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Important Reference Books for Gate (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

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.:: Important Reference Books for Gate (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) ::.
Im portant Reference Books for Gate (Com puter Science and
Like 46k

Exam Details Resources Reference Books GATE Cutoff

Engineering) Im portant Reference Books for Gate (Electronics and

S.No. Book T itle 1. 2. 3. 4. Network Analy sis Solutions of Network Analy sis Engg. Circuit Analy sis Network Analy sis

Author V an V alken Burg GK Publications Hay t and Kemmerly Soni and Gupta Narsing Others) Chakrav arthy Roy Choudary (Networks and Sy stems) Schaums Series Prof Y oganarasimhan Boy lested and Neshelsky Sedra and Smith Millman and Halkias (Black Pad) Millman and Grabel Millman and Halkias Deo (Cutset and

Com m unication Engineering) Im portant Reference Books for Gate (Mechanical Engineering)


Graph T heory


Circuit T heory


Circuit T heory

8. 9. 1 0. 11.

Electric Circuits Network T heory Electronic Dev ices Circuits Microelectronic Circuits

1 2.

Electronic Dev ices Circuits

1 3. 1 4.

Microelectronics Integrated Electronics

1 5. 1 6. 17 . 1 8. 1 9. 20. 21 . 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Electronic Circuits Switching and Finite Autom atic T heory Digital Logic and Com puter Design Digital Electronics Digital Sy stem s, Principles and Applications Microprocessor and its Applications Microprocessors Microprocessors Autom atic Control Sy stem s Control Sy stem s Modern Control Sy stem s OP Am ps and Linear Integrated Circuits

Schilling and Belov e Kohav i Mano malv ino and Leach Tocci Goankar B Ram Douglus V Hall BC Kuo Nagarath and Gopal Ogata Gay akwad


27 .

Important Reference Books for Gate (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Electrical and Electronic Measurem ents and Instrum entation DC Machines Measurem ents and Measuring Instrum ents Electrical Machines Electrical Machines Electrical T echnology T he perform ance and Design of AC Machines Electrical Engg. (Problem s and Solutions) Electrical Machines Electrical Machines Elem ents of Power Sy stem Analy sis Modern Power Sy stem Analy sis Electrical Power Sy stem s AK Sawhney


GB Bharadhwajan

29. 30. 31 . 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37 . 38.

Nagarath and Kohav i PS Bimhra Hughes MG Say Natesan Mukherjee & Chakrav arthy JB Gupta William D Stev enson Nagrath and Kothari Wadhwa

39. 40. 41 . 42. 43. 44.

Power Sy stem s Power Sy stem s Power Electronics Power Electronics Power Electronics Electricity and Magnetism Engineering Phy sics (For Basic Electricity & Magnetism ) Phy sics PART II (Electricity and Magnetism ) Basic Electronics Electrom agnetics Engineering Electrom agnetics Problem s and Solutions of Engg.

V K Mehta (For basics of PS) Badri Ram PS Bimbhra Singh, Khanchandani Rammoorthy BS Agrawal


Gaur and Gupta

46. 47 . 48. 49.

Resnic and Hallday Millman and Grab Administer William Hay t


Electrom agnetics Field T heory Elem ents of Electrom agnetics Basic Electrical Engineering Prev ious GAT E EEE question papers Brijlal and Subram aniam Prev ious IES (Objectiv e questions only )

By Ex perienced Teachers

51 . 52. 53. 54. 55.

KA Gangadhar NO Sadiku Nagarath and Kothari GK Publications Electricity and Magnetism


Question Papers Civ il Serv ices Prelim s in

GK Publications

57 .

GK Publications
Published on 9/1/2011



Important Reference Books for Gate (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

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