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Awakening to O PT Magnetic Awakening to 0 Pt - Magnetic Tension: the Glue of Consciousness The energy referred to as consciousness is electromagnetic energy/information/li ght

that is bound up with in some aspect of the magnetic fields of our planet. C onscious essence may be considered as hierarchical grid upon hierarchical grid o f this energy, forming continuous matrices of subtle frequency and geometry. It is within these matrices that magnetic influences provide a "tension" or stress field binding the essence of human consciousness as a framework of divine intell igence. These fields of information are bound the Earth sphere through a stabili zing glue of planetary magnetism. Please understand that it is the awareness of humankind and not the life essence itself, that is used to interpret the three d imensional world, the self and ultimately the Creator. In its simplicity, Life e ssence has no need to understand. It is this awareness that is locked up within the field of magnetism surrounding the planet. Through the structure provided as fields of magnetism the net of our awareness matrix is stabilized and secured i n place. Energetically, we are electrical in nature. Each cell within each component of o ur body generates a charge of approximately 1.17 volts at a specific frequency f or that organ. This unique vibration is termed a signature frequency. Each cell is in constant motion, the rhythmic oscillation of a subtle beat, generating its signature frequency. We are more than simply electrical beings, however. We are both electrical and magnetic in our expression. In addition to the electrical c harge generated by each cell of our body, there is also a magnetic field that su rrounds each cell. If you were to view the diagram in three dimensions, the shad ed are would come to you vertically from the page. The human body as a whole exh ibits a composite magnetic field, the sum of each individual field from each ind ividual organ, tissue or bone cell. Electromagnetic cells within electromagnetic beings. We live the convergence two distinct though interrogated fields that de termine, to a large extent, how we perceive ourselves, our world and how we func tion within those perceptions. The electrical portion of your body is you. In your purest form as information, energy and light. This is your seed-core essence. This is you with no judgment, ego, fear or preconceived ideas regarding yourself, others or the world around y ou. The electrical aspect of you is what would historically be termed your soul. This aspect of you is not bound by dimensionality, planet or star. It is your s oul that has traveled from a multitude of energetic systems to experience Earth in this cycle of consciousness. It is the soul essence that will eventually leav e the Earth experience, at some chosen point in time, carrying the vibration ben efit of your Earth lives on toward a new experience. The magnetic fields surroun ding each cell of your body may be thought of as a buffer stabilizing the inform ation of the soul) within each. This buffer creates "drag" or Unction around eac h cell, effectively interfering with your ability to fully access that body of i nformation. Earth's fields of magnetism have, historically, been your safety zon e between thought and manifestation. Early in this cycle of consciousness, magne tism was high, providing a distancing between the formulation of a thought and t he consequences of that thought. Our group-body-consciousness was relatively new . Together, in the presence of one another, we learned/remembered the power and consequence of thought. It was during this time that higher magnetism was desira ble. Both then, as now, it would be very contusing to have each thought and pass ing fantasy manifest as a reality in your life. Planetary magnetism were relativ ely high, ensuring that to manifest something in this world, we had to be very c lear and really choose, or desire that which was being envisioned. Only then, co uld the seed of that thought be sustained long enough to be pulled down through the matrix of creation, crystallizing into something "real" in your world and yo ur life. Now, as the intensity of the field's decrease, the lap time between a t hought, and the realization of that thought, is decreasing proportionally. Perha ps you have noticed how quickly you are able to manifest in your world.

Clarity For a thought to become real, it must be a clear, concise and sustained pattern of energy A thought that remains a fuzzy collection of constantly changing patte rns is probably incapable of sustaining itself long enough to crystallize as a m anifestation. In the event that it does, it may appear to you as a series of inc ongruent, possibly confusing situations, mirroring the blueprints, which it is a ttempting to express. Duration While clarity is a key component, without (he ability to sustain the clarity, th e seed is not maintained for a time sufficient to develop as it descends into su ccessively denser levels of experience. It is a copy of the blueprint that is pa ssed down through the creation matrix, gathering the energy at each level to sus tain it into the next and become real, visibly manifest in your world. Desire It is the energy of emotion, or desire, that sustains the thought-seed as it des cends the creation matrix. At any point, the seed may dissipate if the sustainin g energy (desire) lost. As the magnetic fields of Earth weaken, (he thought beco mes increasingly potent and less energy is required to sustain the energy for a decreased period of time. The value of this process is in the demonstration of a point relative to creating and manifestation. In the creation of the Cube, the other forms are already there. They are implied. You did not have to specificity defined them in your mind's eye. This very principle applies to you creating wi thin your world. In imaging the desired outcome, allow creation to determine how the building blocks shall be drawn together. To define each building block indi vidually may hinder your ability to create as constraints are placed upon the mo vement of the energy coagulating to form your creation. Through (seating clarity of thought and feeling for your desired outcome while sustaining the clarity lo ng enough for creation to seed the blueprint into successively denser crystalliz ations you will discover that the creation process requires little effort. You w ill also realize the consequences of your thought patterns very quickly. This is your invitation to become conscious of your thought and intent. Meditation and prayer may each be considered as a form of thought, as each involves the use of directed intent, body circuits and a shift of body frequency through thought. Bo th meditation and prayer may be accomplished through specific techniques tailore d to a specific purpose In Western cultures prayer is often considered as a form of requesting intervention. Through prayer, we are asking a power that we belie ve is beyond us to allow or prevent an event from unfolding. Examples of prayer commonly heard may include: "Please God, let there be peace i n the world." "Please God. This one time, let my car make it to the gas station and I promise that I will never let my tank get this slow again" "Please God, al low me to become well and overcome this disease..." In each of these instances, the individual initiating the prayer is asking for I ntervention from a higher power toward a situation over which he or she has been conditioned to accept a sense of powerlessness. Traditionally, Western cultures have been conditioned to view themselves as separate from creation, yet superio r to that which surrounds them. In the illusion of that separation, they are una ble to see, or identify with, the forces that drive creation, including the phys ical body. Feeling helpless to address events that unfold within their world and their lives, things for vi/which they feel no responsibility appear to "just ha ppen." A fundamental concept developed within the ancient mystery schools, and s hared in the traditions of indigenous peoples and many Eastern religions, is the idea that the human form is a part of creation rather than separate from it. As an integral part of creation, the individual plays an important role in the cau ses of events within creation. Though expressed within a vocabulary very differe nt from the grid and matrix model of our conscious hologram, these ancient conce

pts are just as valid today as they were six thousand years ago. Through the science of madras, or the connecting body circuits, the electrical r esonator of our bodies is finked into the electrical circuitry of creation. Spec ific madras accomplishes a linkage with specific grids. The most powerful madras is that of the opened hands, fingertip to finger tip and palm charka to palm ch arka, used to access all grid zones possible throughout all of the creation matr ix for an individual in a given moment. It is this madras that we were taught wh en we want to pray, though we were seldom taught why we use this positioning of the hands and fingers. Through the prayer position, you have positioned yourself to touch upon all zones of creation, each energetic reality that your body is c apable of accessing, in that moment of no time and no space. Accessing the grids of information is only one step in the process. How do you then "tune" to the i nformation contained within the grids? Once the link is accomplished, it is thro ugh the quality of thoughts (clarity, duration and desire) that the circuitry of the body becomes tuned to the grids. You are always experiencing some thought o r feeling; you are always tuned to something! The feelings that result from your life experience, your joy. Pain and all variations of these extremes are, quite literally, teaching you how to think and feel frequency. Your thoughts are the tool that you use to bring yourself into resonance with various aspects of creat ion. Thoughts and feelings are your tuning mechanisms. When the tuning is optimu m, you have established resonance, a connection of two-way exchange with a given level of reality. Though you are, and have always been, a part of all that you see, at the instant of resonance you are aligned even closer to the energetic pa tterns to which your thoughts have carried you. In this resonance, or "oneness," you have the opportunity to plant and nurture the seeds of your creations. It i s in the space of resonance, attained simply from your patterns of thought coupl ed with feeling, that you may direct energy most efficiently, consciously and wi th intent. It is in this space that you become the creator of your experience an d may impact the events of your world while regulating the response of your body to that world. You intervention, on your own behalf, through the acknowledgment of your oneness with creation. The process that has allowed you to accomplish t his tuning may be considered as a high form of mastery, using both directed thou ght and prayer, meshed into the process commonly known as meditation. In referen ce to the prayers of intervention, it becomes apparent why meditation may be suc h an effective, though passive, form of intervention. Through the holographic mo del of consciousness, you are aware that the experience of each individual affec ts the whole to some degree. If this is truly dear to you, then it also becomes apparent why it may not be enough to simply pray for peace in the world, for exa mple. Though well intentioned, the request for peace, in and of itself, is incom plete. The highest form of intervention that an individual may offer within a given sit uation is to move beyond the "asking" for something to be. The greatest expressi on of mastery toward a desired outcome may be found in becoming that which is de sired. Herein may be one of the best guarded of the ancient secrets of personal mastery. You must become the very experiences that you most desire for yourself or others in life. You must become the love, forgiveness, non-judgment and Compassion that you choo se in your relationships of friendship, romance and employment. If peace is the desired reality within the global matrix, then peace must become the reality wit hin the local matrix of your presence. You must become that peace. It takes a re latively few number of "reference points" within the whole to bring about change in the expression of that whole. In recent years, the discovery of an atmospheric layer mirroring these zones of resonance is attributed to a German scientist named W. 0. Schumann. From his wor k between 1952 and 1957, Schumann predicted the resonant frequencies that would come to bear his name. Nearly 53 years earlier, however, these frequencies had a

lready been discovered and utilized by Nicola Tesla during research performed in 1899-1900 at his Colorado Springs facilities. Tesla's frequencies were based up on direct measurements of frequency measured, introduced and propagated through the Earth, rather than mirrored in the atmosphere.