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You Brain Is On Auto-Pilot and It Is

Programmed To Fail
Step One – Scientific Brain Research Uncovers the True Power of
Your Subconscious

Scientific brain research can show you how to easily harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Regardless of whether you are new to the self-help industry or have already been exposed to personal development
information there is no doubt in my mind you already have or eventually will run into "blocks" that stop you from achieving

Perhaps you have heard of, or at have a basic knowledge of "reverse engineering." When someone wants to copy a
particular product, they take it apart piece by piece to learn how it functions.

In the first two steps of this "self help tutorial" I help you reverse engineer your mind (so to speak) to learn how your
brain functions; your limiting beliefs about money, relationships and health; and the cause of your lack of success.

To effectively make permanent changes and eliminate this self-sabatoge, you need to understand how these non-conscious
blocks (internal conflicts) were created in the first place.

When you strive for self-improvement in anything and it just isn’t happening, realize there are two very good reasons for

1. You have been programmed with self-limiting beliefs that stop you.
2. Your ancestral DNA is actually working without your awareness to keep you safe with what is already
familiar and comfortable.

Some refer to this as “psychological reversal” while others might call it “self-sabotage”.

There is a simple muscle test I learned from Dr. Robert Anthony in his CD course "Know How To Be Rich" (replaced with his
new program The Secret of Deliberate Creation) and it can help to quickly determine if you are experiencing psychological

Here's how it works. Hold your arm out straight and make a true statement. (Such as “my name is _____”) Simultaneously
someone applies gentle pressure to push your arm down while you resist. The result would be your arm has good

Then doing the same process, you make a statement you believe to be true (such as “I want to lose 40 pounds”) and if
there is psychological reversal your arm will have no resistance and will easily be pushed down.

With this simple muscle test, you can see how the conscious and non-conscious levels in your brain are not in alignment
with the same goal.

It is key in your personal development to understand 100% regardless how much you desire change and self
improvement; if you have previously been unsuccessful your subconscious is operating with a different set of goals without
your awareness.

Once you understand how your brain functions; how you think; your constant negative self-talk and your current beliefs,
you can then bring the non-conscious mind under your conscious control.

Having this control, you will quickly and easily effect the positive changes you desire and achieve success in any area you
choose such as wealth, health, happiness, or relationships.

If you do not to take back this control the subconscious will continue to operate on auto-pilot and control you!
Your success in life is 90% the result of how your brain
functions. (Conscious and subconscious) A mere 10% is due
to the system or career path you choose.
I believe most of us would like to make permanent changes in some areas of life. You may set goals such as better
relationships, wealth or fitness but never even come close to their manifestation.

We all have been led to believe we just need to set clear goals and visualize success to manifest our dreams. I don’t know
about you, but I became extremely frustrated after doing everything I was told and saw no lasting results.

To help paint a clear picture of what I am saying, imagine building your dream home on an old, crumbling foundation.
Eventually you could expect the home to fall apart.

Your mind is similar. You cannot build permanent success in life with a subconscious that is not programmed
to support your desires.

Most likely you have already tried to achieve your goals and failed, otherwise you wouldn’t still be searching for answers.

To re-state Einstein’s quote from the home page, you can continue doing the same things and get the same results or you
can take a fresh new approach and see different results.

My new approach is to learn science based techniques to change, discover self-limiting beliefs and eliminate the blocks that
stop you cold.

When you begin eliminating the “blocks” you are effectively breaking the habit of failing.

Therefore, the logical first steps in any personal development should be:

• Understand how the mind functions with the help of science based research.(explained in this step)
• See how your subconscious has been pre-programmed with self-limiting beliefs.(explained in Step
• Become self-aware. (also explained in Step Two)

Success requires change!

Your subconscious mind wants to stop you from changing and keep you safe!

Your success is the direct result of both areas of the mind working together in harmony toward the same goals.

You cannot change until you understand how the mind functions, your current beliefs and the way you think!

This is why some people seem to achieve effortless success while others struggle endlessly and accomplish little.

Why leave your success to chance? Why not use the tools scientific research has now made available for achievement?

Scientific Brain Research:

This information is going to absolutely destroy your old beliefs and set you on a fantastic new path of self-discovery leading
to your ultimate success.

For those of you who may be skeptical of anyone professing their ability to help you overcome the difficulties in your life
and achieve lasting success, most of the information here in Step One is based on scientific fact!

Recent neuroscience research has opened many doors and provided us with self help techniques we can easily learn and
apply to accelerate our personal development.
Previously the medical society believed our brain was hard wired at birth, and did not change. (NOTE: this is a perfect
example of old beliefs that are not reality.)

That previous research was only available by performing an autopsy on the deceased.

According to Dr. Richard Restak, one of the world’s leading neuroscience researchers, over 90% of what has been learned
about the human brain has occurred since 1997.

Also, over 80% of what was believed to be true before 1990 has now been proven to be false.

These scientific discoveries have been made possible by using modern equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI), positron emission tomography imaging (PET) and the single photon emission computer enhanced tomography
scanner (SPECT).

Never before could scientists see sections of a living brain that are one/1millionth the thickness of a human hair and also
see what happens when our brain is responding to different types of stimuli.

Hopefully you are now starting to get excited about your unlimited potential for success.

Let’s see what scientific brain research has revealed. Click the links below and discover the scientific way to achieve

(1.i) Human Genetics and Self Help Failure Learn why genetic DNA passed on from your ancestors will stop you from

(1.ii) Intelligence Self Help Neurogeneis (brain plasticity) proves you can continue to increase intelligence regardless of
your age.

(1.iii) Mind Power Self Help - Thinking Large! Previously it was believed we thought on only two levels. Science has proven
we actually use six areas of the brain simultaneously.

(1.iv) In My Mind - Self Help Reality The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real and imagined. Use this
science lesson and learn how to create your own reality.

(1.v) True or False - Subconscious Self Help The subconscious doesn't know if anything is true or false. You can use
positive self-talk to re-program your mind.

( The Reason Self Help Fails You Scientific research shows how the subconscious doesn't see negative or positive. Be
careful and avoid focusing on what you don't want.

(1.vii) Breaking the Habit of Self Help Failure Learn how to easily change your thoughts. Ultimately this changes your
beliefs and habits, opening the doors to success.

(1.viii) Ultimate Mind Control Self Help Technique The subconscious sees in pictures, images and patterns. Learn how to
properly communicate your goals.

That's a wrap for Step One - Brain Research For Self Help. I hope you found this information both interesting and valuable.

It is important to realize whenever beginning anything new you will experience resistance from your subconscious mind.
Accept it and move ahead with your learning.

Click to leave "Step 1 - Brain Research" and go to "Step 2 Intro. - Child Development" where you will discover how
negative beliefs have been pre-programmed into your subconscious mind during the early child development years.

When seeing "why" you do the things you do it is much easier to learn "how to" accomplish your goals.

(1-i) Learn Why Ancestral DNA Will Stop You!

Human genetics passed on from your ancestors contributes to your lack of success and resistance to change.

This page could easily have been entitled "Why Change is Difficult."

With a basic understanding of ancestral DNA, you can easily see why your brain resists change.

You will also see why success has eluded you and how to overcome these limitations.

First, allow me to provide a mini science lesson about human genetics to help understand why you are stuck and can’t
seem to make progress with your personal development efforts.

The “deep limbic system” of the brain is also known as your “reptilian brain.” It is the bonding and mood control centre of
your brain. The limbic system is the seat of emotion in your brain. All of its functions are critical for survival and human

The “reticular activating system” (RAS) is a group of interconnected neurons not located in any specific part of your brain,
although it is part of your limbic system.

Every single impulse - whether derived from thought, touch, taste, smell, seeing or hearing - first passes through your

The RAS then sends signals to the proper area of your brain for interpretation.

When something important is on your RAS, it sends a signal to the conscious level for your immediate attention.

For example, I spent months looking for the car of my dreams. I found a 2 door BMW that was exactly what I wanted. I
seldom ever saw this style of car on the road anywhere. After my purchase, it seemed everywhere I went there was
another BMW like mine.

This was simply my reticular activating system bringing to my attention something it considered to be important – BMW

You can learn to automate success by using you’re “reticular activating system” to train your subconscious. (More on this
later in another section called “Mind Tools”)

However, if the RAS senses any form of danger or discomfort it sends a signal to the “amygdala.”

The amygdala is also located in your limbic system. There are two of them located at the end of the hippocampus on each
side of your brain.

The amygdala craves control and safety by urging you to do what is familiar and safe, therefore avoiding change.

The amygdala recognizes danger and sends a signal to the hypothalamus to release hormones. Whenever attempting
anything new, if you experience feelings such as fear, stress or anxiety, the amygdala (pre-programmed through human
genetics) interprets these negative emotions as “danger.”

Then to eliminate discomfort the amygdala stops you from continuing in its effort to keep you safe from the "perceived"

You might know this as the “fight or flight response” or the “fight or flight syndrome.”

Ultimately the “fight or flight” response triggered by any uneasy feelings (nervousness, anxiety, fear, etc.) will stop you
from changing, as the amygdala believes you are safe with what is already familiar and comfortable.

It is important to note you might have a bad habit such as smoking and are consciously aware of the dangers. Your
amygdala on the other hand has been trained (through perhaps years of repetition) that cigarettes are good for you and
necessary when you are stressed or anxious.
Therefore, the amygdala no longer senses the danger of smoking due to your persistent programming that "smoking is
necessary" to keep you safe.

Your human genetics is pre-programmed to believe that change is bad. Logically, you could rationalize that if change was
good it shouldn’t cause such negative emotions.

By stopping you from changing, your human genetics is just doing its job of keeping you safe from whatever it perceives
as danger.

There is scientific data that explains why your subconscious does this.

Genetic memory (DNA) is passed on to you from your ancestors. Your ancestors learned to amplify negative thoughts and
perceptions to ensure their survival.

They relied on their ability to constantly watch for and find danger (looking for the negatives) to avoid or if necessary fight.

Your ancestors had to worry about being killed or devoured by predators, where their next meal would come from or where
they could find shelter.

These were real fears experienced pretty much every moment of their existence.

They had no thoughts or worries about car payments, a bigger house, more furniture, or more of anything material for that

In reality, situations or problems we encounter today are not usually life threatening and yet our human genetics still cause
a running for safety (resisting change) reaction or fighting back if necessary.

This is all the result of how your deep limbic system is processing feelings and emotions, looking for the danger and then
comparing the feelings to genetic memory passed on from ancestors.

Imagine yourself attempting to lose weight, quit smoking or achieve wealth. Every fear, worry or anxious thought you have
triggers the amygdala to scream out "danger" and stop you.

The limbic system (your Neanderthal brain) wants to keep you exactly where you are now, believing this is where you are
the safest.

Your brain works automatically to search for reasons to support negative attitudes.

“Something terrible is about to happen” is your Neanderthal brain talking to you. Accept it and change your evolution!

Why do you save money? For a rainy day! You are ultimately expecting something terrible to happen?

Why not save money to achieve financial independence, buy your dream home, or perhaps go on that dream vacation?
Can you see the difference with this train of thought? It is looking for positives as opposed to danger!

How can you begin to overcome fear, worry or anxiety and control your human genetics to make positive changes in your

1. When you do anything that is new or unfamiliar, realize you may experience fear or discomfort.
2. If you do feel any discomfort (fear, anxiety, etc.) accept it. Embrace it as a part of you. Do not try to
resist the feeling as this only magnifies and intensifies the discomfort.
3. Continue whatever you were doing and work through the discomfort. This re-educates your amygdala
to accept change and leave you alone in non-threatening life situations. You are, in effect, breaking
the habit of allowing human genetics to dictate your actions.

The difference between achieving success or experiencing failure is successful people learn how to overcome their human
genetics to change and grow, accept the uneasy feelings and push themselves beyond the urge to stop and remain safe.

Successful people experience the same fear, anxiety or stress as you, but they are not immobilized by it.
Summary of Human Genetics Research:

• Your ancestors trained themselves to be aware of danger to ensure survival. This effectively
programmed their subconscious to look for negatives
• Your human genetics is inherited from your ancestors through DNA.
• The amygdala senses any unpleasant emotions such as fear, worry or anxiety and interprets them as
• Sensing danger, the amygdala then stops you from doing whatever is causing the feelings and
attempts to keep you safe. Ultimately, this also stops you from changing.
• You can train your amygdala to leave you alone by acknowledging the negative emotion, accepting it
and pushing past the urge to stop.

Once you expose any unpleasant or negative emotions, they lose the power to control you. Resistance has the opposite
effect. The more you resist any emotion or feeling, the more you experience it and the larger it grows.

I hope you found this information about human genetics valuable.

Now you have an easy to apply technique for changing the direction of your mind to help you accept and embrace change.

(1.ii) Age and Your Brain

Neurogenesis (Brain Plasticity) Proves You Can Increase
Intelligence, Regardless of Age
As we age and the brain loses cells, shouldn't intelligence be decreased as well?

Previously the scientific community believed the human brain was hardwired at birth and did not change as we aged.

They also believed the number of brain cells a person had determined their ability to achieve and be successful.

Basically, the scientific community once believed what you were born with was what you had - period.

This resulted in the belief if you weren't born with a great deal of intelligence - too bad for you.

Both of these old beliefs have now scientifically been proven as false! (Good news for those of us who are well seasoned.)

Neuroscience has discovered the level of intelligence and ability to succeed is determined by how many new
"dendrite spiny protuberances" (DSPs) the human brain can grow.

The human brain is changing and growing every day. The brain you had yesterday is not the brain you have today and is
also not the brain you will have tomorrow.

Research done by Dr/Professor Mark Rosenzweig has clearly proven if the brain is stimulated, no matter what age, it will
physically grow more protuberances (DSPs) on each of the brain cell's tentacles. These protuberances will increase the
total number of connections within the brain.

No longer should your age and the brain capacity to learn and achieve be a concern for anyone.

How do your grow more of these "dendrite spiny protuberances" to increase your intelligence?

Simple - every time you learn anything new, the human brain is stimulated to grow new DSP out of the
dendrite spines of your neurons and increase the capacity for achievement.

The number of connections and neural pathways that can be formed by a normal human brain is astronomical. It is the
number 1 followed by 10 million kilometers of zeros. WOW!
Everyone's brain, young or old doesn't matter, has more potential than you could possibly imagine.

Even if we lose 10,000 brain cells a day from the time we are born, we start with so many that by the time we are 80
years old, we have lost less than 3% of our brain cells.

Regardless of age, you can change your brain!

Much like any broken limb placed in a cast, the brain connections will atrophy, become brittle and break apart if they are
not exercised.

Now that you know your brain was not hardwired at birth it appears logical (to me anyway) how vitally important it is for
us all to continue learning, growing and changing.

Most of the problems we experience in life regarding intelligence, age and the brain are only because we haven't learned
enough about ourselves and how the mind works.

A point of interest - your subconscious is your slave and gives you whatever you command. Therefore, you can maximize
your brain plasticity by avoiding a few common phrases we have all been guilty of using.

"Things You Want To Avoid Saying"

• That's just the way I am.

• I am just being me.
• I can't help it.
• I've always been this way.
• I can never ...

I am sure you get the picture and can think of a few more common phrases we should all learn to avoid.

(1.iii) Thinking Large!

Can you imagine waking up one day to a new way of thinking; discovering your subconscious mind power is actually five
times greater than you realized?

Think of the possibilities! What could you accomplish?

Well then, today is your lucky day. Today you wake up to a new reality.

Starting today and for the rest of your life, you will never be thinking of the power of your subconscious in the same way.

Past researchers believed the human brain consisted of a conscious and a subconscious.

Scientists did an experiment on the brains of living people (using a PET scan) to see what area of the brain was used to
perform math problems.

First they filtered out the brain activity that lit up the screen for automated functions. Over 98% of your brain is automated
controlling such functions as heart, lungs, circulation and movement.

What this scientific brain research discovered is truly amazing. There are in fact 6 areas of simultaneous thinking in the
human brain; one conscious and five subconscious levels.

Yes, you read that correctly, a total of 5 non-conscious levels of thinking.

Hopefully, this brain research is getting you excited.

While calculating answers to the math problems, their brain scan lit up six distinct areas.
The researchers then administered a drip sedative which was gradually increased in dosage until the subjects fell asleep.

They observed the light in the scan image indicating where the subjects were doing the math problems went out, but
discovered five other areas in the brain remained lit up.

The conclusion is that your brain is thinking on six levels at once. Five of these levels, which are in the subconscious, are
always thinking even when we are asleep.

Your subconscious represents 5/6ths of your brain’s thinking and power! That's over 80% of your personal power already
existing in the subconscious.

Did you just get a rush, realizing the huge potential you already possess?

Perhaps you now realize why it is so difficult to change or eliminate unwanted habits using will power. You are only
applying 1/6th of your mind's true power.

You would also be correct in thinking if your subconscious has five times more power than your conscious mind, you can no
longer afford to allow your subconscious to run on auto pilot and control you.

Hopefully, you are already beginning to think of all you can accomplish by harnessing your subconscious mind power to
achieve goals, instead of the meager 20% you are currently using!

You have this fine tuned engine called “your mind.” It has six cylinders and until now you have only been firing on two of

Once you have learned and apply the simple techniques presented on this site, you will accelerate your success to heights
you thought were only available to the more gifted.

Truth is you are just as gifted. Now you have no excuses for falling short of your goals. (Unless of course you choose to
remain as you are now.)

As you follow each of the steps in this free tutorial, and also absorb the information I present to explain each step, you will
gain more and more clarity regarding how it is possible to achieve your goals.

For more exciting research on the human brain, click In My Mind - Self Help Reality for your next lesson.

Once there, you will learn how the subconscious does not distinguish the difference between reality and imagination.

This exciting scientific research can easily be used to re-program your subconscious

(1.v) Re-program Your Mind

With Positive Self-Talk
Does it make any difference if something is true or false?

To your subconscious - NO! It can’t tell the difference between truth and fiction.

Everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) you tell yourself is accepted by the subconscious to be 100% true, without

• You say “I always remember faces but can’t remember names” and the ever serving subconscious
makes this a reality.
• You say “I am not a morning person. I can’t wake up until I’ve had at least one coffee” and your
subconscious obliges your wishes.
• You say “Everything I eat goes right to my hips” and guess where you always gain weight!
• You say “I’m stupid” and the subconscious works diligently to prove that yes, you are in fact stupid.
Whatever you are thinking or telling yourself, the subconscious believes it to be true and works outside of your conscious
awareness to prove you are right.

People “lie” about their limitations all the time. We limit our success with some of the most ridiculous lies because they are
what we believe to be true.

A perfect example is how most of us, especially if we started with limited education or finances, believed throughout our
entire adult life it would be impossible to change our life and achieve our dreams.

The adult population has matured believing that success required great sacrifice, long hours and hard work. Now there are
teenagers with less education and starting with no money who have attained extreme wealth.

Everyday more people are learning their ability to achieve is only limited by their beliefs of what is truth or fiction and how
they too can accomplish their goals.

Everyday humans are learning to expand their minds, change their beliefs and experience greater and greater power
within their own minds.

You are designed to be the master and the subconscious is meant to be your slave. Unfortunately your current mental
programming is full of negativity and self-limiting beliefs running on auto pilot to control you.

Pretty much every self-limiting belief you currently have started out as a lie. As a child growing up, you made decisions
regarding the lifestyle you would live.

At the time you made these choices, they had not yet become reality and were in fact a lie. Your belief in these choices
made them become your reality.

As I had mentioned in an earlier section, your mind has been well trained to fail by:

1. Genetic DNA inherited from your ancestors. This was explained in the section Human Genetics and Self
Help Failure
2. The lies (negative beliefs) you and/or your primary caregivers have unwittingly programmed into
your subconscious through repetition.

With this understanding of how your subconscious was programmed with lies, you can now begin to re-program with a new
set of lies.

With constant repetition and perseverance, these new lies will eventually become your new beliefs.

You will then begin thinking and acting in accordance with these new beliefs.

If you were success oriented, your self-talk might be more like this:

• You say “I choose to quickly and easily recall people’s names” and the subconscious will pop
someone’s name into your consciousness the instant you want it.
• You say “I awake each morning full of energy and vitality, anxious to enjoy another day” and you will
discover an energy level you never knew existed within you.

Don’t take my word for anything I have stated. Prove it to yourself with a simple brain lesson!

Pick a character trait or habit you don’t want. Start with something that is fairly small so you will see success quickly and
can then build up to larger successes.

Tell your subconscious what it is you “choose” to be or do and see the results almost instantly. Keep practicing for 21 to 30
days and it becomes a new habit.

Personally, I started with a “remembering names” affirmation. I used to be terrible with names and told myself and others
“I always remember faces but can’t remember names even if my life depends on it.”
This is a perfect example of how I was training my subconscious with a lie (false belief) to effectively make it a true belief
– I couldn’t remember names.

I decided to find out for myself if the subconscious was really trained this easily. I began repeating over and over the
affirmation “I choose to quickly and easily recall peoples’ names.”

Now, I am happy to say I do in fact quickly remember names. This might seem like a small victory, but to me I used to get
so red faced and embarrassed when I couldn’t recall a name.

If you look closely at what I accomplished, I simply started out with another false belief – I quickly and easily recall
peoples’ names – and kept repeating it to myself until it became a true belief. My subconscious worked behind the scenes
to prove I easily recalled names.

Once you prove to yourself how your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between truth or fiction you will quickly
change the way you view your abilities and potential.

I must caution you here. If you decide to tackle a large problem right from the start, such as a major weight loss or
quitting smoking, you will not see immediate results and become discouraged.

Being discouraged, you falsely believe this system doesn’t work. Therefore, start small and get your subconscious trained
to give you what you desire.

Take back control of your subconscious mind and tell it what "you choose" to accept as being true.

Hopefully you now realize nothing is true or false, it is only your thinking that makes it so. Let's keep going and look at the
next scientific brain research discovery.

( Learn How To Attract Positives!

This scientific brain research lesson will help you understand the reason why you could be attracting so much negativity
into your life.

I religiously followed all the instructions I could find on how to set and achieve goals. I understood and worked hard at
applying positive thinking to change my life.

Only when I discovered the information in this section was I able to see the reason why I continued to draw people and
circumstances I did not desire, into my life.

Allow me to briefly tell you a story about myself. I always seemed to meet and date women who were cold, uncaring and
unfaithful. I tried desperately to break out of this habit but it seemed no matter what I did, I ended up with another drama

I became so fed up with dating I actually sat down and decided to set a goal on meeting my dream mate.

It was quite some time ago when I set the goal, but I believe it went something like this:

• I will not become involved with any woman who is cold or uncaring.
• I will easily avoid women who are unfaithful.

I will not attract women who are energy vampires.

(There was actually a lot more to the goal, but this is the part I want you to understand.)

Guess what – it didn’t work. I continued attracting the wrong mates and suffered an emotional hell because of it. I was
beginning to believe this was my destiny.

I couldn’t figure out the reason this positive power thinking stuff wasn’t working for me. Then I began learning about the
recent scientific brain research discoveries I have been explaining here in Step One.
I discovered the reason for my dating nightmares was “failure by design.” Yes, I was mistakenly designing my own
failure without even being aware of how I was doing it.

Here is the reason for my (and probably your) “failure by design.”

Our subconscious mind does not distinguish between negative and positive!

This means whenever you are focusing on something you don’t want, the subconscious believes it is
something you DO WANT.

Here I was focusing on what I didn’t want (the wrong mate). This is truly the psychology of self-deception!!!

Be aware and avoid focusing on what you "don’t want." Inadvertently this is failure by design, as you are unconsciously
applying negative positive goals.

In other words, the positive aspect would be the desire for good relationships, but the negative aspect is the focus on what
you don’t want – wrong type of mates.

My daughter was regularly involved in minor car accidents. I explained how we attract events into our lives and convinced
her to set a few goals to prove how effective they are.

She did, and she also kept having these minor accidents. In discussion about this problem, she told me her goal was to
avoid being in accidents.

A light went on, and I realized the reason she kept getting into accidents was her negative positive statement. Her
subconscious was giving her exactly what she focused on and didn't want - accidents.

It has been over two years now since she made the minor goal change to "I am always safe and protected while driving my
car." She hasn't had an accident since then.

Often people set goals for the things they want to avoid such as losing their house, their job, their health or their

The reason you keep getting what you don't want is your subconscious mind, being a faithful servant, only understands
your focus and doesn't decide if it is a negative or positive.

To enlist the help of your subconscious to attract desirable results, change your goal to a positive/positive.

Your goals will then reflect that which you desire - a positive/positive - instead of what you don't want - a negative

Once I changed my relationship goal to: “I only attract loving, caring and faithful people into my life” I did meet a
wonderful mate whom I am proud to say is now my wife.

It is important to understand whatever you focus on is what the subconscious believes you want.

Being an extremely powerful servant, the subconscious then works diligently to provide what you desire.

I think most of us don't realize we fail due to focusing on the wrong goals. Become "unstuck" and apply only
positive/positive statements and goals.

You will see an almost immediate shift in what you attract.

Now you know the reason why you create your own "failure by design" with negative positive goals.

Are you ready for the next brain science lesson?

(1.vii) How To Easily Change Your Thinking
Breaking the habit of failing – WOW - sounds intimidating! Is it truly possible or are you doomed to remain as you are?

Right now as you read this, realize your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs were formed automatically by your subconscious
without your awareness. (Unless of course you have already taken steps to program it, at which point I don’t think you
would be reading this information.)

Everyone pretty much understands “Knowledge is Power.” You are about to see for yourself (based on scientific research)
how the brain automatically records self-limiting beliefs.

With this knowledge (power) you can begin "breaking the habit" and consciously choose to influence your subconscious.

In this section I will explain:

1. Conscious thought is the stimulus for creating a new brain memory.

2. Repetition is making memory (neurode patterns) without your awareness.
3. How your subconscious relies on these neurode patterns to develop bad habits, self-limiting beliefs
and self-sabotage unconsciously.

For probably the first time in your life, you will see the contributing factor to your lack of success.
You will easily understand why emotions such as anxiety, depression or fear are stopping you from
change and ultimately success.

4. An effective technique for breaking the habit of automatic unconscious programming.

I explained in the section Mind Power Self Help - Thinking Large scientific research showing the human brain thinks in six
areas at once.

Only one sixth of your thinking power is conscious and the other five sixths are non-conscious.

When controlling your conscious thoughts, you are breaking the habit of allowing the subconscious to be programmed with
bad habits and beliefs you don't want.

Be prudent! Understand how the human brain controls without your conscious awareness. Then apply this knowledge so
you too can begin breaking the habit of failure and take back control.

Here is what researchers have discovered:

• Non-conscious thoughts “fire” based on your conscious thoughts, as neuron impulses going down a
set of brain cells called a “neuron pattern.”

Allow me to restate this: Everything starts with a conscious thought!

Many of your emotions, beliefs, attitudes and actions are the product of a thought originating from your conscious mind.

You cannot be angry without the conscious thought you are upset.

You cannot be depressed without the conscious thought your life is depressing.

You cannot be anxious without a conscious thought such as fear you are not good enough or not capable.

You will be happy only when you have the conscious thought you are happy.

Consciously you probably did not choose to experience your current reality. Unconsciously, by allowing your thoughts to go
unchecked (not breaking the habit) you have inadvertently programmed your subconscious.
We cannot directly control our subconscious thoughts. However, we can monitor and control our conscious thoughts.

Indirectly we then influence the subconscious. This is where you can develop your true power.

• The more you repeat a conscious thought, the easier it becomes for this thought to travel down the
same neurode pattern.

To give you a visual example, pretend your mind is like an overgrown jungle. The first time you cut a new path through a
jungle it requires some effort.

Each time you travel on the same path it takes a lot less effort to clear your way.

Soon, there is only minor maintenance needed to keep the path clear and it is now easy to travel down. It makes good
sense to then continue using a cleared path as opposed to cutting a new once each time you need to travel.

Your thoughts are similar. When you repeat the same thoughts, they go down the same neural pathway. Eventually, if the
thought is repeated often enough, it becomes a neurode pattern (pathway) that fires easily in your subconscious.

Thoughts take the path of least resistance!

Hang in there. You will soon see how this can help in breaking the habit of allowing automatic subconscious programming.

• Neuron patterns that fire the easiest are stored in the largest numbers and are relied upon the most.

Your dominant conscious thoughts are directly responsible for creating the neurode patterns which ultimately run on auto
pilot and control you.

The larger the group of neurons stored in a neuron pattern, the more power the group has and therefore the more control
it has over your beliefs, actions, feelings and conscious thoughts.

Only you can choose whether your subconscious is automatically programmed for failure or consciously programmed by
yourself for success.

Making memory on auto pilot can easily result in a bad habit or negative belief. Breaking the habit of allowing yourself to
travel down a self-serving emotional path does much good for your personal development.

At some point in life, most of us have been stung by harsh words that left a scar. Perhaps someone insulted you with a
comment such as “You’re stupid” or “You’re lazy.”

When the comment was directed at you, a new recording was created in your subconscious mind.

If you attached strong emotion to the remark such as anger, the subconscious then acts as though the thought is
important to you.

You then consciously replay the comment over and over in your mind. Perhaps you may even tell others exactly what
happen. Each time you replay the event, your subconscious believes it is happening all over again.

In the previous brain science lesson In My Mind - Self Help Reality I explained how the subconscious does not distinguish
the difference between real and imagined.

Have you ever witnessed anyone explaining in detail how upset they are about a negative comment someone made about

The more they explain the angrier they become as they relive the event and their feelings. This strong emotion imprints
the importance you place on the comment.

With each replay of the event, especially with strong emotion attached, the more you create brain memory of the words “I
am stupid” or “I am lazy.” It then becomes easier and easier for this neurode pattern to fire.
Eventually, with enough repetition (especially with strong emotion attached) you have successfully created a brain memory
and the bad habit of thinking “I am lazy” or “I am stupid” both of which have now become your self-limiting beliefs.

All of this happened as the result of a rude comment which created a thought. The thought became (new reality) a
programmed belief.

If you were breaking the habit of automatic subconscious programming, this could not have happened.

• Now, let’s look at a technique to develop a healthy habit and begin breaking the habit of failure.

As I stated, you can control your thoughts only at the conscious level.

Therefore, you can consciously choose to focus your attention and indirectly influence your subconscious.

First, become aware of, acknowledge and accept your thoughts and feelings.

Second, let go of any emotional attachment you have to the negative thoughts or feelings. (Techniques for releasing will be
explained in Step Three)

Once you have acknowledged and released the emotion, it no longer has any power over you.

Third, you can take this opportunity to program yourself with positive self talk.

Do this by changing the direction of your mind with positive statements such as “I choose to be intelligent” or “I choose to
be ambitious and get things done quickly.”

The more emotion you can attach to a positive statement, the more you flag it in your subconscious as being important.

Hopefully, you also understand by using repetition you are creating a neurode pattern that your subconscious will rely on.

To remind you of recent scientific brain research discoveries I have previously explained on this site:

• Every belief you have started out as a lie. (e.g. What are you, stupid!)
• The subconscious can’t tell the difference between real and imagined.
• The subconscious doesn’t distinguish between truth and a lie.

With repetition of the same unchallenged negative thoughts you automatically create your own self-limiting neurode
patterns (beliefs) by default.

On the other hand, breaking the habit of allowing your subconscious to run on auto pilot is simple to do with repetition of
positive self-talk.

Choose to fuel your success by consciously programming your mind with empowering neurode patterns. (New beliefs or
perhaps a healthy habit)

Thoughts (neurode patterns) fired the most become relied on the most.

To cement this new neurode pattern into being, repeat your thoughts for a minimum of 21 to 30 days to create a new habit
or belief.

To assist you in breaking the habit of failing, remember this phrase:


I learned it when selling real estate. It used to bother me immensely as I had no desire to be a “phony” or pretend to be
something I wasn’t.
Now I know better. We are responsible for creating our own reality, beliefs and healthy habits.

With a clear understanding of this verifiable, scientific research explaining the way we create brain memory, I choose think
and act in a manner consistent with my goals.

How about you? Are you ready to begin breaking the habit of failure?

Remember, the non-conscious mind is not judging anything you tell it to believe.

Releasing Negative Emotion + Positive Self Talk + Positive Emotion X Repetition = Empowering Brain Memory
= Breaking the Habit (and changing your reality)

I have saved the best for last. The final section on brain research reveals some very exciting information we can all use to
help overcome life's difficulties and achieve our goals.

(1.viii) The Ultimate Success Technique

Scientific brain research has provided the ultimate mind control technique using your creative memory as a mind tool.

Once you discover how to properly communicate with your subconscious, you can learn mind control and dramatically
increase your level of success.

This mind tool works by changing your old beliefs and habits using creative memory to reprogram your subconscious.

If I asked you to describe your favorite food, you would first see a mental picture of the food. Then you would verbalize,
describing your picture in detail.

You do not see your favorite food as words first.

If I said apple, in your mind you would immediately see an apple and not the word “apple.”

Your subconscious sees everything as pictures, images and patterns!

That is the key to learning the ultimate mind control technique.

Have you been trying to communicate with your subconscious using only words? I too was guilty of this!

It now becomes obvious that in order to achieve any amount of mind control it is necessary to visualize your goal as the
subconscious would see it (pictures, images or patterns).

We do not and can not directly control the subconscious. We can however indirectly achieve mind control by focusing our
conscious thought and utilizing proper visualization techniques.

You have been recording a “picture” in your subconscious brain of who you are, through the accumulation of all that has
taken place in your life since childhood.

This picture controls your self-image, how you think and how you perform.

Changing the picture = Changing your beliefs, thoughts and actions!

Previously, you may have read or heard when setting goals it was important to review them daily. This brain research
reveals it is even more important to use pictures, images and patterns for communication.

For example, if you had a goal to be more self-confident you may have reviewed by repeating affirmations, perhaps
something like “I choose to be confident in all situations.”
This affirmation would scientifically have some impact eventually on your mental conditioning as you are creating a new
thought, a new neural pathway and reinforcing it with repetition.

However, you can now employ visualization as a mind tool to effectively communicate any desire to your subconscious.

This is where all the science based research on the human brain comes together to provide us with the ultimate mind
control technique.

Here is a recap of lessons from the previous sections:

• The subconscious does not judge anything as true or false.

• It cannot tell the difference between real or imagined.
• The subconscious does not distinguish between negative or positive.
• New neural pathways are created through repetition.
• Strong emotion strengthens these neural pathways so they fire easily.
• Ancestral DNA may stop you from change, but you can train the amygdala to get past any fear.
• Brain plasticity (neurogenesis) proves we are capable of much more than most have ever dreamed
• Neurode brain patterns that are not used atrophy and break apart.

I also stated elsewhere, everything you believe started out as a lie. Through belief and repetition it becomes your reality.

Knowing and understanding how the human brain functions, we can utilize mind control to reprogram our brain and
achieve pretty much anything we choose.

Simply start out with any desire you have (a lie) and using visualization, make a creative memory of yourself performing in
the matter you choose.

Visually repeating your performance then creates new neurode patterns and strong emotion makes them fire easily and
effects permanent change.

Presto! Instant mind control!

Athletes have know about and used visualization to enhance their sports performance for years. They visualize themselves
going through every movement, every step right through to their acceptance speech.

In the above affirmation of “I choose to be confident in all situations” you could easily employ visualization of yourself
performing something with total self confidence.

Enlist the aid of all your senses, plus strong emotion to make a creative memory of yourself as you choose to be.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this mind tool. This is one of the most powerful self help mind control techniques I have
ever used.

When you choose to visualize your goals, and repeat these visualizations for 21 to 30 days, you can re-invent yourself to
believe, perform and act in any manner you choose.

If you try re-programming the subconscious on your own and experience little or no success, I recommend you check out
Stuart Lichtman's best selling ebook How To Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast

Don't be fooled by the title. Stuart's course is all about how to dialogue with your subconscious and reprogram your mind
with a new belief system based on success.

Check it out and see what you think.

Once you understand Stuart’s teachings, plus the knowledge you have acquired from scientific brain research I have
provided, you will achieve the results you have been searching for.
This wraps up the scientific brain research discoveries. I hope you are excited knowing how the human brain functions and
more importantly, how we can all use this research to greatly accelerate our success.

Next in Step Two, we will explore the inner workings of the subconscious mind from a philosophical aspect.

You will learn how your subconscious has been programmed to fail beginning in the early child development years.

Your beliefs, thought patterns and habits were all formed in the early child development years.

Are you ready to continue your journey and expanding your awareness?

Are you ready to move ahead to Step Two?

Child Development Self Help

Discover Your Pre-Programmed

Subconscious Blocks
Step Two Into. - Becoming Aware of Your Self-sabotage.
Your inner child development began immediately upon birth. Everything you learned as a child greatly impacts your beliefs,
personality, habits, attitudes and level of success.

In Step One you were exposed to recent scientific brain research and how the deep limbic system of our human brain
operates on auto pilot.

If allowed to operate on auto pilot, this non-conscious area of the brain is usually not in harmony with your conscious

I also explained a few simple techniques to help develop mind control. It is imperative to harness the massive power of
your subconscious if you have any desire to achieve success.

I am going to expand on this scientific research with information that could be considered philosophical, spiritual or
perhaps even esoteric.

You will learn how the subconscious mind is programmed during the early child development years. You will also see that
much of this programming was negative in nature and does not support your efforts to achieve success.

I would like you to have a thorough understanding of “why” you are experiencing success blocks.

Only then can I show you “how to” change your reality and achieve the life you choose.

Your current beliefs drive you to do the things you do, think the thoughts you have and experience your emotions.

Parents or primary caregivers programmed your subconscious throughout the child development stage. This programming
created the beliefs you have today.

To help get my point across, let’s pretend your mind is similar to a computer.

NOTE: Our brain is in no way similar to a computer – this example is only to help you SEE what I am explaining.
A newborn child (like a new computer) has no programming and no data stored in its memory.

A computer can only operate within the parameters for which it is programmed. A computer cannot perform a function if it
is not programmed to do so.

Your mind is similar in that you had no program at birth and your parents (or primary caregivers) then began to program
their beliefs throughout the child development years into your subconscious.

Just as it is impossible for a computer to function outside the parameters for which it was programmed, humans are also
not capable of accomplishing anything that is outside of their current beliefs (programming).

A computer programmer can however, develop and install a new or updated program to enable the processing of a
different function.

Many of us, as the result of the programming we received during our child development years, have the erroneous belief
we cannot change our programming.

You can definitely change your beliefs, your personality, your level of success – or anything else you choose to

Unless you have already been working to change your beliefs, realize that you did not choose your current beliefs, moral
values or personality any more than a computer can choose its operating system.

If you are one of the fortunate few, your parents were programmed throughout their child development years to believe
anything is possible. They were trained to believe in their ability to accomplish any goal they choose and passed these
beliefs on to you.

On the other hand, most of us have parents who were trained in their early child development years to believe it is
necessary to get a good education, work hard and save for a rainy day.

Throughout the child development years our subconscious is continuously being programmed with negative beliefs.

This was accomplished through repetition and by the time we were 4 to 6 years of age (many experts now say it is even
much earlier than this) most of our beliefs were set for life - unless we choose to re-program the subconscious.

While learning how you were programmed, realize your parents raised you the best they could with what they knew. There
is no reason to be angry or upset with them.

It is more important to realize right now, you have the opportunity to learn how to change. You can be successful in areas
such as relationships, health, wealth and personal development.

You are then able to pass your experience and knowledge on to others, especially your children, who also can enjoy an
empowering life full of possibilities; instead of fear and worry.

Most of what you believe about money, prosperity, love, health, happiness, etc., is the result of what you accepted as

Your caregivers passed their beliefs on to you in the child development years and you accepted them as truth. They
became your beliefs which fuel your thoughts, actions, emotions.

This is where the majority of us get stuck. We have negative beliefs and lack of confidence based on what we believe to be

During the early child development stage you quickly learned if you made mommy and daddy happy, you were rewarded
and if you were “bad” you were punished.

You also learned to pretend who you were in order to please your parents, teachers and others so you could be
accepted, would be good enough and avoid punishment.

Much of your learned childhood behavior is no longer supportive in adult life.

Perhaps you learned if you cried, you got attention or things went your way. Or maybe you became angry and your parents
gave in to appease you.

Now, these habits are stored in your memory banks and whenever you are experiencing unpleasant or undesirable
situations you resort to your learned responses – tears, anger, raising your voice, or perhaps even stuffing your emotion
inside and letting it boil.

One of the main functions of our subconscious brain is to protect us. Everything we see, hear, feel and experience in life is
stored in this part of our brain.

Your thoughts create your emotions, affect your health and influence how you respond to everything in life.

You either have empowering thoughts or fear thoughts (which create worry and anxiety).

You have learned how to behave out of “fear”.

Fear you will be rejected, and through your own self-judgment, fear that you are not good enough.

Throughout your child development stage, while trying to please others and be accepted, your subconscious brain was
trained to operate on auto pilot using punishment and/or reward as the motivating factor in any undertaking.

Your subconscious “judge” decides what is good or bad, right or wrong.

When you do anything that is not in alignment with your judge, self-sabotage takes over and you will keep punishing
yourself over and over. (Often this punishment can continue for years and years unless you learn to let it go.)

Even the small, seemingly insignificant issues in the early child development years could play a major role in your decisions

Let’s imagine you are five years old. Thinking like a five year old, you can do anything. Your dad is doing some repairs in
the home. You are all excited and want to help. Unfortunately, rather than being allowed to help you are scolded and told
to go play.

In a child’s mind, unknowingly this could translate into many issues. You are not worthy, not capable, not loved, no good
and so on.

Now fast forward to today and you are about to learn some new techniques for self improvement.

This old belief programmed during your early child development years could stop you cold and send the message to your
conscious mind “who are you kidding, you can’t do that, you are not good enough, or smart enough, etc.”

Even worse, your non-conscious judge will tell you there is no way any of this information will work for you.

The majority of beliefs stored in your subconscious are lies.

Because your beliefs are stored at the subconscious level, you can consciously be seeking to change and improve your self
while your subconscious prefers to keep you exactly where you are now – safe.

Remember, in Step One I explained how your “amygdala” senses any discomfort or anxiety associated with change and will
interpret this as danger. It then attempts to stop you from doing whatever is causing the discomfort.

Some programming from your early child development was extremely valuable at that time. Unfortunately as an adult
these childhood beliefs are no longer valid and could actually be detrimental to your success.

For example, parents concerned about their child’s safety might repeat over and over “This is a dangerous world we live. It
is not safe. Don’t talk to strangers.”

Now imagine that child as an adult, employed in a sales career. How many difficulties do you think this adult will have
approaching and talking with (strangers) new prospects?
A lot of difficulty!

Chances are good they experience all kinds of negative emotions such as anxiety and fear.

Only when this old programming has been discovered, accepted, released and new programming installed, will this person
then be able to meet new prospects without any fear or anxiety.

Most people tend to mistake their “beliefs” as being the “truth”.

Think about anyone trying to use a computer operating system designed ten years ago. The programming is outdated and
the functions would be very limited compared to the new technology of today.

The truth is that you too are operating with a subconscious belief system that is old (very old in fact) and has been passed
down from generation to generation dating all the way back to your ancestors.

Hopefully, this helps you to understand regardless of how many books or courses you study regarding self-help, self-
improvement, or acquiring wealth, you cannot achieve permanent success without:

• Discovering your current belief system (old programming).

• Accepting yourself and your current programming with no resistance to the way you are right now.
• Releasing any emotional attachment to your old beliefs and habits.
• Doing the work to reprogram your subconscious so it operates in harmony with your goals.

Your success depends on you. Awaken and realize your current programming. You can change your old beliefs, change
your thoughts and definitely change your reality.

The Law of Consciousness (Universal Law)

In simple language this law states that as consciousness

expands the space for events increases; therefore your
concepts and ideas of good and evil, opportunity and
possibilities, past – present – future enlarge to reveal your
outstanding needs in this present life.

In other words, the more you awaken and expand your consciousness, the more aware you become of what you need.

Allow me to awaken you. The links below present information to expand your conscious awareness and set you on a path
of self-discovery.

Do not allow the mistaken beliefs programmed into your subconscious during the child development years to run your life
on auto pilot.

Consciously choose the life you want to live and then reprogram the subconscious to support your choices.

Listed below are additional pages with valuable information to help understand how your subconscious programming
during the early child development years affects you today.

To begin your journey of self-discovery, click the links below in the order they are presented.

(2.i) Critical Thinking Is Destructive Self help Eliminate this success block now!

(2.ii) More Than Words Self help communicating with your subconscious.
(2.iii) No Limit To The Power Of Intuition Self help to tap into Universal Intelligence.

(2.iv) Emotions - The Window To Your Thoughts Self help to harness their power.

(2.v) Time and Self Help Focusing Your Thoughts Discover the Power of Now!

( Decision Making Process Self help to become aware of conscious filters and why these filters block your success.

(2.vii) Self Help Behavior Modification Witnessing your thoughts to expose self-sabotage.

Please - complete the "Action Plan" I laid out in Behavior Modification before moving on to Step Three.

In Step Three you will learn the techniques I use to quickly and easily eliminate "emotional attachment" to negative
thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Effectively, this is what I call "clearing the path" for your success.

Are you ready?


(2.i) Eliminate This Success Block Now!

Success starts in the mind but it can easily be blocked by your critical thinking!

Everything in life is cause and effect. Thoughts are the cause and your emotions (whether negative or positive) are the

It is very important to understand this concept!

If you have ever wished for an instruction manual on “how to change your life” or a road map to show you “how to get
from where you are now to where you want to be” I am providing it to you here for free.

“We are what we think.

All that we are arises within our thoughts.

With our thoughts we make the world.”

~ Gautam Buddha ~

Your life is a mirror image of your thoughts. Changing your thoughts, methodically eliminating your critical thinking, and
switching any negative thoughts to a positive power mindset, ultimately changes your life and creates the new reality you
focus on.

If you believe in the power of positive thinking, chances are good you already experience joy, happiness and success in
your life.

On the other hand, if you do not understand the pitfalls of allowing critical thinking to dominate your consciousness,
chances are also good you experience negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry, anxiety or depression.

Here is how Webster’s Dictionary defines “critical”:

cri-ti-cal (krit-ih-k’l)adj.1. Relating to criticism. 2. Faultfinding; carping; fastidious. 3. Crucial; decisive. 4.
Dangerous; hazardous.

Have you ever considered critical thinking to be hazardous or dangerous? It is!

Whether you are critical of others, or even worse critical of yourself, it is a dangerous habit of which most of us have been

One of the keys to success is realizing you are not your thoughts.

You have the ability to focus on any thoughts that come to your conscious awareness.

You alone control what enters your head as a thought. If you don’t control your thoughts, who will?

Through awareness, you will discover more than 80% of your thoughts are automatic. They are the same fear and worry
thoughts (negatives) repeated endlessly throughout your day.

Effectively, you are re-creating the past over and over in your mind every day, focusing on what you don’t want in life. This
is all happening on auto pilot!

The more your critical thinking is focused on the past, the more you attract the same past into your current reality. This is
why many of us experience recurring problems with things like relationships, employment or money.

On the Home Page, I placed the quote from Einstein “It is a sign of insanity when we repeat the same things over and over
and expect different results.” Yet, we have all been repeating the same thoughts from the past, while simultaneously
expecting our lives to improve and change.

It won’t happen unless we change the quality of our thoughts!

We have been led to believe we cannot control our subconscious and that whatever happens we are not responsible. It is
easy to believe that any negativity is beyond your control.

In a sense it is true we cannot directly control our subconscious. However, the good news is your non-conscious thoughts
“fire” neurode patterns based on your conscious thoughts. (This was explained in Step One)

Thoughts are energy!

In the book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” Dr. Daniel Amen writes that thoughts have actual physical properties.

They are real!

Every thought you have sends electrical and chemical signals throughout your brain. They have significant influence on
every cell in your body!

Your thoughts directly influence your subconscious.

You can only do two things with the conscious brain:

1. Initiate a thought of your own choosing.

2. Respond with a thought to an external stimulus.


Here’s the problem with my logic: Controlling your thoughts to create a reality you consciously choose is simple – but – it
is not easy.

You will not be able to snap your fingers and instantly have conscious control of your critical thinking. This is where most
people would rather allow their “amygdala” to stop them from changing and keep them "safe" exactly where they are.
Personal growth is a process in which you first become aware of your automatic thoughts, learn to change them to positive
power thoughts and have personal reminders placed everywhere to keep you on track.

The more you do this, the easier it gets. The easier it gets, the more you do it.

Eventually, instead of your subconscious operating on auto pilot and filling your consciousness with critical thinking, you
habitually re-direct your thoughts to attract all that is good.

Your thoughts create your emotions, affect your health and influence how you respond to everything in life.

Positive power thinking is empowering and lifts your spirits, stimulates creativity, energy and activity. Using positive
thinking, you feel love and happiness.

Critical thinking is using negative, fear based thoughts that block your energy and stop you from taking action. Your mind
is then closed to new beliefs, change, growth, solutions to problems and the possibility of living the life of your dreams.

Fear based thoughts create worry, stress, anxiety, depression and ill-health - in other words, all of the emotional garbage.

Your thoughts are a direct reflection of your beliefs.

I know from my own personal experiences, it is very difficult to realize and accept we are responsible for our own

Frankly, if someone would have explained during my years of depression and sadness how my own critical thinking was
creating a negative reality, I would have probably told them they were full of you know what.

Now I can look back and see exactly how the fear based thoughts were dominating and directing my subconscious to keep
me feeling depressed.

The Universal Law of Thought:

This law basically states we create or alter our future as a result of our thoughts, actions, spoken words,
visualizations, emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, expectations and what we will (or won’t) allow ourselves
to experience in life.

Whatever you are experiencing in life has been created by your thoughts!

Even if you understand the power of positive thinking, realize no one can ever employ “positive thinking” 100% of the time
– it is impossible.

Accept the obvious fact that life will never be perfect. However, you can learn perfectly how to accept and deal with the ups
and downs that life offers with a minimal amount of emotional turmoil.

How can you learn to control your thoughts?

Learn to intercept your critical thinking. Become aware of your thoughts. This is called cognitive therapy and
research has proven it truly does change the brain.

In simple words, learn to catch your critical thinking, never complete the thought and change the direction of your mind
with a positive thought or picture.

When you change how you think and the quality of what you think, you will automatically change the quality of your

You can only change your life by taking full responsibility for how you think about yourself, other people, your
relationships, goals and achievements.

Other people don’t make you unhappy. You make yourself unhappy with your thoughts.
Do you believe you choose to be unhappy? If every time you do something in particular, you become unhappy, doesn’t it
then make sense to just stop doing it?

Your critical thinking is on auto pilot. It is creating your unhappiness. It therefore makes sense to take this critical thinking
off auto pilot, become consciously aware and change your thoughts.

If I have not convinced you how vitally important it is to learn to control your thinking, I highly recommend two additional
resources to help you:

The first is an easy to read but extremely profound book on Toltec philosophy written by Don Miguel Ruiz called The Four
Agreements . This book will definitely open your mind and change how you think.

My second recommendation is best selling author Dr. Robert Anthony's newest course The Secret of Deliberate Creation…

I can only hope you take from this section a solid understanding that everything (whether good or bad) starts in your

Changing your thoughts = Changing your mind = Changing your reality.

When you are ready, go to More Than Words where you will learn how the subconscious mind interprets what you say.

It's probably not what you want the subconscious to hear!

(2.ii) Self Help Communicating With Your

Whether speaking to yourself or others, what you are saying is much, much more than words.

The words you use help communicate new beliefs and re-confirm old beliefs to your subconscious mind.

Have you ever caught yourself speaking and realize immediately you sound just like one of your parents?

It is more than words you are speaking - it is your beliefs formed in the early child development years, as explained in the
Step Two Introduction

Your parents passed on their beliefs to you; which have now become your beliefs.

Also I previously explained in the section Breaking the Habit of Self Help Failure how new neurode patterns are formed
through repetition. The neurode patterns that are used the most have the largest number of connections, fire the easiest
and become relied on the most. Essentially, they become your beliefs.

Look at the list of phrases below:

• I can’t....
• I am never able to....
• I’m always....
• I wish I could be like....
• I’m stupid.
• I’m lazy.
• I’m broke.
• I can’t afford....

The above is a list of more than words; it is negative programming, self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs.
Do you understand when you use negative self-talk it is much more than words?

Is it any wonder you are stuck and can't seem to achieve your
dreams with constant negative communication to your

There has been a great deal of discussion both for and against the value of a positive affirmation. I believe affirmations are
extremely valuable (so valuable in fact I will discuss in detail later) and all anyone has to do is look at how their own
negative self-talk has been attracting negativity.

Words are so powerful and have such a profound effect on us all. Have you ever bumped into a friend and were happy to
see them, when out of their mouth comes something like “are you okay, you don’t look well” (or something of this nature)
and all of sudden you begin to feel ill.

You were feeling fine until someone said you looked ill.

They spoke more than words; they planted a seed. You think about their comment which creates an emotional reaction.
The more you focus on the words spoken, the more you communicate with your subconscious the belief you are ill.

The non-conscious area of your brain does not distinguish between good and bad or right and wrong – it is merely your
slave giving you whatever you are focusing on.

It is also important to understand the subconscious does not distinguish between negative and positive. Therefore, when
you focus on what you don’t want, you are effectively sending a message to the non-conscious brain to provide whatever it
is you don’t want.

There is a Chinese proverb that explains this quite eloquently:

• Watch your thoughts: they become words.

• Watch your words; they become actions.
• Watch your actions; they become habits.
• Watch your habits; they become character.
• Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

By now, if you have been following this free tutorial from the beginning, hopefully you understand:

You are the only one who is totally responsible for where you are today.

In the previous section I explained how critical thinking was detrimental to success. I also explained how to change the
direction of your mind by choosing empowering thoughts.

The same thing applies to words. You can change the messages you are sending to your subconscious by choosing to use
“flip words”.

Flip words are simply taking something negative and flipping the words around to make a positive affirmation or positive

For example, instead of saying “I can’t afford to buy this…..” you could flip your words around to make a statement such as
“I choose not to buy this ….. right now”.

To the conscious mind there is a subtle difference, but to the subconscious there is a huge difference.

The first statement tells your subconscious you are focusing on lack of money and will therefore attract more lack.

The second statement tells the subconscious you simply choose not to buy "X" right now and it makes no judgment as to
As the Chinese proverb states - watch you words!

Has this section helped you to understand the words you use have a much greater impact on the subconscious than most
people realize?

Hopefully you now see what you speak is more than words; you are exposing your beliefs - whether you want them or not.

Okay, so far in Step Two, we have discussed how your thoughts and words create your reality.

In the next part you will learn the power of your sixth sense - intuition. You will also discover how to tap into Universal

(2.iii) Self Help To Tap Into Universal

Believe it or not, there is no limit to your potential for success. Intuition is the sixth sense already within you. When
tapping into your intuition, you connect with the infinite knowledge of Universal Intelligence.

You have the ability and can learn to harness these intuitive powers, which ultimately shorten your path to success.

You can choose to take this power and "push it to the limit" (a figure of speech as there is no limit) or ignore your intuition
and stay stuck where you are now - your choice!

Here is the definition from Webster’s dictionary:

In-tu-i-tion (in’to ish’an) n. The direct knowledge or awareness of something without conscious attention or
reasoning; knowledge that is acquired this way.

How is it possible to have knowledge without being consciously aware?

Where does intuition come from?

Everything you have experienced; all past memories are stored perfectly in your subconscious. There is no limit to how
many memories are stored in your subconscious mind, even though you may not have conscious awareness of these

Scientific research has shown our subconscious mind has no filters and it operates 800 times faster than the conscious
mind. Think about this for a minute – 800 times faster!

Therefore it figures things out lightening fast; while your conscious mind is still trying to decide what to do.

Not only do you possess stored memories from your own past, there is also the aspect of genetic memory passed on to us
through DNA as I explained in Step One.

I believe intuition goes beyond these stored subconscious memories from our life experiences and genetics. There is now
evidence that every cell in the human body has memory.

Talk to any Registered Massage Therapist and ask about clients who inexplicable begin to cry during a massage. What you
will discover is when the therapist works on a specific area of the body where there has been trauma of any kind (even if it
was 30 or 40 years ago) the cell memory revives the experience in the subconscious.

If you would like to explore the cell memory concept further, there is a CD program by Deepak Chopra called "Magical
Mind, Magical Body" which explains cell memory in detail.

Now I am going to really stretch your belief system to the max. Spiritual teachings going back hundreds of years, plus
recent findings of Quantum Physics, explain there is only One Energy in the Universe.
We are all part of this energy and we are all connected to it. This One energy has been referred to as God, Universal
Intelligence, the Source, the Ethereal, Infinite Intelligence as well as many other names.

However you choose to name “It” really is a matter of personal choice. What’s important to understand is we are all a part
of this One Energy.

To help you understand there is no limit to the power of Infinite Intelligence, think of an individual’s mind as a personal
computer. This One energy would then be the internet with information or answers for anything you desire.

Now with this mental picture, imagine the ability to tap into this Infinite Intelligence and instantly manifest anything you
desire. This is the "no limit" power you have within you now.

Whenever I am discussing this topic, I instantly think of the Matrix or Star Wars movies. They are both about an unseen
power with no limit to the possibilities.

So, here is where we are so far. Your source of intuition is:

• Stored memories in the subconscious.

• Memories passed on to us through genetic DNA.
• Cell memory.
• Ethereal Knowledge, Universal Intelligence or any other name you choose.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited knowing there is no limit to the knowledge available to us in an instant.

How does intuition work anyway?

I think of it like this: There is no limit on the ideas and thoughts stored in the vast library of Infinite Intelligence. All the
solutions to any problem or situation are already there.

Becoming aware and believing this information is available to anyone is the first step. If you choose not to believe, you
close the door on opportunity.

There is a common problem within many of us. We have the old belief if we can’t see, it doesn’t exist.

Allow me to shake this belief at its roots. Do you believe there is no limit to air for you breathe? Of course you do, even
though you can’t see the air.

Do you believe when you get up in the morning, your feet will stay on the floor due to gravity? Again, I’m sure you do. You
know gravity exists even though it is invisible.

All of the information I present on this website could be considered controversial. Just like air and gravity, I can't show it to
you. Hopefully, my explanations help you understand.

Frankly, I can’t prove the validity of anything I express (with the exception of the scientific brain research in Step One). I
can only urge you to dismiss your old beliefs and see for yourself.

Simply trust your intuition to guide you. Believe there is no limit to the successes you can achieve in life. Believe there is
more to life than pain and struggle.

It appears logical to me if there is no limit to how much I can change and improve myself or how much success I can
achieve, I want to learn all I possibly can about how to develop my own intuition.

Chances are extremely good your intuition led you to click onto this website and absorb the information presented in each
of the steps. Otherwise, you would be doing something else.

Once you have cast aside your doubt, the issue then becomes how to tap into this vast storehouse of information.
How can you tap into Universal Intelligence?

Let’s assume you have a problem and need an answer. You consciously focus your attention on the problem and try to
come up with a solution.

Once you have exhausted your ideas and examined the pros and cons, simply present the problem to your higher
consciousness and ask for a solution within a specific time frame.

Then, let it go and trust your intuition to provide the answer as you requested.

Here’s a note of caution: Once you have received the answer, you would be wise to act on it. Often people get an answer
then choose not to listen.

You are effectively training yourself to ignore the intuitive feelings.

The subconscious communicates by sending signals to your conscious level. The problem most people have is not the lack
of intuition, but the inability to pay attention to whatever it is telling us.

If your mind is too busy for the message to get through, the subconscious then sends the signal through your body.

These body signals can manifest as nausea in your stomach, muscle tension, cramps, muscle spasms and a host of other
symptoms. Your intuition is persistent and wants to be heard.

The information presented to you through your intuition is more reliable than anything you can come up with on the
conscious level.

I am positive you have already experienced the power of intuition. Perhaps you did something and had “feelings” or the
“sense” you shouldn’t. You chose not to listen and went ahead and did it anyway.

Later, when things turned out all wrong, you probably told friends and family you had strong “feelings” telling you not to do
it – but you did it anyway. You didn’t trust your intuition.

You can learn to trust your intuition through practice and discover there is no limit to the solutions your intuition can

To avail your self of this power, here is the key:

1. Accept we all part of this Infinite Intelligence.

2. As we are all part of the Infinite Intelligence we have access to eternal knowledge.
3. Learn how to properly communicate your desires to Infinite Intelligence and tap into this knowledge.
4. Quiet your mind from all the noise (day to day nonsense thoughts that accomplish nothing) to hear
the messages your intuition is sending.
5. Listen to the messages you receive.
6. Trust your intuition, it is never wrong.
7. Watch for the body signals the subconscious sends when it cannot get through to your conscious level
of thinking.

The Law of Intuition

This Universal Law states it is only when you get in touch with your own source of intuition and wisdom will
you no longer depend on others’ opinions for your sense of identity or worth.

Learning to use your intuition is living an inward directed life; validating your self as opposed to looking to others for
approval and validation.

You will discover when you listen to your intuition and stop looking for answers and approval from others, you will actually
become self-confident and self-satisfied.

Not surprisingly, others will intuitively be attracted to you.

Discover the "Invisible Path to Success"
FREE five lesson class shows you a refreshingly original and shorter path to improving your finances, relationships, spiritual
life, career,enjoyment of life, and more.

As you can possibly imagine, there is no way I can explain all there is to know about intuition in this free tutorial. My intent
is to open your eyes and your mind to all the potential that exists.

It is up to you to further explore the possibilities, expand your awareness and discover for yourself there is no limit to what
you can achieve and no limit to the possibilities.

A Window To Your Thoughts

(2.iv) Self Help To Harness Their Power

Emotions can often be difficult to deal with. When you understand how they are created, you can use their power to
accelerate your achievements.

Where do your feelings come from? Are they good or bad?

Do you want to start feeling better right now?

Accept responsibility for how you feel!

I have experienced more bad times in my life than I care to remember. I used to wonder:

• Why me?
• Why can’t I be happy?
• What did I do to deserve all this suffering?
• Will I ever enjoy life?

Like many others, I had the mistaken belief we cannot change how we feel. I never took any responsibility for my feelings
and always looked for something or someone else to blame.

After all, when someone is depressed, nervous, anxious, sad or emotionally drained, how could this possibly be their own

Then I discovered: Behind every emotion is a thought!

The thoughts you put into your mind (whether by conscious choice or allowing your mind to operate on auto pilot) result in
what you get out.

Only you can choose which thoughts dominate your mind.

To be happy, choose happy thoughts. Likewise, if you are unhappy and experiencing anger, fear, depression or anxiety,
your energy and thoughts are focused on negatives.

Imagine life as a long hallway full of doors. Each door is clearly labeled with the lesson you will learn.

You can choose to open the doors leading to lessons on love, happiness, peace and success or you can choose to open
doors to learn about anger, fear, worry, anxiety, stress or hate.

In reality, this is exactly what you are doing.

The problem is not the lesson any of us chooses, rather it is how we ignore or hide our feelings and don’t make the effort
to learn, change and grow.

As I am typing this information, the lyrics of a very popular song come to mind: “Oh, how happy you have made me.”

No one has the ability to make you happy; or sad for that matter.

Let’s look at a new relationship to help you understand this concept.

You meet what appears to be your ideal mate. You start dating, everything is going along great. You tell everyone how
lucky you are and you feel like you can do anything.

As time passes and things continue on a positive note, you begin to make future plans and imagine your life together full
of love and happiness.

You are, without a doubt on top of the world and very happy.

It is not the other person who made you happy. It is your own thoughts of what a great mate you have; your own thoughts
about the wonderful life ahead.

All of your happiness originated within your own mind - the thoughts of happiness.

Learn to switch your negative thoughts to positive thoughts and you have effectively learned to experience good feelings.

What Happens When You Ignore Emotions?

I used to ignore my feelings and try to stuff them away where no one could see. Bad idea!

When anyone ignores how they feel, they stay stuck in a never ending cycle such as anger, depression or fear.

I believe most women have the advantage here. They are taught as children to express themselves openly and were
seldom criticized for being emotional.

Men on the other hand are trained to be emotionless. We are told it is unmanly to cry or express our feelings. We are
programmed to stuff them away and hold back.

Regardless of gender, repressing your feelings is extremely dangerous and can only lead to health problems; both physical
and mental.

When you hold something inside it builds steam like a pressure cooker, until finally it releases.

Unfortunately, things always seem to release at an inappropriate time. Seldom, if ever do they release when you are alone.

Those you love the most are often hurt when you release.

The second problem is trying to control how you feel. I was guilty of this for many years.

Here is what happened to me. I had a major problem with anger and rage. I spent years working hard to control it so
others wouldn’t see me angry or out of control.

I actually became very successful at hiding my anger and thought I was making great progress.

Then one year at Christmas everyone was full of excitement opening their presents and really enjoying the holiday spirit.

Seeing my family so happy, I felt a pang of jealousy. I realized how emotionless I had really become.

While everyone else was letting go and enjoying the experience, I was holding back and not letting anything out.
It occurred to me there is an undesirable side affect to this form of self-control.

Ultimately I ended up like a zombie with no expressions (good or bad) and the inability to let anything out.

It's the yin and yang of life. I wasn’t allowing myself to experience the negatives and therefore could no longer experience
the positives either.

This is when I realized there had to be a more effective method of dealing with unwanted feelings.

The third problem is the missed opportunity to look through the window of your life.

Emotions are valuable! They show us where we are focusing our thoughts and energy.

If you have negative feelings you are focusing on negative thoughts.

On the other hand, if you are feeling happiness, love and joy you are focusing on the positive.

Are Emotions Good or Bad?

To fully appreciate any aspect of life, you need to experience its opposite. You cannot possibly know what happiness is if
you have never experienced sadness.

If there were only happiness in your life, how would you know it was happiness unless you could compare the feeling to
times when you were unhappy?

Your thinking and your beliefs are what determines if anything is good or bad.

In reality, any feeling is neither until it is expressed.

A positive feeling such as love can be expressed in a loving way and remain positive. Love could also be expressed
negatively, perhaps by abuse or withholding love from someone.

A negative, such as anger may be expressed perhaps as rage and remain negative. It could also be positive when
displayed in a situation where your safety is threatened.

Emotional Intelligence:

I think when people refer to emotional intelligence; most often they are actually referring to “intuition” or a “sixth sense”
which I discussed in the previous section.

I feel emotional intelligence really means your ability to intelligently look at your feelings. Expose them to the light. Look at
them as the window to your thoughts.

When you acknowledge and accept how you are feeling, only then can you look for the thought that caused these feelings.
You are now focused on self-improvement.

In previous sections I explained when we resist anything, we attract more of whatever it is we are resisting. The same
applies to your feelings. When you resist how you feel, you attract more bad feelings.

Now For The Good News:

When you are in a highly positive emotional state, your subconscious will have stronger and more neurode connections.

These connections will be more permanent, more in number and “fire” more easily. This has been proven scientifically!

Also, you will remember things longer, more clearly and with better recall.
Dr. Larry Cahill presented information and research findings which clearly indicate memory is affected by the emotional
state of an individual during the time they are creating memory.

The amygdala of the brain controls the release of hormones in the brain, based on a pattern of neuron impulses that pass
through the amygdala. (Note: the amygdala does not release hormones rather it “triggers” their release.)

These neurotransmitters which the amygdala caused to be released act as fertilizer to increase the number of growing
DSPs. (Dendrite spiny protuberances – see Step One)

The search for meaning in the brain occurs through patterning (connecting things that are related to time and space).

Emotions are critical to patterning!

Theoretically, a self-induced artificial emotional state could cause more of these neurotransmitters to be released and when
trying to learn, memorize or achieve anything, your level of success would be greater due to this induced emotional state.

Later I will go into more detail on this amazing subject. For now, suffice it to say we can learn to use strong emotion to our
advantage when it comes to achievement.

Here is what we have learned:

1. Behind every emotion is a thought.

2. Take responsibility for how you feel. Look for the originating thought.
3. Ignoring or hiding feelings is not a solution.
4. They are not good or bad, right or wrong, negative or positive until they are expressed.
5. They are valuable and provide a window to your thoughts.
6. Feelings we stuff away come to the boiling point, usually at an inappropriate time.
7. Embrace your feelings, accept them and they loose power. Resist them and they grow in power.
8. You can accelerate your achievements when learning in a positive, emotionally charged state of mind.

In the next section, you will discover how "right now" is the only time you have for achieving goals.

Click and go to Time - Self Help Focusing Your Thoughts

Time and the Power of Now

(2.v) Self Help Focusing Your Thoughts

Time is a man made concept.

Most of us go through our entire life either regurgitating our mistakes from the past or living in fear, thinking about the


You cannot accomplish anything in the past. It has already happened. Everything you have done up to this point in life is
now history.

Usually, when we allow our thoughts to drift to the past, we concentrate on the “mistakes” we have made.

You can look at history to see what you have done right, and then repeat it to obtain the same or a similar outcome.

You can also see what resulted in undesirable outcomes; to learn, make positive changes and improve.

However, you cannot change the history itself...or can you?

I believe we have our own little “time machine” right between our ears. It is called the human brain.

Remember in Step One, I discussed recent scientific brain research discoveries. In particular I explained how the
subconscious mind does not distinguish between real or imagined, true or false and negative or positive.

Armed with this knowledge, you can take past memories and reprogram them with whatever outcome you desire. (I know,
this sounds like something you might read in science fiction – but it is scientifically proven.)

If you want to learn more about how to rewrite the script of your life, check out Stuart Lichtman's course How To Get Lots
of Money for Anything Fast. It provides you with all the tools and techniques to reprogram your subconscious memories
with more desirable outcomes.

If you don't like your past then change it!

You can create a new subconscious picture of any negative past memory simply by re-programming the subconscious with
your desired outcome.

How's that for stepping into a time machine that takes you back into the past, fixes your mistakes and transports you into
the present time with new memories.


The other side of the coin is the future. You cannot live in the future either, as it has not yet happened.

You can make a conscious choice regarding what you prefer your future to be, but most of us get caught up dreaming what
our life will be like when……

When we think about the future, we “fear” we won’t accomplish our goals and therefore won’t be good enough.

I learned an acronym for the word fear:

F = false

E = expectations

A = appearing

R = real

“False expectations appearing real” simply means taking something in the future that hasn’t happened, bringing it into the
present time, and worrying about it like it is happening now.

Memorize this acronym and every time you begin worrying about something repeat the words to bring you back into the
present moment.

Only you have the power to choose which thoughts will dominate your mind. You could choose to continue worrying about
the future, or you could choose to look at your future as being bright and full of potentialities.

Just as you can no longer live in the past, you cannot live in the future either.

You can decide what you would prefer your future to look like, but if you get too hung up on the future, life will pass you by
and all the wonderful moments you could have enjoyed will now be history.


The only change you can effect in life is RIGHT NOW!

If you decide to change how the subconscious remembers your history, the only time you can do this is right now. Not
yesterday and not tomorrow, but now.

If you make conscious choices about your future and the life you want to live, the only time you have available to make
these changes would obviously be...right now.

Take full advantage of this precious life you have and live each moment now. Avoid falling into the trap of continuously
rehashing the past or dreaming about the future.

You have the potential to accomplish much in this lifetime, but it must begin with taking steps now, and not at some point
of time in the future.

If you want to be happy in the future, be happy now.

If you want to be successful in the future, accept your success now.

If you want a life full of love, be full of love now.

The only person who stops you from being, doing or having what you desire is YOU!

I spent years planning what my future would be like only to realize I was expecting some miracle to happen (like winning a
lottery) and all my dreams would be realized.

What a waste!

Avoid my past mistakes and take action now, live in this moment, and watch your future unfold due to your efforts.

Focus on this moment. Ask….

“What can I do right now to make it possible for my dreams to become my reality?”

There is a well written and extremely interesting book by Echart Tolle, “The Power of Now” in which the author explains the
concept of time and how we can learn to live in the present moment.

This book is one my favorites and if you haven’t read it yet, consider picking up a copy and discover for yourself the power
we all possess when living in the moment.

There are two Universal Laws that apply to the concept of time.

The Law of Present Moment:

Time does not exist. What we refer to as past and future have no reality except in our own mental constructs.
The idea of time is a convention of thought and language, a social agreement. In truth, we only have this
moment. When we hold regret for an occurrence in the past we keep the regret alive with pictures and
feelings. When we feel anxiety about the future, we keep the anxiety alive with pictures we imagine.

The Law of Time:

The only moment we have is now. This is where we create. What we have done is done and that moment in
history only exists as a record or energy trace in time and space. The consequences of past actions are atoned
through karma, and can be rewritten to a degree. The Future only ever happens in and from the present tense
and is built of today’s thoughts, dressed by emotion and driven by action. Activity is the key...

Hopefully I have convinced you to stop living in both the past and the future. Live your life now. Enjoy each moment now.
Take the necessary actions to change your life right now - not tomorrow.

To continue, click the link and go to the next lesson The Decision Making Process
( Self Help
To Become Aware Of Conscious Filters
And Why These Filters Block Your Success.
While in the decision making process, our human brain sends signals into the non-conscious (memory stores) to recall
information based on our experiences and memories, which are related to the situation being contemplated.

In the previous sections I explained we have different types of memory:

• Short term memory, which is like a note pad where we temporarily record information until its
importance is imprinted into long term memory.
• Genetic memory passed on through the evolutionary process in DNA. This is a “hard-wired” type of
memory that instinctively protects an individual’s survival. (Think of the fight or flight response.)
• Long term memory; which is personal to each individual and is based on input. Humans learn from
trial and error and avoid repeating actions which yield undesirable results. (Sometimes an action may
be performed more than once before the lesson is learned.)

The human brain is constantly making decisions based on memory.

If a specific decision making process resulted in any form of emotional or physical pain, the result would then be imprinted
into long term memory where it can be referenced at a later time.

Then, should you consider trying the same thing again, immediately you become aware the expected result could be
detrimental to your survival. Therefore, you will stop your self from proceeding.

In the world of our early ancestors, where death could easily be the result of a bad decision, this memory was invaluable.

In today's world, survival is not normally the situation, but as the decision making process relies on memory, we might still
block ourselves from moving ahead.

In Step One I discussed how the brain interprets any form of nervousness or anxiety as “danger” even though it might
have nothing to do with survival.

Humans do not require sensory perception to begin the decision making process and arrive at a conclusion. We have the
ability to access our stored memory and make decisions based on internal attributes.

Since the subconscious can quickly form numerous conclusions, any “signals” must first pass through our conscious
filtering system to ensure we only store conclusions that are significant.

We have many types of conscious filters. There are reality filters, logic filters, reason filters, rationality filters, morality
filters and so on.

The subconscious has no filters!

This means our non-conscious neuron impulses travel at a greater speed than conscious impulses. Scientific research
indicates this to be 800 times faster!

Think about the massive amount of power available if you pre-program your dreams and goals into the non-
conscious mind. This is profound!

You may have heard others mention we have “unconscious filters” which stop us from achieving our goals. Please, don’t
get confused as unconscious is not the same as non-conscious or subconscious.

Unconscious means you are not aware or awake to the filters at your conscious level. (At least not yet – I intend to expose
these to you in the next section.)
Normally the decision making process functions automatically on auto pilot without your awareness. (Unconsciously)

This is a problem!

Every belief you currently have acts as a filter, effectively blocking out any realities not in harmony with these

It does not matter whether the belief was pre-programmed from early child development years; passed on through DNA;
or formed as the result of your personal experiences.

Remember, people once believed man could never fly. The Wright brothers and few others proved this to be false. Even
then, many couldn’t accept this possibility as their belief system was filtering out any other possibility.


Have I confused you yet? Wondering why you are even reading this information?

1. Realize and acknowledge you have memory which is beyond your personal experiences.
2. Understand your non-conscious fires neuron impulses up to 800 times faster than your conscious
3. You have a huge potential to harness this massive power of your subconscious and accelerate your
4. The conscious mind has numerous filters that can stop information from being processed in the non-
conscious and ultimately stop you from reaching your potential.
5. Your beliefs act as filters to limit your achievements only to what you can accept as your reality.

The theory is you can bypass the conscious filters with subliminal messages and reprogram your subconscious with new

My personal belief is that the recent scientific brain research has opened our eyes to effective techniques for
reprogramming the subconscious to change our beliefs.

Reprogramming results in automatically updating the conscious filtering system used in the decision making process.

Once you have digested this information, the next step is to expand your awareness and expose which “beliefs” or “filters”
are influencing your decision making process to stop you.

In the next section I explain a simple - yet profound - technique to help you discover these filters and see for your self
which beliefs have been blocking your success.

Click the link to leave "Decision Making Process" and go to "Behavior Modification"

(2.vii) Self Help to Witness Your Thoughts...

and Expose Self-Sabotage
Behavior modification – sounds intimidating, but it’s not!

Once you understand how to effectively apply a simple technique - cognitive therapy (cognitive behavior therapy) - a
whole new world opens up to you.

You will be stunned, discovering how your self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts have been sabotaging your success.


I have learned and applied numerous self-help techniques for my own personal development, but cognitive therapy is one
of the more successful methods to achieve permanent behavior modification.

You cannot change if you do not know which subconscious beliefs are stopping you!

So far on this website, I have been priming you with information about:

• Scientific human brain research.

• How we can apply this research to personal development.
• How we are pre-programmed to fail by our primary care givers.
• Thoughts are real, measurable things that influence our feelings, emotions, beliefs and ultimately our
• Over 80% of the same self-defeating, negative thoughts run on auto pilot.

Now, I want to show you how simple it can be to take back control of your mind by observing the thoughts which
continually stop your efforts to change.

Formula For Behavior Modification (Change)

There are normally three factors present before someone even attempts behavior modification or makes the effort to
change their life.

1. First you encounter problems or become dissatisfied with your current life situation.
2. Next is being able to see and believe you are capable of making a change - visualizing something
3. Lastly, you need to take action!

Most humans tend to resist change. Only when the synergy of the above three factors becomes greater than the
resistance, will behavior modification and positive change become possible.

Becoming Dissatisfied:

Under normal circumstances, most people refuse to change unless their current situation becomes intolerable -
unfortunate, but true.

I remember the exact moment in 1977 when I realized my attitude was terrible and I needed to change if there was ever
going to be any possibility of enjoying life.

That year (1977) I had recently been reading “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

I was driving to work as a new car salesman, when I was cut off by another driver.

The rage swelled in me as I pulled beside the other driver, made inappropriate finger gestures and screamed expletives at
him for being an idiot.

At the car dealership there was a rotation system in place to determine which salesman could approach the next “up” or
customer who walked in. I was in rotation to approach the next “up”.

As you can probably guess, in walks the “gentleman” who cut me off. I knew immediately there was absolutely no way I
would be able to sell him anything and passed the customer on to the next salesman.

To my chagrin, the “gentleman” bought himself a beautiful luxury car. I had not only lost my temper earlier, but I also lost
the sale and the commission.

Like a rush of energy, the words from Dale Carnegie’s book flooded my mind. I knew my actions were foolish and I needed
to begin a behavior modification program immediately.
This started my almost 30 years of self-improvement. I decided that day my choice was to be calm and happy.

Unfortunately for me, it took almost 25 years before I discovered cognitive therapy (witnessing your thoughts) as an
effective technique for behavior modification and permanent change.

What will it take for you to realize change is vital to your success?

Resistance To Change:

When it comes to any behavior modification efforts for personal growth, there are only two schools of thought:

1. Those who despise change and ultimately become the "victims".

2. Those who embrace change as a way of life and choose to lead rather than follow.

I look at change this way: If I am not changing, I am not growing. If I am not growing, I am falling behind everyone else.

When you are merrily going through life and everything appears great, behavior modification or change is the last thing on
your mind.

Suddenly, when you are faced with a situation such as the birth of new family member, loss of income, a cheating spouse
or perhaps a business partner stealing from you, something must change!

Usually, when anything negative happens in your life, it is much easier to blame others (parents, spouse, employer, etc.)
for your problems.

Few of us realize we could easily apply some form of behavior modification technique to change ourselves.

Unless you accept responsibility for your self and where you are today, you will never change.

Many successful entrepreneurs understand human nature is to keep doing whatever feels comfortable and safe – which is
to resist change.

For example, this is the basis upon which most, if not all restaurant chains have been built. Each location has:

• The same or very similar decor.

• The staff in each location wears the same uniform.
• The menu is identical in each location.
• The food is prepared in a consistent manner.

These franchises have effectively taken the risk out of going to a restaurant and ordering food only to find out it is not
prepared the way you wanted.

You may or may not consider the food at these restaurants superior in taste or quality, but it is exactly what you ordered.
Consistency without change!

Remember, in Step One I explained how the “amygdala” in the brain wants to keep you exactly where you are. The human
brain is programmed to resist change.

Cognitive Therapy:

Cognitive therapy or cognitive behavior therapy is considered to be a kind of psychotherapy used to effectively treat mental
disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobias or fears and so on.

It is the most effective technique I have ever personally used for my own behavior modification.

As I have been explaining throughout this website, emotions are the product of your thinking.
Cognitive therapy simply means becoming aware of your destructive or negative patterns of thinking and replacing or
changing these with more positive or supportive thoughts.

Cognitive behavior therapy is based on the premises that how we think, feel and act all interacts together.

Our thoughts determine our feelings and our actions. Negative thoughts cause self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs.

I previously explained in another section how a negative thought repeated over and over forms new neurode patterns and
new beliefs.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (sorry I couldn’t resist) would then be to discover what thoughts and beliefs
are dominating your mind and stopping any behavior modification efforts.

Action Plan:

First off, I want to congratulate you for getting this far. Your inner demons have been working outside your conscious
awareness, fighting to stop any behavior modification efforts.

Fortunately, you had the foresight to persist and stuck with me to this point – good for you.

Secondly, it is one thing for me to explain how your thoughts and beliefs undermine your success. It is a real awakening
when you experience this for yourself.

Here is what I would like you to do:

1. Go out and buy yourself an inexpensive journal. Label it “My Current Beliefs”.
2. In the front of this journal write the heading “Negative Thoughts and Beliefs”.
3. In the back write the title “Positive or Supportive Thoughts and Beliefs”.
4. Throughout your day, for at least one week, begin to catch your words, thoughts, beliefs and actions
as they enter your conscious awareness and record them.

By nature, most of us are not accustomed to “watching” our thoughts.

At first, you will probably experience a little difficulty discovering the automatic, random thoughts that occur normally
outside your conscious awareness; but hang in there and remain persistent.

Keep your belief journal visible as a constant reminder you are becoming a witness to your inner mental game.

Some people change easily, but most of us are not accustomed to change or using behavior modification as an effective
technique for personal growth.

Every thought and feeling you have is based on some belief stored in your subconscious. Becoming aware is the first step
to understanding why you are stuck.

Here are some examples of thoughts or words you might encounter to give you an idea:

• I can’t afford to...

• I never seem to be able to...
• I am not smart enough to...
• I don’t like...
• I’m always...
• I wish I had...
• I don’t believe...
• How stupid of me to...
• That’s just like a man (woman) to...
• I never seem to be able to...
IMPORTANT: The whole purpose of this exercise is to become aware – not to judge or change anything at this point.
Simply say to your self when you discover a negative thought “Oh, this is interesting”. Then let it go. Have fun with this!

Cognitive therapy is absolutely, positively the most profound technique you will ever apply to discover your old
programming, self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

Through observing your thoughts and exposing them, behavior modification, change and personal growth then become
easily attainable.

Once you have taken the time to record your self-limiting beliefs for a minimum of seven days, move on to the next step in
this tutorial where I will explain how you can easily eliminate any negative attachment to these beliefs.

NOTE: Many are fearful of writing out their thoughts, feelings and beliefs - especially when they are about
other people. If this is an issue for you, I recommend you set up a computer journal that is password

The Universal Law of Action:

No matter what we feel or know, no matter what our potential is, only action brings it to life. We only create
knowingness when we act and doing becomes understanding.

To state this Universal Law another way, you cannot merely read this information and expect it will automatically affect
behavior modification or personal change.

Are you ready to move on to Step Three? Have you taken the time to purchase a journal and do some of your own
cognitive therapy; recording your thoughts and beliefs for at least one week?

If not, please don’t click the link. You are only fooling yourself. Remember – The Law of Action – you need to take action to
get results.

If yes, good for you! Now, probably for the first time, you have a glimpse of why you are stuck and are ready to do
something about it.

In Step Three I you will learn very effective techniques I use to eliminate emotional attachment to self-limiting beliefs and

Leave Behavior Modification - Self Help and go to Step 3 Intro. "Change Management"

Step 3 Introduction
Techniques To Eliminate Self-Sabotage
Change management is more often than not related to business change. Today, I am discussing personal change and how
you can manage to quickly become the person you choose to be.

You are totally, one hundred percent responsible for your current reality, whether it is by default (doing nothing to change)
or whether it is through your conscious efforts to learn, grow and change.

For any change management program to be effective, first you need to know “what you want to change".

For example, perhaps you may want to eliminate anger and be calm or eliminate fear and become successful.

These emotions are the symptoms and not the causes!

The difficulty many people have in learning and applying an effective personal change management plan is getting to the
“root cause” of their problems.

The first two steps in this free tutorial were designed with this in mind.

In Step One, I exposed recent scientific human brain research and explained how this research can be applied to your
personal achievements.

In Step Two, I explained how the human mind is pre-programmed to fail during the early child-development stages of

My call to action at the end of Step Two suggested you record all thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a journal for at least one

This mental exercise was the first step in your change management program; becoming aware of your self-limiting beliefs.

The thoughts and beliefs you uncovered are the "root cause” of your current reality.

Now that you are aware of the thoughts and beliefs that block your success, the next step in change management is to
then learn “how to successfully change" using the fastest and easiest techniques available today.

Personal change management techniques may often seem difficult to implement at first. Contrary to changing business
systems which may improve production, sales or cut costs; personal change involves feelings and emotions, where the
bottom line is self-improvement.

I spent countless hours in the last thirty years researching, studying and applying numerous techniques which appeared to
have any potential in eliminating my own personal negativity.

Actually, I discovered a few that are quick and extremely effective. These self help change management techniques are
available to anyone interested in disposing of self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

In this section of the tutorial I am presenting only the best techniques which worked for me.

Thinking controls all action!

Intuitive action leads to permanent success!

Do you intuitively “feel” I have provided valuable information up to this point?

Are you intuitively interested to see what the next step is?

Has your intuition been nudging you along, encouraging you to continue?

If yes – great! This means I am making sense and you are ready to begin the next phase of your personal “change
management” program.

You may have previously believed the human brain is composed of a conscious and subconscious.

In a sense, this is true, but it is also very misleading.

One conscious level of my brain versus one subconscious level sounds pretty balanced. It then makes perfect sense with
this kind of balance you should have a 50/50 chance of success.

However, willpower is not enough to overcome the negatives in life. As explained in Step One, we think on six levels at
once, five levels are in the non-conscious and only one is conscious.

You may now realize it is almost impossible to eliminate unwanted thoughts, habits, feelings and emotions when 5/6ths of
your brain is against change.
If you were to attempt any change management merely using will power, realize you would be consciously focusing on
what you don’t want, trying to suppress it and ultimately you would attract more of what you don’t want.

If you approach change management from the perspective something is broken and needs to be fixed, you are functioning
with “resistance” to where you are now.

As explained in the Action Plan at the end of Step Two, don’t judge any negatives you might uncover. Instead, merely look
at these thoughts and beliefs with interest. Realize you have encountered this particular challenge in life as a lesson to
learn and grow.

Vibration or Energy:

Everything in the Universe has a vibration. (This is explained in more detail in Step 5) The Universal Law of Attraction
simply stated is “like attracts like”.

I am sure you have met someone and instantly felt a strong connection with them. Conversely, you may have also met
someone and felt the need to quickly distance your self.

Both of these instances are examples of the Law of Attraction. When you meet someone and feel comfortable, their energy
or vibration is similar to your own. If you felt uncomfortable, their vibration was very different.

It is important to understand that “things” also have energy or a vibration level. Money, houses, cars, furniture, etc. also
have their own frequency of vibration.

Change management is a process of discovering your hidden thoughts and beliefs; eliminating any negative emotional
attachment and re-programming your brain (Step Four) to raise your vibration level and attract more good.

Releasing Emotional Attachment:

First, the bad news – You will never be able to dispose of unwanted memories. They are stored permanently in your non-
conscious brain.

Now, the good news – You can quickly and easily eliminate the emotional attachment to these memories so they no
longer block your progress.

Imagine your entire being as the road map of a huge city. Now imagine the streets on the map as electrical impulses
running through your body and mind.

Every thought, feeling, emotion and belief is traveling through you in these electrical impulses.

Releasing would then be comparable to shutting off the electrical power of a belief or thought so you are less likely to use
that pathway again.

Here in Step Three, I will teach you “how” to literally reach into your “Neanderthal” brain and disconnect those neuron
patterns (thoughts and beliefs) that link to negatives such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, despair, thoughts of
failure, and so on.

When you change these neurode patterns in the brain and eliminate any emotional attachment to your old programming
(through conscious thought and conscious effort) you will alter the way these thoughts, feelings and emotions are
interconnected in your brain.

I previously mentioned elsewhere, your path in life would be better served by removing obstacles to your success instead
of striving to achieve success.

In doing so, your mind becomes open to your true potential.

The possibilities and opportunities begin to show up where you least expect them.
I have no doubt in my mind you will experience tremendous personal growth and change when you begin applying the
personal “change management” techniques listed below.

Try them on for size. See which ones fit. You may find one "change management technique" more effective than another
depending on the situation.

The Law of Healing:

This is a Universal Law which concerns the ability to channel energy which radiates from the Source. (God,
Buddha, Universal Intelligence or any other name you choose) The purpose of this channeled energy is to
either improve self by removing blockages (obstacles) or instilling the sacred energy which pulsates from the

Simply, this law states you have the ability to heal by removing the blocks that stop you from achieving.

The following techniques have all worked great for me. I am positive they will help eliminate the blocks that stop you and
clear the path for your success.

(3.i) Negative Emotion Self Help Switching off the power it has to control you.

(3.ii) Forgiveness Self Help An important aspect of emotional well-being.

(3.iii) Relationship Help Self help to eliminate emotional baggage.

(3.iv) Mental Health Self Help A technique for emotional cleansing.

(3.v) Peace of Mind Self Help Burning your problems away.

(3.i)Switch Off The Power

It Has to Control You!
Every emotion you experience is a message.

If the message is good, you are traveling along the right path in life.

If it is bad, you have hidden memory that needs to be released.

Allow me to explain.

In Step Two I briefly touched on the importance of looking at your feelings, both for clearing the path to success and also
reinforcing new beliefs.

In the Step Three Introduction I offered to provide you with some self help techniques which quickly, easily and effectively
eliminate the negative attachment to any feeling.

Before I actually get into the first technique, I thought it might be prudent to help you obtain a deeper understanding why
it is vitally important to observe, acknowledge and embrace your feelings.

1. Everyone has or will endure emotional pain of one form or another. Most of this pain comes from things
"perceived to be traumatic" or resistance to what has happened.

If you had the opportunity to view your childhood as a movie, chances are good you would discover early life
experiences which left an indelible imprint in your subconscious memory.

These childhood experiences account for most of your pain; neatly hidden away out of conscious awareness.
These experiences have also played a large part in forming your current beliefs, thoughts and habits.

2. Humans suffer through the same problems in life simply because they choose to either ignore them or stuff them
away, thinking they will eventually disappear.

Both of these choices consume huge amounts of energy as your subconscious is constantly struggling to suppress
memory and keep it out of your awareness.

3. Many of us have a need to look outside of our self for validation. We are not confident and secure in being our
self. Therefore we look to others for proof we are acceptable, likable, loving, intelligent, desired or okay.
4. Humans tend to believe (incorrectly) if you deal with uncomfortable or unacceptable feelings; you will become
more overwhelmed, endure additional pain and suffering.

In reality, the longer you take to acknowledge and manage a negative feeling, the more impact it has on your

Why Even Bother To Let Go?

Assuming you have been following this tutorial from the beginning, you now understand:

• The feeling you experience is the symptom; your thought or belief is the cause.
• Your thoughts and beliefs have been operating on auto-pilot and sabotaging your efforts to achieve.
• Changing your thinking = changing your emotion = changing your life.
• Will-power is not enough to overcome an unwanted feeling, habit, thought or belief. The
subconscious controls 5/6ths of your mind power and is programmed to fail.

In Step One, you learned scientific brain research which explained thoughts are real, measurable things. You also learned
how the human brain creates new neural pathways. The neurode patterns that are used the most are stored in the largest
numbers, fire the easiest and most often.

Simply stated, the more you think about something, the easier it gets to think about it over and over again. This is how
many of us automatically reinforce our own negative behavior.

Emotion plays a vital role in this reinforcement by cementing negative beliefs, thoughts and habits into our subconscious

When there is strong feeling attached to any memory, this memory becomes a dominant factor in how we think and act.

To neutralize the power of a negative, you need to turn off its power.

Let’s do a mental exercise to help you “see” proof of how this all fits together.

Search your mind for something that caused you to be upset.

Now, take the time to replay every detail you can remember. Experience it as if it is happening right now. Feel, taste,
smell, everything you can remember.

Now stop!

What are you feeling? Witness how you have become upset all over again simply by using recall.

Good! Now you understand how feelings are attached to your thoughts and also are the result of your thoughts.

Before we move on, let it go. Realize your thoughts created this feeling. Visualize the problem getting smaller and smaller,
and further away from you until it totally disappears.

What Are The Benefits Of Releasing?

So then, if will-power is not enough to overcome a negative feeling, what can we do?

Negative emotions are thoughts that are stuck!

Releasing the negative attachment is known as “emotional clearing” or achieving “emotional freedom”.

I believed for many years I was not responsible for how I felt. Like most of us have a tendency to do, I blamed other
people and events for my feelings.

Once you take responsibility for your own feelings and accept your thoughts as the cause, you are then ready to learn how
to release the attachment.

Releasing the attachment is akin to turning off the power to a particular thought or belief.

First, you need to be aware of the originating thought which caused the feeling and then release your emotional
attachment to this thought.

Basically, you are changing the way a thought (neuron pattern) fires in your brain so the next time you have the same
thought there is no emotion or feeling attached to it.

This eliminates the negative created by the originating thought.

Through the process of releasing, you will discover some wonderful side affects:

1. When you do recall a negative thought, you will no longer experience all the "bad feelings" associated
with that thought.
2. It will now be as if the experience happened to someone else and not you.
3. You will stop pushing away or resisting what you don’t want.
4. You energy level will increase dramatically.
5. By eliminating the obstacles in your life, you are clearing the path for success.

How Can You Release A Negative Emotion?

The process to eliminate negative feelings is really quite simple.

Over the last thirty years or so, I have discovered some excellent techniques which have become my favorites.

I found that each emotional issue is not necessarily resolved in the same manner as another.

This is why I have included different techniques for you to try out for yourself and decide which ones to use when the need

To begin, in 1999 I was introduced to Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques. I downloaded his free manual and
studied it intently.

At first I had only mild success with Gary’s techniques. Quite simply, I did not believe it could be so simple to change my

As I spent more time studying and learning about successful entrepreneurs, I discovered many of these wealthy individuals
talked openly about one form or another of emotional releasing which helped remove the obstacles to their success.

This is when I accepted there must be some truth to the positive results experienced by others using these techniques.

I became a “believer”. Now I use EFT pretty much every day to release some issue which previously would have drained
my energy.

Don’t succumb to your old beliefs. Do some of your own research and see for yourself who else uses or recommends
emotional releasing.
When you first attempt EFT, you will find the tapping process odd and your current belief system will tell you it doesn’t
work; is too simple to work; or you are wasting time.

Here's a short video that might help you understand.

Click here to download the Free EFT Manual.

While you're at the EFT Web site, browse around to discover for yourself the benefits of applying “Emotional Freedom

I am eternally grateful for discovering emotional clearing. Using various releasing techniques I have greatly reduced or
eliminated many of my emotional issues.

If you would like a different slant on EFT, Carol Tuttle is an EFT practitioner who devotes a lot of time and energy to
women’s issues.

I always enjoy reading her free newsletter which you can receive at this

Presented in the following pages of Step Three, I will introduce a few more techniques I have personally applied, which
have also contributed greatly to my emotional well-being.

In the next lesson, you will learn how to apply Forgiveness Self Help and free your mind from energy zapping baggage you
have been needlessly carrying with you.

Forgiveness - Self Help

(3.ii) An Important Aspect Of Emotional Well-

Forgiveness is a concept many people are not willing to grasp.

Why should you forgive that evil person who caused you so much pain?

Simple – the only person you hurt when holding a grudge is yourself. Read on to see exactly what I mean by this.

There is a Zen parable which explains this concept quite well. It is about two Buddhist monks walking through the woods
when they came upon a woman in her wedding dress, standing by a stream and crying.

The first monk asked why she was crying.

She was on her way to be married, but the boat was not there to take her across the stream. Now, if she crosses the
stream her dress will be soiled and her wedding day will be ruined.

Without hesitation, the first monk picked her up and carried her safely to the other side.

As the two monks continued their journey, the second monk refused to speak. Finally, the first monk asked why his
companion was bothered.

The second monk stated it was against their beliefs to touch or even converse with a female.

The first monk then politely said “I put her down on the other side of the stream, why can’t you?”

I just love these parables; they put complex issues into such clear perspective.
Forgiving someone is absolutely vital to increased energy, physical
and emotional health.

When you refuse to let go and hold on to a grudge, the only person you truly hurt is yourself.

When you are upset with another, stew about it, hold a grudge and constantly run the incident through your mind, you are
using up a huge amount of your personal energy.

Meanwhile, the person who triggered this grudge usually has no more thought about it and moves on. They don’t waste
time or energy even giving it a second thought.

They believe they were right and frankly, as far as they are concerned that’s it, that’s all – period.

It takes negative energy to remain hurt or angry. It takes conscious thought and energy to focus on whatever the problem

When you are focusing your energy on the grudge, you ultimately attract more of this negativity into your life. You are
sending the clear message to your subconscious this grudge is important to you.

Remember always your subconscious is your servant and it never fails to provide you with more of whatever you focus
your energies on.

Therefore if you continue to focus on whatever has triggered your negative emotion, you will attract more of it.

Perhaps if you a drive a car this will clarify things. Have you ever become upset at an inconsiderate driver? If yes, chances
are good you continued to think about it and perhaps even tell others.

The more you thought and talked about the driver, the more you were unconsciously attracting the same behavior from
other drivers.

Soon you find yourself in all kinds of situations such as drivers cutting you off, not letting you into traffic, pulling up close
to another car so you can’t change lanes, and so on.

It is not a coincidence that you were suddenly finding yourself constantly facing these situations with inconsiderate drivers.

You were attracting it!

Let go, forgive and learn the life lesson each situation is intended to teach.

Through forgiveness, you are programming your subconscious to focus on the goals you desire and are moving forward.
Refusing to let go is resistance to what you don’t want and attracting more of whatever you are resisting.

Personally, I choose to look at this from the point of view that if I let go and move on, my mind is clear to concentrate on
what I desire in life.

If I am holding on to the pain, this is time taken away from focusing on my goals.

There are two Universal Laws which relate to forgiveness.

The Law of No Judgments:

The Universal Spirit does not judge us. Judgments are human inventions used to compare, contrast and
control as we judge ourselves and others against artificial and often idealistic standards of perfection,
morality or truth. Under the Law of Equalities, our judgments attract judgment to us in equal measure.

The Law of Forgiveness:

This law works with the energy of allowing and seeing all as love, so you may rid yourself of the unnatural
feeling of getting even. Revenge, “an eye for and eye” keeps your vibrations very low. With forgiveness,
releasing old anger, the Law of Grace is allowed to intercede and dispense with the karma stored in your
akasha. (You can do a web search for “akashic records" to learn more about the vast storehouse of personal
files on every being.)

Non-violence is a natural outflow of the Law of Forgiveness and love. All good comes from forgiveness.
Forgiveness quiets your mind (you are no longer holding on to a grudge). Forgiveness and gentleness are
qualities of the self-possessed and represent eternal value.

I hope this short page has opened your eyes and helped you to realize your emotional well-being is greatly affected when
you refuse to let go.

Stop hurting yourself with negative emotion. Let it go now!

While were are on this topic, click the next link to leave Forgiveness Self Help and go to Relationship Help where you will
learn a great tool to rid yourself of the emotional baggage from past relationships.

Relationship Help

(3.iii) Self Help to Eliminate Emotional

If you need relationship help, here's a quick, effective self help technique to rid yourself forever of past emotional baggage
which could very well be the source of your problem.

Every relationship (especially if it was sexual) results in an emotional attachment to the other person,
whether you realize it or not.

How many times have you caught yourself thinking about someone with whom you have previously been intimate?

Be aware, whether you were thinking of the good or the bad, you are using that relationship as a measuring stick and
comparing it with the one you are currently in.

I discovered while applying this simple method of releasing; all of the emotional baggage I carried from past relationships
disappeared immediately.

The Releasing Technique:

• Close your eyes and visualize a transparent umbilical cord attaching you to the other person.
• While you are seeing this cord connecting the two of you, take an invisible pair of scissors and gently
cut the cord.
• Watch as the connection between you both is severed.
• Visualize the cord shriveling up and totally disappearing after it was cut.
• In a calm, relaxed manner full of love, visualize yourself saying goodbye to the other person.

I really cannot impress upon you enough that this simple method of disconnecting from past relationships is tremendously
effective. It helped me!

To this day I am still astounded at how quickly and easily the burden of past relationships disappeared instantly.

I am not 100% positive, but I believe this technique was introduced to me in one of Louise Hay's books. May have been
"Heal Your Life."
Have you tried it yet?

It works great!

Are you ready to move ahead?

Click the link to leave "Relationship Help" and go to "Mental Health Self Help"

Mental Health - Self Help

(3.iv) A Technique For Emotional Cleansing

Optimum mental health - fact or fantasy?

Perhaps with all the “problems” you may be facing right now, you believe it is a fantasy for you and a fact for only a lucky

How would you like to be one of those lucky few?

I am happy to tell you it is possible and by embracing the concept I present here, you too will easily eliminate the
emotional garbage, enjoy good mental health and attract success.

Pretty much everyone I have met has a story to tell about how bad things are or have been in their life.

I am no different than most, except I have discovered techniques to free myself from the emotional baggage that used to
weigh me down.

To this day, I still encounter situations where I experience negative emotions such as becoming angry or upset, feeling
stressed or worrying.

The major difference is now I easily catch myself feeling negative and immediately release on these feelings.

I previously believed our quest in life was to reach the point where we had no problems and everything would be just
peachy – WRONG!

I used to think that good mental health meant I was free of all the negatives in life.

Everyday problems are a part of life. The more of them you have the more alive you are.

If you have any desire to be successful, realize and accept right now that life will always give you challenges. As you learn
to handle one situation or problem, you can be sure that life will throw another one your way.

The secret to achieving good mental health is learning how to deal with these problems so they do not control you,
devastate you, or even worse, immobilize you to a point of inactivity.

I can't force you to change anything about your life. I can point you in the right direction though. The rest is up to you.

It is entirely in your hands whether you too take these steps or do nothing and remain as you are.

You may still be struggling with your old belief system and therefore this technique may appear too simple to be effective
or won’t work. Keep an open mind.

The Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is a magnificent self help tool which teaches you how to easily tap into your natural ability, let go of
self-limitation and self-sabotage.

Then you will experience the happiness, success, and peace of mind that accompanies optimium mental health.

When I first began daily meditation in September of 2000, this technique came highly recommended to me by an
extremely successful businessman whom I respect immensely.

I thought if he is using and recommending it to me, it must work. How could I possibly argue with success?

The technique was first developed by Lester Levenson and taught to Hale Dwoskin.

When I first began reading Hale’s book “The Sedona Method” it was difficult for me to believe we could rid ourselves of
emotional blocks so simply, quickly and easily.

Fortunately I had reached a time in my life where nothing seemed to be going well and I was determined to find a way to
turn everything around and achieve optimum mental health.

I was willing to try anything and everything that promised me emotional freedom and happiness.

When I recall the past, I smile and am thankful to Hale for providing the Sedona Method to the public. Now everyone can
use this tool to improve their own mental health.

When I began using the Sedona Method, I quickly discovered it is:

1. Quick and easy to learn.

2. Simple to apply.
3. Produces immediate results for most situations.

You can let go of feelings such as anger, nervousness, fear and a host of other problems, including physical, pretty much

Here are a few of the changes I experienced:

• Open sores on my skin which had resisted medical treatment for over two years cleared up.
• Previous issues with anger are now almost non-existent and continue to diminish as I apply the technique.
• My energy level increased dramatically.
• My powers of concentration and ability to focus were vastly improved.
• My attitude went from feeling alone and useless to enjoying each day and being goal oriented.
• My relationships improved tremendously….and frankly, this is an understatement.

I could probably list another twenty or thirty profound changes in my life, but I think you get the picture – I know Sedona

One of the major advantages I like with Sedona Method over other releasing techniques is the ease of use in public where
no one is even remotely aware I am releasing.

You can check out the Web site and see what you think for your self. Sign up for Hale's free newsletter and even order a
"free" sampler CD.

Click this link to Accelerate Your Progress with The Most Powerful Self-Improvement Technique on the Planet

I am sure you will be glad you too have discovered the Sedona Method and get to enjoy all the benefits associated with
your own optimum mental health.

The next section explains another great technique I use to release unwanted emotional blocks.
Click to leave "Mental Health - Self Help" and go to "Peace of Mind"

Peace of Mind - Self Help

(3.v) Burning Your Problems Away!

What does peace of mind mean to you?

No, I don’t mean if you are angry, you give someone a “piece” of your mind – totally different.

In today’s world, so many people are stressed, worrying about their future. They fret about things like where they will live,
putting food on their table, paying the bills, their job or career, their relationships and a host of other “worries”.

On top of all these personal worries, you probably have global fears such as terrorism, nuclear weapons, oil shortages,
world competition and so on.

You can change the world, but only by changing what you think, feel and believe. Everything starts within you and not
outside of you.

If you want to change the world and make it a better place to live for everyone, start with yourself. Work on your own
peace of mind first and you begin to affect those around you.

You might think this is total B.S. That’s okay! Realize you have self-limiting beliefs which are still influencing your thinking
and sabotaging your efforts.

When I look at one of the greatest lessons ever learned on changing the world by changing yourself, Ghandi immediately
comes to mind. A lawyer, who gave up his career, changed himself and ultimately changed a nation.

When you free your mind of unwanted emotional blocks, you are clearing the path for your own peace of mind. All things
become possible.

Assuming you have been following me along since the home page of this tutorial, by now you understand whatever you
focus on most in life is what you manifest.

With this in mind, if you are focusing on lack or problems, you ultimately attract more of them. When you are focusing on
all the good in life, you attract more of this good.

By releasing the emotional attachment to your fears and worries, whether they are personal or global, you are clearing
your mind of self-limitations; allowing yourself to focus on the good around you.

In the introduction to this section, Change Management Techniques, I explained there are easy to apply techniques which
very effectively free your mind of the blocks which stop you from achieving your dreams.

These so-called blocks are the “emotional attachment” we have to a thought or belief. This attachment is manifested in
both our bodies and our minds.

I have discovered eliminating this emotional attachment is the quickest and easiest method of achieving true peace of

Hopefully I have convinced you how important it is to release your emotional attachment to the negatives in life and
achieve true peace of mind.

Peace of Mind Self Help Technique:

1. Write down in detail whatever it is that is bothering you. Don’t stop to edit it, analyze it or judge
anything you have written. Keep writing until you have exhausted all thoughts and feelings on the
2. When you are finished, re-read what you have written. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion is
building inside. Through the process of exposing something to the light, it has already begun to lose
it’s power over you.
3. Ceremoniously light a match to whatever you have written. As it burns away, visualize your problem
also burning away. Feel the emotional release as the problem goes up in smoke.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this technique. When looking at what it is that bothers you, the more you release these
unwanted thoughts, feelings, memories or habits, the faster your path to success appears to you.

Other variations to this technique which are just as effective include:

• Dig a hole and bury your notes visualizing your problem being buried.
• Visualize the situation in the forefront of your mind. See as big, bright and colorful. Then visualize it
moving to the back of your head, getting smaller and smaller, darker and darker, moving farther
away from you until it is no longer visible.
• Take your notes and flush them down the toilet and visualize your problems being flushed as well.

All of these techniques are effective in sending a clear message to your subconscious brain, telling it you no longer desire
to be emotionally attached to this problem, block or situation.

You are “turning off the power” of that thought, belief, habit or feeling.

Try it! You will be pleasantly surprised with how easily you too can have peace of mind.

That's a wrap for the emotional releasing or emotional clearing techniques I use regularly to clear out the mental blocks.

Remember, these mental blocks create self-sabotage and limit your ability to change and become successful.

In the next section you will learn techniques to re-program your subconscious mind so it functions in harmony with your
desires; instead of against them.

Your Subconscious Is Pre-Programmed To

Step Four Introduction - Transform Your Life!
The human brain is capable of accomplishing so much more than we might have ever dreamed possible.

If you simply look at today’s youth, it is obvious most have a higher level of intelligence than their parents. Each
generation is more advanced.

Assuming you have been with me since Best Self Help Home page, it is now easy to understand this is partly due to:

• The genetic DNA inherited from parents who were better educated.
• More people than ever are achieving higher education levels with many graduating from either
university or college.

The majority of people in their 80's and 90's were lucky to complete grade school. Those in their 50's and 60's may have
only finished high school.

Today, many under 40 years of age have more formal education than any previous generation in history and have
graduated from a college or university.
I don't believe "formal" education is necessarily the decisive factor as to whether someone has a great life or not.

I do believe however, increased knowledge by whatever means is vital.

Now everyone has the opportunity to become successful utilizing the information freely available on the web, such as the
human brain research.

We no longer have to accept living on this earth merely existing from birth to death, struggling to make ends meet; with
the hope of enough wealth to enjoy the golden years.

There has been a huge shift in global consciousness. People everywhere are looking for answers.

Most feel a "hole" inside themselves where something is missing, but they just can't seem to put their finger on what it is.

Some have even achieved great wealth and still feel this emptiness inside.

Information about our human brain, such as presented in this free self help tutorial, provides everyone with the same
opportunity to embrace their inherent ability to change, grow and achieve a magnificent existence.

Only you can decide to become aware, fill that void, be happy, loving and successful; living a life full of wonder.

The difference between those who will and those who won’t is simply doing the “work” in this tutorial.

By the way, it's only "work" if you think it so.

What Have We Learned So Far?

1. First I explained a Learning Style to increase memory retention.

2. Then in Step One Brain Research For Self Help you learned how recent scientific discoveries can be applied to self
3. Next in Step Two Child Development Self Help you became aware of how we were programmed to fail at a very
early age.

I also challenged you to take at least one week to record all your thoughts and beliefs in a journal and become
aware of your own self-defeating patterns.

4. In Step Three Change Management Self Help I explained various techniques which I use daily to quickly and
easily eliminate the emotional attachment to these negatives. This is effectively “clearing the path” for success.

Now here in Step Four, I explain self help tools and techniques to re-program the human brain. I use these techniques
regularly and have accomplished major changes in my life.

I have no desire to mislead you and have you think my life is perfect now. I still experience those bumps in the road, but
the major difference is how I easily get past them.

Please understand that change is not something you do once and are set for life. Personal development is a life long
adventure. The more knowledge you acquire and the more you do, the more all aspects of your life improve.

Again, I encourage you to keep an open mind. Any time you experience disbelief, realize your old programming is blocking
you and release the negativity using the techniques in Change Management Self Help

I prefer to use the “shotgun” approach to self growth. That is, I apply any and all techniques that work effectively to help
me quickly get closer to achieving my goals.

Information and knowledge expands as the human brain opens up to possibilities and you gain experience. Sometimes, I
discover a new technique which produces better results or the same results but a lot quicker.
I no longer stay stuck in the old belief “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. I prefer to be pro-active in my personal development
and keep myself open to new ideas.

This section contains a vast amount of information about re-programming the human brain and if you try to digest
everything at once, you will undoubtedly become overwhelmed.

Therefore, to keep your sanity, I suggest you chunk down. That is, take your time. Use one technique at a time and master
it before you add another one to your arsenal of tools.

You will undoubtedly discover one or two techniques producing better results than others. That’s okay. Use the ones that
work for you.

As always, please remember it takes 21 to 30 days to re-program the human brain and create new neurode patterns
(beliefs) which produce new habits.

You cannot speed up the process and scientific research has verified your new neurode patterns must be used for a
minimum of 21 to 30 days before they fire easily, consistently and without resistance.

Re-programming the human brain is not as difficult as might think. Actually, it can be a lot of fun. Soon, you begin catching
your own negativity, understanding it, and having a little chuckle as you release it.

This information in Step Four is powerful. Use it and you will never be the same! Re-programming your human brain for
success produces amazing results.

The Law of Expectation:

Energy follows thought; we move toward but not beyond what we can imagine. What we assume, expect or
believe colors and creates our experience. By changing our expectations, we change our experience of every
aspect of life.

All of the techniques I present to you in the links below have produced amazing results for me. They're not placed in any
specific order of importance. They all work!

Are you anxious to get started manifesting the new you? Great!

Click the links below and let's get started with some amazing self help techniques to re-program your human brain.

(4.i) If I Can Only Imagine Self help imagination and proper visualization quickly re-program the subconscious.

(4.ii) Creative Visualization, A Self Help Technique Visualize success and re-program your mind.

(4.iii) Meditation Self Help Discover the mental and physical benefits.

(4.iv) Self Help Breathing Exercise Learn how to breathe properly and why it's important.

(4.v) True Love. Self Help To Find It Now! Learn how to fill the emptiness inside of you.

( The Power of Gratitude Self help to turbo-charge your success.

(4.vii) Self Help Affirmations Do they really work?

(4.viii) Self Help Hypnosis Creating new thought patterns.

(4.ix) Is A Self Help Coach Really Necessary? Mentors can accelerate your success.

(4.x) A Self Help Picture Book A picture is worth a thousand words.

(4.xi) Why Keep Personal Journals? Self help to instruct your subconscious.
(4.xii) Dream On For Success Self help on auto-pilot.

(4.xiii) Self Help Daily Planner A personal development checklist.

Now you have the tools to re-program your brain, what will you put in there?

In Step Six, I will help you define your goals and word them properly.

Before we do this, I would like to help expand your concept of reality even more. In the next step of this tutorial, Step
Five, I will discuss the Universal Laws and quantum physics.

Don't be shy. Take a break from the serious aspects of life.

Leave "The Human Brain" and go to Step 5 Intro. - Enchanted Learning

Negative Emotion - Self Help

If I Can Only Imagine!

(4.i) Self Help Imagination

If I can only imagine success using proper visualization techniques and I have no other resources, chances are better
than good I will achieve success.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

~ Albert Einstein~

Even though I have already touched on visualization, I am now going into detail so you totally grasp its enormous

Here’s a quick refresher from Step One regarding important scientific human brain research discoveries which apply to

• Subconscious cannot tell the difference between truth and a lie, reality or imagination.
• Subconscious sees in pictures, images and patterns.
• Actions always come from the images (pictures) you create in your mind.
• The more you send an image down a neural pathway the clearer, easier and quicker it fires in the order you have
• Strong emotion attached to any visualization increases the ease in which the neurode pattern fires.
• It takes 21 to 30 days to create a new habit. (New neurode patterns that become relied on the most)

It is often stated “when you can see it and believe it, you will achieve it”. Everything starts in your imagination.

Therefore, if I can only imagine it as real, I can achieve it.

We live into the picture we have created of ourselves. Only you have the power to imagine a "new picture" of yourself and
re-create your future – right now!

Using the information from the human brain research, I now know if I can only imagine success, using emotionally charged
visualization, I can program my subconscious to believe I am successful.
The subconscious then works around the clock to provide information, ideas, opportunities, introductions and so on, as it
now operates from the belief of success.

Use your imagination to dream up anything you desire and with proper visualization cement new beliefs (neurode patterns)
into your subconscious.

Top athletes have known about and used visualization for years. Think about Tiger Woods. Here is a professional golfer
who has learned to use the powers of visualization on demand.

Many of the innovative thinkers in this world were able to project themselves into the future, see their idea or product as it
would be when totally completed and then returned to the present moment to implement their ideas.

Now that’s what I call power!

Visualization creates reality!

Through proper visualization, you are harnessing the massive power of your subconscious to work on goals even when you
are sleeping.

Perhaps now you understand if “I can only imagine” success, I can achieve it!

Are you excited yet? You should be!

The Universal Law of Abundance:

By creating visualizations of abundance we draw this energy of success into our reality. Success or abundance
does not only apply to money. For example you can have an abundance of love, health, relationships and
happiness. When creating abundance of wealth, remember to be IN this world but not OF this world. You are
not defined by your possessions.

Scientific research tells us visualization works. The Universal Laws tell us visualization works. Is there any question in your
mind if "I can only imagine" I can achieve?

Is there any question you too can use your imagination to achieve with visualization?

Try it! Once you become proficient, you'll love it! The phrase “I can only imagine” will have a new meaning for you too.

Leave "I Can Only Imagine" and go to Creative Visualization"

Creative Visualization - A Powerful Self Help


(4.ii) Visualize Success and Re-program Your

Creative visualization is much more than merely another "technique" to re-program your brain - it is a necessity!

Unfortunately in the "real" world, many of us experience a great deal of difficulty manifesting our desires.

This phenomena is caused because we try to manifest from the current belief of "lack" or something we don't have.

Creative visualization is a process that bridges the gap between what you "believe" you don't have and what is actually
already yours.
I know this might sound crazy, but if you look at that statement logically, perhaps you will realize if you are "trying" to
achieve something, you are struggling and resisting what you believe you don't already have.

The entire visualization process is to get you in harmony with your desire. If you can think it, you can achieve it, because
you already possess it; even though you haven't learned how to "see" it yet.

To visualize effectively, you would allow yourself to get totally into your imagination, seeing and believing you already
possess whatever it is you are choosing to manifest.

Creative Visualization Technique:

1. Only focus your attention on one specific desire during any creative visualization.
2. Concentrate on your breathing. Deeply breathe in relaxation and exhale tension.
3. Imagine yourself lying in the shade under a palm tree on a white sand beach with the sun brightly shining. See
the red sun and feel the heat; touch the sand; hear the waves gently rolling up to shore and smell the ocean air.

Really get yourself into the picture and feel the experience.

4. Starting at the top of your head, begin to mentally relax every muscle from the top of your head all the way
down to your toes.
5. As you are relaxing in the shade, continue to awaken all your senses (taste, touch, smell, hear and feel.)
6. Once all your senses are fully awakened, stand and find a cool spot in the sand.
7. Feel all the negativity, tension, stress, anxiety and so on being pulled right out of your body and into this cool
spot in the sand.
8. Now, being totally relaxed and cleansed begin to play a mental movie of yourself doing, being, having or
accomplishing your desire in the present tense as if it is happening right now.
9. See and experience yourself in the smallest details you can envision.
10. Enlist the power of your emotions to create a positive, joyful experience. Allow yourself to feel what it is like now
that you have already achieved your desire.
11. Say "thank you" to the Universe, showing appreciation for already achieving your desire (goal).
12. Slowly bring yourself out of this creative visualization. Be one with your desire, accept it is already yours and on
its way to you.

Act like you already possess what you have envisioned.

13. Smile, be happy and expect answers to come to you throughout the day.

I cannot impress upon you strongly enough the power, value and effectiveness of creative visualization.

When I first began to visualize my goals, it was difficult for me to "feel". If this happens to you too, that's okay. Keep at it
and with repeated practice you too will become proficient. Leave "Creative Visualization" and explore the
"Benefits of Meditation"

Meditation Self Help

(4.iii) Discover The Mental and Physical

Meditation used to be considered one of those “New Age” things people did so they could be considered “cool”.

I had tried a few techniques but couldn’t seem to get any positive results and abandoned my efforts.

Then in 2003 I began exercising with “Tai Chi” and thought perhaps meditating would be a great compliment to my
exercise regimen.
After doing some research, I was stunned to discover the benefits for health, personal growth and re-programming the
subconscious such as:

• Reduces the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.

• Boosts your brain function and immune system.
• Reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol.
• Reduces chronic pain.
• Increases longevity.
• Balances the right and left brain by creating new neural pathways.
• Quiets the “noise” in your mind to allow answers to come to you.
• Helps you to feel more in harmony with everyone and everything, including “Source Energy”.
• Emotional issues (fear, anxiety, stress, depression, etc) dissipate.

Plus many other benefits not listed here.

I would like to expand on the concept of “quiets the noise in your mind.”

One of the main problems with life today is we have so much going on inside our head, even when our subconscious
provides the answers we are desperately seeking, we don't “hear” these messages due to all the “noise”.

When you learn to quiet the mind, you are able to hear the messages being sent by your subconscious.

The subconscious mind is very persistent in trying to get its messages through to your conscious awareness. If you do not
pay attention, the message is then sent to you through the body.

This could manifest as muscle tension and cramps, pains throughout your body (especially in the stomach area) disease,
colds/flu and numerous other body malfunctions.

The Universal Law of Prayer and Meditation:

Prayer is consciously making an effort to communicate with the Consciousness of Life and its Creator and thus
we speak to God. Prayer is also an aligning, cleansing process opening ourselves up to the Source and
demonstrating we are anxious for enlightenment and guidance. In prayer we speak to God, but so often do
not wait for a reply.

Meditation is the freeing and emptying of ourselves of obstacles that hinder communication and allow us to
channel the Source spiritually, mentally and physically. Meditation is likened to God speaking to us, and is the
attunement of our physical and mental bodies to their spiritual Source.

When I began looking at the optimum health enjoyed by those who have meditated most of their lives; as well as their
calm and peaceful demeanor, I realized there must be a great deal of truth in the positive information I was reading.

Recently I heard a wonderful analogy. Meditating is like rebooting a computer. When there is a problem, you shut
everything down so you can start over fresh.

I also discovered it's a great way to increase our vibrational energy level. (More on vibration levels in Step Five)

While doing research on different methods, I read about sound technology using binaural beats to greatly increase the
speed at which one can achieve deeper levels.

Armed with this knowledge, I began researching companies which provide this type of technology.

After extensive research I ordered the "Awakening Prologue" from Centerpointe Research. I am an information junkie and
their website explained everything I wanted to know in detail.
In September 2003 I started my first guided meditation with the Awakening Prologue. Within minutes, I was in the same
meditative state as a 20 to 25 year practitioner.

A few weeks later, my friends began asking me questions such as:

• Was I working out?

• Did I lose weight?
• Did I gain weight?
• Is that a new suit?
• Are you in a new relationship?

...and many other questions as well.

Nothing was different except meditating daily. I felt more energized, but really wasn’t aware of any major changes.

I began asking my friends “why the questions?” The common answer was they could see I was very different, but they
couldn’t put their finger on exactly what it was.

This is when I truly became a believer. My new daily practice was producing some amazing and interesting results which I
hadn't expected to appear so quickly.

While meditating, I merely focus on my breathing - breathing in love, peace and happiness, and breathing out negativity,
which I visualize as minus signs.

Whenever I catch myself thinking about anything else, I merely redirect my focus back to breathing.

The support I receive from Centerpointe Research Institute is excellent.

You can go to their web site and order a free demonstration CD, and sign up for the free newsletter which is always full of
great information.

Holosync sound technology made it possible for me to achieve a deeper meditative level than I could have ever imagined.

I thank Bill Harris for his research and his program. I continue to enjoy tremendous personal growth and change using his
daily guided meditations.

I also believe I would have never even considered putting this website together to benefit others without the clear, focused
mind I can directly attribute to my daily meditation.

The Universal Law of Meditation:

This law is defined as a current of unified thought. It is the continuum of mental effort to assimilate the object
of meditation, free from any other effort to assimilate other objects. The very least that may happen is the
calming of self. When meditating on God, the most profound happening will bring a merging of the two, or
enlightenment, as the Buddhists call this occurrence.

You can invest the next twenty to thirty years to enjoy the benefits of regular meditation, or you can experience it within
minutes using "Holosync" patented sound technology from Centerpointe Research Institute.

Do you want to learn how to relax yourself instantly and enhance your meditation sessions?

"Click here to leave Meditation Self Help" and go to "Self Help Breathing Exercise"
Breathing Exercise - Self Help

(4.iv) Learn How To Breathe Properly

Learning a proper breathing exercise will help calm your mind and release tension in the body.

In my grade school gym class, over 40 years ago, the teacher instructed the class to suck in the stomach, pull the
shoulders back and fill the chest with air as we inhaled.

That was all wrong!

Many North Americans appear to have been taught this same breathing technique.

I recall reading somewhere that most lung disease occurs in the lower portion of the lungs. The article stated this was due
to improper, shallow breathing and not filling the lungs with fresh air.

As I cannot recall where I read this information, I haven’t verified if this is true or not, but it definitely makes sense.

Every cell in the body needs oxygen to survive.

If for no other reason than your health, it becomes obvious a proper breathing exercise is a necessity.

When you find yourself tense, stressed, anxious, fearful or upset, check your breathing and you will discover you are either
doing shallow breathing or holding your breath.

As simple and easy as this might sound to you, by merely breathing deeply into your abdomen, these negative emotions
dissipate almost immediately. This results in a calm and focused mind.

Also, you will notice when you do deep breathing into your abdomen, the tension in your body eases and your muscles
become relaxed.

As you become relaxed, you will feel amazingly alert and energized.

Often I feel like someone just removed the cloudy eyeglasses I was wearing and everything appears brighter to me.

Lastly, a proper breathing exercise is much like meditation. When you focus attention on your breath, the brain wave
patterns enter the “alpha” state of consciousness, also known as the learning state.

While in the Alpha brain wave pattern, you are more in harmony with Source Energy (God, Buddha, Infinite Intelligence or
any other name you might personally apply).

While in this mental state, it is much easier to actually hear the answers your subconscious has been trying to
communicate to your busy consciousness.

Let’s Re-cap the Benefits of a proper breathing exercise:

1. Improves your health, especially the lungs.

2. Helps to release negative emotions and calm your mind.
3. Muscles become more relaxed.
4. You will feel totally alert and energized
5. You are in harmony with Source Energy and are able to hear what the subconscious is

Learning to apply any breathing exercise is the easy part. The hard part is becoming aware of your emotional state
(feelings) in the moment they occur.
Every day in which you practice catching your thoughts, beliefs and habits, you become more aware of your old negative
programming. (See the “Action Plan” at the end of Step two)

Remember, when you expose anything to your awareness, immediately it begins to lose power over you. Acknowledge and
accept everything you feel as a part of you.

Resistance causes persistence!

I am sure there are many effective breathing techniques you can use. Here are three that I like and use regularly.

1. Square breathing.
2. Using a ratio(1:4:2)
3. Deep breath in with a forceful exhale.

1. Square Breathing:

Square breathing produces amazing positve results whenever you are feeling anxious, nervous, excited or fearful and you
would like to calm your self.

• Breathe in to a count of four.

• Hold to a count of four.
• Breathe out to a count of four.
• Again hold to a count of four.

Then repeat the same process over until you reach a calm state.

It’s simple, easy and very effective.

2. Ratio Breathing:

Ratio breathing is my preferred technique when meditating or feeling tired and I want to energize myself.

First, a word of caution: Not everyone reacts the same way to this exercise. Often when I begin this exercise, I get a dizzy
feeling. This is due to all the oxygen being pumped into my brain.

At first it was a little perplexing, but once I understood my brain cells were being bombarded with much needed oxygen, I
welcomed the feeling.

This may or may not happen to you. Just be aware that any feeling you may experience is actually producing “positive”

The ratio I use is 1:4:2

This means I count while breathing in, hold it four times longer than I counted breathing in, and then exhale two times
longer than my in count.

For example:

• (1) Breathe in to a count of three. (3)

• (4) Hold this air in your abdomen for a count of twelve. (4x3=12)
• (2) Breathe out through the mouth for a count of six. (2x3=6)

As you practice this breathing exercise and your lungs are able to handle more capacity, increase the timing. I regularly
inhale to a count of five, hold it for a count of twenty and exhale for a count of ten.
Play with the count and do what feels comfortable for you.

Breathe in through your nose. Feel the positive energy traveling along your spine, filling your lungs and finally filling your

As you are holding your breath in the abdomen, feel the positive energy spreading throughout your entire body, soaking
each and every cell with much needed oxygen.

When you exhale, feel the negative being drawn together and leaving your body through the mouth. I sometimes visualize
the negative energy leaving me as “minus signs”.

3. Deep, Forceful Breathing:

I use this breathing exercise when I am in a hurry and want quick, short term results.

I simply take a slow, deep breath drawing the air through my nostrils all the way down to my abdomen. Then I exhale
forcefully using my abdomen to push the air out quickly through my mouth.

I will do this three to five times to calm myself and get re-focused.

All three of these techniques work great. Use them and play with them. Find which one you like the best and use it

Remind yourself of all the benefits you receive while practicing any breathing exercise.

Through repeated efforts to catch your negative feelings and using a breathing exercise to calm your self, you are
effectively programming your mind to remain calm and focused.

When meditating, a breathing exercise is the most effective method of reaching into deeper levels of brain wave patterns.

You have already read in the previous section the benefits of meditating, so there is no need for me to repeat here.

The information presented in the next section was invaluable to me. I hope it is to you as well.

Leave "Breathing Exercise - Self Help" and go to "True Love"

True Love - Self Help To Find It Now!

(4.v) How To Fill The Emptiness Inside You

Caution - read this page on true love very carefully. Your ultimate success in life depends on you not only
understanding my words, but believing them enough to take action.

Where is the love? Does true love really exist?

What does any of this have to do with re-programming your brain for success?

Read on and I will answer these questions for you.

On my Home Page you may remember reading:

“Regardless of what you accomplish, do you still feel like something is missing?”
It seems to me that many of us spend an entire lifetime trying to fill the emptiness inside and discovering exactly what it is
we seem to be missing.

I have had some revealing conversations with many successful individuals.

They seem to have everything, including a wonderful spouse, great children, good health, an excellent income and wealth.

They have worked and achieved everything they “thought” would bring them happiness.

Yet, these individuals also had the same feeling there was more to life; something was still missing.

Unfortunately, most of us have been educated to look to others and/or material possessions to validate our selves and
provide our happiness.

In the end, no other person and no material things are truly able to make anyone permanently happy. Sure, they can
make us feel happy for a time, but ultimately we again start looking for lasting happiness.

Personally, I feel this is why so many people in what appears to be a great marriage stray, still looking for true love.

How many people do you know, who have said they will be happy when…

• They win a lottery

• Find a mate
• Secure a better job, career or position.
• Buy a new home.
• Get a new(er) car.
• Lose those unwanted pounds.

None of the above will make anyone happy!

Success is like a drug. We never get enough of it and always want another “fix” because we are hooked on
believing wealth and success are the source of true happiness.

We have all bought into the American dream. We have been programmed by mass media to believe when we have more
money, more success, more expensive homes and cars, we will all be happy.

Sorry to let the air out of that balloon, but this simply isn’t true.

The only part of you that will be satisfied is your “ego” and this will only last a short time. Almost immediately you will
begin looking for the next “thing” to make you happy.

Why do people want a new relationship, new car, better career or a new home?

Look behind every goal you will discover the truth if you look deep enough!

Most of us want to be successful, happy, respected and appreciated.

Look even deeper and you will discover the hole inside you; the “thing” that keeps you feeling unsuccessful and unfulfilled
is “lack of true love”.

You have probably heard “all the money in the world can’t buy you happiness” and thought whoever said that had to be

If you are unhappy and poor, when you win a lottery you are now unhappy and rich. Then you will spend all your winnings
trying to find happiness, looking everywhere for the one thing that could fill the void inside you.
To give you an example of how much we are programmed with these incorrect beliefs about success, perhaps you have
seen the bumper sticker on cars that read:

"He who dies and has the most toys wins"


The person who "wins" is the one who experienced true love, both from within themselves and from others.

The "toys" are only a measuring stick as to how successful you have been financially. Unfortunately, these "toys" have
nothing to do with how someone really lived.

They had all the visible signs of success, but quite possibly were missing the one thing that could really provide happiness
and ultimate success - true love.

Where Can You Discover True Love?

First, realize that as long as you are looking outside yourself for true love or to receive validation (love from others,
happiness, and peace) you will never be fulfilled.

Only when you examine your own life and look inside will you discover that the missing piece of the puzzle is true love for
your self.

Self-love is not a selfish, egotistical act – on the contrary, the more you are able to love yourself, the more love you have
to give others.

You cannot receive from others that which you are not able to give to others!

Also, you cannot give others that which you do not possess!

When you fully understand this concept, you will also understand the only true path to success and achieving the life of
your dreams is to...

Learn to love yourself, validate yourself and be happy within yourself.

Believe it or not, this is “true love”.

Fortunately, I was given a fantastic book written by Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life ” which helped me realize I lacked

I discovered true love is already inside each and every one of us, waiting to be awakened.

I then purchased the “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook (Insight Guide) ” and continued to examine my life and learn
even more about the tremendous effect of self-love on finding true happiness.

I also now understand the mind/body connection and why so many of us have physical ailments that resist medical

When you learn how to love yourself, you will have found for the first time in your life – True Love!

You will no longer go through life wondering “where is the love?”

Instead, you will feel the true love already inside you and see it growing daily. Instantly you will begin attracting others
who are also loving and caring individuals.

The struggle you previously experienced while trying to fill the void in life disappears and for the first time, you understand
your life with focus, purpose and excitement.
Success no longer becomes a struggle. You will have the quiet self-confidence of knowing all good is coming to you in the
right time and place.

I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and education I experienced through Louise Hay.

There are no words I can write that could possibly improve upon or explain her work. Experience it for yourself. You too will
be forever grateful.

Everything "worthwhile" that you will ever accomplish in your life is directly related to your own self-love (or lack of self-

If you choose to read only one book or do one thing to improve your life, I urge you to become familiar with Louise Hay’s

The Universal Law of Unconditional Love:

Loving ourselves and other people as they are, is honoring self and another’s self and soul path. It is loving
without judgment or reservation, awareness we are all part of God or the All. When we love without condition
or restraint we connect in a profound manner with our own higher self. Life and events seem to flow to us in a
more joyous and agreeable manner. Everything seems easy when living in unconditional love.

The ball is in your court. You can choose to allow old beliefs to control you and do nothing - or - you can make a huge
investment in your future by discovering true love for your self.

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The Power of Gratitude

( Self Help To Turbo-Charge Your

Gratitude is often overlooked and seldom ever considered to be an important aspect of re-programming your
subconscious for success.

Perhaps you have already devoted a lot of effort to achieving success; yet it seems to elude you.

Here I will explain how the power of gratitude is an important aspect of attracting abundance and turbo charging your

Take a close look at your life. How many times did you say “thank you” today?

Like it or not, most humans are pre-programmed to be negative. Many of us now “expect” so much, we no longer
remember to "give thanks" for all the good we enjoy.

You may...

• Expect your paycheck, but hate your job.

• Demand others respect you, but you don’t respect them.
• Insist your spouse and children love you, but don’t show them love.
• Expect the government to take care of you, but openly criticize everything they do.

Think about it. Is it any wonder life sucks!

When you focus your thoughts and energy on all that is wrong with your life, you are in a state of disharmony. You are
effectively “resisting” whatever it is you don’t want.

Your vibrational energy level is lowered and ultimately, you attract more of what you don’t want.

I challenge you to begin looking for everything you like and can appreciate starting today and for the rest of your life.

You develop tremendous personal power when you begin to look for and focus your energy on being grateful!

We live in a universe that operates by predictable, easy to understand and apply “laws”.

You learned in Step One - Brain Research For Self Help the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between good and

Just as your subconscious does not judge, the Universe also is not judging you as good or bad, waiting for you to screw up
so it can make bad things happen to you.

The Universe is merely providing more of whatever it is you are focusing on, believing this is what you are choosing to

Gratitude is what keeps you connected to Power. (Universal Intelligence, the Source, God, the Creator)

Be thankful for the wages you earn, the food and shelter your job provides. Express sincere thanks when someone does
even small things for you.

I regularly experience hardened, impolite, difficult people changing to become friendly and polite with me, simply because
I remained polite.

I thank them for their help with an order; thanks for their business, the beautiful day or a wonderful job they did on a
project – you get the picture.

When you are focusing on being thankful, you are looking for what is good. When your focus and attention is directed to
this good, you are invoking the Universal Laws to manifest more good.

The more you practice being thankful, the more neurode (thought) patterns of gratitude you will create in your

Ultimately you resonate with a higher vibrational energy level and attract more good into your life. (More of everything for
which you can be grateful)

You will find the more you express thanks the more that you will manifest to express thanks for.

A thankful person is constantly re-programming their subconscious to “expect” good. This expectation becomes “faith.”

I openly admit when I first began looking to discover the good in my life, the list was short. Frankly, I was not accustomed
to looking for things to be thankful for; but instead was looking at what was wrong.

On my computer, I started a “Gratitude List” and began with the common items, such as a place to live, family, a job and
an income.

Now this file has grown quite large and is divided into these sections:

• Physical Health
• Family/Relationships
• Career
• Financial
• Continued Education/Learning
• Mind/Emotions
• Nature
• Past experiences
• Entertainment/leisure/sports

I have a huge list for my wife of how truly and deeply thankful I am she shares life with me. It’s difficult to be upset with
someone when you know in your heart they give you so much good.

When I am having one of those days where things aren’t going as well as I would like, just reviewing my gratitude list
changes the direction of my mind and helps me get back on track.

You will be totally amazed at how dramatically your life will change and improve when you express gratitude for everything
– especially the small things people do for you.

The Law of Gratitude:

Positive energy that is given out eventually returns with rewards. The Law of Gratitude is your connection to
the Source expressing thanks for the good in your life, thereby communicating your satisfaction and in return
receiving even more to be thankful for.

Think of it like this; if you give a special gift to someone and they show little or no appreciation, more than likely you either
choose not give them another gift or spend less time and money picking something special because the recipient doesn’t
seem to care anyway.

The Universe responds in a like fashion. When you show no appreciation for the good in your life (this also includes the
small things) and only complain about what is not good, the Universe will continue to provide more for you to complain

Conversely, when you are excited and thankful for something as simple as finding a penny, the Universe responds with
more money for you to appreciate.

Develop your own attitude of gratitude and watch your path to success unfold before your eyes.

Remember, any new belief or habit pattern takes 21 to 30 days.

While developing new, positive habits of expressing thanks is still fresh in your mind, here is a free tool to keep you on
track The Gratitude Experiment

This is a free website dedicated to spreading the message of the power of gratitude. Watch the short flash movie and then
sign up to receive 42 daily insights about being thankful.

Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Affirmations - Self Help

(4.vii) Do They Really Work?

Affirmations - are they really an effective self-help technique to re-program the subconscious?

The short answer is “YES” they do work!

They are a fantastic tool and when applied properly can help raise the vibration level of your energy and create positive
neurode (thought) patterns in your subconscious that fire easily and often.
Very Important: Repeating affirmations mindlessly throughout the day will probably have little to no affect on your

Using them as the sole technique to reach any goal is taking the long way to achieve your dreams.

However, they are extremely powerful if repeated upon waking in the morning and just before sleep at night.
This is when you are in the Theta (Super Learning) brain state.

Theta is the brain state you were in up to about six years of age. This is when the subconscious accepts and records
everything without any filtering.

Also, brain research has proven that neural pathways used often create the largest neuron patterns which fire easiest and
most often.

Therefore, repeating affirmations (especially while in the Theta brain state) will focus your mind to fire with
thought patterns reflective of your affirmations.

When repeating a positive statement in the present tense, you are sending a clear message to your subconscious of
exactly what you choose to be, have or do.

You are “focusing” on your goals and therefore attracting what you choose to manifest, instead of focusing on what you
don’t want, “resisting” and attracting negatives by default.

To realize their effectiveness, simply look at your own negative self-talk and understand it has helped attract your current

Self-talk can only be negative if your subconscious is allowed to operate unchecked and run on auto-pilot.

The subconscious on auto-pilot with self-limiting programming is the root cause of your own negative self-talk.

On numerous occasions I have witnessed someone making a mistake and immediately compounding the problem with a
negative statement such as: "Am I ever stupid".

That person is very effectively programming themselves to - you guessed it - be stupid!

Re-programming your brain with positive statements creates the new thought (neurode) patterns I explained in Step One.

The Big Lie

Most people encounter a huge problem when making positive statements they know are a big lie.

I suggest you go back to Step One and review the scientific brain research discoveries which explain the subconscious does
not distinguish the difference between truth or a lie and real or imagined.

Everything you are today started out as a lie!

Through continuous programming either by your self or your primary caregivers, you developed your current beliefs,
thought patterns and habits.

I don’t know about you but personally, I prefer to be the craftsman who moulds my own character and shapes my future
based on my choices.

How to Craft Your Affirmations:

1. Statements must be made as a positive/positive; not a negative/positive.

Correct: Positive/positive – “I choose to be organized and get things done quickly and efficiently.
Incorrect: Negative/positive – “I easily eliminate procrastination in my life.”

2. They must be stated in the present tense as already achieved right now.

This kicks your subconscious brain into gear, finding ways to verify what it "believes" to already be true.

3. Affirmations have to be personal. In other words, you cannot change someone else’s behavior.

For instance, if your relationship is a little rocky:

Correct: “I choose to be loving, caring and affectionate or I choose to attract loving, caring and affectionate

Incorrect: “My mate always treats me with love, affection and trust.”

4. You cannot make comparisons.

Correct: “I choose to sell “X” amount each week.”

Incorrect: “I consistently sell more product than (name).”

5. Be specific as opposed to general.

Specific would provide every detail of a new home.

General would be “I am now living in a new home.”

6. Your words need to trigger strong positive emotion and should be stated with energy and
enthusiasm. Use action words that get you excited.
7. Statements can and should include all aspects of your life (love, health, happiness, relationships,
fitness and financial).
8. Keep your affirmations private (secret).

If you divulge your affirmations or goals to other people, many (due to their negative programming) will plant
seeds of negativity. These seeds will grow and you will give up.

9. Your statements should be repeated at least twice a day while in the Theta brain state.

More is better to keep reinforcing your new neural pathways.

Important Reminder:

Remember earlier we discussed that the mind does not distinguish between real and imagined. Therefore, by
stating your affirmations with emotion and energy, your mind believes it to be true.

TIP: I created an affirmation CD using the “Wave” program on my computer. I wrote out all the positive statements I
wanted to include. Then using my internet chat microphone, I recorded for 25 minutes.

You can then cut a CD or download to an iPod and listen while driving or any other activity.

If you want to supercharge your affirmations, another effective technique are the CD's created by Mike Brescia. Mike has
done a lot of research regarding how to re-program your subconscious through repetition.

His CD's are very carefully designed with a scientific based pattern of repeated affirmations for maximum behavior
Much like an affirmation CD created by yourself, you actually hear the words and phrases.

The big difference is repeating the phrases three times at a spaced interval and using background music which helps to
place you in the "Alpha" or "learning" state.

The Law or Right to Decree:

This law exists for those working in service to others. It is ineffective for self serving beings. This law allows
the ascended realms to move from the confines of the Law of Non-Intervention to act on our behalf. Add to
each affirmation “Under the Law of Grace” which is like an insurance clause which will not allow us to
manifest or invoke anything which would be detrimental to our existence or not of the highest interest for all,
and we remain karmic free.

For your affirmation to work it must be invoked three times. For example – By Divine Decree, in the name of
(Our Father, God, Jesus, The Source, Universal Intelligence, etc) and under the Law of Grace, I ask for
_______. It is done, so it is and I thank you. Then let it go and trust your request is in higher hands.

If you prefer a simpler insurance clause, this is the one I use: “I accept this or something better. Please make this happen
in ways that are for the highest good of myself and everyone else involved.”

When I first began using positive affirmations, it was difficult to figure out what I should be affirming and how to do it.

I decided to get some help and was delighted to discover Bradley Thomson and his incredible ”Subliminal Power” Web site.

This is a program that flashes “affirmations” directly to your subconscious while using your computer.

The human eye sees images flashed in front of us, which we do not necessarily catch on a conscious level.

You can choose from many of the pre-programmed topics, such as raising your IQ, developing concentration and recall,
getting rid of bad habits, losing weight; or you can easily create your own set of positive statements.

There is absolutely no effort to re-programming your brain with this tool.

Hopefully you found the information in this section both interesting and valuable.

Are you ready for the next lesson? Good!

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Hypnosis Self Help

(4.viii) Creating New Thought Patterns

The power of hypnosis and self-hypnosis to eliminate unwanted habits and/or re-program our subconscious for success
is really quite amazing.

The results are usually immediate and lasting.

Regardless of how strongly you desire change on a conscious level, the subconscious holds the key and it will either stop
you or propel you to new heights of achievement.

The subconscious mind is a mystery to most people. Much of what you might perceive as self-sabotage and self-limitations
are actually your subconscious operating on auto pilot to protect you and keep you safe.
Remember, the subconscious is programmed with non-supporting beliefs from genetic DNA and childhood training. (Step
One & Step Two)

Before you get all excited and run to a hypnotist, you might want to consider discovering what the real “problem” actually
is, so you can get help that is directed at the source.

For example, smoking is not the problem. Smoking is a symptom.

There is some deeper, underlying subconscious belief which triggers the desire to smoke. Consciously you know smoking is
bad, yet you still smoke.

The underlying subconscious belief could then be something such as “when I am nervous, smoking helps me relax” or
perhaps it could be “when I am hungry smoking helps to suppress my appetite”.

While being hypnotized, the therapist would address either the nervousness or curbing your appetite.

Assuming the correct triggers were addressed and new suggestions were given to the subconscious, the desire to smoke
would then fall away naturally.

Unless you retrain your subconscious with new beliefs, you will continue to fail!

This is will help you harness the massive 5/6ths of your hidden brain power.

What is Hypnosis?

It is using “suggestions” to explain conscious goals to your subconscious and instruct it to achieve those goals.

When your subconscious is in alignment with your conscious goals, achieving them becomes almost automatic.

A major problem with any type of re-programming is to make suggestions which do not trigger resistance by your

Hopefully, you have been following this free tutorial since the "Home Page" and not only understand subconscious blocks,
but you have also been applying the tools in Step Three to release these blocks.

With the subconscious blocks removed, therapy is more effective and works faster to help re-program your subconscious.

Why Use Hypnosis?

The scientific brain research discoveries discussed in Step One explain the human brain thinks on six levels at once. Only
one of these is conscious and the other five are non-conscious.

Logically, it is almost impossible to overcome an unwanted habit or achieve a new goal using only will power, which is the
conscious 1/6th of your brain power, while the other 5/6ths (subconscious) are not in harmony with your goal.

When you are in a totally relaxed but mentally focused state, your subconscious is very susceptible to

Reinforcement (repetition) for 21 to 30 days will create new neural pathways (much the same as visualization) and your
subconscious will be effectively programmed to function in harmony with your conscious goals.
How hypnosis works video

Is It Safe?

The process itself is very safe.

Caution does need to be exercised with the suggestions you employ.

The statements used to make any suggestion must be properly worded. You cannot repeat statements which are negative
or can easily be misunderstood by the subconscious.

For instance, because the subconscious does not distinguish between negative and positive, you cannot use a statement
such as “I am no longer fat”.

The subconscious will interpret this to mean you want to be “fat”.

Instead, a properly constructed script might go like this: “I choose to be slim and physically fit with good muscle tone.”

It also helps immensely if you use images instead of words. Remember the language of the subconscious is pictures and

In this case, you could use a photo of the body you desire and visualize the photo as being you.

Another concern is that while hypnotized you might do something you don’t want to do. Understand that you will not lose
control or do anything you wouldn’t do anyway.

To give you a visual explaining the power of hypnosis, think of goal achievement without hypnosis being comparable to
driving an old jalopy down a gravel country road and with hypnosis you are driving on a super highway with a turbo
charged auto.

If you are experiencing difficulty breaking through the barriers to success, I strongly recommend you find a qualified
hypno-therapist in your area.

Hypnosis is effective for everything from annoying habits and success blocks to eliminating fears, such a fear of selling,
fear of heights, fear of people and pretty much any other fear you can think up.

Self-Hypnosis as an Alternative

You can also quite easily learn how to do self-hypnosis if you have a sound understanding of what blocks you are
attempting to overcome.

Anyone with normal intelligence can learn how to relax and use “suggestions” to change their behavior.

As with hypnosis performed by a certified therapist, your suggestions need to be properly crafted to ensure they do not
cause damage.
Even with all the research I have done on the human brain, I still prefer to use scripts prepared by a professional.

If you are interested in exploring this further click here and download free info.

Please remember, when you attempt something new the first results you get are not necessarily what you expected.

With patience and practice, you will become very competent in re-programming your subconscious to work for you and not
against you.

Are you ready to learn more about re-programming your brain for success?

Click here and go to "Self Help Coach"

Is A Self Help Coach Really Necessary?

(4.ix) Mentors Can Accelerate Your Success

It’s no secret a professional "coach" or "mentor" can explode your business success and personal achievements to the
next level.

Hiring a mentor should be your number one priority.

We are born into this world alone and we exit this world alone. There is nothing written that states you should have to
learn how to become successful – alone!

Everyone needs a coach or mentor to educate, teach and inspire.

I don’t care how talented, intelligent, rich, educated or well connected someone might be. Somewhere in their life’s
journey at least one (but usually more than one) person has helped them excel.

A coach will help you:

1. Define your goals.

2. Stay focused on your goals.
3. Become aware of and overcome old, self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and habits which previously
immobilized you and stopped success.
4. Acquire an unstoppable success oriented mindset.
5. Develop a systematic plan to achieve your goals.
6. Stay on track through regular communication and instruction.
7. Learn little known systems and secrets to accelerate your achievements.
8. Discover how to live with passion and excitement.
9. Be accountable for your actions (or lack of action).
10. Achieve balance in your life while becoming successful.

Having your own personal “life coach” used to be cost prohibitive; only available to the wealthy few who could afford the
enormous fees charged by professionals.

Now thanks to the Internet, it is possible for these professionals to provide quality coaching to numerous individuals
simultaneously while charging drastically reduced fees.

I often feel it is human nature that many of us prefer to be solely responsible for our own personal achievements.

I also believe many of us choose to keep our weaknesses, insecurities or any other “flaws” hidden from others.

I constantly struggle with my inner demons telling me I am intelligent enough to figure out this self-improvement "stuff" all
by myself.
When we were children, we had to be shown how to do everything and we acquired skills through repetition of the lessons
we learned.

Unless we were fortunate to have successful parents who passed on positive beliefs and habits, most of us have only a
vague understanding of what it takes to be successful.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me that if we are trying to learn and apply success principles; someone has to teach
us what we need to know.

I am always amazed when a friend or acquaintance is so ready to give me advice regarding something which they truly
know little or nothing about.

Previously, I would have accepted their advice as gospel, and applied it with the confidence I was being informed correctly.
It was a tough lesson to learn and accept, but now I know better.

For example, I believe more good relationships are ruined because of inappropriate advice that others choose to follow.

It doesn’t matter in which areas of life you are experiencing difficulty; there are coaches and mentors available who have
overcome the same problems and are more than happy to assist you with their knowledge.

It is now possible to economically retain the services of a professional life coach and quickly achieve success in areas such

• Love and relationships

• Health and natural healing
• Physical fitness and weight loss
• Business and career coaching
• Attracting success
• Religion or spirituality
• Plus countless other specific interests

Can you imagine the chaos if any sports team showed up for a game, never having been coached?

Any athlete who has ever achieved greatness learned from a teacher, whether it was a knowledgeable parent or a

Now think about your own personal life. Who has been coaching you?

Do you really think it is possible to live an extraordinary life without guidance?

I don't know about you, but I want a teacher who has already gone through the same difficulties I am facing.

How can a good coach or mentor help you? They:

1. Are familiar with the problem.

2. Have experienced it themselves.
3. Discovered how to solve the problem.
4. Developed a system to teach others how to easily overcome the same problem.

Once I became more open with others and learned to discuss personal problems, I realized that most of us experience the
same difficulties in life.

Accepting my weaknesses opened my eyes and prompted me to search for “experts” who could help me.

The Law of Group Endeavor

This law defines the multiplying of energy one creates when acting with like minded individuals to form a
group effort to manifest, pray and so on.

Where the efforts of one individual may equal one unit, two people placing effort on the same goal with equal
energy will affect the energy of twenty units instead of the sum total of two.

With three or more the resultant energy explodes even further. The longer the focus of pure thought (i.e.
excluding all other thought) of one’s desired goal is held in the mind, the more powerful the result.

Holding this pure thought for increasing amounts of time is the beginning lesson of manifestation.

How Do You Find the Right Coach?

A great place to start is the “free” information available on the Internet, such as the tutorial I present on this Web site.

Somewhere there is someone who has already experienced the same problems as you. Be prudent and learn from them.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear! Remember hearing that somewhere?

I suggest you first define exactly what you would like to change, improve or learn about.

Then begin doing research on the Internet. Look for someone who teaches what you need to learn.

Exercise caution as there are tons of so-called experts on the internet who promise you the world and are happy to take
your money.

I usually go directly to the source. Who was their mentor?

You can also talk to friends; check out organizations which list coaches and mentors or see who comes highly
recommended by others on the Internet.

When you have found the one who is right, you will intuitively know there is a good fit and this person can help you.

Let's continue with the next technique to help re-program the human brain.

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A Self Help Picture Book

(4.x) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A picture book or vision board is a collection of cuttings or snapshots depicting your goals.

Place pictures of your goals on a Bristol board. Then hang it someplace private where only you will experience daily

Why on earth would you ever want to bother doing this?

Scientifically speaking, the subconscious mind sees, understands and communicates in pictures, images and

With a picture book or vision board, you send a very clear, concise message to the subconscious; reinforcing your intent to
manifest these goals.
This reinforcement (repetition) creates new neuron patterns, which become new beliefs. The subconscious then works 24/7
to make these new beliefs become reality.

There is a Zen saying: “Once the words leave the lips, they are meaningless”.

I understand this to mean we say one thing, but our words are often misunderstood and interpreted quite differently.

I previously thought this only applied to conversations with others. Now I realize it also means our subconscious can’t
understand the words we speak either.

To give an example, when I say the word “car” do you see that word? No! You actually think of a specific car and the
subconscious gives you the picture of that car.

The car you see will be totally different from the car someone else will see.

To complicate matters even further, the English language is very ambiguous. Many words have more than one meaning.
Also, the tone used when they are spoken can change the meaning.

When creating your picture book or picture board, make sure you are in the picture. For example, a picture of you standing
in front of your dream home, or sitting in the car of your choice.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of a picture book. It will re-program your subconscious to work in harmony with your
conscious goals.

Let's look at the next technique to re-program your subconscious for success.

Leave "A Self Help Picture Book" and go to "Personal Journals"

Why Keep Personal Journals?

(4.xi) Self Help To Instruct Your

Journals could be used for much more than merely a daily written history of your life.

Our mind, much like a computer, operates on the installed programs and the information we put into these programs.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to “be aware” of our current programming (thoughts, beliefs, habits) and also make sure
we are providing positive instructions or information to the subconscious mind.

While recording information in a journal, you are effectively:

• Dialoguing with your subconscious:

1. Telling it exactly what you desire...
2. And what is not acceptable.
• Releasing negative energy.
• Building positive energy.
• Making a record of your successes to lift your spirits on bad days.

Personally, I find it helpful to keep a few; each one helping me with different aspects of my personal development. They

1. Daily
2. Belief & Releasing
3. Ideas

1. Daily journal:

A great habit to develop is recording at least 5 things you did successfully that day. It doesn’t matter whether these
successes are big or small. What matters is you are getting into the habit of focusing on success.

When I first began doing this, quite frankly it was a struggle every day to find five things I could consider to be a success.
Soon, you will begin finding more and more to record in your journal.

After you have written out a list of your accomplishments, write “these are successes and I want more of them.”

This provides positive feedback to your subconscious and helps it to understand what you consider a success. The
subconscious is then able to provide more of what you want.

I also write down any disappointments or things I did not accomplish. Then write “these are not successes, and I do not
want any more of these.”

IMPORTANT: this is dialoguing with our minds, painting a perfectly clear picture of what we want our
subconscious to focus on.

I learned this journaling technique from Stewart Lichtman in his Know How To Be Rich course and have found it to be a
great system for keeping my focus on success.

Develop your own list of questions as a reminder to look at each day in a positive light. I have my list posted on the inside
front cover with questions such as:

• Did I have fun and enjoy the day?

• Did I follow my checklist?
• Was I conscious of my body and did I exercise?
• What problems did I encounter today – and what gift or lesson did I learn from them?
• Did I take time for my family?
• Did I not only express my love, but show and share love as well.

I also like to ask myself questions to get the non-conscious area of the brain working on answers, like:

• What makes me happy?

• What negative beliefs stopped me from doing something I could have done?
• What did I fear today?
• What can I do to energize my dreams?

Through journaling you are instructing your subconscious; telling it what you want to accomplish in life; what makes you
happy; how you expect to behave or act; what is good and not good; and so on.

Without this input, how can you possibly expect your mind to know what you truly desire?

2. Belief/Releasing Journal:

In the front section, I record all beliefs and affirmations that support my personal development. In the back section I write
all the self-limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs as they occur to me.

Over 80% of our thoughts on any given day are the same negative thoughts being repeated over and over like an endless
loop tape. These hidden subconscious beliefs hold tremendous power over our choices.
Before anyone can truly succeed, they need to become aware of the negative beliefs holding them back and neutralize
their power.

I subscribe to the philosophy that once we expose something to the light, it no longer holds any power over us.

Throughout the day, whenever I “catch” myself saying or thinking anything negative, like “I always remember faces, but I
never remember names”, I record this in my journal.

Then when I have the time, I methodically go through all these old beliefs and release on them. I explained various
techniques to easily and effectively release your negatives in Step Three.

All journals are important, but to me this one is my most valuable. Using a rating from 1 to 10, I record my "feelings"
associated with any self-limiting belief.

Then, I keep releasing until I get a zero rating on the emotional attachment to the belief. (I learned this technique from
Gary Craig’s EFT)

After using my belief/releasing journal for about six months, I found that I am now releasing on negative emotional
attachment immediately. I no longer need to sit down and record what I need to release on.

Usually I take this even one step further and create an affirmation.

My new affirmation could then be something like “I quickly and easily recall everyone’s name.”

It is really very eye-opening when you start to see all the old non-supporting beliefs that have been dictating what you do
and don’t do in life.

Recording old beliefs may appear a bit difficult at first, especially since we are not trained to watch for them.

Please remember the subconscious mind is over 800 times more powerful than the conscious mind. We want to make sure
this power is being harnessed to work in harmony with our conscious choices.

3. Ideas Journal:

The more you learn and apply personal development techniques to change and grow, the more new ideas will pop into your

I am always amazed at the number and quality of ideas that now come to me every day.

Perhaps you remember we discussed short term memory and why it is important to write things down immediately when
they enter your conscious thought.

I record any and all ideas throughout the day on scraps of paper. When I get home at night, I clean out my pockets and
transfer these ideas to my "Ideas Journal”.

Even when something appears as a crazy, idiotic idea I still write it down. Often, what appears as a bad idea can become a
great idea with only minor alterations.

All personal and business success had to start in someone’s mind as an “idea”. This website was created from my idea to
provide valuable self help information in a logical, step by step process that makes sense and works.

Ideas are the seeds that make us grow!

You are on this website because you had the idea, the thought, that you could improve your life in some way.

Start your journals today. Go and buy yourself some inexpensive books and begin creating your own history.

Who knows, maybe some day your personal records could be worth a fortune to someone!
Leave "Personal Journals For Self Help" and go to "Dream On For Success"

Dream On For Success!

(4.xii) Self Help On Auto-pilot

Dream on – your success could depend on it!

In Step One of this tutorial, I explained how scientific human brain research proved we think in six areas simultaneously;
only one is conscious and the other five are non-conscious.

Why not take advantage of the other 5/6ths of your brain while you are sleeping?

Think of your dreams as a form of “brain storming”.

The subconscious mind will continue to dream on while you are sleeping and tirelessly work away at solving your problems.

Research indicates that whatever we were focusing on just before going to bed is usually what your subconscious will
“think” about.

For example if you watch the late news before bed, it is full of negativity such as war, murder, various other “crimes” and
celebrity gossip. This is what your subconscious will think about.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have my subconscious dream on positive, self-improvement concepts while I’m

The beauty of focusing your attention on positive outcomes provides the environment for your subconscious to also focus
on these desired outcomes – without any resistance or further input from your sleeping conscious mind.

There are two productive techniques you can apply before bed.

The first is to review and visualize your goals in detail. This flags your goals as important and your subconscious will work
on solutions to achieving your goals during the sleep cycle.

The second technique is to ask your subconscious a specific, detailed question you would like answered while you are
asleep; such as an idea or solution to a problem you are experiencing.

Write the question out in detail in a dream log or note book, repeat the request verbally and tell your subconscious you
would like an answer at a specific time – such as when you awake, by 5 p.m. the next day, or whatever other time frame
you prefer.

Please, make sure you direct your subconscious to provide the answer when you are awake; otherwise the subconscious
will wake you up in the middle of the night with the answer.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you start waking up with answers or ideas.

When using this technique, I have found asking your subconscious one specific question (as opposed to many) works best.

When you get these answers, remember you have a short term memory store, so write them down! Then you can process
the information when it is convenient.

Simple – but effective!

Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Leave "Dream On For Success" and go to "Daily Planner - Self Help"

Daily Planner - Self Help

(4.xiii) A Personal Development Checklist

A daily planner is most often used for organizing your schedule. However, there is another planner you would be prudent
to include in your daily motion – a checklist.

I have found this to be one of the most effective ways to keep me on track with my personal development.

Most successful people seem to have some type of “system” to keep them focused and moving toward their goals.

I believe it is a major mistake to rely solely on memory to maintain your focus.

The expression “out of sight, out of mind” says it all!

A daily planner used in the form of a checklist is an excellent success tool. Working like a “memory jogger” it keeps you
aware of "important to do” personal development items.

From the scientific research explained in Step One we learned that to re-program our minds it takes 21 to 30 days of
continuous repetition.

Routinely completing personal development items every day will therefore help you create new neural pathways in your

I created a computer template with spaces for 31 days along the top and a list down the left side of everything important
to remember.

Then I enter the self improvement topics for this month and print a new sheet.

Daily, I check it off each item as completed. This keeps me consciously aware of what I choose to do each day as well as
sending a message to my subconscious of what I consider important.

Here’s a brief example of items on my checklist:


• Read and visualize goals.

• One hour meditation.
• Express my gratitude.
• Rapid Manifestation visualization.


• Listen to my goals CD and self improvement info on my iPod and/or CD’s.

• Watch my thoughts and flipswitch any negatives.


• Prepare tomorrow’s things to do list.

• Update my journals.
• Read and visualize goals.
• Ask my subconscious to provide an answer or solution to a specific problem.

The more self improvement techniques we learn, the more confusing life can get. A daily planner in the form of a checklist
will keep things simple.

Previously, I found myself bouncing from one technique to another and never fully experiencing the benefits of daily

With a daily checklist I remain organized, focused and accomplish so much more.

That's it for Step Four - Techniques to Re-Program the Human Brain for Success.

In Step Five we will take a look at self help success from a totally different perspective.

If you are ready to move ahead, click the link to leave:

"Daily Planner - Self Help" and go to Step 5 Intro. - Enchanted Learning

Step Five - Introduction

Are you ready for some enchanted learning?

Up until now, every step in this free tutorial has been expanding your awareness and awakening you to the possibilities.

Hopefully you understand my explanations and have been applying some of the tools and techniques I have provided in
each of the steps.

First a Quick Re-cap:

• In Step One you learned about the scientific brain research discoveries and how your “Neanderthal brain” (also
known as the “deep limbic system”) was pre-programmed to fail through genetic DNA passed on from your
• In Step Two I explained how parents or primary caregivers pre-programmed us in childhood with self-limiting
beliefs and habits.

Also in Step Two, I challenged you to spend at least one week becoming aware of your own self-limiting beliefs,
thoughts and habits by doing some cognitive journaling.

Remember – an unexamined life is a wasted life!

• In Step Three I provided numerous techniques to help you release the emotional attachment to your negative
thoughts, feelings and emotions. This releasing is very effectively “clearing the path” for your success.
• Lastly, in Step Four I explained various tools to quickly re-program your subconscious with new beliefs which
harmoniously support your personal development and success.

Assuming you have done all the above, your subconscious mind is now open for expanding your awareness of the
magnificent potential which exists within you right now; with knowledge that could be considered magical or – enchanted!
Enchanted Learning:

Enlightening research in the last two decades, covering the mental and emotional sciences, has made it possible for us to
effect rapid and lasting changes in our lives. Now that’s what I call truly enchanted learning.

Interestingly enough science now confirms what spiritualists have been telling us for hundreds of years; we are all “one

Ancient mystical teachings, psychology, cellular biology and quantum physics are now in harmony regarding why we
experience life in any given manner.

By now you have probably heard the phrase “we attract what we think about”. Metaphysics calls this the “Law of Spiritual
Attraction” and science calls this principle “Quantum Physics”.

There is a major shift happening in the “world consciousness” right now.

People are no longer satisfied to work 40 to 60 hours per week, take home a pay check, be straddled with huge debt and
wonder why their life “sucks”.

This curiosity has led many of us to begin opening doors, asking questions and discovering the missing pieces to life’s
puzzle. Many have discovered their own enchanted learning through the principles explained within the Universal Laws and
Quantum Physics.

A little as twenty years ago, this information would have been considered as ridiculous. Now, due to the amazing success
achieved by those who have learned and applied the principles of Quantum Physics and the Universal Laws, it is difficult
and also unwise to dismiss this information as rubbish.

I am asking you right now to suspend any old, remaining self-limiting beliefs as they have the potential to close your mind
to the possibilities.

Instead remain open to the magical existence you too can enjoy with some enchanted learning, courtesy of both science
and mystical teachings.

Without any further rambling on my behalf, you can begin right now to expand your awareness and click the link below to
move ahead to "Quantum Physics".

I have chosen to start with quantum physics as most humans are more moved to take action when presented with
scientific research as opposed to mystical teachings.

Although each takes a different path they both arrive at similar conclusions - what we think about we attract.

(5.i) Quantum Physics and Success A science based self help tool. A basic understanding of quantum physics will open your
mind to the possibilities.

(5.ii) Universal Laws and You Self help rules to play the game of life.

(5.iii) The Law of Vibration Self help to change your energy and raise your vibration to attract good.

(5.iv) The Law of Attraction Self help to attract positive. Like attracts like. This law works in harmony with the Law of

Quantum Physics and Success

(5.i) A Science Based Self Help Tool

What could quantum physics possibly have to do with the process of achieving “success”?

First off, I am not a quantum physicist and in no way am I qualified to properly mentor you in this subject.

Instead, my goal is to provide you with some mind-blowing information and hopefully get you interested enough to seek
out a mentor who possesses the knowledge and skills to teach you how to apply these principles.

Accelerating your success might very well depend on this!

Please remember, I have asked you to suspend your old beliefs long enough to give me a chance to get you hooked.

Although the concepts of quantum physics can be intimidating to grasp, the basics are easy to understand and apply.

Once you do understand, reality as you currently know it will never be the same!

Science, religion and spirituality may have taken different paths, but now they all lead to the same truth.

We are all ONE!

Physicists have proven the physical world is one energy and we are all interconnected.

Imagine the possibilities!

What is Quantum Physics?

It is an amazing field of science which one can use to dramatically change their life.

The mathematical equations of quantum physics do not describe actual existence but rather they predict the potential for

An important aspect is known as the “observer effect” which dictates that something does not exist in its physical form
until it is actually observed by someone.

Instead, it is an infinite number of possibilities and once it is observed all those possibilities collapse into one physical
manifestation, which is what you actually see.

Quantum theory basically says fundamental particles are empty of inherent existence and exist in an undefined state of

They do not become “real” until a mind interacts with them and gives them meaning.

Stated simply, “you get what you are looking for” or “what you consistently focus your attention on you manifest in your

How Can Quantum Physics Change Your Life?

It is scientifically proven that thoughts are energy.

Science has now proven that we can create and choose our own reality based upon where we consistently focus our
energy. (Thoughts)

Physicists have proven without a doubt the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes in and out of existence
over and over in a millisecond.

Nothing is solid. Not your car, your furniture, your house or even your body.
Quantum physicists have also proven our thoughts are what brings together and holds together this sea of energy into the
“things” we see.

One of the most exciting discoveries is the whole concept that it is our thoughts, and not just our actions that create our

Traditionally most of us have been trained to believe that it is what we DO or don’t do that creates our reality.

Quantum physics has actually revealed that every conscious and subconscious thought you have creates your reality.

Therefore, awareness of your thoughts is vital to your success

When one understands the principles of Quantum Physics, it is easy to see most of us have attracted our current reality by
default. (i.e. The subconscious has been operating on auto-pilot.)

I have been pounding this into your brain throughout this tutorial. The majority of your thoughts are coming from the
subconscious mind.

You may recall from Step One, recent scientific brain research discoveries prove your subconscious mind thinks in five
areas at once while your conscious mind thinks in only one area of your brain.

Studies have shown that your subconscious mind is actually 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind.

On top of this, your conscious thoughts tend to be self-limiting due to genetic DNA inherited from ancestors and your
childhood programming.

When you focus on your limitations, you attract more limitations. When you focus on your desires, you attract more of
what it is you desire.

Really it boils down to cause and effect. Thoughts are the cause and the effect is your current reality. Change the cause
(thoughts) and you ultimately change your (reality) effect.

Only through awareness of your conscious and subconscious thoughts can you learn to control and harness your amazing
power to make your dreams become your reality.

Most wealthy individuals do a lot less than you might think they do. Whether they realize it or not, it is more about what
they think, than what they do!

Now Napoleon Hill’s quote “anything the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” makes perfect sense.

If you can think of it, you can manifest it!

The potentiality for success already exists within you. By focusing on your desires and expressing gratitude for what is
already yours, in essence you have already manifested success.

The words quantum physics might conjure up the image of a bunch of scientists in white coats and intimidate the hell out
of you.

Help is on the way. Well known author Dr. Robert Anthony will show you how to unlock the laws of attraction and quantum
physics to manifest your dreams with his latest course The Secret of Deliberate Creation….

Also, do some of your own research. Discover the potential you already have within you to live the life of your dreams.

Leave "Quantum Physics and go to "Universal Laws" where you will learn how these Spiritual Laws of the Universe can be
applied to achieving success.
Universal Laws and You

(5.ii) Self Help Rules To Play The Game of Life

My goal is to provide you with a basic understanding of the Universal Laws and how they can be applied to tap into your
unlimited potential.

First, here is a description from the Wikipeda Web site:

In law and ethics, Universal Law or Universal Principle refers to concept of legal legitimacy whereby those
principles and rules for governing human conduct which are most universal in their acceptability, their
applicability, translation, and philosophical basis, are therefore considered to be most legitimate.

The Spiritual Laws have been in existence for thousands of years and have been discovered to be true (legitimate) over
and over.

They explain the relationship between consciousness and the universe and are actually guidelines we can learn to use to
enrich all aspects of life as we know it.

They are not about luck, magic or positive thinking. Rather, they are about a way of life.

Universal Laws and Success

Have you ever played any games? You can’t play the game properly, let alone win, unless you first learn the rules.

Do you have a drivers license? If yes, then you have learned the rules of the road.

Have you ever tried to reach a new destination without a map or directions? Someone needed to show you the way.

Life is a game, but there are rules.

You can choose to ignore the natural Laws of the Universe and experience resistance, lack, struggle or pain. You can also
choose to learn the rules and play the game of life to win.

These Universal Laws are orderly, unchangeable, exist and influence your reality whether you believe or don’t believe and
whether you choose to use them or not.

You cannot see them, but you can see the positive results attainable when they are applied.

You cannot hide your true intent or deceive Infinite Intelligence.

Many of us are born and pass through a lifetime never really knowing or understanding how our world came into being,
what we are here to learn or how our life is created each and every minute.

Most of us are caught up in the trap of self-sabotage, limitations, lack and suffering. It can be another way. You can have a
passionate life full of wondrous moments.

To help you understand why you experience problems in life, perhaps this might help:

The Law of Relativity:

Each person will receive a series of problems for the purpose of strengthening the Light within them self. Each
of these tests must be considered a challenge and remain connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve
the problems.
This law also teaches us to compare our problems to those of other people and put everything into its proper
perspective. No matter how bad you perceive something to be, someone is always in a worse position. It is all

No one is ever given a problem unless they already have within them the ability to handle it.

Here is one of our biggest problems - the majority of humans alive today spend their entire lifetime looking outside
themselves for happiness.

We buy bigger houses, more expensive cars and finer clothes; look for the perfect mate, the best job with the highest
paycheck. Why?

Because we believe happiness will come to us from an outside source.

If you look at the driving force behind any goal, you will discover the true purpose is love and happiness.

Each of us has been led to believe we are an individual being, separate from all other beings. Being separate, we are
constantly looking for approval and acceptance from others.

With a solid understanding of the Universal Laws, you will realize you are not separate and are in fact connected to
everyone else as well as Source Energy.

Although you are not separate, no one else has the ability to think, feel or make choices for you. Only you can choose for

This also means you cannot choose for others as well.

Making your choices through awareness, you can discover the love and happiness that already exists within you.

Relationships, great health, riches, success or anything else you desire will then follow.

The First Principle:

The First Principle, underlying everything in the universe is consciousness.

To fully appreciate the potential held within the Universal Laws, it is important to understand that consciousness is pure,
positive, creative potential.

Consciousness creates your reality by way of your thoughts. (Remember, it has been scientifically proven that thoughts are
pure energy.)

In other words, when you are consciously aware of your thoughts (both in the conscious and subconscious areas of your
mind) you can create reality to be whatever you choose it to be.

Consciousness (awareness) is the way to direct the universe to manifest your desires.

Your ability to manifest anything is only limited by your thinking and your beliefs.

The foundation of all the Universal Laws is based on this First Principle of consciousness.

If you don’t like your current reality – wake up! Become aware of your conscious and subconscious thoughts.

Life is like a self-reflexive mirror. What you see and like or don't like in others is actually a reflection of your own thoughts
and beliefs – or more specifically what you like or don’t like about yourself.

With awareness, you are exposing negative thoughts, beliefs and habits to the light. They immediately lose their power
over you.
Through increased awareness on the physical plane, coupled with improving your connection with Universal Intelligence, all
things then become possible.

I have devoted this entire Web site to your awakening.

Change your thoughts and you will change your reality!

We Are All One Energy:

We are spiritual beings currently existing in a physical body. Each of us is intimately connected to and part of a higher
consciousness, Infinite Intelligence. (Source, God, Buddha, Ethereal or any other name you prefer to choose)

As with quantum physics, these spiritual laws state that we are all One Energy and I don't feel the need to expand on this
topic any further here.

The Universal Laws are all inter-related and based on this understanding of “energy”.

Here’s a cautionary note before we move ahead:

The Law of Action:

The Law of Action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore we must engage in
actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words.

Allow me to provide a personal experience. I became intent on learning these Universal Laws and how to apply them.

Somehow, I missed the Law of Action and spent quite a few years “waiting” for my dreams to manifest.

I had received numerous intuitive messages, instructing me to take this step or that step and I did nothing.

The result – I ended up in a worse position than before.

Unfortunately, when one begins to learn these Universal Laws and they cannot manifest immediate results, the first thing
that pops into their mind is “this is a bunch of B.S. and it doesn’t work”.

When life is not going the way you plan, realize you:

1. May still have self-limiting beliefs or thoughts holding you back, which you would be wise to deal
2. Might not be definitive in your desires or keep changing your mind as to what it is you really want.
3. Are not taking intuitive action towards your goals.

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.

The Universal Laws are applied without exception to create your current reality. You are either doing this unaware, by
default with your subconscious operating on its own; or you are creating a reality based on your conscious choice and

On my Home Page, I explained that success is 90% due to your inner mental game. Everything I present on this Web site
has to do with learning how to play this mental game and achieve your dreams.

I urge you to intently follow through each step of this free tutorial, study each page, re-read the sections and expand your

Your success depends entirely on you and not some random luck.

Let's continue on. Leave "Universal Laws" and go to the "Law of Vibration"
Discover how to increase your vibrational energy and attract more "good" into your life.

The Law of Vibration

(5.iii) Self Help To Change Your Energy

The Law of Vibration is the basis of manifestation. Nothing in the Universe rests. Everything moves and is in a constant
state of vibration and motion.

Even the seemingly solid items in your home, such as tables and chairs, vibrate. They vibrate at such a low frequency they
appear as solid objects to the human eye.

The Law of Vibration explains the differences between manifestations of matter, energy, mind and spirit result from
different rates of vibration.

Each and every thought is energy and has its own vibrational frequency. We are effectively transmitting vibrational signals
into the universe.

Emotions Are Your Radar

Use your emotions as an internal guidance system.

When experiencing positive emotions such as joy and happiness you are vibrating in harmony with your goals.

However, if you are experiencing negative emotions such as fear, anger, nervousness or anxiety you are off track and
vibrating at a lower frequency.

Negative emotions are indicative of internal resistance. Remember, whatever you resist persists. You now have the tools
and techniques from Step Three to help you release any resistance.

What about those who have been plagued by lack and negativity throughout their entire life?

The universe does not keep score of how much negative or positive you send out and attract. It merely provides more of
whatever it is you focus your energy on.

At any time you can choose to stop the negativity simply by refocusing your thoughts on positive goals and outcomes.

How Can You Raise Your Vibration?

The Law of Vibration applies to everything you think, believe, act, intend and say.

If you don’t like what you have been attracting in your life, raise your vibration to invoke positive power and effectively
apply the Law of Attraction.

To begin increasing your vibration simply make a conscious choice to focus your energy more on positive emotions and less
on negative feelings.

Most importantly however, change the beliefs and thoughts buried in your subconscious mind (the massive 5/6ths of your
personal power) using the techniques laid out in Step Four - The Human Brain. Self Help To Re-Program

Then you are deliberately applying the Law of Vibration on auto-pilot. Effectively you are broadcasting higher frequency
signals using all of your brain power - both the conscious 1/6th and the non-conscious 5/6ths.

Everything begins with a conscious awareness of your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.
Applying the techniques as laid out in my Six Steps is key to limiting the negative vibrations you emit and amplifying the

The Law of Vibration states that any vibration which is sent out for good increases into higher frequencies as it moves
through time and space until it returns to the sender bringing with it the gifts of those higher frequencies.

In contrast, any vibration sent out for selfish reasons such as greed or power will bring back vibrations with a lower

When someone is drawing energy from others, they decrease the vibratory rate. On the other hand, the giving forth of
energy increases their vibratory rate.

When you are radiating good, you are increasing your vibratory frequency.

Perhaps you have heard the expression “give others what you desire the most”. For example:

• If you lack love in your life, give love.

• If you lack money, give money.
• If you lack respect, then give respect.

By giving others that which you desire, you ultimately increase that which comes back to you.

In Steps Three and Four I have provided you with the tools and techniques to raise your vibration. To refresh your memory
here are a few:

• Make a conscious effort to catch negative thoughts as they come into your awareness and change to a
positive thought.
• Release the emotional attachment to negative thoughts, habits, feelings and beliefs.
• Express gratitude for everything.
• Meditate.
• Re-program your subconscious with supporting beliefs and habits so it functions automatically in
harmony with your desires.
• Visualize your goals in detail and as already achieved.
• Forgive everyone.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:

All persons have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. Higher vibrations will consume
and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the
Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change.

Change is simple but it is not easy!

Resisting change comes naturally to most of us. In Step One I explained how the human brain (specifically the amygdala)
is pre-programmed to protect us and keep us safe.

Your success is dependant upon your efforts to harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Do the work to eliminate the negatives and re-program your subconscious mind.

Realize the subconscious produces a phenomenal number of negative thoughts each day. It is virtually impossible to catch
them all.

However, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Quickly you will learn to intercept your self-limiting thoughts and
re-focus your energies.
This concludes the Law of Vibration. Perhaps now you have a new understanding of vibrational energy and how it affects
your life.

Now let's move ahead.

Leave "Law of Vibration" and go to "Law of Attraction"

The Law of Attraction

(5.iv) Self Help To Attract Positives

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful and fundamental laws of the Universe. It is often stated as “like
attracts like”.

We all know that in reality, like does not necessarily attract like. For example, you might know a very happily married
couple where the husband and wife are totally opposite in pretty much every way.

Another example is the magnet's positive is attracted to the negative on another magnet.

So then, exactly what do we mean by “like attracts like?”

Energetic Vibration

I explained the Law of Vibration in the previous section (5.iii).

When you hear someone stating that like attracts like, they are in fact referring to how a vibrational energy is being
attracted to or resonating with the same or a similar vibrational energy.

As everything in the Universe has this vibrational energy, by changing your vibration, you will attract more of anything
which is vibrating in harmony with you.

Understanding and implementing these principles can be frustrating; especially if you are not aware of your subconscious
mind attracting negatives.

I think you will see the remarkable similarities between the Law of Attraction and quantum physics.

Your Current Reality

Hopefully you can recall from Steps One and Two that our minds are pre-programmed with our current, self-limiting beliefs
through genetic DNA and childhood training.

Your current belief system can limit your ability to move beyond your current reality. Only by changing your beliefs via your
thoughts, can you create a new reality.

Up to this point in your life, everything you have achieved (or failed to achieve) has been the result of your life running on

This entire free self help tutorial has been designed to help you understand “everything” that happens in your
life is a result of what is happening in the area between your ears we call a brain.

Learning and applying these natural laws is a tool to take back control of our brains, our lives and help manifest our

It is human nature to believe only what you can see and also to disbelieve anything that seems to go beyond your current
perceptions of what is possible.
Therefore, it is an unfortunate fact that many will not believe in the Law of Attraction.

You know and accept gravity exists, even though you cannot see it and perhaps may not even understand how or why it

All that's important to know is when you are walking down the street gravity keeps you on the ground. It works!

When someone falls off a roof and crashes to the ground it is gravity that pulled them down. Gravity didn’t decide that
person needed to be taught a lesson.

Gravity, like the Law of Attraction, doesn’t selectively work for one person and not another, it applies to everyone.

These laws work whether you believe in them or not.

Thoughts Are Energy

I have already explained the scientific research proving thoughts are indeed energy.

Whatever you think and feel will be drawn by the Law of Attraction into your experience. You will also attract additional
thoughts which are similar in nature.

When someone begins a path of negative thinking, their vibration is lowered. As the focus on their problems intensifies, the
number and size of problems will increase proportionately.

This is the Law of Attraction working to effectively bring you more problems, which is where your attention is focused.

You cannot protect yourself from something you don’t want.

Merely by placing your attention on what you don’t want, you immediately begin to manifest more of what it is you are
trying to avoid.

In other words, you are operating out of fear, focusing on fear and ultimately attracting that which you fear.

For example, if you were worried about getting into an automobile accident and constantly reaffirming you don’t want to
get into an accident – chances are good you will have an accident.

However, you can protect yourself by changing your thoughts to attract what you desire – to be safe and protected at all
times while driving or riding in a car.

Where you place your attention is what you attract, and it doesn’t matter whether you wanted it or not!

Reread the above statement.

Law of Attraction 6-Step Manifestation Process

Many of us have the mistaken belief the Law of Attraction means you can just wish for something to happen and it will.

While this may be partially true, there are actually six steps to manifesting your dreams.

1. Decide on what you want.

2. Ask for what you want.
3. Believe it is already yours.
4. Receive it and express gratitude.
5. Release your desire.
6. Take intuitive action.

Once you have mastered these six easy steps, you can consciously choose to manifest pretty much anything you desire.
1. Decide on what you want:

First, it is common sense that you need to know what you truly want; unless of course you are satisfied to receive
whatever life gives you.

Unfortunately, being definitive is actually quite a problem for most people.

To illustrate, let’s assume you want a new car. You decide with the uncertainty of rising gasoline prices, it would be prudent
to own an economy car.

Then next week (or day, hour, minute) you change your mind and think it would be a thrill to own and drive a flashy sport

Before you realize it, you change your mind again and want a luxury car that makes the statement you have arrived and
are successful.

With all your indecision and mind changing, how could the Law of Attraction possibly help you manifest a new car when
you can’t even decide which one you want?

Knowing your desires is so important, I have devoted Step Six to helping you get clear on which goals are really important
to you.

2. Ask for what you want:

Okay, so now you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want – now what do you do?

Simply submit your request to the universe (the Ethereal, Universal Intelligence, God, the Source, etc.)

Craft your request in the present tense as if already achieved. Be positive and provide a detailed description.

Avoid using words like “want” or “need” as they imply lack and the Law of Attraction will respond by providing you with a
never ending supply of needs and wants.

Focus on one request at a time. I am not suggesting you can only have one request, but I do mean to focus on one desire
each time you use this process.

Be aware of words that trigger resistance or doubt in your subconscious.

As an example, if you want a new car and say “I now own a new BMW 330CI car” your subconscious might respond with
“Who are you kidding; you will never be able to afford that car”.

Here are two suggestions to handle this resistance:

1. You can use the releasing techniques learned in Step Three to short circuit the self-limiting belief.
2. You can also rephrase the words so they do not trigger subconscious resistance. You could say something like “I
choose to manifest a new BMW 330CI into my life”.

By releasing your resistance, you help align your energy to be in harmony with your goals.

3. Believe it is already yours:

Everything you desire is already yours.

Have faith in the Law of Attraction. If you can think it, you already have the ability to manifest it.

So many people operate with a perception of lack; that there isn’t enough to go around.
This is where the scientific brain research from Step One in this tutorial can really help you understand how to get your
conscious and subconscious mind in alignment with the same beliefs.

To refresh your memory, scientific research has proven the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality or
imagination and truth or a lie.

When you re-program your subconscious with new beliefs that support your desires (as explained in Step Four) both your
subconscious and conscious mind are functioning in harmony with the same beliefs and therefore sending out the same

The universe is abundant and there is more than enough to satisfy every one of us. You believe in gravity, why not allow
yourself to believe in the Law of Attraction?

When you have faith, the universe begins arranging itself to provide for your desires. There is no need to worry about how
things will happen.

When things don’t start to manifest immediately, we begin to think we need to “do something” (anything) to be successful
and then get busy thinking, worrying and trying to make things work.

If you do this, realize you are sending a message to the universe that “I can do this myself” and you don’t have faith in the
Law of Attraction.

4. Receive it and show gratitude:

If I had the power to give you whatever you desire, I am sure you would gladly accept and be very grateful.

The Law of Attraction is this power and here's a simple exercise to increase your vibration and help get you into alignment
with your desire.

In your mind, go to your place of peace. Somewhere you feel calm and relaxed.

Take a few deep breaths and consciously relax every muscle in your body.

Now, imagine you have just received your chosen goal.

Visualize it exactly as you desire. Enlist the aid of all your senses and experience all the feelings you would have as if your
goal is now a reality.

Can you feel your happiness and excitement? Can you see your hands touching it, smell the scents and hear the sounds?

How thankful are you for achieving this goal? Express this deep and profound gratitude with all your heart.

In Step Four I have already covered how expressing gratitude helps re-program your subconscious to focus on the good
and this increases your vibration.

The more you focus on being thankful, the more you will attract to be thankful for.

Conversely, if you went out and purchased the ultimate gift for a friend and they showed no appreciation or gratitude, do
you think you would do it again? I doubt it.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense if you receive and show no gratitude, you send a message to the universe the gift was not

Accept your manifestation, show your gratitude and be in the moment.


5. Release your desire:

You have faith and believe the universe will provide, so just let it go from your mind.

Wait a minute, this is confusing! How am I supposed to focus on my desires, but let them go?

Actually, what you do is focus intently on your desires (best time is in the morning when you arise and just before bed) to
cement your goals into the subconscious and send your request to Universal Intelligence.

Then, you release these goals from your conscious mind and allow the Law of Attraction to go to work for you, making your
dreams become your reality.

Once released from your conscious thinking, you are letting go of how and when things will happen.

Actually, you are letting go of any resistance within you; your ego mind that still thinks it needs to take control and do
something (anything) to make this work.

You learned techniques in Step Three to release emotional attachment to negative beliefs and habits.

These same techniques can also be used to release your emotional attachment to expecting results.

In doing this, you very effectively release any resistance to achieving your goals and allow the Law of Attraction to work for
you without any interference.

6. Take intuitive action:

Again, I am telling you to do something I previously said not to do – take action.

The difference is, only take action when you feel or sense an intuitive urge to do so.

For instance, you might get an urge to go somewhere, meet someone; talk with a stranger or answer a specific ad and any
of these could lead to an idea, solution to a problem or a business contact.

By all means, when you receive these messages, act on them. The Law of Attraction is working to provide and sending you
these signals to take action.

I made a huge mistake when I first began learning about the Law of Attraction. I waited patiently for success to manifest
in my life, but didn’t listen to the intuitive messages and chose not to take any action.

Listen to and follow your intuition. It is your connection to the Source.

Reminds me of the joke about a guy I’ll name “Joe” who believed so strongly he was going to win the jackpot in a major
lottery that he quit his job and sold everything including his house, car and furniture.

When the draw was over and Joe didn’t win, he began complaining to the universe. Then he heard a voice say “But Joe,
you didn’t even buy a ticket”.

You need to take intuitive action! Nothing happens without it.

Achieving Balance

When deciding what you would like to be, have and do in life, it is important to consider all aspects of life and have a
balanced approach.

Sure it’s great to be wealthy, but if you neglect your health or relationships and only focus on assets, your success would
be shallow and unfulfilling.

When you are choosing which goals are important, look at everything, and not just assets.
I have found the more time I devote to changing and improving myself, the easier success becomes in all areas.

A common misconception is that money solves all problems. In reality, wealth creates a totally new set of problems. Only
with a balanced approach to success in all areas of life are you able to welcome these new problems with open arms.

What’s your next step?

I have provided a basic overview of the Law of Attraction. Now it is up to you what to do next.

However, I recommend you start a Law of Attraction journal and keep a record of every time your thoughts manifest. For

• You think of a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and either they call or you bump into them.
• Going to a mall you visualize the perfect parking spot, and there it is, saved just for you.
• You imagine your boss giving you a raise and sure enough you get it.

Recording these manifestations regularly and expressing gratitude will provide proof your conscious mind needs to confirm
this law works and increase the good you attract.

Although the Law of Attraction appears simple, many experience frustration and disappointment. If you run into this
problem, rather than give up, I suggest you enlist the help of a coach or mentor who is successful in training others.

Here's a short 8 minute video by Bob Doyle, one of the featured teachers in the movie "The Secret.":

"When Bad Things Happen."

Also check out these free Bob Doyle Videos further explaining the Law of Attraction.

You can visit Bob's website at:

Wealth Beyond Reason
The Truth about the Law of Attraction

James Ray is another well respected teacher you may have seen in the "The Secret" movie.

You can visit James' website and Learn how to create practical real world results using spiritual principles. Click here to
learn more.

If you haven't been manifesting your dreams, maybe it's time to get some help. Check them out and see what you think.
More importantly though is what you feel.

Remember, intuition is more accurate than intelligence.

This concludes Step Five - Enchanted Learning. I hope you have found this information to be valuable. Should you have
any questions or comments please feel free to click the "Contact Me" button on the upper left side of this page.

Leave "Law of Attraction" and go to Step 6 Intro. - Easy Goal Setting Self Help

Step Six Introduction

Learn How and Why To Set Goals Now
Goal setting is a forward thinking process and everyone knows it will improve their success rate; yet only a selective few
will actually do it.
Many of you may spend more time planning your next vacation or perhaps even next weekend; than the time spent on
planning your life.

That's pretty sad when you think about it.

For those reading this who already have written goals – good for you!

Rather than close your mind to this information, I suggest you read it anyway and maybe, just maybe you will learn a few
valuable tips to improve your current goal setting techniques.

For the rest of you who have not written out your goals, let’s try a simple mental exercise to see if I can motivate you.

Imagine you are given the opportunity to be at your own funeral. Listen to what your friends and relatives are saying about
you. (Not prepared speeches from the podium, but in the general conversations around the room.)

How do they describe you? Were you a loving, caring individual? Were you well-liked with many great friends? What did
you accomplish? Were you devoted to your family and provide for their needs? Did you take care of both your physical and
emotional health?

Allow yourself to really get into this exercise and see your true self from the perspective of those who love and care about

Now, do the same mental exercise, only this time imagine yourself as someone who set goals and planned their own life,
lived their dreams and made the changes necessary to become the person they chose to be.

Okay, tell me, which one of these two people do you really want to be?

Your life is the result of every thought you have and decision you make or choose not to make.

Choose now to live a life full of passion and excitement. One you have consciously planned for yourself instead of allowing
life to just happen.

The choice is yours and no one else has the power to decide for you. Hopefully you will choose to be empowered by all the
potential that exists within you right now.

You don’t need more money, a better education, luck or more connections. Everything you will ever need to be happy and
successful is already within you.

The rest will come when you are ready.

What Will Stop You?

There are probably as many reasons to avoid goal setting as there are to set goals.

We’ve all set goals or made New Year’s resolutions such as quitting smoking, losing weight, beginning an exercise program
or securing a new job, only to fail and become discouraged.

Nobody in their right mind wants to set themselves up to fail. It feels rotten!

The major roadblocks to both setting and achieving goals are in your subconscious mind – your old, non-supporting beliefs.

Let go of your old beliefs about what should be – instead focus on what you would like to happen. This way, your
subconscious mind is not threatened by change.

Change can cause you to feel anxious or nervous. These feelings are interpreted by your reptilian brain (deep limbic
system) to mean danger and the amygdala will trigger the fight or flight response.
Fear is another obstacle. Not just fear of failure, but also fear of success. Human nature is to avoid anything perceived to
cause pain.

Remember, fear is an emotion. It is caused by your thoughts. Control and change your thoughts and eliminate the fear.

Lack of Persistence is another key reason for failure. Scientific research proves you need to devote 21 to 30
“consecutive” days to re-program your subconscious with new habits.

As you begin goal setting, I would like you to keep in mind the lessons from each step of this tutorial. Especially important
are the discoveries from scientific brain research explained in Step One.

In Step One I also stated success is 90% the result of your subconscious beliefs. When you consciously communicate with
your subconscious (give it direction) the subconscious is more likely to provide solutions, ideas and occurrences which
coincide with your instructions.

Then by providing positive reinforcement to your subconscious it works even harder to manifest your desires.

Think of employees. Who works harder, the ones who are criticized and degraded or the ones who are praised for every
little thing they do well?

Although I have only provided a few reasons you could fail to follow through with goal setting, realize they all point to one
humungous reason – your subconscious programming.

If you have followed each step and done the work, you should be well on your way to overcoming any and all obstacles to
achieving your dream life.

Confused About Proper Goal Setting Techniques?

I certainly was when I first began reading about others who achieved success and promoted the virtues of goal setting.

I was one of those people who wanted to do everything perfectly. I began reading every book I could find which explained
proper goal setting techniques.

The more I read, the more I discovered concepts which were often contradictory and confusing.

For example:

• One expert will tell you to focus on only one goal at a time, while another says you can’t have too many goals.
• Some preach you need to choose a specific date for accomplishment and others will tell you to visualize the goal
as already accomplished.
• Many explain you need a plan to achieve your goals and others claim the goal itself is important and a plan will
be revealed to you when the time is right.

Out of all this confusion, I came to an important conclusion – just set goals. I spent so much time researching the best
technique; I wasn’t making any decisions about what I wanted.

Over time, I have developed a goal setting process that works for me and makes sense. I suggest you study my
suggestions and only use the ones that make sense to you. Allow your intuition to be your guide.

Nothing is carved in stone here. You can always makes changes and tweak your technique.

Why Set Goals?

The obvious answer is to get clear on exactly what you choose to be, have or do in this lifetime.

Goal setting helps you to become definitive about what you desire, instead of just letting life happen without any conscious
choice or input.
Once you have set goals, you then have the ability to focus and keep your attention where you choose.

As a result of focused attention on your goals, you will:

1. Discover your direction (path) in life.

2. Keep yourself motivated, excited and passionate about the possibilities.
3. Increase your vibration to be more in harmony with your desires by focusing on positive outcomes.
4. Re-program your subconscious to be in harmony with your conscious choices.
5. Quiet all the noise in your brain and eliminate many outside distractions. (fear, worry, anxiety)
6. Accelerate your success through positive attraction. (Law of Attraction, quantum physics)

Every game needs to have goals. Can you imagine how boring a sport such as baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey or
football would be if there was no way to score – to measure success?

Now think of all the excitement at a game when someone scores or gets a goal.

Doesn’t it make sense you will experience this same excitement when you achieve a goal?

Goals are an excuse to play the game of life!

They are what we use to measure and celebrate our successes.

In the following sections I will walk you through each step of the goal setting process. Upon completion, you will have
clear, concise, properly worded goals to use daily.

Click the links below in the order they are listed. Take as much time as you need to fully complete each section before
moving to the next one.

(6.i) Goal Planning - Self Help Tips to help decide what you want and list your desires.

(6.ii) Beyond SMART Goals An in-depth self help checklist to ensure your goals are well-balanced and do not contradict
each other.

(6.iii) Set Your Goals - Self Help This section helps to word your goals properly for maximum impact on the subconscious

(6.iv) Achieving Goals - Self Help Now that you have properly crafted your goals, this section explains how to make your
dreams become your reality.

Goal Planning - Self Help

(6.i) Decide What You Want - List Your

Goal planning begins with knowing exactly what you want. Common sense would dictate that before you acquire or
accomplish anything, you need to define exactly what you would like to manifest.

Can you imagine what would happen if you decided to take a vacation somewhere exotic but made no plans? Your vacation
would be a disaster.

Life is no different. Without any goal planning, who knows how your life will unfold? Is it any wonder so many people
experience emotional turmoil, stress, worry, fear and lack?

Make a decision right now to leave this way of life behind. Choose to be one of the very few who accepts responsibility for
who they are and what they accomplish. You can do it!
Goal setting is not difficult and can be a lot of fun, but it will take time and effort to:

1. Decide what you really want.

2. Craft your goal planning "list" into “properly worded” goals.
3. Apply proven techniques on a daily basis to manifest your goals.

Ask just about anyone what they want and you will get vague generalities such as a better job, more money, wealth, better
health or better relationships.

You will never be able to achieve success if you cannot define exactly what success means to you.

The entire goal setting process is actually an exercise that helps you do this - become clear on your definition of success.

How to Begin Goal Planning

Everything you have been learning from my tutorial has been leading you to this point – planning your life.

I have been expanding your awareness and providing the tools to eliminate self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs. I have
also explained numerous techniques to re-program your subconscious with new beliefs and habits.

What we can or might accomplish is only limited by our thoughts and beliefs.

Depending on how effectively you have been applying the information in this tutorial, you may still have self-limiting beliefs
buried in your subconscious.

If this is your situation, no worries, I am here to help.

Simply begin goal planning by making a list of everything you don’t want. Pretty much anyone can tell you what they
don’t want.

Here's a few examples:

• I don't want to be poor.

• I don't want to be sick all the time.
• I don't want to be single and alone.
• I don't want a mate who is unfaithful, unloving and uncaring.
• I don't want to lose my job.

Think of everything you don't want!

Now take this list of what you “don’t want” and make another list that expresses the opposite of each item on your first

Now you have a list of things you do want.

For example, “I don’t want to be single” would become “I choose to attract a loving, caring and affectionate mate”.

Now let’s do some additional goal planning by adding to your "things I want" list.

A good place to start is things you need right now such as:

• Immediate money to pay bills.

• Finding a job.
• Money for medical emergencies.
• A place to live.
• New clothes.
• A car.

List everything. Don’t begin your goal planning with self-doubt and wondering how you can achieve any of these goals.

Right now all that’s important is to get clear on everything you “need”.

Next, let’s pretend I am your billionaire uncle and can write a check for whatever you ask. There is no need to worry about
“how” you will do anything.

Let your imagination take over. There is no limit to what you can ask for, except the self-imposed limits of your reasoning

Begin adding to your list all the "things you want" such as:

• A yearly income of $250,000.00.

• A brand new Mercedes.
• An ultra modern house on the seashore.
• Your own private yacht.
• An exotic vacation to a private resort in the Caribbean.
• Maybe you want to own vacation property in the Caribbean.

Now for a reality check. Do you only want things? There is much more to life than what you own.

How about who you are?

Think of people you truly admire and respect. What is it you see in them you would also like to see in yourself?

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

• Self-confidence.
• Self-love.
• Self-respect.
• Courage.
• Calm demeanor.
• Excellent sense of humor.
• Ability to easily concentrate and focus your attention.
• Internal peace.
• Continued education.
• Loving relationships.
• Happiness.
• Excellent health.
• Physical fitness.

You have now finished the first step in the goal planning process - making your list.

Next we will take this list and turn it into workable goals.

Did you put your self-limiting beliefs aside?

Is there anything else you would like to have on your list, but left off due to your self-imposed limitations? This is your
opportunity to add it now, before we move on.
Finished? Good, let’s move ahead to the next section where we will take each item on your list and run through a checklist.

Leave "Goal Planning" and go to "Beyond Smart Goals" where I explain how to use an in-depth checklist for personal goal

Beyond SMART Goals

(6.ii) In-Depth Self Help Goals Checklist

SMART Goals was the first checklist I used to set goals.

Brain research in the last ten years or so has provided us with exciting new information about how our brains function.

I have taken the knowledge from this research and applied it to goal setting techniques.

The result is my expanded SMART Goals checklist which I jokingly call "SMARTER" goal setting. (By the way this is not an
acronym LOL)

SMART is an acronym for the following:

• S = Specific
• M = Measurable
• A = Attainable/Acceptable
• R = Realistic
• T = Timely/Time Frame

Where Do You Begin?

We will take your list of needs and wants and run it through my expanded version of the SMART Goals checklist. This will
help refine your goals to be sure they are compatible with both yourself and your other goals.

We will also make sure each goal is worded properly to effectively influence your subconscious brain.

Before we begin this process, take some time and ponder these questions:

• Why are you here, right now, in this lifetime?

• What are you here to learn and experience?
• What you do well and enjoy doing?
• If given the opportunity to do anything, without limitations, what would it be?

Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. The answers are already within your subconscious.

You may already have a good idea what you were destined to do. Write down what you “feel”.

After these questions are answered intuitively, you will have a better understanding of which goals are important to you.
Then you can choose goals which harmonize with your true desires.

Keep the answers to those questions in the forefront of your mind as we take each item on your list and refine it with my
expanded SMART Goals checklist below.

1. Specific - Have you included every detail?

This is the first check on the SMART Goals list. I agree entirely – your goals need to include every detail and be stated

When a goal states exactly what it is you want to be, have or do, it then becomes easy to communicate precise details of
your desire to the subconscious. (And Universal Intelligence)

Think of it like building a house. The architect plans the layout and design, then prepares the blueprints. That's like you
making a list and then preparing your goals - designing your life.

Then the builder takes the blueprints and can easily build exactly what the architect planned because they have a detailed
design. That's like the subconscious mind building your life from the goals you created.

Now, if the architect was lazy and the plans were not detailed, the builder would have great difficulty understanding exactly
what they were supposed to build.

Setting goals is the same - you need to be precise. Are you starting to get an idea why these are called SMART Goals?

Many try to write their goals like this: “I choose to manifest a brand new BMW 330 CI, medium blue exterior, tan interior,
sunroof, AM/FM CD player, air conditioning, aluminum wheels, sun roof, cruise control, heated seats, etc., etc., etc".

Maybe the car you want is not available exactly as you described. In this case it would be difficult to manifest.

As an added touch to the SMART Goals, I find it more effective to list each detail of your goal on a separate line.

You can still get exactly what you want, except for a few options which could easily be added later; such as the aluminum
wheels or the CD player.

2. Measurable.

How will you know when the goal is achieved? You need specific criteria to measure your progress.

Using the car example above, obviously you will know when you have it. Tangibles (or asset goals) are easy to measure –
either you have it or you don’t.

Intangibles can be a little more difficult to gauge.

Some of the SMART Goals systems recommend you set only goals which can give you evidence of completion.

My opinion differs in that I believe personal development is an ongoing, life long process – in other words it is never

However, just because you will never experience the finality of completion, you can still see and measure changes, greatly
improving every aspect of life.

Each day you perform as you have envisioned, more success will occur and you will be inspired to continue focusing on
your goals.

3. Acceptable - Is this your goal?

The meaning of each letter in SMART Goals is open to interpretation and varies amongst individuals. Some use the word
"acceptable" and others use the word “attainable”.

Attainable relates to realistic which is number 4 in this list. I prefer to use "acceptable" for the "A" in SMART Goals.

Ask yourself, is this goal acceptable - something you want to be, have or do?

There are actually two points of interest to consider when deciding if this goal is yours.
i) No one else can or should choose your goals.

A good example is when parents push you to follow a specific career path which is not your choice.

When someone else chooses for you, the end result is usually disastrous. If it is not your choice or desire to follow a
particular career, it is difficult to remain motivated and passionate.

You may end up dissatisfied, stressed, angry or very unhappy with your career.

I’m sure you will be much happier when you follow your heart and go for your dream. When you are happy, you
automatically spread happiness to others.

Therefore, make sure any goal is “your” goal and not something you are doing to please others.

ii) You cannot set goals for others.

They are on their own path and free to make their own decisions. You have wisely chosen to improve your life; however
others may choose to remain as they are.

It can be very frustrating when you decide to make changes and those around choose to stay the same. Realize you cannot
force change on anyone.

For instance, you cannot set a goal for your spouse such as “My mate is loving, caring and affectionate”.

In the end, you get stuck trying to convince your mate to change and see little to no results. I re-emphasize your goal
must be your own.

Often, when someone begins to improve their own life, others close to you see the positive changes. They then become
interested and influenced by observation.

By all means if they ask for your help, give it. Otherwise, trying to help another who chooses not to change is like trying to
force feed a baby that’s not hungry.

4. Realistic - Is your goal meaningful?

Do you really, really want this goal or does it just sound good?

Is it possible for another human to achieve it?

Do you wake up every morning inspired to take action on your goal?

If you really don’t care about achieving this goal, you will not be motivated to move toward its manifestation.

Some of the SMART Goals literature states if a goal is too difficult you are setting yourself up for failure (being unrealistic)
– I don’t agree 100% with this philosophy.

I have often been told it is more realistic to have smaller, attainable goals to avoid subconscious resistance.

Many believe with smaller goals your mind is more able to accept the goal as a possibility.

However, my belief is whether your goal is small or big, we are programmed to resist.

Assuming you have been with me since the Home Page, you now know how your brain functions, how to eliminate the
resistance and how to re-program your subconscious brain to be in harmony with your goals.

It takes the same amount of effort to go for a large goal as a small one – so why not go big?
The bigger the goal, the more enthusiasm and excitement it generates. The more you challenge yourself, the greater your

Don’t settle for less than what you are truly capable of accomplishing. Remember, if you can think it, you already have it
within you to achieve it.

If you are already familiar with SMART Goals and have been limiting yourself to less challenging goals, do yourself a favor
and add goals that will challenge you to excel.

5. Timely/Time Frame

This is the last letter in the SMART Goals system. A few coaches teach you to set time frames or blocks of time when you
plan to work on your goals.

For example, plan one hour of exercise in the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 PM and you have set aside a
specific time frame to work on your fitness goal.

More often than not, you will read the Time aspect of SMART Goals is to set a specific date for accomplishment. According
to the scientific brain research explained in Step One this is incorrect.

When you set your goals (especially self-improvement goals) and focus on each one as already accomplished, your
subconscious then works 24/7 to help you live into your vision.

First of all, why would anyone want to put off completing any goal at some specific time in the future; especially if there is
the possibility to achieve it faster?

Secondly, I don’t believe the subconscious understands the concept of time.

Lastly, do you really want to put yourself in a constant state of waiting for your goals to manifest – or would you prefer to
start living them right now?

That concludes my version of the SMART Goals checklist - but read on, I have more to tell you.

Beyond SMART Goals

Below I have included additional checklist items which go beyond the SMART Goals information I have presented above.

When setting goals, please keep in mind you may not get your goals perfect the first time. That's okay.

You can always tweak or update goals when you are presented with new information you consider valid.

Speaking of valid, realize whether you use SMART Goals, my extended version or some other goal setting technique, all
information is first conceived in the mind, written by man (woman) and embraced by others.

Everything is open to interpretation. Use what "feels" right.

Ready? Let's do some fine tuning!

6. How or what will you benefit from achieving this goal?

Get specific and detailed about the benefits you can expect from achieving your vision. For example, becoming a non-

• Your lungs are clean and healthy.

• Your overall health and longevity are greatly improved.
• Your physical stamina increases tremendously.
• Your home, car and clothes are clean and fresh scented.
• You now have extra cash to save or spend differently.
• You are more self-confident with the "smoking" monkey off your back.

I am sure if being a non-smoker was your goal, there are many other benefits you could list.

Detailed lists of benefits provide motivation to accomplish your goals. It helps when you have one of those days where
you’re not functioning at 100% and need a little reminder to keep you moving towards your goal.

In fairness, there are some SMART Goals instructors who include this in the first check - being "Specific".

7. What’s the goal behind this goal?

What is the real reason you have chosen this goal?

For example, if your goal is $50,000.00 - why do you want this money? Is it a down payment on a house, a new car,
education for your children?

If you wanted to buy a new car, then make the car your goal and not the cash.

Now, let’s look even deeper. Why do you want a new car?

Perhaps for the feelings associated with driving a brand new automobile or how you think others will perceive you.

Look even deeper and you will discover they all serve the same purpose – to be happy and loved.

Please include these when you set your goals. Make it a personal goal to give everyone all the love and happiness you can
find inside yourself.

You will never give away so much love and happiness that you run out. In fact, the more you give out, the more you will
get back.

8. Does this goal contradict any other goal?

All your goals must co-operate with each other.

A goal to own a million dollar mansion is not in harmony with a $50,000 yearly income goal.

Even if someone gave you the mansion, your income still wouldn’t cover the yearly taxes, maintenance and upkeep of the

9. Is this goal flexible?

Persistence is often associated with success. Unfortunately, there are times when continuing down a path puts you further
away from your goals and it is wise to let go.

Goals need to have some degree of flexibility. Sometimes the Universe provides us with alternatives which turn out better
than we planned.

10. Are your goals well balanced?

This is an extremely important aspect of goal setting and yet I have never seen it in any SMART Goals checklist.

A common problem with goal setting is to exclusively set financial or money goals; thinking wealth is the source of
If you are currently miserable and poor and wealth is your only goal, you will only end up rich and unhappy.

Many get lost in the pursuit of wealth. They think the goal is the prize, but it’s not!

The real prize is who you become. Surprisingly, the more you change and grow, the more wealth flows to you.

Think about this, have you ever purchased a new car or perhaps new furniture. Often within days you begin losing interest
and turn your attention onto something else you want.

Goals are tools successful people use to constantly improve every aspect of life. Goals inspire and motivate us to learn,
grow and change. They give us a reason to play the game.

To achieve a balance, be sure to include goals which cover all areas of life.

Here are the six areas to consider:

1. Love and relationships

2. Health and fitness
3. Religion/spirituality
4. Personal development – education, mental health, etc.
5. Career
6. Financial

That’s the end of my SMARTER checklist. Now you have taken each goal on your list and fine tuned it with both the SMART
Goals checklist and my extended version.

In the next section you will learn how to craft your goals so they are worded properly.

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Set Your Goals - Self Help

(6.iii) Influence Your Subconscious With

Properly Worded Goals
This next step is to set your goals by creating properly worded statements which will produce maximum impact on your
subconscious mind.

Before we actually begin fine tuning the wording of your goals, allow me to share a few words of wisdom.

All goals fit into one of two types, either "go up" or "give up" goals.

The give up type are usually giving up unwanted habits like smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol or over eating.

The go up goals are usually related to self improvement or improving your financial status such as a better career, new
home or new car.

When you set your goals, it is imperative to keep your “go up” goals to yourself. The "give up" goals you can choose to
share them or not. It depends on your personal preference.

Just be aware if you share your "give up" goals and slip, others are only too anxious to point out you are failing. This can
act as reminder to get back on track.

Do not share "go up" goals with anyone unless they are working on the same goals with you.
I once read that 50% of the people could care less about you and the other 50% are jealous. I have no idea whether the
percentages are true or not, but the idea is definitely true.

The subconscious mind is strong and determined to help you live into your dream. It is also very easily influenced by your
own negative thoughts.

When someone plants negative seeds (such as you will fail) it is human nature to begin playing the negativity over and
over in your mind.

The subconscious then acknowledges your focus is on failure and gladly works to provide what it believes to be your choice
– to fail.

Therefore - keep your goals to yourself!

Okay, enough of the wisdom, now let's set your goals with a few additional guidelines to really super charge their power.

1. Set your goals as a positive/positive:

The subconscious mind is your success tool. Unfortunately, most of us (until now) were never taught how to program the
subconscious to work with us instead of against us.

Intellectually, if you consciously choose to eliminate a bad habit such as smoking or over eating, it makes perfect sense to
set your goals with words such as “I limit my calorie intake and avoid over eating”.

This wording is what I call a positive/negative. You have a positive goal in mind but are using negative wording to instruct
your subconscious.

The subconscious mind interprets this goal in a visual sense and sees you “over eating” and provides the stimulus to keep
you hungry, eating and gaining weight.

It is important to set your goals to what you desire; the outcome or end result and not what you want to get rid of,
eliminate or reduce.

To change this goal to a positive outcome, expressed in positive words, write: “I choose to be slim and weigh XX pounds”.

Now you are focusing on what you desire and sending a clear picture to your subconscious.

If this concept is confusing, go back and reread the scientific brain research discoveries discussed in Step One.

2. Set your goals "without" these words:

While writing the information for this Web site, it was much simpler to get my point across using words such as want,
need, wish or lack.

However, it is important to avoid those words in your goals. They send the wrong message to your subconscious and the

Do you really “want” something, or would you much rather just “have” it?

Would you prefer to "want" self-confidence or "have" self-confidence?

Would you prefer to "need" money to pay bills or "have" it?

Remember, where you focus your energy is what you attract. If you focus on abundance, you attract abundance. If you
focus on lack – what you want or need – you attract more situations to want or need.

3. Set your goals "with" these words:

From the scientific research we have learned when strong emotion is attached to a thought, the subconscious believes it to
be important.

Therefore be sure you include emotional words that are descriptive, high energy action words that inspire you.

For instance, words like thrilled, excited, ecstatic, energized or motivated. With lots of emotion attached you tag the goal
as important to your subconscious mind.

A common problem when goal setting is “resistance” from your subconscious.

If your goal is “I am slim and weigh XX pounds” your subconscious might still be functioning with old programming,
believing you want to be over weight and therefore resists your efforts to slim down.

Instead, set your goal using words designed to avoid subconscious resistance, such as:

• “I choose to be slim and weigh XX pounds”.

• “I now allow myself to be slim and weigh XX pounds”.

This places your subconscious in a state of acceptance. It will then begin working on possibilities to create your desired

4. Focus on the goal and not the plan:

This is a difficult concept for many to grasp. We are programmed from childhood to believe if we want anything, we need
to go out and work hard to get it.

The more intelligent we are, the more we try to control our outcomes.

You may have often heard when you set your goals it is important to prepare a plan as to how you will achieve these goals
- I disagree!

The subconscious mind and Universal Intelligence are powerful beyond our understanding.

When you consciously try to figure out how to do or accomplish anything, you are sending a clear message to both your
subconscious and Universal Intelligence you can achieve this goal without any help.

Instead, focus on your goal and not how you will achieve it. This allows the creative forces of both your subconscious and
Universal Intelligence to flow through you and provide the plan for achieving your goals.

Often, the plan provided to achieve a goal is not necessarily the one we would have intellectually decided to take.

Be careful here! There are two important aspects you must be aware of.

First, a plan is necessary, but it is probably not the one you would have consciously chosen to create. The plan you use
should be the one you receive on an intuitive level.

Second, you need to take action once the plan is revealed to you!

It amazes me the number of doomsayers who criticize the Law of Attraction as hocus pocus because they totally miss the
part about taking action.

5. Set your goals definitively:

Every time you change your mind, you confuse the subconscious. How can you possibly manifest any goal if you can't
decide exactly what you want?
A much better technique would be to add a new goal instead of changing one.

For example, say you wanted to purchase a new leather jacket. You know exactly which coat you want and write down
every detail.

Then, you see another jacket you like better. Instead of changing your goal or trying to decide which one you really want,
just add a new goal for the second jacket.

6. Set your goals with an Insurance Clause:

Everyone knows the value of insurance. You have it “just in case” something goes wrong.

Goal setting is not any different. Sometimes we unknowingly set goals which are not good for us or contradict other goals.

There is an old expression “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.

I now place an insurance clause at the end of every goal I write. Here’s the one I use:

I accept this or something better. Please make this happen in ways that are for the highest good of myself
and everyone else involved.

7. Read your finished goal aloud to see how it feels:

This is the last step for this section. Set your goals, write them out, then read each one aloud. Feel if there is any
subconscious resistance.

If your subconscious mind is not in agreement with a goal, you will not achieve it.

When you read a goal, if you experience any subconscious resistance, it is usually accompanied with fear or worry
thoughts such as you are not capable or cannot succeed.

There are two techniques to overcome this resistance.

The first is to reword your goal until you no longer feel any resistance, using phrases such as “I choose to” or “I now allow
myself to”.

The second is to apply one of the releasing techniques explained in Step Three.

This completes how to "set your goals" with correct wording so the subconscious mind will work 24/7 to manifest your

I know goal setting may seem like a lot of work at first, but the more you do it, the better you get and the easier it

Now that you have set your goals to be effective, in the next section I will explain how to use these goals to turbo charge
your results.

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Achieving Goals - Self Help

(6.iv) A Manifestation Process That Works!

You have written great goals – What's next?
Achieving goals requires more effort than simply writing them down.

Most think success flows to us (inward) – from something or someone outside of our self. This mindset places you in the
position of waiting for success to happen.

Actually, success is already within you and it flows outwards.

In other words, achieving goals begins and grows in your mind first. You need to see and believe you are already
successful, in both conscious thoughts and subconscious beliefs.

Then success will flow outward from you. Remember, what you send out is what you get back.

Send out success, whether it is love, happiness, wealth, gratitude or good health and it all comes back to you multiplied.

Earlier in this tutorial I stated “Success is 90% the result of what is in your mind and only 10% the result of the system or
career path you choose”.

Most of the information I present on this Web site has to do with your conscious thoughts and subconscious programming.

Your mind is the true key to your success.

Scientific human brain research explained in Step One proves the subconscious thinks in five areas of the brain and is
about 800 times more powerful than your conscious mind.

The subconscious creates beliefs and goals you are not even aware of.

Now, let’s harness this subconscious power!

A Day In The Life:

The entire process of setting and achieving goals is actually a mental exercise in planning and creating your life (your
reality) as you choose it to be.

Effectively, you set your goals in writing to determine how you choose each day of your life to unfold.

You have stepped into the future to envision your dream life. Then you wrote the entire script for the movie of your life.

You are the star of this movie.

Can you imagine a lead actor/actress given a script, then trying to perform without preparation? It would be a disaster.

Instead, they memorize their lines, practice "being" the character and see themselves as that person.

Life is no different.

Let’s look at the actions you can take right “now” and every day to begin achieving goals which you have consciously

Achieving goals:

The process for achieving goals is really quite simple.

1. Eliminate the negatives.

2. Re-program the subconscious mind with positives - achieving your goals.
3. Take action when you feel the time is right.

Although it is simple, most will abandon their dreams to soon; thinking the process does not work.
Let’s put the process of achieving goals into a logical and profoundly efficient system which turbo charges your results.

1. Daily goals review:

Review your goals twice daily, in the morning and evening. Doing this helps to create new neural pathways - new beliefs.

The more you review each goal, the larger, stronger and more often these neuron patterns will fire. These neuron patterns
are new beliefs programmed into your subconscious by choice.

When you first awaken each day, the subconscious is in the “Alpha” or learning state and is most susceptible to re-

Then throughout the day your subconscious will bring to your attention anything which draws you closer to achieving goals.

At night while you sleep, the subconscious is still awake and active. Your focus immediately before bed is what the
subconscious will work on.

Reviewing your goals before bed gives you the extra advantage of having the subconscious mind work on achieving goals
while you sleep.

This is why many experts often recommend you do not watch the news before bed. You subconscious will constantly be
focused on events like war, murder or terrorism - negativity.

2. Visualize:

In Step Four I explained visualization is a key to achieving goals.

Images, pictures and symbols are the language of the subconscious.

With the added power of strong emotion, the subconscious easily understands your communication and flags it as

Then, it will work 24/7 to help you live into your dream. Rather than merely reading your goals, supercharge your results
with visualization.

3. Affirmations:

Take each goal and create affirmations which can be used regularly throughout your day. These affirmations also help in
creating the neuron patterns that fire the easiest.

As with reading your goals and visualizing, affirmations create new subconscious beliefs which are in harmony with your

You can also record affirmations on your computer and either rip a CD or download to an iPod. Then replay your
affirmations whenever convenient, such as driving, walking, working out or jogging.

Affirmations are positive self-talk and they help tremendously in conditioning your mind to focus on achieving goals.

4. Create A Picture Book:

Get pictures of your goals from magazines, brochures and the Internet. Place them on a goals board and/or in your

The subconscious understands and communicates in pictures and images. Think of the subconscious mind as a foreigner
that doesn't speak your language.
The most effective method of communication is pictures and images; otherwise the subconscious simply won't understand

To produce maximum impact on your subconscious, get photos which include you, such as sitting in the car of your dreams
or standing in front of your new house.

5. Cognitive Witnessing:

Develop the habit of monitoring your thoughts.

Keep a journal to record your thoughts and each time you catch a negative, non-supporting thought immediately replace it
with a mental image of yourself achieving goals.

Humans are pre-programmed to be negative by genetic DNA and early childhood caregivers. This is designed to keep us
aware of danger, safe and protected. However, negativity is usually detrimental to success.

Fortunately, we have emotions which alert us to negative thoughts.

Every time you have a negative thought, you will experience a negative emotion such as fear, worry or anxiety.

Don’t fight the negativity. Instead, just embrace it, acknowledge it and thank it for making you aware.

Then release your emotional attachment. Change the direction and focus of your mind with an image of yourself achieving
goals from your list.

Becoming aware of your own thoughts and beliefs is undoubtedly the most effective technique I have experienced for
achieving goals by eliminating the useless, self-sabotaging chatter in our minds.

6. Meditate:

I explained the power of meditation in Step Four.

Get connected to your higher self and Infinite Intelligence. All the answers and all the ideas you will ever need are already
within you.

Quiet the “noise” in your mind through meditation and allow yourself to hear the messages sent by your subconscious.

7. Emotional Releasing:

When you encounter any resistance to achieving goals, such as a negative belief or thought, release the emotional
attachment using the techniques from Step Three.

Releasing subconscious blocks clears the path for success.

It is possible to achieve success without releasing. However, in my personal experience, emotional blocks eventually will
stop you.

If you choose not to slay the dragon, eventually it will destroy your progress.

8. Journal:

Write in your journal daily. This is effectively communicating with your subconscious.

Record your successes every day and also write you want more of these. Record your failures and write you don’t want any
more of these.
Ask your subconscious for answers such as:

• What can I do to accelerate my achievements?

• What is my next step?
• What is the solution to a specific problem?

Writing things down is like therapy and it also helps to clear negative energy. When you expose your limitations, they
immediately begin to lose power over you.

9. Take Action:

Remember, I cautioned you earlier in this tutorial. Don’t do anything simply for the sake of being active. Instead, take
intuitive action. When you “feel” something needs to be done, by all means do it.

At first, until you get the hang of this process, you may very well feel stagnant. No ideas, no intuitive nudges, nothing
appears to be happening.

As you continue using all the techniques to re-program your subconscious, ideas and plans begin to appear. Before you
know it, you will have so many ideas coming your way it will be difficult to stay focused on the important ones.

What a great position to be in!

9. Celebrate every success:

Focus on the good - attract more good.

Have fun – enjoy life. Yes it is important to have direction in life, but allow the child within you to be happy and have fun
along the way.

When visualizing yourself achieving goals, see yourself enjoying the success, feel the excitement and happiness knowing
your dream is now reality.

Don't forget to actually celebrate when your goal shows up in your reality.

10. Express Gratitude:

Do everything with gratitude.

Expressing gratitude also gets you in the habit of focusing on the good in life.

What you focus and think about is what you attract. (I've repeated this often so it will really sink into your mind)

10. Add to your goals:

Regularly you will become aware of additional goals you desire. Add them to your list.

Especially add the small goals. They are easily accomplished and get you in the habit of knowing and believing that
achieving goals is now a part of your life.

Can achieving goals really be this simple?

Some of you need proof this works - facts.

Here is scientific fact: the RAS (reticular activating system) determines if something needs to be brought to your
immediate attention. If so, it sends a message to your conscious level so you can notice it or respond to it.
Things get onto your RAS important list through repetition, visualization, focus and pictures. This is how you control the
subconscious so it will bring to your attention anything to do with achieving goals.

Secondly all of the above techniques create new neural pathways in your brain. Neurode patterns used the most are
largest in number, fire easiest and fastest.

This has been scientifically proven.

Some of you are less interested in proof and more inclined to believe in the ethereal or Infinite Intelligence.

These techniques all help to raise your vibrational energy level and place you in a state of harmony with your goals.

This is where you attract that which you desire through the Universal Law of Attraction.

Quantum physics also states that which you observe is what you manifest. Observing yourself achieving goals therefore
helps to manifest success.

Either way scientifically or esoterically you win!

The Problem:

You are doing everything I have laid out. Nothing seems to be happening.

Don’t get discouraged. Stay focused on your goals. It may take time to get your subconscious in alignment with your
conscious desires.

Also, perhaps the goal you thought you wanted is not something you should have. (Remember the insurance clause?)

As long as you are focused on achieving goals, you will manifest your desires, receive an insight to change your goal or
feel the need to remove a subconscious block.

The most exciting and rewarding part of the entire goal setting process is rewriting your goals for even higher
achievement. In achieving goals, you now need to aim for a higher target.

This keeps life exciting, rewarding and a true joy to experience.

One last reminder, it takes 21 to 30 consecutive days to re-program your subconscious and make any lasting change.

Repetition, repetition, repetition! That's how to create new neural pathways in the subconscious that are supportive to
achieving goals you have chosen.

Self Help Tutorial Conclusion

Congratulations for sticking with me and making it through this self help tutorial.

My goal in creating this Web site is to:

1. Educate, inform and expand your awareness of what is possible.

2. Provide tips, tools and techniques to clear out the emotional baggage and re-program your
subconscious for success.
3. Help you find self-love and fill that hole inside you.
4. Inspire you to take action.

I sincerely hope I have helped you in some way to discover a better way to live.

Always remember to: "Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death."
To continue learning and programming your subconscious, I suggest you check out the Self Help Articles where new
content will be added as time permits.