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Suspiria 1977 film review

Suspiria (1977) directed by Dario Argento was an Italian horror film, story based on a ballet boarding school. The main character-Suzy was from America and come to here for study and strange things happened around her and student keep being murdered and finally she found out the story about the things behind the secret blue flower and kill the black queen witch. By creating an environment with a superfluity of colored light, they make it impossible for the viewer to attach specific motivators to specific colors. Freeing themselves to use whatever color they like whatever they like. Faces are lit in color even that no stained glass is visible. A shot lit in red is cut together with a counter-shot lit in green, In a red room, lighting flashes green, In a blue room, lighting flashes pink, perhaps because a window somewhere is pink, or perhaps because we are looking into an imagined world in which Newtonian optics has been perverted. (Misek, 2010. P.142) Fig.1 poster of Suspiria

Fig2, Suzy walking downs the corridor

According to Misek, It was readable that the colour in this film was really complementary and dramatic as it created a horror tension, as the colour of the lighting is tending to bring the audience to another mystery spaces. Furthermore, the red as a colour is a kind of psychological horror in visual, which makes audience uncomfortable and nervous.

Fig3, Suzy in the taxi to school Further enveloping the listener in a hellish atmosphere throughout the score are the wheezing, wailing, screaming, groaning voices of the band members, sounding like evil spirits echoing up from the pits of hell. Most of the tracks use repetitive trancelike patterns overlaid with distorted free-form vocalisms to create a persistent atmosphere of fear and loathing that reinforces the plot concerning witches and curses. (Spencer, 2008,P.279)

It was noticeable that the sounds in this film, was also an important element to create the horror atmosphere. Compare with Repulsion1965 -the previous films have watched in lecture, Suspiria was oppositely building up the scene with loud soundtrack while Repulsion was silence. It could be seen that the soundtrack was building follow by the scene and it gave a sign to audience that something is going to happen. The tension was placed before the scary moment. While in Repulsion in a silence state, which audiences might not recognize and suddenly with a loud sound to create the scary moment. The tension was all around the film.

Fig4. Suzy found out the secret of the flower Inferno continues a conceptual link begun with Suspiria to that of fairy -like ambiance, the lost innocent among the (supernatural) world of decadence decay and danger loses innocence and possibly life. (Paul, 2005)

It was interesting that the story was based on witches as a supernatural power to murder and it was noticeable that the line of the story was different too, it havent emphasized the background in too long but also give a line which the thing behind the blue secret flower in the beginning of the film and found out in the end of the film. This was the clue to connect the whole films wiith the different strange things and murders.

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Fig2, Suzy walking downs the corridor (Accessed on7/12/13)

Fig3, Suzy in the taxi to school (Accessed on7/12/13)

Fig4. Suzy found out the secret of the flower (Accessed on7/12/13)