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Photography Michael Thad Carter

Stylist Lauren Smith Ford

Seven Austin bands on the verge show how personal style (and sound) are the only ways to really rock it out.
Hair Lisa Brooks Makeup Shirley Pinkson
Assistants Elena Garcia and Chris Gavin
Locations Hotel Saint Cecilia and

Text Katie Bernstein

White Denim
Named “Best New Band” at the Austin Music Awards 2008, this three-piece welds punk, garage, pyche- and blues-rock together in a mix that
won’t let you get too comfortable with pre-existing notions of these genres. James Petralli’s mellifluous yet swaggering vocals combine with
the band’s compelling live shows and clever songwriting, making White Denim one of the best bands to come of Austin’s live music scene in a
long time. The charged and contagious album Exposion is available for digital purchase through their website.

Band members (pictured left to right): Joshua Block (drums), Steve Terebecki (vocals, bass), and James Petralli (vocals, guitar).

Hear them live: March 14, Aquarium Drunkard party at Red Eye Fly at 10pm; March 19, Gorilla vs. Booze party at Peacock Lounge at 4:45pm;
March 20, Little Radio / TopSpin party at Red Eye Fly at 5:20pm; March 20, Official SXSW showcase at Radio Room patio at midnight.
This trio has been flying under the radar but won’t be unknown for long with the recently released and rave-reviewed Sunshower EP. Singer and guitarist
Lauren Langner Larson’s slight frame and cherubic beauty belie her ability to shred and belt out sultry hooks and rock ‘n roll shrieks. Her husband, bass
player Eric Larson, and drummer Jeff Barrera keep things steady and driving behind Lauren’s force.

Hear them live: March 14, ATX Converge Party at Mohawk; March 16, WOXY Live Radio Session; March 18, BMI/Girl’s Rock Camp SXSW Showcase at Maggie
Mae’s; March 20, Day Party at Ace’s Lounge.

THIS PAGE Jeff Barrera: Scarf by Psycho Bunny $215, Barneys Co-op. Lauren Langner Larson: Dress by Philip Lim 3.1 $450, Barneys Co-op. Eric Larson:
Vintage Shirt, New Brohemia. FACING PAGE Lauren: Vintage Dress $42, Feathers.

56 TRIBE Z A Music & Art M A RCH 20 09 M A RCH 20 09 Music & Art TRIBE Z A 57
Amy Cook
With smoky vocals, a dreamy reverb-heavy guitar and a tale to tell, Amy Cook evokes desert night skies, Texas summer love and coming home. Selected by Out Magazine as one of 2008’s “Out 100,”
the sultry songstress recently returned from a Northeast tour with Alejandro Escovedo and is headed skyward.

Hear her live: March 1, Benefit at Momo’s; March 21, South by San Jose show in the San Jose Hotel/Jo’s parking lot at 4pm; March 22, Unofficial closing show opening for Alejandro Escovedo at the
Continental Club at 10pm.

Vintage Dashiki $88, Feathers.

58 TRIBE Z A Music & Art M A RCH 20 09 M A RCH 20 09 Music & Art TRIBE Z A 59
What began as vocalist/keyboardist Cody Ground singing over Casio beats in his family’s barn in Waco has since become
Loxsly, a five-piece synth-rock outfit infused with catchy rhythms, a pedal steel guitar and shoe-gazing distortions.
Look forward to Loxsly’s upcoming vinyl release Tomorrow’s Fossils, a sci-fi epic, which tracks a man’s downfall after
he uses science to gain telekinetic abilities.

Hear them live: March 6, Show with Corto Maltese and Brazos at The Scoot Inn.

Eryk Lugo: Sweater by Peguin $68, Service Menswear; Shirt by Versace $295, Keepers; Jeans by Nudie $185, Tie by
Barneys Co-op $55, Both at Barneys Co-op. Cody Ground: Shirt by Band of Outsiders $215, Bows + Arrows; Sweater
available at Keepers; Jeans by A.P.C. $155, Barneys Co-op. Garrett Johnston: Suit by Versace, Shirt by Tailor Byrd $105,
both at Keepers; Vest by Theory $225, Barneys Co-op. Justin Douglas: Shirt by Barneys Co-op $145, Cardigan by Gant
$115, both at Barneys Co-op; Pants by Gant $125, Service Menswear. Drummer David Nathan is not pictured.

60 TRIBE Z A Music & Art M A RCH 20 09 M A RCH 20 09 Music & Art TRIBE Z A 61
Balmorhea’s enchanting instrumental mix of finger-picked guitars and bittersweet accompaniments of violin, cello
and double bass is reminiscent of those film scores capturing poignant scenes of love and loss. The compositions are
so captivating you won’t even miss the lyrics. Look for the new record All is Wild, All is Silent coming out on Western
Vinyl on March 10.

Hear them live: March 13, Record release show at Ballet Austin Downtown; March 19, SXSW Nail Distribution Day
Party at Side Bar; March 19, SXSW Western Vinyl Showcase at Club 115.

THIS PAGE Rob Lowe: Shirt by A.P.C. $165, Bows + Arrows. Michael Muller: Shirt by Democracy of Nevermind $58,
Urban Outfitters. FACING PAGE Michael: Pants by Barneys Co-op $165, Jacket by Paul Smith $695, both at Barneys
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by A.P.C. $150, Barneys Co-op; Bowtie by Carrot & Gibbs $45, Keepers. Band members Mike Bell, Aisha Burns, Travis
Chapman, and Nicole Kern are not pictured.

62 TRIBE Z A Music & Art M A RCH 20 09 M A RCH 20 09 Music & Art TRIBE Z A 63
The Octopus Project
The Octopus Project is not a band that can be easily mistaken for another, and if you happen to catch a performance, it’s likely to be one that you won’t soon
forget. This experimental quartet has been playing together for nearly a decade and often puts balloons, snazzy wardrobes and electric-outlet face masks
to good use—lest we forget the melancholic wail of Yvonne Lambert’s theremin thrown in for good measure. Look for their upcoming EP released in May to
hear more dueling keyboards, twinkling glocks, and lovely melodies.

Band members (pictured left to right): Josh Lambert, Yvonne Lambert, and Toto Miranda. Ryan Figg is not pictured.

Hear them live: March 21, SXSW showcase at Emo’s.

64 TRIBE Z A Music & Art M A RCH 20 09 M A RCH 20 09 Music & Art TRIBE Z A 65
Ovenbirds were formed as one of the best kinds of phenomena that happen
in Austin—the band-member swap. Joining together last summer, Ovenbirds
is made up of current and former members from Zykos, Zookeeper, and the
Gloria Record. The band’s influences sprout up from all over the map includ-
ing Bob Dylan, Wire, Sonic Youth, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and
even Paul Newman.

Hear them live: March 20, SXSW show at Guero’s, noon.

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Sound $75, Service Menswear.

M A RCH 20 09 Music & Art TRIBE Z A 67