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6, 2013

NR # 3309

Construction of water wells in all barangays nationwide pushed

A neophyte lawmaker has filed a bill providing for the construction of water wells, rainwater collectors, development of springs and rehabilitation of existing water wells in all barangays in the country. Rep. Lorna Velasco ( arty!list, A"A# said $ouse %ill &''( seeks to ensure that clean water is available to every )ilipino in the urban, rural areas or those in far!flung, remote, mountainous, or outlying coastal areas. Velasco said it is the duty of the *tate to provide a conveniently available source of clean water for every )ilipino. +A program on a national scale that could provide ade,uate clean water supply for every barangay in the country should be the government-s primordial concern,. Velasco said. Velasco said hygiene and proper sanitation are natural re,uirements to promote the health and physical well!being of every )ilipino. /he drastic climate change, the exponential increase in the population and the ever!rising cost of water supplied by the water utilities impose a great burden among )ilipinos especially the marginali0ed. Velasco said since Republic Act 1231 otherwise known as +An Act roviding for the 4onstruction of 5ater 5ells, Rainwater 4ollectors, 6evelopment of *prings and Rehabilitation of 7xisting 5ater 5ells in All %arangays in the hilippines. was enacted on "arch 32, 3(8(, the same was ineffectively implemented during the duration of its period of execution. +6ue to the expiration of the period of implementation of said law, many barangays throughout the country is still left without an ade,uate source of clean water,. Velasco said. Velasco said the bill seeks to address this over!riding concern because R.A. 1231 was only implemented for the period covering 3(8(!3((& and the development of springs and construction of rainwater collectors were not actively pursued and fully implemented during the said term. According to the lawmaker, the 6epartment of ublic 5orks and $ighways (6 5$# reported only 29: rainwater collection systems built from &'33!&'3;. /his is not enough to meet the clean water supply of )ilipinos in every district, Velasco said. +/here is a need to re!enact and extend the period of said law to provide additional

sources of clean water to the )ilipinos and continue and revive this ;!year program to address the water shortage crisis that continues to plague our country in order to help alleviate the plight of our countrymen for clean water,. Velasco stressed. <nder the measure, the 6 5$ is mandated to undertake the construction of water wells, rainwater collectors, development of springs and rehabilitation of existing water wells in all barangays in the country in such number as may be needed and feasible. =n order to ensure the proper use of the water facilities, a %arangay 5aterworks and *anitation Association (%5*A# shall be formed and organi0ed. /he funds needed for the implementation of the construction, rehabilitation and repair program shall be taken from any available appropriations of the 6 5$ in the >eneral Appropriations Act, and shall be subse,uently included in &'3:, &'39 and its targeted completion not later than 6ecember ;3, &'31. Also, a portion of financial grants and concessional loans extended to the hilippines by foreign governments and multilateral agencies every year, the amount to be determined by the resident, shall be allocated by the 6epartment of %udget and "anagement (6%"# to augment the appropriations of the 6 5$ until 3'',''' water wells, rainwater collectors and springs are completed. (;'# lvc