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The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College


Vol: V No: 14

DIARY OF WEEKLY EVENTS Monday 9th December 2013 Cologne Trip 8.55 am St John Boste Assembly ~ St Annes Hall (Mr Linden) P5 7 Year 11 Controlled Assessment ~ St Annes Hall 6.00 pm Sixth Form Open Evening Tuesday 10th December 8.55 am Year 12 Assembly ~ Common Room (Dr Lester) St Margaret Clitherow Assembly ~ St Annes Hall (Mr Linden) Year 8 Centre for Life Year 9 / Year 10 Clothes Show Live Wednesday 11th December 8.55 am Year 13 Assembly ~ Common Room (Dr Lester) St Thomas More Assembly ~ St Annes Hall (Mr Linden) Blessed John Ingram Assembly ~ Dining Hall (Anne Marie) Year 7 Centre for Life Behind Bars ~ Sixth Form Common Room th Thursday 12 December 8.55 am St Anne Line Assembly ~ St Annes Hall (Mr Linden) Break Cafod Cake Sale ~ Sixth Form Foyer (pm) Carol Singing (Choir) 4.00 pm Year 12 Parents Evening ~ Sixth Form th Friday 13 December (am) Sports Hall Athletics P1 3 Gambia Vaccinations 10.00 am Sixth Form Reconciliation ~ St Annes Hall School Council ~ Conference Room Morning Prayers Week beginning: 9th December Year 12 th 16 December Year 12

Prayer for the Week

Emmanuel, when you lived in Israel of old, some accepted you, but some did not. Some listened to your words only to look for the loophole. Some of us still do that, even when we claim to be your disciples. Lord, help us to stand in awe before your holy word and humble ourselves to accept what we cannot understand. Help us to find real freedom in you. Amen


Headteachers Comments
Town Champions
Well done to the Y8 Sportshall Athletics team who won the Town Championship last week.

Musical Notes
Congratulations to Olivia Bennison and Christine Uchendu who both achieved Distinctions in their Grade 1 Music Theory exams.

Trips and Visits

Well done to those who attended the Y10 and 11 Retreat at the Youth Village at the weekend and to those who visited Cologne. Good luck to those who are visiting the Clothes Show next week.

Parents Evenings
Thank you to Y9 students who attended the Parents Evening with their parents last week and to the Prefects who marshalled the event so superbly. On Thursday, we have the Y12 Parents Evening.

Hartlepool Boroough Council

Last week we had a visit from the Chief Executive of the Council, Dave Stubbs, who was particularly struck by the courtesy and respect shown by our students. On Friday morning we will be visited by Gill Alexander who is responsible for all schools in Hartlepool. She will be touring classrooms and I am confident that she will be given a similar English Martyrs welcome.

Suzie Clarke
I know that many students will remember Suzie, our Lunchtime Supervisor. In July she had an horrendous accident from which she is making a very slow recovery. I am delighted to say that she took her first steps this week during a course of physiotherapy. Anybody wishing to send Suzie a card or message can do so by calling to the school office where a box will be available.

Bl John Ingram
Well done to all involved in the Bl John Ingram Mass last Friday.

Former Student
Group Captain Richard Maddison OBE, 43, was appointed as an Aide de Camp to the Queen, shortly after taking post as Station Commander and head of the RAFs Chinook Force at RAF Odiham in Hamps hire. On a personal level, I know that I would not have had the career I have had without the support of my family, of English Martyrs School and particular of the Air Training Corps in Hartlepool, through which I was fortunate enough to be awarded a flying scholarship, which taught me to fly while a cadet.

Jokes and Riddles

Q: What is the difference between an Oak tree and a tight shoe? A: One makes acorns and the other makes corns ache. Q: What is in the middle of nowhere? (Students are welcome to let me know if they have the solution to this riddle.) What kind of tree could a Maths teacher climb? = Geometry


General Notices
EMA Christmas Raffle
Tickets are now on sale for the annual EMA Christmas raffle: 1st prize: iPad Mini 2nd prize: IPod 3rd prize: Cricket bat signed by Graham Onions. Tickets are 1 each and available from Form Tutors or the Main Office. A prize will be awarded to the tutor group that sells the most tickets.

Hartlepool Foodbank
The Hartlepool Foodbank is currently running low on supplies. If you feel that you can make a donation of non-perishable food, please come and drop it in the collection basket in the chapel. All donations are gratefully received. Anne Marie

Give a Child a Gift

Mrs Ramshaw (School Kitchen) is collecting gifts for children who are less fortunate than ourselves. If you would like to donate a gift please bring it to the school kitchen (unwrapped). Gifts can be for girls or boys, babies to teenagers. Thank you very much for your support.

Christmas Mass
St Cuthberts: St John Vianneys: St Joseph's: St Patricks: St Marys: St Teresas: St Thomas More: Christmas Eve Carols 7.00 pm Christmas Day Mass 9.00 am Christmas Eve Carols 6.30 pm Christmas Day Mass 10.00 am Christmas Eve Carols 5.00 pm Christmas Day Mass 10.15 am Christmas Eve Carols 7.30 pm Christmas Day Mass 10.00 am Christmas Eve Carols 5.30 pm Christmas Day Mass 9.30 am Christmas Eve Carols 5.00 pm Christmas Day No service Christmas Eve Carols 5.30 pm Christmas Day Mass 10.15 am Mass 7.30 pm Vigil 7.00 pm Mass 5.30 pm Vigil 8.00 pm Mass 6.00 pm Vigil 5.30 pm Mass 6.00 pm

Top of the Bench

Congratulations to James Burroughs Y11, Jacob Clyburn Y10, Ffion Lanigan Y9 and Elizabeth Shanks Y9 for competing in the Royal Society of Chemistrys Top of the Bench competition at Trinity School in Middlesbrough. There were nine schools participating and we finished a very respectable second. Well done! Miss Lodge

The English Martyrs Annual Christmas Concert

Tuesday 17th December 2013 7.00 pm, St Hildas Church Our Annual Christmas Concert will be held at St Hildas Church on Tuesday 17 th December at 7.00 pm. It is a beautiful setting and is always a musical highlight of the end of term celebrations. The Christmas Service promises to be a very special evening of music-making featuring the choir, the orchestra, readings and soloists. Admission is free and we look forward to seeing you on what we hope will be a most enjoyable evening. Mrs Boynton

School Council
The next School Council meeting will take place in the Conference Room at 10.00 am on Friday 13 th December.

Centre for Life

The annual trip to the Centre for Life is taking place again this year for students in Year 8 on Tuesday 10th December and for Year 7 students on Wednesday 11th December. Forty five sStudents have been chosen to attend an exciting day of ice skating, riding the 4D 'Santas Sleigh' motion ride and exploring Science in the Curiosity Zone. If you are lucky enough to have secured a place then don't forget we leave promptly at 8.55 am, meet in the dining hall in non-uniform. Miss Lodge

Cake Sale
There will be a cake sale in the Sixth Form Foyer on THURSDAY 12 th DECEMBER to raise funds for Cafod. Please come along and buy a cake!

Christmas House Activities 2013
Tuesday 17th December Boys Morning (P1 - 4) Event: Y8 Boys Swimming / Water polo Venue: Pool Afternoon (P6 - 9) Event: Y7 Boys 6-a-side Football Venue: Sports Hall Wednesday 18th December Boys Morning (P1 - 4) Event: Y9 Boys Basketball Venue: Gymnasium Afternoon (P6 - 9) Event: Y10 Boys Bombardment Venue: Sports Hall Girls Event: Y7 Girls Netball Venue: Sports Hall Event: Y8 Girls Swimming / Water polo Venue: Pool

Girls Event: Y9 Girls Volleyball Venue: Sports Hall Event: Y10 Girls Bombardment Venue: Gymnasium

If students are competing in morning activities they MUST still ATTEND REGISTRATION!! Mr Glynn


Sixth Form Notices

Year 12 Parents Evening Thursday 12th December 2013
This is an opportunity for you to bring along your parents / guardians to meet with teachers and discuss your current progress. If your parent / guardian cannot attend, please note that YOU ARE STILL EXPECTED TO ATTEND in order that you might have focused one to one discussions about your progress. You will receive a letter about the evening and inside will be an appointment sheet which you must take to your teachers. It is expected that you will meet with ALL OF YOUR TEACHERS within the various subject areas. The evening will run from 4 until 6 pm. Mr Roberts will be available on that evening should there be any general issues that you wish to discuss. On arrival, you will be given your most up to date Progress Review information to use as a foundation for discussions. Miss Bartholomew

Sixth Form Reconciliation and Thanksgiving Service Friday 13th December 2013.
The annual Sixth Form service will take place during PSHE on Friday 13th December. Both Year 12 and 13 will be in St Annes Hall along with your tutors and the sixth form team. It is always a really great occasion and chance to reflect before the New Year. Miss Bartholomew


Music Lessons
Drums Friday 13th December 9.00 am Joshua Burn 9.30 am Luke Fitzgerald 10.00 am Kim Foreman 10.30 am Kerrod Pounder 11.00 am Tom Burton 11.30 am Coleen Proudlock 12.00 noon Christian Tunney 12.30 pm Joshua Chapman th Thursday 19 December 9.00 am Luke Fitzgerald 9.30 am Kerrod Pounder 10.00 am Joshua Chapman 10.30 am Christian Tunney 11.00 am Joshua Burn 11.30 am Tom Burton 12.00 noon Kim Foreman 12.30 pm Coleen Proudlock Percussion Monday 9th December 8.00 am Nicholas Bennions 8.30 am Auditions 9.00 am Josh Chapman th Monday 16 December No lessons Joseph Marsh Nathan Lumley Olivia Ward Jack Woodward Luke Meredith Owen Burlinson Cameron Wilkinson Faye Hendry Joe Bell

Nathan Lumley Jack Woodward Cameron Wilkinson Joseph Marsh Luke Meredith Olivia Ward Owen Burlinson

Faye Hendry Joe Bell

Gabriel Smith

Guitar (Mr Harrison) Tuesday 10th December 1.00 pm 1.30 pm Harlea Oliver 2.00 pm Ieuan 2.30 pm Nathan Liddell-Archer Tuesday 17th December 1.00 pm Nathan Liddell-Archer 1.30 pm 2.00 pm Harlea Oliver 2.30 pm Ieuan Flute / Singing Friday 13th December 9.30 am Claire Collins 10.00 am Hannah Snowdon 10.30 am Bethany Causton 11.00 am Sam Linley 11.30 am Emma Smith 12.00 noon Anna Strickland 12.30 pm Eve Proctor 1.00 pm Sophie Wintersgill Violin / Viola
Monday 9th December 9.00 am Madeleine Smyth 9.30 am Michaela Westley 10.00 am Lois Joynt 10.30 am Nathan Lumley 11.00 am Alex Mullins 11.30 am Marella Balderosa 12.00 noon Abbi Mullins 12.30 pm Caitlin Chapman 3.15 pm Samuel Linley th Tuesday 10 December 9.00 am Gurketan Kandola 9.30 am Fion Langan 10.00 am Heather Pringle 10.30 am Eve Proctor Monday 16th December 9.00 am Marella Balderosa 9.30 am Michaela Westley 10.00 am Madeleine Smyth 10.30 am Caitlin Chapman 11.00 am Gurketan Kandola 11.30 am Fion Langan 12.00 noon Abbi Mullins 12.30 pm Heather Pringle 3.15 pm Samuel Linley Tuesday 17th December 9.00 am Lois Joynt 9.30 am Nathan Lumley 10.00 am Alex Mullins 10.30 am Eve Proctor



Isabella Starling

Josephine West

Holly Langley

Georgina Parvin Guerreiro Michael Allen Finlay Raynor Nicole Smart Anna Strickland Olivia Ward Rebecca Wright Jake Swinburne

Isabella Pettite Czarnelle Martin Alice Relton

Casey Johnson

Nicole Smart

Rebecca Wright Isabella Pettite Czarnelle Martin Anna Strickland Alice Relton

Jake Swinburne

Olivia Ward Casey Johnson

Georgina Parvin Guerreiro Michael Allen Finlay Raynor

Strings Monday 9th December 9.00 am Lucy Appleton 9.30 am Daniel Elliott 10.00 am Joshua Cain 10.30 am Georgina Holmes-Wise 11.00 am Krystal-Ann Reed 11.30 am Chloe Winwood th Tuesday 17 December 9.00 am Lucy Appleton 9.30 am Daniel Elliott 10.00 am Joshua Cain 10.30 am Georgina Holmes-Wise 11.00 am Krystal-Ann Reed 11.30 am Chloe Winwood Thursdays 2.15 pm Emma Smith

Jennifer Cope Thomas Wilkinson

Jennifer Cope Thomas Wilkinson


Group 7JB1 7JB2 7MC1 7MC2 7JI1 7JI2 7AL1 7AL2 7TM1 7TM2 8JB1 8JB2 8MC1 8MC2 8JI1 8JI2 8AL1 8AL2 8TM1 8TM2 9JB1 9JB2 9MC1 9MC2 9JI1 9JI2 9AL1 9AL2 9TM1 9TM2 Period: 25/11/2013 to 29/11/2013 % Attend Group 96.3 10JB1 KSP/LT 96.8 10JB2 DM 95.6 10MC1 KB 93.9 10MC2 NB 97.9 10JI1 PA 97.3 10JI2 CM/TN 93.8 10AL1 DMC 95.7 10AL2 RW 92.4 10TM1 LHO 93.2 10TM2 JB 95.8 11JB1 DC 94.1 11JB2 DW 96.8 11MC1 CB 99.5 11MC2 CE 89.1 11MC3 PR 93 11JI1 CG 99.2 11JI2 NDU 83.3 11AL1 ND 97.1 11AL2 EW 96 11TM1 ACN 96.3 11TM2 DCM 93.1 Totals 94.8 97.8 Group 95.9 St Margaret Clitherow 96.3 St John Boste 88.8 St Anne Line 93.5 Bl John Ingram 93.7 St Thomas More 98.8 Totals % Attend 96.2 86.3 93.8 94 93.3 94.6 96.2 92.1 96 88.5 89.1 91.4 93.9 80 85.2 97.5 95.9 93.5 97.9 95.2 94.2 94 % Attend 93.4 93.6 93.4 95.1 94.4 94