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Thanks for your letter and the photo of your football team. We play football
at our school too, but my favourite sport is rugby. I love it!
I like French very much and I'm very good at Music, but I hate Geography.
What subjects do you like and don't you like? Who is your favorite teacher and
At home, I play a lot of video games. My favorite game is "half life". Do you have
video games at home? What's your favorite game?
I don't read a lot of books but I like science fiction, comics and sports
magazines. What books do you read? I collect stamps and I play the guitar. Do
you play a musical instrument? My favorite meal is fish and chips. I like
hamburgers too. I'm not difficult but I don't like milk and I hate coffee! What food
do you like? What food don't you like? What's your favorite meal?
Write soon and tell me more about your hobbies.
All the best

1. The document is_______

A. a letter B. an article in a C. a book
2. It's a letter from _______
A. Matt B. Kirsty C. Sean
3. Sean lives in_______
A. England B. France C. Ireland
4. Sean's favorite sport is_______
A. football B. rugby C. hockey
5. Half life is _______
A. the name of a B. a video game
car C. a TV programme
6. His favorite drink is _______
A. coffee but not B. not coffee and C. milk but not
milk not milk coffee
1. Tom Kio is a very busy man. He’s a student in the architecture department at San
Francisco State University and he has a part-time job at Benning Desing Assosciates.
Tom works hard, but he enjoys what he does. He usually arrives at his office at eight
o’clock in the morning and work until one. He always eats lunch at his desk at work.
Then he leaves for the university.
2. Tom is busy in the evening, too. He usually studies for several hours every night. On
Mondays and Wednesdays, however, he always plays tennis – he really loves sports.
When he has time, he sometimes goes out for dinner or to a movie with friends.
3. On the weekends, Tom often invites 15 or 20 friends to join him for a picnic in the
park. His favorite activity at a picnic – playing baseball.

a. Read the article about Tom and answer the questions.

1. Does Tom work hard?

2. Does he enjoy it?
3. Where does he usually eat lunch?
4. Does Tom play any sports? What sport(s)?
5. When does he play?
6. What does he do in the evenings?
7. What does he often do on weekends?

In the morning, we usually read a newspaper with our breakfast. On
Sundays, some people read two or three newspapers. They buy the newspapers
because they like their journalists and reporters. The journalists and reporters
make the newspaper interesting. They give us new ideas.
Journalists usually work in a newspaper office or at a TV station. They sit at
their desk and write their ideas on a modern computer. They tell us about
important people or events. They know many politicians and tell us about political
news. Journalists are important people because we get some ideas from them.
Other media people are reporters. Reporters go to different events and find
news. They write about sports or social events. Sometimes they go to the
stadium and talk to the football players. Sometimes they go to the cinemas and
tell us about the films. Sometimes they go to dangerous places, such as Bosnia,
Iraq and so on. Many reporters die every year because they want to give us
important news.
Reporters and journalists have interesting jobs, but they are dangerous
jobs, too.
A. True or False.
1. ___ On Sundays, people read a book with their breakfast.
2. ___Journalists work for a newspaper or a TV station.
3. ___Journalists learn us the news.
4. ___Journalists know many important people.
5. ___Reporters work on their computers.
6. ___Reporters sometimes get killed in places such as Bosnia.
7. ___Journalists and reporters like their jobs.
B. Answer these questions.
1. What do journalists and reporters give us?
2. Why do people buy newspapers?
3. What do reporters do?
4. Where do reporters go?
5. Why do reporters go to dangerous places?
C. Reference:
1. In paragraph 1, in line 1: “they” refers ___________________________________
2. In paragraph 1, in line 2: “they” refers ___________________________________
3. In paragraph 2, in line 4: “their” refers ___________________________________