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What is the ASME U Stamp?

Introduction We at Sure Flow stress the fact that our custom products are designed and manufactured to ASME Section VIII, Division 1, urrent Edition! Wh"# $his write%up provides a histor" and the most important sections to &Sure Flow as a manufacturer'!

Sample of Sure Flow Equipment Inc. nameplate

ASME is the acron"m for American Societ" of Mechanical Engineers! Founded in 1((), ASME is a professional organi*ation focused on technical, education and research issues in the engineering and technolog" communit"! ASME develops and maintains internationall" recogni*ed industrial and manufacturing codes and standards that enhance pu+lic safet"! In 1,11, ASME formed a committee with the o+-ective of formulating a collection of standards to govern the manufacture of steam +oilers and other pressure vessels! $his need +ecame apparent shortl" after the invention of the steam engine in the late 1(th centur"! In the 1,th centur" there were literall" thousands of +oiler e.plosions around the world, some of which resulted in man" deaths! $he committee is named the /oiler and 0ressure Vessel ommittee! It is currentl" responsi+le for esta+lishing rules of safet" governing the design, fa+rication and inspection during construction of pressure vessels, and to interpret these rules when 1uestions arise regarding their content! $he rules are compiled and pu+lished as the ASME /oiler and 0ressure Vessels ode! $he ode is divided into 12 sections! $hese sections cover topics ranging from the construction of +oilers, pressure vessels, transport tan3s and nuclear power plant components, to the in%service inspection for pressure integrit" of nuclear components and transport tan3s! $he most important sections to Sure Flow as a manufacturer of strainers are Section VIII Division 1, &4ules for onstruction of 0ressure Vessels'5 Section II, &Materials'5 Section V, & 6ondestructive E.amination'5 and Section I7, &Welding and /ra*ing 8ualifications'! Since 1,19, ASME has accredited companies in the pressure vessel industr" to certif" that their products, services and 1ualit" s"stem compl" with the ASME /oiler and 0ressure Vessel ode! When dealing with strainers, this acceptance and certification is s"m+oli*ed +" the &: Stamp' for pressure vessels and &:M Stamp' for miniature pressure vessels! Sure Flow is authori*ed +" ASME to use the : or :M ode S"m+ols, as applica+le, on strainers +uilt in strict accordance with the provisions of the ode! $he S"m+ol on a vessel is used to confirm the stamped item is in conformance to the latest edition of the ode! :sing the ASME ode S"m+ol Stamp is a wa" of compl"ing with the laws and regulations in all the provinces of anada and all ;) states in the :!S!A! In addition, it has +een estimated that over 1))

countries accept the ASME /oiler and 0ressure Vessel ode as a means of meeting their government safet" regulations! $he re1uirements of appl"ing a : or :M ode S"m+ol to a strainer encompass the whole process from design to purchasing to production and testing! Starting right with the design, there are rules to +e followed! 0arameters such as wall thic3nesses, materials, flange ratings, welding details, and e.tent of nondestructive e.amination are determined +" design conditionssuch as pressure, temperature, corrosion allowance, fluid running through the strainer, and an" specific re1uests from the customer! /ased on these conditions a comprehensive set of calculations are prepared! $he" are reviewed and approved +" the ASME Inspector! <nce the design has +een approved, the materials can +e purchased! Materials used must compl" with the /oiler and 0ressure Vessel ode, in particular Section II 0arts A through D! Material $est 4eports are re1uired for all materials! $hese reports include such things as chemical anal"sis, heat treatment performed =as applica+le> and an" 6DE testing results! 4eview of the reports will determine if the material is in compliance with the ode re1uirements! $he reports are supplied +" the vendor with the material! All material must +e clearl" identified to trace it to the applica+le Material $est 4eport! $he ASME Inspector will chec3 the material and review the Material $est 4eports to ensure their conformit" to the ode! /efore production can +egin, the Inspector will verif" that the weld procedure to +e used has +een 1ualified and the welders performing the welding are certified! $his is in accordance with Section I7! At the same time, the Inspector will inform us of the e.tent of his inspection on the fa+rication part of the -o+! :suall", he will want to see the strainer fit%up, that is the unit -ust +efore the welding is performed! $he ne.t step is to review the unit after fa+rication is complete to ensure welding was performed to ode re1uirements! At the same time, he will review an" nondestructive testing results! $hen he will witness a h"drostatic test performed in accordance with the re1uirements of Section VIII Division 1! $he final step is the application of the nameplate! $his is also witnessed +" the Inspector! $he nameplate will +e mar3ed with relevant design conditions and the : or :M ode S"m+ol! ASME and SURE FLOW Manufacturing in accordance with ASME standards provides "ou with Sure Flow products of the highest 1ualit", relia+ilit" and integrit"! 0lus, Sure Flow is IS< ,))1?2))) ertified and holds an IS< ,))1?2))) ertificate of 4egistration from the @lo+al ertification 6etwor3 so "ou can +e assured we provide the perfect product!