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Double Bass = The Ultimate Challenge Jeff Bradetich Dear Bassi Friends, T met Jeff Bradetich for the first time in England at the British Intemational Bass Festival. He immediately appeared to me as a very talented performer, artist and teacher. More than that, he was humanly very frank, sensible. What he gave was in its entirety, nothing was hidden, no mystery. Everything was clear and based on fundamentals as the students needed. In one word, he gave everything from himself, When Jeff sent me the proofs of this fantastic work, I immediately recognized the same frankness and generousness, ‘AS a teacher, we all gain our experience with years of teaching, and we all think to organize our thotights in a method. Jeff did it with care and well-organized chosen points. Once again, he speaks about every aspect of our dear double bass, but, the most important for you, students from all over the world and from every level, please, trust him! Take everything as your real basis for a well-founded technique! I personally, and totally, agree with the content. All the bass world community has to thank Professor Jeff Bradetich for his wonderful work that synthesizes bass playing into a single, unified entity. ‘Thierry Barbe - Principal Double Bass Opera de Paris National Orchestra Professor Double Bass Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris Président Association des Bassists et Contrebassistes De France Jeff’ Bradetich’s new book on double bass pedagogy and performance is incredibly articulate and meticulously well thought out for the aspiring bassist, Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge is full of “need to know” information that doesn’t exist in most other books. The photographs and illustrations are explicit. The chapter’s subject matter covers what one might expect, but I have never seen such detailed articulate text to expel myths and to get right down to the core of why? and how?! Teachers and bass professors will love how this book communicates to the beginner through to the advanced players in their studios. Yes, this is primarily targeted to aspiri bassists in any genre will benefit from using this wonderful resource. classical bassists, but all Jeff Bradet depth and experience to author such a masterful text. No matter your level of playing, Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge needs to be in your personal library to refer to for years to come. BRAVO JEFF BRADETICH! sh is a world-class virtuoso performer and passionate teacher who has acquired enormous Rufus Reid The Evolving Bassist iv Toall of those who came before us and will follow in our footsteps, whose playing and teaching inspires us all.