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AMS-RBMware Demonstration/Simulation Setup Instructions

The following instructions will walk you through setting up the required AMS-RBMware demonstration/Simulation directories and files. Requirements AMS must already !e installed and licensed for the "#S$ RBMware interface%. The "#S$ RBMware $nterface% requires &indows 'T. (. )ou!le click on the pro*ided file "RBMware.e+e%, the following pop-up window will appear


#lick on the "-n.ip% !utton, this will create the directory path "# /RBMsuite/#ust)ata% and will e+tract required files. 0nce files are un.ipped, click "01% and close the &in2ip Self-e+tractor dialog. The directory CustData contains the following 3 items ! This is the RBMware data!ase. DB"oo#$ ! This is the RBMware reference data!ase. r m.exe! This is the RBMware application graphic.

%ote! $f the RBMware.e+e file was copied from a #), you may need to take the "read-only% attri!ute off of the e+tracted files and directories. Select all the files in the # /RBMsuite/#ust)ata directory !y choosing the 45dit6 menu and selecting 4Select All6 from the menu options. 'e+t choose 47ile6 then 48roperties6 from the menu options. $f the 4Read-0nly6 !o+ is checked, click on it to remo*e the checkmark. 3. Run the AMS 'etwork application from the control panel, select 9 Add9, highlight the "#S$ RBMware interface% and click on the install !utton.

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AMS-RBMware Demonstration/Simulation Setup Instructions

:. $n the #onnection dialog !o+, Browse to the following path &C!'RBMsuite'CustData' & for the "RBM*iew )ata!ase -'#% field. Browse to the following path C!'RBMsuite'CustData' for the "RBMware )irectory -'#% field. #lick on the "7inish% !utton.

;. The #S$ RBMware tree will now appear in the AMS e+plore and de*ice connection *iews when AMS is started. 8ractice tra*ersing the tree. By choosing <aunch in any of the right-mouse conte+t menus, a window depicting RBMware will appear. This is a static screen and can !e closed at any time !y select the upper right 9=9 in the window title !ar. This simulation has three screens that highlight detail information a!out the motor tag 9#&8>(9. The first screen shows the Status-at-a-?lance *iew within RBMware. This *iew is similar to the *iew in AMS. The ne+t screen shows the case history of the e*ent 9Machine now shows signs of misalignment9. The final screen has an $nfrared photo of the motor along with trend data. -se this demonstration to generate more interest in the integration of field $nstruments with rotating equipment from a single *iew. 7or a more detailed demonstration of the RBMware product, contact the local #S$ salesperson or representati*e. Their we!site is http //

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