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Pace at which species vanish accelerated during the past 100 years to roughly 1,000 times what it was before humans showed up. Humans appear to be causing a cataclysm of extinction more severe than any since the one that erased the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The Sinking Ark that 40,000 species lose their last member each year and that one million would be extinct by 2000. More recent projections factor in a slightly slower demise because some doomed species have hung on longer than anticipated. Bavarian vole, found in Eurasia presumed extinct mammal(since 1500), also is still there. 70% scientists said they believed that a mass extinction is in progress Third of the scientists expected to lose 20 to 50 percent of the world's species within 30 years. To the numbers on we need to know the natural background extinction rate, the current rate and whether the pace of extinction is steady or changing Species of plants, mammals, insects, marine invertebrates and other groups all exist for about the same time. Assume that all organisms have an equal chance of making it into the fossil record. 4% of all species that ever live are preserved as fossils the weak species confined to some hilltop or island all went extinct before they could be fossilized The current rate of mammalian extinction lies between 17 and 377 times the background extinction in rate Over the past 200 years the rate of loss among mammal species has been some 120 times higher than natural. Vulnerable freshwater fish have more than a quarter species listed as threatened Habitat and species as well as population are all proportional Deforestation is at a rate of less than 1% a year Environmentalists dont appreciate triage because its not 100% beneficial

B. SUMMARY In this article the author talks about the rapid extinction rate of species. Scientists have many predictions for extinction means but whatever the predictions are the results of the rate of extinction are really high. One of

the predictions states that almost 20% would disappear off soon specifically they are going to be extinct in 2000. Researchers believe that the only way to stop mass extinction is by saving evolution itself. C. Reaction While reading this article I noticed that the extinction rate of most species has increase 1000 times after the modern humans which are us. This indicates that our actions are driving animals and plants out of their habitats even so driving them to be extinct. While that is a given fact the article also made me realize that the only way to save the species is to save evolution itself. So What? Knowing the extinction rate of species is the key factor to help us preserve them Says who? W. Wayt Gibbs What If? The extinction rate was known? Then well be able to determine to decrease that very rate What does it remind me of? Change: if we work together we can always we can always achive change in any way we want.