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Note 834815 Note Language: English

Upgrade to SAP ECC 6.00 with FM

Version: 9 Validity:
Valid from 02.10.2006

You use FI-CA integrated with Funds Management and want to upgrade to SAP ECC 6.00.

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Cause and Prerequisites

When you upgrade to a release, the FICA_FM switch (FI-CA Core, Funds Management) or ISU_FM switch (Utilities: Funds Management) is activated if you already use FI-CA integrated with Funds Management. As a result, the system automatically writes structures SI_FKKFMOP and SI_FKKFMOPK with the FM table fields into the document tables, which replace customer includes CI_FKKFMOP and CI_FKKFMOPK. Note 773065 recommends that you include fields STAKZ and XANZA in customer include CI_FKKORDERPOS. These fields are contained in table DFKKORDERPOS and structure FKKORDERPOS in SAP ECC 6.00. During an automatic upgrade, the FM table fields and, if required, the STAKZ and XANZA fields, are duplicated and this may result in activation errors. You can prevent these activation errors if you implement the measures described below before the upgrade.


A) Execute the following actions BEFORE you start the upgrade:

o Use Note 932814 to implement the entries for the new SI includes SI_FKKFMOP and SI_FKKFMOPK. Use transaction SE11 to display table DFKKOPK. Double-click field SI_FKKFMOPK to create the SI include SI_FKKFMOPK. In this SI include, create the same fields as those in the CI include CI_FKKFMOPK. In a case without modification, add the following field only: .INCLUDE IFKKFMOBJ Save and activate the object (package FKKFMCHK). Ignore the warning " duplicated". Use transaction SE11 to delete the CI include CI_FKKFMOPK. Check the newly created include SI_FKKFMOPK and reactivate it if the status is "partially active". Repeat this action for the SI include SI_FKKFMOP (CI include CI_FKKFMOP). Use transaction SE11 to display table DFKKOP. If the CI include CI_FKKORDERPOS contains only the fields STAKZ and XANZA, delete this CI include using transaction SE11. If the CI include CI_FKKORDERPOS also contains other fields, use transaction SE11 to change data type CI_FKKORDERPOS and delete the components STAKZ and XANZA. Activate the CI include.

Important: This procedure does not convert tables since the fields are only transferred from one include to another, and the display in the database remains unchanged. Use transaction SE11 to execute all
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Note 834815 -

Upgrade to SAP ECC 6.00 with FM

activations. B) If you do not implement the measures described in A) before the upgrade and you encounter activation errors as a result, follow the procedure below:
CAUTION: Only implement this part of the note if you encounter activation errors during the upgrade in the activation phase. Log on to the shadow system. The user that you log on with must not be user DDIC. If required, you must unlock the system and create a user, if you have not already done so for the modification adjustment (SPDD). See the upgrade guide, chapter "Sequence", subchapter "ACT_<REL>" for a description of the procedure. Call transaction SE11 and select include CI_FKKFMOP as a data type. Delete the include. Also delete include CI_FKKFMOPK. If required, delete include CI_FKKORDERPOS if it contains only fields STAKZ and XANZA, or delete components STAKZ and XANZA from the include if it contains other fields. You can then continue with the upgrade as described in the guide. The following activation errors remain and you can ignore these:

1EEDO519X"Table" "CI_FKKFMOP" could not be activated 1EEDO519X"Table" "CI_FKKFMOP" could not be activated and, if applicable, 1EEDO519X"Table" "CI_FKKFMOP" could not be activated Important: Further activation errors can generally be attributed to another cause and must not be ignored. If you delete the CI include, this results in several inconsistent objects that produce errors in the XPRAS_UPG phase. If you encounter errors in the XPRAS_UPG phase, proceed as follows: o Delete the existing runtime objects for both CI includes (CI_FKKFMOP, CI_FKKFMOPK and, if required, CI_FKKORDERPOS) using the DD_NAMETAB_DELETE function module (SE37: Choose the path Function Module Menu -> Test -> Single Test) Generate runtime objects for the following objects using the DD_TABL_ACTM function module (input parameter: Mode = 12, TABNAME = object to be generated). For details see Note 211492: Inconsistency between ABAP Dictionary <-> database DFKKMOP DFKKOP DFKKORDERPOS DFKKORDERPOS_S DFKKMOPK DFKKOPK BAPI_TE_DFKKORDERPOS After the upgrade, use transaction SE38 to start the FMGL_CHANGE_APPL_IN_LEDGER report, as described in Note 840783.
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Note 834815 -

Upgrade to SAP ECC 6.00 with FM

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