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Pro-Israel group targets Obama bid

Groups like Stand With Israel are upset and afraid that they ill not see a ma!or ar ith an"ient Persia#

$S President %ara"k Obama

&ri 'e" () *+,.he group "laims) Our organi/ation is founded on the basis that the safety and se"urity of Israel is ine0tri"ably tied to the national se"urity of the $nited States of 1meri"a and must be preser2ed# If the se"urity of either of our t o "ountries is "ompromised) so is the other# Interesting at best) that they ould suggest that Israels "onstant "all for death and ar in Iran ould be ine2itably tied to $S se"urity# It seems the opposite is true# .he group is leading a "ampaign against $S President %ara"k Obama be"ause he is trying to bring pea"e to the region - be"ause he ants to build pea"eful relations ith Iran# Iran has long been a""used of ha2ing the desire to build a nu"lear bomb# Israel already has at least ,3+ of them) all illegal and unde"lared under the 4u"lear Proliferation 1"t# In other ords) the $S is making progress to ard pea"e and supporters of the Israeli apartheid regime dont like it one bit# .he hole argument stems from the misinterpreted statement by former Iranian President 5ahmoud 1hmadine!ad that Israel should be iped from the map) hi"h as ne2er stated#

1mong this sort of Israel-inspired "onfusion) one thing is "lear# %e it Iran or Ira6 or Syria) any support for the embattled Palestinians) hose land has been stolen by those ho ant to build the Israeli dream) is met ith orld le2el 2iolen"e) assassinations) and other forms of terrorism ser2ed up by the $S) Israel and the "ooperati2e estern po ers# 1""ording to Stand With Israels 7all .o 1"tion) "omplete ith misspellings8 92en President Obamas o n staff are 6uestioning his isdom o2er the deal hes trying to "ut ith Iran# Gary Samore) the Presidents former top ad2isor on eapons of mass destru"tion) told the :erusalem Post We dont ha2e a guarantee) that Iran ill e2er stop mar"hing to ard nu"lear eapons# When there is a publi" split bet een the $S and Israel) it gi2es the Iranians some "onfiden"e; to the e0tent that they see dissension in the ranks; they think their hand is stronger) said Samore# .he orld ill be a mu"h more dangerous pla"e if President Obama is left to "ontinue his "o/y relationship ith Iran and allo s them to fully de2elop nu"lear eapons# Its not too late to stop this histori" mistake as %en!amin 4etanyahu put it# We need your immediate support to lobby 7ongress and tell your lo"al legislators that e "annot allo a nu"lear-armed Iran# .he misspellings are refle"ti2e of Israels 2ast misunderstanding of 1meri"an "ulture# %ear in mind that the message is dire"tly "reated for 1meri"ans# .he Israeli regime publishes e0"ru"iating "opy) lies) and innuendo targeting the 1meri"an publi") hi"h so often only seems "apable of follo ing the popular "ry to support Israel# Indeed) Israel has done onders for itself by inserting its agenda into the "enter of the 1meri"an politi"al pro"ess# <et it seems hen arring ords are published by groups like Stand With Israel against the $S President) Israel is doing itself far more harm than good# Israel may ha2e a large military arsenal but in spite of this) the go2ernment and its military are a !oke by 1meri"an standards# Israel) ith all of its money) sends soldiers into "ombat /ones earing flip flop sandals# .heir entire popula"e is for"ed to ser2e by mandate) and it leads to a "onfusing situation in the ranks# .heyre sloppy and !ust not 2ery good) regardless of ho mu"h blood they dra # =est e forget that most of Israels killing takes pla"e through the use of 1meri"an &-,( !et fighters and the notorious drone# .hey ha2e be"ome deadly button pushers and it is e0tremely "lear that Israel is al ays illing to target and kill "hildren# If you listen to the hard"ore Israelis or read right ing Israeli press) you ill find >ionists ho ad2o"ate the murder of "hildren so they dont gro up and be"ome terrorists) they a"tually belie2e that# So ith respe"t to their ta"ti"s) it is e6ually true that Israel rarely s6uares off ith members of ?amas or ?e/bollah or any of the other groups that are "laimed enemies#

Of "ourse the only reason these groups ere born as due to Israeli aggression against Palestinian people# .his is parti"ularly true of ?e/bollah) hi"h as founded in the ake of the notorious Sabra-Shatila massa"re# Israel is "ontinually posturing for ar o2er the uber hypo"riti"al nu"lear eapon# .he notion that Israel ith so many unde"lared nu"lear eapons "ould "ontinue this "harade so long is ama/ing and dire"tly tied to s ollen bank a""ounts "apable of buying e2erything for Israel from ad2ertising to loyalty# .he Iranians are smart too) and they ha2e been biding their time) aiting for the orld to look at Israels slaughter of babies and families# Iran is totally "orre"t to stand against Israel# .@A?S4

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