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By Alan Forester, CPA, Attorney WINES FROM CHILE


BIN Magazine Joins forces
with Jim Beam and California 40 CATEGORY FOCUS
retailers to pay tribute to BROWN IS THE NEW GOLD
Terry Farrell, a true American hero. Bourbon & American Brown Spirits
4 are gaining a new patina of status
6 INDUSTRY EVENT and respect, even under challenging
KAI VODKA economic and production conditions.







Through painstaking craftsmanship 62 INDUSTRY INSIGHT
and highly targeted marketing, By Lauren C. Tyson,
Diamond Beverages is insuring their Liquor Liability Consultant
ultra-premium vodka will be
“forever” in the hearts and minds of
the choosiest beverage accounts
and consumers.

WWW.ABCLAWYER.COM 800-464-1040
Beverage Industry News
Southern California
One of the most severe ways in which courts can impose DUI penalties is through the impo-
Business, Production and Editorial Office
sition of a felony offense. Typically, a felony DUI offense involves someone other than the 160 W. Foothill Parkway, Suite 105-95
driver being injured or killed as a result of the offense. Aside from court imposed penalties, Corona, CA 92882
951 272-4681 Fax 951 272-4816
a felony offense will often result in a civil action being brought by the injured party. In some
instances if a civil action is filed the driver will not be protected by the benefit of an insur- PRESIDENT
ance policy. Often, insurance companies include a policy that says if you drink and cause an Michael Chu
accident they will not pay.
A felony offense counts as a strike against the driver and if convicted of a felony DUI EXECUTIVE EDITOR
the driver may be sentenced to prison and fined more than $1,000. As with misdemeanor Kim Brandi
626 377-2510
offenses, subsequent offenses are punished more severely than previous offenses. A subse- E-Mail:
quent offense is one that occurs within ten years of a prior felony DUI offense. Additionally,
a prior alcohol involved reckless driving guilty plea is counted as a prior DUI conviction
Juan Alverez
when the court determines punishments. Kristen Wolfe Bieler
When a driver is convicted of a felony DUI offense the state law mandates that the court Dale DeGroff
impose most minimum DUI offender sanctions. The judge then has the discretion to apply Jeffery Lindenmuth
additional sanctions or to increase the sanctions to the maximum level allowed by law. Ed McCarthy
Drivers convicted of a felony DUI will likely receive time in state prison; a fine, penalty Gregg Glaser
assessment or restitution; drinking and driving treatment; vehicle impoundment or forfei- Wilfred Wong
ture; license restriction, suspension or revocation; an ignition interlock device requirement; EDITORIAL DIRECTOR
or probation. Victoria Vann
Typically, a DUI felony conviction results in a mandatory sentence ranging from 48 E-Mail:
hours in jail to four years in prison. A prison sentence may be extended past four years if
extenuating circumstances are involved. In the case of a felony DUI offense involving mul-
Zachary Austin
tiple victims sentences are generally enhanced by one year for each victim, up to three vic- 951-272-4681
tims. Prison time may also be extended when the felony DUI involves a hit and run.
Offenders are typically ordered to pay three types of fines: an offense fine, a penalty Northern California Office
assessment and restitution. Felony offense fines range from $390 to $5000 and penalty Industry Publications Inc.
171 Mayhew Way, Suite 202
assessments total 170% of the offense fine. Restitution fines are those that compensate the Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
injuries and losses of victims and range from $100 to $10,000. 925 932-4999 Fax 925 932-4966
As with misdemeanor offenses, the driver must complete a drinking and driving treat- PUBLISHER
ment program prior to license reinstatement. Although a judge may also order that the dri- David L. Page
ver’s car be impounded or declared a nuisance and sold at a forfeiture sale this is not typical.
However, if the vehicle owner is under 21, even if they are not in the vehicle, and a driver EDITOR-AT-LARGE
or passenger in the vehicle is under 21 and illegally possesses alcohol the car is more likely Elyse Glickman
310 497-7157
to be impounded. Becoming more common is the use of an ignition interlock device which E-Mail:
prevents a vehicle from being started if the driver has alcohol in his or her system. This
device is discretionary for first time offenders but is mandatory for repeat offenders. Last, a Manfred Schaffler
court may order that a driver is put on probation for a period that may last from three to five E-Mail:

BIN Beverage Industry News USPS 053-880,

years. During this probation period a driver must ensure that they do not commit any crim-
inal offense; drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their body; fail to pay a fine, ISSN 1054-0423. Is published monthly by Industry Publications,
assessment or restitution and may not refuse to submit to a chemical test upon request. Inc., except combined in May/June and November/December.
Felony DUI offenses are more severe than misdemeanor DUI offenses in a variety of ways.
Aside from the increase in fines and prison time a driver may face a felony offense may also 171 Mayhew Way, Suite 202, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

subject anyone who has a professional license to sanctions by the specific regulatory agency. Subscriptions are $48 per year (tax included),
Additionally, an individual holding a green card may be deported if convicted of a felony DUI single copies are $12.00 each. Periodicals postage paid at
offense. Thirdly, as stated above, many insurance companies do not offer policies that pro- Pleasant Hill, California, and additional mailing offices.

tect drivers who have caused an accident because of the involvement of alcohol.
Alan Forester is an attorney, CPA and an expert witness in Alcoholic Beverage Control POSTMASTER:
Law. For more information, please visit or call 800-464-1040. I BIN Beverage Industry News
Disclaimer: This article is not to be construed as legal advice. Please check with an attorney before taking action. 171 Mayhew, Suite 202
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

2 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
=beXWb mWhc_d]$


Maker’s Mark® Bourbon Whisky, 45% Alc./Vol. ©2009 Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc. Loretto, KY

A Hero’s
BIN MAGAZINE JOINS FORCES From L-R: Keith Hanson, Hi-Times Wine Cellars,
Betty Yenulonis, Visal Image Events,
WITH JIM BEAM AND CALIFORNIA Michael Chu, Beverage Industry News,
Mario Brossard, Beam Global

extension of everybody’s family,” says

ichael Chu, President of Beverage Industry News, Brossard earnestly. “My house in Sylmar
and Beam Global Sr. Sales Manager off-premise, almost burned, and it was because of local
firefighters that my home was saved. This is
Mario Brossard, announced the California unveil- a big reason why we want to focus on this
ing of a tasteful charitable campaign benefiting The Terry locally. Furthermore, every community has a
firehouse, and the firemen and women who
Farrell Firefighter’s Fund. work there also support local businesses and
retailers. The best part of what we are doing
The charity raises money to assist fire- year we are introducing the bottle and pro- with this charity is building awareness of
fighters and their families with educational, gram to 25 states including California. In our local firefighter’s contributions. Another
medical and equipment needs. The charity state, we are selling 10,000 cases of the spe- main goal is to let consumers and retailers
was founded in honor of Terry Farrell, a dec- cial edition bottle, and all the money raised know this program is out there. It is a collec-
orated member of the Rescue 4/FDNY goes to help California firefighters. We have tive effort among VIE, BIN and Jim Beam
squad, who perished on September 11, 2001 also developed the cookbook, going on sale Southern California to take care of our own.”
in the World Trade Center attack. The 2009 September 1, using recipes contributed by Brossard also points out that it is impor-
California campaign designed to carry on his firefighters and top chefs in California.” tant to him personally as a Beam representa-
legacy includes the publishing and retail sale According to Beam’s Mario Brossard, BIN tive to convey to firefighters, other con-
of 8,000 copies of The California Firehouse and Beam are working closely with Orange sumers and retailers that bottles with Terry
Comfort Foods Cookbook (retail $9.99) and County marketing company Visual Image Farrell packaging are the same price as regu-
specially labeled commemorative bottle of Events (VIE) for an ambitious campaign to get lar Jim Beam bottles, and that proceeds ben-
Jim Beam emblazoned with the Terry Farrell word out to firefighters and the community efit local firefighters who have given them-
Firefighter’s Fund logo. The campaign will about this special promotion. VIE’s models, selves to their communities just as Terry
run from September through December, and after receiving training about Jim Beam and Farrell did on 9/11.
100% of proceeds from the retail sales will the charity, will be visiting 25 firehouses “Since 2005, Jim Beam’s Terry Farrell
benefit the charity. around Southern California to encourage fire- Firefighter’s Fund has raised over $100,000,”
“The Terry Farrell Firefighter’s Fund steps fighters and their friends and families to visit adds BIN president Michael Chu. “However,
in when government agencies, insurance innovative liquor retailer High Times in Costa our goal is now to match the $100,000 dur-
companies and other entities cannot com- Mesa (the first to participate) or ask their local ing this year’s campaign. We at BIN are
pletely cover an emergency expense,” retailers to make the special edition package proud to be part of the solution, and do what
explains Paige Guzman of Beam Global and cookbook available. we can to help Jim Beam reach that goal, as
Spirits & Wine. “While the campaign was “As a group, Southern California fire- well as guide our base of retailers and distrib-
initially focused in New York, this is the first fighters is not just a brotherhood but also an utors to make this happen.” I

4 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7


KAI Vodka’s V.P. of Sales & Marketing, Dana
Black, along with acclaimed mixologist, Natalie
Bovis-Nelson, mixed up sensational summer KAI
cocktails: Kai Julep, The Sophisti-Kai-ted Lady
and Tropical Tipple, July 14th, at the plush pool-
side of the Viceroy Santa Monica. Guests were
invited to an evening of cocktail creation and
enjoyment as they indulged in seasonal KAI
Vodka cocktails paired alongside refreshing sum-
mer bites such as, Ginger and Star Anise Pork
Belly with Ginger Slaw. For more information on
KAI Vodka, please visit

3 4

1. KAI Lychee Vodka takes center stage at the Viceroy Santa Monica. 2. Dana Black, V.P.
5 Sales & Marketing, KAI Vodka LLC. 3. Mixologist, author, and editor of The Liquid Muse,
Natalie Bovis-Nelsen mixes up a KAI Julep. 4. Poolside at the Viceroy in Santa Monica dur-
ing the hotel’s Taste of Tuesday outdoor happy hour. For the month of July Kai Vodka was
the sponsored spirit so guests could enjoy Kai cocktails for only $5. 5. Tropical Tipple creat-
ed by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen. 2 ounces Kai vodka, 1 ounce passion syrup, 1 ounce mango juice,
3/4 ounce lemon, Fresh mango slice, sprinkled with cracked black pepper on a cocktail skew-
er (garnish). Shake all liquid ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish
with fresh mango slice.

6 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
1 2

ood & Wine hosted its 27th annual Classic
in Aspen June 19th - 21st and more than
5,000 trade and consumer attendees
were present. Over the course of the weekend,
50,000 bottles of wine were poured and count-
less culinary superstars were on hand.

4 5

6 7 8 9

10 1 (L-R) Francois Thibault, Grey Goose maitre de chai and Dimi Lezinska, Grey Goose
global brand ambassador 2 Chris Haroza, United States sales manager, Terra Andina
3 Mark Vanston, VP sales and marketing, VSP Wine Group / Vino San Pedro, and his
wife, Karen 4 Lyndsey Geigle, Rob and Katie Cooper, St-Germain 5.Anthony Alba,
executive mixologist, Liquidity Global and Gaston Martinez, Milagro brand ambassador
6 Mia Malm, director of public relations, Icon Estates 7 Marcy Whitman, senior VP,
marketing; Michael Wolff, group marketing director; and Bethany Scherline, director of
public relations, Palm Bay International 8 Beth Cotenoff and Chandni Patel, Corner-
stone Communications on behalf of the Rías Baixas Albariño campaign 9 Rémy Chill
debuts in Aspen during the Food & Wine Classic 10 Rémi Brabant of Rémy Cointreau
USA explains the sensation of 0 0F Cognac, which is generating attention in hotspots
from The Ritz Bar in London to the St. Regis in Aspen
8 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
Dynamic duo Liz and Jay Banbur
Banburyy prep themselves
— and clients—ffor beverage industr
industryy glor

By Elyse Glickman

iz and Jay BanBanbury,
nbury, built graphic Banbury
Banbury Cross offers both veteran br brands
ands Jay Banbury focuses
focusses his energies on the
design and marketing
m boutique and hot
h new upstarts a viable alternative ve to trend-setting graphic elements
e of a product’s
agency Banbury
Banbu ury Cross with a the traditional
trraditional marketing service prov
vider campaign, including photography,
photography, graphic
mix of striking photography,
phottography, innovative on a variety
v of levels. design and shaping marketing
m messages in
graphic and web page design,
d astute product
product “When
“WWhen we build new relationships ships a visual way.
way. Liz, meanwhile,
meaanwhile, works closely
marketing campaignss and attention to with clients, establishing trust is justt the with clients to developp a multi-level strategy
detail. Now they aree ready to take their beginning,”
beginnning,” says Liz. “ Beyond the in initial
nitial that is tailored to both h the product
product and the
distinctive and customized
custoomized approach to call,
call email
e or meeting,
meeting we’re
we re thinking long market it is going to be introducedintroduced or re-
full-service marketing— —at some of the most term. We We take pride in the fact thatt we introduced
introduced in. She also alsso examines the results
competitive prices on n the market—and are able
ab ble to cater to clients in a way bigger
biigger of campaigns and strategic
straategic marketing plans
bring it into the bevera
beverage industry..
age industry companies
comp panies can’t.
can’t. When you call us, youu are from previous firms retained
reetained by the client,
“Our approach to brand-building is in getting
gettinng us, not an administrative assistant”.
ant”. to determined what parts of the existing
perfect harmony with the wine and spirits program works and what w other aspects
industries,” says Jayy. “W“With
ith so many new new,, need to be refinedd and adapted to the
innovative pro coming
ducts co the liquor
ming out in th currentennt marketplace.
market, and so many options in ho how they “We
“We see our
can be promoted, I am m confident ties
e to each client as a
that what we do is as pperfect a fit full-blown
lll-blown partnership,
p p,
for a variety of liquo or brands, as andd actively listen to
well as retailers andd distribution theirr ideas,” concludes
companies.” Liz. “From there, we
In the coming mo months, Banbury
onths, Banbu develop o a fluid strategy
Cross will be giving Be Industry
everage Indust individually
dually tailored to a
News (BIN) magazin ne a fresh n new new productoduct to help those
look, from its color edi itorial pages tto its ideas take k flight, or take a
promotional materials s. BIN publpublisher familiar product
p duct needing a
Michael Chu was n not persuaded
ot only pers boost in a fresh new direction
by their vision of wha at BIN can bbe on a visually and ndd logistically.
logistically. We’re
visual level, but with ththeir
heir business aacumen not just simply immply creating ads.
as well. “After review wing many ccreative Instead, we intendintend to go beyond
companies, I was reallyy impressed w with the the expectations o of even the most
quality of their work,” says Chu. “H “However, media savvy beverage
b companies.
they also are bringingg us exactly w what we While we deliver v quality work on
need for the best price recommend any
es. I recomme With thiss a very timely,
i l , efficient
timely ffi i nt basis,
efficien b we’re not just
beverage product
product with h a specific ccreative economy, companies off cranking out something
someth hing fast. By putting
vision bring it to Banbury
Banbbury Cross, and nd allow all
a sizes are more entrepreneurial in n the great quality projects out o fast, we’re helping
them to present that thaat vision in its best way they
t approach product
product development,
developmment, our clients keep the attention
atttention of their target
possible light.” launches
launcches and maintenance. In this consumers.
Th h many beverage b companies i climate,
li ate, most people
clima l cannot wait i around
have turned to maj major
jor public relations for somebody
soomebody from a large company too get For more infor
ormation, visit
firms and ad agenciess in New Y York,
ork, Los back to them in a week. WeWe get it, so wee get www
Angeles, Chicago and nd Miami for their
an back to our clients immediately to takee the
image-building efforts,, the Amarillo-based project
projecct or idea at hand to the next level.”

10 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
B anburyry Cr
Croo ss o f f e rs a m i x o f stri k i n g phot
p hot og r aphy,
a p h y, in novat
n o v a t ive
i v e g r aphic
a p hi c a nd
n d web
w eb p a g e des ig n , a s t u t e
p rro
o duct ma
rk e ti n g c ampai
am pai gn s and
an d atte
a tte
t n tion
t ion t o det a il at
a t s om e of t he m os t c omp
om p et it ive
i v e p r ic
i c es on t he
mark et! . Le akee y
Lett u s h e l p m ak you nee ss in t o a w
o u r bu si n wor
or k of a r t


X X X C B O C V S Z E F T J H O  D P N t   
La Paz Products has steadily risen to become the Latino communities'
favored brand they relate to and may be found at Ralph’s, Food 4 Less and
Smart and Final – along with Latino independent chains, such as Vallarta
Supermarkets and Superior Super Warehouse, Cardenas' Markets and El Super.
As a result of a 41-years commitment to producing quality mixes under two
successful brands, La Paz is going back to its roots and introducing their
QuickWay brand to the retail market.
QuickWay Mojito and Pomegranate Energy cocktail mixes are made with
the key energy ingredients found in your favorite energy drinks: B3, B5, B6,
B12, Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana and Caffeine. Not designed to be an energy
drink, they give just enough kick to your refreshing summer cocktails!
Christine Robinson, National Sales Manager for La Paz Products, Inc.
states, “In 1968 La Paz Products introduced a brand of sweet & sour concen-
trates specifically designed for the busy bartender. The brand was QuickWay
Professional Bar Mix. A few years later, we directed our attention to the retail
market and introduced the first margarita mix on the retail shelf, La Paz
Margarita Mix,”
Go to for more details or contact Young’s Market
for the full line of products.


Karlsson’s Gold, launched in September 2007 in the United States by Spirits
of Gold. Created from the finest grade of virgin new potatoes – grown in
Sweden’s Cape Bjäre, home of the country’s highest-quality new potatoes –
and distilled as carefully as possible, Karlsson’s Gold is the first luxury vodka
that can sincerely boast its own terroir.
Karlsson’s Gold also boasts an impressive pedigree: Master Blender Börje
Karlsson, known as “the Father of Absolut” for his hand in the creation of one
of the world’s most successful vodkas.
The result of Börje Karlsson’s superior skill and masterful vision, Karlsson’s
Gold is rich in flavor, reflecting the quality of the virgin new potato varieties.
Producing a natural taste and balanced flavor, the seven varietals are: Solist,
Gammel Svensk Röd, Sankta Thora, Princess, Hamlet, Marine and Celine. By
distilling singularly and carefully, Karlsson preserves the flavors of these raw
materials to create a distinctive and complex vodka.
Karlsson’s Gold vodka (750ml/40% ABV) is available for a suggested
retail price of $39.99 at fine restaurants, bars and spirit retailers in New York,
Boston, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada,
Texas, Wyoming and Alberta, Canada, as well as through online merchants.

12 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
• Sweet tea sales trends are up! Jeremiah Weed™ Sweet Tea
Flavored Vodka is a top-10 new product in IRI after only
12 weeks in market.1
• The vast majority of sweet tea flavored vodka
consumption is mixed with lemonade.2
JEREMIAH WEED HALF & HALF Cocktail. 12.7% Alc/Vol. ©2009 The Jeremiah Weed Distilling Company, Norwalk, CT.

• Offer your customers a convenient and delicious

Ready-To-Serve Half & Half cocktail.
• Available in a 1.75 L convenient PET bottle—perfect for
outdoor occasions like picnics and the beach.
Also available in a 750 mL glass bottle.
1 IRI, four weeks ending April 2009
2 Diageo Trade Audit, 2009

12.7% ABV



1 Corzo Tequila PROVES THAT GOOD

To offer a new affordable luxury, Corzo Tequila has created a
1 2 375 ml size bottling for each of its three premium marques:
Corzo Silver, Corzo Reposado and Corzo Añejo. The new
size will mirror the brand’s distinct bottle design created by
renowned designer Fabien Baron. Corzo Silver will retail at
a suggested price of $23.99, Corzo Reposado for $26.99 and
Corzo Añejo for $28.99. Visit

2 Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey has unveiled new packag-
ing for its 750 ml and 1L bottles. The new contemporized
look features simplified lettering and eye-catching metallic
gold coloring. Powers Gold Label is a blend of pot still and
grain whiskey that is triple distilled and aged in bourbon oak
casks for four to six years. Visit


Friday Monkey Wines introduces its Cabernet/Shiraz blend
in a large 1.5L format to select markets. Friday Monkey, the
wines for any occasion, are available in Chardonnay, Shiraz,
Cabernet/Merlot, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosé in
750 ml and Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
and Cabernet Shiraz in 1.5L. Visit


Bronco Wine Company scored numerous awards at the 2009
San Francisco International Wine Competition. Among
them: Napa Creek 2007 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
(Double Gold/Best of Class), Montpellier 2007 Syrah (Dou-
3 ble Gold), Laurier 2006 Alexander Valley Merlot (Double
Gold), Harlow Ridge 2008 Lodi Pinot Noir (Gold Medal).
Bronco Wine Company, Ceres, CA 800-692-5780
4 5 Three Thieves OFFERS GREEN,
5 Three Thieves and Rebel Wine Company have released a
6 new 500 ml package for their Bandit wines. The new size
joins the group’s 1L offerings, all of which come in a light-
weight, eco-friendly Tetra Pak package perfect for outdoor
adventures or stay-at-home revelry. The new 500 ml Tetra
Paks will be available for the group’s Cabernet Sauvignon,
Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Grigio wines and will retail at
a suggested retail price of $4.50 per 500 ml container.

6 Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka SOON TO BE

Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka is a super-premium USDA certi-
fied organic vodka distilled and bottled in the United States.
Using a distillation process so efficient that no carbon treatment
or charcoal fi ltering is required, Crop has a crisp, clean, pure
taste. Soon, look for Crop in 45 states. Visit
14 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
Super-premium imported Olifant Vodka voted in 2009
as one of California’s top value brands by BIN Magazine
WHAT’S BREWING By Gregg Glaser

News from Around the World

Crown Imports’ Jim Ryan Craft Beer Distributor Pilsner Urquell Partners with
Named NABI Chairman of the Year Chef Michael Symon
Jim Ryan has been elected chairman of The National Beer Wholesalers Association Pilsner Urquell, the lager from the Czech Re-
the board of directors of the National As- (NBWA) and the Brewers Association (BA) public (imported by MillerCoors), continues
sociation of Beverage Importers (NABI), are accepting nominations for the Third its beer and food push in the U.S. This time
a national alcohol beverage trade associa- Annual Craft Beer Distributor of the Year the brand has hired celebrity chef Michael
tion headquartered Award, presented annually to a beer distribu- Symon to showcase the beer. Symon is the
in Washington, DC. tor who actively markets, sells and promotes
Founded in 1933, craft beer. The award will be presented at the
NABI is the old- Great American Beer Festival, hosted by BA
est trade association on September 24th–26th, in Denver, CO.
in the U.S. serving
the alcohol beverage Amstel’s New Website
industry. Ryan was Jim Ryan Heineken USA (HUSA) has redesigned the
previously head of Amstel website as part of an increased mar-
NABI’s executive committee from March keting campaign for the light Dutch lager. Chef Michael Symon with
2007 through March 2009. He’s the execu- According to HUSA, MillerCoors brewmaster Manny Manuele
tive vice president of corporate communica- will “whisk you away to Amstel’s Amster-
tions for Chicago-based Crown Imports LLC dam–where much like the unconventional 2009 James Beard Foundation Award recipi-
and has worked in the beer industry since the and free-spirited culture of Amsterdam– ent and can be seen regularly on the Food
late 1970s for Anheuser-Busch, Pabst and nothing is what it seems.” The website virtu- Network’s “Iron Chef America” program, of
G. Heileman. ally recreates the streets of Amsterdam–“the which he was a past winner. Working with
art, nightlife, music and magic”–in three Pilsner Urquell, Chef Symon has created
Michelob Brewing Co. Takes sections: Dam Good Bier, Dam Good Times original recipes that specifically pair with
Gold, Silver And Bronze At and Dam Good Culture. the hoppy, blonde lager.
North American Beer Awards
With more than 1,200 beers in contention Great Brewers’ Beer Sommelier
for medals, Michelob Brewing Co. earned Beer Sommelier (
four medals at the North American Beer beer-sommelier) is a craft-beer-mapping web
Awards in early June. Michelob Original site from Great Brewers, a consortium of dis-
Lager and Michelob Dunkel Weisse took tributors, in which users can pair a wide va-
gold and Michelob AmberBock garnered riety of food with recommended beers. Each
a silver. beer on the site includes all the stats: flavor
characteristics, ABV, glassware, etc. There
Paulaner HP USA — New Importer are about 2,100 beers in the database.
Paulaner Brauerei of Munich, Germany, has
decided to once again import its own beers Modelo Especial Named Samuel Adams
in the U.S. and has formed Paulaner HP “Hot Brand” Award Winner Beer Lover’s Choice
USA, based in Colorado, as a wholly owned By Impact Magazine This year’s Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s
subsidiary. Up until 2003, Paulaner imported Modelo Especial was named a 2008 “Hot Choice began on July 6th and will continue
its beers before moving the brands to Star Brand” award winner by Impact Magazine through September 30th.
Brands Imports, a Heineken USA subsidiary. last spring based on its impressive sales re- The two contenders this
sults. This is the 15th consecutive year that year are Samuel Adams
Film Institute Casts Stella Artois in Modelo Especial has received this award, Pils and Samuel Adams
Supporting Role an industry honor that no other beer, Ale. Promotions across
Stella Artois, the Belgian beer imported wine or spirit has been given. Modelo Es- the country are listed at
by A-B InBev, is sponsoring the American pecial is the number three imported beer
Film Institute (AFI) Fest on October 30th- in the U.S. and grew at 10.6% in 2008. where people can vote for their favorite beer.
November 7th in Los Angeles. The beer was It’s grown at a double-digit rate for 17 con- The winner will be added to the 2010 line-
also the sponsor of the AFI Life Achieve- secutive years, more than any other brand in up of Samuel Adams beers. Samuel Adams
ment Award on June 11th. the industry. Pils (5.2%) is similar to a traditional Czech
16 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7




Written by Elyse Glickman

hile some liquor companies pride themselves on
thinking outside the box—or the bottle, for that mat-
ter, Diamond Beverages is thinking outside the con-
straints of the economy to put forth what just may be the ultimate
vodka indulgence.

Other top-selling, ultra-premium vodkas and 1990s. And for these reasons, Wallace and his
spirits have exercised seemingly uncharacteristic team knew he was the only distiller up to the job
caution, and are playing their hand closer to the of creating a vodka inspired by and forged from
vest and the wallet. However, the Chicago area- actual diamonds.
based company is putting the market’s most “After we assessed the early marketing
expensive vodka out there for all to admire and efforts for Diamond Standard Vodka, we wanted
the most discerning customers to indulge in. to rethink the ‘Fashion you can Drink’ and
Their prime selling point: putting diamond filtra- instead reshape the lifestyle message that really
tion (the most expensive filtration process) into speaks to what’s inside the bottle: “What dia-
play to create what they believe is the finest, monds taste like,” Wallace says. “Our advertis-
most refined vodka on the market and tying it ing is pointed directly to the fact that the word
together in packaging of a Saverglass™ perfume- ‘diamond’ is such a great thing to build a brand
grade bottle adorned with Swarovski crystal. on because there are so many different ways you
Produced at Poland's 300 year-old Polmos can work with it. Because diamonds are regard-
Siedlce Distillery, and made from prized ed for their simplicity, and looking great with
Dankowski Diamond® Rye, this singular vodka practically anything, we decided to tie it in with
is brought to life through an intricate process mixology and answer the ‘what do diamonds
involving four rounds of distillation, four stages taste like’ question. Each one of our ads uses a
of filtration, and a carefully guarded filtration single graphic element. For example, an orange
process requiring thousands of DeBeers® dia- photo accompanies a recipe for a Diamond
monds. This $79.99 MSRP/750ml wonder Standard Screwdriver; An olive is used to
was launched over the summer in Florida, depict “Standard Martini,” a mint becomes a
Illinois, Nevada and California, all places Diamond Standard Mojito, and so forth.
where Founder, President and General We’re also playing upon the fact that the best
Manager Richard Wallace knows the show diamonds, like our vodka, are setting a stan-
always goes on in the world of luxury goods. dard through their perfection.”
He exudes confidence, observing that the “We believe our timing is right,”
positioning of Diamond Standard Vodka is CEO Louis A. Amoroso adds. “Even
specifically designed to distinguish it from with economic fluctuations, consumers
other products in the now-crowded field want the opportunity to treat them-
of ultra-premium vodkas, ranging in price selves, and we offer an affordable luxury
from $30 to $40. that can be savored.”
Though Diamond Standard Vodka is
just barely a year old, it is the product of A SOLITAIRE SETTING
both Poland’s illustrious history as the old- To further drive home the point that
est vodka-producing country and the Diamond Standard Vodka now stands
craftsmanship of distiller Tad Dorda of alone in a very elegant setting, far ahead of
Polmos Distillery in Siedlce, Poland. other vodkas in the ultra premium catego-
Dorda, up until now, was best known in ry, Wallace explains it is important for on-
the industry for putting the ultra-premium and off-premise accounts to convince the
vodka category on the map by developing consumer that the beautiful package on
Belvedere Vodka and Chopin Vodka the outside clearly speaks to the quality
brands for Millennium Spirits in the and purity of what’s inside of it as well as

the history behind it.

“When we found out that Tad Dorda
was behind all of this incredible work (that
brought Chopin and Belvedere to life), we
wanted to see if he could do the same kind
of thing with our Rye vodka concept,” says
Wallace, a 35+ year veteran in the import-
ed vodka segment, who came out of retire-
ment just for this venture and has landmark
campaigns for Stoli and Finlandia to his
credit. “We contacted him four years ago
and told him about our vision to create the
finest, purest vodka on earth with diamond
filtration. As the category’s first real vision-
ary, however, he needed a bit of persuasion.
After he agreed to distill and filter the prod-
uct the way we wanted it and he tasted the
Top: Diamond Standard Vodka packaging: Saverglass™ perfume-grade bottle adorned with
results, he agreed the concept was solid. Swarovski crystal. Below: “What Diamonds Taste Like” lifestyle message targets consumers who
Here is a man who produced two of the very are willing to pay for the best because they want the best.
first ultra-premium vodkas taking on the
challenge of outdoing himself. Today, he is A FLAWLESS APPROACH TO TARGETING disposable income.” he continues. “These
our greatest global sales person, and we are “In every major market, we are dedicating are people driven by the good life, who fre-
proud to have him as our distiller partner.” 50% of our marketing budget to placing quent the party scene and are willing to pay
Even with new ventures being more print ads in high-end local and regional for the best because they want the best. We
risky than ever, Wallace points out that lux- consumer magazines with an emphasis on have observed that despite growth in the
ury vodkas ($40 and up) posted the most fashion and luxury lifestyles,” explains ultra-premium segment, there is a bit of a
growth in the category, a whopping 56.2% Bruce McDonnell, Diamond Beverage’s void in the momentum of that growth, and
in sales and 78.3% in volume. When Executive Vice President of Marketing, what we are seeing is an opportunity for us
Diamond Standard was launched in Miami focused on directing the advertising and to take over the top spot for this part of the
and, later, Las Vegas, Wallace knew the tim- marketing campaign for Diamond Standard category. A closer look at the segment
ing was right for the launch because there Vodka. During his fifteen-year run in the reveals that sales of some of the once very
was always a small, but strong niche market adult beverage industry, prior to coming to hot ultra-premium vodkas have slowed
eagerly anticipating for the next great luxu- Diamond Beverages, he spearheaded the down considerably. Even though we are
ry product. development, introduction or rollout of introducing in the worst recession since the
“All you have to do is look at the bot- over 15 new upscale beverage products. great depression, we have a great story to
tle, which radiates the message that it is the “We’re looking at consumers, young tell that we believe people will respond to.
best on the market,” Wallace affirms. professionals, aged 25 and up with a high Furthermore, we are not looking to sell to
“When they taste it, they understand the
external beauty equals what’s inside. What
it says to our reps and our team at Southern
Wine & Spirits in California is that people
are still drinking and demand the best vod-
kas money can buy. They may drink less
product, but they are drinking better and
smarter. This plays right into our hands,
and when you go to places like South Beach
and Las Vegas, and walk into their best bars
and restaurants, you would be hard pressed
to believe there is actually a recession going
on based on people’s drinking habits, espe-
cially as mixology trends have made them
really attuned to the quality of the cocktails
they are buying.”

20 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7


THE 1974 RATED 97
THE 40
THE 15 THE 12 RATED 90

Imported by Shaw-Ross International Importers, Miramar, Florida- Drink responsibly.
REAL GEMS: every single consumer. We are looking for
that select few that simply want the best
and who will pay for it.”
According to Chris Alvarez, who is an
Thanks to the fact that less is more, any- acting Vice President concentrating on mar-
body can be a master mixologist when keting Diamond Standard Vodka in the
they start off with the very best at their bar. Western U.S., approaching high-end, trend-
setting California consumers requires finesse
and care. Rather than force the issue, he
believes the best way to create an enduring
following for the vodka is through subtlety,
exclusivity and quality. The tastemakers in
California and Las Vegas want to be the ones
credited for making the discovery. Working
in tandem with distributor Southern Wine
and Spirits, and through special promotions
at top hotels and resorts, Alvarez says he’s
1.5 oz Diamond Standard Vodka
betting on allowing them to flex their con-
.75 oz dry vermouth
sumer muscle.
“We’re not deliberately seeking people “The whole project start-
Shake vodka and vermouth together with
several ice cubes in a shaker. Strain into a out, but instead, creating a climate where ed with a singular goal
cocktail glass, garnish with an olive and people will actively seek us out,” Alvarez to produce the finest
serve. says. “As we see it, we’re not just at the top vodka in the world
end of vodka brands, but actively setting the regardless of the price,”
standard beyond a successful mass brand
like Grey Goose. We’ve worked to take it – Richard Wallace, Founder,
President and General Manager
up to the next level for consumers actively
looking to trade up from Grey Goose. In
this economy, people are looking for great
value, but they are also looking to spend on
something luxurious that won’t break the
bank, which you can do with our brand.”
With that in mind, Wallace notes that
the greatest overall marketing challenge,
DIAMOND MARY over the long haul, is to convince this elite a great impetus to formulate and execute
1.5 oz Diamond Standard Vodka group of consumers that they are getting Diamond Standard Vodka in Poland, its his-
3 oz Bloody Mary mix what they pay for in the same way jewelry tory and natural attributes make this coun-
1 celery stalk enthusiasts do when they shop DeBeers or try the perfect place to begin prospecting for
1 pinch peppers
Tiffany & Co. In other words, assurance future good fortune. While DeBeers dia-
1 pinch salt
that the incredible beauty and simplicity monds were brought in to perfect the distil-
Fill Glass with ice. Add Diamond Standard consumers and bartenders see outside is lation process and the smoothness of the
Vodka and Bloody Mary mix. Stir well. absolutely equal to what they will taste or final product, what comes naturally was a
Garnish with salt, pepper and celery stalk. mix with on the inside. perfect place to start in producing some-
“The whole project started with a singu- thing refined and unsurpassed.
lar goal to produce the finest vodka in the “In written history, the word ‘vodka’
world regardless of the price,” says Wallace. translates to ‘little water’ in Polish,” notes
“When developing this over the course of Wallace. “As far back as we’ve been able to
four years with master distiller Tad Dorda, research, Poland has produced longer and
price was not an object. Now that we’re out more than any other country producing
there and making our way in the marketplace, vodka. This long-standing success is
we make no excuse for our suggested retail because they simply have the best raw mate-
price because the distiller, under our direc- rials anywhere, from the Dankowski rye-the
tion, has created a formula that is uniquely best on Earth-to aquifer water. Also the fact
4 oz of Diamond Standard Vodka different from any other vodka in the world.” that this particular distillery is over 300
years old, has been operational for that
Pour Diamond Standard Vodka into an old- DIAMOND MINING IN POLAND entire time and has produced some of the
fashioned glass with two or three cubes of ice. While the artistry of Tad Dorda was in itself best vodkas in the spirit’s history makes this

22 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
a natural fit for being the birthplace for the
first great vodka brand of the 21st Century.
When you go to the birthplace of vodka,
work with a distiller who has changed the
course of the category’s history and, togeth-
er, pay attention to details that matter, you
are bound to wind up with an exceptional
DIAMOND MOJITO product. Couple that with our rare and
2 oz Diamond Standard Vodka unusual concept of Diamond Filtration
3 fresh mint sprigs, 2 tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp
combined with the best traditional filtra-
fresh lime juice, Soda water
tion, what you get is the world’s smoothest
Muddle the mint, sugar and lime juice in a vodka. Because of the extra care that goes
collins glass. Fill it with ice, add Diamond into producing our vodka, like mining the
Standard Vodka and top it with soda. finest diamonds, we make no excuse about
Shake or mix the drink. Garnish it with a being the most expensive.”
lime wedge. McDonnell adds that all that work and
attention results in high-perceived value
among those consumers specifically on the
market for the best vodka money can buy. If “We have observed that
you are going to make claims about a great despite growth in the
Polish vodka, however, planning needs to ultra-premium segment,
be done to ensure every aspect of the prod- there is a bit of a void
uct will live up to expectation. in the momentum of that
“Because the product literally was five growth, and what we
years in the making, we must deliver,” says are seeing is an oppor-
2 oz Diamond Standard Vodka
5 oz orange juice McDonnell. “All of the time we took was
tunity for us to take over
time needed to refine the entire formula and
the top spot for this part
Put 3 ice cubes into a highball glass. Pour product, every element inside and out of the
in Diamond Standard Vodka. bottle to get it where we wanted. Packaging
of the category.”
Fill balance of glass with orange juice, stir, was extremely complicated, as we wanted – Bruce McDonnell
and serve. that Swarovski crystal right in the middle of Executive VP of Marketing
the bottle, and it is not easy to adhere crys-
tal to glass. Our out-of-the-box success is due
to the planning, trial and error before we
were ensured we could put it out into the
bigger market place at this point in time.
With so much work, we have chosen to go
right to the consumer and stand on the fact
that we have an unbelievably high perceived
2 oz of Diamond Standard Vodka
value and will stand behind the product and Alvarez maintains that what makes the
3 cubes of ice
the price, without the need for celebrity West, and California cities in particular, an
Pour Diamond Standard Vodka into an old- endorsement or other forms of hype exceptional proving ground is that people
fashioned glass with three cubes of ice. employed by other ultra-premium brands.” like to test every new thing that comes on
Garnish with the twist of a lemon peel. As it takes a highly experienced and the market. He notes from experience that
skilled team to get the product out of niche spirits brands with high expectations
Poland and U.S. warehouses and into the go into their marketing efforts with short-
hands of consumers, Wallace is also eager to term goals. However, he believes that tak-
point out that every employee of Diamond ing the opposite course of action with
Beverages has had many years of experience Diamond Standard Vodka will empower it
in the beverage industry, especially related to endure in the long-term.
to fine imported vodka. Chris Alvarez, who “What makes us different is that our
is getting the product in the hands of influ- sales and marketing goals are long-term,”
ential clients and consumers in the West, is says Alvarez. “Instead of the shotgun
DIAMOND ON THE ROCKS approach so many new brands take, we are
2 oz of Diamond Standard Vodka no exception. His work in Las Vegas in par-
ticular, gives him an edge as he boasts an moving methodically, on a three-year plan
3 cubes of ice
intimate knowledge of VIP-caliber vodka and focusing specifically on the higher-end
Pour Diamond Standard Vodka into an old- drinkers who drive the market for vodka clientele. They are a group that does not
fashioned glass with 3 cubes of ice. and other luxury products. like to be rushed, and has an instinct for

24 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
Rated 94
by BTI


The Beverage Testing Institute rated us #1 orange liqueur. So, when you
practically double your profits by pouring Gran Gala you won’t be cutting
any corners.
Gran Gala is a celebration of taste, life and expression. A triple celebration,
to match the intensity of our triple orange flavor.
Express yourself with Gran Gala and the limitless flavorful drinks you can
make with it.
Gran Gala®, 40% Alc by Vol, Imported from Italy by Sazerac Co, New Orleans, LA. 1-866-GRANGALA
literal meanings of a “diamond” standard, “If a distiller does a good job with natu-
where the vodka is as important as the fresh ral flavors and can appeal to the consumer
ingredients that figure into the mixers. in taste and perceived value, it will sell,” He
“We really want to deliver a product says. “Brand managers and owners across
whose value has it all, superior flavor, style, the board, however, will agree that plain
substance and simplicity,“ concludes vodka is their top seller. That said, flavors
Alvarez, who is also planning an unprece- do bring in audiences, and our brand will be
dented campaign for Las Vegas’ Excess, no exception.”
ranked the hottest nightclub in America. Though Wallace was not at liberty to
The plan, like the vodka, is simple, elegant discuss the potential flavors at this time, he
and exclusive—making Diamond Standard mentions top brass at Diamond Beverages
Vodka the only vodka VIP guests will expe- are currently going through a process of
rience on their visit. selecting what will become the flavored
vodka extensions with the requirement that
DIAMONDS ARE ALSO A these line extensions will be as smooth and
BARTENDER’S BEST FRIEND as refined as they original vodka. Master
Wallace points out that because a high per- Distiller Dorda has even flown in from
centage of vodka purchased is consumed Poland to be an active part of the selection
mixed, and usually works with anything one process. Even with one eye on the immedi-
“Even with economic mixes into it, the only place a bartender (or ate future, however, Wallace says perma-
fluctuations, consumers somebody entertaining at home) should nence is the ultimate goal.
want the opportunity to start at is with the best vodka available. “We have been in business for a year,
treat themselves, and “It is nearly impossible to make a mis- and it has been quite a journey,” assesses
we offer an affordable take when you’re starting with a vodka that Wallace. “It has been a lot of fun selling this
luxury that can be is of the highest quality,” he insists. This is product to distributors, who are effectively
savored.” why our recipes that are a tied in with the the gatekeepers to business. The same is
‘What diamonds taste like’ message are sim- true for the challenge of getting the con-
– Louis A. Amoroso ple. A central idea of this campaign is two- sumer pull-through needed to make this a
CEO fold, as bartending has evolved into a fine success in the long run. That said we think
art. Whether you are a professional or host- the end game, tied up in the taste and word-
ing a party, you do not need to be an aston- of-mouth, will prove its worth. Our appeal
ishingly acrobatic mixologist in order to put is not even to every vodka drinker, or even
together a perfect cocktail. Likewise, you every ultra-premium vodka drinker. It is
don’t have to be a hardcore foodie to enjoy only for the most discerning customers will-
the incredible smoothness when you drink ing to pay for the best.”
the cocktail. You are assured of the very
best results.” DIAMOND MINING
what is the best on the market regardless of Wallace acknowledges that the mixolo- For those looking for a gem of a career
hype. They want to know exactly what gy movement has given way to a very large opportunity, Diamond Standard Vodka
they’re drinking and are assertive about flavored vodka market in the U.S. However, proudly announces there are job openings
knowing what they like. In response, what he notes that the core business of every top for qualified candidates. To view the posi-
we’ve done is collaborated with strategic brand is still the clear or neutral vodka prod- tions and their responsibilities, visit
partners like the Ritz-Carlton, Four uct, and flavors are more or less an add-on.
Seasons, Fairmount San Francisco and
Michael Mina’s restaurants to go after the Polmos Siedlce Distillery
highest end of consumers, who will in turn
drive business, through word-of-mouth to
other affluent customers.”
Though there are some marketing plans
in the works for California that could not be
discussed at press time, Alvarez confirms
they are sticking with the “What diamond’s
taste like” message and presenting people
with the opportunity to experience the
Double Diamond Martini and immediately
understand what they are paying for. This is
further implemented with a cocktail menu
that places emphasis on the figurative and
26 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7

Producers like Montes have looked west in

the vine-dense Colchagua Valley toward the
More and more vineyards are looking to the chilly hillsides
slopes in the western section of Marchigue
for planting, like these, in the shadow of the snow-capped Andes
for its cooler, marine-influenced climate

It’s Getting Chile

Wines from this sliver of a South American country continue to climb in
popularity as an incredible source of value—and quality
By Amy Zavatto

f you play a game of wine-word association
with “Chile,” in all likelihood you’re going
to hear the return retort, “value” with “bar-
gains” coming a close second. And why not?
Compared to acreage prices in such lust-worthy,
well-known Cab producing areas as Bordeaux
and Napa, Chile is a bargain, and its prices have
long reflected this agricultural real estate fact.
That’s why, with its perfectly dry, sunny, ocean-influenced (and let’s not forget
phylloxera-free) climate, it has attracted investors from France and California,
with names like Rothschild and Mondavi laying claim to exemplary vineyard
land at a fraction of the cost. “Chile has so many things going for it,” says Ed
Barden, director of the Banfi South American Portfolio. “It is such a diverse
geographic country, the climate is in its favor and the fact that it has these pro-
tective boun aries that have kept out a lot of vineyard pests.” True enough—
Chile is much more than just the southern hemisphere’s version of Filene’s
to the Big Boys’ Barney’s. It is the source of some out-and-out stunning vitis
vinifera these days, with new investment, establishment of coastal and hillside
vineyards, modern winemaking techniques and state-of-the-art equipment
making for some exciting sippers taking their place at the global table.
Morning fog makes way for sunny days in
the cool Casablanca foothills
Appleton Estate Reserve Rum © 2009 Kobrand Corporation, New York, NY. Product of Jamaica. Imported by Kobrand Corporation, New York, NY. 40% ALC. BY VOL. Please sip responsibly.

SINCE 1749
“Chile on the whole over-delivers in the last 20 years have
quality,” says Mark Vanston, VP of sales seen marked change in
and marketing for Viña San Pedro. “For Chile’s focus—and, ul-
example, Casa Lapostolle Clos Apalta was timately, how seriously
the number-one rated wine in Wine Spec- it considers itself as a
tator (for the 2008 Top 100), and you can maker of quality wine.
find it on the marketplace for around $70, While Pais plantings
unlike a $400 Château Margaux, which is have been on the de-
not affordable. But a $70, 96-point wine? cline, Cabernet Sau-
That’s affordable.” Walk into any wine vignon, Merlot, Pinot
Vineyard workers take in baskets of hand-harvested grapes
shop, however, and you’re even more Noir, and, most ag- in the Luis Felipe Edwards Vineyards of Colchagua
likely to find a veritable smorgasbord of gressively, Carmenère
exceptional options for $25 and far under. (which until the 1990s
“The $20 bottles taste like $50 bottles, and had often been incorrectly labeled as Mer-
the $12 bottles like $25 bottles in compari- lot) and Cabernet Franc, have exploded,

son to other wines,” says Vanston. Appar- and their ultimate balance, varietal expres-
ently, he’s not the only one who’s noticed. sion and overall quality improved by leaps
Of the 70% exported, U.S. wine lists and and bounds.
shop shelves have long been one of Chile’s
most enthusiastic markets. With 7,758,200 Change on the Range

hylloxera’s mysterious absence
750 ml bottle cases shipped to the U.S. In addition to investing millions in state-
in Chile is thought to be the luck
last year, we are second only to the UK of-the-art-facilities, like Montes’ $6.5 mil-
in consumption of the Pacific-influenced of geography. Its long, slender
lion baby in the Colchagua Valley, Chil-
country’s grapes. But while in the past in- ean wineries have undergone re-plantings, green-bean shape runs the length, and
expensive jug wines made from Pais (one the switch to French oak barrels for aging, then some, of neighboring Argentina
of the first grapes planted in Chile during significant development in organic and with the Andes acting as a natural bor-
the 16th century by Spanish conquistado- sustainable farming and terroir-hunting der to the east, and the Pacific Ocean
res) were the bulk focus of many wineries, efforts to seek out potential spots for new
making a watery truncation to the west.
vineyards. Made up of the Cabernet-heavy
That, coupled with the country’s dry
Maipo, Rapel, Curico and Maule valleys,
the Central Valley is not only the site acreage and natural irrigation from
of Chile’s first vines, but also where the the snowy melt of the mountains, has
“Chile on the whole brunt of export-worthy wines have been made for not only a phylloxera-free
cultivated. New research and exploration,
over-delivers however, have led to some interesting dis-
environment, but one that may well
have given the country a solid founda-
in quality.” coveries further afield in terms of flourish-
tion in winemaking. Prosperity in the
ing alternative varietals and new territories
-Mark Vanston, upon which to grow them. Spots like the 19th century led many a Chilean land
VP sales and marketing, Choapa, Limarí (where Concha y Toro owner to express their good fortune
Viña San Pedro has made exciting progress with Syrah, by modeling wineries around Santiago
Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in their after the great chateaux of Bordeaux,
5-year-old Mycas del Limarí vineyard) and
importing their varietals to make the
experience that much more authentic.
Montes’ Colchagua Valley Meanwhile, as European vines were
state-of-the-art winery produces
ravaged by phylloxera’s devastating
over 400,00 gallons of wine
annually, and also embraces the wallop, French winemakers who found
Asian philosophy of Feng Shui
themselves jobless looked to South
America for employment where the
thriving, pest-free vineyards of Chile
beckoned and they could re-plant their
collective expertise in classic vineyard
management and winemaking.

chilean wine selections

All prices are suggested retail.


cooling ocean influence typical to the
Limarí Valley shows in this crisp, bone-dry
Sauvignon Blanc. The herby, lemon-verbe-
na nose has delicate floral undertones, but
it bursts onto the palate with a rush of
grapefruit, salty, prominent minerality
and mouth-watering acidity that begs
for a plate of oysters. Vines thrive in the warm, hilly Colchagua Valley


COLCHAGUA VALLEY, ($24): The hue
of this inky, alluring Carmenère belies its full Elqui north of Santiago; San Antonio
nose of black plums and cinnamon. With a
year in French oak, easy tannins give gentle
and Casablanca west of Santiago; and The United States is
Bío Bío and Malleco to the south are
but prominent structure to the plush fruit-and-
showing great promise with red varietals second only to
clove mouthfeel and pleasant, smoky finish. like Carmenère, Syrah, and even Pinot the United Kingdom
Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling
Q 2007 VIÑA SAN PEDRO CASTILLO DE and Gewürztraminer among the whites. in consumption
MOLINA PINOT NOIR, CASABLANCA VALLEY, “I can’t seem to stop talking about Chile of exported
($12): Cool, moist foggy mornings give way to dry, lately. I hadn’t been in about five or six
sunny days that are the lynch pin to the Casablanca years, but have visited a couple of times Chilean wine.
Valley’s great potential for Pinot. Viña San Pedro’s in the last six months,” says Sandy
version not only offers value, but beautiful vari- Block, MW and VP of beverage for
etal clarity with aromas of cherries, mushrooms, Legal Sea Foods. “I wasn’t aware of ripe—they were green and stemmy and
a hint of smoke and crisp, palate-tickling how much development there had I couldn’t get past it. Now, I’m finding
tartness. been in the hillsides, and in the cooler that in the past year or so I’ve tasted
Q 2006 CONCHA Y TORO DON climate and coastal areas north and more wines from Chile that I’ve fallen
MELCHOR CABERNET SAUVIGNON, south of Santiago.” in love with. It’s really exciting to see
PUENTO ALTO, CHILE, ($80): Sweet In the same way that Argentina it happen—we’ve expanded our Chile
with aromas of violets and black fruit and an made a name with its Malbec, Carme- section to the point where it’s doubled
herby-minty edge of eucalyptus, structured nère in particular seems to be coming in the past six to eigh months.”
tannins act as the palate’s perfect serving into its own in Chile. Complaints in If you’re a silver-lining kind of per-
dish for this Cab’s juicy blackberries and the past of under-ripeness have given son, you might say the economic down-
black plums and heady hints of cinnamon way to vineyard-management adjust- turn has created a consumer Renais-
around the edges.
ments that make this once-minor Bor- sance of sorts for this ever-improving
Q 2007 ERRAZURIZ SINGLE VINEYARD deaux blending varietal a contender region, giving oenophiles the opportu-
CARMENÈRE, DON MAXIMINO ESTATE, in its own right. “It needs a very, very nity to taste, discover and ultimately
($25): If there was ever proof that Carmenère long growing season,” explains Block, save. “Value is one of the main reasons I
can and should stand on its own, this stunning, “so in areas where they are now able started to look at Chile again. I’d always
single-vineyard example from Errazuriz is it, with to ripen the grape into May, sometimes been impressed by the purity of the fruit,
layers of personality that will only continue to late May, it has made the Carmenère but they were a little bit harder to mar-
improve over the next 5 to 10 years. The nose much better.” Retailer Ryan Sciarra, a ket five years ago,” says Block. “They do
is all juicy plums, blackberry and baking spice, partner in the popular Kansas City wine represent value, which is definitely in
with an interesting minty edge. On the palate shop, CellarRat, agrees. “[Viña] Errazur- tune with what our customers are look-
the initial slow, sultry rush of fruit is tweaked iz does a single-vineyard Carmenère and ing for now. You just get more bang from
by black tea, a mild salty quality and lovely
it’s absolutely delicious. Until recently, your buck with Chile than you would
balancing acidity.
the reds we were getting were so under- from pretty much anywhere else.” Q
32 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
Less coin.
More medal.

2009 Double Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

2008 Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

2008 Best In Class

International Wine and Spirits Competition

2006 Gold Medal

World Beverage Competition

Mist. Make Life More Flavorful.


For great recipes visit:

Enjoy Life. Drink Mist Responsibly. Imported and Bottled by Brown-Forman Beverages, Canadian Whisky, A Blend, 40% Alc. by Volume, Louisville, KY ©2009

With a new organizational structure, and a host of new products in
the marketplace, a re-energized Beam Global makes its presence felt.
By Kristen Wolfe Bieler

here are few companies as busy as “Innovation is a key driver in our business,”
says Rachel Roberts, director of new ventures &
Beam Global. While others in the innovation. “Even in this economic environment,
consumers still have very identifiable needs—they
spirits industry are reining in new still want exciting products that make them feel
product development, Beam is doing good about themselves. We want to be at the fore-
front of the next wave of trends, so we are making
the exact opposite, hiring new talent and an even greater investment in innovation.”
Interestingly, this isn’t a new strategy for the
unveiling a number of exciting new products. company. “The lifeblood of our company has al-
It is a progressive approach that is working for ways been new products,” says Tim Condron, group
VP national accounts/sales strategy. “It is at the
one of the leading American spirits companies. heart of what we do as the great American Spirits

34 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
“We want to be at the New Flavors from
forefront of the next DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots
wave of trends, so we Beam saw the trend towards
ready-to-drink cocktails coming
are making an even down the pike before many oth-
ers. One of their solutions—
greater investment in DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots—
answered the consumer call in
innovation.” a hassle-free, timely, well-
— Rachel Roberts, priced way, hitting the market
in August 2008. In the wake
director, new ventures & innovation
of that success, DeKuyper
has released three more
flavors: Lemon Drop,
company.” Beam has a long history as trend- Alabama Slammer and
setter, with the creation of the plastic “traveler Sex on the Beach. “These
category,” and also with DeKuyper, when its fla- are major shots that
vors changed the way people consumed cordials. consumers love, and
Peachtree™, introduced in the 1980s, led to it takes away the
the Fuzzy Navel cocktail, while Sour Apple was complication of having
responsible for the ubiquitous Appletini in the multiple ingredients to
mid-90s. “When you do innovation right, the create them,” Roberts
trade gets energized because they have some- explains. “It provides people with
thing exciting and different to talk about with an economic way to enjoy their
their customers,” says Condron. favorite cocktails.” They might seem more suited for off-premise, but
And their customers agree: “Beam Global many bars are now serving them: “Some on-premise accounts don’t have
has a true understanding of how to build brands the high volume or capacity to make a number of diverse shots, so we
as well as the importance of predicting new tested these specifically against a fresh-made bar shot, and these outperform
trends,” says Cindy Busi, director of beverage, them,” says Roberts.
Hard Rock Cafe. “They continue to drive in-
novation and find new ways to get their brands
into consumer hands.”

Sauza margaritas go inside-the-Box

What do you get when you combine the world’s most ordered cocktail with the number
two premium tequila in the world and put it in an innovative, super-convenient package?
The answer is Sauza’s new Margarita-in-a-Box, and it is such a good idea, it’s amazing that
no one thought of it before.
“Home entertaining is increasing right now, but consumers are still very nervous
about making cocktails because they are not experienced and they fear they will get
the proportions wrong,” says Roberts. “Margarita-in-a-Box meets two needs: It delivers
a great-tasting product that is hassle-free and on tap whenever you need it.”
Made with lime juice, Sauza Blanco Tequila, triple sec and Margarita mix, Margarita-
in-a-Box hit the market in May in a 1.75L box size—the equivalent of 15 drinks—for the
suggested retail price of $17.99, and consumers have quickly embraced the new format for
picnics, BBQs and home entertaining. “We’ve found that consumers love that it has no
excessive packaging, it’s portable and fits right in the refrigerator,” Roberts adds.

36 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7

Step into the refreshing and appetizing world of Sauza® Gold and Blanco – a world where the Blue
Agave is adored and nurtured. We gently extract the flavorful juices from the agave, and then
double distill them for that smooth flavor and ultimate fresh experience you expect from Sauza
Gold and Blanco. Whether it’s shots or cocktails, Sauza has your customers covered. Step into the
unexpected, step into the world of Sauza Gold and Blanco, where you can always Expect Fresh.


Sauza® Tequila, 40% alc./vol. ©2009 Tequila Import Company, Deerfield, IL. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Also try Sauza Gold
Beam’s Answer to
“When you do innovation right, the trade
the Ultra-Premium
gets energized because they have something
Rye Craze: (r-I )1
Bucking the trend of some other exciting and different to talk about with
spirit categories, American whiskey
is booming right now. Condron
their customers.” — Tim Condron,
chalks this up to the fact that “it group VP, national accounts/sales strategy
is America’s spirit—it is true,
honest and made by Americans.
Consumers are gravitating to
that right now.” The category Roberts is adamant that Beam home, and our sales show that con-
segment creating perhaps the isn’t prioritizing innovation for its sumers are really looking for options
most excitement right now is own sake—each line extension and like this right now,” says Condron.
rye, and last October, Beam new product is firmly rooted in re- Beam’s significant reorganiza-
released their ultra-premium search, and aimed to answer a very tion last fall—under the BeAmerica
offering—(rĦ)1 (pronounced “rye specific consumer need. With a com- platform—enables them to get these
one”). While true to its tradi- bination of focus groups, demograph- new products to market in a more ef-
tional whiskey heritage, (rĦ)1 is ic studies and market analysis, Beam’s ficient and effective way. “We restruc-
also cutting-edge and contem- research team is able to pinpoint tured because we wanted to be better,
porary, designed to appeal to voids in the marketplace where there smarter and faster at what we do,”
taste makers and top bartenders. are opportunities. For example, the says Condron. “Our new organization
“We wanted to give the recently released Sauza Margarita-in- gives us a key strategic advantage: it
consumer something really a-Box (see sidebar) was born out of allows us to spend more time with our
unique here, so we gambled feedback the company was receiving retail partners.”
a little bit with the non-traditional from primarily female consumers who With a new leadership team in
package,” says Condron. “It has been wanted to drink cocktails at home, place, a sales force dedicated entirely to
incredibly well-received in the mar- but lacked the confidence or know- the Beam Global brands, and distributor
ketplace.” The 92-proof spirit sells for how to create them on their own. alliances which strengthen the com-
a suggested retail of $49.99 and offers Beam was also ready for the consumer pany’s route to market, the BeAmerica
a spicier taste profile, which Condron shift towards home entertaining with structure “enables us to deliver smarter
believes makes for a better Sidecar and DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots, a line of initiatives to our customers and work di-
Manhattan. popular ready-to-drink bar shots (see rectly with our sales force, bringing them
sidebar). “They offer a hassle-free, in- in as key consultants on the projects we
expensive way to enjoy bar shots at are developing,” Roberts adds. Q

Bourbon and Black Cherry:—Marriage Made in Heaven

Red Stag, the new black cherry-infused bourbon by shares Roberts—Red Stag was created to target
Jim Beam, is currently a category of one. Roll- American whiskey drinkers. Yet it has simultane-
ing out this summer, there is simply nothing else ously pulled in a new group of consumers. “Many
quite like it in the market. “Red Stag is all about consumers who are daunted by the whiskey
celebrating one of the things that we are great category find Red Stag approachable. While we
at—creating fantastic bourbon,” says Roberts. haven’t belittled bourbon in any way, Red Stag
“This is why we refused to dilute it in any way—it gives these new consumers the confidence to experi-
is an 80-proof spirit made with four-year-old Jim ment with bourbon,” adds Roberts. Cindy Busi,
Beam Bourbon. As the leading bourbon company, director of beverages for the Hard Rock Café chain,
we should be at the forefront of innovation in this has found this to be true in her establishments: “I
category. Besides, black cherry and bourbon were think this product is extremely unique in that it will
made to go together,” she adds. open up an entire new category for consumers. In
Designed to be great tasting on its own, and our sampling, the feedback has been outstanding—
when mixed with cola—“a combination that is many people who stated that they were not bourbon
still a huge part of many consumers’ repertoires,” fans are now raving about it.”

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_hnk&r^Zk&he] Cbf ;^Zf† ;hnk[hg%
K^] LmZ` [r Cbf ;^ZfÁ bl lehper
Learn more at
bg_nl^] pbma gZmnkZe [eZ\d \a^kkr THEREDSTAG.COM
_eZohkl _hk Z lfhhma mZlm^ maZml
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pbma \heZ'

Now available at watering

holes everywhere.

e’re living in times where old pre-

W conceptions surrounding familiar

spirits are falling away. This is partic-
ularly true for the Bourbon category. Not
too long ago, when people thought of
Bourbon, what often came to mind were
images of Southern Gentlemen, plantations,
rustic cabins and a men’s only drinking
experience. If you want to see just how
much times have changed, however, all you
have to do is check out cocktail menus of
bars throughout California to see just how
much the paradigm has shifted.
On the production front, as some dis-
tillers have folded or have been acquired by
larger firms, many small-batch Bourbons
have become increasingly rare. While this
and economy-driven reduced budgets have
tempered the desire of some firms to pro-
mote and advertise, this situation presents a
silver—or bronze—lining: rare, hard-to-
find Bourbons raising the bar of the entire
category. Enterprising distillers are realizing
that there is now a growing place for
Photo courtesy of: Bourbon in the connoisseur market.
Tuthilltown Spirits Farm Distillery – Gardiner, NY Furthermore, there is also the trend of
what’s old being shining and new again.
Mixologists, who have played a role in
rethinking Bourbon, are leading people

towards rediscovering and reinventing the
cocktails that made the spirits popular in
the first place.

IS THE NEW In challenging economic times, fashion and
lifestyle trends lean in a nostalgic direction.

Given the fact that Bourbon can be present-
ed as Americana in a bottle or glass, it is no
surprise that what’s old and familiar has
become new again.
Paige Guzman, Whiskey Category
Leader for Jim Beam’s Bourbon Brands
(including Jim Beam, Knob Creek, Red Stag

Bourbon & American Brown Spirits and many of its small batch bourbons), will
attest the appeal of her catalogue rests in the
are gaining a new patina of status fact that people are not only reaching for
old favorites, but also finding new ways to
and respect, even under challenging enjoy them and introduce them to non-tra-
ditional bourbon audiences. While her col-
economic and production conditions. league, Daniel Deephouse, who manages
Maker’s Mark for Beam on the West Coast,
By Elyse Glickman draws attention to the fact that his brand
from its inception always sought ways to

Enjoy your bourbon responsibly.

Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 45.2% Alc. by Vol., The Woodford Reserve Distillery, Versailles, KY ©2009.

bring the past and present together in its appeal.

“The first barrels of what we now know to be Maker’s Mark were
distilled in the early 1950s, and the first bottles to be commercially
sold were so in 1958,” says Deephouse. “When he first got into bour-
bon-making post Prohibition, Maker’s Mark founder Bill Samuels
Senior burnt the old Family recipe in 1943 that had been used to make
their whisky since 1783. He did this to symbolize that he wanted to
start from scratch, and to find out what was the best way to make a
bourbon that would appeal to a wide audience.”
“From a marketing perspective we’re lucky with Woodford Reserve;
craftsmanship is inherent to the brand throughout the process,” adds
Laura Petry, Brand Manager of Woodford Reserve. “Our National
Landmark distillery in Versailles, Kentucky is the brand’s showcase, and
master distiller Chris Morris is the most knowledgeable in the business.
So we believe artisanal production is in the brand’s DNA.”
While some bourbons and brown spirits have come down through
American history, A.H. Hirsch Bourbon, in effect, is now history.
Henry Preiss, meanwhile, is now focused on keeping its memory and
legacy alive, according to Steven Fox, National Sales Manager at
Preiss Imports.
“The original lot of Hirsch is now sold out, except for the bottles
that are left which we are now offering in commemorative edition gift
packages, retailing for $1,200,” says Fox. “Each bottle comes with a
scroll of authenticity and is encased in a mahogany humidor-type box
with the Hirsch brand etched on the glass window artistically. The
bottle itself is in an artisanal, custom handblown glass bottle finished
with a hand cast T-cork and a refinished unique parchment style label.
The last 1000 bottles that will be labeled as the original under A.H.
Hirsch Reserve.”
The original A.H. Hirsch Bourbon Reserve was made by Adolph
Hirsch back in 1974 at Michter’s Distillery in Schaefferstown,
Pennsylvania. This facility was one of the first licensed distillers in
America and the place where President George Washington bought
his corn whiskey. In 1860, the distillery was purchased by Abe
Bomberger, whose family kept the facility operational with rye whiskey
until Prohibition.
Michter’s Distillery got a new lease on life in 1950 when new
owner Louis Forman discovered its historic records from Abe
Bomberger’s time of ownership and the methods once used to produce
whiskey. He decided to install a pot still, and hired Charles Everett
Beam (direct descendant of Jacob Beam) as master distiller to create a
fine bourbon with no expenses spared. In 1956, Adolf H. Hirsch, a for-
mer executive of the Schenley Co., bought some aged stocks of the
whiskey and marketed it under the A.H. Hirsch label, and the classic
pot still bourbon was long ago transferred to stainless steel tanks to
keep it from ageing further.
“While Preiss Imports keeps the historic brand alive, this extraor-
dinary spirit exists on borrowed time,” continues Fox. “(We) realized
that the limited amount of bourbon remaining it would inevitably sell
out one day, (especially as) bourbon enthusiasts are now very familiar
with the Hirsch label. Years ago, when we applied for the trademark
rights and copyrights, we also trademarked our lot under ‘Hirsch
Selection.’ By doing that, we becoming a merchant bottler—a com-

42 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
2 oz. Woodford Reserve
mon practice among Scottish distillers— products with proven quality, and bar- 1 oz. Tuaca liqueur
meaning that we outsource whiskey from a tenders are earning consumers’ business by 1/4 oz. fresh lemon juice
variety of sources because we are no longer making flavorful, classic cocktails. If we 1/2 oz. simple syrup
able to get whiskey from the original source provide the right material and drink con- Shake/Strain/Up. Garnish: Twist of lemon.
anymore. We have been sourcing North cepts that support the accounts, we think
American whiskeys from Canada and the Woodford Reserve can continue to outpace FRENCH MANHATTAN
US, and producing whiskeys of good quality the category. During this economic time, as 2 oz. Woodford Reserve
in keeping with what A.H. Hirsch set out to the focus shifts to increased consumption at 1 oz. Chambord liqueur
accomplish. For example, we have Old home compared to a bar or restaurant, we’re 1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
Shake/Strain/Up. Garnish: Twist of lemon.
Illinois 20, which is still available and creating sales pieces that educate the con-
retails for $89.99 a bottle, from a historic sumer on our diverse flavor profile and pro-
Illinois distillery.” viding creative and classic recipes they can
2 oz. Woodford Reserve
try at home.”
1 oz. sweet vermouth
SHAKIN’ TO THE OLDIES… As Makers Mark’s Deephouse sees it, 1 dash Angostura bitters
ND MIXING TO A NEW BEAT mixology is a major reason why its contin- 1 dash Peychaud’s bitters
Though bourbon and brown spirits are often ued success is consumer driven and support- Splash of cherry juice
visualized as something a real man enjoys ed by the bartenders who serve them. “We Shake/Strain/Up. Garnish: Maraschino Cherry.
neat or over ice, with the optional cigar or have various brand ambassadors, including
fireplace, spirits in this category have been mixologists, whom we educate, give them JANE CONNOR'S MINT JULEP
enjoyed in cocktails since their first bot- an opportunity to have their name put on a 1 part Maker's Mark
tling. As mixologists study the teachings of barrel and tell them how to reach out to 1 1/2 oz Fresh Grapefruit juice
Jerry Thomas, revive old cocktails or look consumers. However, what is most amazing 1 oz Honey Water (Simple Syrup made with
for alternative spirits to vodka on which to about Maker’s Mark is that this spirit has Honey instead of sugar, 1:1 ratio)
build new cocktails, Bourbon is being seen always has been about the taste. This has 3 mint leaves
in a fresh new light. always shifted people’s paradigm about Shake/Strain/Rocks. Garnish: Mint Sprig.
According to Woodford Reserve’s Petry, bourbon by showing through the flavor that
mixology and foodie trends have provided you can have a fine tasting bourbon.” MANILLA PUNCH
brands across the board an opportunity to Deephouse also points out that because 2 parts Maker's Mark
3/4 part dry vermouth
introduce new consumers to the bourbon Makers Mark does not have a bite like other
1 1/2 oz. fresh organic pineapple juice
franchise. Woodford Reserve’s new follow- bourbons, as well as a smooth front-forward
1 1/2 oz. ginger beer
ers have discovered it through creative finish, it has been regarded as ‘the bartender’s
Shake/Strain/Rocks. Top with ginger beer.
cocktails as well as classics like the bourbon since its launch. Though people on
Garnish: Candied Ginger & Pineapple.
Manhattan and Old Fashioned. both sides of the bar are discovering classic
“In the on-premise we’re focusing on cocktails, those chestnuts, in turn, are inspir- THE CATTAIL
the bigger trends,” she says. “The bourbon ing some new and innovative ideas. 2 parts Maker's Mark
market is growing, consumers are seeking “We want consumers to know they can 2 parts DeKuyper's Hazelnut Bliss
enjoy it anyway they wish, whether 1 part Ginger Ale
Woodford Reserve Manhattan as part of a cocktail or on its own,” Delicious shaken or stirred.
he continues. “Consequently, we
are inundated with recipes from THE MAKER'S MARK MANHATTAN
around the world not only from our 1.5 parts Maker's Mark
brand ambassadors and other mixol- .5 parts sweet vermouth
ogists, but from restaurateurs whose (we recommend you try Carpano)
chefs use it in their cooking, and 1 teaspoon of maraschino cherry juice
general fans as well. We are con- Shake/Strain/Up. Garnish: Maraschino Cherry.
scious of people’s response to
Maker’s Mark, and are always here THE MUDDLED CREEK
2 parts Knob Creek Bourbon
for them.”
Ginger ale, to taste
Beam’s Guzman also notes that
Splash of triple sec
the current Mixology movement
Muddled orange slice
had a very positive effect on
Combine/Rocks. Garnish: Orange Slice.
American brown spirits and the
meet demand. One thing that has made our
bourbon so special and desired by consumers,
nevertheless, is the fact that it is a handmade
product. Furthermore, our consumers are
our friends, and we treat them that way con-
sistently. Just because we had a spike in pop-
ularity does not mean we’re going to boost
our prices excessively. You just would not do
that to a friend. We still work within those
Kentucky values established by the family, to
be inclusive in many ways.”
While the days are certainly numbered
(Ri)1 offers consumers recipe books and cards to give them for original A.H. Hirsch Reserve bottles,
inspiration when they host their cocktail party at home. Preiss Imports’ Fox notes that the products
carrying on the brand’s legacy need to be
entire Beam portfolio. “People are getting brands, different companies take a variety of watched carefully.
creative with bourbon in ways that they had tactics in addressing the problem. Some “We have a Hirsch Small Batch Reserve
not before. We have seen everything from take a path of least resistance—by letting Bourbon selection which retails for $30 a
the return of classic cocktails such as the Old the shortage speak to the quality of their bottle, and we rarely get 2000 to 3000 cases
Fashioned and the Manhattan to original product—while others are making light of right now per year, so bourbon is generally
recipes using all kinds of non-traditional the situation and finding other ways to keep very hard to come by,” Fox says. “There is
ingredients mixed with bourbon. We are their loyal consumers content. now a shortage. How long it will last, I do
also seeing savory spice being added to cock- According to Guzman, Beam’s Knob not know. Because there is a continuing
tails with garnishes such as jalapeno, and Creek is the brand that just may have set the consolidation of bourbon distilleries, which
basil. Boulevard in San Francisco has creat- whole Bourbon shortage rumor off. When has been going on many years now, that has
ed a cocktail with chili peppers, bringing the company ran low on cases recently, the
together the sweetness and bite of bourbon marketing department openly embraced the
and the heat from the chilis.” situation of supply not meeting demand.
Even with all that innovation on-prem- “Because we are not willing to lower our
ise, Guzman acknowledges the economy- standards or years of aging to produce more
driven shift from on-premise to off-premise is product and compromise the integrity of
prompting consumers to develop their own Knob Creek, we won’t be able to bottle until
mixology skills and signature cocktails for November,” she notes. “We’ve put together
their home entertaining. Beam has respond- a trade and consumer ad campaign with the
ed to that demand by offering consumers title ‘Thanks for Nothing’ Through this
recipe books and cards to give them inspira- campaign, we’re letting trade and consumers
tion when they host their old cocktail party know that nothing will change about the
at home. The situation has also fueled inter- way Knob Creek will be made, and thanking
est in the newer brands in the portfolio. them for the fact that we have run out of our
“We recognize that flavored spirits were own bourbon. This truly shows we’re put-
Knob Creek barrels.
becoming popular in every category, and ting out a product we really stand behind.”
that consumers are embracing the flavored Over at Makers Mark, Deephouse
spirits as more modern and contemporary,” expresses that for him, the most interesting
says Guzman. “One reason why we devel- challenge about the bourbon shortage from
oped Red Stag was to tap into that move- his brand’s standpoint is that maintaining
ment, and since its introduction, it is supplies is very difficult because the way it is
already an early success.” made is very artisanal, and very hands-on
from start to finish.
DRY BARRELS… “We don’t trade our bourbon, unlike
Serious bourbon enthusiasts who enjoy this some other bourbon houses,” Deephouse
brown gold for their own sake have been affirms. “What we make today will be ready
buzzing about recent bourbon shortages to use in six years. We experienced a short-
within a number of brands. While scarcity age last year, so we took pains this year to
has upped the cache of many bourbon ensure that we would have enough supply to

44 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
A rack house at Jim Beam distillery.
also cut into production and created a campaign on ESPN during the 2009 NBA
shortage. However, I see this as an opportu- Finals. The key advertising campaign cen-
nity that will allow Hirsch in its new incar- ters around “Guys Never Change,” playing
nation to continue to grow. People like the upon the selling point that as guys (our con-
quality of what we’re doing. As far as adver- sumers) never change, neither does Jim
tising goes, because we are selling every sin- Beam. Tag lines include, “Columbus did not
gle drop of the product as soon as it comes ask for directions.” and images of guys play-
in, we do a minimal amount of specialized ing air guitar and doing other guy things,
advertising since these are small batch, low- conveying that the brand has been with
yielding products.” consumers throughout their adult lives and
“The bourbon market is so well covered will always be there…and some things are
that we really don’t go after the collectors not supposed to be messed with.
anymore, and we’re now starting to reach
general audiences,” continues Fox. “We are WHY SMALL IS THE NEXT BIG THING
supposed to have another 1000 cases going Though Jim Beam is undeniably a giant,
out this week that will probably sell out Guzman draws attention to the small batch
very quickly.” products in its portfolio, thereby acknowl-
There are other brand reps, still, who edging the increasingly huge demand for
could argue that there is no shortage, based small batch products. “When it comes to an
a Victorian press, and the font is based on
on good planning and preparedness. “One artisanal focus, you just need to look at our
Mr. Samuels’ writing. We use the original
or two brands are experiencing shortages, small batch bourbon collection (including
distillery, which is one of the oldest operat-
which happens on occasion,” says Petry. Basil Hayden, Knob Creek, Baker’s and
ing bourbon distillery in the U.S.”
“However, the category trend has increased Booker’s) which come off the still at a high-
On the opposite side of the spectrum,
only slightly and most distillers were pre- er proof, age longer, and are aged in special
Preiss’ Fox is a believer that smaller is defi-
pared, including Woodford Reserve. We places in our rack house,” she says.
nitely better. “We don’t have to make up
will continue to do as we always have, pro- Although Maker’s Mark is a major
some big romantic story behind the bourbon
mote the brand on its merits and seek ways national brand, Deephouse insists they oper-
that many (corporate brands) do because the
to connect with consumers.” ate with an independent spirit. “We hand-
product speaks for itself,” he states. “The
select the grain and make only 90 barrel
original Hirsch has its own built-in history,
…AND WHETTED APPETITES batches at a time,” he says. “We are the only
while the Hirsch Select products have their
Guzman notes that Jim Beam has always whisky house in the States that rotates our
own story as they are made from corn
been marketed to men 21-29 years old. barrels, which is a time consuming and
whiskey, which is what our American forefa-
However, other brands in the portfolio are expensive process, but guarantees quality
thers drank. We are the only company out
being groomed for crossover into to other will be consistent in every bottle. Every bar-
there offering this kind of corn whiskey,
groups and demographics. rel is checked at least five times during the
because we found good companies that
“Red Stag was made for a customer that maturation process so when can see when it
could source this interesting offering. We
may not be a traditional whiskey consumer, is the right time to move the barrel to anoth-
are also the first company to go outside the
and the flavor profile appeals to a broader er part of the barrel house or ready to bottle.
mainstream image of Bourbon to offer
audience,” she explains. “With Basil Every bottle is hand labeled and hand cut on
unique products that in effect are the story.
Hayden, we have done quite a bit of market-
ing for it in the Gay community in Chicago
and Seattle, promoting it as a bourbon that
is highly mixable with champagne (“The
Basil Bubbly”) or an apple cider drink. We
have also partnered with Out magazine to
help legitimize our marketing strategy with
those consumers. Asian American and
Asian markets, meanwhile, like our higher
proof products and higher aging.”
Guzman notes that their major brand-
ing platforms and our relationships with dis-
tributors, and on and off premise clientele
will continue its growth trajectory in 2010.
Jim Beam will be back on television starting
this holiday season, in light of a successful
6 large egg yolks
¾ cup sugar
2 ½ cups milk
½ cup Knob Creek Bourbon
1 teaspoon vanilla
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
Beat egg yolks and sugar in medium
saucepan. Slowly beat in 2 cups of the milk.
Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently,
until thermometer registers 150°F or mixture
coats the back of the metal spoon. Remove
from heat. Strain into pitcher. Stir in remaining
milk, Knob Creek Bourbon, vanilla and nutmeg.
Cover and chill at least 8 hours or overnight.
Sprinkle with additional nutmeg.
Makes 6-8 servings.

2 oz Baby Bourbon
2 drops, LUCID absinthe
1 Teaspoon Bauman's unsweetened spice and
Sassafras Apple Butter
¾ oz Pure NY State Grade A Maple Syrup We also have an advantage over big com- cial bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, with
1 oz, Fresh lemon juice.
panies in that those big companies do not new twists to the collectible Kentucky
Shake/Strain/Rocks. Garnish: Fresh apple slice
have the time to market something that is Derby bottle and the $1,000 Mint Julep
dusted lightly with fennel pollen, if available.
limited to 500 or 1000 cases.” program arriving in 2010.
From the Woodford Reserve stand- Small producers, in some cases, are
1 1/2 oz. Hudson Four Grain bourbon point, Bourbon’s versatility and the actively looking to expand the category.
1/2 oz. Sortilège maple liqueur breadth of marketing activity by specific According to Ralph Erenzo, of
1/4 oz. Combier orange liqueur brands allows it to appeal to a diverse pop- Tuthilltown Spirits Farm Distillery in
1 dash Bitter Truth orange bitters ulation. “Some brands promote heavily to Gardiner, NY, increased popularity of
Shake/Strain/Up. Garnish: Orange Peel. young adults while others seek an older small batch products has generated a
demographic,” observes Petry. movement among producers to bring the
BUCK SHOT “Some tout their smooth, light flavor sub category of “New American Whiskey”
Shake equal parts Red Stag and Jagermeister to attract the uninitiated and others pur- into the fold.
ice cold into a shot glass sue minorities through specific lifestyle “The future of American Whiskey is
programs. This isn’t really new, though no longer in the hands of the big alcohol
DOE NUT brands are evolving their strategies in producers,” says Erenzo. “It is shifting to
2.5 oz. Red Stag these more trying times. We’re not mar- the small independent producers of spe-
¼ oz. Almond Liqueur keting to a specific demographic group. cialty spirits. Together with the nation’s
¼ oz. Vanilla Rum or Liqueur Instead, we’re trying to connect with con- micro distillers, we are carving out a new
Shake/Strain/Up. sumers who most appreciate our story of niche, one that was sealed up when
authenticity, quality and fullness of flavor. Prohibition took effect. Since the early
And while our message doesn’t change part of the 20th century there has been no
½ part (rī)1 Whiskey
our plan will. We’re looking at exciting small distilling industry. But that Phoenix
½ part lemon juice
new ways to connect with consumers and is rising.”
bartenders in the on-premise, still a criti-
(RI)1 RISING SUN cal place to build a brand’s awareness and A TOAST TO A HIGHWAYMAN
½ part (rī)1 Whiskey of course trial.” Though bourbon and other American
½ part lemon juice Petry advises retailers and restaura- brown spirits brands are bringing together
Shake/Strain/Rocks. teurs to keep eyes peeled for more activity the old (historic brands) and the new (the
around the brand’s mixability through cre- influence of Mixologists and the artisanal
(RI)1 CLOVE & OAK ative and classic cocktails, unique partner trend) together to generate interest
1½ parts (rī)1 Whiskey programs and special offerings like among both traditional and non-tradi-
½ part Allspice Dram Woodford Reserve’s Master’s Collection tional bourbon buyers, there are some
½ part freshly squeezed lemon juice (comprised of one-time bottlings of unique brands betting on a tactic that a
1½ parts cloudy apple cider unique, special-production whiskeys). name can not only say it all, but sell it all.
½ part simple syrup Woodford Reserve also remains the offi- This is certainly the case with Old
Shake/Strain/Up. Garnish: Apples slices.
46 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7

Whisky River, also known as Willie Nelson Whisky River in tandem with Willie Nelson’s
Bourbon. While the bottle bears the hallmarks image, promoting it at his concerts and use the BEVERAGE INDUSTRY NEWS
affinity people have with Willie’s iconic status
of this American music icon, what’s inside is as
reflective of its namesake as well. While parent
company Heaven Hill produces other bourbons
to market the brand. He also notes that the
brand has enjoyed visibility at regional
and brown spirits that benefit from the influ- Barbeque cook-off events in the Southeast and
Southwest that “follow the NASCAR/country
ence of mixology or play well with foodies, this
brand stands alone. In other words, just as music track.” However, just as Nelson’s music
Willie Nelson enjoys his bourbon, slightly had enjoyed crossover appeal to other audi-
smoky and served over ice, the product bearing ence, the bourbon bearing his name is attract-
his name is made to be appreciated on its own. ing fans from all walks of life.
“This product was put together by “Willie will be autographing guitars for
Willie himself, a long-time Bourbon enthu- prizes for BBQ festivals, and it should be
siast,” notes Patrick Kenny, the brand’s noted sponsorship positions with these
spokesperson, at Drinks Americas. “(What events in turn has had very good results with
makes this brand) artisanal is that Willie on-premise and retailers within those
Nelson himself was involved, and worked regions,” says Kenny. “That said, it is impor-
with the distiller to have it made exactly the tant to note we’ve done extremely well in
way he likes bourbon. urban markets. One of our strongest sales
According to Kenny, Drinks Americas areas is in Brooklyn, NY. This can be credit-
bought the distribution rights and a portion ofed in part to the fact that our reps in that area
ownership in this brand from Willie and his were confident that this product would sell
business partner three and a half years ago. well there. Old Whisky River has become a
Since then, and continuing into 2010, he says brand that’s fashionable among consumers
his company will continue to market Old beyond the traditional bourbon buying
One thing that
Pleasing Patrons and Bartenders Kenny has in common
since 1780 with the other brand
representatives is that
he too has observed
that the scope of the
market and number of
Go online and discover a
people willing to try wealth of resources
bourbon is expanding. at your fingertips.
While he says that Old
Whisky River, a six- • CURRENT ISSUE
year old bourbon sold
at a fair price point
($19-23/bottle), suc-
ceeds in exceeding cus-
tomers’ expectations, • BIN PRODUCT OF THE WEEK
bourbons and brown • BEVSOLUTIONS
spirits across the • ONLINE GUIDE TO NATIONAL
board--at all price BEVERAGE COMPANIES
points and from the SUPPLIERS/IMPORTERS/
small artisanal produc- MARKETERS/WHOLESALERS
ers to the most recog- • CLASSIFIEDS
nizable names--have
Laird’s 7 1/2 Yr. Old Apple Brandy - 40% ABL • INDUSTRY JOB POSTINGS
endeavored to do the
Laird’s Applejack - 40% ABL • SPECIAL AD RATES AVAILABLE
same by tapping into
Laird’s 12 Yr. Old Apple Brandy - 44% ABL ONLINE
Laird’s Apple Brandy 100 - 50% ABL Americana and strik-
ing a collective nerve
(732) 542-0312 in the process. I
Please drink responsibly.

48 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7
Jumpin’ Jack Flash! JACK ROSE
2 oz. Laird’s Applejack
3/4 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
Laird’s Apple Jack may be a centuries’ old piece of 1/2 oz. Pomegranate Grenadine
Americana, but it is inspiring fresh cocktail trends among Shake/Strain/Up. Garnish: Apple Slice

existing fans, mixologists and young consumers. SCOBEYVILLE

2 oz. Laird’s Applejack
At Tales of the Cocktail, uniting the old bottled and hand-labeled. 3/4 oz. Bianco Vermouth
with the new was the thematic element “The mixology craze can be seen as a 1/4 oz. Luxardo Maraschino
that tied the festival together. Educational move back toward the roots of bartend- 1/4 oz. Campari
seminars were themed along the lines of, ing,” observes Laird Dunne. “It has been Stir/Strain/Up. Garnish: None
“Not Your Grand-Pappy’s Drink phenomenal for both Laird’s Apple Jack
Anymore” and “American Whiskey and Laird’s Bonded products because LADY LAIRD
Legends,” making it clear the appeal of today’s bartenders are looking for authen- 2 oz. Laird’s Applejack
1/2 oz. Cointreau
American brown spirits are becoming tic, historic ingredients that were first used
1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
more inclusive, universal and upscale. in the creation of classic cocktails. Because
3/4 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
Many of the tasting rooms—including consumers are going to our accounts and
1 Egg White (or)
Laird’s Apple Jack—followed suit with tasting these wonderful cocktails with
3/4 oz. Pasteurized Egg White
cocktails that quite frankly, could give fresh ingredients, they are realizing there 4 Sage Leaves
“Sex and the City” cosmos a run for their are many more ways to enjoy brown spirits Muddle/Shake/Strain/Up.
money in terms of substance and style. than just on the rocks or with a splash of Garnish: Sage Leaf Float
“Laird’s Apple Jack is the oldest water. They add great depth and character
native distilled brown spirit in America, to a cocktail.”
and you cannot get more authentic than As Lisa Laird-Dunne sees it, it is best
something like Apple Jack,” asserts Lisa not to target their product towards any
Laird Dunne, who spearheads the compa- particular group or segment because there
ny’s marketing. “This ties in to the move- is already such a wide range of consumers
ment toward the classic cocktail and their and mixologists who seek our and appreci-
search for authentic ingredients. Though ate Apple Jack.
we do not do much marketing (in terms of “We are supporting our brand ambas-
signage or point of purchase displays), we sadors and by doing events such as Tales of LIGHTNING BOLT
put much of our resources into our brand the Cocktail, we are trying to gear our 2 oz. Laird’s 100° Apple Brandy
ambassadors—mixologists around the events and recipes towards consumers and 1/4 oz. Simple Syrup
1 Dash Angostura Bitters
U.S. that have supported our products. mixologists interested in this kind of
1 Dash Peychaud Bitters
They not only have a passion for Apple brown spirit,” says Laird-Dunne.
1/4 oz. Absinthe (rinse glass and discard
Jack itself but also a respect for its history Although Laird’s Apple Jack has been in
and the fact that it has survived many ups the California market for many years, she
Stir/Strain/Rocks. Garnish: Lemon Peel
and downs over the years since 1780, credits noted mixologist such as H. in San
including Prohibition and fluctuations in Francisco and Eric Alperin of The Varnish JUMPIN' JACK
the economy.” in L.A. for drumming up greater demand. 1 1/2 oz. Laird’s Applejack
Though Laird’s Apple Jack has been a She also notes the company’s successful 1 oz. Chilled Espresso
staple for spirits connoisseurs and seasoned Lightening Strikes Tour will be announc- 1/2 oz. Cinnamon Syrup
bartenders since its founding, Lisa Laird ing dates on the West Coast in 2010. Stir/Strain/Up. Garnish: Heavy Cream Float
Dunne notes that back in 1999, the “We are working with Chad Solomon
emerging classic cocktail trend prompted and Christy Pope with a touring program JOHNNY APPLE SLING
the still family-owned company to visit that is interactive in nature, covering the 2 oz. Laird’s Applejack
their back catalogue for pre-Prohibition history of classic cocktails and Laird’s 1/2 oz. Velvet Falernum
inspiration. The result was The Laird’s involvement and showing attendees how 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
Bonded, an artisanal higher end variation versatile Lairds is in a variety of cocktails 3/4 oz. Freshly Squeezed
of the spirit made in small batches that from the classics to some of their own new Lemon Juice
represents classic, straight apple brandy, creations,” she details. “Attendees then 1 Dash Angostura Bitters
and later, Laird’s 12 Year-Old spirit, dis- have the opportunity to get behind the bar Top with Club Soda
and create their own Laird’s inventions.” I
tilled from hand-picked ingredients, hand-
Garnish: Apple Slice

So Good
Southern Comfort leads a new pack of
Ready-to-Drink cocktails that go beyond
instant gratification to reach new levels of
style and sophistication.

for Southern Comfort. “Younger consumers Finnegan. “They’ve become so familiar

rom the 1960s forward, all the recre-
ational drinker, home hostess or high around 25 are familiar with (Southern with the farm-to-table and fresh fruit-mud-
volume bartender wanted something Comfort) as a shot, perhaps served with dle bar approach that anything that tastes
pretty good really fast. There were plenty of lime. However, the average consumer or artificial will simply not do. Though the
Bloody Mary, Mai Tai and Margarita mixes household is not quite sure how to use same people that frequented trendy bars are
lining supermarket and liquor store shelves Southern Comfort beyond the shot. For off- now doing their entertaining at home, their
produced to address the growing demand for premise, these products represent a break- paradigm has shifted. It’s not enough to
fun in a bottle. through in overcoming that limitation for serve a lot of drinks fast. Those drinks have
In the 21st century, however, profes- individuals as well as larger on-premise to be comparable to what they’ve gone out
sionals and savvy consumers are demanding accounts. It shows them Southern Comfort for in the past.”
a lot more from instant gratification. Enter can be used in whisky cocktails (as in the On premise, while the Southern
the new generation of Ready-to-Drink Southern Comfort Sweet Tea), it can used Comfort shot with lime introduces many
cocktails, or RTDs. Purista, a line developed in rum cocktails (like the Southern people to the brand, Finnegan says that the
by mixologists, raises the bar on the old Comfort Hurricane). Our objective is to get new RTD’s deliver the added capability of
“just add liquor” mixer format to meet more consumers to think of Southern Comfort in getting Southern Comfort back into the
particular expectations. Shot-Pak taps into a whole new context.” hands of bartenders, and inspiring them to
a fun mix of package design and high profile replace other spirits like rum with Southern
appearances at celebrity parties (such as a Comfort when reinventing old recipes such
pre-BET Awards gifting suite). Charbay “Our objective is to get as a Manhattan, Mojito or Old Fashioned.
Winery & Distillery draws upon its Napa As a result, not only do these cocktails
foodie cache to lure its audience to its new consumers to think of become trendy again, but it becomes part of
the process of updating cocktails on a regu-
just-add-ice-and impress Green Tea and
Pomegranate cocktails.
Southern Comfort in a lar basis.
Southern Comfort, meanwhile, has just whole new context.” “It is important to note that while our
launched Southern Comfort Sweet Tea Southern Comfort Sweet Tea Cocktail and
Cocktail and Southern Comfort Hurricane – Jay Finnigan, Southern Comfort Hurricane Cocktail are
Cocktail ($19.99), which capitalize on U.S. Brand Management Director becoming hits on the home front, there are
SoCo’s consumer name recognition and plenty of great opportunities for on-premise
long-standing reputation among bartenders. success, especially in places that do high vol-
When combined with a favorite spirit, these According to Finnegan, Southern ume, or times of year such as the Holidays
RTDs endeavor to bring one’s favorite bar or Comfort’s recipe for RTD success is an where quality of the drinks is just as impor-
restaurant into the living room or back yard. ounce of the current economy, two ounces tant as being sure there are enough drinks to
In-house master mixologist Tim Laird was of the home entertaining/cocooning trend go around,” affirms Finnegan. “High volume
even involved, grooming SoCo’s latest addi- and a dash to reconcile the popularity of bars such as those on Bourbon Street in New
tions for stardom and speed without com- upscale cocktail creations with the needs of Orleans, as well as San Diego, Los Angeles
promising on quality. high volume accounts. and other cities around the U.S. are ideal for
“This is a fantastic opportunity for the “Palates are more fine-tuned and con- special parties or promotions, especially as
Southern Comfort brand,” notes Jay sumers are sending the message they want to they guarantee bartenders will make a per-
Finnigan, U.S. Brand Management Director keep it real when it comes to cocktails,” says fect drink every time.” I
50 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7

Keep on 1909

Walking 1920


Johnnie Walker Black Label 1950

Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

and Sets the Stage for 100 More
By Alia Akkam 2009

ne of the world’s most iconic liquor It is the quality blend Alexander Walker the world’s first advertising icons: the famous
brands, and the number one blend- perfected that Kleinman believes underscores ‘Striding Man’. Over the century, the look of
ed Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker the excellence and widespread popularity of the bottle, despite a few tweaks, has essential-
Black Label, traces its roots back to an inven- Johnnie Walker Black Label. “Each individ- ly stayed the same, maintaining its powerful
tive grocer in Kilamarnock, Scotland, nearly ual bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label is brand identity among consumers.
200 years ago. Today, the famous whisky is the result of decades of planning. Every sip
sold in over 120 countries, alongside its fam- is the product of the rich heritage and skill of
Ongoing Buzz
ily of blends from the House of Walker. And the Johnnie Walker Master Blenders, as they
In tandem with the release of the limited
what has sustained the brand’s popularity select from up to 40 whiskies from over 700
edition bottle, Diageo has unrolled a new
through the years? Quality. casks. Johnnie Walker Black Label has stood
campaign entitled 100 Years of Progress,
“The art of blending is the hallmark of the test of time and remains the cornerstone
which will include a high-impact visual the-
the Johnnie Walker brand. The signature of the Walker portfolio,” he explains.
atre program, POS materials and a robust na-
blending style used today is the same as it was
tional public relations campaign.
in the 1900s when Walker was a family-run
The Iconic Bottle “The compelling story of 100 years of
business,” notes Dan Kleinman, marketing
George Walker traveled the globe establish- Johnnie Walker Black Label will be activat-
director of Scotch whisky for Diageo. “The
ing international distribution networks that ed on every platform and consumer touch-
slanted label and the iconic ‘Striding Man’
helped propel the collection of Walker whis- point, including advertising, public relations,
logo have been emblazoned on the Black La-
kies into a pioneering brand across the world. and in-store dis-
bel bottles since its inception.”
In addition to the distinctive slanted label and plays,” Kleinman explains. “In addition to
square bottle shape, the next step in making the Limited Edition Collector’s Pack, high-
Ambitious Beginnings the Johnnie Walker brand easily rec- impact video displays and a variety of other
In 1820, John Walker, a 15-year-old farm ognizable was a collaboration with visual elements have been created for various
boy, took over a grocery store in Kilamar- cartoonist Tom Browne, which store formats. Consumers are being invited to
nock, where he experimented with whisky, resulted in the creation of one of join in the anniversary celebration at home
applying the same skills he learned blending with a mail-in offering of beautiful etched an-
teas. In 1857, his son Alexander took over niversary ‘Striding Man’ glassware. Even our
the store and devoted his energies to creating To honor the occasion, extensive nationwide mentorship program of
a new blend. ‘Old Highland’ was the precur- Diageo will be releasing a on- and off-premise events will receive a spe-
sor to Johnnie Walker Black Label, flaunting new Johnnie Walker Black cial Black Label 100th anniversary twist.”
the slanted label and square bottle synony- Label Centenary Limited As they begin to dive into another cen-
mous with today’s version. tury, Johnnie Walker Black Label is confi-
Edition Collector’s Pack.
In 1909 Johnnie Walker, the global brand, dent about the future and maintaining the
The sleek black bottle is
was born. Two of John’s grandsons, George and level of quality they have been recognized
embellished with gold and a
Alexander, took the business to a new level by for over the past century. As Kleinman says,
timeline of the brand’s key “The 100 Years of Progress campaign will set
purchasing Cardhu Distillery – still the home
milestone dates on the back. the stage for 100 more.” Q
and visitors center of Johnnie Walker today.
52 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7



1909 -2009

The World’s #1 12 Year Old Scotch

Engine of the Most Valuable Spirits Trademark in the World
Named 2009 Top 10 Brand Riser* in 2009 MVI Annual Retail Brand Report
Awarded Gold in 2009 SF World Spirits Competition

Please Drink Responsibly.

**Brand risers are measured by year on year % brand value growth among 17 categories JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL Blended Scotch Whisky. 40% Alc/Vol. ©2009 Imported by Diageo, Norwalk, CT.


Kelly Farrell, Hostess with Brian Williams, Bar Manager PIER 23 CAFÉ
The Hot Spot on The Bay
Owner Flicka McGurrin took over Pier 23 Café and has indeed turned
it into a San Francisco “Hot Spot”. Patrons have described it as a small
funky roadhouse on the bay that is part ramshackle patio spot, part
dance floor, with a heavy dose of dive bar. It has an incredible diverse
clientele that once included president Bill Clinton.
Pier 23 is open 7 days a week serving lunch and dinner. They also
have a special brunch on the weekends. It features indoor dining as
well as a covered patio section and an outdoor patio on the bay with
a view of Treasure Island. Come early if you want to get a seat on the
patio during the summer months!
The restaurant turns out an amazing array of food; from Eggs
Benedict to the fresh seafood, including peeled and eat prawns in beer
and cajun sauce, plus oysters and dungeness crab cakes; to Nihman
Ranch burgers as well as steaks. Some favorites include the steamed
mussels or clams: an array of great tacos, including steak, fresh grilled
fish, or the Ensenada style prawn taco, that comes with corn salsa,
rice, beans or house slaw. Also, try the SF crab & shrimp sandwich
on thick sourdough with mayo, horseradish and fries.
Pier 23 is also known as the “Hot Spot” in the city because they
feature live music 6 nights a week! Bands run the gamut from, Jazz,
Blues, Ragtime and Boogie-Woogie piano, to Hip Hop Funk and Afro-
Cuban. On Saturday nights they feature Reggae Dj’s, with live Reggae
at the end of each month!
At the bar Pier 23 mixes of choice are Finest Call, which feature a
full line of superior products from the Sweet&Sour, Grenadine,
Coconut, Pomegranate and Prickly Pear syrups, two Bloody Mary
mixes, the Raspberry and Mango and Strawberry Purees; to the premi-
um Cosmopolitan Martini, Sour Apple Martini and Mojito mixes.
As Bartender Brian Williams, says “Our customers appreciate the
fact that we offer the best mixes in the business.”
54 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 7 Pier 23 is located on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

INDUSTRY VETERAN tion for our valued suppliers and distributors .

ALBERT R. IMPERIAL Mario comes to us from Kindred Spirits based in Miami, Florida.
PASSES His background is extensive having worked at most levels in the
"A good man," Charles McCabe Wine and Spirits Industry. His start was with Gallo Wines in Seattle
wrote some years ago, "is a person who and he also worked for major companies such as Paterno Imports,
treats others as if they were good. You Shaw Ross Imports, and Odom Corporation. Mario was the US Sales
treat a man, or a woman, as if they Director for Riojas Premier Winery Marques De Riscal and worked
were a decent sort, and the battle is overseas in Rome, Italy, being fluent in Italian and also Spanish.
very nearly won." Al Imperial, a good
man, died June 23, 2009, at home,
from complications of a rare blood
disease, surrounded by his loving fam-
ily that was the center of his life. He was 80 years old.
Al’s career in the distilled spirits and wine industry spanned
almost 55 years. Despite the many changes the industry has been
through, and the added pressures that consolidation has brought
along, he loved this business. He especially loved the people he served
and his own personal mission to provide excellent service to his cus-
tomers paid him many dividends for many years.
He began working in the industry in the early 50’s for Rainier Ale.
After a brief stint there, he moved on to work for Hamm’s Brewing.
Al spent several years there before moving over to Max Sobel
Distributing. He worked at Sobel for 5-6 years in the accounting and
administration departments. BIN MAGAZINE & THE ASTHMA & ALLERGY
Al left Sobel in the late 60’s and went to work for the Fleischmann FOUNDATION OF AMERICA TEAM UP
Distilling Corp. He began his career there as the region administrator TO SEND KIDS TO CAMP
and was later promoted to Northern California Sales Director for Beverage Industry News (BIN), in conjunction with the Asthma &
Fleischmann, a position he held until he left the company. Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), is gearing up for their annu-
His love of the business and the people in it was evident. He was al fundraiser to benefit children who suffer from asthma.
well liked and well respected. He believed that you called on your BIN needs your support! Donated product is needed to create hol-
accounts regularly – even if they were not buying anything from you. iday gift baskets for AAFA’s silent/live auction held on Tuesday,
He showed up every week, regardless of whether or not he got an November 17th, at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.
order. Eventually, his persistence, as well as his belief in good products BIN has helped to provide a free, week-long camping experience
and good service, would win out, and he would make the sale. Al truly to boys and girls, ages 8 to 14, who suf-
personified the concept that “just showing up” was half the battle – fer from this chronic disease. Asthma
his personality and skills did the rest. Camp helps reduce the number of
Al continued to do some work for SWS until June 2006, when he school absences and emergency room
“officially” retired. But, as you would expect, he continued to stay visits. The children, many from dis-
abreast of events in the industry. He even continued to check the advantaged homes, enjoy swimming,
retail newspaper ads and talk to old friends about what was going on. hiking, and other fun activities of a
You could say he never really retired. regular camp but, what sets this camp-
ing experience apart is the health pro-
fessional volunteer team which pro-
ADDITIONAL NATIONAL vides the necessary medical compo-
CATEGORY DIRECTOR TO nent. Studies show that the children
THE PREISS IMPORTS TEAM are better able to manage their disease
Preiss Imports brought on Mario long after the camp is over!
Vitale as National Category Director. Beverage Industry News will fol-
This addition is part of infrastructure low up with an editorial feature to
re-strengthening as the company con- showcase companies that participate.
tinues to grow. Mario’s responsibilities Furthermore, all participating companies will be included in the pres-
will be with our Latin Portfolio, tigious souvenir journal.
including brands like Chinaco All donated merchandise can be shipped or dropped off at the
Tequila and Ypiòca Cachaça. This AAFA office: 5900 Wilshire Blvd. #710, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
will increase our effectiveness in the AAFA can arrange a pick-up. For more information, please contact
marketplace by providing more atten- Rosemarie at (800) 624-0044.

56 BIN 2 0 0 9 • I S S U E 7

L-R: James Leathers, Emperor's Brand L.L.C., Mark Markarian, Saharex Inc., L-R: Mixologist Mike Flannery serving the Lennart cocktail and Xanté liqueur chilled neat at the
Zina Mashin, Emperor's Brand L.L.C Xanté Tasting Room at Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans.


Emperor's Brand Vodkas, which have graced the American spirits Xanté liqueur, a premium liqueur from Sweden, was launched to
market since May 2007, is a sophisticated line of spirits with varieties 15,000 mixologists and members of the media at this years Tales of the
of vodka that speak to aficionados with refined tastes. Based on early Cocktail (TOTC)-the internationally acclaimed festival of cocktails,
consumer and trade feedback about these varieties--Emperor, cuisine and culture held annually in New Orleans, Louisiana. The
Versailles, Winter Palace and Imperial Exclusive—these vodkas have event brought together the best and brightest of the cocktail commu-
earned praise for their aroma, clarity and smoothness. nity for a five-day celebration of the history and artistry of making
Even with the reality that vodka is now one of the world's most drinks. Award winning mixologists, world renowned bartenders and
popular spirits, and there are hundreds of them on the market, the top influencers waited in line at the Xanté tasting room at the Hotel
Emperor Brand Vodka family is venturing forth in the competitive Montelone on July 11th, to taste what all the buzz from the
market with confidence with their unique taste and sophistication as Unimaginable Pleasure campaign has been about.
the focus. “It took us several years to perfect the technology and Greeted by President and CEO of The Xanté Company, Adéle
recipes,” notes Emperor Brand President, Zina Mashin. “Our strategy Nilsson, master mixologist, Mike Flannery, and the team from
is to satisfy a diverse spectrum of discerning customers with four supe- Kindred Spirits, guests of the Xanté Tasting Room were invited to
rior quality vodkas. Our approach, meanwhile, is simple and classic, indulge in their Unimaginable Pleasures. As a part of Xante’s U.S.
allowing them to experience difference through tasting. We have launch campaign, revelers of the Xanté tasting room were asked to
participated in numerous trade shows where experts and industry pro- choose one of four pleasures. Whether it was a savory breakfast sand-
fessionals had the opportunity to taste our vodkas. They were truly wich, luxurious bath gel, a tasty cigar or a sinfully sweet Xanté
amazed that we could deliver vodka at a whole new level.” infused chocolate truffle there was something that satisfied every-
Although Emperor's Brand Imperial Exclusive is distilled five one’s sensory palate.
time like many of the top shelf competitors in today’s market, Mark Xanté liqueur is best enjoyed chilled neat on the rocks or used in
Markarian CEO of Saharex Inc., points out it is very different from its a cocktail like below. Xanté is a premium liqueur with a hint of
rival brands, thanks to a rich array of flavors and aromas. Emperor, French Cognac known for it’s ménage a trois of virgin pears, vanilla
Winter Palace and Versailles, meanwhile, are distilled six times, and French limousine oak, launched in New York, Miami and Boston
which stands above and beyond the industry standard. earlier this year and is currently rolling out in major cities nationwide.
“We took pride in creating our vodkas and were flattered by the Distributed by Kindred Spirits of North America, Inc., Xanté retails
results,” affirms Zina Mashin. “We created them especially for con- at approximately $40.00 for a 750 ml bottle. Xante comes from the
sumers who appreciate quality. Our vodkas are made of 100% wheat, company that brings you the world-renowned Cherry Heering brand,
which we feel makes the cleanest tasting spirits. We also only use the original “cherry brandy,” a product of Denmark since 1818. Xanté
spring water from the region of Cognac, France. Our devotion to cre- liqueur has been in Europe for over ten years and holds the title of the
ating a life long commitment to our customers remains consummate.” second most popular liqueur in Scandinavia.
For further information contact Saharex Importers (818) 507-6910.

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Please Drink Responsibly.

SMIRNOFF Flavored Vodkas. Distilled From Grain. 35% Alc/Vol. ©2009 The Smirnoff Co., Norwalk, CT.

cocktail must contain the following:

• 2 oz Gosling's Black Seal rum
• 4 oz ginger beer
• a lime wedge
Gosling's says that they will pursue those
advertising a drink using that name with a
recipe that contains any other ingredient.
The use of such a tactic can generate an
aura for Gosling’s that may be interpreted as
a stance of “anti-mixology.” In obvious rebut-
tal to this position, the makers of Zaya Rum
recently released the following statement;
Zaya Rum fully supports Mixology as an art-
form. By imposing a trademark or patent on
a cocktail recipe one is suggesting to under-
mine a Mixologists’ artistic freedom. We
applaud bartenders who put their personal
thumbprint on a libation as an integral part
of the artform; it’s what creates a recipe in
the first place.
For the time being your local watering
hole can advertise the trademarked recipe
and customers can expect what they order,
will be just that. Yet to simplify a Mixologist’s
inventiveness could be detrimental, as both
THE DALMORE’S NEW AWARD consumers and alcohol brands depend upon a
WINNING PACKAGING Bartender’s creativity, as both an admirable
The Dalmore, one of the most highly award- and necessary quality to possess.
ed single malt scotch ranges is poised to it
place at the bar and on the shelf in both on
and off premise accounts in California. This
legendary range of daring single malts, creat-
ed passion, pride and exacting standards
under the watchful eye of
Master Blender Richard Paterson is pure gold
in the bottle. The core marques in the range
are The 12 Year Old, The 15 Year Old, The
Dalmore Gran Reserva and King Alexander
III. Each expression captures the pillars The
Dalmore is renowned for: Dynamic
Distillation, Sublime Maturation and
Harmonious Fusion. New award winning
Packaging for the entire line reflects the true
premium position of the brand and the qual-
ity in every drop.

This summer, Zaya Gran Reserva Rum

ZAYA RUM REBUTTAL TO eagerly launches a nationwide promotion as
NEW YORK TIMES SHAKEN a rum that showcases its unprecedented mix-
& STIRRED COLUMN ability factor to "elevate everything."
The NYT SHAKEN & STIRRED column Celebrated as the world's finest sipping rum,
ran a piece about Gosling’s rum and their Zaya now aims to illustrate the spirit's versa-
battle to preserve its trademarked name for tility. Zaya Rum suggested retail price is
the classic Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail. $34.99. For more info, please visit
According to the July 2nd article, the

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It is a sizzling 101 degrees outside, and four thirsty guests are ready moms, recovering alcoholics and others. According to one
to order drinks. You suggest margaritas. Ted orders a beer. Carol is study, 47.6% of surveyed Californians age 18 and older didn't
pregnant and doesn't want alcohol. Bob says, “No thanks, I'm driv- drink alcoholic beverages at all in the past month.
ing,” and Alice says she's quitting drinking. You're wishing you had
a better selection of non-alcoholic drinks to offer them. 3. It's good policy. When guests drink too much or too fast, a
You're not alone. One casual dining chain offers 67 alcoholic non-alcoholic beverage is a great way to slow consumption and
drinks (including 23 wines), and only seven non-alcoholic drinks. prevent intoxication, and a responsible business practice the
Maybe it's time to expand your non-alcoholic beverage offer- Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Courts might consider in
ings. Here are three good reasons to do so: your favor if you are ever accused of a liquor law violation, or
1. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Spotlight some
tantalizing non-alcoholic drinks right along with alcoholic With a little imagination, non-alcoholic drinks can enhance
drinks and price them competitively. The casual dining chain I your guests' overall experience, increase ticket averages and boost
mentioned charges $3.50 to $11.00 for alcoholic drinks and tips. And if you involve your crew in developing the drinks, pricing
$2.49 to $2.99 for non-alcoholic iced tea, lemonades and pome- and promotion, you'll increase morale, too. Now, that's really hot.
granate drinks. They could increase profits by developing some- Lauren C. Tyson is a retired District Administrator with the
thing more tempting and pricing them higher. California Alcoholic Beverage Control, a liquor liability consultant
and expert witness. For more information, please visit
2. Satisfy the needs of guests who don't drink alcoholic bever- or call (951) 226-7845. I
ages. This includes designated drivers, athletes, expectant Disclaimer: It is not the intent of this article to offer legal advice.

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