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Engine Condition Monitoring

Your partner for carefree engine operations

The MTU Maintenance group, a business segment of MTU Aero Engines, Germanys leading engine manufacturer, has been providing the aviation industry with quality engine maintenance services for almost three decades. Today, MTU Maintenance has become the worlds largest and most experienced independent provider of commercial engine maintenance services. As a leading company in both engine development and manufacturing as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul, MTU puts a strong focus on the development of new maintenance and repair technologies. Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) is an innovative system that constantly and remotely monitors various aircraft engine parameters and helps detect engine abnormalities and problems in due time before a critical failure occurs. This translates into higher engine efficiency and lower cost of ownership through prevention of potential damage. Furthermore, ECM helps operators optimally plan the maintenance of their engine fleets. ECM complements MTUs Total Engine Care (TECTM) program and provides for carefree engine operation. Via the Engine Trend Monitoring (MTUPlus ETM) software tool, engineers collect and analyze engine data that allows them to monitor EGT deterioration and to detect abnormal engine behavior. With the system, performance deviations can be detected early and preventive

measures can be implemented before serious problems occur. This can help customers save substantial amounts of money they would have to spend, for example, in case of engine in-flight shut-down or serious failure. Furthermore, the tool can be used to optimize the timing for a core engine wash. The MTUPlus ETM system allows engineers to track engine operations and also to make recommendations as to corrective actions, inspections, LRU replacement as necessary, as a variety of other potential measures. On-line access to the web-based MTUPlus ETM system provides an overview of the engine fleet performance worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with complete real-time visibility to the customer.






The MTUPlus ETM system

In-flight engine data is collected by MTU Maintenance for processing and analysis. Automated data acquisition and transfer via onboard air-to-ground communication (e.g. ACARS) allow real-time condition monitoring, if the aircraft is equipped for the purpose. The MTUPlus ETM system utilizes the existing network of onboard sensors. Thus no extra equipment costs are incurred. Manual data transfer is also possible around the clock via a secure internet portal. In-flight data can also be sent to MTU by fax or e-mail. The MTUPlus ETM software uses mathematical modeling to build a parametric engine model that is based on historical data recorded during normal operation. The model is customized to the specific engine serial number and the specific operating conditions. Statistical modeling allows to use MTUPlus ETM on any engine, regardless of manufacturer or type. This brings greater simplicity to the customers operations, as all engine types can be monitored using one single tool. The trend plots are derived from the differences between the model and the actual measured data. The engine parameters are depicted in a graphic form rather than in plain numbers.

Therefore, MTU engineers are able to identify deviations from the normal operating mode in a very timely manner. In the event of significant changes an immediate alert is sent to the operator. Via MTUs web-accessible portal, ECM service operators have 24/7 access to the trend plots of their respective engines via a secure customer login. The engine watchlist permits an efficient appraisal of the condition of all engines operated in the customers fleet and highlights critical parameters. In addition, customers can receive reports and advice from MTUs engineering department on a regular basis. Currently supported engine types are: CFM56-7 CF6-50 CF6-80C2 PW2000 V2500 CF34 All other engine types can be supported on request.

Service levels

Service Level I

24/7 automatic data collection and processing Web-based alerting and trending tools, access to diagnostic tools, alarm notification via MTUPlus ETM system Operator performs engine monitoring and retains full airworthiness responsibility

Service Level II

MTU performs trend monitoring and engineering support: Watchlist management Performance reports Fault diagnostics Troubleshooting support MTU performs the monitoring on behalf of the operator, but the operator retains full airworthiness responsibility

Service Level I and Service Level II in combination User also has access to the data via MTUPlus ETM system

Service Level III

MTU currently provides Service Levels I, II and III, including engineering services. The 24/7 hours/days a week service is offered for Service Level I only.

Engineering support

Examples of ECM events Event 1: CF6-80C2 engine Finding: The EGT and fuel flow parameters showed a trend shift which generated an alarm Investigation: MTU informed the operator and recommended a visual inspection Diagnosis: Stage 5 lever arm fracture (see photograph) Result: The engine was removed, an expensive damage and an AOG situation was avoided. Event 2: V2500 engine Finding: A trend shift in EGT and fuel flow data generated an alarm Investigation: MTU informed the operator and recommended an inspection Diagnosis: Compressor stage 6 blade fracture Result: The finding was acknowledged but ignored by the airline. Two months later consequential damage occurred which resulted in an in-flight event, an AOG situation and a highcost shop visit. Event 3: CF6-80C2 engine Finding: Parameter N2 showed a trend shift which generated an alarm Investigation: MTU informed the operator and recommended a visual inspection Diagnosis: Broken bolt of the L/H VSV actuating mechanism Result: The bolt was replaced and the engine returned to service.

Event 4: CF6-80C2 engine Finding: The EGT and fuel flow parameters showed a trend shift which generated an alarm Investigation: MTU informed the operator and recommended a borescope inspection. The engine was inspected following the next landing Diagnosis: Stage 11 vane fracture Result: The engine was replaced and the aircraft returned to service after a short interruption only.






95 90 85 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 -40 -30 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40






0,02 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

CF6-80C2/B747: Stage 5 lever arm fracture. The engine was replaced after visual inspection.

Customer benefits

ECM ensures improved and practically carefree engine operations. Early identification of problems reduces the risk of unscheduled downtimes and delays. ECM can help to increase engine fuel efficiency as it enables the operator to determine the optimal timing for an engine core wash. Optimized core washing can increase the EGT margin by 10 to 12 percent, which equals to a one-percent reduction in specific fuel consumption (SFC). The improved understanding of the engines condition makes maintenance planning more predictable and accurate, resulting in optimized on-wing times. MTUs services are designed to provide operational and financial benefits to our customers.

Financial benefits: Optimized usage of engine fleet Minimized unscheduled downtime Lower maintenance cost Reduced fuel consumption Reduced spare engine requirements No extra cost for IT and software Operational benefits: One single ECM system for all engine types Early identification of operating problems Reliable engine performance Optimized maintenance management Longer on-wing times Closed loop maintenance MTU customers benefit from our strong global presence. The MTU Maintenance group has an extensive network of shops located in Hannover and Berlin (Germany), Vancouver (Canada), Zhuhai (China), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Rzeszcw (Poland). Thus MTUs AOG teams can rapidly intervene on-site if necessary. No matter where our support is needed, we are available anytime, anywhere.

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Our services

Full overview of your engine fleet performance: Monitoring of dedicated operating modes (take-off, climb, cruise) 24/7 automated alerts and reports Customized trend analysis based on engine type and history Illustrated engine data and performance trends Documentation of engine performance (engine history) MTUs expert engineering support: Years of experience in aircraft engine maintenance Qualified maintenance recommendations and planning State-of-the-art technology MRO capabilities for all major commercial aircraft engines Your advantages: The MTUPlus Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM) is suitable for different engine types Immediate alert when performance trend shifts are detected, not when OEM limits are exceeded Graphic interface (trend plots) for fast identification of performance abnormalties instead of analyzing long tables of data No extra cost for IT and software Web-based data access via a secure connection Reduction of MRO process time (TAT) based upon diagnostic data availability Early fault detection Reduction of unscheduled engine removals and AOG situations Fuel savings and emission reduction thanks to optimized timing of core engine washing based on fuel flow and EGT monitoring.


Water wash

30 20 10 0 -10

Water wash timing can be optimized by using MTUPlus ETM.

Water wash

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