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Karina Vargas Mr.

Newman English 101: Rhetoric 16 September 2013 Statement of Scope for the Annotated Bibliography For so many years immigrants have been in the background of the workforce by being in the meatpacking industry or working in the lettuce farms. Since there has been an increase in immigrant workers over the years, native-born workers are starting to think they are taking over all of the jobs in the U.S. In Gabriel Thompsons book, Working in the Shadows: A Year of Doing the Jobs (Most) Americans Wont Do, immigrants are neglected and put in unlivable working conditions for low wages. Also, migrant workers are being sent to jail and deported for working and not doing much of a crime. In reality migrant workers are boosting the economy and creating more jobs because they live on those low wages, which increases companies productivity. Although most Americans think that immigrant workers are harming our economy, research shows they actually help or economic growth. This essay will explore how immigrant workers arent harming the U.S., but actually helping it. Most U.S. born workers are against immigrant workers in the U.S. because they take Americans jobs, but from these articles I will be able to explain why this statement isnt true. I will also provide different reasons how migrant workers increase the economic growth. Besides all the reasons why immigrants are benefitting economic growth, I will talk about how immigrant workers are being mistreated. With that, I will present examples from the articles of how to stop this. This selected bibliography includes articles about union workplaces, immigrant wages, economic growth, and U.S. native workers opinions. In the articles by Costantini, Davies, and Ness they all explain the ways that immigrant workers are improving the economy. The article by Bacon states that migrant workers are being unrightfully treated and that things need to change in the government to fix this problem. This article doesnt necessarily cover the idea about economic growth, but it goes along with the low wages for immigrant workers. Telzrows article explains that the statement about immigrants doing jobs Americans dont want to do is a myth. These articles cover all areas of immigrants benefitting the economy.

Annotated Bibliography

Bacon, David. "Silence on Immigrants." Foreign Policy in Foucs 23 Oct. 2008: n. pag. elibrary. Web. 9 Sept. 2013. In this document many immigrants are sent to prison and deported for finding jobs in the U.S. and it is found to be wrong while workers from the U.S. aren't being charged for mistreating the workers. The author states that there is something that needs to be done about the way immigrant workers are being treated. They are asking candidates to speak out about it and protesting to try and make the president do something about it.

Costantini, Peter. "Migration-U.S.: Union-Busting Opened Doors to Immigrant Labor." Global Information Network 8 June 2006: n. pag. elibrary. Web. 6 Sept. 2013. It is a false statement that immigrant worker make the declining economy worse, in fact the low-paid immigrants are said to be increasing economic growth. Since immigrants are getting paid very little to do work, companies have more money to increase their production and by doing that it actually creates more jobs. Immigrants are willingly doing jobs that aren't very desirable to U.S. born workers.

Davies, Phil. "Bring Us Your Tired, Huddled Masses." Fedgazette 1 Sept. 2004: 7. elibrary. Web. 9 Sept. 2013. Native born workers complain that immigrant workers are taking too much money out of the industries pockets. Industries thing that immigrants help their companies and take jobs that most native born workers won't do and also benefit the economic growth. Immigrant workers are starting to

Ness, Immanuel. "The Rise of Migrant Worker Militancy." Dollars & Sense 1 Sept. 2006: 18. elibrary. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. In this article the author says that even though immigrant workers are almost all illegal they do great things for our economy and if it wasn't for them our economy would collapse. It is also said that migrant workers are indispensable and they improve profitability. With an increasing number of migrant workers there is a push on union-free workplaces.

Telzrow, Michael E. "The True Cost of 'Cheap' Labor." The New American 19 Feb. 2007: 27. elibrary. Web. 9 Sept. 2013. It is stated that the statement about immigrants doing jobs Americans don't want to do is supposedly a myth. That industries are just saying that because illegal immigrants are helping our economy grow by keeping their wages low. There is also lots of work available and not all occupied by immigrant workers.