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NATIONAL FOODS BRAND DEFINITION: National spices focus on delivering the traditional taste of food while employing latest

technology to minimize the food preparation time and effort in this fast and rapid era. Brand Positioning: National spices are pure and hygienic that its a definite substitute for home made masala

Primary aim Reminder and recall with a new big idea revolving around our cultural values and forgotten tradition. OBJECTIVES Reminder advertising to increase brand recall A new concept of reviving Pakistani cultural values Association of EID occasion with National foods masala range

Secondary Objective Increase sales, brand awareness, loyal customers and building customer relationships. Bulls Eye Primary TA Demographics Females Adults (Age 35 +), SEC A+,A and B+ and B Especially the aged women who always act as opinion leaders in families. , Pakistani nationals in foreign countries.

Psychological: Seeking help from elders because they have more experience . Celebrating on Eid and other occasions with especial arrangements Lower end consumers through sachet ( for consumption on special occasions) Secondary TA Younger generation, males, teenage girls. Restaurants ( as more emphasis is on FAMILY values n tradition so do not mention them under primary) Cafes etc. KEY PROBLEMS: People have the negative perception about readymade masala n food items that they are not pure. so remove this negativity and associate with pure and natural aspect. Specific habits:

Younger and middle age generation always refer to old age female members of the family, grand parents , mother in law etc. The tradition of food/royal food items with special pure ingredients emerged from the Indian subcontinents and further continued in Pakistan

Proposition USP: Quality ingredients that are pure & natural and are the essence of our traditional food Rational Positioning: Packaging, range of products, aroma, color etc. Emotional Positioning: Family values, love and respect and indepth close association of family members based on their choice of food. the aroma The Equities Platform: Family values plus traditional music depicting the essence of subcontinent/old eastern flavor (kalam) Physical Elements( you guys can combine with emotional propositions) Famous National Foods recipe mixs such as the Qorma Mix, Biryani mix, Zarda mix etc. Emotional Elements:( ( you can combine with rational propositions) Family values, respect for elders, the roots of our history and tradition from the pre-partition/subcontinent era ATL Terrestrial PTV, ATV, ATV plus Cable Geo, ARY Zauq, Masala TV, AAJ, TV One Media Vehicles MPC, World Call, Jang

Print News papers: DAWN Jung

Express Magazines Akhbar-e- Jeahan Fmaily Herald Masala Tv magazine Radio: radio Pakistan, FM 107( Karachi 107 FM 100 Fm 101 These are the main ones to achieve wider listenership OOH: BTL

Pillar wrappings Billboards Vehicle graphics. Transit Adv: especially BUS stations and railways stations as travelers usually take food from their homes to consume during their journey.. Standees etc

Stalls: Dawn lifestyles stalls exp kiosks You can add up of your own as well.

Event Based: Calendar: Eid, cooking contest amongst girls colleges etc. especial setups in colleges or exhibition at expo. Non calendar: add up of your own such as Eid rang national foods k sung.. and associate one particular date n day with the concept where national can celebrate the spirit of our long lost eastern/royal foods tradition etc. Market Considerations Seasonal effect: Qorma mix, biryani mix, zarda mix have high demand during eid and other family gatherings where traditional meals are cooked. Distribution effect: Sufficient amount of stock is there on such occasions Creative considerations: Tone & manner: very eastern and sober and dignified in accordance with the primary TA age group.

Media monitoring :

Direct competitor: SHAN, liquid gravy etc. Indirect competitor: readymade food, frozen food, restaurants, cafe SMP: national foods has continued our tradition of eastern flavor food and cultural values Timeline: 1 week before Ramadan Mandatory: National foods color association Logo Tagline

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