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Secrets and Tips for a Successful SAP Console Implementation

RESOURCES Choose your consulting resources very carefully. You may be told that you need an SAP Console Consultant; but what does that really mean? Do you get an ABAP Programmer? Do you get a SAP unctional Consultant in! say! "#? $he answer is that you need both. You need a very good ABAP Programmer. Do not fall in the tra% which some SAP &e'%erts& may sell you a SAP Console s%ecific ABAP %rogrammer. $here is no s%ecial (nowledge to %rogram in ABAP for SAP Console than there is for any other ABAP %rogram. )f the %rogrammer (nows ABAP then he*she can automatically create %rograms for SAP Console. $he e'tra (nowledge that needs to be (nown by an ABAP %rogrammer s%ecifically for SAP Console can be learned within +, minutes. You will also need an SAP Console -ogistics Consultant. $his SAP Consultant! in addition to the SAP Console s%ecific (nowledge she*he should also be an all.round good -ogistics consultant as well. You may be told that you need a unctional "# Consultant. $hat is %artially correct . you need your SAP Consultant to (now "#! in addition to ##! )#! SD! /#! and PP. "hy? Because SAP Console %rocesses involve the scanning and data collection of your %roducts within and during the %rocesses of all the above mentioned SAP #odules. or e'am%le; when you do an )nbound from Purchasing you must be able to lin( the SAP Console %rocess to transactions within )# and "# de%ending on whether your warehouse is )# or "# managed. "hen you do an )nbound from Production then your SAP Console consultant needs to (now the PP %rocedures. "hen you do an 0utbound with a Sales Delivery to your clients then the SAP Console consultant needs to (now the SD! "# and )# %rocesses. 0f course there are many internal "# and*or )# transaction )n addition if your organi1ation uses /# for the 2uality %rocess then the SAP Console consultant must (now /# which also intervenes along many %rocesses within ##! SD! and PP. $herefore! the SAP Console Consultant must be familiar with all the above modules. Do not fall for the tra% that an ABAP %rogrammer will be able to do the SAP Console im%lementation on his*her own. #ost ABAP %rogrammers lac( the functional and configuration (nowledge of all the above SAP #odules. A good SAP Console consultant should be able to %rovide advice on3 all the above modules! on SAP Console! on the 4ardware and Software choices and re2uirements that come along with an SAP Console im%lementation! on "-A5s re2uirements on Security and 6ncry%tion technology and im%lementation of a "ireless environment #a(e sure that the SAP Console Consultant and the ABAP %rogrammer wor( really closely . their offices %hysically in close %ro'imity from each other in order to achieve ra%id testing! error finding! resolution and retesting turn around cycles. SAP CONSOLE HARDWARE SO!TWARE Before you %urchase your 7 Barcoding e2ui%ment you need to first analyse your %rocesses to find out how these e2ui%ment will be used. $he 7 4andheld $erminals must be user friendly to use and this really de%ends on your %rocesses. Some 7 handheld terminals have many directly accessible buttons and functions on their (eyboard! but this means that the buttons are %retty small and hard to see. $his in turn would ma(e it difficult for the 8sers to o%erate in a dar( warehouse for e'am%le.

0n the other hand are other 7 handheld devices which have fewer but larger buttons on their (eyboards. "hile this may seem really user friendly! it also means that many functions in order to be %erformed they will have to be e'ecuted with a combination of (ey stro(es on the 7 handheld device. "hat does this mean for your training and ma(ing sure your users remember the (ey stro(es? $here are many other issues to consider when deciding for the hardware e2ui%ment such as the "ireless Access Points 9brands! functionality! "ireless security:! the servers to run SAP Console and so on. $here are also many issues to consider in relation to Software re2uirements and im%lementation such as $elnet server and Client! the SAP Console $e't ;8)! the 0S and 6mulation software im%lementation and configuration for the 7 terminals and so on. WLAN CHOICES AND SECURIT" Along with the any SAP Console im%lementation comes the im%lementation of a "ireless -ocal Area 5etwor( 9"-A5:. You need to ma(e choices again on hardware e2ui%ment and technology 9<,+.==b! <,+.==a! <,+.==g! or the u%coming <,+.==i:. $here are numerous issues to consider in ma(ing the right decision. "hat about Security? )m%lementing a "-A5 without security for your data and your internal networ( is li(e leaving your house unloc(ed for anyone to wal( in. A good SAP Console consultant would be able to advise you on these issues. THE #OTTO$ LINE Be careful who you trust. Your SAP Console im%lementation can be e'tremely successful with good SAP Console Consultants and good ABAP %rogrammers. #ore often than not! your %rocesses will not be covered by the standard SAP Console %rocesses . do not fall in the tra% that the &standard wor(s fine&. $here are com%anies in the mar(et %romising that they can im%lement SAP Console within =, days . this is an outright wrong statement. )f you want to do it right you will have to analy1e your %rocesses! configure! develo%! test and train your users to your com%any>s s%ecification. A successful and com%lete SAP Console im%lementation which would include the tas(s of Business Analysis and Blue%rinting! 4ardware*Software 7 /s and Purchase! )m%lementation! Configuration! $esting! $raining and ;o.-ive realistically will ta(e anywhere from ? to @ months de%ending on the %rocesses you will im%lement! the Purchasing fle'ibility! the o%enness of the %roAect! the amount of %olitics within your organi1ation! the s%eed of decision ma(ing! the degree of good communication. or more detailed information! hel% and to %urchase our services %lease contacts us via our web site*contactus.htm or you may email to . "e will be ha%%y to serve you and hel% you have one of the most successful im%lementations your organi1ation ever had.