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Fifth Semester (Regulation 2004) Mechanical Engineering ME 1302 - DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS (Common to B.E. (Part-Time) Fourth Semester - Regulation 2005) Time: Three hours Answer ALL questions. Use of approved design data book is permitted. Assumptions and assumed data have to be stated clearly. PART A - (10 x 2 = 20 marks) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Mention some standard codes of specification of steels. What are the methods to reduce stress concentration? What is the significance of slenderness ratio in shaft design? Under what circumstances flexible couplings are used. Name the possible modes of failure of riveted joint. What is the minimum size for fillet weld? If the required weld size from strength consideration is too mall how will you fulfill the condition of minimum weld size? 7. Give some of the materials used for springs. Maximum: 100 marks

8. 9. 10.

Why are levers usually tapered? Why a brass sleeve is used in lever fulcrum? What is meant by life of anti-friction bearings? Define coefficient of fluctuation of speed and energy. PART B - (5 x 16 = 80 marks)




A flat bar 32 mm wide and 12 mm thick is loaded by a steady tensile load of 85 kN. The material is mild steel with yield point stress of 315 Nzmm-. Find the factor of safety based on the yield point. (8) A flat plate of width 60 mm has a central hole of 10 mm diameter. If the plate is subjected to an axial tensile load of 10 kN, determine the thickness of plate. Assume yield point stress 300 MPa and factor of safety as 2.5. (8) Or



A hot rolled steel shaft of 40 mm diameter is subjected to a torsional moment that varies from 330 Nm to - 110 Nm and an applied bending moment which rises from 440 Nm to - 220 Nm. The material of the shaft has an ultimate strength of 550 MN/m2 and yield strength of 410 MN/m2. Find the approximate factor of safety using Soderberg equation allowing endurance limit to be half the ultimate strength and size factor and surface finish factor to be 0.85 and 0.62 respectively. Design a hollow shaft to transmit 25 hp at 300 rpm. The loading is such that the maximum bending moment is 1000 Nm the maximum torsional moment is 500 Nm and axial thrust is 15 kN. The shaft is supported on rigid bearings 1500 mm apart. The inside diameter of the shaft is 0.8 times the outside diameter. The load is cyclic in nature and applied with shocks. The values of shock factors are Ci = 1.5 and Cm = 1.6. Or




Design a protective type of cast iron flange coupling for a steel shaft transmitting 15 kW at 200 rpm and having an allowable shear stress of 40 Nzmm-. The working stress in the bolt should not exceed 30 Nzmm-. Assume that the same material is used for shaft and key that the crushing stress is twice the value of its shear stress. The maximum torque is 25% greater than the full load torque. The shear stress for cast iron is 14 Nzrnm-.

C 3378



The structural connection shown in fig. 1 is subjected to an eccentric force P of 10 kN with an eccentricity of 500 mm. The centre distance between bolts 1 and 2 is 200 mm and 1 and 3 is 150 mm. All the bolts are identical. Assume t bolts.

= 80

Nzmm-for bolt material. Design the size of the

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Fig. 1 Or (b) A shaft of rectangular cross section is welded to a support by means of fillet welds as shown in fig. 2. Determine the size of the weld, if the permissible shear stress in the weld is limited to 75 Nzrnm-.



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Fig. 2 . 3 C 3378



Design a leaf spring for a truck to the following specifications: Maximum load on the spring Number of spring Material Permissible tensile stress Maximum number of leaves Span of spring Permissible deflection

= 140kN

= Chromium vanadium
= 600 Nzrnm= 10 = 1000 mm


= 80 mm

Young's modulus of the spring = 2 x 105 Nzmm''


A hand lever is 1 m from centre of shaft to the point of application of 200 N calculate (i)

Diameter of solid shaft allowable shear stress is 25 NzmmWhat is the twist of shaft per meter length? Determine the section of the lever near the boss, if the permissible stress is limited to 75 Nzrnm''. Distance moved by the point of application of the load due to elasticity of the shaft. Modulus of rigidity is 0.84 x 105 Nzmm". Take length of the shaft is 3 m.





A full journal bearing of 50 mm diameter and 10 mm long has a bearing pressure of 1.4 Nzmm-. The speed of the journal is 900 rpm and the ratio of journal diameter to the diametral clearance is 1000. The bearing is lubricated with oil whose absolute viscosity of the operating temperature of 75C may be taken as O.Ollkg/msec. The room temperature is 35C. Find .
(i) (ii)

the amount of artificial cooling required and the mass of lubricating oil required if the difference between the outlet and inlet temperature of oil is 10C. Take specific heat of oil as 1850 J/kg/C. Or


A single cylinder double acting steam engine delivers 187.5 kW at 100 rpm. The maximum fluctuation of energy per revolution is 15%. The speed variation is limited to 1% either way from the mean. The mean diameter of the rim is 2.4 m. Design a cast iron flywheel for the engine.

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