCH (sexual) programming and other programming tied into religion is so that those controlled cannot see and long term plans or overall actions in every area, they operate on some kind of sexual superiority of self-indulged imaginations; hence the same reason that signals has killed those who do speak out about it. By Debra Sherman Wed Nov 29, 7:36 AM ET CLEVELAND (Reuters) - A young woman, confined to a wheelchair, is told to think about moving another wheelchair in front of her, first to the left and then forward. As if by magic, the wheelchair follows her mental commands. "She was controlling the chair with her imagination," said Timothy Surgenor, president and chief executive of Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems. Surgenor was using the video of the woman, who was paralyzed by a brain stem stroke, to demonstrate a technology called BrainGate to some 900 researchers, physicians and investors attending a meeting at the Cleveland Clinic earlier this month. The woman had a tiny sensor that analyzes brain signals implanted on the part of her brain that controls hand movement. A small plug protruding from just above her ear is connected to a computer that in turn has a wireless connection to the electronic wheelchair she was controlling. "What we are doing now is just the tip of the iceberg," Dr. Ali Rezai, director of the Brain Neuromodulation Centers at the Cleveland Clinic, said in an interview. "This concept is evolving." For people living with paralysis, the technology has the potential to be life-changing. Stephen Heywood was one of some 30,000 people in the United States suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease, and a participant in the BrainGate trial. "After being paralyzed for so long, it is almost impossible to describe the magical feeling of imagining a motion and having it occur," Heywood said in an e-mail to his brother James after a session controlling a robotic arm. Heywood, whose fight with the disease was documented in the movie "So Much So Fast," died on November 26 after his respirator became accidentally detached. Surgenor said BrainGate should be commercially available before the end of the decade. "A lot of the technology that supports BrainGate is already out there," he said. Cyberkinetics provides the operating system. The goal is to make the components small enough and wireless, thus eliminating the need for a plug on the scalp. Northstar Neuroscience, another company attending the meeting at Cleveland Clinic, is testing a device that aims to help stroke victims recover from disabilities such as impairment of hand and arm movement. The therapy identifies specific areas of the brain that are trying to compensate for lost function and implants electrodes there. Electronic stimulation theoretically strengthens connections between neurons. "It works by taking advantage of a naturally-occurring phenomenon called neuroplasticity -- the brain's ability to reorganize in response to an injury," Northstar Chief Executive Alan Levy said. When part of the brain dies because of a stroke, another part of the brain attempts to take over that function. The trouble is, in most cases the process doesn't go far enough and relatively little function is recovered, he said. "What Northstar has discovered is that if you stimulate the neurons in the new neuroplastic area, you can dramatically enhance the neuroplasticity and enhance function," he said. For several years, doctors have been implanting brain pacemakers into patients with Parkinson's disease or other disorders that cause severe tremors. The stop-watch size device, made by Medtronic Inc., is implanted in the chest and connected to leads threaded into the brain. Known as deep brain stimulation, it delivers electrical pulses to targeted areas in the brain to interrupt the signals that cause tremor. Medtronic is testing to see if it might also help cases of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression and obesity. Cleveland Clinic's Rezai said using electricity to stimulate various parts of the nervous system or organs may soon help people who suffer such varied afflictions as OCD, migraine headaches, sleep apnea, incontinence, obesity, impotence, hypertension and even heart failure. "There will be a lot of diseases that we can't help today that we will be able to help." What the notices for studies do not tell you is that they are not new, but have been used since 1890, long after Keplers studies of motion of the bodies and their harmonic ratios. With these brain implants every single signal to the body and brain was tested for control. Signals are sent to cause some type of reaction, that reaction is recorded. Signals are sent to the brain, and the brains thoughts are then decoded and put into computer programs. They spent many years testing this, many years killing off Jewry and non-Jewish for these brain signals. And this is at the top of genocide, holocaust.

The Visual Cortex Cerebral Implants they have been using on me illegally for their profits since November of 1974, age 7, and millions of Jewish and non-Jewish since 1900 is extreme abuse. It was used for remote spying and committing real time crimes on me and around me for 31 years. Under these illegal, non-consensual tests are the diabolical Christian leaders in each country (many now protesting in S. America to have them arrested) who are pseudo-satanists, but programmed just like Jeffrey Dahmer. While they torture millions of Christians worldwide, they pretend to lead the church so that they can pick up your children with the CIA for such studies, and now by using direct and/or remote weapons. The South American Christian leaders were the last to be arrested along with some oil cartels and Gangsters after mass genocide. They have taken millions of children worldwide since 1900, both Jewish and non-Jewish. There are centers where serious study by abuses occurs; using Satanist groups to inflict abuse and pain on the child (see the Ford and other cases). This can be done without the parents knowledge or their awareness of what is taking place with the child. Since 1900 as well, those abusing such technology have used such abuse on the brain to set up pseudo psychology (refer to the induced abilities above in the article). The most highly abused and programmed through cult abuse, are then used as presidents and other leaders paid the highest to cover up such crime (until they go to the Hague) to where those making trillions can keep holocaust going and never put money back except into those who will work on weapons deals or commit crime. By the brain implants themselves, connected to key words at signals intelligence, while turning over employees and gangsters, hired killers, year after year, by the time the person is destroyed they have shred documents, including those which the Israeli Mossad was involved with. The Israeli Mossad is programmed themselves, later fallen ill, attacked, fired, by key words and the objective for more weapons deals for world wars. They destroy and kill those Jewish and nonJewish in some way that will not be programmed into continuous wars and crimes. Right now, while they get Christians up again by these diabolical leaders, they have already killed millions of Jewish and non-Jewish, just since 1990. Over 4 million in South America with the CIA, brain implant abuses, the killings of Jewish and bombings of Jewish centers, for those who may make any comment that will not go along with the dumb minded propaganda of acting out in criminal ways for war or totally oblivious that they have criminals ready to attack their children. The brain implants are connected to SIGINT for this testing, those making trillions off such patents, committing crime after crime, believing they are going to keep denying the crimes. They use Satanists and hundreds of other run-off cults for these brain implant studies, denying anyone their right to true religion and thought. Most cannot even imagine the heinous crimes on society, destroying all communities with these weapons, and mass deaths, the gross usage of state employees for such crimes for a few in war investments and patents. Every single thing from brain, to body, can be healed by these weapons and directed signals, as well as other weapons, but everything can also be used to induce illness, disorders, extreme dispositions, and torture all day long. Imagine NSA, CIA, using such reverse abilities on you all day long. This is what they have been doing to the victims since before WWII and the holocaust, and all under NSA SPYING, COINTELPRO MKULTRA and every other kind of lie for their pockets. After they induce illnesses they put the victims on DNA lists and other disorder lists for those in Eugenics and population control. Not only that, but they use everyone they can to destroy the victims, from the top of the administration, top military heads, governors, Hayden and Negroponte (NSA and CIA) programmed in sodomy and by earlier CIA programming, MK) senators, the MAFIA at most top levels and in communities, and every SINGLE CULT AND OTHER PRGRAMMED AGENTS, PROGRAMMED THRUOGH ABUSE, to get rid of the agents, under their terror campaigns and after everyone else in the country had been destroyed, they arrest the presidents, top military, and those in larger corporations, THE CULT LEADERS PRETENDING TO BE CHRISTIAN, and THOSE IN OIL CORPORATIONS to set up new deals from weapons down. If you have any doubts, use search for these things in every country right now; Africa, Sudan; Ethiopia, Russia, and those countries around Israel, while killing millions of Jews since 1980s this is what they do, and of course, leaving Israelis and many American Jewish and other populations more poor. In fact, we would not see millions more Jewish deaths while at the same time, masses each year are programmed in crime if we were coming to some world with the true Israel in power or anything near right. We would not see continuous Jewish and Rabbi deaths while millions more are programmed in cults for the next fifty years of weapons testing and wars. Only those they can keep dumbing down through this brainwashing and signals, and those they can get without real thought in science and other areas, those they can program with the gangster mentality do they not kill. The whole world has been programmed with the ideas of gangsterism for Rockefellers and those in weapons deals, through mass media and the glamorization of it over and over again through Hollywood, while all through those years, gangsters were used through alcohol prohibition and constant organized crime. Just take a look at the 1930s shows and one can tell the difference between a gangster and one that isnt. Today, all sitcoms show such dumb-minded people that have programmed society in the same way. It does not equal being for Israel or anything right, and once again, the deaths just since 1990 have shown the rewarding of the most criminal while killing off Jewish people, not to mention the deaths since 1949. It is a lie that Israel has been fighting for many years with the Palestinians. In fact, many Jewish Palestinians were killed as well. They moved the Palestinians to Israel after they were in camps in Europe so that those in weapons deals could keep these wars going. In the events, you will see the daily manipulation and propaganda and mind controls around the Rabbis, the settlements, and the purposeful deaths of each person who got in the way of extended wars and weapons deals. The problem with the last world war and this one is the programming in itself, which includes direct to body and brain programming, and media cyborgs paid high money, and brainwashing, as one cannot tell those who are highly programmed, including those programmed to be oblivious to absolutely any events in the world that this is for organized crime for a few profiting. Again, the Bush family was rewarded for millions of Jewish deaths. Why do those few think they are the only ones with some inheritance while they kill the rest? They surround themselves with those programmed in criminal acts, assassins, terrorists, and make trillions on the weapons deals and oil deals, yet they have no right to any inheritance after such mass crimes against the Jewish people. As Canada takes Jewish children from Israel who has been abused or neglected, who failed to see such crimes in action over the last 10 years? They killed thousands of Jewish around these weapons deals on purpose with such extreme surveillance and weapons capabilities. In many instances, the Mossad, and others trained in assassination are so highly programmed that within intense conflict they are used against each other in extreme mind controls for those weapons deals to continue. With such extreme mind, DNA, and surveillance capabilities, and after millions of deaths in WWII in every country-- by now we would have seen a reduction in any necessary bombings or outward conflict, and it would have been avoided, not to mention those Jewish who were completely used in isolated mind controlled incidents, locked up, arrested, or killed for no reason. The Mossad has been used in Africa forever, yet all we see is the constant setting up of money laundering, oil deals and other crime for profit again and again, while even the Mossad agents are long gone. New cities are set up and constantly used in wars. Chemical companies are set up and other top weapons deals, all of which are unnecessary. Its all for profits. Not one person has come unscathed throughout the whole testing period of weapons and wars, except for a few making the profits from it. It is through deception and the deaths of millions upon millions that those making the top profits in weapons came about such money. MIND-CONTROL EXPERIMENTATION by, Julianne McKinney Director, Electronic Surveillance Project Association of National Security Alumni December 1992 Whither the KGB? In February 1974, Georgetown University's Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) hosted discussions on the plight of dissenters in the Soviet Union, and on a means by which the U.S. Government might most effectively intervene. highlights of these discussions are reported in "Understanding the Solzhenitzyn Affair: Dissent and its Control in the USSR," (CSIS, 1974). KGB strategies were addressed in some detail during these discussions. It was noted that the KGB's success depended on the extensive use of informant networks and agent provocateurs; and, following Brezhnev's rise to power, on the use of drugs and psychiatrists for further purpose of manipulation and control. Shadowing, bugging, slandering, blacklisting and other related tactics were also cited as serving KGB purpose. Participants in the conference agreed that the KGB's obvious intent was to divide and isolate the populace, to spread fear, and to silent dissenters. Agencies of our own government are on record as having employed precisely these same tactics on a recurrent basis. The Church and Rockefeller Committee Hearings in the mid-70's purportedly put an end to these practices. Based on recent developments, it would appear that the CIA's and FBI's Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO (the focus of these Senate Committee and Vice-President- level Hearings) were instead merely driven underground. We are now in contact with a total of 25 individuals, scattered throughout the United states, who firmly believe they are being harassed by agencies of the U.S. Government. Others have been brought to our attention whom we will be contacting in the future. The majority of these individuals claim that their harassment and surveillance began in 1989. The more serious harassment began on us as well in 1989, because the KGB was put in with the NSA, and had been working with them and the Israeli Mossad at times, but millions of other agents involved for scientists using the public as free patients and free test subjects written into public law by those making the profits as well. In every single time period, we see scattered information and these supposed court cases, many of them with real victims, but only those who will not know anything about their own case or those things surrounding the acts against them, including many agents who believe it is just the state doing it to them. In fact, the studies have been used for total programming of the whole society for the very continuation of crimes from those with the intent of using and arresting or killing the rest in society while they profit from the patents and weapons. After fifty more years of these wars against Israel and testing of every kind, brain implants, biochemical testing on the whole population, everyone from those years is killed in some way, until after the 20 years of wars, there is only younger programmed people who have no clue as to what really took place. The deaths, including the Jewish deaths are denied as they are right now, and the numbers are continuously manipulated and hidden. In World War II, dates were even changed which we can see happening already during this world war. The media is purposely changing dates for events, including the invasion of Iraq. One event makes not much difference, but we can see the whole manipulation of history for the books taking place again, denying the induced illnesses and fabricated suicides, accidents and murders of Jewish people, let alone the continuous lies to fabricate whole generations of history. Since Iraq had already been invaded in WWII, with roundups and even the deaths of Jewish, the transfer of Jewish to Israel, and much destruction, then it is a mute point to say that the daily reports on Iraq are simply a smoke blowing cover for the other actions taking place; the biggest being the attacks on Jewish worldwide since the 1980s alone using totally programmed cyborgs and assassins along with the other induced illness deaths, heart attacks, car accidents, mass arrests, and

the like. In order to kill thousands of Jewish, they had to create a security situation every day, pretending they are securing Israel since 1949, as I previously said. From the 1920s to the present the ongoing planning for profits and control of all of society through these extreme weapons deals and programmed agents and the total control of mass medical fraud on the public, mass psychiatric fraud, having programmed agents in every area to be able to use whole governments, and then indicting the presidents at last was accomplished. By such extreme weapons capabilities, of weeding out those who could not be programmed, through signals intelligence which is still ongoing at all times. There must be, like in WWII, Terrorism and some unseen enemy. Those who will put out the religious and racial wars for this unseen enemy must control the media as well, along with those highly programmed in MONARCH programming. In each phase we must remember the extreme, real-time, computer to-phone, and computer to brain crimes, because the events in the light of this technology since the last world war do not fit together. All of the publicly held hearings and trials regarding the abuse of brain implants or weapons controls, including the Church Hearings on the CIAs usage in biochemical and radiological weapons for total control of the human brain and body were not put out until those profiting brought it to attention each time, much later. The studies for such total control, including at the DNA level, the gene level, the total control of brains had already taken place for profits during world war II that the Rockefellers and a few other received from such mass deaths, and these studies just keep being repeated over and over again on the whole society with new scientists put into place and newly controlled agents at will. Though those in weapons and war profits try to, through such programming in cults, link themselves to the Solomon Temple, every single person; including operatives have been being killed around such deals, including the Israeli leaders. Now, Rockefeller writes the Human Condition at the time of the Popes announcement for Holy Wars in 2000 in media interviews. The heresy goes on to describe the state of human beings as if it were not created by such extreme abuse of technology to begin with. The article is an attempt to get those in chaos theories in population control and other areas of heresy in order for these wars and killings to be manipulated. The synagogues are prompted to take census. Most Jewish religious were fired from positions and attacks on Rabbis began to increase, but had already been ongoing, and many killed after this time period. Like during WWII, they have to kill those with any other voice, those who wont be willing to act in ways as vipers. They had already used biochemical and computer to brain destruction on Jewish communities causing a need for the Jewish crises centers. Anyone who tells you that such high rate of incidence is natural to Jewish people is lying. At the end of WWII, one scientist was indicted and killed for the very same thing, killing Jewish people under the direction of weapons, claiming that they were anxious or had some other inherited, highly volatile nature. Those behind these weapons and programming and then arresting those used, destroying the true nature of Israel and Judaism, or anything else are lying. The media is the same controlled media as the last world war. Even Jewish journalists who would know anything, and many others throughout the 1980s and 90s would be attacked by signals intelligence, any thought known if they were to raise any flags. What transpired before the propaganda to begin major world wars, which many fail to see, and the world wars themselves was total biometric control. In FORD FOUNDATION, THE CIA & U.S. ESTABLISHMENT CONSPIRACY part 3 , Feldman, it states, Currently, the wife of the Bush II White House's presidential historian (Michael Beschloss] sits on the Ford Foundation board of trustees. Ford Foundation Trustee Afsaneh Mashayetkhi Beschloss, a former World Bank managing officer, also is the CEO/president of the Carlyle Asset Management Group. President Bush II's father George Bush, former Secretary of Defense and former Deputy CIA Director Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of State James Baker and Billionaire Speculator George Soros are also involved in the Carlyle Group that Ford Foundation Trustee Mashayetkhi Beschloss manages. The Ford Foundation board-linked Carlyle Group received $1.3 billion in Pentagon war contracts in 1999, was the 11th-largest recipient of Pentagon war contracts in 2000 and invests heavily in war stock. A former member of the board of directors of Chase Manhattan Bank, Susan Berresford has been the Ford Foundation president since 1996. Ford Foundation President Berresford is presently a member of the North American Committee of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission--sitting next to other U.S. Establishment figures, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeline Albright. Ford Foundation President Berresford is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, to which the Ford Foundation gave a grant of $100,000 "for the development of a Council Task Force on Terrorism" in 2002. Featured on the Council on Foreign Relations web site at on 9/26/02 was an advertisement for "a New Council book," which stated "Invasion Is The Only Realistic Option to Head off the Threat from Iraq, Argues Kenneth Pollack in THE THREATENING STORM." In recent years, the vice-chairman of the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations, Carla Hill, has sat on the board of directors of Chevron (as has National Security Affairs Adviser and former Carnegie Corporation of NY Trustee Condoleezza Rice). Other members of the Council on Foreign Relations include former CIA Director John Deutch, former CIA Consultant/MacArthur Foundation Consultant and current Northwestern University President Henry Bienen, Richard Holbrooke, Billionaire Speculator George Soros and former MacArthur Foundation Director Laura D'Andreas Tyson. A few years ago, the Ford Foundation also gave a $701,130 grant to the Council on Foreign Relations for "core support for the activities of the Program on Alternative Future for Southern Asia, its Energy and United States Policy." Mind you, while thousands of Jewish were still being killed, Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, FBI head, Freah, and those listed on here, were used in conjunction with Rockefeller, Boeing, and Saudi Oil deals, with Boeing in charge of the NSAs to make weapons deals with Saudis, and other areas for created wars, which previously stated was unnecessary at this point in the world, but a continuation of holding security over Israel while attacking them for many years. With such extreme technology, DNA technology, instant surveillance technology, since 1949, such daily attacks and bombings were unnecessary. When the Rosenbergs and others were arrested after WWII for the transfer of information, this information through MIT and others for world wide weapons deals, had already been known. By the time we come to WWIV, we see the same types of arrests under tightly controlled deals. Now, at the time that they are beginning a new world war (propaganda not put out until years after attacks on Jewish and non-Jewish around the world, actually a continuation of destroying those, and turning over a whole new public and employees, business owners in every area, agents, and many others), the ongoing deaths are still occurring, and they continue with thousands of scientific patents, all of which benefit those in top military and billionaires in investments in war. After the arrests and deaths of scientists and everyone else in every area the money goes back to a few in profits-- the same case in World War II. Next is a clipping of an article on biometric control. The only thing that is different is now the weapons are being mass sold, with all kinds of money laundering deals, the theft of money through the Pentagon and other areas while a few profit. By 2006, when the audit takes place for the Fiscal Budget, there is brought an investigation as to where these billions went, as they were funneled through the Park Interior after the mass arrests or firings within those departments from 2001 to 2005. The same pushing of buttons and every single act as during World War II is occurring. - US Patent and Trademark Office Website Patent Search PageClick here to go straight to patent #6,506,148As the patent is 16 pages long, only key excerpts are included below.To see other patents dealing with subliminal behavior manipulation, click here. This is only one of thousands of patents that are used continuously on the public to induce and mimick every kind of illness and control of the brain and body. Those who bank on weapons and wars, keep allowing in the name of a state thousands of people with patents and scientists which they have ensured by such weapons and programming throughout the last 80 years that those under them will be programmed cyborgs (unthinking robotic people who only do) to keep committing crimes on the public, running in circles after the enemy forever using weapons. United States Patent 6,506,148Loos January 14, 2003 Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors Abstract Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity. Inventors: Loos; Hendricus G. (3019 Cresta Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651)Appl. No.: 872528Filed: June 1, 2001. At this time, there are thousands of patents, many of the same types, for every single kind of manipulation of brains, physiology of the body, and matter. we see all throughout the 1900s and to the present, not only the brain implant and controls as Rockefellers and the other families create this monumental control of everyone, through this control by radio frequency to the brains, the continuous fabrication of psychiatric conditions and other illnesses by such weaponry that does not exist to deny anyones rights if they will not be controlled. Freud was only one who through radio frequency was programmed in sexual psychology which would continue to be abused by those in weapons controls on the public. These, along with the brain implants are not new but have been used since the 1920s. The holocaust, which has not stopped, was operated the same way, hiding the deaths. We just continue to see the same brain implants, aerospace, and weapons inventions and testing repeatedly since the 1920s in the most diabolical way using the governments to do it illegally based on someone with a patents claim of racial superiority or identity or it being for Israel as a whole when it is not. If, with such technology the idea was to bring peace or even genocide of total nations, or population control, or eugenics, or any other ideas set forth for the Rockefellers to profit at the top, then with such technology these wars with the multitude of crime, criminals, mass programming of more agents, and DU, chemical weapons, would be unnecessary at this time. In addition, they continue to put out propaganda of an alien type to cover up such extreme abuses by Lockheed and those profiting from continuous, controlled wars, and the patents themselves. At each phase of this world war, they will set down some action to create a chain of reactions, and forcing individuals to go along with it until their arrest or death. In each Jewish death, as I said before, they killed them regardless of what they did. It is at the time of the Rockefeller article that a big mind controlled scene at the Temple Mount occurs with Ariel Sharon, now in some circles slandered as a war criminal, and induced with death in some form or fashion to have a stroke as other leaders were murdered through mind controls and staged attacks, while those above share weapons deals and oil deals, using the KGB and PLO together between Arafat and the Iraeli leaders, Iran, Sadaam Hussein, whose extended family members are also involved in other poisonings and deaths in England. Each phase centers around those listed above controlling the media. Every single day Jewish families and rabbis are blown up on Ford buses, happy to supply more, with such extreme surveillance of peoples brains from signals intelligence. As the extreme conditions requiring this security in Israel heighten, Lockheed and agents with mind control weapons are used around Israel. There are reports of miracles from 1991 to 2000, including Red Heffer articles, and many other mind controls surrounding religion put out to heighten the chaos for these wars and fighting around the Temple. Lockheed had already announced such capabilities and directed subliminal controls. In addition, Lockheed put out articles on controlling and dividing religion in Iraq, which has been the case of real Judaism, through such mind controls and weapons since the 1920s. North Carolina and

other areas, including the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, and across the U.S., worldwide there are reportings of UFOs At the time they begin this propaganda for world war, also, there was a news article that made worldwide attention regarding a UFO over India that put out electric for days, and burnt people with lasers. One doctor, just released in the media was 'studying' giving women orgasms with the 'push of a button.' And this in only one crime done to victims right now, including those Rabbis and people put through divorce in the Jewish communities. Just as in World War II, there was lost a great deal of minds, of Jewish minds we see the same this time. By 2001, they had already began with using foreign military and agents in the U.S. and worldwide, which always takes place, except that now, the older units are going to be indicted for espionage or other events as they are used in crime. Now, they had already been using foreign agents for years to attack Jewish immigrants in each country, holocaust survivors, children of holocaust survivors, those used in mind controls for the JDL, and in many other areas as signals weeds out intelligence. The mobs used by the Vatican and those who keep this satanic mind control as their front for profits, grow, as those in real Torah and higher understanding keep disappearing. Thousands of Jewish men, women, and children from the last world war to the present go through their brains being taken for signals, while the mob minded and controlled are kept. The article above shows how Bernstein, linked to the mobs, though he was a good musician (today we cannot have natural talent but pseudo-psychics and the controlled through radio signals for the Rockefellers and benefactors), many were killed because of real talent and minds, including Gershwin who spent hours in creating new types of music. Of course, just as the weapons testing, usage and wars were premeditated by using the Mossad and security without really having security since 1949 with such technology on Israel, and by using organized peace agreements and failures to do so; so it is that this coming sales of weapons for world war while killing those with years of experience and hiring new scientists to direct weapons at the public causing uprisings and conflict through biometric controls. By 1989, there was already taking place the preparations for making the U.S. the Empire to be taken down, the public again, bearing all the price in every area from infrastructure damage, train wrecks, firings and arrests in public transportation, firings and deaths, arrests, in air tower controls, to every other area, including deaths and arrests in the administration. The trillions of dollars in fraud goes back to only those few as stated above and those they keep using totally controlled that they feed the money back out to for re-construction downward to the general operatives. Though the articles on the Air Force being used with microwave weapons on the public for low level conflict was not put out until 2005, they began under Clinton using heavy mind controls while they were making weapons deals with Saudi Arabia, Iran (Contra Affair still going with Oliver North) and Arafat, Hezbollah. After fifty more years of pseudo-psychiatry through mind controls and the most criminal at the top, the Bush family and others set up hundreds more mental institutions backed by the same agents at the top of those government agencies used to cover up this testing constantly on the public, with arrests, disappearances, and even suicides of psychiatrists currently used, many pedophiles and assassins, they set up the plan to use the sales of weapons to get rid of those who had brain implants, who underwent years of testing for their profits. The National Institutes of Health and every other social agency knows this is taking place, with the Israelis or CIA in every area, and continuously purged, fired, or killed. In every single case since 1920, they are cyborgs who do as told and programmed until their arrest. Weapons used worldwide for mass hurricanes, earthquakes, sunamis, and flooding by carrying water and spraying it overhead, as well as other particulates being used for directed weaponry. Israel has their earthquake, 1995, and more serious mind controls being done by 1992. Before Katrina, there had been put out millions of mafia agents, Chinese mafia which the Homeland Security head is now being indicted for giving passports, the Jewish Russian mafias, the M-16 (English CIA) while the Israeli agents and Israeli Mossad is used in the U.S. The Mossad has always been in North America, the only thing changing is the propaganda to have these millions of agents running around committing crimes on the public. The G-8 and Russia, the CFR, put together the top ideas of Zionism to population control to Eugenics and Nationalism. They put out ideas in the media that Nationalism in the minds of the people will prevent them from changing, so they all must be targeted (meaning with covert war) and this is put out through the programmed agents in all areas. In addition, they put out ideas of prophecy and end times and many other heresies retro-linked to ancient days that really did not exist except through the years of Russian mind control studies. As they begin the religious wars, for the sake of weapons deals, using those weapons heavily on all, at the same time in Israel, those who are later arrested, including the pseudo-psychiatrists and judges are all being used to cover up the denial of real religious rights, and right to mind and conscious. All of those who come later to arrest know very well of these things. The Rockefellers and those in these weapons deals have denied those who are conscientious and intelligent the rights to their own minds for over 80 years through such fabrications and stupidity for their pockets. I spent years study those things in religion that have reason, those things in Torah, even with brain implant harassment at times, psychology, the physical realm of possibilities after life, and other intellectual areas, which NSA and the Mossad knew about, which were taken into brain programs, like others as they set out in any way for destruction and extrajudicial death from 1989 onward, and which they continued beforehand with deception to set up. Through all of this time that the governments make claims of there being a separate Church from State is nothing but lies, including the denial of anyone of true religion, total biometric control over Judaism, Christianity with those programmed in sadistic minds, sexually abused themselves to be put out there with weapons to destroy Jewish and non-Jewish alike. Like during World War II, as well, there was much programming of heretical ideas through signals and mind controls, whereas they killed those Jewish also as being heretical, yet they continue to use such signals in even more extreme manners throughout the next century, creating even more cults and extremists to be used in a controlled setting. NSA has been used along with the CIA for Rome and Rockefellers, worldwide for serious mind controls denying religious rights or any right to true religious study. In 2001, the Bush administration puts out a new law that they can discriminate based on religion in any area, and they begin attacking Jewish and non-Jewish who will not fall for the war propaganda. Klaus Barbie who was used in sadistic torture in France under Hitler and in many other areas during the last world war, stayed controlled, and still claimed he would do it again after all those years, being the reason he was not arrested or killed right away. Klaus Barbie nor any of the others who were not brought to arrest could expound on anything other than lower-minded ideas of the events of world war II. Signals intelligence weeds out those who will not be totally controlled in this way. All world wars are used one religious group against the other which is why they keep separating these groups into so many factions. Where is the Israeli Mossad when millions of Jewish are being killed? These deaths were not just by chance. They are blind. Well, of course, they are locked up in prison, having slander debates, being visited by their counselors and enjoying kosher meals, being sodomized, picking up other children to sodomize, running drugs, and surveilling Americans with CIA death squads, breaking and entering homes, digging up graves, and having transvestite reunions in Israel, running around with threats, anthrax and bombs, while the Gangsters kill off Jewish and get rewarded for it. And the biggest Gangsters in weapons deals and crimes, run off leaving Israeli women husbandless, with children, children put into more prostitution rings and crime. While the Gangsters in weapons deals and oil, drug running deals, keep them brainwashed and occupied, Jewish are killed. The U.S. and Vatican top Gangsters, then give out rewards to top Gangsters in crime and fire all the Mossad agents or force them into retirement. This is so ludicrous that it would be hard for people to believe, and that is also what these criminals play on. All of the arguments about the Israeli Mossads activity and the Israeli agents used in the U.S. and worldwide, including their own deaths, show the programming of the Mossad to overlook millions of Jewish deaths. In fact, they are used to decapitate each other. The Bush administration used Mossad, in conjuction with other terrorists, one against the other to pass weapons deals and have them blind to millions of Jewish deaths. The weapons of mind controls and cults evolved out of these weapons studies and brain implants, used during world war two in the same way; having one slander another until the last few in crime left with the money. Many Rabbis and those involved in it were continued targets afterwards. The Gangsters at the top now, still the ones left. They fire a religious Jewish man at the Smithsonian Institute, or extend his term after 2001, because the Smithsonian Institute was used for covering up history on all, and the mind controls to change history and religion for programming, and he would not be suitable for this time period as he brought up the idea of a higher eternal being in control of the world. Those profiting from world war must have in all areas, the cyborgs, without concern or thought at to what they are doing. From 1991 to 2001, the CIA was used heavily for the cyborg and memory lapse inducements for such zombie-like personnel. The agents were continuously fired, some killed, some harassed. They continue with attacks on Jeiwsh in every single country, including having the IDF attacked, the Israeli Army committing suicide, and other armies, as well as the U.S. military people attacked. By 1995, they had used the CIA, not only for programming more people as cyborgs and Manchurian candidates, programming people for more crime, but for supposedly raising consciousnesses, another heretical lie of the administration and those in weapons deals. The NSAs Christian scripts and the court cases show this. The spraying over the skies, seen in Oregon, in one case reported on Unsolved Mysteries as blood droplets from the sky along with other waste, was taken to court with Scientology and it was declared that at certain altitudes spraying was allowed. This is where those in weapons used those controlled in cults, last days, and end times using Bible scripture to have them pour out the last plagues. The Bible was actually changed to suit these mind controls for weapons over the years. It was like the Twilight Zone, as I knew I was only doing this for my spouse, again, trying to fix his circles only in 2003, NSA tried to cover it up as a chemical imbalance and which they still continued crimes on me and in any way try to destroy the family and myself by the total control of my spouse in these circles, split personalities, and continuous self-destruction. I kept wondering, as many on the victims boards, where these signals were coming from, but at the same time, my brain being in shock or overcome and being knocked out by weapons could not do anything to overcome it but slowly. NSA then set out to commit hundreds more crimes, including trying to use operatives to fabricate Christian extremist lies when I have the right, as well as anyone else to those beliefs in Torah as it relates to real living and those things that are right, not criminals. When after I had been attacked many times, and sexually attacked for over 7 years with extreme biochemical weapons to the brain and body, and they sent Dee Arpino out to fabricate questioning of every kind of idiocy to fabricate more lies, I had looked on the computer to see what I could find that might be happening. When I came across the Waco incident, and then discussed what the man had been saying about holocaust or something to those who came to stay with him, they used this surveillance and other discussions as to who it might be committing such crimes, even words that were repeated as someone elses conversation for extreme crimes against me, fabricating lies all day long to agents, later fired, while at the same time committing weapons crimes on the body and brain, sending signals of trauma and fear to the brain to cooberate their fabrications by using it in any distorted manner. They hold a fake court case in Canada, excluding millions of vitims, of illegally claiming they are psychiatric patients after dircting weapons, and the fact that the top of psychiatry is CIA and pedophiles. But, they continue hiring the same in all areas, sexually programmed criminals (see MONARCH programming).

The Scientists continue to be killed through the time period of causing chaos in communities, divorces, and media propaganda is put out for Jewish families to go to the settlements long before they begin beating, and pulling them out of the settlements through years of mind controls. Other assassins and terrorists used by those in top weapons deals were killed just as they were used or later. Many former FBI agents began being arrested or rounded up for past crimes. By the time many in the Jewish community are slandered, destroyed in some way and the Crises Center is set up just in time for bringing them to justice, the agents are killed or put away somehow. Many Jewish scientists were already induced with death of some sort as well as hundreds of other scientists killed in Russia, the U.S, and Iraq, when the administration set up the former KGB heads in NSA. In 1996, Mike Boorda was only one of millions to be killed by the CIA and Israeli Mossad (purged in 2003) and their leaders rotated along with the use of gangsters, mafias, and other hired terrorists, programmed by these scientists at each stage. The mossad goes simply by orders while they kill millions of Jewish with other agents and people. In Isarael, those in weapons deals, finally kill Ariel Sharon, other leaders, have killed millions of Jewish worldwide, arrest the fire other leaders, including the President, and reward Gangsters at the top of Weapons deals with Russia, and go on to arrest more Jewish, took down a Jewish airplane, killed Jewish who were saved from other countries and taken to Israel, putting Israeli Jews through signals abuse causing severe anguish, putting women and children in poverty and have Canada bring about investigations into more abuse on children. At 56, Admiral Jeremy "Mike" Boorda had everything to live for. As Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), he was at the pinnacle of his career. Supported by a loving family and widely respected as "an officer of legendary devotion to the Navy," why would the admiral suddenly and violently take his own life? by 1989, they set forth to fabricate, yet again, another world war based on terror and making people believe Israel is behind it. The weapons tested on the public over and over again, are simply SOLD in weapons deals worldwide, through only a few, while the leaders profit and are later arrested after all the other people who know very well this is taking place (see letters to governors, arrests, indictments, Schlund Vs. Bush). On May 16, 1996, Boorda was found shot through the heart on a bench outside his official residence in the Washington Navy Yard. The police instantaneously diagnosed "suicide." But Boorda's recent advocacy of suicide prevention cast an eerie shadow on the official story. Biden in Delaware is put on the top board for the National Guard to be used by 2005 on the public with even more weapons, after causing mass arrests, kidnappings, gang stalking by the CIA, fake drug wars while committing crimes using weapons on the public, mass arrests without any evidence whatsoever of public people and the fabrications of mental illness again. All of the governors and Attorney generals, including Janet Reno were told about such weapons. They have all seen the congressional hearings, the bills put in by Kucinich to stop such weaponry (which is always used in just manipulations by the Rockefellers and those profiting), and they have received complaints. In all other states, and countries, the governors, the top military, and all others involved are being arrested, and were so in Russia before the last of the spies who were involved was poisoned. 1968 implantation of an electrode array on the visual cortex for video direct to the brain and other 1960s research into electronically triggering phosphenes in the brain, thus bypassing the eyes. Evoked Potentials by David Regan Decoding neuroelectric information in the brain A Technique for Chronic Remote Nerve Stimulation. M.M. Lafferty and J.F. Farrell. Science, 1949, 110. Technique of Intracranial Electrode Emplacement for Recording and Stimulation and its Possible Therapeutic Value in Psychotic Patients. J.M.R. Delgado, H. Hamlin, and W.P. Chapman. Confinia Neurologica, 1952, 12. Telemetry and Telestimulation of the Brain. J.M.R. Delgado. In: Biotelemetry. L. Slater, (Ed.). New York: Pergamon, 1963. Two-way Radio Communication with the Brain in Psychosurgical Patients. J.M.R. Delgado, S. Obrador, and J.G. Martin-Rodriquez. In: Surgical Approaches in Psychiatry. L.V. Laitinen and Livingston, (Editors). Lancaster, England: Medical and Technical Publishing, 1973. These studies by only one scientist, here, went into the millions of studies illegally from 1900s onward U.S. Explores Russian Mind-Control Technology. Barbara Opall. Defense News, January 11-17, 1993. The Soviet and U.S. involvement in spying, science, and research is now the domineering empire (after the U.S.); Egypt gets president from Russia, Russians go to Israel, and infiltrated U.S. politics for years, many coming to the country. Russian links to the black ops and domination through all areas and in politics is simply how the power is changing. There was only a fall of the old Russia. **FOIAP reports show that Russian Scientists were used on Jews and non-Jews along with the Institutes, Universities, Edgewood Arsenal and other military intelligences, and dirty agents such as the KGB. Because people in these areas are turned over by the time other abuses occur, many records or even notes are destroyed, most scientists gone, the abused victims become even more abused. The weapons industry gets holocaust deniers in all races. (Search dead scientist(s)) In this systems entirety of physical activity, physical manifestations, and control, turnover in every institution, including control of the minds and religion for political and weapons gains, it is diabolical and goes against Judaism, and those things that can only come from the one eternal or true religion, reason in any case. In the end, all of those things in Judaism are lost in this society. Lockheed Martin, Boeing (with links to Saudi oil, hovercraft industry), and Rand (who takes the census ) have every single person dependent on the weapons industry. From 1945 onward, millions of Jews and gentiles are picked up, tested on with implants, and mind control weapons by agents who continued to be used from the KGB, and CIA, and other foreign criminals. There are many cases of Jewish men, before the occupation in Germany, being implanted, and mind controlled, slandered, and destroyed with pseudo-psychology (also created just for those at the top of weapons proliferation). Throughout the 50s and 60s those at the top of weapons planned for this day. Those in the top areas such as G-8 went through mind controls themselves whether they are aware of it or not. Gates himself was prepped through the 60s to go along with the cover-up of these deaths, ignorance of the exact masses that have already occurred, or other. They probably see very short-sighted, especially those in their busy day. Many who are mind controlled only see one or two areas of specialty and have very little memory of events except for current agendas which keep them off guard of the total events. 1970s and 1980sthere have always been suicides by psychiatrists and doctors connected to these abuses; and many other suicides in every area that were performed by agents. The problem here and in every area is that when one researches it, it is not a few deaths by CIA and other dirty agents, but almost all deaths are controlled by the weapons industry and their use of every other person and group through mind control. All during this time, the weapons industry was using Arab countries to kill off others. They will do so again at another time after years of setting up a new regime in Iraq. The CIA is still used with hundreds of torture facilities, whereas the NSAs worldwide can pick up, track, brainwaves, body waves, and do things other than physical torture because the CIA drug running, and weapons proliferation brings all money back to those few in the weapons industry. The mind controls, ideologies to back it up, and drug running for government and weapons proliferation is the destruction of the very foundation of society for all and is proven, and has been shown to affect every single persons life today. The fabricated psychiatry industry and drug industry go hand in hand and are actually owned by the same. This is not just fabricated psychiatry by inducing states with weapons for over 80 years, but pay attention to the investigations and arrests all of which are long after they were used on all communities at each phase, with only those making profits in weapons, not coming to arrests. The Bush family, again, being used in holocaust to kill millions of Jewish. The psychiatry itself has been proven to be a cover up for mind control, and created out of mind control itself. It is not just on certain races that these abuses from pseudo-psychiatry have occurred on all. Most psychiatry that we see today came out of the early 1900s, and those involved in creating it were under mind control throughout the last 70 years. Psychiatric conditions have been proven already to be symptoms of weapons testing on the public while using those in psychiatry to keep books on the symptoms of the testing and even purposely destroy people through such studies. Freud himself was mind controlled because his mother was Jewish and desired to teach him traditional Judaism. The abuses of psychiatry are not limited to race, and in fact the set up of the system, in every form of abusive mind controls can be seen in all areas. Of course, those in weapons industry abuses rely mostly on those things in psychiatry that are only naturally known anyway, like torturing someone until they expect that abuse (using the trauma response), and then claiming the person is paranoid. This is the whole psychiatry around the weapons industry. Over the years psychiatry has become more and more heretical and ridiculous for anyone who has studied it. By the fact that there has been little studies not linked to torture and weapons, and in addition, millions of ideologies, since the 1920s, one can really see the devastation in society from it. Hundreds of drug corporation heads, practitioners, druggists, and psychiatrists are arrested only between 2000 and present, covering up years of drug abuses on the public, and those crimes on Jewish communities listed below. The weapons were used in everything from criminal pedhopile abuse on the public, to inducing bullemia, anxiety, heart attacks, cancers, and every other kind of mimicking of natural disorders on the population. The psychiatry fraud has been developing for over 80 years since the invention of Rockefellers oil trusts and brain implant, radio frequency abuses for this mind control. The thousands of documents, congressional hearings, court cases, brain implant documents and other released CIA documents, and the criminals set up to commit the crimes are proof enough. Yet, the cases of The American Psychiatric Institutes and International Psychiatry being of a criminal nature never ceases. Of course, every single document in Human rights and genocide using the CIA shows the same activity of government cover up before such disappearances deaths are reported, with most deaths not reported at all by such weapons deals. They are not individual arrests or some isolated incidents but the norm. The psychiatric abuses and crimes against all by the use of assassins and criminal units under those in weapons and brain implant profits is massive. At each phase of such biotelemetry controls, and weapons induced brainwashing, and crimes to cover up just for the patents, the induced behaviors were written down as psychiatric illnesses. In millions of cases, including the use of kidnapped children in studies, these individuals are listed as abuse of the mentally ill when in fact they were not mentally ill before being locked up illegally. Under the Bush administration, including in Israel, we see people locked up after being driven by mind controlled wars and through signals to the brains. We see millions of grade school children forced into ideas that are heretical and immediately tested and tagged as having

psychological disabilities. In all cases, they are way above the normal level for any society or even in history. The Bioethics Committee is set up to discuss weapons studies on the public, who will be affected by them and only after years of using them on the Jewish and other communities. The Bush family money in mental institutes is listed by 2001. with such severe weapons capabilities and frequencies that have been tested on the human population, and the institutes involved, and patents, it is irrefutable, the crimes on millions of Jewish and non-Jewish in the name of anti-Semitism and Terror by those profiting and using totally programmed people to do it. However, there are thousands of documents involving the institutes and fake psychiatrists in every area for the extrajudicial killings of those used for weapons and brain implant mass testings. As well as the Bush money laundering connection to the more recent planting of over a hundred new mental institutions for more studies targeting citizens with these weapons, for Rockefellers and other benefactors since the 1920s within this testing area and deaths. The patents themselves should be read because it is with such extreme abuse ability that they will use every single ability on individuals being targeted causing torture. The whole public is affected and infected by this abuse. If they think not, then they are part of the controlled because they are a target anyway through all of the action. those who are controlled will also usually get angry to be bothered by telling them. They have no clue of such destruction on next generations and that all crime they see is only a small part of the destruction of families, extreme illnesses worldwide, outbreaks, crimes, fraud, destruction of real education, from such extreme weapons capabilities and criminals in top areas. They didnt arrest (or kill) the Israeli leaders until they used years of mind controls for wars on them, and now, in2006, there is propaganda put out to blame Israel for the worlds woes and chemical weapons after thousands of deaths. When in fact it is only a few using the rest for continuous crimes on the population. At the top of the International and National Psychiatry has always been CIA, highly programmed in Scientology, UFO cover ups, and the highest cover-ups of abuse on all, including fabrication of most psychiatric illnesses, which is exactly the whole coverup of what is discussed here. Also see Mind Control mind control doctors included presidents of the American Psychiatric Association ... for the unethical experimentation lies first with the individual doctors, ... Soviet (Russian) and American psychiatric abuses ... World Psychiatric Association was founded by none other than Ewen Cameron, who ... behavior modification and "mind control" research and experiments were ... The Child Protection Racket; Freedom Magazine (CIA behind crimes, mind controls, and taking children, then abusing them more) of world terror and mayhem, mind manipulators are continuing to create agents of ... president of the American Psychiatric Association, puffed with pride on ... Psych Assault - The War Against the Mind ... responsibility for the mind control experiments lies with the doctors, who ... the groundwork for a fundamental psychiatric misconception that remains to this ... Miami Psychiatrist Arrested In Sex Predator Investigation - Local News Miami Psychiatrist Arrested In Sex Predator Investigation. POSTED: 12:10 pm EDT May 30, 2006 ... He thought this was a little girl, and his intentions were ... - 48k - Cached - More from this site WCTV | Tallahassee Psychiatrist Arrested Everything Politics. As Seen On WCTV. Mr. Food. Recipes. Medical ... Tallahassee Psychiatrist Arrested. Tallahassee Doctor Discovered Wandering Down Road Naked ... - 66k - Cached - More from this site Saudi psychiatrist arrested on child sex tourism charges Nabil Al Rowais, who entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visa issued in ... He is charged in a criminal complaint with traveling in foreign commerce with ... Saudi psychiatrist arrested on child sex tourism charges (PDF) SACRAMENTO A 37-year-old Saudi psychiatrist made his initial ... a-half-year-old girl after exchanging numerous emails with an undercover agent ... - 28k - View as html - More from this site Psychiatrist arrested for gunsmoking road rage incident Car Buyer's Notebook publishes daily automotive news, test drives, audio ... Environment. Finance. Free Price Quote. Industry Statistics. Newsletter. Podcast. Safety ... - 26k - Cached - More from this site BBC NEWS | Health | 'Wife-selling' psychiatrist arrested The director of a Chinese psychiatric hospital drugged female patients then sold ... Low graphics|Accessibility help. BBC News in video and audio. News services ... - 29k - Cached - More from this site - W. Virginia psychiatrist arrested for having loaded gun in carry-on A West Virginia psychiatrist faced charges after he was arrested over the ... Columnists. Special features. Wi-Fi hotspots. Site index. Destinations. Destinations ... - 60k - Cached - More from this site Article - Swiss Psychiatrist Arrested in Euthanasia Scandal @ Excerpt: "(From BBC Monitoring International Reports) Swissinfo web site on 20 February A Zurich psychiatrist has been arrested for..." Courtesy access with library card. - More from this site WSVN-TV - Local News - Local psychiatrist arrested on sex charges South Florida News Station - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Channel 7 - WSVN-TV WSVN ... Community Calendar. Program Schedule. Search. Medical Reports. Help Me Howard ... - 19k - Cached - More from this site California Coalition for Women Prisoners: The Fire Inside: Prison psychiatrist arrested Testimony at Joint Committee on Prison Construction, Sacramento, CA ... Women in Black: Vigil for Women's Health Care. Snitch. Prison psychiatrist arrested ... More results at yahoo for news:;_...-501&x=wrt All of these psychiatrists and judges are arrested--for some technicalityor isolated crime, to cover up Bush abuses. When the Bush administrations attempts to commit sexual crimes on the victims, Katrinas, attempted run-overs, sending anthrax, threats, calling agents all day long, trying to set up victims for false arrest, they then try to get out of their crimes by their hired criminal, run by fake psychiatric, CIA, Mossad agents to get rid of the persons. The fake psychiatric associations are massive, not just a few, but linked to others, the CIA (being fired and turned over at any time) are put in to get rid of people, by the bribing of the judges (see judge arrests) that were arrested later and other officials. Many judges who were pedophiles were also used on the Jewish community along with the pedophile psychiatrists arrested to cover up the scientific weapons direction, not to mention the millions of other sexual crimes of MONARCH programming (sodomy) on men, and the hundreds of other crimes, as I have reported in my own documentation and the current report of a doctor in N.C. using the implants to create orgasms at the push of a button NSA is doing this along with the CIA in conjuction with hundreds of other crimes on the body, brain, and outward crimes, as I have reported also. Like the last world war, they put out a thousand studies, along with the mafias and criminal gang stalkers, the fake CIA drug wars while they kill millions, committing any number of crimes on each person. They have denied me rights for 31 years, as well as everyone else in this world under the Rockefellers and a few other families. Special report: George W Bush's America Ed Vulliamy in New York Sunday December 17, 2000 The Observer America's President-elect, George W. Bush, held an investment in a company that leased a chain of psychiatric hospitals where patients died and the conditions were so appalling that many were shut down, The Observer reveals today. The hospital chain - Charter Behavioral Health Systems - was exposed by a CBS television documentary last year after the deaths were reported. CBS had filmed widespread malpractices, acknowledged by government regulators. This led to a criminal investigation of Charter, which continues. Article continues. **This is not the only health system, but all are directed by Rockefeller and those in weapons, with criminal agents (being arrested at some other time after being used) for the past 80 years, and after causing such extreme violence and destruction on Jewish communities, they are again, in Israel bringing out more so-called psychs to investigate Jewish for violence, after forcing them into and out of situations, abused by weapons deals. Though some may *believe* that what they are taught in psychiatry is real, 99% of it has been covering up weapons, and fabricated into psychology books by the operatives and scientists since 1920s. Social workers were arrested along with the judges for taking bribes to have people falsely convicted by 2003, including those used in conjunction with weapons frequencies on Jewish communities during the Clinton Adminisration, and in Israel (see Lockheed and over Israel). What was not revealed was the fact that Charter's hospitals were leased to the company by a property trust, Crescent, in which Bush purchased shares in 1994. The Charter connection leads to the heart of Bush's business network in Texas. Crescent was founded by his closest business partner and the man who made him rich: genius investor and Texas billionaire Richard Rainwater. Rainwater was the major investor with whom Bush bought into the Texas Rangers baseball team in 1989 during his father's presidency. The investment was the source of Bush's biggest windfall and his folk hero status in Texas. He sold the baseball stock for a profit of $14.9 million, and Rainwater became part of the Bush circle. Bush sold his shares in Crescent at a profit of $114,000 in 1988, after they had been put into a blind trust following his election to the governorship of Texas in 1994. The Charter hospital scandal connects Bush's Crescent investment to the squalid story of its tenant's hospitals, and focuses attention on policies to which the Bush administration in Texas has been committed - self-regulation in private health care, the environment, energy and guns . There was no reason why, or suggestion that, either Bush or Rainwater knew what was happening inside Charter's hospitals. Charter filed for bankruptcy earlier

this year. During the election hiatus, Bush's Vice-President-elect, Dick Cheney, committed the upcoming administration to forging ahead with its proposals for reducing government's role in health care. Rainwater's office referred The Observer' s calls to Crescent, where a spokeswoman, Sandra Porter, said Charter was a tenant and separate from the property company, as was Crescent Operating. Crescent was 'not calling the shots' in Charter hospitals, but acting only as landlord. Crescent, she said, 'works in partnership with people that we believe to be experts in what they are doing' 2006Israel in poverty, thousands more died with such extreme weapons abuses in mind control and every kind of neglect of security for committing acts of war between leaders profiting. By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has asked Israel's National Council for the Child for information on immigrant children in Israel. Canadian authorities want to know whether immigrant children in Israel are being harassed or abused, in order to evaluate political asylum cases. In 2005, 679 Israeli citizens sought asylum abroad, mainly in Canada. Some 200 requests were approved, mainly of citizens of the former Soviet Union who came to Israel but left claiming they were persecuted, because of their origin or religion. In a letter last month, the IRB asked the council whether it could provide examples of mistreatment of immigrant children; whether children of immigrants from the former Soviet Union were subject to harm at school or violence in their neighborhoods, and whether certain groups of immigrant children were more at risk of abuse than others. The Canadian authorities also sought to understand how the Israeli government has been responding to reports of abuse of The head of the Council for the Child, Dr. Yitzhak Kadman, said in response that official bodies do not have clear policies that put immigrant children at a disadvantage, but that these children encounter problems typical of an immigrant population. For example, the number of immigrant children involved in crime and substance abuse is proportionally high, and investment in education and welfare programs to deal with these crises is insufficient. The hundreds of judges, many pedophiles, priests within the Roman Catholic churches, pedophile psychiatrists, and all the others who were more recently arrested (see arrests) were used in conjunction with extreme weapons signals to cause conflict in Israel and worldwide on Jewish communities before purging and renewing the Mossad, after killing thousands more in Israel. The fabricated psychiatric institutes set up in Bush money and billions of dollars now coming under investigation since the audit is only after millions of Jewish and non-Jewish deaths here and in Israel. They are now having psychiatric evaluations on the rest of the Israelis after transporting them, and weapons deals back and forth, moving them in and out of settlements, and using such mind controls through subliminal weapons that were used, as those leaders in oil and weapons deals profit. It is only after each crime on the community that they keep bringing about arrests and investigations into psychiatric abuses which are planned in conjunction with the crimes on the public, including those weapons directions on the Jewish communities in Israel and here. Psychiatry abuses to cover up crimes The most severe crimes are if someone has been used with previous implants, because then they are directing many other weapons, outward harassment, and crimes as in my own case. This website below shows arrests of Jewish after forcing them into wars and mind controls. was established to document the Israeli policy to prosecute and detain peaceful protesters against the government's policy of withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Over the last 18 months, the government deemed civil protesters of the expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip and West Bank as enemies of the state. They killed thousands of Jewish from 1949, the Israeli Mossad set up to protect Israel at that time, up through the 90s in peace and no peace weapons deals between Arafat, Israeli leaders, Saudi leaders, Iran, and Russia, Hezbollah, the U.S. administration, Bush Family, Rockefeller and a few others. With the real-time, computer-to-brain technology and satellites to anywhere in the world. This technology was tested on Jewish communities all throughout along with mind controls. Serious mind controls from 1995 to 2006. The weapons deals were already planned at the time the Palestinians were put there in 1949. They used subliminal mind controls and microwave weapons to enhance the wars and arguments daily while they made profits, with such extreme technology, never having any real security. They used formerly trained terrorists, including KGB on Israelis. (See Lockheed, Boeings connections to Saudi Oil deals and their control of National Security Associations, and UFOs over Israel). While many young Jewish were already in dire straits, they sent people over to be killed, commit suicide, and be attacked daily, and then used Israelis in poverty, brought to the U.S. for operations through years of torturing them to have them commit crimes in the U.S. At the same time they were having deaths in Israel of Jewish, they used these scientists (killed around 1990s) to induce illness, destroy millions of Jewish worldwide, and continued with induced deaths and accidents. So, it was not just about wars forever in Israel. visas who do not have legal residency in Israel.By 2006, Bush is found guilty of war crimes and there are impeachment articles put in for his arrest by December 8, 2006, but like Clinton, he will not be arrested being relative to Rockefeller. The psychiatrists you see above, which includes their deaths, arrests, were part of the group used on the Jewish communities and other communities. It has already been proven again and again, and in the Bioethics Committee discussion that through signals intelligence and these scientists, the psychiatric conditions are being induced. I know from our own experience and the millions of victims out there of daily harassment by weapons since age 7 with the Bush family, the Rockefellers, and a few billionares who made their money from the previous years of holocaust through constant weapons studies on the population worldwide. But, they keep hiring more criminal doctors, scientists, and fake psychiatrists, including more recently used on a Jewish man in the western states. While hundreds more Rabbis were arrested and Jewish communities destroyed they went on to kill the scientists and arrest the psychopathic fake psychiatrists only no, from 2001-present, who were behind weapons usage on the public with biochemical changes to the brains. The scientists and fake psychiatrists used at each given time are replaced and are programmed, non-thinking, non-caring, and totally apathetic to anything they are told to do. They simply keep hiring others. To help out, the Bush administration set up these psychiatric centers in his interest and profits along with the Rockefellers and Ford support. Again, at each phase of destroying populations, they put these weapons out as new and as if it is New and only on the others (not our group). By 1960, there continued to be put in presidents who are total cyborgs, most put through years of sexual abuses and ritual themselves, and they have crimes behind them on all, including Arafat, to keep the weapons deals going while killing millions, including in Israel. Jimmy Carter was another president who did an interview (I believe with Time Magazine) on his life being abused by his father (linked to ritual cults). The same crimes are committed on Israel with weapons deals, in fact even longer. Bush dynasty versus America Bush - Bin Laden financial connections Carlyle Group, Arbusto Energy (W's first ... Bush was the first CIA director to come from the oil industry. ... Bush Hitler Nazi Death Camp Connections -- Bush Family History featuring Nazi collaborator Prescott Bush operating with top organized crime lords, devoured companies and people's ... Exxon way back then under the name of Standard Oil of New Jersey), [2] [3] E.H. ... The new Iraqi leaders also have connections to the oil, are formerly used as cyborgs and one immediately began shooting people; they are connected to top weapons deals and oil deals which are also being renewed world wide, in Africa and elsewhere as the oil tycoons are arrested and new oil corporations put in. AWARE: Anti-War, Anti-Racism Effort 50 Air strikes on Iraqi military leaders all were unsuccessful and may have killed innocent people. ... The New Prime Minister of Iraq is a former agent of the CIA. All of the leaders have war crimes behind them, and are most likely to keep being hired as such. Many Israeli leaders were hit before they purged the Mossad, so that the weapons deals and deaths, links could not be leaked. This is also why many of the Jewish or Israeli Army deaths would not be released by Chalabi. (they cover up Jewish deaths as death only by war against the others and cover up millions of Jewish deaths that are not noted, and they cover up deaths by using programming and brainwashing, by using cyborgs to continue the media and other illusions that it is for Zionism or population control, or any number of reasons) Bush, Blair, Arafat, Saudi leaders with weapons and aerospace deals, oil deals, bring terror world wide, while they rejoiced in oil deals and they have supporters: The last who covered up the crimes for purges, mass firings, deaths, illegal arrests, and who help in the bribery of judges is the bankers and those who are considered Gangsters who are given banks within the countries for going along with the purges: Johnson's Russia List Issue . The bankers ended up dead because the money laundering was to help with mass Jewish deaths before Putin, during Putins time, the airplane taken down, the deaths in Israel, and those taken out of Russia to be saved, put into prostitution rings, poverty in Israel, killed abroad at other places, etc. The TOP BANKER gets all the goodies after the purges and deaths, arrests in every single area. MOSCOW (AP) - Russian bankers linked to a massive money laundering probe ... of small Muslim nations, which the Soviet government indicted, convicted and ... See what happens to all the supporters after the presidents are used in mass deaths? TV Weber | Columns | Gangster says deputy PM knew of Djindjic assassination plot ... 36 Milosevic supporters indicted for preventing his arrest

AlterNet: Dividing Russia Here is a man who has been indicted for "Crimes against Humanity" for what he ... was right in arresting the oil gangster (which played as "Cracking Down on

Before the bankers are arrested, those oil tycoons who helped are indicted. Bush, Blair, Putin, and other leaders, after weapons deals, get rewarded with the new oil set ups and others through new construction deals. NewsFromRussia.Com Russia is involved in oil-for-food scandal Chalmers, has been indicted on charges related to the U.N. program. ... A look at the Russian Criminal Code charges against oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky. ... 34 Romanian man indicted for hacking into U.S. government computers. 14:17 Chinese tycoon on Forbes rich list sentenced to life in prison ... Milosevec goes to the Hague, and Putin is put in for the other part of Russias recent purgres MOSCOW Russia's image of order and stability, cited as President Vladimir Putin's key accomplishment, faltered last week as bailiffs began dismembering the once-profitable oil giant Yukos and panicked depositors staged a run on several of the country's top banks. Also, Paul Khlebnikov, a leading Western journalist who covered Russia's secretive business community, was gunned down Friday outside his Moscow office in an apparent contract killing. (Well, if the indictments didnt do the bankers in, this one would help a little)

So, by 1998, when the Bioethics committee was set up to discuss the weapons, which all the governors know about, the attorneys generals, Janet Reno even met with those using the weapons (see their arrests in other countries, including some only after they retire). It was presented as being on nationals of the U.S. only. Again, they went on to kill thousands more Jewish with such extreme biochemical weapons. In a 5/12/99 interview on ABC News, USPA member Lt. Col. John B. Alexander was asked if he saw any domestic applications for NL weapons. "Absolutely," he answered. "In the U.S. today, we have a very large disenfranchised population. The potential for civil disorder is quite high, in my estimation. This is an area in which non-lethal weapons can play a vital role in restoring order, protecting lives and property..." Alexander directed the Non-Lethal Weapons Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1980s. He is the same knowledgeable military man who wrote way back in December 1980 that "there are weapons systems that operate on the power of the mind and whose lethal capacity has already been demonstrated....The psychotronic weapon would be silent, difficult to detect, and would require only a human operator as a power source." (84) They can always get someone non-caring, apathetic, to keep going along with the crimes. Alexander knows very well, as the other government officials of the crimes committed by hundreds of scientists right now under the same disguise of testing on the public and the illegal methods to get rid of them extrajudicially. Foster is another cyborg scientist, totally programmed, who for years has been behind such weapons knowledge. The Bush administration, the Israeli Mossad working within all areas with the CIA, the KGB in NSA will not stop committing crimes and has done so with brain implants, and outward terrorizing, using weapons in every kind of way since 1989, outward trauma and brain shock and still disrupting daily life all day and night with such biochemical crimes. When writing about the biochemical changes, they neglect to mention such total control of the body and brains. In every single Jewish death, they were killed by inducing biochemical changes forcing the person into hate mode to commit crimes of one or another, including using outward propaganda, or they were killed for being liberal. In other words, if one is not totally apathetic to such grotesque crimes on society, then they will be targets for death, destruction of their lives. The only threat which continues to escalate is the total grotesque crimes covered up in every kind of way. Foster was involved in almost every single, from Los Alamos, DARPA (Previously ARPA) area with the Russians testing on Americans throughout the 1970s to the present (but since before 1949). Those in top Defense are programmed well in advance for holocaust and weapons deals, some for peace time testing and using weapons on the public, and then others programmed for terror wars while the mob kills off millions more. Even the Cohens from WWII were lacking the total picture, were used for the deaths of millions of Jews. The implant and programming from Edgewood Arsenal is linked to their usage as spies who really are uninformed spies used by the mob. This order also follows the same order of World War II and the holocaust which lasted from 1925 to 1945 worldwide in the same way. From 1945 to 1990, the mass weapons testing and deaths continued, and mass medical fraud on the public, the top medical corporation also being owned by the mob, and all corporations come under suits except for the top medical mobs. In WWII, every one came to arrest at the end. But, they always think they are going to get away with it. We can see in the recent Russian purges, that almost every single one, including leaders over the last century came to arrest in all areas, but the same billionaires as in the last world war and holocaust) at the top of weapons and oil profits, patents on the brain implants and weapons now being sold. Those Scientist, including Jewish scientists, used for years in Los Alamos came under arrest ONLY AFTER all of this took place for world wars, at the very end, and into the next 50 years of more testing on the public. When the Nuremberg Trials came about, everyone but those profiting at the top in weapons deals and top banks collecting the money from all other deaths, were indicted or killed. Foster, a distinguished scientist whose career working in the U.S. weapons complex dates back to the early years of the bomb, has been involved in many key hardline policy initiatives. He was a member of the rabidly anti-communist Committee on the Present Danger in the 1970s; he helped establish the Team B exercise in the mid-1970s, which put the country on a path to a confrontational relationship with the Soviet Union and helped lay the groundwork for the Reagan administrations reinvigorated Cold War policies; and he chairs the so-called Foster Panel (The Panel to Assess the Reliability, Safety, and Security of the U.S. Nuclear Stockpile), which has played a key role in pushing for new nuclear weapons production. In her book Killing Dtente: The Right Attacks the CIA, author Anne Kahn writes that while Foster was a member of the Ford administrations Presidents Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), he was chief instigator of the PFIAB-mandated competitive threat assessment [Team B], which was charged with reinterpreting intelligence gathered by the CIA on Soviet strategic capabilities and intentions. He recommended the anti-Soviet hardliner Richard Pipes to chair Team Bs Strategic Objectives Panel, the most well-known and controversial team. As alternatives, he suggested William Van Cleave or Albert Wohlstetter, both anticommunist and pro-nuclear demagogues. By 1995, they had already tortured and used mind control on Israelis for years and then brought them to the U.S., even 17 or 18 year olds destitute to harass and terrorize citizens, telling them it is for the Jewish people or Israel. Most of it through Lockheeds mind controls and years of wars. Israel was put into poverty by all the wars, except for the gangsters at the top connected to Roclefeller. One Jewish man who believed in Maimonides was on a plane. He was only one of thousands killed because of believing in some kind of real peace coming. While the Rockefellers, Bush family have Saudi Deals and oil deals with Putin, Blair, and in Africa, South America, they set up the wars to keep peoples attention on race and religious wars. In 2001, they get the race and religious wars going, and Iraq as a distraction of what grotesque crimes are really taking place. March 18th marks the first anniversary of formal release of the Rand Corporation report on Islam, entitled Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, and Strategies. The report has two fold agenda: 1. Try to create a version of Islam that suits the post 9/11 western agenda. 2. Creating divisions in the Muslim society at home and abroad. The Rand Report recipe to achieve this objective is to encourage and promote the so-called modernist Muslims and play one section of the society against another to split the society. In another report released in December 2004, the Rand Corporation elaborated on the second point and recommended playing the two major Muslim sects Sunnis and Shiites against each other to achieve policy objects. We are not sure what impact the Rand report has on the 1.5 billion Muslims living in independent Muslim countries as well as minorities in many other countries. Now, if the investigations suddenly brought forth, one after the other, were for ending crime, that would be one thing. However, wht those in porofits are doing is using directed weaponry over and over again, bringing about study after study, and hiring new criminal operatives in all areas to keep covering up such extreme crimes, and using different outward propaganda, and heresies for the crimes. After abusing Rabbis with pedophiles or whoever else, using the directed microwave frequencies in sexual studies, they set up another study of pedophiles, arrest the psychiatrists and those behind it, and then hire more criminals, with the biggest pedophiles criminals in the White House and other areas still profiting off holocaust, and still being used on children worldwide, including directing weapons at school children and in peoples homes. They hire these criminals based on ideologies of Satanism, population control, its for Israel, survival of the fittest religious ideologies and hate, etc. but they kill all of them or bring them to arrest one after the other. Other References: Gero Miesenbock, associate professor of cell biology at Yale, said if the process could be duplicated on mice, researchers might be able to better understand the cellular activity that leads to certain behavior. "Ultimately, that could be important to understanding human psychiatric disorders," Miesenbock said. "That's really futuristic stuff."posted by Telebiostimulation & Control at 1:51 AM 0 comments Monday, April 11, 2005 Google Search Term: Biological Process Control Paraphysics R&D -- Warsaw PactThis Defense Intelligence Agency document, prepared by the USAF's Foreign Technology Division, presents an overview of Soviet experiments with telepathy and other paranormal phenomena. Includes detailed information on Soviet "psychic" tests involving electromagnetics and holography, as well as quantum physics and gravitational anomalies. Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology ResearchThis (literally) mind-blowing Defense Intelligence Agency report examines Soviet research into telepathic behavior modification, psychokinesis, out-of-body phenomena, remote viewing, and psychotronic generators. Includes photographs of Soviet psychotronic generators in action. **They continue to use one group after the other, hiring new operatives, and claiming that there is a look into something or an investigation when the weapons direction simply continues. Below, they lie continusously, making claims (and look at the dates and new hires) that these weapons are used for controlling behavior when in fact, they have not been used except to destroy in every kind of way, including on millions of Jewish families. If it were the case with such extreme weaponry, that there was such a thing as a palestinian war, they could have used such weapons for total peace in the Jewish communities, and did in the Palestinians in two weeks in 1949, when

they put them there. However this is not the case, but propaganda put out, as they now claim the all-elusive state of Israel is illegal and should not use such weapons THEY HAVE NEVER USED SUCH WEAPONS FOR GOOD, AND ONLY FOR PROGRAMMING PEOPLE FOR MORE WEAPONS DEALS. Controlled Offensive Behavior -- USSRThis Defense Intelligence Agency report investigates Soviet research into the "reorienation or incapacitation of human behavior." Among the subjects examined in this document: psychological weapons; the use of electromagnetic energy in mind control experiments; military implications of Soviet parapsychology research; "artificial reincarnation" through hypnosis; telepathic hypnosis; hypnotic behavior modification; subliminal conditioning and "suggestology"; propaganda and the mass media; sensory deprivation; and Soviet use of LSD and psilocybin in mind control experiments. Subliminal Perception and Mind ControlA special collection of documents on subliminal mind control, from the files of ParaScope. Includes a Congressional hearing on "Subliminal Communication Technology"; an FCC Information Bulletin on "Subliminal Projection"; a declassified CIA report on the operational potential of subliminal perception; an MKULTRA document on subliminal mind control research; and various New York Times articles on the "subliminal scares" of the 1950s. The technology is used over and over again, as people in every area for those profiting in brain implants and weapons patents, have any kind of testing done on the public, now thousands of different weapons on just one family or individual are used for harassment and terrorizing to cover up the crimes: The last to be arrested at the end of World War II, was those scientists and doctors connected to Los Alamos labs making trillions a year for those in weapons deals. Like in Russia and Israel, Africa, Sudan, every sinlge person but a few are arrested by investigations brought forth by those at the top of the holocaust, including Rockefeller and Ford families AFTER they commit the crimes using those people. The Controllers_ by Martin Cannon Substantial evidence exists linking members of this country's intelligence community (including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Advanvced Research Projects Agency, and the Office of Naval Intelligence) with the esoteric technology of MIND CONTROL. (Sues note: mind control is not esoteric but low-minded stupidity to commit weapons deals and crimes) For decades, "spy-chiatrists" working behind the scenes -- on college campuses, in CIA-sponsored institutes, and (most heinously) in prisons -- have experimented with the erasure of memory,hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestion, rapidinduction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, non-ionizingradiation, microwave induction of intracerebral "voices," and a host of even more disturbing technologies. Some of the projects exploring these areas were ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, PANDORA, MKDELTA, MKSEARCH and the infamous MKULTRA. I have read nearly every available book on these projects, as well as the relevant congressional testimony[5]. I have also spent much time in university libraries researching relevant articles, contacting other researchers (who have graciously allowed me access to their files), and conducting interviews.Moreover, I traveled to Washington, DC to review the files John Marks compiled when he wrote THE SEARCH FOR "THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE"[6]. These files include some 20,000 pages of CIA and Defense Department documents, interviews,scientific articles, letters, etc. The views presented here are the result of extensive and ongoing research. In 1995, While the Clinton administration and former agents, former psychotoic psychiatrists were still directing weapons, destroying communities in the U.S. and rabbis, inducing illness, they were gearing up mind controls with sightings, mass propaganda, and directed subliminals causing hysteria as much as possible with direct signals, and using weapons to create earthquakes, hurricanes, and sunamis worldwide. The article leans towards prophecy as propaganda while the real ties behind it are for a need to re-build Israel while killing thousands in weapons deals, aerospace profits, and bomb profits. On July 11, 1927, a 6.2 magnitude temblor killed more than 300 people and damaged upward of 1000 buildings in Jericho, Nablus, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Tiberias, Lod and Ramla. The last major earthquake to affect Israel was in 1995 and had its center deep under the Red Sea, about 70 km south of Eilat and caused only very minor structural damage. It is estimated the worst-case scenario of the next major quake would cause Israel over $30 billion in economic damages and an unknown number of casualties. The Hebrew prophet Zechariah foretells a final, cataclysmic earthquake when the Messiah comes to Jerusalem, an event that will split the Mount of Olives in two, from east to west, creating an enormous valley. The book of Revelation speaks of a coming earthquake such as "had not occurred since men were on the earth No one with a patent or weapons has the right to use, test, or sell such technology as the Bush administration and Hitler did, by applying fraudulent ideologies and heresies in the groups used, having them believe it is for a perceived state or for a religion or for a race while killing all of those in each group they use. Such extreme mind controls were actually used on Israel, killing millions, including mass induced suicides, and torturing Jewish worldwide, forcing them into doing things, and then arresting and killing them. They are eternal crimes. This was not just the worldwide NSAs with Boeing/Saudi oil deals, but Lockheed as well. NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer Singer, Kearfott Division, producing government weapons where we worked under a ... by the NSA and typically has no pharmacological or biochemical basis and is ... NSA's Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts Singer, Kearfott Division, producing government weapons where we worked under a ... by the NSA and typically has no pharmacological or biochemical basis and is ... Clinton and the weapons dealers were using weapons and mind control, claiming fake prophecies, miracles, and that the weapons were their Messiah, while attacking Jewish at the same time every day. They were not just attacks, but weeding out most, and doing it worldwide. Sharon, who they would use by 2000, ended up like the other leaders after so much mind control in peace deals with such high technology. Each time they put a leader in, they are glamorized, but go out after years of never ending weapons deals deceiving those who wish for peace or an end of some type, slandered, killed, with millions of casualties, most directly targeted. The KGB in Russia states their activities with the Israeli Mossad, only for those in weapons deals, programmed. The KGB is responsible, under direction of those who more recently profited through banks at the end of the Russian purges (from 1995 to present) for millions of Jewish deaths. They state that they created the Israeli Mossad to protect the state of Israel in 1949, and that the Israeli Mossad is used world wide, including in North America to terrorize individuals. The Mossad was used behind the brain implants, but had to be fired and replaced in 2003, to cover up such activity over the years of killing millions of Jewish. They simply hire young people, programmed, who have no idea what really took place. The KGB is then put under charge of NSA to commit crimes on Americans under these purges to bring down the U.S. so they can set up new construction and weapons deals. The Israeli Mossad is replace now and again, and is on eof the most highly programmed groups to go out and terrorize while millions of Jewish were killed. Like other states, there must be a security force, while those in weapons kill everyone by destroying whole communities with frequencies. There must be this all-elusive state to blame it on, hence they created the state of Israel and set up the Israeli Mossad in 1949, and continued killing millions of Jews and non-Jewish with weapons deals that include destroying with brain implants, directed biochemical changes to the body and communities creating extended mind controls and conflict worldwide. Those behind weapons planning, Lockheed, Boeing, Rockefellers (who also own the mass abuses of medical fraud as well as psychiatric fraud on the public) also set up the Palestinians state in 1949, as well, while the Mossad never really helps the Jewish people by such weapons attacks, and use mind controls in conjunction with the weapons deals and oil deals between leaders to keep killing and destroying Jewish communities and Judaism. Such extreme technology oculd be used to cause peace and cohesion in communities, but they continued since 1949, to deceive even the Israeli Mossad while using these weapons to destroy millions of Jewish worldwide, hundreds of Rabbis. Just like world war II, you only hear lies. You hear nothing in the media and only future ideas as was also the case in WWII. Now they have millions more in poverty, killed, and are investigating the children being abused in Israel. what really takes place is that they use the highest criminally programmed people for weapons deals, gangsters, as rewarded in Israel, who are not arrested until many years later. If they arent gangsters, then why did those during WWII finally come to arrest only during this purge? Although many Los Alamos Scientists and others were immediately arrested or killed at the end of WWII, because of such immediate and direct knowledge. After spending years killing Jewish people for Israel as they continue to have people believe, they put out nothing but lies, and propaganda denying it, and even put out propaganda claiming that there there is a false Jewish victimization and that all Jewish are saved and many other lies to cover it upin fact nothing but heresy and lies in the media by low-minded, hired operatives who have no idea how many died or what took place. Now, Lockheed had put out the information on the directed subliminals and craft. In NO cases have any of these weapons been used for good. All kinds of miracles ideas, and confusion began at the same time they were being attacked. The wars became so quick and ferocious that many missed the deaths that were purposely targeted, including doctors so that other emergency people would have to be trained. Let there be no doubt, that before they brought such things to the attention of people, that they used such extreme frequencies worldwide on Jeiwsh communities as well as the criminal operatives to cover it up. Police beating orthodox Jewish people. One day they were told one thing, and the next another. the sightings were like those seen in N.C., and all around the U.S. as microwave and other weapons were used to knock out power and cause conflict. If it werent for such devastion of Jewish communities and deaths in the U.S. then one could make light of it. The crimes of millions of individual cases of induced deaths are enormous. UFO / Plane Collision, 1995, Israel, UFO Casebook Files UFO Case files index. UFO Casebook Home ... - 6k - Cached - More from this site UFOs in the Mideast, especially Israel? That is where Satan's attention is focused. ufos in Israel, Israel ufo flap, Israel ufo sightings, ufos and the bible, ... January 1995, a crew from Paramount TV's "Sightings" program came to Israel to ... 1996-UFO Crash over Israel-UFO Casebook Files 1996-UFO Crash over Israel. complete technical conclusions. source and references: Archived UFO Articles and News Items. UFO Casebook Home Page ... Odd UFO photographed in Poland ... end of June or beginning of July 1995 by Mrs. Maria Korejwo [a teacher] in Katy ... Red Mountain Sighting. Israel Video May Be Smoking Gun of UFOs. Forum

Links: ... - 30k - Cached - More from this site SIGHTINGS: ... a summary of the UFO landings and giant sightings between April-July 1993 to ... later, on the first Tuesday of 1995, Israel had an incident that must be ... The Russian children who were victims of the Chernobyl accident which was also caused by aerospace, we can only yet to see what really happens with them. The same UFO attacks, only in a different form, would attack India. Those profiting again, from holocaust, are a few but using different ideologies and tactics worldwide. Indians blame mystery attacks on UFOs August 13, 2002 Posted: 6:15 AM EDT (1015 GMT) Staff and wires SHANWA, India -- Panic-stricken Indian villagers are blaming UFOs for a spate of attacks that have killed several people and injured many others in Uttar Pradesh state. Villagers in this poor region say as night falls, a flying sphere, emitting red and blue lights, hones in on their homes. In the past week seven people have died of unexplained injuries, while many others have been burnt. Rest at You can read the rest of the article on the deaths, and how they have a psychiatrist just blatantly make hysteria claims, or imagination claims, on every single attack with millions of directed weapons, aerospace, and documents showing it, for years. They only set up investigations in the Jewish community centers in Canada,and elsewhere, as they are now investigating child abuse in Israel, after years of using those listed as arrested to commit brain implant and signals crimes, including testing weapons to change sexual preferences which was used on the Jewish community. With the paid criminal psychiatrists, the former scientists, and extreme subliminal suggestion for over 80 years, they succeeded at destroying millions more Jewish. It is not normal to Judaism or any community. what we are seeing is years of destruction, one scientific test after the other ON the public. Along with the Bush owned investments in psychiatry we know that there was put out propaganda on a desire to have the divroce rate raised, a court case detailing that the weapons were for raising consciousness on later, as each known event from the weapons dealers is not put out until much later. And from our own personal experience from continued Bush crimes, threats, and the use of biochemical weapons, only after committing many years of covert crime and weapons, and outward threats, was my spouse claimed to have a chemical imbalance that was instantly fixed while NSA/KGB went on committing the most heinous brain implant crimes. In one recent case, well after the purged the Israeli Mossad, and have new agents in every area, they used extreme mind controls on a woman, having her spouse abuse her for years, and then claimed she killed him. The cases of direct weapons to cause conflict are proven and are in the millions of families. The four Jewish girls are only one case of millions as well, where they were totally controlled to kill someone. Those who are not undergoing biochemical attacks cannot understand the extreme abuse of the mind and body. One scientist, not until later, even quoted how she could destroy a whole neighborhood with such weapons in one week, when this already happened to millions. After causing such conflict, they then set up military people, who claim they need to use more weapons on the public because of low level conflict. The Bush administration and military heads, along with Boeing, with Saudi Connections, sets up the terror campaign and terrorizes the public even more with weapons and CIA operatives, and sending fabrications to other agents, and community groups on victims as investigations. The CIA and NSA operatives are fired continuously after being used to commit the crimes. The anthrax cases, including the anthrax our family received, they claim that a Mr. Hatfied was behind it. In Europe, they are still using Husseins relatives, in conjunction with weapons dealers and the Bush family, to commit crimes. In conjunction with such radio frequencies used on the Jewish communities, they arrested, killed in one way or the other, or had attacked Rabbis, and Jewish. We all know other genocide is going on, but they continue this world war, pretending they are protecting Jewish. Ackerman, Gwen. "Pride and prejudice." Jerusalem Post, Aug. 30, 1999. Adelman, Ph.D., Madeline. "Gender, Law, and Nation: The Politics of Domestic Violence in Israel." Duke University, Department of Cultural Anthropology, 1997. **notice that before they set up the Bioethics Committee to discuss weapons, as well as putting in new people in Washington, new Attorney General, etc., they warp up the arrests for those used on the Jewish communities, while still for the next several years, outright inducing death, suicides, and killing Jewish Rabbis, women, men and children, including one case recently of locking up a Jewish man, making claims he was mental while the mental institutes are in corrupt money, and they still have people believing this is for the state of Israel. This is an attempt by those in weapons to use frequencies to keep destroying the real Rabbinate, Israel, and those who, through signals-to-brain, will be too smart to be programmed for continuous wars, or go along with the continuous crimes of weapons dealers, i.e., those who wont be able to be programmed into cult thinking, hate groups, and totally dumbed-down, only acting by orders, while destroying all communities to be able to keep working in weapons deals for world war. This was done with weapons deals under Clinton, family member of the Rockefellers. If the stimulation Delgado plans to administer is electric, the shaft is an exceedingly thin steel-wire electrode coated with insulation except at the tip. Dozens of such needlelike wires may be inserted from one opening and can be attached to the same socket on top of the skull, or eventually inside it. ... Delgado has pioneered in the remote control of electrical stimulation. He began shaping the behavior of subjects while he was in a nearby room manning a push-button radio device. Now he can do this from thousands of feet away. The Department of Defense, being use by those with the patents, and weapons, aerospace industries in constant weapons studies, one over top the other, by 1950s already had computer programs which turned every single frequency of a body, its ailments, properly working functions of the body, and worldwide surveillance with satellites, from aircraft (put off as UFOs) and there would be no need for years of wars and destruction in all communities with such weapons as they hail to be used for good. It is a proven fact in trials, and thousands of documents that their abuses on all of society only get worse. At this time, they were also manipulating Rabbi Schneerson, and the motorcade incident, racial issues, when he (although older) suddenly died. Then began even more mind control around his death. There were so many Jewish deaths, to list them all around each incident, would be very long. This artist describes only some of the ability of such control over relationships and area of life. The extreme mind, media, and community controls of these weapons is overlooked most of the time as normal to society because people have been used to hearing these things. The daily news tells nothing, they are cyborgs believing the same lies as the last world war. This will be published in the near future. No information yet on which journal. Adler, Rachel, "A Stumbling Block Before the Blind: Sexual Exploitation in Pastoral Counseling," CCAR Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly, Spring 1993, pp.13-54. (See responses by H. Kosovkse, in CCARJournal, Summer 1994, pp. 5, and Arthur Gross Schaefer, Summer 1995, pp. 75-79.) Alexiou, Alice Sperberg, "Waking Up To The Reality Of Abuse," Long Island Jewish World, April 15-21, 1994, pp. 14-16. 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These are only a few who were 'tested' on with 'mind controls' in the 1970's to present, and then desroyed; tested on with 'satanic' cults believing that such weapons capabiltiies gives them some 'higher knowledge' when they have none. The weapons were used in inducing sexual changes, induced illnesses. And these are only a few out of MILLIONS. The sexual crimes on the public by the Bush family, the mass illnesses, car accidents, and daily torture with weapons on some, trying to drive the persons mad because they will not go along with the crimes. aT EACH PHASE OF THESE WEAPONS TESTS, THEY SIMPLY USE MORE PROPAGANDA, NEW AGENTS, INCLUDING NEW SCIENTISTS TO DIRECT THE WEAPONS, AND THE UNSUSPECTING CITIZEN TO GO ALONG WITH THE ARRESTS OF THOSE WHO WERE PURPOSELY USED. **Those in weapons deals continue throughout linking such crimes on the public to religion when in fact they are using weapons on the public and directed radio frequencies. By 1998, they set up more operatives in radio frequencies, now directed at the public based on terror and at each phase of security lies for weapons deals, now aimed at nationals in the U.S., they simply hire new operatives, while arresting or killing those used before. It was blamed on another elusive group, the Zionists during WWII, and up to now, the sexual bribery on Rabbis. With the death of many Zionists here and in Israel who were very knowledgable, we know it is only, again, those few in weapons and top bank deals after arresting and killing the bankers. Graetz, Naomi, "God is to Israel as Husband is to Wife: The Metaphoric Battering of Hosea's Wife," in A. Brenner, editor The Feminist Companion to the Bible: Volume 8, Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1995, pp 126-145. Graetz, Naomi, "Judaism Confronts Wife-Beating," Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 1 (199 Graetz, Naomi, Jewish Tradition and Spouse Abuse, Northvale, New Jersey: Jason Aronson, forthcoming. 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Do judges go easy on rapists," Jerusalem Report, Feb. 8, 1996.Zecher, Deborah, "Exploring, Deciding, Together," Sh'ma, Dec. 28, 1990, 21(404):28-29.Distribution and Permission Rights Marcia Cohn Speigel has been kind enough to share her work in the hope that others may benefit. You may download and/or print any part of this document for personal (but not commercial) use. The following projects are a part of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse (MINCAVA):MINCAVA Electronic Clearinghouse | The Link Research Project | Violence Against Women Online ResourcesVAWnet (Applied Research Forum) | Minnesota Rural Project for Women and Child SafetyMINCAVA is directed by Jeffrey L. Edleson, PhD. File Last Modified: 40. Copyright &copy; 1995&ndash;2005 Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse The avalanche of financial fraud and corruption in Orthodox Jewish circles also pushed the Jewish Observer, a periodical of the Agudath Israel Orthodox organization, to devote some space to the subject in its Summer 1997 issue. "What might the sin of our day be?" wondered Rabbi Aaron Brafman of Yeshiva Derech Ayson in Queens (which had itself come under investigation for embezzlement a few years earlier), "... I submit that the new sins to be concerned about are those of geeiva and gezeila (thievery and robbery) -- dishonesty in money dealing." [GOLDBERG, Thou, p. 4 Ironically, one of Agudath Israel's featured speakers at a yearly gathering two years before was David Schick, an Orthodox investment counselor, who lectured about ethics in business. He also chaired that Agudath Israel of America national convention. A year later he himself, notes the Jewish Week, "was accused of swindling at least $150 million from hundreds of Orthodox Jewish investors ... in a massive real estate investment scam. [His] potential cooperation with law enforcement authorities is sending shivers throughout the frum [Orthodox] world because of potential involvement by the Internal Revenue Service into investors who used unreported cash in the investment scam." [GREENBERG, E., Schick, p. Thousands of Jewish were arrested for what they were used for during one period, many died in prison or were killed. It is not normal to the Jewish community. It is through mind controls of those in weaponry, using one group to commit crimes on the others at all times, and arresting them later, all through signals and mind controls. They are destroying Israel and Judaism and anything remotely normal. There is nothing right now, but arrests in every area of mass fraud, all of which money is going back to (see bank and Russian purges below). By 2003, they have people believe other ideologies only, that this is only on Iraqis or American Nationals. Oprah brings accusations on her t.v. show in 1999, as the Bush administration is traumatizing myself with attempted kidnapping on my son, sending anthrax, and using criminals to fabricate hate lies over my friend coming to my house, discussing her fathers involvement in child killings with the Masons and black ops. The NSA used energy weapons already, by this time to put my brain in shock, and my friend, Ruth, having to see a brain surgeon. Yet, NSA continued on with the most serious weapons direction crimes and outward threats. Now, if they were arresting and killing all of these above for crimes, then why would they be firing NSA agents in 2003, and using pedophiles and criminals to commit crimes on us, including directed energy attacks on millions of victims sexually? They threatened us every single day, disrupting our whole day and finances by directed weaponry, manipulating out move, using one agent after the other and then firing them, using fake police to terrorize, etc. They are still arresting Jewish worldwide and taking Jewish children and women into prostitution rings, which Bush claims to be signing a bill for the protection of those who they did this to. The are sexually attacking, with weapons millions of people, and other attacks by the weapons all day long (see victims on the websites). They denied any reports of the crimes, told the FBI to ignore victims, while they committed crimes all day long, and still are, and pretend to be investigating. Still using heavy weapons on myself and my son. The microwave radiation studies were used over and over again on Rabbis, and probably when they were younger, like the priests we all saw arrested, and millions more they have programmed out there. In my spouses case, since 1989, NSA/KGB has used biochemical and microwave radiation to try to cause torture on me, by having him have NO SEXUAL THOUGHTS whatsoever, to go in circles, having split personalities, under NSA surveillance while they have continued to commit crimes on me, including sexual attacks on me with radio-cerebral implants and directed microwave weapons, including many outward attacks. Most people do not understand, the reason such crimes are extreme today, how totally controlled from overlapping crimes, medical crimes, and fraud on the public by these weapons. With the WAR IN IRAQ daily news, the Bush admin, gaining benefits from fake psychiatric institutes worldwide, as well as others, go on to arrest those used at each stage and use the Iraq war and other lies, to cover up the mass deaths of everyone else an destruction of these weapons and radio frequencies on all Jewish communities. they try to force people to believe it is for Israel, but go on to kill them for being extremists if they go along with it, or kill them for being leftist and liberal if they dont. Only if one is totally apathetic to the crimes or oblivious to them or can be used by them, are they not targeted. They continued on bringing about investigations in ever area from AIPAC, to other areas only AFTER directing them to commit crimes. They went on to incite so much violence in Israel and in Hassidic communities in N.Y, and killed many or arrested and killed many Hassidic Jewish. They incited the accident with Rabbi Schneerson and most likely his death, even though he was older. They then began to use mind controls for Christ while killing many. There were constant deaths including Hillel members in bus accidents, here and abroad, including on more recently. The Army Corps of engineers had only brought out information regarding using directed beam weaponry to cause airplanes to go down and accidents after many Rabbi and other Jewish deaths. What about the scientists currently directing weapons at us? By the end of WWII, they arrested them as well, the third batch of scientists used in conjunction with ideologies such as Zionism, population control, and other ideologies, including communism, etc. There is no end to the crimes in the name of 'science' that benefits almost no one today, and keeps destroying anything right. Those making profits will go back to a peace period, declared one day by their sexually programmed media, and change operatives again, beginning with more testing on the population. Theyll just have those programmed to believe its Satan. In fact, the NSA uses millions of satanists and cultists who claim to be saving Satan, to direct radio frequencies at victims, and many other lunatics, any lunatic pulled out of signals intelligence abuses to begin with while killing and destroying those who are intelligent with the weapons. Single-Minded; Part 1 ... again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. ... The divorce rate is very high in America. ... All of those they use for programming links can be found at: In 1992, the court case on NSA/KGB, and the Mossad using the weapons comes about, before purging all of these areas, and using new operatives to commit more heinous crimes with new scientist, new doctors, being directed on the public, and other operatives for the crimes on the Jewish population and other populations. John St. Clair Akwei Evidence for the Lawsuit filed at the U.S. courthouse in Washington, D.C. (Civil Action 92-0449) John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. George G. (M__ne), M.D. By 2006. the Bush administration has killed, arrested, kidnapped, illegally millions of citizens here and abroad, both Jewish and non-Jewish, while they still play race and religious wars, putting out nothing but lies and propaganda. They first arrested those used in preious destruction of communities, such as the Jewish communities, then began immediately indicting those set up in Homeland Security and FEMA, which we all know has had investigations and every other area, now using the final operatives for the end of the world war, after purging the Mossad again in 2003. Like My knowledge of the National Security Agency's structure, national security activities, proprietary technologies and covert operations to monitor individual citizens. John S. Akwei, 819 Malta Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20901. 301-593-4255 [FIRST PAGE] 1. The NSA's mission and the NSA's domestic intelligence operation. Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Blanket coverage of all electronic communications in the U.S. and the world to ensure national security. The NSA at Ft. Meade, Maryland has had the most advanced computers in the world since the early 1960's. NSA technology is developed and implemented in part from private corporations, academia, and the general public. Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals intelligence is based on the fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic field around it which gives off EMF waves. The NSA/DoD has developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all object whether (tran-maze?) or organic that have electrical activity. Domestic Intelligence (DOMINT) The NSA has records on all U.S. citizens. The NSA gathers information on U.S. citizens who might be of interest to any of the over 50,000 NSA agents (HUMINT). These agents are authorized by executive order to spy on anyone. The NSA has a permanent National Security Anti-Terrorist surveillance network in place. This surveillance network is completely disguised and hidden from the public. Tracking individuals in the U.S. is easily and can effectively implemented with the NSA's electronic surveillance network. This network (DOMINT) covers the entire U.S. involves (take?) of thousands of NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously. Cost-effective implementation of operations is (____) by NSA computer technology designed to minimize operations costs. NSA personnel serve in quasi-public positions in their communities and run cover business and legitimate businesses that can inform the intelligence community of persons they would want to track. NSA personnel in the community usually have cover identities such as social workers, lawyers, and business owners. Individual citizens occasionally targeted for surveillance by independently operating NSA personnel. NSA personnel can control the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in the U.S. by using the NSA's domestic intelligence network and cover businesses. The operations independently run by them can sometimes go beyond the bounds of law. Long-term control and sabotage of tens of thousands of unwilling citizens by NSA operatives is likely to happen. NSA DOMINT has the ability to covertly assassinate U.S. citizens or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health. 2. NSA's domestic electronic surveillance network. As of the early 1960's the most advanced computers in the world were at the NSA, Ft. Meade. Research breakthroughs with these computers were kept for the NSA. At the present time the NSA has (______technology computers that are 15 years ahead of present computer technology. The NSA obtains blanket coverage of information in the U.S. by using advanced computers that use artificial intelligence to screen all communications regardless of medium, for key words that should be brought to the attention of NSA agents/ cryptologists. These computers monitor all communications at the transmitting and receiving ends. This blanket coverage of the U.S. is a result of the NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission. The NSA's electronic surveillance network is based on a cellular arrangement of devices that can monitor the entire EMF spectrum. This equipment was developed,

implemented and kept secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs. Signals Intelligence Remote Computer Tampering The NSA keeps track of all PCs and other computers sold in the U.S. This is an integral part of the Domestic intelligence network. The NSA's EMF equipment can tune in RF emissions from personal computer circuit boards (while filtering out emissions from monitors and power supplies). The RF emission from PC circuit boards contains digital information on the PC. Coded RF waves from the NSA's equipment can resonate PC circuits and change (____) in the Pcs. Thus the NSA can gain wireless modem-____ entry into any computer in the country for surveillance or anti-terrorist electronic warfare. Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance. A subject's bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be monitored anywhere they are. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance. NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. 3. NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation. NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMB Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950's which included neurological research into "radiation (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development." Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agreements to keep this technology secret. The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all of the electrical activity in the brain continuously. The NSA records and decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for bring-to-computer link. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.) For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing audio communications direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia. Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes. Capabilities of NSA operatives using R.N.M. There has been a Signals Intelligence network in the U.S. since the 1940's. The NSA, Ft. Meade has in place a vast two-way wireless RNM system which is used to track subjects and non-invasively monitor audiovisual information in their brain. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject. RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence. Speech and 3D sound, and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject's brain (bypassing the ears) and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject's perceptions, moods and motor control. Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audiovisual brain-to-computer link. 4. National Security Agency Signals Intelligence Electronic Brain Link Technology. NSA SIGINT can remotely detect, identify and monitor a person's bioelectric fields. The NSA's Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to remotely and non-invasively monitor information in the human brain by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in the 30-50 Hz (3?) milliwatt electro-magnetic emissions from the brain. Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 Hz. 5 milliwatt electromagnetic (EMF) wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are (____) and patterns called "evoked potentials." Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event, and visual image in the brain has a corresponding "evoked potential" or net of "evoked potentials". The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject's brain. NSA SIGINT uses EMF-transmitted Brain Stimulators as a communications system to transmit information (as well as nervous system messages) to intelligence agents and also to transmit to the brains of covert operations subjects for a non-perceptible level). EMF Brain stimulation works by sending a completely coded and pulsed electromagnetic signal to trigger evoked potentials (events) in the brain, thereby forming sound and visual images in the brains' neural circuits. EMF Brain Stimulation can also change a person's brain-states and affect motor control. Two-way electronic Brain-Link is done by remotely monitoring neural audiovisual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex (bypassing the ears) and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex (bypassing the optic nerves and eyes). The images appear as floating 2-D screens in the brain. Two-way electronic Brain Link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. Remote neural monitoring (RNM, remotely monitoring bioelectric information in the human brain) has become the ultimate surveillance system. It is used by a limited number of agents in the U.S. Intelligence Community. 5. (Nothing follows in original documents) RNM requires decoding the resonance frequency of each specific brain area. That frequency is then modulated in order to impose information in that specific brain area. The frequency to which the various brain areas respond varies from 3 Hz. to 50 Hz. Only NSA Signals Intelligence modulates signals in this frequency band. As example of EMFBrain Stimulation: Electric Resonance Information induced Brain Area Frquence Through Modulation Motor Control Cortex 10 Hz. Motor impulse coordination Auditory Cortex 15 Hz. Sound which bypasses the ears Visual Cortex 25 Hz. Images in the brain bypassing the eyes. Sense-memory Cortex 9 Hz. Phantom touch sense Thought Center 20 Hz. Imposed subconscious thoughts This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible. Each person's brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment(?)frequencies. Sending audio information to a person's brain at the frequency of another person's auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived. The Plaintiff learned of RNM by being in two-way RNM contact with the Kinnecome group at the NSA, Ft. Meade. They used RNM 3D sound direct to the brain to harass the Plaintiff from 10/90 to 5/91. As of 5/91 they have had two-way RNM communications with the Plaintiff and have used RNM to attempt to incapacitate the Plaintiff and hinder the Plaintiff from going to the authorities about their activities against the Plaintiff in the last twelve years. The Kinnecome group has about 100 persons working 24 hours-a-day at Ft. Meade. They have also brain-tapped persons the Plaintiff is in contact with to keep the Plaintiff isolated. This is the first time ever that a private citizen has been harassed with RNM and has been able to bring a lawsuit against NSA personnel misusing this intelligence operation method. 6. NSA techniques and Resources. Remote monitoring/tracking of individuals in any location, inside any building, continuously, anywhere in the country. A system for inexpensive implementation of these operations allows for thousands of persons in every community to be spied on covertly by the NSA. Remote RNM Devices. NSA's RNM equipment remotely reads the evoked potentials (EEGs) of the human brain for tracking individuals and can (transmit?) mental images through the nervous system to affect their performance. They continued on in any way, shape and form, to commit outward crimes with the operatives, entering the home, drugging, using CIA in fake drug wars (also called RICO crimes, see Schlund Vs. Bush), threats, phone threats, harassment 24/7 with Israeli agents, the Mossad, NSa, CIA, (all later fired so the new agents can be passed on with new programmed lies). And they have continued directing frequencies to spouse, while on myself and my son, trying to destroy brains and thinking. References on cyborgs used in Science and highly programmed to not think but commit crimes on the public for years; over 80 years of brain implants and weapons signals, microwave weapons to the bodies and brain, while turning over each group at just the right time to bring about an investigation with another group. Every arrest or harassment or death, firings, have occurred from those in weapons deals downward, including having the Israeli Mossad targeted by others who are programmed to kill. Top Mafias, including the Chinese mafias (Homeland security director just arrested for giving Chinese mafias passports). Most involved in mafias did not exist before the Rockefellers and those in weapons have continued programming to use people in continuous weapons deals. The mafias are used in each state genocide and extrajudicial deaths, and are used on all communities, before their arrest or death in conjunction with the FBI. In Russia there were thousands of Jewish deaths, and IN the U.S. and Israel before some, from previous events were arrested, others went on to be rewarded by heads in Israel, while millions have died and women and children are suffering. from jewishtribalreview.org23drug.htm drug runners and criminals or generational mind control??? Since many are dying (as each group is used and accused) by the weapons industry. There were no "drugs" and crimes as seen today, after years of implants, weapons "testing" on everyone, including dr. Goldstein and JDL members used against Russians and then killed because of the Russian involvement in mind control atrocities on American Jews and gentiles before the administration suddenly became "holy" AFTER the crimes on Jews (from 1945-1995). One could say some acts are outright intentional, but through years of mind control, especailly from the time of Hitler on these same groups; silent weapons deaths, extreme acts, and then their death in a repeating pattern--is already a fact. In fact, in the days of Maccabees, it is also well documented that these types of crimes were NOT rewarded, yet, neither is it true that these people have really multiplied since 1920's because of the deaths; which in turn, means someone manipulates the groups. Since many American and other Jews and non-Jews were attacked by mind control experts, implants by Russian CIA operatives, as shown in the FOIA Reports, as unreleasable to the public for "national security," and there were extreme cases of mind control at the same time of these events below, the CIA being used for final separation of families and divorce on Jewish people (see Jewish crises centers which suddenly were needed at this time--after years of deaths through accidents, sudden illnesses). **The divorce rate was always high in working class in ancient days, before the Inquisition and at other times, but never did it reach such proportions as it did with weapons and implants, even to the highest levels. I went through this study for years with visual cortex, now being tested again and again, over and over with new operatives, to keep committing the most simple minded crimes. 1968 implantation of an electrode array on the visual cortex for video direct to the brain and other 1960s research into electronically triggering phosphenes in the brain, thus bypassing the eyes. Arrests in Order of Investigating all the crimes but those in weapons and oil deals, while using directed weaponry to destroy the rest: I spent years going through what is now called remote viewing again hiring millions of operatives, to keep committing the same studies and crimes on the public. At

each phase of self-study, they continued with more studies on top of studies with new agents, microwave weapons, and from 1996 onward, using the most irreprehensible crimes on me. Israeli Mossad in conjunction with KGB (all fired after the mass deaths and destruction in Israel so they can have totally new operatives who can only do as told with weapons) All areas are purged before outward crimes and war on the nationals, during the whole outward crimes, and at the end others still to be arrested. Most have been fired and re-hired, such as the Administration, top military, the Park Interior (where billions were funneled), the IRS, even the secret service had deaths and firings. RUSSIAN AND OTHER MAFIAS AND GANGSTERS ARE BEING USED AT THE TOP In the late 1980s, Rappaport's wife, Ruth, was head of the Geneva chapter of the Women's International Zionist organization. [GREENHOUSE, S., 2-4-1988, p. 16] Central involvement in the spectacular theft of vast sums of Russia government money was not a first for Jewish swindlers, even in the 1990s. The Jerusalem Report, in 1993, noted that "A Jewish businessman, an alleged spy [for Israel], is in the middle of a scandal that is shaking Moscow's fragile regime." The man in question was Boris Yosefovich Birshtein, head of the Seabeko Group. As the Israeli journal noted: "Seabeko, according to a KGB report obtained by the Jerusalem Report, was used by leaders of the former Soviet Union as a conduit to steal millions." [LESSER, A., 9-23-93] Stolen money was deposited in Switzerland accounts. Past Bershtein business partners included Jewish Americans David Katz and David Tzebel. Among Bershtein's more recent associates was Dmitry Yakubovsky, also Jewish, who lives today in a $5.2 million home in suburban Toronto. Israeli Binyamin Keret, the head of a company called Trade Links, was also a Birshtein partner. "Birshtein, according to the KGB report, is a Mossad [Israeli spy] agent, as was Keret ... Diplomatic sources quote government officials as saying he was being run on the Russian side by Mikhail Poltoranin, one of [Russian prime minister Boris] Yeltsin's closest aides." [LESSER, A., 9-23-93] **Note that many Zionists were killed, even between 1995 and 2005. They must keep believing that the continuous programming and weapons usage is for state of Israel. In fact, they would have had to overlook millions of induced deaths just recently, including Zionist deaths. It really formed out of a letter put out by Russian Church officials requesting Jews to return to Christianity while Rockefellers had begun the oil trusts monopoply and then in WWII the Protocols of Zion were put out by Rockefellers mafias while killing millions as they are now. Just take a look at the destruction done over the years to Israel, the arrests, and accusations, the killings, including suicides, induced illnesses and deaths, planes knocked down, the deaths of those they saved and Zionists, and you will see. Those in the Health, and Public Social Areas all know of these weapons, and are changed over before Rockefeller puts out the Human Condition and the public war on terror supposedly against the others everyone thinking they will not come to arrest. Though some from Israel are arrested and let go, only the top in weapons deals have not received heavy sentences or death so far. We must remember that after millions of Jewish and non-Jews died from testing to purges, to the war during WWII, the same cycle simply continued Other Psychiatry & Corruption Links Universities discuss brain implants, in ethics, but they were around before the last world war and continued to be the death of millions in real time control right now on everyone by this time, especially with directed signals The National Bio-Ethics Committee, Discussion on induced psychiatric illness with remote monitoring weapons, the National Institutes of Health discussion with Harlan Gerard, the Oversight Committees do not discuss this total bodily control until long after many have already died. After millions of deaths just since the 1950s alone, whereas the majority were Jewish religious, including some I know, directed with these energies. When one finds out how people were fooled, and most new illnesses, brain cancers, and even accidents, are controlled by these weapons on all. Of course, there is supposed to be informed consent for anything, but never was in the 1920's and never has been... Department of Health and Human Services. Federal Registry. Protection of human subjects: Informed consent and waiver of informed consent requirements in certain emergency research; final rules . Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1996. (45 CRF Part 46.) CIA and others hired to cover up even in the Department of Health, NSA, Area 51 criminals, 14 other secret agencies, acts as psychiatrists instead After they set up those who think they are going to be directing weapons (of course not on themselves), they begin the first mass firings in all areas and indictments, while continuing on to arrest, lock up, and induce deaths in millions of Jewish and non-Jewish. The Department of Energy is purged for the outward use of weapons, microwave weapons from HAARP with the death of: 'July 25, 2006 -- "Suicide" claims another official involved with Enron case. Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas and member of President Bush's Corporate Fraud Task Force Michael T. Shelby, 47, shot himself to death at his home in northwest Houston on July 18, according to Houston police. The police immediately ruled out foul play in the suicide death of Shelby who served as chief U.S. prosecutor in Houston from 2001 to 2005 when he joined the law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski where he worked on corporate fraud cases. Shelby was reported to be suffering from cancer. Shelby first worked for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Houston in 1989, moved to Phoenix, and in 2001 returned to Houston to take the U.S. Attorney's job. More interestingly, Shelby, as U.S. Attorney, recused himself from investigating those involved in the Enron scandal, including Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, and Andrew Fastow. In January 2002, former Enron Vice Chairman Cliff Baxter allegedly shot himself to death in his car near his Houston home. Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay died suddenly of a heart attack earlier this month in Aspen, Colorado.' We have seen arrests in all areas only to replace them with more criminals. They have killed hundreds of rabbis, including in Africa, either by accidents or induced deaths. Like in the Russian purges, they killed many Jewish they took out. In each country only setting up new banks, weapons deals, agents, and oil. INTERIOR FIRINGS OF HONEST PEOPLE AND RESIGNATIONS OTHER FIRINGS AND RESIGNATIONS (Those profiting from holocaust began park interior firings to funnel money through, now being investigated at the direction of those in weapons deals, like all other cases) KGB heads put in NSA before 1989 but some agents were purged, including scientists killed DARPA is used in helicopter harassment along with the Mossad at intervals. The Israeli Mossad, The CIA, the DEA, are all used on victims who they cannot get rid of extrajudicially because they know who did what and they continue using all agents to direct weapons and terrorize the victims, in some cases the victims still do not see what is taking place. An International Guide to CIA Death Squads by RALPH MCGEHEE ... 1984 the CIA, in violation U.S. law, continued to provide ... Salvador, 1980-84. Expatriate Salvadorans in U.S. have provided ... complicity in crimes ranging from massacre of more than ... New counterspy chief Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John D. Negroponte is expected in the next few days to name a new national counterintelligence executive, the government's most senior counterspy, and neither of the two candidates has counterintelligence experience.(Washington Times, 14 Jul 06) Hayden in NSA (who was moved back to CIA) NSA operatives (fired by 2003, and continuously as needed for covering up crimes on the public) Russ Tice, Senior NSA Analyst spoke of Hayden directing them to commit crimes way beyond what is acceptable on the public for this war on the others as the propaganda is for world war. Again, after arresting the Cold War agents or killing them, and many hired after the cold war in every area from government to the FBI, to NSA and CIA, the mass deaths in Israel, in the U.S. by inducing illness, accidents, suicides, one Jewish woman in N.Y. run over, millions of other deaths; the Rockefeller connections, G-8, and Russian contacts, put out notices of only surveilling or deflate the crimes to harassment or some other light crimes. And they put newer, paid agents, including Israeli Mossad in all areas, from state agencies to local police units, after mass firings of others, CIA and NSA agents paid to cover up the crimes on citizens and have one by one extrajudicially killed by directed weapons, or fabricate lies all the way through with payoffs regarding the person, or both (as they are using lies each day for weapons direction while the agents sit behind walls.) The New York Times reported that after 9/11, NSA went hysterical, sending the names, addresses and emails of thousands Americans to the FBI for investigation.(33) In Idaho (and throughout the nation), law abiding Muslims were harassed and questioned incessantly by the FBI. Finally the ACLU held a seminar to teach these people how to defend themselves during 'ENDLESS INTERROGATIONS'.(34)The FBI was overwhelmed with NSA demands-yet we now know that the FBI located no terrorist cells inside the U.S.(35) and managed mainly to terrify innocent citizens and invade their privacy.(36) tHE 'ENDLESS INTERROGATIONS' ARE ONLY A PART OF FABRICATING LIES EACH DAY FOR DIRECTED WEAPONRY AND OUTWARD CRIMES TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

Additional police state spawn known as the "Project Bioshield Act of 2004," authorizes the secretaries of the DHS and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to take virtual control of the bodies of all American citizens during a national emergency. Health officials are empowered to compel everyone to receive state-mandated medications or vaccinations and to comply with quarantine orders.(37) With lavish Project Bioshield funding, state and local agencies have been drilling for the day when citizens are commanded to line up for the bio-terrorism counter measures being brewed for them by large pharmaceutical companies under lucrative federal contracts. FBI arrests Sep. 16, 2006 -- The U.S. military-intelligence complex is spinning a Russian security threat to the United States. In a return to the polemics of the Cold War, the FBI insists that 100 Russian intelligence officers are operating within the borders of the United States. And in an even more astounding claim, the FBI insists that more Russian spies are now active in the United States than at the height of the Cold War. The FBI maintains that Russia is trying to obtain secrets on space weapons, stealth weapons platforms, and "Star Wars II" missile defense systems. Tony Blair's MI-6 is also hyping a "Russian threat" by making a fanciful claim that 40 Russian agents are trying to pry secrets from the British defense establishment, while introducing ethnic Chechens into Britain to engage in various espionage activities. Russia also stands accused of fomenting "anti-Americanism" in oil-producing countries like Venezuela, Iran, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Indonesia, and other nations. Neocons want to return US-Russian relations back to "the good old days." This rhetoric is right out of the neocon spin doctor playbook. Russia, under Vladimir Putin, has severely cracked down on the Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia, whose American neocon interlocutors now decry a Russian "menace" in response to Putin's actions. Putin is expected to increase the heat on the Russian-Israeli Mafia after the assassination of Andrei Kozlov, the deputy chairman of the Russian Central Bank. On September 13, Kozlov was shot, gangland style, after leaving a soccer match in Moscow. He died the following day. Kozlov had clamped down on money laundering banks in Russia, closing 44 tied to the mob. Kozlov's determination to rid the Russian banking system earned him the wrath of the Mafia, many of whose leaders have fled to Israel to avoid prosecution. The neocons are also smarting from the return to power as Prime Minister of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine. That has put to rest President Viktor Yushchenko's plan to join NATO, a move opposed by Yanukovych and his pro-Russia party. It also drives a nail into the coffin of the "Made in Washington" Orange Revolution, which saw Yushchenko coming to power with his American-born wife, Katerina Chumachenko (a Reagan administration official), in a themed "popular" revolt in late 2004. He also discusses the Israelis who were involved in the area at some points during the Clinton/Bush crimes on the public. Wayne Madsen Reports the supposed Russian threat which is simply the G-8s take down of the U.S. Empire after the Russian purges, as discussed at the G-8 meeting, for another ideology of setting up the world in four parts. The Russian KGB in NSA had already been active, and the Mobs ties to the FBI has been consistent with the very beginnings of the Stalinist purges. Also, Newsweek reported the Russian Mafias. And other mafias, such as the Chinese, whereas the Homeland Security director was charged with giving them visas. Decorated FBI agent Sosbee harassed as the other wars begin Mind Control and ritual Abuse Forum The three books marked with a Y (psi) describe Dr. Ewen Camerons exploitation of patients in long-lasting painful medical and psychological experiments, and his participation in the development of different mind-control methods. He was one of the worlds most highly regarded physicians, and was at different times president of the American Psychiatric Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, the American Psychopathological Association, the Society of Biological Psychiatry, and the World Psychiatric Association. Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing. William Sargant. Ashford: The Invicta Press, 1984. Bio-Medical Telemetry. Stuart Mackay, M.D. New York: Wiley, 1968. The Body Electric. Robert Becker, M.D. and Gary Seldon. New York: William Morrow Co., 1985. The Brain Changers: Scientists and the New Mind Control. Maya Pines. 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(This is sexual, and other torture programming on children and older people to be used in murders, and crime for the weapons deals) The area has at different times been called ESB (Electronic Stimulation of the Brain), Brain-Computer Technology, Biological Radio-Communication, RHIC (Radio Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control), and EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory), among others. All of these are pseudonyms for Bio-medical telemetry, which is the prevailing technique used for mind control in the eastern and western worlds. [2] Electroencephalograph (EEG) Telemetry System consists of transmitters, receivers, and other components used for remotely monitoring or measuring EEG signals by means of radio or telephone transmission systems (In the U.S.A. see Food and Drug Administration, Medical Devices: Classification of Neurological Devices). [3] Biotelemetry, which was developed to monitor the temperature, brain-wave activity, breathing rate, and heartbeat ... Biosensors attached to the body send data by wire or radio. This information may be displayed on oscilloscopes for doctors to analyze. It can also be fed into a computer that watches the patient ... Some biosensors, called endoradiosondes, can be implanted in the body. The tiny batteries that power them can be recharged by radio waves. Comptons Encyclopedia, Electronic Edition, 1995. [4] ... the American multinational company ..., which blends radio transmitting material into its liquid cortisone preparation ... [and] it is effective in whatever part of the body the injection is made. It is highly likely that ... [it] is not unique in this way other medical products are suspect, ... International Network against Mind Control (INMC), Open letter, Stockholm, Sweden, May 1993, page 38. [5] Dr. Antoine Remond, using our techniques in Paris, has demonstrated that this method of stimulation of the brain can be applied to the human without the help of the neurosurgeon; he is doing it in his office in Paris without neurosurgical supervision. This means that anybody with the proper apparatus can carry this out on a person covertly, with no external signs that electrodes have been used on that person. I feel that if this technique got into the hands of a secret agency, they would have total control over a human being and be able to change his beliefs extremely quickly, leaving little evidence of what they had done. John C. Lilly, M.D., 1953: The Scientist, John C. Lilly, M.D., Berkeley: Ronin Publishing, 1988, page 91. In The Controllers, Martin Cannon, Aptos, CA: Davis Books, 1990, pages 13-14. [6] Instrumentation developed includes: brain radio stimulators, ... and an optoelectric sensor for telemetry ... combining multichannel stimulator and EEG telemetric instrument; transdermal stimoceivers, totally implantable for two-way communication with the brain through the intact skin; and implantable microprocessor for detection of EEG signals which are used to trigger contingent brain stimulation. ... and establishment of artificial neuronal links with the aide of the computer. J.M.R. Delgado, M.D., Instrumentation, Working Hypotheses, and Clinical Aspects of Neurostimulation, Applied-Neurophysiology, 1977-78; 40(2-4): pages 88-110. [7] Who is wasting tax money on experiments using devices smaller than needle points that are injected into peoples bodies without consent? These people are then given shocks for improper behavior. Radio frequencies are set aside by government for such experiments. ... It is illegal. If the scope of this program and its CLASSIFIED nature does not scare you, think again. Citizens for Open and Honest Treatment of the Handicapped, Announcements, 1993. [8] Early workers in this field used a low-radio frequency, typically 300 to 1500 kHz, ... Since 1960, transistors for operation at 100 MHz have been available, ... implanted systems work very well in the region of 100 MHz. ... placement of a self-contained transmitter totally within the tissue represents a somewhat different situation. The tissue absorbs energy, but it also appears to compensate for this loss by reradiation of energy and effective increase in the size of the transmitting antenna. Thomas B. Fryer, Implantable Biotelemetry Systems: a Report, Ames Research Center, NASA, 1970, page 65. [9] Just what happened to Mr. NTumba, he describes himself in a letter to us:

Concerning the brain transmitter in my head, it has been performing without my knowledge or consent ... Whats very outrageous is that I am sharing all my vision, thoughts, images, hearings ... etc. with people around me as the security services are engaging in a large scale propaganda drive to smear my character, background, behavior, emotions and motives ... I have no privacy at all ... I am not a spy, I am not a criminal, I am not a terrorist. Being an innocent victim of MI5 ... my persecution started in June 1988. What is more, there is no reason to suspect the validity of what he writes; we are overburdened with letters such as this one from the USA, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and our investigations in Sweden reveal a terrifying reality where the mental health services, police authorities and hospitals implant radiotransmitting devices in peoples heads and brains. This reality is exposed by a vast amount of X-ray material to be a chilling and gloomy vision of the future, stage-managed for decades by the security forces in collaboration with medical and psychiatric institutions who together have created a secret power which transcends law and order and which is beyond intrusive public control. INMC, Letter to British Prime Minister John Major, Stockholm, Sweden, October 9, 1992, page 2. [1 If the stimulation Delgado plans to administer is electric, the shaft is an exceedingly thin steel-wire electrode coated with insulation except at the tip. Dozens of such needlelike wires may be inserted from one opening and can be attached to the same socket on top of the skull, or eventually inside it. ... Delgado has pioneered in the remote control of electrical stimulation. He began shaping the behavior of subjects while he was in a nearby room manning a push-button radio device. Now he can do this from thousands of feet away. At first the sockets he was using to receive radio messages were outside the scalp. Now the equipment, built under a microscope, is the size of a coin and can be planted under the scalp and so is unnoticeable in a free-moving subject. Also, the device not only receives instructions but broadcasts back the subjects reactions. Delgado calls it a transdermal stimoceiver. A very recent refinement, still being perfected, is for the information being received back from inside the brain to go to a tiny computer. This computer is being programmed to recognize abnormal brain-wave activity. ... With humans he and his associates have stimulated several areas involved in motor activity. ... He caused one woman patient in his group, when she was alone in her own room, to turn her head and move her body as if she were looking for something. This was repeated. When she was asked what she was doing, the woman always had a plausible explanation. Apparently, she had no idea she was responding to the electrical stimulation of her brain. ... Lawrence R. Pinneo, a ... neurophysiologist ... at the Stanford Research Institute, ... has proved that you can think into a computer, and that the instructions you think can cause the computer to activate and move remote-control cameras and other machines. In short, the machines obey your mental instructions. Pinneo started with the motor theory of thought. This holds that verbal thinking is nothing more than subvocal speech. With a number of subjects he attached electrodes to the area of the scalp near the region where speech originates. On command they were to think of a word, such as schoolboy or start or left. They were to repeat the word in their minds ten times. All this thinking of words was being registered by a computer. It averaged out a recognition pattern for each word. He proceeded to build up a vocabulary of fifteen unspoken English words that the computer could recognize. He trained the computer to recognize actually spoken words (overt speech) as well as think words (covert speech). They came out much alike in the word patterns that the computer stored away. ... In his preliminary report Pinneo stated: We conclude that it is feasible for a human verbally to communicate both overtly and covertly with a computer using biological information [EEG] alone, with a high degree of accuracy and reliability, at least with a small vocabulary. ... This is interesting as an exercise in scientific versatility. But what would the practical applications be, assuming that 100 percent accuracy is achieved with a much larger vocabulary of words that were only thought, not spoken? Perhaps the best practical use would be in surreptitious situations. Vance Packard, The People Shapers, Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1977, pages 4243, 55, 285-286. [11] An essential part of bio-telemetry encompasses the transmission of data. This occurs mostly with help from a surgically implanted transmitter. ... The technology has been developed quite extensively in medical research. P.M. Persson, Swedish Defense Research Institution, FOA, 1965. [12] Publishers Weeklys review of The Mind Stealers, by Samuel Chavkin. [13] ... The situation just described is not our first encounter with the apparent use of medical implant devices in these harassment/mind-control cases. Another of our contacts began receiving auditory input roughly 15 years after she had 4 mm. cochlear implants placed in her ears. The voices claim to be affiliated with the CIA and, among other things, expressed intentions of running this woman as an agent in denied areas by piggybacking their audio transmissions onto standard FM frequencies to avoid detection. ... [Another] individual ... also appears to have been tagged by some type of implant device. ... During this meeting, she accepted the offer of a drink, blacked out after consuming it, and awoke four hours later, ... to find that the back of her ear had been punctured and was bleeding. ... She has since found two adjacent puncture marks behind her ear, which are not healing properly, and between which she can feel the presence of a wire measuring approximately 1/4" length. ... In yet another case involving auditory input, the individual has allegedly been informed by her voices that the technologies being used against her were stolen from the CIA by a maverick employee, whose group is now targeting her from a distance of 2,000 miles. ... One unusually-candid CIA spokesman also allegedly informed this individual that, while the CIA does not deny having this equipment, they do not use it in this country. Julianne McKinney, Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation, Silver Spring, MD: Association of National Security Alumni, 1992, pages 1516. [14] ESB, however, used in conjunction with psycho-surgery and behavior modification, offered unlimited possibilities. After experiments on laboratory animals met with success, human experimentation was enthusiastically undertaken in quest of the most reliable and absolute method of remote control of the mind. ... And, in 1974, the first victim of Parkinsons disease treated by ESB walked gracefully out of a San Francisco hospital under his own power, thanks to portable ESB. He had a stimoceiver implanted in his brain ... The stimoceiver which weighed only a few grams and was small enough to implant under his scalp, permitted both remote stimulation of his brain and the instantaneous telemetric recording of his brain waves. ... In 1975 a primitive mind reading machine was tested at the Stanford Research Institute. The machine is a computer which can recognize a limited amount of words by monitoring a persons silent thoughts. This technique relies upon the discovery that brain wave tracings taken with an electroencephalograph (EEG) show distinctive patterns that correlate with individual wordswhether the words are spoken aloud or merely subvocalized (thought of). ... While Dr. Reed conceded that it was conceivable that thoughts could be injected into a persons mind by the government, he indicated that he did not believe it had already been done. ... Typically, the scientists have not been vigilant enough, for the cryptocracy already has developed remote-controlled men who can be used for political assassination and other dangerous work, ... In 1967 a writer named Lincoln Lawrence published a book ... [Were We Controlled? presented] a sophisticated technique known as RHICEDOM ... Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral ControlElectronic Dissolution of Memory. ... Under RHIC, a sleeper can be used years later with no realization that the sleeper is even being controlled! He can be made to perform acts that he will have no memory of ever having carried out. In a manipulated kind of kamikaze operation where the life of the sleeper is dispensable, RHIC processing makes him particularly valuable because if he is detected and caught before he performs the act specified . . . nothing he says will implicate the group or government which processed and controlled him. Walter Bowart, Operation Mind Control, New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1978, pages 253, 256-262. Russian Mind Control Technology (actually the U.S. used Russian Scientists on the Americans) THESE ARE WEBSITES PUT OUT ABOUT THE ABUSES AND WEAPONS ONLY AFTER THE ROCKEFELLERS PUT OUT WARS OF THE RACES, PRETENDING IT IS ONLY ON THE OTHERS WHILE STILL ARRESTING AND KILLING THOSE INVOLVED. In other words, they arrest those used on Jewish communities, and firings in all areas, and then hire new operatives who a dumb-minded, in the CIA and NSA areas, to cover up the new agenda on the others. (Just look at the dates of the studies, the disrupted communities, the firings, and arrests, and then the new propaganda put out). World's Justice Systems Helpless Against New Devices Information on current neuro-influence weapons testing on involuntary test subjects. Category: Conspiracy > Mind Control ... Although high-powered microwave weapons are designed to destroy the electronic equipment used by enemy command ... going to hurt, leaving the victim incapacitated for a short period of - 50k - Cached - More from this site - Save The ICOMW is investigating U.S. Mind Control Atrocities. The International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW) In the following paper by Harlan Girard of the ICOMW, microwave mind control is described in its effects on an individual's life. ... bases his analysis on hundreds of victim testimonys. Mr. Girard has helped - 2k - Cached More from this site Save MIND CONTROL IN THE UK by Tim Rifat BSc BEd. MIND CONTROL IN THE UK. by Tim Rifat BSc BEd. Torture is alive and well in the UK. MI5, the UK's secret police, regularly use Non-Lethal Weapons on any dissidents. ... of the usefulness of microwave weapons. They are impossible ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse - 33k - Cached - More from this site Save **Note that Rabbi Meir Kahane, those in the JDL who were later killed, and thousands of others, including Dr. Goldtein in Israel, were pushed through signals to do what they did or speak publicly, and therefore people saw them as good or bad or likable or no likeable but they were LED to their deaths like millions of others through SIGNALS, weeded out by signals, induced with signals. Even Ariel Sharon was induced with mind controls at the Temple mount (the years in conflict photos also show microwave weapons usage) back-and-forth conflicts before being induced with a stroke. 29th May 1998Uri Geller

Why do they tell lies about me? SPENT this morning being attacked. One by one, men and women stood up to denounce me, and I had to sit politely and listen. My lawyer kept rapping his foot against my ankle to remind me: "Uri, let them lose their tempers. Hang on to yours." I did and I hope the judges were impressed. I am not able to explain exactly what the hearing was about, since a final decision has yet to be reached. When the full facts are out, Jewish Telegraph readers will be first to know. Outside the hearing, in the blazing London heat, I tried to cool off. What was it about me these people hated so? Could it be personal? Surely it wasn't because I'm a Jew? Not even that I'm a high-profile Jew. It must simply be that I tell the truth and these truths are unpalatable to some people. Or do they think that I'm the liar? Human beings can do some things that human scientific discoveries cannot yet explain. What is so hateful about that? Some years ago I met Simon Wiesenthal, a man who told much greater truths than I ever dared. He was vilified massively, of course. In the millions of cases of Jewish deaths, even more recently, which are ignored, denied, ceaseless harassment of persons, through brain implants and directed weaponry it is the same, never leaving anyone to right living or self. I went through the same studies as Uri Geller, as millions are in mind controls, except he was directly involved in the Mossad. They always want to threaten people into believing it is for the state of Israel.

ELECTRO MAGNETIC MURDERS & SUICIDES & HOW THEY 'RE DONE : Miami IMC ... of the usefulness of microwave weapons. They are impossible ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse - 133k - Cached - More from this site - Save Atlanta IMC (((i))): USA CALLS FOR ASSASSINATIONS ... the communists, microwave weapons similar to microwave ovens have ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortex at the victim, will - 85k - Cached - More from this site - Save Global Guerrillas: HOMEMADE MICROWAVE WEAPONS ... directed energy weapons (HERFs -- high energy radio frequency or microwave weapons) for use against micro-electronics ... am a survivor not a victim as all of us, remember that - 135k - Cached - More from this site - Save portland imc - 2005.05.16 - HOW THEY PERFORM INVISIBLE ELECTRONIC MURDERS & SUICIDES -101 ... of the usefulness of microwave weapons. They are impossible ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse - 75k - Cached - More from this site - Save Genesis Microwaves and Mind Control Experiments ... As a scientist researching into microwave weapons used on the general public, evidence that the GM900 microwave network ... change the behaviour of the victim at the flick of a switch - 20k - Cached - More from this site - Save ... FORCES AND MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL Microwave weapons that turn ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortex at the victim, will paralyse - 175k - Cached - More from this site - Save USA CALLS FOR ASSASSINATIONS : SF Indymedia ... The aggressive funding of electro-magnetic/microwave/scalar weapons indicates that their use will not be ... Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by increasing portland imc - 2004.12.29 - SUICIDES GALORE. CONNECT THE DOTS.... ... the usefulness of microwave weapons in the UK ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse The invisible personnel must enter people's homes/workplaces, vehicles to monitor their activities and unlawfully ... The involved operative & transmitters (including weapons, equipment & single seat transportation) can become invisible and then travel in a secret magnetic dimension. ... radio-frequency, acoustic bullets, microwave) weapons to induce death then leaving ... or deliver microwave voice) on a victim, they not only use their weapons (& equipment), but also Sylmar News, Microwave Weapons Abuse, Justice Needed Now, LAPD , FBI , FCC ,ATF, Sylmar News, Microwave Weapons Abuse, Justice Needed Now, LAPD , FBI , FCC ,ATF, Victim,Walter,Tribe,Human Torture,Civil Rights Abuse,Rodney King,CIA,NSA,DoD,DoE ... directed energy. microwave infrasonic ultrasonic weapons human. torture victim intensely non-stop Aerosol Crimes ... the usefulness of microwave weapons in the UK ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse FCC ,ATF, Sylmar News, Microwave Weapons Abuse, Justice Needed Now, LAPD , FBI , FCC ,ATF, Victim,Walter,Tribe,Human Torture,Civil Rights Abuse,Rodney King,CIA,NSA,DoD,DoE ... directed energy. microwave infrasonic ultrasonic weapons human. torture victim intensely non-stop - 9k - Cached - More from this site - Save Aerosol Crimes ... the usefulness of microwave weapons in the UK ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse - 26k - Cached - More from this site - Save Several types of organs dysfunction have been frequently induced on regular citizens who invisible personnel ... ... death (the attack will make the victim to feel as if an insect sting ... so called nonlethal weapons: radio-frequency weapon, sonic weapon, infrasound, microwave weapon, chronal gun Omega-News: Mind Control - Bewusstseinskontrolle ... scientist researching into microwave weapons used on the general ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortex at the victim, will - 71k - Cached - More from this site - Save By using microwave voices equipment (or/and life manipulation tactics) of surveillance stations/system, the ... ... synthesis) and life control weapons (microwave, infrasound, radio-frequency weapon, electromagnetic ... simply use microwave voices device to drive unsuspecting victim mad (please see - 46k - Cached - More from this site - Save UK Indymedia - Mind Control in the U.K. ... of the usefulness of microwave weapons. They are impossible ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse - 58k - Cached - More from this site - Save The invisible personnel of surveillance stations/system can secretly enter people's homes and use the voice ... ... Voice synthesis) and life control weapons (microwave, infrasound, radio-frequency weapon, electromagnetic pulse ... To drive a victim mad with microwave voice device, the most important - 15k - Cached - More from this site - Save Round.Two,About,to,Commence,Conspiracy,2,commit,Interstate,Stalking,w,electronic ... ,Guns,Upon,Victim,Walter,Tribe,he,will,ZAPPED,with,Microwave,Weapons,soon,FBI,FC ... 11:27am upon Victim Walter Tribe. Evidence Evidence Evidence. Electronic Weapons Abuse - 7k - Cached - More from this site - Save Mir | open posting ... US & UK INTELLIGENCE FORCES AND MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL Microwave weapons that turn people into stressed ... below. "Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by - 29k - Cached - More from this site - Save Offensive microwave weapons -- World Problems - Issues Online ... a vast array of symptoms in the unsuspecting victim, such as: Mild to severe headaches; nervousness and ... is self defeating. Thus, microwave weapons have been developed by the UK's - 130k - Cached - More from this site - Save

MIND CONTROL DATABASE ... and e-weapon incident sites. Microwave Burns likely caused by microwave signal reacting with ... Non-Lethal Weapons paper by neuro- electromagnetic weapons victim and. Open letter to - 5k - Cached - More from this site - Save How could life controllers use the microwave voice equipment (including synthesis) on their victims? How would invisible operatives use the microwave voice equipment (including voice synthesis) & illness inducing techniques to drive their victim to kill? ... B:John DuPont case-A mind control victim & was most likely driven to kill Back to ... voice synthesis) and life control weapons (microwave radio-frequency, electromagnetic pulse weapon - 56k - Cached - More from this site - Reliable Military News and Military Information ... coupling'. Another way in which microwave weapons can effect `backdoor coupling' is ... coupling' effects where the microwave energy penetrates through the victim equipment's antenna Freedom in the United States is in Danger! Find out about illegal stalking, surveillance, torture with acoustic and microwave weapons, and attempts to drive people insane with Microwave Hearing, here in the United States. ... projection and microwave hearing, and attacks with acoustic and microwave nonlethal weapons put all of us at risk ... a crime in order to coerce your help in harassing their victim - 33k - Cached - More from this site - Save TWiki . Ontario . USACALLSFORASSASSINATIONS ... FORCES AND MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL Microwave weapons that turn ... modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortex at the victim, will paralyse - 72k - Cached - More from this site - Save MORE DEATH THREATS & ATTEMPTED MURDER BY U.S. BLACK OPS : Worcester IMC ... TARGETS TO DEATH and/or BLINDING THEM using MICROWAVE WEAPONS (see photo of Jesus Mendoza on www ... "Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by - 44k - Cached - More from this site - Save Mind Justice - EMR Weapons Electromagnetic Radiation (emr) Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb. By Cheryl Welsh, president. Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, Copyright Feb. 2001. Endorsement of this paper by Dr. ... Such Things are Known, a book by victim Dorothy Burdick, 1981. Burdick was a college professor in a northern California ... 13, 1976 "Microwave Weapons Study by Soviets Cited - 86k - Cached - More from this site - Save MICROWAVE WEAPONS ARE THE DOWNFALL OF THE USA 1-24-2002 Old Hag Catholic Terrorist Groups have networked themselves nation-wide USA They have infiltrated Neighborhood Watch Nation-Wide, Vatican Put Elec - 49k - Cached - More from this site Save The people making money with the implants use the CIA and mobs with the FBI, and then arrest them after setting up and killing the victims: Former Boston FBI Agent Arrested, Charged DENISE LAVOIE Associated Press BOSTON (AP) -- A former FBI agent who handled high-ranking mob informants was arrested Thursday and charged with murder for allegedly helping to set up a 1981 mob hit on an Oklahoma businessman. H. Paul Rico, 78, was arrested at his home near Miami in the slaying of 55-year-old Roger Wheeler, who was shot in the head at a Tulsa, Okla., country club after a round of golf. Other FBI Agents Arrests (However, they neglect to report those dirty agents and mobsters used to kill Jewish off) Mind Justice - Intl. Documents Show E-Weapons Exist International Documents. in Support of Claims. of the Existence of Electromagnetic. Anti-Personnel Weapons. by Cheryl Welsh, copyright ... Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons found this document at ... these included laser weapons, microwave, infrasound, and light-flash ... gamma ray laser and microwave weapons. .. .It is - 56k - Cached - More from this site - Save MORE DEATH THREATS & ATTEMPTED MURDERS BY U.S. BLACK OPS : Utah IMC ... TARGETS TO DEATH and/or BLINDING THEM using MICROWAVE WEAPONS (see photo of Jesus Mendoza on www ... "Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by - 46k - Cached - More from this site - Save snippet link EFFECTS OF GHz RADIATION ON THE HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM: Recent developments in the technology of political control. Harian E. ... employing the use of masers and microwave beam weapons on involuntary human subjects during the Reagan ... process of discrediting the victim, isolating the victim, is a continuous one - 29k - Cached - More from this site - Save IN THE COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS OF TENNESSEE AT KNOXVILLE (PDF) ... state's inference that the defendant planted weapons on the victim. and that the victim had made prior threats ... She said that tables and a microwave oven. had been broken and - 60k - View as html - More from this site - Save St. Louis Independent Media Center " :: MORE ATTEMPTED MURDERS & DEATH THREATS BY BLACK OPS St. Louis Indy Media Center is dedicated to covering those topics neglected or ignored by mainstream news outlets. ... TARGETS TO DEATH and/or BLINDING THEM using MICROWAVE WEAPONS (see photo of Jesus Mendoza on www.raven1 ... "Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by MORE ATTEMPTED MURDERS & DEATH THREATS BY BLACK OPS : SF Bay Area Indymedia ... Developed by the communists, microwave weapons similar to microwave ovens have since the 1980s, been targeted on ... "Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by Unclassified/Commerical Mind Control Technology ... 9 V. PULSED MICROWAVE ... US3.U/SONIC U.S. ARMY WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT ... produce psychological stress in the victim. There are no - 256k - Cached - More from this site - Save Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation pt. 2 ... subject to a DoD sponsored symposium on "MW [microwave] Weapons" at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA ... has claimed to be the victim of CIAdirected mind-control involving - 91k - Cached - More from this site - Save WorldNetDaily: Beijing continues anti-satellite work ... new weapons, "including laser weapons, microwave weapons and particle beam weapons," to "destroy ... author specializing in Chinese weapons development ... Such weapons could be used against - 29k - Cached - More from this site - Save Mahler "W. O. M. P.: Unclassified/Commerical Mind Control Technology" ... TECHNOLOGY CLASSES V. PULSED MICROWAVE VI. ULTRASOUND VII ... produce psychological stress in the victim. There are no ... using classified electronic weapons, it certainly eliminates the - 144k - Cached - More from this site - Save Red Sox Fan Death Underlines Distorted Mentality of Both Police and Public ... a targeted hit of which Snelgrove, who even the police admit was an innocent bystander, was the victim ... horrible that sound wave and microwave weapons will have to be deployed - 37k - Cached - More from this site - Save Jullianne McKinney, National Association of Security Alumni Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance. A subject's bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be monitored anywhere they are. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance. NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. 3. NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation. NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMB Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950's which included neurological research into "radiation (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development." Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare

programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agreements to keep this technology secret. By 2005, they make it appear as if it is only IRAQIS or the others they are using the weapons on while still locking up and killing Jewish people. a new toy ... WEAPONS OF THE WORLD: Recon Grenade Demonstrated ... Finally there's the microwave device, which looks like a radar dish ... just about anyone could become a victim. Many Iraqis began - 124k - Cached - More from this site - Save Evil,Secret,peeping,Tom,Society,Gossips,Use,Guns,L Evil,Secret,Peeping,Tom,Society,Gossips,use,Microwave,Guns,To,beat,down,their,victims,and,Make,Them,Docile,Hosts,for,GangBanging,Gang,Banging,Parasiti ... Directed Energy Weapons Human Torture Victim, Attempted Murder Victim, Stalking Victim, Walter ... _wsn/page2.html. MICROWAVE , WEAPONS , microwave weapons , slowly , kill , people - 19k - Cached - More from this site - Save www.mikrowellenterror - Do Microwave Weapons Kill? ... Do Microwave Weapons Kill? Although high-powered microwave weapons are designed to destroy the electronic ... going to hurt, leaving the victim incapacitated for a short period of - 4k - Cached - More from this site - Save inside your head : NM IMC ... interest is in objective reports only - not victim testimonials.** Eleanor White's comments: This hard ... early 1999), p.5. 16. " Microwave Weapons", Microwave News, March/April - 47k - Cached - More from this site Save See the WEAPONS SHOWN BEING USED ON THIS WEBSITE (ONLY DIFFERENCE FROM ISRAEL IS THAT THEY ARE OUTWARDLY ACCEPTED AS CRIMES ON THE OTHERS, while the Bush family covers up millions of Jewish deaths. radio-frequency and biological weapons being used in Oregon on citizens Weapons of Silent Mass Destruction ... ear and throat, the eight year old leukemia victim who buries her head in the pillow to hide ... We do not know what microwave weapons will do to human health They continue putting in new zombies in all areas after firing others, who havent a clue as to how many deaths there have been. HEARING BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE CONSTITUTION OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ONE HUNDRED NINTH CONGRESS FIRST SESSION MARCH 10, 2005 WHILE THE CRIMES, WETHER DISASTERS, DEATHS BECOME WORSE, THERE IS SUPPOSEDLY A "CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION REAUTHORIZATION" THE CRIMES CONTINUE AND THIS WAS ONE COMMENT AFTER SUCH TERRORIZING, REGARDING NSA ALONE, WHO HAD HUNDREDS OF AGENTS EACH DAY TERRORIZING ,THREATS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE, WEAPONS TO THE BODY AND HEAD, DURING THIS OUTWARD CIRCUS (NOT INCLUDING THEIR YEARS OF CRIMES) USING THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY, ALONG WITH BLOCKING COMPLAINTS... "But the results of the program look very different to some officials charged with tracking terrorism in the United States. More than a dozen current and former law enforcement and counterterrorism officials, including some in the small circle who knew of the secret program and how it played out at the F.B.I., said the torrent of tips led them to few potential terrorists inside the country they did not know of from other sources and diverted agents from counterterrorism work they viewed as more productive." The Rockefellers and those at the top of the deaths, at each phase of these deaths, suggest a committee which pretends to address the problems in the country, including the abuses, while they continue killing and committing more crimes. They put out public propaganda on the abuses, claiming that Homeland Security doesnt know who is using the weapons on the public, or its Al qaida and discuss each stage of their abuses, including NSA harassment, and act like they did something about it, diffusing most of the crimes. You can see with such technology that rather than conflicts, they are selling such weapons and implants as healing methods. And this can be done on whole communities. Rather, they set up new brainless wannabes at each time period, including the notation in 2001, of one scientist who exclaimed she could take out a whole community in one or two weeks by such disruption to the brains. And this we have seen in Israel, in the U.S. and they are still profiting over and over again with new scientists on us each day and committing crimes. Just as in Israel, there is no need to keep committing crimes on all the victims for over 30 years, except that those in profits are extending severely the torture, because with millions of agents, military personnel, they go through they make trillions each year, and then set up new construction and oil deals and shell out money to the next willing presidents to go to the Hague, the next willing agents to commit acts on children, including in the churches, who will be arrested later, the next willing criminals in government places to commit crimes and cover ups who will be arrested later and so on. Below is only one of the hundreds of crimes they have committed on myself after the first kidnapping by the CIA/DARPA. When they cannot program a person to do as they wish they continue with thousands of other crimes on the victims each time the victim later investigates to find out why or what is going on. This included remote viewing training, signals led studies, using the cerebral implants for spying through agents and the Mossad, entering the home, other attempted kidnappings, a dark presense which is used by the weapons as described above, and on to other outward crimes, including fabricating questioning, and using NSA and CIA to put brain in shock, outward terrorizing before 9-11, sexual attacks, which continued, using weapons on my spouse since 1989 to cause him to be despondent to going in circles. Below is only one of the thousands of crimes since age 7 that this government committed against me. The Mossad (firings to cover up crimes in 2002-3), the CIA (firings to cover up and shred crimes in 2002-3, again), and NSA (firings from 1995 to 2003 to cover up, shred crimes), along with Stanford Research Institute, and the brain implants linked to SIGINT, as stated in the John St. Clair Akwai case, knew that I had commit no crime and were aware of using signals to my spouses brain before pre-meditatingly setting out to 1) use microwaves and other crimes to kill, then 2) setting up fabrications of interrogation for this continued harassment by radiation. I wil submit these crimes to the court, because 1) they ordered Dee Arpino to fabricate "questions" for any kind of response while already under threat and harassment, including yelling at me, "I hate Jews!" so that either way, by any response, even though my response was shock to all of her attitude and yelling and their crimes, they could fabricate "hate" lies, while the U.N. and Amnesty International blocked the deaths of millions of Jews (since 1950 up to 1995), and targeted, planned attacks on Jewish people since 1995, and non-Jews, is doing so under this cover using criminals, and supports hate groups, including the KKK. After this Dee Arpino fabrication, at which time they set out to terrorize my family, they then sent out another hired criminal, to bring up "hate" and the "KKK" and politics to disrupt group activity. They then went on for years committing crimes against us as if their crimes were not already enough. This is only one type of destruction to minds, including in the Jewish communities, whereas they use techniques with signals to cause dissociation, to conflicts, confusion, anxiety, and every single kind of attack on the brains. Spin Programming: A Newly Uncovered Technique of Systematic Mind Control by John D. Lovern, Ph.D. The following paper was presented at The Sixth Western Cliniclal Conference on Multiple Personality and Dissociation, Irvine, CA. It is archived with the permission of the author, and may be copied and distributed freely. Abstract Information obtained clinically from seven multiple personality patients with recalled histories of ritual abuse has revealed a coercive technique previously unknown to psychotherapists. This technique here labeled "spin programming," appears designed to spread effects such as pain, painful emotions, and other feelings or urges globally throughout a patient's personality system for purposes of either designing and building a young victim's personality system, or harassing older victims and disrupting psychotherapy. Spin programming appears to be based on a combination of physical spinning, cognitive and imagery training, and repetition and practice aimed at creating an internal multi-alter spinJeannieit the pain or affective components of numerous traumatic memories simultaneously to large groups of targeted alters. This paper presents signs and symptoms commonly seen in patients subjected to spin programs, training methods apparently used to create spin programs, and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of spin programming. That old black magic has me in its spell, that old black magic that you weave so well. Those icy fingers up an down my spine, the same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine, that same old tingle that I feel inside, and then that elevator starts its ride: Down and down I go. 'round and 'round l go, like a leaf that's caught in a tide ( ...) Darling, down and down I go, 'round and 'round I go, in a spin, loving the spin I'm in, under that old black magic called love. Johnny Mercer, c 1942, 1969

Discussion of ritual abuse as a cause of multiple personality disorder is a fairly recent phenomenon (Coons & Grier, l99O; Ganasway, 1989; Hassan, 1990; Kluft, 1989; Los Angeles County Commission for Women, 1989; Mayer, 1991; Neswald, Gould, & Graham-Costain, l99l; and Van Benschoten, 1990). Use of the term "ritual abuse" here relies on the definition developed by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women (1989): Ritual abuse is a brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and involving the use of rituals. Ritual does not necessarily mean satanic. However, most survivors state that they were ritually abused as part of satanic worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them into satanic beliefs and practices. Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode. It usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing. The sexual abuse is usually painful, sadistic, and humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual/indoctrination, which includes mind control techniques and mind altering drugs, and ritual/intimidation which conveys to the victim a profound terror of the cult members and of the evil spirits they believe cult members can command. Both during and after the abuse, most victims are in a state of terror, mind control, and dissociation in which disclosure is exceedingly difficult. (p. 1) The topic of ritual abuse is controversial (Kluft, 1989), and several authors have either questioned the credibility of reports of ritual abuse or have advised caution in interpreting the usually unsubstantiated accounts (Coons & Grier, 1990; Ganaway, 1989; Noll, 1989; and Van Benschoten, 1990). This paper avoids taking a position on the accuracy of clinically derived accounts of ritual abuse, and instead simply presents information that has come to light consistently and repeatedly during intensive psychotherapy with a number of different patients with recalled histories of ritual abuse. The information presented here is offered in hopes of making available recently discovered and preliminary findings that may be of value to some members of the psychotherapeutic community and may stimulate additional investigation by some members of the scientific community. The information is admittedly too new, derived from too small a sample, and too unsubstantiated by other investigators to he presented as fact. Nevertheless, the description of spin programming, if valid, shines a valuable light on the techniques employed by ritual abuse perpetrators and provides important insight into how problems frequently seen in multiple personality patients with recalled ritual abuse histories might more successfully be approached. Programming **Note that they use ritual abusers in NSA and CIA, those who have already been abused on the whole public with weapons. The presidents have all been associated in ritual crime, pedophile crimes, sex rings, with their involvement in the CIA. So, before Arafat was taken out, they made sure they destroyed Israel. Therapists working with victims of ritual abuse often discover (or encounter compelling evidence) that their patients have been subjected to sophisticated mind control techniques, often called "programming," designed to compel them to do various things, including engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as suicide or self-mutilation; allowing access to perpetrators so that abuse may continue; responding to various cues, such as sounds, hand signals, lights, names or numbers, etc., by carrying out specific behaviors or behavior chains; disrupting psychotherapy in a number of ways, including thought-stealing or scrambling, outbursts of various emotions (anger, depression, terror, jealousy, apathy, etc.) and distancing from the therapist (by fearing the therapist, attempting to protect the therapist from harm by others or by the patient herself or himself, etc.). Neswald, Gould, and Graham-Costain (1991) provide a listing and descriptions of a number of typical ritual abuse programs. Patients with histories of ritual abuse often reveal that programming techniques have been applied to them for at least two distinct purposes: (a) current or recent programming designed to harass or disrupt psychotherapy, and (b) programming begun early in life (often at birth), as the means by which programmers designed and built their victims' entire personality systems in order to achieve and maintain control over them. One technique has recently come to light that appears to have had utility both for harassment/disruption and for system-building. The technique is based on spinning. Sources of Information for This Paper This paper is based on information that came to light during psychotherapy sessions in which the author was the therapist or, in some cases, co-therapist. The patients, of whom there were seven, all carried diagnoses of complex multiple personality disorder and had clearly defined and consistently expressed histories of ritual abuse by satanic or similar cults. They had been in therapy intensively for at least a year before disclosing any information about spin programming. They were all female and ranged in age from their mid-twenties to their mid-forties. Their education levels ranged from two years of college to masters degrees. They were all white, the majority were married, and just over half were employed full-time. They disclosed some of the information about spin programming during conversations in which they and therapist were "brainstorming" about their programming histories, and they revealed the rest either spontaneously (generally making their discoveries between sessions) or in response to direct questioning carried out with due regard to the dangers of leading them by directly or indirectly suggesting desired responses. Before an item of information about spin programming and related phenomena could appear in this paper, it had to be verified by comparable experiences and reports from at least two patients. In most cases, information was verified by all patients, with only minor variations. Informal conversations with other therapists about their experiences with similar patients have consistently verified the information presented here. Description of Spin Programming Specific versus Global Tageting of Programs Programmers appear to rely on certain criteria in deciding which mind control strategies they will select. One meaningful criterion is specific versus global, that is, whether they intend to target a single alter (or a small, defined group of alters) in a specific way, or the entire system (or a large portion of it) in a global way. Spinbased programming is a globally targeted programming technique. Programmers apparently use it when they intend to disseminate an effect throughout either a large portion of a victim's personality system, or the entire system. Examples of the types of effects that may be spread in this way are physical pain, confusion, depression, self-destructive or suicidal urges, alienation, apathy, hopelessness, fear of abandonment or rejection, panic, terror, urges to run away, jealousy, doubt, suspicion, rage, violent urges, sexual arousal or urges, lethargy, immobility, sleepiness, sleeplessness, hunger, loss of appetite, and urges to use drugs or alcohol. Programmers may spread these effects throughout a personality system as a method of disrupting the total functioning of the person, or they may use the possibility of spreading them as a threat to enforce compliance with directives or prohibitions they have issued. Spin programs are also useful in system-building, both because of their ability to quickly transmit information within or throughout a personality system, and because of their ability to establish power relationships between alters and groups of alters. How these links and power relationships are established will be explained in the section on training methods. Signs and Symptoms of Spin Programs Patients who are suffering the immediate effects of a currently activated spin program tend to present with a number of typical features. These features include: global effects, symptoms occurring like a "storm," pressure, dizziness, a sense of spinning inside, physical movements related to the internal experience of spinning, and spinning-related imagery and vocabulary. Global Effects. When a patient is affected by a specifically targeted program, she or he typically experiences one or a small number of alters having emotions or urges or manifesting behaviors, while most or all other alters remain unaffected. The patient might say, for example, "Somebody inside wants to cut," or "Joey is feeling suicidal." When a spin-based program is active, every alter with whom the therapist talks is likely to be suffering from the same or similar symptoms. At such times, the- patient might say, "Everybody in the system is depressed;~ "None of us has any hope or any energy or any interest in anything;" or "We are all terrified that you are going to abandon us. Stormlike Symptoms. The experience of dealing with a spin-programmed patient is, for patient and therapist alike, somewhat like riding out a storm. The flurries of pain, affect, or impulse tend to grow in intensity, build to a crescendo, maintain that peak for a time, and then gradually diminish before finally subsiding. Nearly every alter in the system is lashed by the "wind and rain" of the storm, often without understanding why these effect are occurring, and doing their best to minimize damages until the storm passes. Pressure. As will be seen in a subsequent section, spin training relies in part on conditioning the patient to connect, through cognition and imagery, the experience of spinning with internal buildups of centrifugal force. When spin programs are active, the affected alters subjectively experience high levels of force or pressure, as if they were sitting at the outside edge of a rapidly rotating disc. They feel overwhelmed by this pressure, finding it impossible to resist, and they often complain of symptoms that would be caused by mounting internal pressure, such as headaches that feel like they are going to cause the head to explode from the inside, disruption of speech, vision problems, and similar phenomena. Dizziness. As the internal spinning associated with spin programming increases in speed and force, patients frequently complain of dizziness. At these times, they may be literally feeling the sensations caused by the original spinning, because they are experiencing a planned (i.e., produced by intervention of the abusers) revivification or flashback of that event. Sense of Spinning Internally. Along with the dizziness, patients experiencing active spin programs often notice a sense of spinning internally, or comment that "everything seems to be spinning." If they do not mention this feeling spontaneously, they will often admit it when questioned, for example, by answering in the affirmative when asked, "Do

you feel as if someone inside is spinning a mile a minute?" Physical Movements. When the internal spinning is at its most intense, patients often move in ways that a person might move while being physically spun. These movements tend to be rhythmic and repetitive, they may involve any part of the body, and they are subtle and may escape the therapist's attention unless the therapist is looking for them. For example, a patient may stare blankly or appear to be wincing from pain or closing her eyes tightly, then move her head or upper body very slightly and rhythmically from side to side, forward and back, or in a circular motion. Feet or hands and arms are also often involved in these movement. The movements tend to be slower, smoother, more fluid, more subtle, and more regular and rhythmic than typical "nervous" movements. Spinning-Related Imagery and Vocabulary. When describing their subjective sensations during an active spin program, patients often utilize imagery or words that are related to the experience of spinning, possibly because these images and words are literal descriptions of their experiences, and possibly because they were taught these images during the original spin training. Patients may use this kind of imagery spontaneously during sessions or in writings or drawings produced outside of sessions, or they may only describe them in response to questioning. Typical words used include: vortex, whirlpool, whirlwind, tornado, cyclone, abyss, falling, drowning, sinking, being pulled or sucked down, being blown or shot or exploded out, tumbling, hurling, whirling, swirling, and twirling. Typical visual images include drawings depicting the ideas listed above and various doodles that will be described later in the section on training. Some alters have programmer-assigned names related to spinning (e.g., Spinner,) which is a name that was independently assigned to alters in the personality systems of several different patients). Training Methods Pain Contests. Pain as Power. and Multiples within Multiples. A patient disclosed during a psychotherapy session some time ago that the most powerful alters in her system were those who had endured the most pain. Subsequent exploration of this notion, combined with abreactions of memories of "pain contests" eventually led to the discovery of spin programming. Many patients with cult abuse histories have had to endure contests in which they and another person received steadily mounting pain until one of them (the loser) could not stand it anymore. Generally,only one alter was allowed to remain out during the contest, or else worse abuse would follow. The requirement that only one alter remain out had some profound ramifications, leading to the conjecture that this condition (only one alter staying out), not the outcome of the contest, was the primary purpose of the competitions. In order to stay out continuously instead of leaving the body to a rapidly switching succession of alters (the more typical pattern of dissociation during trauma), the single alter had to create a group of internal alters to whom she or he could send the pain. The typical result of this type of experience appears to be the creation of an internal analogue of multiple personality disorder, or a "multiple within a multiple." In other words, just as traumatic experiences in general can lead to the creation of a number of alters in one "outside" body to produce multiple personality disorder, this specific type of experience can create a similar phenomenon one level in, consisting of a number of alters "within" the alter undergoing the contest. However, since the alter has no physical body, the newly created alters do not necessarily exist "inside" that alter, but more likely coexist with or near the original alter in internal space--the "inside world"). One source of internal power arising from this arrangement stems from the ability of the original alter to send pain to her or his next level of alters inside the multiple within a multiple subsystem, allowing her or him to intimidate them by threatening to activate a flashback of the original training, thus forcing them to re-experience the pain. The multiple within a multiple subsystem taken as a unit is more powerful than other, simple alters, because, as a system, it possesses or is capable of possessing greater and more varied capabilities than a lone alter might be able to produce. Graphic Depiction. Another patient, after looking at a drawing of a tree structure that was my rough attempt to depict the connection between pain transmission and power (Figure la), suggested that the drawing ought to be circular instead of tree shaped (Figure lb). The original alter, according to this new view, was located at the center of a circle of alters, and the ring or rings) of alters surrounding this alter comprised the multiple within a multiple" system. Secondary alters could dissociate further by creating alters of their own, resulting in branches of tertiary and beyond) alters. She indicated further that her entire personality system, not just individual multiple within multiple systems, was arranged in this kind of circular array consisting of concentric rings, with the most powerful alters located at the center.

Figure 1: Tree and Circular Diagrams Depicting Pain Distribution Among Alters During Pain Contests This patient then became visibly frightened, stating that some internal alters felt that I may not be a safe person because I knew too much. Subsequent discussions with other patients about this topic and other topics related to spin programming have elicited similar reactions from them; it appears that information about spin programming is highly secret and not for "outsiders" to know. However, in spite of her fears, this patient disclosed more information at the next session, revealing that her system contained a number of alters who have been trained to create internal multiple personality systems, and that alters of these systems often received additional training that made them into a coordinated, selfmonitoring and self-correcting mechanism designed to employ internal spinning to send pain (and other experiences) to large groups of alters outside their system. Discussions with all of the patients (the two mentioned above, plus the five others) provided the rest of the details comprising this paper. Overall Training Strategy. According to patients' disclosures, spin training begins at an early age, perhaps age three or four, or even younger. Training appears to utilize a combination of three basic elements: (a) the creation of internal multiple personality systems (by pain contests and similar experiences) whose alters are separated and given specialized training to make the internal systems into self-regulating mechanisms; (b) actual spinning both to teach senders the sensations of spinning sothat they can re-creat it internally and to force them to spin internally in order to avoid the extremely painful sensations of "real" external spinning; and (c) cognitive and imagery training to build and reinforce connections between internal re-creations of the experience of spinning and the sending out of pain as a means of escaping it. Along with this, connections are also established and reinforced between velocity, centrifugal force, and the intensity of the pain and other feelings that are spun. In addition, some programming is necessary to convince the spinning alters that they are not connected to the other alters in the system, so that they do not feel guilty about hurting someone about whom they care Material must be available to "feed" into the spin mechanism, and this material consists of large numbers of dissociated memories that contain pain and other feelings capable of acting as punishments or sources of disruption. Finally, there may be additional programming to create controls over such things as which material is to be spun, when or under what conditions it is to be spun, to which alters or groups it is to be targeted, which groups of alters will be exempt from the spin, etc. Actual Spinning. All patients reported having had many experiences of being physically spun by ritual abusers throughout their lives. While being spun, they were invariably drugged, usually with sedative or hypnotic drugs as well as anti-nausea agents, often shown or forced to look at white or colored lights or to listen to music or rhythms, often given verbal instructions, and sometimes given other kinds of pain (in addition to the extreme pain of spinning). The spinning was of various types, including horizontal spinning on a table, similar to a record player; horizontal spinning about an axis, similar to being turned on a spit; vertical, "wheel-of-fortune" type spinning; and vertical spinning about an axis, on a pole, hanging upside down by the feet, or inside of a cylinder. Patients who have experienced a great deal of spinning have a number of sensitivities that they usually do not understand until they are consciously aware of having been spun. For example, many patients become very disturbed by flashing lights, because they are similar to the lights they had to watch while belong spun. For similar reasons, they are also often disturbed by watching rapidly changing colors or circular, swirling motions of any kind, as well as by certain types of music. Programmers apparently take advantage of these sensitivities by simulating spinning when it would be impractical (due to unavailability of equipment, etc.) to actually spin a victim, or when they want to intimidate a reluctant alter by threatening her or him with spinning as a punishment. Rapidly changing lights moving across the victim's visual field, for example, can very effectively bring back the full experience of a past actual spin. Exposure to other stimuli that accompanied spinning, such as spoken words or music, can also trigger experiences of spinning. Abusers trigger the re-experiencing of traumatic events by taking advantage of their victims' means of coping with trauma. When a victim experiences a painfully traumatic or terrifying event, including administration of drugs to enhance state-dependent learning, the victim dissociates the experience, breaking it into component parts (as in the BASK Model: Braun, 1988a, 1988b). Abusers apparently record the contents of these dissociated experiences and know which aspects of them to remind victims of in order to bring about a vivid replay of a component or portion of them. By simply introducing such a cue to the victim, the abusers can initiate the experience of spinning. Dissociated components of any traumatic memory appear capable of being moved from one alter to another, making it possible to "collect" the pain or affective component of dozens of experiences that contain similar elements (e.g., physical pain, terror, abandonment, grief, etc.), feed these into the spinner, and thereby spread massive amounts of these feelings throughout the personality system or to targeted groups of alters. Visual Aids, Demonstrations, and Practice. All patients reported having observed as children (or when spin training was done, if later than childhood) a wide range of demonstrations apparently intended to teach them to think about and perform spinning in ways that are advantageous to the programmers. For example, several patients report having watched mechanical devices, such as centrifuges or devices similar to those sometimes seen at fairs that make pictures by spreading paint with centrifugal force; people, such as "whirling dervish" dancers who are made (presumably by drugs and special effects) to seem as if they are able to spin so fast that they become a blur; and object lessons, such as people who are tortured or killed for failing to spin properly. Patients also report having spent a great deal of time as children (again, only those programmed as children) practicing spinning at a conscious level. For example,

they may have spun around furiously at play time, but the spinning was done in grim earnestness, not for fun. They may also have been involved in organized activities that involved spinning, such as ballet or figure skating lessons. Drawings and Doodles. All patients reported having filled or decorated many pages over periods of years from early childhood (again, only those whose training commenced in childhood) through adulthood with doodles that are strikingly similar across individuals They describe themselves as having produced the doodles in an almost obsessive manner, drawing them over and over for no apparent reason. Certain themes connect these doodles. Many of them obviously depict spinning, such as the drawings of spinning tornadoes (Figure 2a). Others only suggest spinning, such as spirals that may be round (Figure 2b), rectangular (Figure 2c), or triangular (Figure 2d), but they also depict movement or transmission outward from the center. Finally, other doodles depict movement or transmission from one linked unit to another, without spinning, as in the interconnected boxes or interconnected loops (Figure- 2e and f).

Figure 2: Doodles Frequently Drawn by Patients With Histories of Spin Programming The doodling appears to be intended to reinforce by repetition and visualization the lessons learned through cognitive and imagery training. Doodles may be produced by alters trained as spinners, or they may be produced by others to be seen by the spinners, as reminders to the spinner to maintain their skills and alertness. Cognitive and Imagery Training. Programmers apparently combine pain transmission training, actual spinning, visual demonstrations, and doodles with detailed verbal instructions that contain a great deal of vivid visual imagery. This training takes place over a period of many years, with countless repetitions and variations, so that the overall effect is very potent. The thrust of all this training appears to be to convey several key ideas to the spinners and other alters, so that they accept these ideas without question as their actual reality. First, the spinners must learn to spin inside, just as they did while out in the body during actual spinning. Often, they learn to become a spinning object, such as a tornado or a spinning top. That is, their internal representation of self (or internal body), as viewed by both themselves and other alters, is a spinning object (at least while spinning or during rapidly accelerated spinning). Then, they must link the experience of internal spinning with the sending out of pain, emotions, and other feelings to other alters, so that that two experiences are inseparable and indistinguishable. Finally, they must link the velocity of their spins with centrifugal force, so that the more rapidly they spin, the stronger and more irresistible is the force with which they send out the pain or other feelings. An additional set of ideas is important to impart to the spinners for spin programs to be effective. The first of these has to do with spinners feeling good (or not feeling bad) about spinning. In order to feel good about spinning, spinners must think themselves separate from other alters, and view the other alters as deserving the painful feelings that they receive as the result of the spinning. It is clear from patients' reports that programmers teach and reinforce these ideas. It ie also useful for the spinners to derive feelings of competence and pride about their spinning. Therefore programmers apparently reward proper spinning with praise and other reinforcements. Next, spinners need to be convinced that they have only two choices once a spin program is activate: Either they must spin, or they will experience all the pain themselves; but, if they do spin, they will experience no pain at all. Programmers apparently teach these lessons too. Finally, it is advantageous to protect spinners from contact with otter alters or outsiders, who might impart information to them that could potentially allow them to think for themselves. Therefore, programmers apparently often set up a ring of guardians around the spinners or impose other security measures. Transmission Routes. When patients first began to describe pain contests, it was thought that the purpose of these ordeals was to establish transmission routes for the spinning of pain. Soon it became clear that, instead, they were designed to create multiple within multiple systems which would be trained to become spinning mechanisms. This conclusion left open the question of how transmission routes are established. Additional inquiry of patients about this question has not provided conclusive answers, but the one hypothesis that "feels right" to most of them is that pain is sent along the lines of lineage, that is, the connections between alters who split off of earlier alters, who split off of yet earlier alters, etc., going all the way back to the core or near-core personalities. If this is true, then either spinners learn how locate and to send pain to near-core alters, or they themselves are near-core alters who were selected for spin training because of their position in the internal genealogy. The second alternative appears to be the more likely one. Self-Regulating Spin Systems. One would think that it would be very difficult for a programmer to control a multiple within a multiple system. More than the desired number of alters may be created during the initial abuse, leaving the programmer with a problem of disposition. Alters may be created who are never discovered by the programmer, and are in positions potentially to resist or disrupt the programmer's plans. The number of alters and complexity of their interrelationships would make it difficult for a programmer to keep track of the behavior of both individual alters and interactions among them. Programmers apparently respond to all of these problems by imposing rigid structure and strict discipline. They control alters' personality traits and other attributes, where and with whom they live in the internal world, who may communicate with whom, who watches whom, and who punishes whom. The outcome of programmers' control efforts appears to be a complex, self-regulating systems of alters, each of whom is assigned specific roles and duties, which is governed by a carefully designed scheme of checks and balances. Certain functions are essential for spinning to take place, and there seems to be some uniformity across patients in terms of which functions are carried out by which alters, and how the alters are allowed or forced to interact. The first step in creating a spin system appears to be to split up the group of alters comprising the system, keeping them only dimly aware, if aware at all, of the existence of the others. They appear to be placed in specific locations in the internal world, determined by the roles they occupy. Those who occupy the same or corresponding role are often similar to one another in other ways, such as all being children of a given age, all being of the same gender, or all being animal alters. They may also have similar skills or other attributes such as having been taught a performing art, having been trained in psychic abilities, or belonging to a specific cult figure who "loves" them. As additional spin systems are created, alters from other spin systems who occupy the same roles are placed in the same locations. These role-based groups may then be taught to be suspicious of or hate the other role-based groups, thereby keeping them from "comparing notes," cooperating together, or organizing any kind of resistance. The key functions that need to be accomplished for spinning to work effectively are as follows: Of course, there should be an alter who spins. There should also be an alter who locateS, obtains, and moves the dissociated memory components so that they can be spun by the spinner. There should be a controller or coordinator of the overall process. There should be informers who report to programmers about whether other alters are performing their duties, including other informers. There should be punishers who discipline misbehaving alters, including other punishers, and one who can punish even the spinner (who is otherwise impervious to pain). There should be a "key" or access alter who makes it possible for programmers to enter the system, obtain information, and make adjustments. And all these functions should be dEsigned to interact in such a way that the system can regulate itself and operate independently. The roles and lines of communication and influence within such a system can be depicted graphically in some cases, with lines representing the communication pathways and points of intersection representing the alters who occUPY the essential roles. The result is a three dimensional geometric figure resembling a crystal. Utility of Spin programming Spin programming has some obvious uses to programmers for designing and building personality systems. The power of the spinners or alters who control them, and the threat of pain that they convey, establish them internally as authorities who must be obeyed The networks (apparently of descent) along which spinners send pain and other experiences represent natural divisions within the overall system that programmers may program separately and use for specific purposes, such as spying/informing, enforcing internal discipline, sexual behaviors, ceremonial behaviors, etc. Spin programming can contribute both to unifying a system and to separating groups from one another. There are doubtless many other ways in which spin programming can facilitate system building. Harassment and disruption of therapy are easy to achieve with spin programming. For example, only one brief programming session is capable of setting up a spinner to react each time she or he notices the therapist engaging in a predictable behavior by setting in motion a furious spin of the emotions contained in dozens of dissociated traumatic experiences of childhood rejection and abandonment. The patient is then likely to perceive the therapist as behaving in an abandoning and rejecting manner, and as a result the therapy may be dominated by endless sidetracking from other issues in order to deal with the more subjectively pressing issue (to the patient) of the fear and hurt that the patient feels the therapist is causing. And the spinning may continue for days, weeks, or months. Numerous variations of this kind of approach are possible, providing many opportunities for keeping therapy ineffective for years. Importance of Spin Programming Spin programming must be of immense importance, judging from the sheer amount of time and energy that programmers appear to have devoted to creating and maintaining these programs throughout their victims' lives. Another indication of the central importance of this kind of programming is the wariness shown by many patients when the subject is initially broached. It is obviously "classified material." These factors, plus the obvious power of spin programming as both a systembuilding and harassment/disruption technique, indicate that this kind of programming is a fundamental mind control method used on victims of ritual abuse. Therefore, it must be addressed in psychotherapy with victims of ritualistic abuse. In fact, spin programming is apparently so fundamental a technique that our patients may not be unable to heal unless it is addressed in therapy. Strengths of Spin Programming Spin-based programs present a number of strengths from the point of view of programmers. They have been difficult to detect, because therapists have been unaware of globally targeted spin programs as a separate type of programming strategy. The reactions created by spin programs, if not identified as such, are likely to be mislabeled as borderline traits or "transference issues," providing little or no benefit to the patient. Containment strategies (utilizing hypnosis or visualization) that may work well at stopping or preventing flashbacks of specifically targeted programs are often useless with spin programs, because of both the sheer volume of memories that are activated by a spin program and the force of the spin. Working with the affected alters is difficult because of the lengthy, intensive attitude training

against communicating with outsiders that they have received; due to the fact that they are guarded to prevent contact; because they fear that they will experience pain if they do not spin it out, combined with the immediacy of pain relief if they do; and due to the power, or perceived power, of the spin. In general, when therapists attempt to deal with a spin program, they are likely to feel as if they are grappling with a complicated, powerful machine. In fact, that is essentially what they are doing. Spin programs "feel" quite different from specifically targeted programs. Many more alters are involvid in spin programs, they are much more highly trained and more automatic and smoothly coordinated in their functioning, and the operations of the programs are much better safeguarded against attempts to tamper with or undermine them. As such, they present a formidable challenge to therapists and patients. Weaknesses of Spin Programming In spite of the power and complexity of spin programs, they are nevertheless amenable to therapeutic intervention. with patience, commitment, and compassion, an astute therapist working closely with a creative, motivated patient can gradually make a dent in this kind of programming and eventually overcome it by exploiting its inherent weaknesses. The first weakness is the fact that all programmed alters, including spinners, guards, controllers, and all those who are part of the spin mechanism, are personalities who were "cut from the same cloth" as the rest of the system and are therefore capable of both reason and emotion. Alters comprising the spin mechanism can actively observe incoming information and react to it by commencing the spin, making decisions about when to block outside contact or punish those who fail to cooperate with the program; therefore, they can reason. Spinners often take pride in being good at spinning, and they are proficient at spinning painful emotions in order to avoid them; therefore, they are capable of feeling emotion. If a therapist or an internal helper can establish communication with these alters, the way is open for them to correct their present, limited cognitive grasp of their situations and options by learning new facts, and to want to change what they do by becoming aware of their feelings about it. They are also capable of positive emotions, and they are likely to be deprived of and hungry for them. Therefore, they are likely, once contacted, to respond favorably to care and concern. The second weakness is the fact that much of the training that makes up spin programming is conditioned as opposed to unconditioned, that is, based on paired associate or cognitive learning. Therefore, cognitive changes such as consciousness of how the conditioning was done can facilitate breaking the connections rapidly. The connections and beliefs that can be broken in this way include the link between external spinning and internal spinning; the link between internal spinning and the sending out of pain and other feelings; the link between velocity of internal spinning, centrifugal force, and the irresistibility of the pain and other feelings being spun out; the illusion that the spinners are separate from the rest of the system; the pride .of being good at spinning; and the belief that they have only a limited number of options. The third weakness is the fact that spin programming is built on an accumulation of individual dissociated experiences that can be abreacted, one after the other, until the foundation of the spin mechanism has been completely undermined. Three groups of dissociated memories may be addressed: the original training experiences of the spinners and others involved in spinning; the traumatic experiences from which pain or affective components are collected and fed into the spin mechanism; and the programs instructing the spinners what to spin and under what conditions to begin spinning. The fourth, and greatest, weakness of spin programming is also its greatest strength: the complexity of the system of alters and the checks and balances that control them. An astute therapist can eventually gain access to individuals who occupy the different roles, either directly or indirectly, and then educate them about their betrayal by their programmers, about the compassion they could be feeling toward the suffering of other alters in their system (instead of the hate or mistrust they have been taught to feel), about their ultimate unity with the others (instead of the separation that has been forced on them), and about how to join forces to resist. Summary This paper has described spin programming, a type of abuse that until recently was unknown to psychotherapists, but has obviously been in use by ritual abusers for many years -- at least four decades, and probably much longer. It is possible that most or perhaps all patients with histories of ritual abuse have been subjected to spin programming. Patients who were born into cults that practice ritual abuse (as opposed to having been recruited later in life) are probably more likely to have experienced spin programming, and their spin programming is likely to be both more intensive and more sophisticated. Spin programming presents some formidable obstacles for psychotherapy. It is apparent that, in the past, lack of awareness and understanding of spin programming by the therapeutic community has contributed to many problems in therapy, and that complete healing has probably been impossible without facing and dealing effectively with this type of mind control technique. It is hoped that this paper will provide a valuable service by making information available to therapists that may contribute to significant breakthroughs for their patients and ultimately allow for their complete healing, while also providing testable hypotheses to researchers interested in ritual abuse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------All of these, and thousands of other methods at all times are being used by those in weapons, through agents, on agents before becoming agents, and on the general public using signals on the whole population, while using those arrested to keep covering it up, then putting the newly trained in for more. References Braun, B.G. (1988a). The BASK (behavior affect, sensation, knowledge) model of dissociation. Dissociation, 1, 4-23. Braun, B.G. (1988b). The BASK model of dissociation: Clinical applications. Dissociation, 1, 16-23. Coons, P.M., & Grier, F. (1990). 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(1991, September/October). Common "programs" observed in survivors of satanic ritual abuse. California Therapist, pp. 47-50. Noll, R. (1989). Satanism, UFO abductions, historians, and clinicians: Those who do not remember the past... (Letter to the Editor). Dissociation, 2, 251-253. (**The 'ritual abuse' is being done through remote neural monitoring, with any number of directed fequencies being used at any givne time on the population, i.e, after several weeks of using frequencies to acclimate a police with brainwashing, a police officer would suddenly be given powerful thoughts to shoot at an animal or child, and then get arrested for it). Those who cannot be conrolled for this manipulation of world war are then daily tortured with signals and weapons as in my case. in israel, in each and every case, they even killed the IDF, soldiers in the Israeli Army, and even Mossad members, like Daniel Pearl, regardless of 'keeping quiet' to continue deals in weapons and events, and to stop all knowledge of each incident from being forwarded for the next stage of manpulations. Van Bensehoten, S.C. (1990). Multiple personality disorder and satanic ritual abuse: The issue of credibility. Dissociation, 3, 22-30. This article is put out by ABC News, long after millions of deaths, in June 24, 2003: DARPA, PNAC and the Perfect Killing Machine by Maureen Farrell "We appear to be edging towards an era of 'mind control' -- a time when human brains might be manipulated routinely by highly sophisticated technology. On the bright side, the powers of this science could be used to mend broken and diseased brains. On the dark side, there would be plenty of opportunity to tinker with consciousness and control human behavior in menacing fashion," -- Nicholas Regush, ABC News And of course, again, they make it look like mind control as something better than gross negligence, killings, and mass deaths. Now, by this time, after years of crimes on those who havent yet died, they have fabricated enough lies to bring in more people to the weapons usage, including the National Guard, claiming that there is such low level conflict that they need to use more weapons on the public. All of those in other countries, including the top military are being arrested at this time for the deaths by these weapons. The top military leader in Russia was related to the president. Many, like him, are arrested after leaving the country or their retirement.

In other words, the Mossad, the CIA or whoever those in weapons next decide to use on the victim, continue the crimes on the person, carry out these most heinous crimes as were committed on our family for many years, will pretend to be psych, false witness, judge, jury and expert witness, all the way to the persons death on every given day while directing these weapons, outward crimes most severe, and denying any justice whatsoever, or reporting of the crimes. In every case, including the millions of Jewish deaths, the weapons direction is done in extreme, gross misconduct by picking up thought, and weeding out those who are intelligent, by directing severe signals, and by using lies every day secretly to have others do things to the persons, using weapons. The Mossad can even be told to decapitate other mossad or CIA members, based on religious laws now distorted by those in weapons deals for years, through mind controls, who dont follow any laws anyway. They only send a small portion of the deaths, neglecting millions of Jewish deaths, only some in attacks in reporting to the U.N. with Kofi Annan glad to give the report since he is making great benefits. And it is considered, again, by those profiting from holocaust, or programmed, The cost of freedom!!!!! There will be absolutely no change after this world war than the last, with all of the supposed ideologies in Zionism, population control, survival of the fittest, class wars, revolution, whatsoever except more loss of real thought, real science, and real education, real knowledge, which is freedom. In all areas, after firings, transfers, deaths, we have people who do not see the big picture, who have been programmed with dumb-minded ideas, such as all people will be computers and if you dont like it, you wont fit in. They neglect any kind of higher analysis; hence, millions who do were killed. This includes those who purposely put out stupid propaganda who cannot see how systems fit together, affecting each part, and the past is part of the future, and cannot be separate from the whole, which they are not aware of. They do not see the intricate details of human and planning fallacies within the whole system. Rand (takes the new states census), they set up new oil deals, new construction deals, new weapons deals. WHAT YOU DONT SEE IS THE THOUSANDS OF STUDIES EACH DAY ON EACH RACIAL GROUP, GENES, INDUCING ILLNESSES, WEAPONS STUDIES, SEVERE DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY. OF COURSE, THEY CAN THEN HIRE THOSE WHO BELIEVE THE HERESIES OF CHAOS BRINGS ORDERno one seeing the continued effects, the accumulation of destruction and gaps in real knowledge, families, and minds. 1950: Robert G. Heath and Dr. Russell Moore, funded largely by the U.S. military and the CIA, experiment with mind manipulation by inserting up to 125 electrodes into subjects brains (alongside drugs such as LSD). Heath also suggests that lobotomies be performed on patients, not for therapeutic reasons, but for the convenience of the hospital staff. 1953: John Lilly, of the National Institute of Mental Health, discovers that he can simulate a variety of emotions by placing electrodes inside a monkeys brain. (A male monkey, for example, when given a switch to prompt orgasm, pushes the button approximately every three minutes.) Lilly's work draws the CIAs attention and is later described in John Marks's The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate": The CIA and Mind Control (1979) and George Andrews's MKULTRA: The CIA's Top Secret Program in Human Experimentation and Behavior Modification (2001). [The Atlantic] May 17, 1965: A front page New York Times story entitled, "Matador' With a Radio Stops Wired Bull: Modified Behavior in Animals Subject of brain Study" features the work of Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, inventor of the "stimoceiver," a miniature transponder implanted in subjects heads to control behavior and emotions. The article describes Delgados most famous experiment, wherein he steps into a pen with a wired" bull and stops the raging animal, mid-lunge, via remote control. Delgado later suggests that this technology be used to curb criminal and obsessive behavior in humans and urges Congress to make "control of the mind" a national goal. [New York Times] May 1, 1989: Former BBC producer and veteran foreign correspondent Gordon Thomas publishes Journey Into Madness, The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, connecting Jose Delgados views to those endorsed by Sidney Gottlieb, of CIA/ MK-ULTRA fame. He explains: "Dr. Gottlieb and behaviorists of ORD [Office of Research and Development, CIA, Central Intelligence Agency] shared Jose Delgado's views that the day must come when the technique would be perfected for making not only animals but humans respond to electrically transmitted signals." June 16, 1995: Time magazine features an ad for an implantable pet transponder, oddly enough, aside an article about a militia mans fears about the encroaching New World Order. By Aug. 2002, such devices are so commonplace that the Christian Science Monitor reports on how the military is "adopting a Big brother approach" to "implanting microchips in cats and dogs that live on government land" in order to track down and penalize military families who abandon their pets. Nov. 1996: "Click Here to upload your soul," advises one of many articles on british Telecoms Martlesham Heath Laboratories "Soul Catcher" implant chip, which, as Personal Computer World explains, "will be implanted behind a persons eye and will record all the thoughts and experiences of their lifetimes." Dr. Chris Winter tells Londons Daily Telegraph, "This is the end of death... By combining this information with a record of the persons genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually." Oct. 15, 1998: The BBC reports on "bionic brain implants" developed by American scientists. "Over several months, the implant becomes naturally 'wired' into the patient's brain as neurons grow into the cones and attach themselves to the electrodes mounted inside," the report asserts. Sept. 23, 1998: Cybernetics Prof. Kevin Warwick becomes the first known human to communicate with machines via a microchip implanted in his body. Predicting that such implants will eventually replace time cards, tracking devises and credit cards, Warwick tells ABC News, "I feel mentally different." Later, he tells, "After a few days I started to feel quite a closeness to the computer, which was very strange. When you are linking your brain up like that, you change who you are. You do become a 'borg.' You are not just a human linked with technology; you are something different and your values and judgment will change." He also admits, "It does make me feel that Orwell was probably right about the Big brother issue." Dec. 7, 2000: CNN reports on Dr. Kevin Warwicks next step, implanting a chip that interacts with his central nervous system. "This summer, a professor plans to take a step closer to becoming a cyborg -- part human, part computer -- by implanting a silicon chip that communicates with his brain," CNN says. With his wife also getting "chipped," Warwick later discusses the possibility that couples might one day read each others minds and experience each others pleasure (making faked orgasms obsolete). Their experience is recorded in the book, I Cyborg. Sept. 5, 2001: ABC News Nicholas Regush warns that "mind control" could be on the horizon. "On the bright side, the powers of this science could be used to mend broken and diseased brains," he says. "On the dark side, there would be plenty of opportunity to tinker with consciousness and control human behavior in menacing fashion." May 1, 2002: An ABC report entitled, "Scientists Develop Remote-Controlled Rats" describes a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)-funded project, wherein rats, "each wired with three hair-fine electrical probes to their brains," are "directed through remote control by an operator typing commands on a computer." Lead scientist Dr. Sanjiv Talwar admits to the BBC that "the idea is sort of creepy" and tells the Guardian that remote controlled animals could be used for nefarious purposes, such as assassinations. May 10, 2002: A family has microchips inserted into their bodies on national TV. An Applied Digital Solutions press release boasts: "VeriChip has been the subject of widespread media attention for the past few months, everything from Time Magazine to the Today Show, the Early Show, CNN's American Morning with Paula Zahn, CBS Weekend Evening News, and the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News. We're delighted that Good Morning America and CBS Evening News will cover the firstever "chipping" procedures on May 10th. Aug. 15, 2002: During the height of the Summer of the Abducted Child, the Philadelphia Inquirer runs a front page story on the new "high-tech approach to child security" -- i.e. the "chipping" of children. Pointing to Applied Digital Solutions "prototype for an implantable GPS unit that could pinpoint a child's location," the article asks: "Would a parent really place a device under the skin of his or her child to guard against a vague threat?" before offering ADS spokesman Matthew Cossolottos reply: "We have GPS units for our cars. If your car is stolen, we can locate it. Do we love our cars more than our children?" March 7, 2003: An article in the Kansas City Star features University of Kansas research professor Jerome Dobson "a respected leader in the field of geographic information technologies" who warns that GPS technology might lead to a form of "geoslavery" which could make "George Orwell's 'Big brother' nightmare...look amateurish." March 12, 2003: The BBC runs an article entitled "Scientists develop 'brain chip,' which states that "US scientists say a silicon chip could be used to replace the hippocampus, where the storage of memories is coordinated." The testing, beginning on rats and rapidly proceeding to monkeys, will ultimately be conducted on humans. June 2003: "In a few months, researchers at the University of Southern California will test the world's first prosthetic brain part," Popular Science asserts, crediting biomedical engineer Theodore Berger with creating "a 2 mm-wide silicon chip that he hopes will one day substitute for damaged or diseased brain regions." Potential military uses for the brain chip, which is partially funded by DARPA, includes building "sophisticated electronics" and integrating them into human brains to possibly "one day lead to cyborg soldiers and robotic servants." June 2003: In an article published on DARPA's Web site, Dr. Alan Rudolph explains how the agency's "brain Machine Interfaces Program" will "create new technologies for augmenting human performance" by "access[ing] codes in the brain" and "integrat[ing] them into peripheral device or system operations. [BuzzFlash] Though the article is no longer available (and the term "brain interface program" is nowhere to be found) the link now directs browsers to an article on "Human Assisted Neural Devices," which also discusses accessing "codes in the brain." Jan. 16, 2004: The headline, "Is It Possible to Download Knowledge into the brain?: Mind-machine interfaces will be available in the near future, and several methods hold promise for implanting information" alerts readers of Better Humans to futuristic possibilities. Welcome to the Matrix April 14, 2004: The Associated Press blasts the headline "FDA Approves brain Implant Devices." Citing benefits to those with physical impairments and brain disease, scientist Richard Andersen notes that "surgeons are already implanting devices into human brains -- sometimes deeply -- to treat deafness and Parkinson's disease" and says, "I think there is a consensus among many researchers that the time is right to begin trials in humans." May 28, 2004: Reporting for the Chicago Tribune on todays "transhumanists" (those who believe were in a "transitional phase between our human past and posthuman future") Margie Wylie asserts that "Humanity is on its way out." June 25, 2004: Washington University reports that, "For the first time in humans, a team headed by University researchers has placed an electronic grid atop patients' brains to gather motor signals that enable the patients to play a computer game using only the signals from their brains." July 12, 2004: Japanese school children will soon be tagged with tracking devices, albeit non-intrusively, an article in CNETAsia explains. "The rights and wrongs of RFID-chipping human beings have been debated since the tracking tags reached the technological mainstream. Now, school authorities in the Japanese city of Osaka have decided the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and will now be chipping children in one primary school," the article asserts.

While this is just a sampling of research and technological advances, one thing is clear, a brave new world awaits. "Humanitys ability to alter its own brain function might well shape history as powerfully as the development of metallurgy in the Iron Age," cognitive neuroscientist Martha Farah and others wrote in the May issue of Nature Reviews Neuroscience. Yet, given technologys potential to go haywire, warnings issued in films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator and The Matrix have more at their heart than mere celluloid. And so, from 2001's HAL to Darth Vader to "chipped" assassins, weve had a series of fictional reminders that the battle between what is cold and hard and inhuman perpetually rages against what is human and loving and kind. And, of course, its naive to think that the fight begins and ends with whats up there on the screen. As we enter this new era, wherein technology can either free or enslave us, its best to remain mindful of the monster that has, throughout the ages, paced hungrily through Historys darker halls. Though it remains faceless, and for many, nameless, it exists, just as surely as love and hope and compassion exist. And it is out there, crouching, ready, once again, to devour what is uniquely and gloriously human. Every reason for harassment on any given day (31 years of crimes on me, since age 7) that they can make up from Zionism (which involves many heresies in race, evolution, and eugenics constantly controlled by the Roman Catholic Church since medieval times (actually the early priestly form of the Roman Catholic Church which married into Jewish families in/before Babylon) for the purpose of power), (many Zionists who would be in the way of weapons deals and at the end of their usage were killed) to other hate groups and factions, to fabricating lies of hate against the victims, to revolution, class wars, to fabrications that the victim is intellectual and they need to steal the intellectual information, to lies about the victims needing to be investigated for hundreds of fabricated reasons, to lies about the victim being associated with something (as in the CIA drug running RICO crimes), and any kind of lies possible. 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Why they even have all Jewish blind to the deaths. Other references on REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING Kathryn Cramer: Remote Neural Monitoring War Crimes. Weather. Weblogs. Web/Tech. What Were You Thinking? Who Runs the Liberal Blogosphere ... Daily By The Usage Of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) ... 9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations: Q&A On FBI & NSA Mind Control & The FBI's Role In Organized Stalking ... NSA Satellites And Remote Neural Monitoring Technology Are The Modern ... These crimes include: ... of the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology to spy ... www.9-11themotherofallbla...006/10/... The United States A Bright Shining LIE DIA) has committed terrible crimes against innocent Americans, and uses ... The National Security Agency's REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING technology, And To Have 9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations: The Perps Who Attack Us Federal & Otherwise and also through the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, can spy on us ... an aggressive response to these stalkers and their crimes, by documenting them. ... www.9-11themotherofallbla...006/09/... Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums > electromagnetic radiation weaponry heard (or imagined as the remote neural monitoring will pick that up ... secute Nazi scientists for war crimes. However the US seems to have ... www.unexplained-mysteries...35633.html The New International Intelligence Regime Financial Crimes Enforcement Network(FINCEN) -US Space Command -US Domestic Intellegence ... Remote Neural Monitoring(RNM) -Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing Personal Surveillance Centre are involved in Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Electronic Brain Linking ... blatant corruption and sanctioned crimes carried out by powerful ... - 221k The New International Intelligence Regime Financial Crimes Enforcement Network(FINCEN) -US Space Command -US Domestic Intelligence ... Remote Neural Monitoring(RNM) -Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing WRBB 104.9 FM BOSTON NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Back To ForumSubmit A MessageReply To This Message. ... Satellite Weapons Abductions & US Military, DARPA, RAND, LOCKHEED NSA satellites and remote neural monitoring technology are the modern ... are either directly taking part in these crimes (such as the FBI and NSA) or ... Note that everyone has a different perspective on anything, but that those in total mind control weapons and war profits, oil, and the mental institution investments, mass medical fraud, have it down to using those individuals for public propaganda at each stage of the war, destroying millions, and using the person in opposition of the person or group they just used before for gain, i.e., in Israel each day, they used people to threaten others publicly to do something against Palestinians, to the next week using someone against that person, and now simply point the finger at an all elusive state after killing millions of Jewish worldwide. Those they have in elite circles are temporarily put in to disguise the other losses which are great, as many of those above were in elite circles before being destroyed. Only a few are making profits, again. We now have millions more repressed into being holocaust survivors, including children, worldwide, who are at risk of being tested on, or killed, used in programming, again, bringing all of human kind to further destruction, trauma, of minds, massive heresy and fictitious beliefs, a massive state of minds that cannot support a system (which morphs with each push and pull of power) in reality. The entire system is not understood because of such neglect in all areas of study through mind controls based on heresies, criminal agents, etc. Even Mossad members, Rabbis, were sabotaged in all states. When Golda Meir was put in in Israel, in 1949, they continued on with directing weapons and mind controls each day, and on Jewish communties worldwide to cause a 'need' for weapons deals and wars, while killing them up to the present.

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