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Enochian World of Aleister Crowley

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Enochian Sex Magick By Aleister Crowley Lon Milo DuQuette Christopher S !yatt" #h D $%%$ &ew 'alcon #u(lications Scottsdale" A) * S A

C+#,-./!0 1 * S E S S $%%$ All rights reser2ed &o part of this (ook" in part or in whole" 3ay (e reproduced" trans3itted" or utili4ed" in any for3 or (y any 3eans" electronic or 3echanical" including photocopying" recording" or (y any infor3ation storage and retrie2al syste3" without per3ission in writing fro3 the pu(lisher" except for (rief 5uotations in critical articles" (ooks and re2iews .nternational Standard Book &u3(er6 $789$:;7<=%7> Li(rary of Congress Catalog Card &u3(er6 %$7<9<>%$ 'irst Edition $%%$ &EW 'ALC+& #*BL.CA0.+&S ><=8 E $st A2e Suite 8 Scottsdale" Ari4ona :8=8$ * S A ?9<=@=;97A:;9

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ACE&+WLED/EME&0S 0he authors wish to express their thanks to /ary 'ord for his in2alua(le aid and (rilliant contri(utionsF to &ick 0harcher for Book and 0ype designF to Da2id # Wilson for Co2er design and the execution of the Sex Magick Sy3(ols &ew 'alcon #u(lications would also like to express its thanks for the Co2er Art and the Sex Magick Sy3(ols which are fro3 Mr DuQuetteDs Co3plete 0arot Syste3 of Magick 0he captions (elow the Sex Magick Sy3(ols are the creation of Dr !yatt and Mr DuQuette 'inally" we would like to express our gratitude to -ick Wardell for the photographs of Mr DuQuette and Dr !yatt

0ABLE +' C+&0E&0S 'oreword .ntroduction Chapter +ne A Short" Brief !istory ?A(ridged@ Chapter 0wo Before We Start LetDs /et So3ething Straight Chapter 0hree 0he 0en Minute +2er2iew Chapter 'our Co33ents +n Li(er LGGG.H 2el Chanokh Chapter 'i2e Li(er LGGG.H 2el Chanokh Chapter Six Di2ine Eroticis3 Chapter Se2en 0echni5ues +f Enochian Sex Magick Chapter Eight 0he Enochian Dictionary Chapter &ine 0he Lesser -itual of the !exagra3 Appendix Sex Magick Sy3(ols =$ =8 A$ 9$ $<A $<% $=A $;$ $;8 $88 $A $8 $%

'oreword By Christopher S !yatt" #h D !ow do you know when you are really (eginning to understand a su(IectJ When you co3e to the reali4ation that it is (asically 3uch easier than you e2er i3agined 'or years . a2oided an in7depth study of Enochian Magick" (elie2ing it to (e not only too ponderous a task (ut also anachronistically irrele2ant . considered it a 5uaint dead7end of Eli4a(ethan 3agic" ele3ents of which ha2e trickled down the centuries and lodged the3sel2es in 3ode3 cere3onial 3agick . ad3it that . had a certain le2el of curiosity and fascination" especially when . saw the painted ta(lets and Enochian KchessK e5uip3ent that .srael -egardie would display on rare occasions to his friends But the idea of actually taking the ti3e to 3ake sense of this collection of co3plex and frag3entary 3aterial was totally inti3idating And the thought of ha2ing to learn an Kangelic languageK did not thrill 3e at all . was 5uite happy to file Enochian Magick in the sa3e drawer of 3y 3ind where . keep KSecrets of A4tec CardiologyK and KCooking with Bar(ed Wire K 0hen se2eral years ago . was pleasantly disa(used . had asked Crowley expert" Lon DuQuette" to write an epilogue for 3y (ook Secrets of Western 0antra" ?'alcon #ress" $%:%@ and in the course of our discussion he asked 3e if . had e2er utili4ed Enochian Angels for operations of Sex Magick !e was genuinely a3used when . re2ealed 3y reasons for a2oiding the su(Iect and he suggested that if e2er . wished to learn how to i33ediately perfor3 Enochian Magick" . should si3ply read CrowleyDs Li(er Chanokh and get started $A

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley When . protested that . had read it" that in fact" it was included in /e3s 'ro3 0he E5uinox" ?'alcon #ress" $%:=@ !e said" Kthen read it again" carefully" and this ti3e assu3e that e2erything you need to know is right there in the text K !e continued K.t is 3uch si3pler than you think K !e then encouraged 3e to call hi3 if . ran into trou(le !is so3ewhat ca2alier attitude was oddly reassuring" so . took so3e ti3e that e2ening to reread Chanokh . followed his ad2ice and pretended it was the only (ook on the su(Iect in the world 0o 3y great surprise . disco2ered that e2erything see3ed 5uite clear Was this the sa3e (ook that frustrated and confused 3e earlierJ Did . all of a sudden (eco3e so 3uch s3arterJ Questions that were raised (y one sentence were answered in the next 0he funda3entals of the syste3 unfolded neatly (efore 3y eyes .n less than an hour" . felt perfectly co3petent to start (asic operations . had no reason to call Lon for ad2ice When . did call hi3 it was to tell hi3 of 3y application of the syste3 to ele3ents of 3y 0antric practices and that . wished to pu(lish Chanokh along with his co33ents and supple3entary 3aterial of 3y own findings . ha2e enIoyed our colla(oration 2ery 3uch for his enthusias3 for the su(Iect has (een irresisti(ly contagious &ow we in2ite you to enter 0he Enochian World +f Aleister Crowley -elax .t is 3uch si3pler than you think and . guarantee you that if you do e3(ark upon the sexual practices all of your efforts will (e well rewarded $;

.ntroduction By Lon Milo DuQuette .n the introduction of a recently pu(lished (ook on 3agick" the writer characteri4es the Enochian 3aterial in CrowleyDs E5uinox as (eing KscantyK and in KdisarrayK . a3 afraid . could not disagree 3ore .n fact" it is so ex5uisitely co3prehensi2e and laid out with such orderly neatness that" ?to 5uote Masonic scholar" /ary 'ord@" KCrowley can only (e critici4ed for (eing too anal retenti2e K .f the critic was capa(le of paying attention and spent the hour or less that it takes to read Chanokh she couldnDt help (ut grasp the su(Iect 0his" in 3y opinion" cannot (e said of any other text on the su(Iect 'or exa3ple" the so3ewhat co3plex explanation of how the $: Calls are ordered and co3(ined for in2ocations of the $9 different su(angles takes four pages in -egardieDs Co3plete /olden Dawn Syste3 +f Magic" ?'alcon #ress" $%:;@ Crowley does it easily in $< sentences . will not argue that Crowley de3ands 3uch fro3 his readers But in the case of Li(er LGGG.H 2el Chanokh the difficulty is that one finds it al3ost i3possi(le to (elie2e that so 3uch is co33unicated in so few words 0he genuineness of these Eeys" altogether apart fro3 any critical o(ser2ation" is guaranteed (y the fact that anyone with the s3allest capacity for Magick finds that they work Aleister Crowley 0wenty fi2e years ago few 3e3(ers of the general occult co33unity had e2er heard of the $8

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Enochian syste3 of Magick 0hose who were aware of its existence fell into two 3ain categories6 . Me3(ers of the sur2i2ing 3agical societies which operated in the (asic traditions of +rdo 0e3pli +rientis" A D A D or 0he /olden Dawn .. .ndi2iduals lucky enough to posses either of two long7out7of7print works6 0he E5uinox Holu3e ." &u3(ers > L : 0he /olden Dawn Holu3es $7; 0he E5uinox" Aleister CrowleyDs Magnu3 +pus" issued at six 3onth inter2als (etween $%<% and $%$;" was the first 3odern pu(lication to exa3ine the Enochian syste3 in the se2enth and eighth (ooks of the ten nu3(er series .srael -egardieDs Account +f 0he 0eachings" -ites And Cere3onies +f 0he /olden Dawn followed in four 2olu3es" the first pu(lished in $%A> and the fourth in $%;< 0hough 3aterial relating directly to Enochiana occupies only a fraction of the a(o2e texts" the 5uality of the 3aterial is un5uestioned Both pro2ide clear" funda3ental infor3ation that gi2es the student (oth a (asic understanding of the syste3 and all the tools necessary to (egin to i33ediately apply it and operate Enochian Magick .n $%9% -egardieDs /olden Dawn was reissued in a two 2olu3e for3at and then in $%>; he edited and released /e3s 'ro3 0he E5uinox containing all the Enochian 3aterial fro3 the original $< 2olu3e set Both works are still in print 0he Co3plete /olden Dawn Syste3 +f Magic" ?'alcon #ress" $%:;@ -egardieDs tour de force pu(lished shortly (efore his death" includes his in2alua(le Addendu3 to the Concourse of 'orces 0his to3e stands as a 3onu3ent to (oth the 3an and the 3aterial 0his ti3e the Enochian /enii has stayed out of the (ottle $9

Enochian Sex Magick Since $%9% an increasing nu3(er of students ha2e turned their attention to this attracti2e yet" at first glance" o2erwhel3ingly co3plex syste3 0heir diligence is rewarded with so3ething 2ery rare indeedMa 3agical syste3 that really worksC 0his takes 3any ar37chair 3agicians entirely off guard A legiti3ate encounter with an Ele3ental Spirit or an Angel of an Nthyr in2aria(ly lea2es a 3ore lasting i3pression on the 3agician than the phanto3s of self7deluded wishful thinking that 3ark the Ksuccessful workingK of the dilettante 0oday Enochiana co33ands a respecta(le a3ount of space on the shel2es of your local occult or &ew7Age (ookstore Much of the original Dee 3aterial ?still existent@ has (een reprinted and 3ade a2aila(le to an e2er7growing (ody of readers 0he students of the early $%><s ha2e (eco3e the researchers and prolific authors of today Many of the new works are excellent and offer in2alua(le contri(utions to the e2er7increasing li(rary of Enochian knowledge ?0he works of -o(ert 0urner should (e singled out for their insight and high le2el of scholarship @ So3e others . feel are of less 2alue While perhaps infor3ati2e as exa3ples of the KfindingsK of one 3agicianDs experi3entation" the distinction is not always 3ade clear as to what is the authorDs speculation and inno2ation and what actually are the procedures suggested in the original docu3ents 0hen" to 3ake 3atters e2en 3ore confusing" the author presu3es to define to the reader what they can expect to experience" inti3ating that if they get anything else they are so3ehow in error .n 3y opinion" these works are little 3ore than guided 3editations upon another 3agicianDs 2isions and deny the reader the challenge of self disco2ery and 3astery But .D3 sure that new 2olu3es such as these $>

will continue to appear . will not (e surprised to so3eday see titles such as 0he Enochian Cook(ook" or .D3 +E ,ouDre Enochian appearing at 3y local (ookstore .t is our ai3 to offer in a practical for3at" Li(er LGGG.H 2el Chanokh" CrowleyDs original presentation of (asic Enochiana and 3ake it i33ediately useful for the student who wishes to 3ake use of it now 0his coupled with -egardieDs fine Enochian Dictionary and pronunciation guide pro2ides the reader with the 3ini3u3 3aterial necessary to get started 'or the ad2anced student we offer practical instructions concerning powerful sexual applications of the syste3 and the opportunity to re7e2aluate the original infor3ation that the greatest 3agician of =<th Century felt was 3ost necessary to 3aster first $:

Chapter +ne A Short" Brief !istory ?A(ridged@ . ha2e often read in thy O/odDsP (ooks L records" how Enoch inIoyed thy fa2our L con2ersationF with Moses thou was fa3iliarF And also that to A(raha3" .ssack L Baco(" Boshua" /ideon" Esdras" Daniel" 0o(ias L sundry others thy good angels were sent (y thy disposition" to .nstruct the3" infor3e the3" helpe the3" yea in worldly and do3estick affaires" yea and so3ety3es to satisfie their desires" dou(les" and 5uestions of thy Secrete6 Dr Bohn Dee ?Sloane MS A$::@ 'or /odDs sake" tell 3e what to think Asheigh Brilliant .t is said that the Enochian Syste3 of Magick" as practiced today" is the Child of 'our 'athersF Bohn Dee" Edward Eelly" S L ?Mac/regor@ Mathers and Aleister Crowley While this is a grossly inaccurate o2ersi3plification" ?Dr -udd" Elias Ash3ole" Wynn Westcott and .srael -egardie 3ight at least (e called 3idwi2es@" it is (asically true 0hrough the efforts of the un(elie2a(ly 3ercurial Eli4a(ethan 3athe3atician Dr Bohn Dee and his e5ually un(elie2a(le KpsychicK partner" Edward Eelly" the raw 3aterial for the Enochian Syste3 was KdictatedK through a series of Angelic co33unications that lasted fro3 $8:= to $8:% Copious records were kept" 3any which ha2e sur2i2ed to the present .ronically" once Dee and Eelly went through the heroic efforts to get all this infor3ation" it is (elie2ed they did not do a great deal with it Miraculously" 3uch of the 3aterial sur2i2ed the nearly A centuries to $%

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley co3e to the attention of S L ?Mac/regor@ Mathers in the late $::<s ?&ote6 Enochian frag3ents were e2en found in the fa3ous cypher 3anuscripts whose disco2ery was instru3ental in the creation of the !er3etic +rder of the /olden Dawn @ Mainly due to his inspired scholarship and i3pecca(le logic DeeDs and EellyDs KrawK 3aterial was ha33ered into a co3prehensi2e and worka(le syste3 of cere3onial Magick 0he two 3aIor (ranches of the syste3 were then grafted to the Adeptus Minor curriculu3 of the /olden Dawn Aleister Crowley" who Ioined the /olden Dawn in $:%: and attained the /rade of Adeptus Minor in $%<<" was of course exposed to the +rderDs Enochian teachings !owe2er" Crowley took the Enochian K(allK and ran with it farther than the founders of the /olden Dawn had e2er drea3ed possi(le !is exploration of the A< Nthyrs as chronicled in 0he Hision And 0he Hoice ?/e3s 'ro3 0he E5uinox" 'alcon #ress $%:=@ has (een seriously co3pared to the 2isionary works of Willia3 Blake and the Qa(alistic i3ages of E4ekiel and the -e2elation of Saint Bohn the Di2ine .t was also Aleister Crowley who reorgani4ed and elucidated upon the /olden Dawn Enochian 3aterial and pu(lished it in E5uinox Hol ." &os H.. and H... as A Brief A(stract +f 0he Sy3(olic -epresentation +f 0he *ni2erse Deri2ed By Doctor Bohn Dee 0hrough 0he Skrying +f Sir Edward Eelly ?Su(se5uently and 3ercifully rena3ed Li(er LGGG.H 2el Chanokh @ =<

Chapter 0wo Before We Start LetDs /et So3ething Straight 0he student who waits to 3aster the su(Iect (efore proceeding to perfor3 Magick" will ne2er 3aster the su(Iect nor proceed to perfor3 Magick or for that 3atter anything else Christopher S !yatt" #h D Anyone who refuses to (egin a 3agical operation (ecause of fear of the Ke2ilK forces that 3ight (e unleashed if he or she 3akes a 3istake" has already 3ade a 3istake that has in2oked a far greater Ke2ilK Da2id # Wilson -esign yourself at the outset to take responsi(ility for your own 3agical reality When you ha2e fir3ly assu3ed this responsi(ility you will reali4e that there is no Enochian uni2erse per se 0here is only your uni2erse which you can access (y the Enochian for3ulae 0here is no Enochian 3agick per se 0here is only your 3agick" facilitated (y the 3ethods of the Enochian syste3 0his is not to argue the concept of spirits and angels ha2ing a certain o(Iecti2e reality .ndeed" the funda3ental operating principal of e2ocation is to gi2e outward su(stance to inner realities But the sooner you rid yourself of preconcei2ed ideas of how all this is going to 3anifest the sooner you will (e a(le to recogni4e it when it really does start to 3anifest 'or exa3ple" let us co3pare the Enochian syste3 of Dr Dee to a 3ore fa3iliar Ksyste3K of another Eli4a(ethan genius 0he sensiti2e theater7goer reaps a rich har2est of intellectual and spiritual rewards whene2er he or she sees a play (y Willia3 Shakespeare =$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Each character in the play" hero or 2illain" speaks the KtruthK fro3 their particular perspecti2e and it is up to us as the audience" to analy4e these KtruthsK and apply the3 toward understanding our own li2es -estated in Magickal Language6 Each Angel in the syste3" Di2ine or De3onic" declares their nature fro3 their particular perspecti2e and it is up to 3e as the 3agician" to analy4e their co33unication and apply that knowledge to the understanding of the /reat Work 0hese KtruthsK would (e the sa3e KtruthsK if the actors were dressed traditionally" or as cow(oys or as space aliens /ranted" you 3ight (e distracted and 3iss the point of !a3letDs solilo5uy if it were deli2ered (y a giant a3oe(a" (ut a Biologist 3ight find it 3ost profound Bust as no two people see and react to a play in exactly the sa3e way" so too" no two 3agicians will ha2e identical experiences in e2ocation Dare 0o Be La4y .f you are truly interested in perfor3ing Enochian Magick there is 3ore than enough infor3ation (etween the co2ers of this (ook to help you grasp the theory" (uild the e5uip3ent and perfor3 the 3agick .n fact you are encouraged to do so By following the suggestions in the section that follows you will a2oid 3any ti3e7consu3ing 3istakes that ha2e traditionally plagued the Enochian student Supple3entary to the text of Chanokh" . ha2e pro2ided co33ents to each of the 3aIor sections and ha2e added additional diagra3s in the Appendix . strongly suggest that you read these and refer to the diagra3s while you read Chanokh ,ou will sa2e 3any hours of confusion and frustration if you will take this si3ple ad2ice ==

Enochian Sex Magick Also" pay special attention to the K!intsK 0hey are put there to steer you clear of the KrocksK of CrowleyDs thrifty use of the English language ?not to 3ention his downright o3issions and a typo or two@ Make it easy on yourself Dare to (e la4y =A

Chapter 0hree 0he 0en Minute +2er2iew 0he two pillars of 3ode3 Enochian Magick" as outlined in Li(er Chanokh ?Chapter 'i2e@ are 0he Ele3ental Watch7towers ?including the 0a(let of *nion@ and the KWorldK of the A< Nthyrs 0he first is6 0he Ele3ental Watch70owers +f 0he *ni2erse And 0he 0a(let of *nion 0hese are the Ele3ental 0a(lets ?#lates ..." .H" H" H." H.. and H...@ which are constructed with the purest !er3etic logic and lettered according to the diagra3s of Dee and Eelly 0hese letters for3 the na3es of the Spirits of 'ire" Water" Air and Earth 0hese are the KEle3entalsK of literature" the Sala3anders of 'ire" the *ndines of Water" the Sylphs of Air and the /no3es of Earth Exactly what are the Ele3ents and" 3ore i3portantly" why would anyone want to call up an Ele3ental BeingJ Below is a portion of our (ook 0he *lti3ate Di2ination ?&ew 'alcon #u(lications" $%%$@ which touches upon the su(Iect of the Ele3ents 0he ancients 2iewed the Ele3ents as the (uilding (locks of creation 0hey di2ided the3 into four (road categories which they called '.-E" WA0E-" A.- and EA-0! +f course these are not the che3ical ele3ents which co3(ine to for3 the 3aterial world around us &or are they literally 'ire" Water" Air and Earth 0hey are" 3ost si3ply put" the totality of all the forces" energies and 5ualities in the uni2erse di2ided info four (road categories 0hese categories" (y their natures" (ear a poetical rese3(lance to 'ire" Water" Air and Earth 0hese 5ualities are the =8

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley foundation of (oth galaxies and su(7ato3ic particles and the li3itless di2ersity of creation is the result of the infinite nu3(er of ways these four Ele3ents can (e 3ixed" co3(ined and reco3(ined .t is interesting to note that 3odern physics postulates four funda3ental forcesF the Strong 'orce" the Electro7Magnetic 'orce" the Weak 'orce and the /ra2itational 'orce that" (y their characteristics" (ear a re3arka(le rese3(lance to the ancient Ele3ents6 0he ancients also postulated a 'ifth Ele3ent ?5uite literally a K5uintessenceK@ which ser2es the dou(le duty of (inding the four Ele3ents together and ?at the sa3e ti3e@ keeping the3 far enough apart to retain their indi2iduality 0his 'ifth Ele3ent they called S#.-.0 +nce you ha2e colored your 0a(lets you will see how the KAngelsK of any gi2en Ele3ent are for3ed" co3(ined" 3ixed" reco3(ined and refor3ed ?&ote6 Co3pleted Colored 0a(lets are currently a2aila(le through &ew 'alcon #u(lications @ +(2iously these Ele3entals are 3ore than Iust the Sala3anders in your fireplace" the sailorDs Mer3aid" 0inker(ell or /i3li the Dwarf 0hey ha2e far 3ore uni2ersal natures and as such are worthy of our attention As a 3atter of fact they are at work" either efficiently or inefficiently" in each of us #erhaps if we had a (etter understanding of our Ele3ental (alance ?or lack of it@ we 3ight get a clue as to how to i3pro2e our li2es &ote6 What follows 3ay see3 a (it co3plicated to the new student A full explanation of the operating procedure will (e gi2en in the following chapters 'or exa3ple" so3e years ago . accepted a Io( fro3 an old friend who asked 3e to edit a psychology (ook he had Iust co3pleted . had ne2er done such a thing (efore (ut . accepted with so3e hesitation =9

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley and to efficiently transfer these thoughts to the written word .t indicated it could and produced a 3irror upon which it drew a figure . KfeltK that . was to so3ehow use this figure as a tool to achie2e 3y goal . drew it on a piece of scratch paper and after the o(ligatory (anishing . ga4ed upon it for a few 3inutes then went to (ed 0he next 3orning . decided . would take the figure S+A.)&0 ga2e 3e and si3ply draw it at the top of each page of 3y daily note pad where . would (e forced to look at it al3ost continually 0hroughout the course of the proIect ?which went surprisingly well (y the way@ . was focused upon this sy3(ol and constantly re3inded of the in2ocation and the incredi(le 2ision of the Angel who aids works of this nature .n practical workings such as this it is 2ery helpful to (ring so3ething fro3 the 2ision (ack into this world .n the e2eryday world of our waking consciousness life for3s" such as people" ani3als" plants" etc " we percei2e as li2ing K(eings K +n the other hand" sy3(ols such as triangles" pentagra3s" letters" etc " we percei2e as a(stractions" spring(oards to a 2ariety of ideas .n the K3agicalK world it is Iust the opposite When we KseeK a life for3" such as an Angel or a unicorn or an aard2ark" it is an a(stract personification of an idea Sy3(ols" on the other hand" are Kli2ing (eingsK on that plane" the true life for3s of the 3agical uni2erse As you can i3agine these sy3(ol7life for3s can (e powerful tools in the hands of the 3agician Bringing the3 through to our o(Iecti2e world is an i3portant part of practical workings 0he second pillar is6 =:

Enochian Sex Magick 0he 0hirty Nthyrs Whose Do3inion Extendeth .n E2er7Widening Circles Beyond 0he Watch70owers +f 0he *ni2erse 0hese are the Khea2ensK or Aires of the syste3 Starting with the A<th Nthyr and working to the $st" the 3agician explores only as far as his or her personal le2el of .nitiation will per3it 0his process is co3para(le to KpathworkingsK of the Qa(alistic syste3 .n Enochian ter3s" the K/reat WorkK of the 3agician is to 3aster all A< Nthyrs ?Starting with A< and ending with $@ Experiences with the A< Nthyrs are highly personal and entirely uni5ue to each 3agician Working with the Nthyrs can (e a lifeti3e endea2or and it is entirely presu3ptuous and inappropriate for another indi2idual to KguideK another in this area 0hus" with these two (ranches of the syste3" the Ele3ental and the Nthyric" we ha2e for3ulae to access (oth the pheno3enal world of the Ele3ents and pri2ate world of our own Spiritual Bourney Both types of operations re5uire the a(ility on the part of the 3agician to skry or Ktra2el in the Spirit Hision K .f you are not already a talented skryer there is no (etter way to train than Enochian Magick" especially ele3ental workings 0here are as 3any skrying techni5ues as there are 3agicians who skry Dee and Eelly ga4ed into a conca2e o(sidian 3irror Crowley held a large topa4 3ounted upon a wooden cross to his forehead But other 3ethods include ga4ing into crystals" ink" fire ele2en a (lank 0H screen ,ou can sit in a chair or on the floor or lie on your (ack ,ou can close your eyes or keep the3 open *se what works for you As it is a su(Iecti2e" ?well" 3ay(e not entirely su(Iecti2e@ =%

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley experience" the choice is yours . was a3used to hear one skryerDs a(ilities critici4ed for (eing done in a Klight tranceK state We should all (e so luckyC 'or anyone who has tried unsuccessfully to skry in the past . offer the following hint Stop trying to skryC DonDt try to KseeK a 2ision in your 3ind 0he 2ision is already going on in the part of your 3ind ?the right side of your (rain@ where you are not currently focused ?DonDt critici4e the 3o2ie if you go to the theater" (uy a ticket then choose to stay in the lo((y @ When you refocus your attention to that part of your 3ind you will find the K2isionK in progress .tDs i3possi(le to refocus while you are consciously trying to refocus So stop trying -elax 0his change of focus happens each ti3e you drop off to sleep 0here is a 3o3ent when your thoughts (egin to take 2isual for3 ,ou ha2e a choice for a (rief 3o3ent of Ksnapping out of itK or relaxing and Kgoing with it" allowing yourself to change your focus for the rest of the night When you skry you are not asleep (ut neither are you focused on the o(Iecti2e world as analy4ed (y the left side of your (rain ,ou relax and allow yourself to focus on the su(Iecti2e" 2isual world of your (rainDs right he3isphere 0he 3ost i3portant thing to re3e3(er is not to proIect an o(Iecti2e reality to another skryerDs 2ision 0his is the flaw of Kguided #athworkingsK or 3editations upon another 3agicianDs 2isions .t is your 3agical uni2erse you are dealing with and no one elseDs ?,ou are well ad2ised to test your own 2isions and take the3 with a rather large grain of salt as well @ A<

Chapter four Co33ents +n Li(er LGGG.H 2el Chanokh 0!E 0.0LE KL.BE- LGGG.HK 0he original title first pu(lished in E5uinox Hol . &os H.. L H... was A Brief A(stract +f 0he Sy3(olic -epresentation +f 0he *ni2erse Deri2ed By Dr Bohn Dee 0hrough 0he Skrying +f Sir Edward Eelly LGGG.H ?:;@ is the Qa(alistic nu3eration for Chanokh" the !e(rew spelling of Enoch &ote6 When originally pu(lished the title did not (ear the nu3(er Crowley assigned the nu3(er :; when the Sylla(us of the +fficial .nstructions of A D A D was pu(lished in 0he Blue E5uinox Since then" due to a series of typographical errors" the nu3(er LGGG.G ?:%@ has (een 3istakenly used in the title of pu(lished works 'or our purposes we will refer to it si3ply as Chanokh #A-0 . 0!E !+L, 0WELHE'+LD 0ABLE 0he !oly 0a(le is part of the KfurnitureK of the 0e3ple and does not directly concern Ele3ental or Nthyrical workings Angels found on the !oly 0a(le are not called forth in these operations 0he original ta(le top 3easured A8 >Q:in G A9 lQ;in G >Ql+in &ote6 0here is good reason to (elie2e that the illustration as printed in Chanokh" ?#late .@ is in error #late . is reproduced fro3 Casau(onDs A 0rue and 'aithful -elation of what #assed for Many ,ears Between Dr Bohn Dee and So3e Spirits pu(lished A$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley in $98% .t is now (elie2ed that" do to a $>th Century printerDs error" Casau(onDs 2ersion ?and conse5uently e2ery(odyDs since@ was printed with the letters in re2erse order +ne of DeeDs descriptions of the 0a(le indicates it rese3(led the illustration we ha2e included in the Appendix ?Diagra3 A@ of this (ook 0his is regarded as the correct 2ersion ?&ote6 0he #lates referred to are not in the Appendix (ut in the text of Chanokh itself OChapter 'i2e of this (ookP All of the diagra3s are in the Appendix of this (ook and are not original Chanokh illustrations @ 0!E SEHE& 0AL.SMA&S Like the !oly 0a(le" these are considered 0e3ple KfurnitureK and do not directly concern Ele3ental or Nthyrical workings Spirits found on these talis3ans are not called forth in these operations 0he illustrations in #late . are too s3all to read Enlarge3ents fro3 the $>th Century 3anuscript Dr -uddDs 0reatise" are included in the Appendix ?Diagra3 B@ of this (ook .t is interesting to note that the na3es on these KplanetaryK talis3ans are those of the /oetia 0his indicates ?or at least i3plies@ DeeDs fa3iliarity with the LEME/E0+& and his atte3pt" at least early in his workings" to incorporate it in the Enochian syste3 #A-0 .. 0!E !+L, SEHE&'+LD 0ABLE 0!E S./.LL*M DE. NME0! #erhaps the 3ost widely recogni4ed diagra3 of the Enochian syste3" the Sigillu3 Dei N3eth does not directly concern Ele3ental or Nthyrical workings Like the !oly 0a(le and the 0alis3ans" its Angels are not called forth in these operations &e2ertheless it is an i3portant piece of te3ple KfurnitureK for upon it rested the Shew7stone or the skrying 3irror A=

Enochian Sex Magick Made fro3 (eeDs wax as descri(ed in Chanokh" the four s3aller 2ersions were placed under the feet of the !oly 0a(le" presu3a(ly to insulate it fro3 Kearthy 2i(rationsK 0he fifth and larger one ?a(out % inches in dia3eter@ co2ered with a red cloth" was placed on the !oly 0a(le to support the Shew7stone &ote6 0he illustration on #late .. was taken fro3 DeeDs diaries 0he large wax 2ersion on display at the British Museu3 is slightly different 'or exa3ple on the actual wax 2ersion" there are > crosses on each of the > (ars 3aking up the 3ain heptagra3 0he illustration shows only three (ars with > crosses the other ; containing only A E2en though the a(o2e ite3s of te3ple furniture are unnecessary for Ele3ental operations and for exploring the A< Nthyrs" the reader 3ight like to 3ake his or her own 2ersions of the3 to support the skrying 3irror Many of 3y ?Dare to (e la4y@ students ha2e si3ply 3ade photographic enlarge3ents of the illustrations that appear in this (ook and ha2e 3ounted the3 on wood or foa3 (oard #A-0 ... 0his is the 3ost i3portant section for the student to grasp .t deals directly with the two (ranches of the syste3 of the 3ost practical 2alue 0he Ele3ental 0a(lets and the 0a(let of *nion ?so3eti3es referred to as the Black Cross @ and the A< Nthyrs or Aires By using the infor3ation in this section the serious student will e2entually construct the fa(led e5uip3ent of the art 0his is also where 3any (eco3e confused and discouraged Ad3ittedly it will take the readerDs full attention to wade through this section 0his is not (ecause Crowley is (eing deli(erately o(scure +n the contrary" it is (ecause he is (eing al3ost un(elie2a(ly AA

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley econo3ical with his choice of words and the ordering of his thoughts . hope the following hints will sa2e you so3e difficult 3o3ents !.&0R$ BE #-E#A-ED '+- .&C+&S.S0E&CES .& 0!E LE00E-.&/ +' 0!E 0ABLE0S DonDt panic when you disco2er alternate spellings to na3es drawn fro3 the Ele3ental ta(lets 0his is due to the fact that Dee and Eelly ?at the direction of the co33unicating angels@ 3ade se2eral re2isions to the ta(lets 0o help you" we ha2e included in the Appendix charts showing alternate and 3ultiple lettering ?See Diagra3 E@ !.&0 R = CA-E'*LL, -EAD A&D -E'E- +'0E& 0+ 0!E #LA0ES A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case 3any hours 0o (e a(le to see what Crowley is writing a(out will sa2e you 3uch 2alua(le ti3e #lates .H" H" H." H.. L H... are lettered in Enochian 'or English e5ui2alents refer to the Appendix ?assorted diagra3s@ !.&0 RA -EMEMBE-" 0!E SAME /E&E-AL LAWS A##L, 0+ ALL '+*- ELEME&0AL 0ABLE0S 0+ *&DE-S0A&D +&E .S 0+ *&DE-S0A&D 0!EM ALL 'or exa3pleF Crowley explains the !ierarchy of the 0hree !oly &a3es" the /reat Ele3ental Eing" the Six Seniors" the 0wo Di2ine &a3es of the Cal2ary Cross" the Eeru(i3 and the Sixteen Lesser Angels (y using the Water 0a(let ?#late H@ as the exa3ple 0he !ierarchy of the 'ire" Air" and Earth 0a(lets are deter3ined in exactly the sa3e way A;

Enochian Sex Magick &ote6 0o 3ake this section easier to understand" . ha2e included in the Appendix ?Diagra3 D@ an English 2ersion of the Water 0a(let con2eniently split apart for easy 2iewing .f you keep this diagra3 in front of you while reading #art ... of Chanokh . think you will ha2e no trou(le understanding what is (eing said BAS.C 0E-MS 0he 'our /reat Watch70owers are often referred to as the Ele3ental 0a(lets of Air" Water" Earth and 'ire #late ... shows the3 togetherF Air in the upper left7hand 5uarter" Water in the upper7right hand 5uarter" Earth in the lower left7hand 5uarter and 'ire in the lower right7hand 5uarter #lates .H" H" H." L H.. show the3 singularly Each of the Ele3ental 0a(lets is also di2ided into four sections (y the two central 2ertical colu3ns and the central hori4ontal line ?0he Linea #atris" the Linea 'ilii and the Linea Spiritus Sancti respecti2ely@ 0his is also referred to as the /reat Central Cross of the Ele3ental 0a(let ?See Diagra3 D@ 0he four sections of the Ele3ental 0a(let created (y the /reat Central Cross are called Su(angles which are also attri(uted to the four Ele3ents ?Air in the upper left7hand 5uarter" Water in the upper7right hand 5uarter Earth in the lower left7hand 5uarter and 'ire in the lower right7 hand 5uarter .n Diagra3 D in the Appendix of this (ook" you will see an exa3ple of the Water 0a(let di2ided (y the /reat Central Cross and (roken into its Su(angles ?Air of Water in the upper left" Water of Water in the upper right Earth of Water in the lower left" and 'ire of Water in the lower right@ Su(angles on the Air" 'ire and Earth 0a(lets are arranged in exactly the sa3e way A8

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley $ 0!E 0!-EE !+L, &AMES +' /+D ?See Diagra3 D@ 0he 0hree !oly &a3es of /od are 3ade up of the first three letters" the next four letters and the last fi2e letters of the Linea Spirtus Sancti ?the central hori4ontal line of each Ele3ental 0a(let@ 'or our exa3ple" the Water 0a(let" the 0hree !oly &a3es are6 M#! A-SL /A.+L &ote6 DonDt let these na3es inti3idate you Bust locate the3 DonDt worry a(out pronouncing the3 now 0here is an excellent pronunciation guide pro2ided later in this (ook &ow try to locate 0he 0hree !oly &a3es on the 'ire" Air and Earth 0a(lets = 0!E /-EA0 ELEME&0AL E.&/ ?See Diagra3 D@ 0he eight letter &a3e of the /reat Ele3ental Eing is for3ed (y a clockwise whorl around the center of 0he /reat Central Cross of the Linea #atris" the Linea 'ilii and the Linea Spirtus Sancti 0he /reat Ele3ental Eing 3ay (e considered the Sun Senior of the 0a(let 0he /reat Ele3ental Eing of the Water 0a(let is -AA/.+SL &ow try to locate the /reat Ele3ental Eings on the other three Ele3ental 0a(lets A 0!E S.G SE&.+-S ?See Diagra3 D@ 0he > letter &a3es of the Six #lanetary Seniors are also drawn fro3 the /reat Central Cross Each &a3e starts in the 3iddle of the Cross and 3o2es towards the extre3ities ?Arrows in Diagra3 D show the directions the na3es are read and the #lanet to which each of the Seniors is attri(uted@ 0his is the sa3e for all four Ele3ental 0a(lets .n the case of the Water 0a(letF SA..&+H is the Senior of Bupiter" S+A.)&0 is the Senior of Mercury" LA+A)-# is the Senior of the Moon" A9

Enochian Sex Magick L./D.SA is the Senior of Saturn" SL/A.+L is the Senior of of Henus and LS-A!#M is the Senior of Mars &ow locate the Six Seniors on the three other Ele3ental 0a(lets ; 0!E CALHA-, C-+SSES ?See Diagra3 D@ Each of the four Su(angles on an Ele3ental 0a(let contains a Cal2ary Cross 0he two Angels of the Cal2ary Cross rule the Su(angle With the first &a3e ?the 2ertical line M reading fro3 top to (otto3@ you call forth the #ower of the Su(angle With the second &a3e ?the hori4ontal lineM reading fro3 left to right@ you co3pel the #ower to o(edience ?We will see how to do this later@ 0hese na3es as they apply to the Water 0a(let appear in the text of Chanokh -e3e3(er" there are four Cal2ary Crosses in each Ele3ental 0a(let &ow locate the four Cal2ary Crosses in the su(angles of each of the four Ele3ental 0a(lets 8 0!E EE-*B.M ?See Diagra3 D@ 0he four letter &a3e of the Eeru( is found a(o2e the ar3s of the Cal2ary Cross of each su(angle 0he letters of the Cross itself are ne2er included in the Eeru(Ds na3e 0he Eeru( rules the angels who reside (elow the ar3s of the Cross 0he four letters in the na3e of the Eeru( can (e rearranged in different orders to create different Eeru(s who in turn rule different angels (eneath the ar3s of the cross ?0he letters of their na3es rearranged exactly as those of the rearranged Eeru( @ &ote6 A great deal of confusion exists concerning this state3ent in Chanokh6 0hey are ruled (y na3es of /od for3ed (y prefixing the appropriate letter fro3 the D(lack crossD to their own Othe Eeru(i3P na3es 0here is disagree3ent a3ong scholars as to which letters fro3 A>

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley the KBlack CrossK ?the 0a(let of *nion@ are Kappropriate K .f you refer to Diagra3 / you will see that $9 of the =< s5uares correspond to the $9 su(angles of the four Ele3ental ta(lets 0he 3ost popular theory 3aintains that these are the appropriate letters to help for3 the na3e of the K/odK that rules the Eeru( of any gi2en Su(angle Let us use the exa3ple of the Ele3ental 0a(let of Water ?Diagra3 D@ the Eeru( of the Su(angle of 'ire is &L-G &ow refer to Diagra3 / and find the 'ire of Water s5uare .t is the fifth s5uare of the second line KAK ?0he KAK in !C+MA@ So the /od that rules &L-G would (e A&L-G #lease re3e3(er that there is disagree3ent" e2en a3ong 2ery knowledgea(le experts" a(out these K/odK na3es and where exactly they fit in the Enochian !ierarchy . ad2ise (eginning students to first (eco3e ade5uately fluent in (asic hierarchical workings then de2elop for the3sel2es a structure for these KsuperchargedK angels 0he syste3 does not pi2ot on this point 9 0!E '+*- M./!0, A&D BE&EH+LE&0 A&/ELS ?See Diagra3 D@ 0hese Angels are found (eneath the hori4ontal (ar of the Cal2ary Cross and are last in the !ierarchy of the Ele3ental Angels 0hey are extre3ely interesting and can pro2ide great insight into the nature of the Ele3ents ?Again" the na3es are only of four letters@ &ote6 -e3e3(er these four Angels are ruled (y their Eeru( who is found a(o2e the hori4ontal ar3 of the Cal2ary Cross When you 3ake a different Eeru( ?(y changing the order of the letters in its na3e@ you auto3atically 3ake four new sets of Angel na3es (eneath the ar3 of the Cal2ary Cross ?(y changing the A:

Enochian Sex Magick order of the letters of their na3es in the sa3e 3anner as the new Eeru( @ > 0!E DEM+&S +- ELEME&0ALS ?See Diagra3 D@ *nfortunately the definiti2e instructions pro3ised (y Crowley were not forthco3ing and experts and students alike are left to speculate and disagree 0he reader is encouraged to Ioin in this 5uest .t is clear that they are not routinely called forth in workings of the Ele3ental 0a(lets O'ollowing CrowleyDs co33ents on the 0riliteral na3es of de3ons ?a(o2e@ he (egins a second section of #A-0 ... with su(headings $78 P #A-0 ... ?SEC+&D SEC0.+&@ As you can see fro3 #lates .H" H" H." H.. and H..." the S5uares of the Ele3ental 0a(lets and the 0a(let of *nion are really #yra3ids with flat tops 0he #yra3id with its four sides and top is an especially appropriate sy3(ol for the 'our Ele3ents ruled (y Spirit Each side of an Enochian #yra3id has a 2ery specific attri(ute 0here are =< #yra3ids in the 0a(let of *nion and $89 in each of the four Ele3ental ta(lets Each #yra3id houses an Angel with a one letter na3e 0he attri(utes of that Angel are deter3ined (y the positioning of the #yra3id upon the 0a(let and proportions of the different Ele3ents represented on its four sides When two #yra3ids are co3(ined they for3 an Angel with a two letter na3e whose attri(utes are a (it 3ore co3plex And so on 0o 3ost easily understand how these attri(utes are deter3ined . will gi2e the reader the 3ost 2alua(le hint of all6 A%

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley !.&0 R ; !A&D C+L+- #LA0ES .H H" H. H.." L H... Before atte3pting to understand the second section of #art ..." you are well ad2ised to 3ake photocopies of #lates .H" H" H." H.. L H... and then hand color the #yra3ids By coloring the #yra3ids you will learn" in the fastest and easiest way possi(le" the logic (ehind their construction 0!E C+L+-.&/ EE, '+- EAC! #,-AM.D Lea2e the center s5uare of each #yra3id ?which contains the letter@ uncolored for the ti3e (eing Sides with the Spirit White Sy3(ol Sides with the 'ire -edSy3(ol Sides with the Water Blue Sy3(ol ,ellow Sides with the Air Sy3(ol /reen Sides with the Earth or Black Sy3(ol . suggest you start with the 0a(let +f *nion" ?#late H... or the English lettered 2ersion in the Appendix" Diagra3 /@ E2en though it is s3all" it is a 2ery i3portant 0a(let for its Angels" EGA-#" !C+MA" &A&0A L B.0+M" rule the other four Ele3ental 0a(lets" ?EGA-# rules the Air 0a(let" !C+MA rules the Water 0a(let"

&A&0A rules the Earth 0a(let and B.0+M rules the 'ire 0a(let @ 0he 0a(let +f *nion is considered the Ele3ental 0a(let of Spirit 0he four Ele3ents are represented in ;<

Enochian Sex Magick their purest for3" undifferentiated (y the le2el of ad3ixture that characteri4es the other four Ele3ental 0a(lets 0he 0a(let +f *nion acts in exactly the sa3e 3anner as Spirit acts upon the four Ele3ents .t (inds the3 together so they can co3(ine to (e the (uilding (locks of creation yet keeps the3 separated Iust enough to pre2ent the loss of their indi2idual and funda3ental natures 0his acti2e and passi2e 5uality of Spirit is the reason that there are two types of Spirit #entagra3s" Acti2e and #assi2e 0he Angels of the 0a(let +f *nion can (e said to (e the 2ery KrootsK of the Angels of the Ele3ental 0a(lets +nce you ha2e colored your 0a(let +f *nion" you will disco2er that a 2ery si3ple pattern is for3ed (y the attri(utes in the Lines and 'iles ?or Colu3ns@ 0he top and (otto3 section of each #yra3id is attri(uted to Spirit 0he right side is attri(uted to the #ri3ary Ele3ent ?as dictated (y which Line the #yra3id is located@ and the left side is attri(uted to the Secondary Ele3ent ?as dictated (y which Colu3n it is located@ &oteF 0his and what follows (elow will (e laugha(ly easy to understand if you ha2e taken fi2e 3inutes and colored your 0a(let +f *nion 0!E L.&ES 0he four fi2e letter &a3es ?EGA-#" !C+MA" &A&0A and B.0+M@ are the #ri3ary Spirits of the Ele3ents Each Spirit go2erns an entire Ele3ental 0a(let EGA-# is the Spirit of Air and go2erns the entire Air 0a(let 0he right section of each #yra3id of EGA-# is Air ;$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley !C+MA is the Spirit of Water and go2erns the entire Water 0a(let 0he right section of each #yra3id of !C+MA is Water &A&0A is the Spirit of Earth and go2erns the entire Earth 0a(let 0he right section of each #yra3id of &A&0A is Earth B.0+M is the Spirit of 'ire and go2erns the entire 'ire 0a(let 0he right section of each #yra3id of B.0+M is 'ire 0!E C+L*M&S 0his sa3e order of Air" Water" Earth and 'ire is repeated in the Colu3ns of the 0a(let +f *nion as Secondary attri(utions which appear on the left section of each #yra3id ?See Diagra3 /@ 0he first Colu3n" E!&B is the purest of all the Colu3n &a3es Each letter rules its respecti2e Line and is three parts Spirit and one part its respecti2e Ele3ent E go2erns EGA-# ! go2erns !C+MA & go2erns &A&0A B go2erns B.0+M 0he sixteen letters of the re3aining four colu3ns contain (oth #ri3ary and Secondary attri(utions ?-e3e3(er" the Secondary attri(ution is located upon the left section of these #yra3ids @ 0hese sixteen letters go2ern the sixteen Su(angles of the Ele3ental 0a(lets G S Air of Air A S Water of Air C S Air of Water + S Water of Water A S Air of Earth & S Water of Earth . S Air of 'ire 0 S Water of 'ire ;=

Enochian Sex Magic - S Earth of Air # S 'ire of Air M S Earth of Water A S 'ire of Water 0 S Earth of Earth A S 'ire of Earth + S Earth of 'ire M S 'ire of 'ire An easy way to think a(out how the 0a(let +f *nion relates to the other four 0a(lets is to pretend you ha2e an KEle3ental MicroscopeK 0ake the letter E fro3 EGA-# and put it under your 3icroscope ,ou will see the entire Air Ele3ental 0a(let 0ake the letter + fro3 B.0+M and put it under your 3icroscope ,ou will see the Earth Su(angle of the 0a(let of 'ire 0ake the second letter & fro3 &A&0A and put it under your 3icroscope ,our will see the Water Su(angle of the Earth 0a(let" etc After you ha2e colored your 0a(let +f *nion color each of the four Ele3ental 0a(lets ?,ou 3ay purchase all of these (eautifully 3ounted on (oards fro3 &ew 'alcon #u(lications @ !.&0 R8 C+L+- EAC! ELEME&0AL 0ABLE0 .& '+*S0E#S &ote6 0here are 2arious ways the #yra3ids of the /reat Central Cross 3ay (e colored We ha2e chosen the 3ethod (elow (ecause the attri(utes are unifor3ly deter3ined through Ele3ental rulerships S0E# $6 0!E /-EA0 CE&0-AL C-+SS 0he 0op section of each #yra3id of the /reat Central Cross represents Spirit and is painted White 0he Botto3 section of each #yra3id of the /reat Central Cross represents the Ele3ent of the 0a(let .n ;A

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley the case of the Water 0a(let it is painted Blue ?When painting the 'ire 0a(let the (otto3 sections of the /reat Central Cross would (e -ed" the Air 0a(let ,ellow" the Earth 0a(let" /reen or Black@ 0he Left side of each #yra3id of the /reat Central Cross represent the Signs of the )odiac 0hese are grouped in threes (y ele3ent and positioned as descri(e in Chanokh 0he 'ire Signs ?Aires" Leo and Sagittarius@ are colored -ed 0he Water Signs ?Cancer" Scorpio and #isces@ are colored Blue 0he Air Signs ?Li(ra" A5uarius and /e3ini@ are colored ,ellow 0he Earth Signs ?Capricorn" 0aurus and Hirgo@ are colored /reen ?or Black@ 0he -ight side of each #yra3id of the /reat Central Cross represent the planetary rulership of the A9 decans of the )odiac 0here are A9 decans and A9 #yra3ids in the /reat Central Cross 'or our purpose we color the planets according to the rulership of the fixed signs6 Saturn and Mercury for Air are colored ,ellow Bupiter and the Sun for 'ire are colored -ed Henus and the Moon for Earth are colored /reen or ?Black@ Mars for Water is colored Blue S0E# =6 0!E CALHA-, C-+SSES 0he 0op section of each #yra3id of the Cal2ary Crosses of the su(angles represents Spirit and is painted white 0he Botto3 section of each #yra3id of the Cal2ary Crosses of the su(angles represent one of the ten Sephiroth of the Qa(alistic 0ree of Life and are ;;

Enochian Sex Magick nu3(ered according to #lates .H" H" H. and H.. We suggest for the ti3e (eing" that you lea2e the Botto3 sections White and si3ply nu3(er the3 in (lack Later you 3ay wish to paint the3 one of the four traditional colors of the Sephiroth 0he Left section of each #yra3id of the Cal2ary Crosses of the su(angles represent the Ele3ent of the 0a(let .n the case of the Water 0a(let" the Left section of the #yra3ids of each of the four Cal2ary Crosses would (e painted Blue 0he -ight section of each #yra3id of the Cal2ary Crosses of the su(angles represent the Ele3ent of the su(angle itself and painted accordingly O*pper Left7hand su(angle ?Air7,ellow@" *pper -ight7hand su(angle ?Water7Blue@" Lower Left7hand su(angle ?Earth7/reen or Black@" Lower -ight7hand Su(angle" ?'ire7-ed@P 0his pattern is the sa3e for all four Ele3ental 0a(lets S0E# A6 0!E EE-*B.C A&/ELS 0hese are found a(o2e the ar3s of the Cal2ary Crosses 0he 0op section of each of the four Eeru(ic #yra3ids represent the Ele3ental 0a(let and are colored accordingly .n the case of the Water 0a(let" (lue 0he Botto3 section of each of the four Eeru(ic #yra3ids represent the Ele3ent of the su(angle itself and is colored accordingly Color the -ight and Left sections of each of the four Eeru(ic #yra3ids as indicated in #lates .H" H" H. and H.. 0he order that the ele3ents are arranged follow a logical per3utation and dictate the order of the Lines and Colu3ns of the $9 Lesser #yra3ids found (elow the ar3s of the Cal2ary Cross ;8

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley S0E# ;6 0!E S.G0EE& LESSE- #,-AM.DS 0hese are found (elow the ar3s of the Cal2ary Crosses 0he Left section of each #yra3id of the Lesser Angels represents the Ele3ental 0a(let .n the case of the Water 0a(let it is colored Blue 0he -ight section of each #yra3id of the Lesser Angels represents the su(angle and is colored accordingly Color the 0op and Botto3 section of each of the sixteen Lesser #yra3ids as indicated in #lates .H" H" H. and H.. &otice how the coloring order is dictated (y the s5uares of the Eeru(ic Angels /ranted" all this 3ay take a few hours to execute (ut it will sa2e you 3onths ?or as in 3y case" years@ of confusion &ow with your colored 0a(lets (efore you" read the 3aterial in the Second section of #art ... of Chanokh and 3ar2el at the K3ethodK to the K3adness K #A-0 .H 0!E E&+C!.A& AL#!ABE0 A&D 0!E E&+C!.A& LA&/*A/E +ne of the 3ost uni5ue characteristics of Enochian Magick is that the in2ocations are recited in a language co3pletely uni5ue to the syste3 0his language co3es down to us as the result of the workings of Dr Bohn Dee and Edward Eelly and" according to their records" was taught to the3 (y the Enochian Angels the3sel2es .srael -egardie in his 3assi2e work 0he Co3plete /olden Dawn Syste3 of Magic ?&ew 'alcon #u(lications" $%:;@" 3akes the following co33ents6 ;9

Enochian Sex Magick 0he Enochian language is without any history prior to the skrying of Edward Eelly and Bohn Dee 0here is no record of its prior existence" regardless of so3e fanciful theories which ha2e (een in2ented to account for it 0he Enochian language is not Iust a hapha4ard co3(ination and co3pilation of di2ine and angelic na3es drawn fro3 the 0a(lets Apparently" it is a true language with a gra33ar and syntax of its own +nly a superficial study of the in2ocations suffice to indicate this to (e a fact 0he in2ocations are not strings of words and (ar(arous na3es" (ut are sentences which can (e translated in a 3eaningful way and not 3erely transliterated . (elie2e" when in2oking" that it is of the ut3ost i3portance to recite the Call or Calls in Enochian and not use an English translation &ot that it is uni3portant for the Magician to know exactly what is (eing said (ut it is o(2ious to 3e that the intelligences who deli2ered this language to Dee and Eelly did not do it to hear the3sel2es talk -eciting in Enochian instantly changes oneDs consciousness and induces a state of 3ind conduci2e to 3agical working 0he Calls the3sel2es are 2ery uni5ue and are nothing like the tedious (eseech3ents and endless whining and self de(ase3ent that characteri4e /oetic e2ocations -ather" in the AngelDs nati2e tongue" they sing of its attri(utes and en2iron3ent and offer a dignified in2itation to co33unicate with the Magician 0his for3at is irresisti(le to the Angel 0hink a(out it .f a 3ouse crawled up on your shoe and started to s5ueak" you would only gi2e it as 3uch attention as you would need to chase it away But if it crawled up on your shoe" called you (y na3e and then (egan to recite" in English" a litany of recogni4a(le personal traits6 +h thou who art so huge" who wakest with the 3usic of the clock7radio and who (ringest ;>

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley in the 3orning paper" who with thy 3outh consu3est the eggs of the hen and wipeth thy lips with paper you would sit up and take notice ,ou 3ight e2en try to ha2e a 3eaningful con2ersation with the little fellow ,ou wouldnDt e2en 3ind if he spoke with a thick accentC 0he Enochian Calls as they appear in Chanokh are written phonetically and are 2ery close to the standard used (y the /olden Dawn which appear in -egardieDs Enochian Dictionary in the Appendix of this (ook #late DC shows the Enochian Alpha(et and #lates ." .H" H" H." H.." H... are lettered in Enochian #A-0 H 0!E 0!.-0, N0!,-S +- A.-ES As we will read in Chanokh" Crowley says that Dee6 sy3(oli4ed the 'ourth7Di3ensional *ni2erse in two di3ensions as a s5uare surrounded (y A< concentric circles ?the A< Nthyrs or Aires@ whose radii increase in a geo3etrical proportion 0he Ks5uareK 3entioned a(o2e is the 'our Ele3ental 0a(lets and the 0a(let of *nion 0hese are 5uite literally Watch70owers that stand at the 2ery edge of the pheno3enal uni2erse Beyond the Watch70owers are the Nthyrs" the Aires" the !ea2ens 0hey can (e 2isuali4ed as thirty spheres" one inside another like layers of a glass onion 0he 0hirtieth" 0EG is the lowest and conse5uently the closest to the Watch70owers L.L" the 'irst" is the highest and represents the Supre3e Attain3ent .t is the /reat work of the Magician to KexploreK the Nthyrs one at a ti3e" and learn the lessons" 3aster the pro(le3s and recei2e the wisdo3 each has to offer ;:

Enochian Sex Magick Most anyone who cares to try has so3e le2el of success in the lower Nthyrs .t is 3ost i3portant to keep a detailed record of all workings (ecause e2entually you will reach a point (eyond which you cannot pass 0his point 3arks the li3its of your present le2el of KinitiationK and the last Nthyr you could successfully penetrate holds the key to your spiritual ad2ance3ent Each of the 0hirty Nthyrs is populated (y /o2ernors whose responsi(ilities are partially descri(ed in DeeDs Li(er ScientiT" Auxilii" et HictoriT 0errestris 'or our purpose we will 2iew the /o2ernors as angelic personifications of the different facets of the Nthyrs 0hey ser2e as our guides and 3ost i3portantly they are Kso3eoneK to who3 we can talk and ask 5uestions 0he na3es of the each of the 0hirty Nthyrs and their /o2ernors is pro2ided in the text of Chanokh Each Nthyr has three /o2ernors ?except the 0hirtieth which has four@ Sigils ?signatures@ of the /o2ernors are taken fro3 the Ele3ental 0a(lets showing that the influence of the Nthyrs is uni2ersal reaching e2en into the Watch70owers of the Ele3ents 0hese sigils of the /o2ernors are illustrated in #late G and 3ore clearly in Diagra3 ' and are nu3(ered $ through %$ .n order to 3ore easily find the Sigil of each /o2ernor" the reader is encouraged to nu3(er the list of /o2ernors as found in #art H of Chanokh starting with +CC+D+&7$" #ASC+MB7=" HAL/A-S7A" D+A/&.S7;" etc .ronically 2ery little effort is re5uired to KworkK with the Nthyrs +ne Call only is necessary for all thirty of the3 0he na3e of the Nthyr itself (eing the only 2aria(le +nce the Call is recited the na3es of the /o2ernors are 2i(rated one at a ti3e +ften the 2ision ;%

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley changes drastically when the next /o2ernorDs na3e is 2i(rated 0ake your ti3e with each one and" as always" keep a detailed record of your operation &ow let us turn our attention to the section of Chanokh designated in the text as6 #A-0 .. 0!E '+-0,7E./!0 CALLS +- EE,S 0he calls or Eeys acti2ate the ta(lets and su(angles in the sa3e way as the power switch turns on a 0H (efore selecting a channel At the (eginning of this section Crowley tells us which Calls are used in all the 2arious in2ocations of the Ele3ental syste3 !e does so in the fewest words hu3anly possi(le #erhaps the reader will appreciate the elucidation (elow '.-S0 EE, *se first in all in2ocations of any of the Angels of the 0a(let of *nion ?.t is not used in the in2ocation of any of the Angels of the Ele3ental 0a(lets @ SEC+&D EE, *se second as in2ocation of the Angels of the letters E ! & B of the 0a(let of *nion Like the '.-S0 CALL it is ne2er used in the in2ocation of the Angels of the four Ele3ental 0a(lets ?0he se5uence of Calls (eing $ and = @ &ote6 0he 0hird" 'ourth" 'ifth and Sixth Eeys are used in certain in2ocations of the 0a(let of *nion and in the .n2ocations of the Ele3ental 0a(lets What follows i33ediately is how they are used in in2ocations of the 0a(let of *nion 0!.-D EE, 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the letters of the line EGA-# the se5uence of Calls is $" = and A 8<

Enochian Sex Magick '+*-0! EE, 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the letters of the line !C+MA the se5uence of Calls is $" = and ; '.'0! EE, 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the letters of the line &A&0A the se5uence of Calls is $" = and 8 S.G0! EE, 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the letters of the Line B.0+M the se5uence of Calls is $" = and 9 0!E ELEME&0AL 0ABLE0S 0!.-D EE, A.*se first in all in2ocations of the Angels of the 0a(let of Air ?When in2oking a Senior or the Angels of su(angle Air of Air it is the only call necessary @ '+*-0! EE, WA0E*se first in all in2ocations of the Angels of the 0a(let of Water ?When in2oking a Senior or the Angels of su(angle Water of Water it is the only call necessary @ '.'0! EE, EA-0! *se first in all in2ocations of the Angels of the 0a(let of Earth ?When in2oking a Senior or the Angels of su(angle Earth of Earth it is the only call necessary @ S.G0! EE, '.-E *se first in all in2ocations of the Angels of the 0a(let of 'ire ?When in2oking a Senior or the Angels of su(angle 'ire of 'ire it is the only call necessary @ SEHE&0! EE, WA0E- S*BA&/LE +' A.- 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Water su(angle of the Air 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is A and > 8$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley E./!0! EE, EA-0! S*BA&/LE +' A.- 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Earth su(angle of the Air 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is A and : &.&0! EE, '.-E S*BA&/LE +' A.- 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the 'ire su(angle of the Air 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is A and % 0E&0! EE, A.- S*BA&/LE +' WA0E- 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Air su(angle of the Water 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is ; and $< ELEHE&0! EE, EA-0! S*BA&/LE +' WA0E- 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Earth su(angle of the Water 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is ; and $$ 0WEL'0! EE, '.-E S*BA&/LE +' WA0E- 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the 'ire su(angle of the Water 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is ; and $= 0!.-0EE&0! EE, A.- S*BA&/LE +' EA-0! 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Air su(angle of the Earth 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is 8 and $A '+*-0EE&0! EE, WA0E- S*BA&/LE +' EA-0! 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Water su(angle of the Earth 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is 8 and $; 8=

Enochian Sex Magick '.'0EE&0! EE, '.-E S*BA&/LE +' EA-0! 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the 'ire su(angle of the Earth 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is 8 and $8 S.G0EE&0! EE, A.- S*BA&/LE +' '.-E 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Air su(angle of the 'ire 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is 9 and $9 SEHE&0EE&0! EE, WA0E- S*BA&/LE +' '.-E 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Water su(angle of the 'ire 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is 9 and $> E./!0EE&0! EE, EA-0! S*BA&/LE +' '.-E 0ABLE0 'or in2ocations of the Angels of the Earth su(angle of the 'ire 0a(let" the se5uence of Calls is 9 and $: 0!E CALL +- EE, +' 0!E 0!.-0, N0!,-S As we ha2e 3entioned a(o2e" the &ineteenth Call" or Eey of the 0hirty Nthyrs" is the only call necessary for workings with the Nthyrs .t is only necessary to change the na3e of the Nthyr itself near the (eginning of the Call &ote6 .n a footnote in Chanokh" Crowley 3entions a second na3e in the Call that K 3ay appropriately (e 2aried with the AireK 0ry as . 3ay to disco2er a logical correlation (etween L.L ?the Nthyr in 5uestion@ and .D+./+ ?the footnoted na3e in 5uestion@" . cannot *ntil . do" . will continue to 2ary the Call of the 0hirty Nthyrs only with the na3e of the Nthyr itself .f . a3 wrong . a3 willing to (e forgi2en 8A

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley M.&.M*M -EC+MME&DED +#E-A0.&/ #-+CED*-ES 0he 5uestion now arises K!ow do . go a(out i3ple3enting the a(o2e infor3ation to in2oke the Angels of the Ele3ental 0a(lets or (egin 3y exploration of the NthyrsJK 0he nature of the original Dee 3aterial is such as to 3ake exact and definiti2e operating procedures unclear .n other (ooks of Enochian Magick" particularly those written in the last $< years" you will find ela(orate instructions that differ considera(ly fro3 what is suggested (elow As you (eco3e 3ore fa3iliar with the syste3 you will de2elop your own sense of what is logical and appropriate .t is 2ery i3portant during the period of your learning cur2e to stay focused on source 3aterial such as Chanokh Chanokh pro2ides (asic operating instructions" though not always clearly .t is o(2ious that Crowley assu3ed the reader would ha2e a (asic 3agical education and would (e a(le to proceed so3ewhat on their own understanding 0hese co33ents and the supple3entary 3aterial in the Appendix are intended to help on (oth these fronts But we should not ignore the o(2ious fact that CrowleyDs original presentation was 2ery short and straightforward &owhere does he e2en hint that the Magician 3ust engage in a long series of (eseech3ents" coercions and Iust plain 3agical whinings that characteri4e other (ranches of 3agick What is uni5ue a(out Enochian Magick is the a(sence of such infantile nonsense Calls are addressed in the language of the (eings in2ol2ed 0here is a si3ple hierarchy that needs to (e recogni4ed 0he rest is (etween you and the Angels 8;

Enochian Sex Magick 0o 3ake 3atters e2en si3pler he pro2ides us with fi2e flawlessly constructed K0e3ple +peningsK which are inserted prior to the 'irst" 0hird" 'ourth" 'ifth and Sixth Eeys By perfor3ing the K0e3ple +peningsK prior to reciting the Calls you will find al3ost half your work done .f you are unclear as to the appropriate signs" pentagra3s or hexagra3s used in the 0e3ple +penings refer to the Appendix 0he si3ple procedure outlined (elow will take you anywhere you wish to go with the syste3 +f course you are free to expand and inno2ate upon the syste3 as 3uch as you feel necessary ?. would not" howe2er" ad2ise that you o3it any of the following steps@ #-EL.M.&A-, C+&S.DE-A0.+&S 0EM#LE A--A&/EME&0S 0hese can (e as si3ple or as ela(orate as you wish A clean" uncluttered roo3 with an altar or ta(le in the center is perfectly ade5uate ,ou 3ay wish to place your Ele3ental 0a(lets on the walls of the four 5uarters ?Air in the East" 'ire in the South" Water in the West" and Earth in the &orth@ or you 3ay wish to arrange the3 upon the altar .t is not essential to ha2e any 0a(lets in the 0e3ple at all D.-EC0.+&S +' 0!E W+-E.&/ When in2oking" that is when you wish to (ring the Spirit to you" face the 3icro7cos3ic7ele3ental direction dictated (y the four windsF operations of Air in the East" 'ire in the South" Water in the West and Earth in the &orth When you wish to 2isit the Spirit in its own world you face the 3acro7cos3ic7ele3ental direction dictated (y the )odiacF operations of 'ire in the East ?Aries@" Earth in the South ?Capricorn@" Air in the West ?Li(ra@ and Water in the &orth ?Cancer@ 88

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley the Spirit you wish to work with and any and all the na3es of its hierarchial superiors .& E&+C!.A& +l 2inu od 4odaka3e" .lasa" /ahe ?.nsert Angel &a3e@ od elanusahe 2aoresagi .aida" gohusa puIo ilasa" dare(esaC Do7o7i7apeUUUUodUUUUodUUUUodUUUU odUU?use as 3any na3es as necessary@ +l 2inu7ta od 4oda3eta" .lasa" /ahe ?.nsert Angel &a3e@ .& E&/L.S! . in2oke and 3o2e thee" < thou" Spirit and (eing exalted a(o2e ye in the power of the Most !igh" . say unto thee" o(eyC .n the na3e of UUUand UUU and UUU and UUUand UUU . do in2oke and (y in2oking conIure thee" < thou" Spirit UUUU &ow set to work skrying Eeep paper and pencil handy So3e prefer to ha2e a tape recorder running .t is i3portant to 3aintain so3e le2el of o(Iecti2e consciousness .f you fall asleep you are likely to forget your 2ision and 3ay run into unpleasant co3plications .f you run into any KspiritualK characters that 3ake you feel unco3forta(le" test the3 first with the !oly &a3es fro3 the 0a(let you are working with or ?in the case of the 0hirty Nthyrs@" the na3es of the /o2ernors .f you are still ha2ing difficulties draw the appropriate (anishing pentagra3 ?see Appendix for Banishing #entagra3s@ and withdraw fro3 the 2ision Do not tire yourself When you feel fatigued find an opportunity to withdraw fro3 the 2ision and Banish 8:

Enochian Sex Magick S0E# A CL+SE 0!E 0EM#LE W.0! 0!E BA&.S!.&/ -.0*AL +' 0!E #E&0A/-AM . ha2e found the Enochian syste3 to (e the safest" cleanest and 3ost logical syste3 of practical 3agick one can perfor3 But it is an art and as such re5uires not only study and practice (ut also inspiration and the lo2e7hate relationship all artists ha2e with their craft .t is 3y hope that our (ook has gi2en you so3ething to study" practice and inspire you 8%

Chapter fi2e Li(er LGGG.H 2el Chanokh A B-.E' ABS0-AC0 +' 0!E S,MB+L.C -E#-ESE&0A0.+& +' 0!E *&.HE-SE DE-.HED B, D+C0+- B+!& DEE 0!-+*/! 0!E SE-,.&/ +' S.- EDWA-D EELL, #A-0 . 0he Skryer o(tained fro3 certain Angels a series of se2en talis3ans 0hese" grouped a(out the !oly 0wel2efold 0a(le" si3ilarly o(tained" were part of the furniture of the !oly 0a(le" as shewn in #late . +ther appurtenances of this ta(le will (e descri(ed hereafter .. +ther #antacles were o(tained in a si3ilar 3anner ?#late ..@ is the principal one" which" car2ed in wax" was placed upon the top of the ta(le +n four others stood the feet of the ta(le &ote first the !oly Se2enfold 0a(le containing se2en &a3es of /od which not e2en the Angels are a(le to pronounce SAA. =$Q: EME B0)EASEA< !E.DE&E DE.M+LA<A .=9ME/CBE .LA+. =$Q: H& .!-LAAL =$Q: 0hese na3es are seen written without the heptagra3 within the heptagon 9$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley By reading these o(li5uely are o(tained na3es of Angels calledM ?$@ 'iliT Bonitatis or 'iliolas Lucis E" Me" Ese" lana" Akele" A4do(n" Sti3cul ?=@ 'ilii Lucis ." .h" .lr" D3al" !eeoa" Beigia" Sti3cul O0hese are gi2en attri(utions to the Metals of the #lanets in this order6 Sol" Luna" Henus" Bupiter" Mars" Mercury" Saturn P ?A@ 'iliT 'iliaru3 Lucis S" A(" Ath" .4ed" Ekiei" Madi3i" Ese3eli ?;@ 'ilii 'ilioru3 Lucis L ?EL@" Aw" A2e" Li(a" lode" !agone?l@" .le3ese See all these na3es in the heptagra3 of the great seal So also there are Se2en /reat Angels for3ed thus6 take the co3er letter S" then the diagonal next to it AB" then the next diagonal A0!" the fourth diagonal" where is . with =$Q: ?which indicates EL@" and we ha2e the na3eM SABA0!.EL Continuing the process" we get6 )EDEE.EL" MAD.M.EL" SEMEL.EL"&+/A!EL" C+-AB.EL" LEHA&AEL 0hese na3es will (e found in the #entagra3 and a(out it 0hese angels are the angels of the Se2en Circles of !ea2en 0hese are (ut a few of the 3ysteries of this great seal6 S./.LLHM DE. NME0! ... 0he Shew7stone" a crystal which Dee alleged to ha2e (een (rought to hi3 (y angels" was then placed upon this ta(le" and the principal result of the 9=

Enochian Sex Magick cere3onial skrying of Sir Edward Eelly is the o(taining of the following diagra3s" #lates ...7H... !e sy3(oli4ed the 'ourth7Di3ensional *ni2erse in two di3ensions as a s5uare surrounded (y A< concentric circles ?the A< Nthyrs or Aires@ whose radii increase in a geo3etrical proportion 0he sides of the s5uare are the four great watch7towers ?#lates .HH..@ which are attri(uted to the ele3ents 0here is also a K(lack crossK ?or Kcentral ta(letK according to the arrange3ent shewnMco3pare the (lack cross (ordering the ta(lets in #late ... with #late H...@ #late ... gi2es the general 2iew O0he re2ersed letters which for3 the word #A-A+A& are written in Enochian for con2enience" as our A and < are not distinguisha(le re2erse fro3 forward P #late .H gi2es the co3plete attri(ution of the ta(let of Air 0he 9th file is called Linea #atris 0he >th file is called Linea 'ilii 0he >th line is called Linea Spiritus Sancti 0he great cross di2ides the 0a(let into four lesser ?su(7ele3ental@ 0a(lets" the left7hand top corner (eing Air of Air" the right7hand top corner Water of Air" the left7hand (otto3 corner Earth of Air" the re3aining corner 'ire of Air Each of these lesser 0a(lets contains a Cal2ary Cross of ten s5uares" which go2erns it #lates H" H." and H.. are si3ilar for the other ele3ents 0his is the way in which the na3es are drawn fro3 the great 0a(lets OExa3ples taken fro3 Water 0a(let P $ Linea Spiritus Sancti gi2es the 0hree !oly &a3es of /od of A" ;" and 8 letters respecti2ely6 9A

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley M#! A-SL /A.+L = A whorl around the centre of the 0a(let gi2es the na3e of the /reat Ele3ental Eing" -AA/.+SL Osi3ilarly for Air BA0A.HA!" for Earth .C)!!CAL" for 'ire EDL#-&AAP A 0he A lines of the central cross of 'ather" Son" and !oly /host gi2e the na3es of 9 seniors O0hus the ; ta(lets hold =; Kelders"K as stated in the Apocalypse P 0hey are drawn of se2en letters" each fro3 the centre to the sides of the ta(let Linea #atris" SA..&+H and S+A.)&0 Linea 'ilii" LA+A)-# and L./D.SA Linea S S" SL/A.+L and LS-A!#M 0hese three sets of na3es rule the whole ta(let" and 3ust (e in2oked (efore speciali4ing in the lesser angles of the su(7ele3ents ; 0he Cal2ary Crosses 0he na3e upon the cross read 2ertically is the na3e which calls forth the powers of the lesser angle &ELA#- ?water of water@ +L/+0A ?air of water@ MALAD. ?earth of water@ .AAASD ?fire of water@ 0he na3e read hori4ontally on the cross is that which co3pels the e2oked force to o(edience +MEBB ?water of water@ AALC+ ?air of water@ +CAAD ?earth of water@ A0A#A ?fire of water@ 8 A(o2e the (ar of the Cal2ary Cross re3ain in each case four s5uares 0hese are allotted to the Eeru(i3" who 3ust next (e in2oked 0hey are6 0D.M D.M0 .M0D M0D." (eing 3etatheses of these four letters 0he initial 9;

Enochian Sex Magick deter3ines the file go2ernedF e g " 0D.M go2erns the file which reads 0?o@lLH- 0hese angels are 3ost 3ighty and (ene2olent 0hey are ruled (y na3es of /od for3ed (y prefixing the appropriate letter fro3 the K(lack crossK to their own na3es 9 Beneath the (ar of the Cal2ary Cross re3ain $9 s5uares not yet accounted for !ere" (eneath the presidency of the Eeru(i3" rule four 3ighty and (ene2olent angelsM .&/M LA+C HSS& -H+. > 0riliteral na3es of de3ons or ele3entals are to (e for3ed fro3 these $9 s5uares" uniting the two letters on either side of the upright of the cross with a letter chosen fro3 the Central 0a(let or (lack cross in accordance with rules which will (e gi2en in their due place 0hus6 /M" .&" +C" LA et cetera" for3 (ases for these triliteral na3es 0he following rules explain how the sides of the pyra3ids of which the s5uares are for3ed are attri(uted to the Sephiroth" #lanets" Ele3ents" and )odiacal signs $ /reat Central Cross 0his has A9 s5uares" for the decanates of the )odiac +n the left side of the #yra3id" Linea #atris has the Cardinal signs" the sign of the Ele3ent itself at the top" in the order of 0etragra33aton ?'ire" Water" Air" Earth@ going upwards Linea 'ilii has the Co33on signs in the sa3e order Linea S S has the Eeru(ic signs" that of the ele3ent on the left" in the sa3e order" right to left But the order of the decans in each sign is re2erse" and thus the planets which fill the right7hand side of the #yra3ids go in the first two cases downwards" and in the third fro3 left to right 98

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley 0he upper sides of the #yra3ids are all attri(uted to the Ele3ent of Spirit" the lower sides to the Ele3ent of the 0a(let Each s5uare is also referred to the s3all card of the 0arot which corresponds to the Decan ?refer to CrowleyDs work" >>>" Weiser" $%>=@ = Cal2ary Crosses Each has $< s5uares 0he upper sides of the #yra3ids are unifor3ly gi2en to Spirit" the lower sides to the Sephiroth" in the order shewn 0he left7hand sides are attri(uted to the ele3ent of the 0a(let" the right7hand sides to the su(7 ele3ent of the lesser angle A Eeru(ic S5uares 0he upper sides pertain to the ele3ent of the 0a(let" the lower sides to the su(7ele3ent -ight and left7hand sides in this case correspond" according to a so3ewhat co3plex rule which it is unnecessary to gi2e here 0he attri(utions to the Court Cards of the 0arot naturally follow ; Lesser S5uares 0he upper side of each pyra3id is go2erned (y the Eeru( standing on the pile a(o2e it 0he lower side is go2erned (y the Eeru( also" (ut in order descending as they are fro3 right to left a(o2e OSee angle of Air of WaterF the Eeru(s go Earth" 'ire" Water" Air ?fro3 the s5uare 3arked D" the fifth fro3 the left in the top rank of the 0a(let@" and downward the lower sides of the s5uares 3arked <" D" VE" ) ?this should pro(a(ly read <" D" G" ) Ed@ go Earth" 'ire" Water" Air P 0he left7hand side refers to the ele3ent of the 0a(let" the right7 hand side to the su(7ele3ent of the lesser angle 8 0he Black Cross of Central 0a(let 0he upper and lower sides are e5ually attri(uted to Spirit 99

Enochian Sex Magick 0he left7hand sides to the ele3ent of the file" in this order fro3 left to right6 Spirit" Air" Water" Earth" 'ire 0he right7hand sides to the ele3ent of the rank in this order6 Air" Water" Earth" 'ire .H 'ollows #late .G" the Alpha(et in which all this is written .t is the Alpha(et of the Angelic Language 0he in2ocations which we possess in that tongue follow in their due place O.t is called also Enochian" as these angels clai3ed to (e those which con2ersed with the Kpatriarch EnochK of Bewish fa(le P H 0he 0hirty Nthyrs or Aires and their di2isions and angels are as follows OWe o3it for the present consideration of the parts of the earth to which they are stated to correspond" and the 5uestion of the attri(utions to the cardinal points and the 0ri(es of .srael 0hese are duly ta(ulated in DeeDs Li(er ScientiT" Auxilii" et Hictoria 0errestrisW6 &a3e of Aire &a3es of /o2ernor &u3(ers of Ser2itors .n All $ L.L +CC+D+& #ASC+MB >=<% =A9< $;"%A$ HAL/A-S 8A9= D+A/&.S A9A9 $8"%9< = A-& #ACAS&A =A9= D.AL.HA :%9= A )+M SAMA#!A ;;<< $>"=%9 H.-++L. A99< A&D.S#. %=A9 ; #A) 0!+0A&' AG).A-/ =A9< A<<< $$"99< #+0!&.- 9A<<

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley 8 L.0 LA)D.G. :9A< &+CAMAL 0.A-#AG =A<9 8:<= $9">A9 9 MA) SAG0+M#HAHAAM# ).-).-D A9=< %=<< >==< =<"<;< > DE+ +BMACAS/E&AD+L AS#.A+& 9A9A >><9 9A=< =<"A:% : ).D )AM'-ES 0+D&A+& #-.S0AC ;A9= >=A9 =A<= $A"%<< % ).# +DD.+-/ C-AL#.D+A&).& %%%9 A9=< ;=A< $>":;9 $< )AG LEGA-#! C+MA&A& 0AB.0+M :::< $=A< $9$> $$">=> O&ote that these A na3es co3e fro3 the (lack cross" with the addition of an L 0his L is one of the : re2ersed letters in the four watchtowers" the other se2en for3ing the word #A-A+A&" 5 2 infra W $$ .C! M+L#A&D HA&A-DA #+&+D+L A;>= >=A9 8=A; $8"%;= $= L+E 0A#AMAL/ED++&S AMB-.AL

=98: >>>= AA%$ $A":=$ $A ).M /ECA+&D LA#A-.& D+CE#AG :$$$ AA9< ;=$A $8"9:; 9:

Enochian Sex Magick $; H0A 0ED++&D =9>A H.H.#+S %=A9 ++A&AMB :=A< =<"$A% $8 +G+ 0A!A&D+ $A9> &+C.AB. $A9> 0AS0+G+ $::9 ;"9=< $9 LEA C+CA-#0 %%=< LA&AC+& %=A< S+C!.AL %=;< =:"A%< $> 0A& S./M+-' >9=A A,D-+#0 >$A= 0+CA-). =9A; $>"A:% $: )E& &ABA+M. =A;9 )A'ASA. >9:% ,AL#AMB %=>9 $%"A$$ $% #+# 0+-)+G. 9=A9 ABA.+&D 9>A= +MA/-A# =A:: $8"A89 =< E!).LD-+& A9=9 #A-).BA >9=% 0+0+CA& A9A; $;"::% =$ AS# C!.-S#A 88A9 0+A&0+M 89A8 H.G#AL/ 898: $9"%=% == L.& +).DA.A ==A= #A-A+A& =A=9 CAL).-/ =A9> 9"%=8 =A 0+-+&+AMB >A=< +&.).M# >=9= )AGA&.& >AAA =$"%$8 =; &.A +-CAM.- :=<< C!.AL#S :A9< S+A/EEL :=A9 =;">%9 9%

=8 H0. M.-).&D 89A= +B*A+-S -A&/LAM 9AAA 9=A9 $:"=<$ =9 DES #+#!A&D &./-A&A BA)C!.M %=A= A9=< 89A> $:";:% => )AA SA).AM. MA0!HLA +-#AMB >==< >89< >=9A =="<;A =: BA/ LAB&.G# '+C.S&. +GL+#A=A9< >=A9 :=<< $:"<99 =% -.. HAS0-.M +D-AG0. /+M).AM %9A= ;=A9 >9A8 =$"8<A A< 0EG 0A+&/LA /EM&.MB ADH+-#0 D+).&AL ;9A= %9A9 >9A= 89A= =>"8A= #late G shows us the na3es of these go2ernors in the four Watch70owers Co3pare with #late ... &ote that the sigil of each /o2ernor is uni5ueF the four sigils at the co3ers of #late G without the great s5uare are those of the four great Ele3ental Eings6 Air 0A!A+EL+B Water 0!A!EB,+BEEA0A&

Earth 0!A!AA+0A!E 'ire +!+++!AA0A& ><

Enochian Sex Magick #A-0 .. 0!E '+-0,7E./!0 CALLS +- EE,S 0hese are Most Sole3n .n2ocations *se these only after other in2ocations Eey ta(let hath 9 calls" $ a(o2e other 8 $6 /o2erns generally as a whole the ta(let of *nion *se it first in all in2ocations of Angels of that ta(let" (ut not at all with other ; ta(lets =6 *sed as an in2ocation of Angels e h n ( representing go2ernance of Spirit in the ta(let of *nion6 also precedes" in the second place" all in2ocations of Eey ta(let Angels &ot used i n in2ocations of ; other ta(lets A" ;" 8" 96 *sed in in2ocations of Angels of 0a(let of *nion" also of angels of ; terrestrial ta(lets" thusM A6 *sed to in2oke Angels of the letters of the line exarp 'or those of 0a(let +-+ as a whole and for the lesser angle of this ta(let" which is that of the ele3ent itself" 2i4 i d o i g o So for othersM 0he re3aining $= Eeys refer to the re3aining lesser angles of the ta(lets" the order of the ele3ents (eing Air" Water" Earth" 'ire #ronounce Ele3ental language ?also called Angelic or Enochian@ (y inserting the next following !e(rew 2owel (etween consonants" e g e after ( ?(Eth@" i after g ?g.3el@" a after d" etc 0!E +#E&.&/ +' 0!E #+-0AL +' 0!E HA*L0 +' 0!E ADE#0S #A-+EE0!" the Heil of the Sanctuary 0he Sign of the -ending of the Heil 0he Sign of the Closing of the Heil O/i2e these P Make the .n2oking #entagra3s of Spirit :$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley .n the nu3(er =$" in the grand word A!.! F .n the &a3e ,!ShH!" in the #ass Word . & - . " + Spirits of the 0a(let of Spirit" ,e" ye" . in2okeC 0he sign of +siris slainC 0he sign of the 3ourning of .sisC 0he sign ofApophis and 0yphonC 0he sign of +siris -isenC L H G " Lux 0he Light of the Cross O/i2e these P .n the na3e of .!H! ALH! HD+0h" . declare that the Spirits of Spirit ha2e (een duly in2oked 0he Enock $M;;;; 0!E '.-S0 EE,D +L sonuf 2aoresaIi" gohu .AD Balata" elanusaha caela4od6 so(ra4od7ol -oray i ta na4odapesad" /iraa ta 3aelpereIi" das hoel75o 5aa notahoa 4odi3e4od" od co3e3ahe ta no(eloha 4odienF so(a tahil ginonupe pereIe aladi" das 2aure(es o(olehe giresa3 Casare3 ohorela ca(a #ire6 das 4odonurenusagi ca(6 ere3 ladanahe #ilahe fare4ode3 4odenure4oda adana gono ladapiel das ho3e7tohe6 so(a ipa3e lu ipa3is6 das so(olo 2epe 4odo3eda poa3al" od (ogira aai ta piape #ia3oel od Haoan= C )odacare" eca" od 4oda3eranuC odo cicale QaaF 4odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" !oathahe . A . D AC :9 words in this Enochian Call O.n2okes the whole 0a(let of Spirit P $@ Collation of the 2arious MSS of these calls has not done away with Harious -eadingsF and there is not enough of the language extant to ena(le a settle3ent on general principles M Ed =@ -ead here Hooan in in2ocations of 'allen Spirits :=

Enochian Sex Magick 0!E '.-S0 EE, . -E./& o2er ye" saith the /od of Bustice" in power exalted a(o2e the 'ir3a3ent of Wrath" in whose hands the Sun is as a sword" and the Moon as a through thrusting 'ire6 who 3easureth your /ar3ents in the 3idst of 3y Hestures" and trussed you together as the pal3s of 3y hands Whose seats . garnished with the 'ire of /athering" and (eautified your gar3ents with ad3iration 0o who3 . 3ade a law to go2ern the !oly +nes" and deli2ered ye a -od" with the Ark of Enowledge Moreo2er you lifted up your 2oices and sware o(edience and faith to !i3 that li2eth and triu3pheth6 whose (eginning is not" nor end cannot (e6 which shineth as a fla3e in the 3idst of your palaces" and reigneth a3ongst you as the (alance of righteousness and truthC Mo2e therefore" and shew yoursel2esC +pen the 3ysteries of your creationC Be friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the Ser2ant of the sa3e your /od6 the true worshipper of the !ighestC $9% words in the English Call 0!E SEC+&D EE, ADA/.0A 2au7pa7ahe 4odonugonu fa7a7ipe saladaC Hi7i72au elC So(a3e ial7pereIi i74oda74oda4od pi7adapehe casare3a a(era3eIi ta tala(o paracaleda 5o7ta lores7el75o ture(esa ooge (alatoheC /iui cahisa lusada oreri od 3icalapape cahisa (ia o4odonugonuC lape noanu tarofe coresa tage o75uo 3aninu .A7.7D+& 0ore4oduC gohe7el" 4odacare eca cano7 5uodaC 4oda3eranu 3icala4odo od o4ada4oda3e 2aurelarF lape 4odir .+.ADC 0!E SEC+&D EE, CA& the Wings of the Winds understand your 2oices of WonderJ < youC the second of the 'irstC who3 the (urning fla3es ha2e fra3ed in the depth of 3y BawsC Who3 . ha2e prepared as cups for a :A

Enochian Sex Magick OMake the Cross P .n the &a3es and Letters of the /reat Eastern Quadrangle" Spirits of Air" Adore your CreatorC O!old dagger aloft P .n the 0hree great Secret &a3es of /od" +-+ .BA! A+)#. that are (orne upon the Banners of the East" Spirits of Air" adore your CreatorC OAgain ele2ate dagger P .n the &a3e of BA0A.HA!" great Eing of the East" Spirits of Air" adore your CreatorC .n the &a3e of Shaddai AL Chai" . declare that the Spirits of Air ha2e (een duly in2oked 0he Enock AAAMAAAMAAA 0!E 0!.-D EE, M.CAMAC goho #e7.ADC 4odir co37selahe a4odien (ia(e os7londohe &ore4odacahisa otahila /igipaheF 2aunud7el7cahisa ta7pu7i3e 5o3os7 pelehe telocaheF 5ui7i7inu toltoregi cahisa i cahisaIi e3 o4odienF dasata (eregida od tore4odulC !i e7<$ (ala4odareIi" od aala tahilanu7os netaa(e6 daluga 2ao3esareIi elonusa cape73i7ali 2aoresa cala ho3ilaF cocasa(e fafenu i4odi4odope" od 3iinoagi de ginetaa(e6 2aunu na7na7e7el6 panupire 3alapireIi caosaIi #ilada noanu 2aunalahe (alata od72aoan Doo7 i7ape 3ada6 goholore" gohus" a3iranuC Mica3aC ,ehuso4od ca7ca7co3" od do7o7a7inu noari 3icaola4oda a7ai7o3 Casara3eIi gohia6 )odacareC HaunigilaIiC od i37ua73ar pugo pelapeli Ananael Qo7a7an Eighty words in the Enochian Call 0!E 0!.-D EE, BE!+LDC saith your /odC . a3 a circle on whose hands stand 0wel2e Eingdo3s Six are the seats of li2ing (reath6 the rest are as sharp Sickles" or the !orns of Death Wherein the creatures of Earth are and :8

Enochian Sex Magick SeaC .n the &a3e of AL" Strong and #owerful" and in the na3e of AL!.M 04BAH0h" Spirits of Water" adore you CreatorC OMake Sigil of Eagle with cup P .n the na3e of /B-.AL and in the sign of the Eagle" Spirits of Water" adore your CreatorC OMake cross with cup P .n all the &a3es and Letters of the /reat Quadrangle of the West" Spirits of Water" adore your CreatorC OEle2ate cup P .n the three great Secret &a3es of /od M#! A-SL /A.+L that are (orne upon the Banners of the West" Spirits of Water" adore your CreatorC OEle2ate cup P .n the &a3e of -AA/.+SEL" great Eing of the West" Spirits of Water" adore your CreatorC .n the na3e of Elohi3 04a(aoth" . declare that the Spirits of Water ha2e (een duly in2oked 0he Enock $MAAAM$MAAA 0!E '+*-0! EE, +0A!.L elasadi (a(aIe" od dorepaha gohol6 gi7cahisaIe auauago core3epe peda" dasonuf 2i72au7di72auJ Casare3i oeli 3eape3e so(a3e agi core3epo carep7el6 casare3eIi caro7o7da4odi cahisa od 2augeIiF dasata ca7pi73ali cahisa ca7pi73a7on6 od elonusahinu cahisa ta el7o calaa 0ore4odu nor75uasahi od fe7caosaga6 Bagile 4odir e7na7.AD6 das iod apilaC Do7o7a7ipe 5uo7A7AL" 4odacareC )oda3eranu o(elisonugi resat7el aaf nor7 3o7lapiC 0!E '+*-0! EE, . !AHE set 3y feet in the South" and ha2e looked a(out 3e" saying6 are not the thunders of increase nu3(ered AA" which reign in the second AngleJ *nder who3 . ha2e placed %9A%6 who3 none hath yet nu3(ered" (ut +neF in who3 the Second Beginnings of 0hings are and wax strong" which also :>

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley successi2ely are the &u3(ers of 0i3e6 and their powers are as the first ;89 AriseC you sons of #leasureC and 2isit the earth6 for . a3 the Lord your /odF which is and li2eth ?for e2er@C .n the na3e of the Creator" 3o2eC and shew yoursel2es as pleasant deli2erers" that you 3ay praise hi3 a3ong the sons of 3enC O.n2okes6 !co3aF the whole ta(let of Water 0he Angle of Water of Water 0he Queen of the 0hrones of Water P 0!E +#E&.&/ +' 0!E 0EM#LE .& 0!E /-ADE +' $X S $<X /.HE the Sign of the /od SE0 fighting #urify with 'ire and Water" and announce K0he 0e3ple is cleansed K OEnock P Let us adore the Lord and Eing of EarthC Adonai ha Aret4" Adonai Melekh" unto 0hee (e the Eingdo3" the Sceptre" and the Splendour6 Malkuth" /e(urah" /edulah" 0he -ose of Sharon and the Lily of the Halley" A3enC OSprinkle Salt (efore Earth ta(let P Let the Earth adore AdonaiC OMake the .n2oking !exagra3 of Saturn P OMake the .n2oking #entagra3 of Spirit #assi2e" and pronounce these &a3es6 A!.! A/LA &A&0A P OMake the .n2oking #entagra3 of Earth" and pronounce this &a3e6 AD&. MLE P And Elohi3 said6 Let us 3ake Man in +ur own i3ageF and let the3 ha2e do3inion o2er the 'ish of the Sea and o2er the 'owl of the Air6 and o2er e2ery creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth And the Elohi3 created A0h7h7ADAM6 in the i3age of the Elohi3 created 0hey the3F 3ale and fe3ale created 0hey the3 .n the &a3e of AD&. MLE" and of the


Enochian Sex Magick Bride and Queen of the Eingdo3F Spirits of Earth" adore your CreatorC OMake the Sign of 0aurus P .n the &a3e of AH-.AL" great archangel of Earth" Spirits of Earth" adore your CreatorC OMake the Cross P .n the &a3es and Letters of the /reat &orthern Quadrangle" Spirits of Earth" adore your CreatorC OSprinkle water (efore Earth 0a(let P .n the three great secret &a3es of /od" M+-" D.AL" !C0/A" that are (orne upon the Banners of the &orth" Spirits of Earth" adore your CreatorC OCense the 0a(let P .n the na3e of .C7)+D7!E!7CA?L@" great Eing of the &orth" Spirits of Earth" adore your CreatorC .n the &a3e of Adonai !a7Aret4" . declare that the Spirits of Earth ha2e (een duly in2oked 0he Enock ;;;;MAAAM==M$ 0!E '.'0! EE, SA#A!E 4odi3ii du7i7(e" od noasa ta 5u7a7nis" adarocahe dorepehal caosagi od faonutas peripesol ta7(e7liore Casare3e A73eipe4odi na74odaretahe afaF od dalugare 4odi4odope 4ode7lida caosaIi toltoregiF od 4od7cahisa esiasacahe El ta72i72auF od iao7d tahilada das hu(are pe7o7alF so(a core3efa cahisa ta Ela Haulasa od Quo7Co7Casa(e Eca niisa od dare(esa 5uo7a7asa6 fetahe7ar7e4odi od (eliora6 ia7ial edanasa cicalesaF (agile /e7iad .7elC 0!E '.'0! EE, 0!E 3ighty sounds ha2e entered into the third angle" and are (eco3e as oli2es in the +li2e MountF looking with gladness upon the earth" and dwelling in the (rightness of the !ea2ens as continual Co3forters *nto who3 . fastened $% #illars of /ladness" and ga2e the3 2essels to water the earth with her creaturesF and they are the (rothers of the 'irst and Second" and :%

Enochian Sex Magick .n the &a3e of .!H! 04BAH0h" . declare that the Spirits of 'ire ha2e (een duly in2oked 0he Enock AAAM$MAAA 0!E S.G0! EE, /A!E sa7di2 cahisa e3" 3icala4oda #il74odinu" so(a3 El haraIi 3ir (a(alonu od o(eloce sa3e2elaIi" dalagare 3alapereIi ar7caosaIi od aca3e canale" so(ola 4odare fa7(eliareda caosaIi od cahisa aneta7na 3ia3e ta Hi2 od Da Daresare Sol7petahe7(ienu Be7ri7ta od 4odaca3e Ii73icala4odo6 so(7ha7atahe tarianu luia7he od ecarinu MADA Qu7a7a7onC 0!E S.G0! EE, 0!E Spirits of the fourth angle are &ine" Mighty in the 'ir3a3ent of Waters6 who3 the 'irst hath planted" a tor3ent to the wicked and a garland to the righteous6 gi2ing unto the3 fiery darts to 2anne the earth" and >9%% continual work3en" whose courses 2isit with co3fort the earthF and are in go2ern3ent and continuance as the Second and the 0hirdM 0herefore hearken unto 3y 2oiceC . ha2e talked of you" and . 3o2e you in power and presence" whose works shall (e a song of honour" and the praise of your /od in your CreationC O.n2okes6 Bito3F the whole ta(let of 'ire 0he Angle of 'ire of 'ire 0he Lord of the 'la3e and the Lightning" 0he Eing of the Spirits of 'ire P 0!E SEHE&0! EE, -A7ASA isala3anu para7di74oda oe7cari73i aao iala7pire7gahe Quiinu Enai (uta3onu od inoasa ni pa7ra7diala Casare3eIi uIeare cahirelanu" od 4odonace lucifatianu" caresa ta 2a2ale74odirenu tol7ha3i So(a lonudohe od nua3e cahisa ta Da o Desa 2o73a7dea od pi7(eliare itahila rita od 3ia3e ca7ni75uola ritaC )odacareC )oda3eranuC lecari3i Quo7a7dahe od . %$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley 3ica7ol74ododa aaio3e BaIirele papenore idalu7ga3a elonusahiMod u3apelifa 2au7ge7Ii BiIil M.ADC 0!E SEHE&0! EE, 0!E East is a house of Hirgins singing praises a3ong the fla3es of first glory wherein the Lord hath opened his 3outhF and they are (eco3e =: li2ing dwellings in who3 the strength of 3an reIoicethF and they are apparelled with orna3ents of (rightness" such as work wonders on all creatures Whose kingdo3s and continuance are as the 0hird and 'ourth" strong towers and places of co3fort" the Seats of Mercy and Continuance < ye Ser2ants of Mercy" Mo2eC AppearC Sing praises unto the CreatorF and (e 3ighty a3ongst us 'or that to this re3e3(rance is gi2en power" and our strength waxeth strong in our Co3forterC 0he Angle of Water of Air" in the ta(let of Air 0he Queen of the 0hrones of Air 0!E E./!0 EE, BA)+DEMEL+ i ta pi7ripesonu olanu &a74oda2a(e(e ox Casare3eIi 2aranu cahisa 2augeIi asa (era3eIi (alatoha6 goho .AD So(a 3ia3e tarianu ta lolacis A(ai2oninu od a4odiaIiere riore .reIila cahisa da das pa7aox (usada Caosago" das cahisa od ipuranu telocahe cacureIi oisala3ahe lonucaho od Ho2ina care(afeJ &..S+C (agile a2a2ago gohon &..S+C (agile 3o3ao siaionu" od 3a(e4oda .AD oi asa73o3are poilape &..ASAC )oda3eranu ciaosi caosago od (elioresa od coresi ta a (era3iIi 0!E E./!0! EE, 0!E Midday" the first is as the third !ea2en 3ade of =9 !yacinthine #illars" in who3 the Elders are (eco3e strong" which . ha2e prepared for 3ine own -ighteousness" saith the Lord6 whose long continuance shall (e as (ucklers to the Stooping Dragon" and like unto the har2est of a Widow !ow %=

Enochian Sex Magick 3any are there which re3ain in the /lory of the Earth" which are" and shall not see Death until the !ouse fall and the Dragon sinkJ Co3e awayC for the 0hunders ?of increase@ ha2e spoken Co3e awayC for the Crowns of the 0e3ple and the -o(e of !i3 that is" was" and shall (e" crowned" are di2idedC Co3e forthC AppearC to the terror of the Earth" and to our co3fort" and to the co3fort of such as are prepared 0he Angle of Earth of Air" in the ta(let of Air 0he #rincess of the -ushing Winds" the Lotus of the #alace of Air 0!E &.&0! EE, M.CA+L. (eranusaIi pereIela napeta ialapore" das (arinu efafaIe #e 2aunupeho olani od o(e4oda" so(a7ca upaahe cahisa tatanu od tarananu (alie" alare (usada so7(olunu od cahisa hoel75o ca7no75uodi cial Haunesa aladonu 3o3 caosago ta iasa olalore ginai li3elala A3e3a cahisa so(ra 3adarida 4od cahisaC +oa 3oanu cahisa a2ini darilapi caosaIinu6 od (uta3oni pare3e 4odu3e(i canilu Da4odisa etaha3e4oda cahisa dao" od 3ireka o4odola cahisa pidiai Colalala *l ci ninu a so(a3e uci3e BaIileJ .AD BALA0+!E cahirelanu pareC &..S+C od upe ofafafeF (aIile a7cocasahe icoresaka a uniIi (eliore 0!E &.&0! EE, A M./!0, guard of 'ire with two7edged swords fla3ing ?which ha2e eight Hials of wrath for two ti3es and a half" whose wings are of wor3wood and of the 3arrow of salt@" ha2e set their feet in the West" and are 3easured with their %%%9 3inisters 0hese gather up the 3oss of the Earth as the rich 3an doth his 0reasure Cursed are they whose ini5uities they areC .n their eyes are 3ill7stones greater than the earth" and fro3 their 3ouths run seas of (lood 0heir heads are co2ered with dia3onds" and upon their heads are %A

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley 3ar(le stonesA !appy is he on who3 they frown not 'or whyJ 0he Lord of -ighteousness reIoiceth in the3C Co3e away" and not your Hials6 for that the ti3e is such as re5uireth Co3fort 0he Angle of 'ire of Air" in the ta(let of Air 0he Lord of the Winds and Bree4es" the Eing of the Spirits of Air 0!E 0E&0! EE, C+-AG+ cahisa core3epe" od (elanusa Lucala a4odia4odore pae(e So(a iisononu cahisa uire5uo ope copehanu od racalire 3aasi (aIile caosagiF das yalaponu dosiIi od (asaIi3eF od ox ex da4odisa siatarisa od sala(eroxa cynuxire fa(oanu Haunala cahisa conusata das daox cocasa ol +anio yore 2ohi3a ol Ii4odya4oda od eoresa cocasaIi pelosi 3olui das paIeipe" laraIi sa3e darolanu 3atore(e cocasaIi e3ena El pataralaxa yolaci 3ata(e no3iIi 3ononusa olora Iinayo anuIelareda +hyoC ohyoC ohyoC ohyoC ohyoC ohyoC noi(e +hyoC caosagonuC BaIile 3adarida i 4odirope cahiso darisapaC &..S+C caripe ipe nidaliC 0!E 0E&0! EE, 0!E 0hunders of Budge3ent and Wrath are nu3(ered and are har(oured in the &orth" in the likeness of an +ak whose (ranches are == nests of la3entation and weeping laid up for the earth6 which (urn night and day" and 2o3it out the heads of scorpions and li2e Sulphur 3ingled with poison 0hese (e the thunders that" 89>: ti3es in the twenty7fourth part of a 3o3ent" roar with a hundred 3ight earth5uakes and a thousand ti3es as 3any surges" which rest not" neither know any; ti3e here +ne rock (ringeth forth a thousand" e2en as the heart of 3an doth his thoughts WoeC WoeC WoeC WoeC WoeC WoeC A@ 2 l K*pon their hands are 3ar(le slee2es K ;@ 2 l KAny echoing ti3e (etween K %;

Enochian Sex Magick ,ea" Woe (e to the Earth" for her ini5uity is" was" and shall (e great Co3e awayC (ut not your 3ighty soundsC 0he Angle of Air of Water" in the ta(let of Water 0he #rince of the Chariot of the Waters 0!E ELEHE&0! EE, +G.A,ALA holado" od 4odiro3e < coraxo das 4odiladare raasyo +d 2a(e4odire ca3eliaxa od (ahala6 &..S+C sala3anu telocaheC Casare3anu hoel75o" od ti ta 4od cahisa so(a core3efa i ga &..SAC (agile a(era3eIi nonucape )odacare eca od )oda3eranuC odo cicale QaaC )odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DAC 0!E ELEHE&0! EE, 0!E 3ighty Seat groaned" and there were fi2e 0hunders that flew into the East And the Eagle spake and cried aloud6 Co3e away fro3 the !ouse of DeathC And they gathered the3sel2es together and (eca3e ?those@ of who3 it is 3easured" and it is as 0hey are" whose nu3(er is A$ Co3e awayC 'or . ha2e prepared ?a place@ for you Mo2e therefore" and shew yoursel2esC *n2eil the 3ysteries of your Creation Be friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od6 the true worshipper of the the !ighest 0he Angle of Earth of Water" in the ta(let of Water 0he #rincess of the Waters" the Lotus of the #alace of the 'loods 0!E 0WEL'0! EE, &+&*C. dasonuf Ba(aIe od cahisa o( hu(aio ti(i(ipe6 alalare ataraahe od efC Darix fafenu 3ianu ar Enayo o2ofC So(a dooainu aai i H+&*#E!E )odacare" gohusa" od )oda3eranu +do cicale QaaC )odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DAC %8

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley 0!E 0WEL'0! EE, < ,E that range in the South and are the =: Lanterns of Sorrow" (ind up your girdles and 2isit usC (ring down your train A99A ?ser2itors@" that the Lord 3ay (e 3agnified" whose na3e a3ongst ye is Wrath Mo2eC . say" and shew yoursel2esC *n2eil the 3ysteries of your Creation Be friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od" the true worshipper of the !ighest 0he Angle of 'ire of Water" in the ta(let of Water 0he Lord of the Wa2es and the Waters" the Eing of the !osts of the Sea 0!E 0!.-0EE&0! EE, &A#EA. Ba(aIehe das (erinu 2ox ooaona larinuIi 2onupehe doali3e6 conisa olalogi oresaha das cahisa afefa Mica3a isaro Mada od Lonu7sahi7toxa" das i2au3eda aai Birosa(e )odacare od )oda3eranu +do cicale QaaC )odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DA 0!E 0!.-0EE&0! EE, + ,E Swords of the South" which ha2e ;= eyes to stir up the wrath of Sin6 3aking 3en drunken which are e3pty6 Behold the #ro3ise of /od" and !is #ower" which is called a3ongst ye a (itter stingC Mo2e and AppearC un2eil the 3ysteries of your Creation" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od" the true worshipper of the !ighest 0he Angle of Air of Earth" in the ta(let of Earth 0he #rince of the Chariot of Earth 0!E '+*-0EE&0! EE, &+-+&. (aIihie pasahasa +iadaC das tarinuta 3ireca ol tahila dodasa tolaha3e caosago Ao3ida6 das (erinu orocahe 5uare6 Mica3aC BialD +iadF aisaro toxa das i2a3e aai Balati3a )odacare od )oda3eranuC %9

Enochian Sex Magick +do cicale QaaC )odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DA 0!E '+*-0EE&0! EE, + ,E Sons of 'ury" the Daughters of the Bust +neC that sit upon =; seats" 2exing all creatures of the Earth with age" that ha2e $9A9 under ye BeholdC 0he 2oice of /od6 the pro3ise of !i3 who is called a3ongst ye 'ury or Extre3e Bustice Mo2e and shew yoursel2esC *n2eil the 3ysteries of your CreationF (e friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od6 the true worshipper of the !ighestC 0he Angle of Water of Earth" in the ta(let of Earth 0he Queen of the 0hrones of Earth 0!E '.'0EE&0! EE, .LASAC ta(aanu li7El pereta" casare3anu upaahi cahisa dareIiF das oado caosaIi oresacore6 das o3axa 3onasaci Baeoui(e od e3etaIisa laiadix )odacare od )oda3eranuC +do cicale Qaa )odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DA 0!E '.'0EE&0! EE, + 0!+*" the /o2ernor of the first 'la3e" under whose wings are 9>A%F that wea2e the Earth with dryness6 that knowest the /reat &a3e K-ighteousness"K and the Seal of !onour Mo2e and AppearC *n2eil the 3ysteries of your creationF (e Y friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od6 the true worshipper of the !ighestC 0he Angle of 'ire of Earth" in the ta(let of Earth 0he Lord of the Wide and 'ertile Land" the Eing of the Spirits of Earth 0!E S.G0EE&0! EE, .LASA 2i2iala peretaC Sala3anu (alata" das acaro oda4odi (usada" od (elioraxa (alita6 das inusi caosaIi lusadanu e3oda6 das o3e od talio(e6 darilapa iehe ilasa %>

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Mada )odilodarepe )odacare od )oda3eranu +do cicale Qaa6 4odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DA 0!E S.G0EE&0! EE, + 0!+* second 'la3e" the !ouse of Bustice" which hast thy (eginning in glory and shalt co3fort the Bust6 which walkest upon the Earth with :>9A feet" which understand and separate creaturesC /reat art thou in the /od of Stretch forth and Con5uer Mo2e and appearC *n2eil the 3ysteries of your CreationF (e friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od" the true worshipper of the !ighest 0he Angle of Air of 'ire" in the ta(let of 'ire 0he #rince of the Chariot of 'ire 0!E SEHE&0EE&0! EE, .LASA dial peretaC so(a 2aupaahe cahisa nanu(a 4odixalayo dodasihe od (erinutafaxisa hu(aro tasataxa yolasa6 so(a lad Q Honupehe o *onupehe6 aladonu dax ila od toatareC )odacare od )oda3eranuC +do cicale QaaC )odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DA 0!E SEHE&0EE&0! EE, + 0!+* third 'la3eC whose wings are thorns to stir up 2exation" and who hast >AA9 li2ing la3ps going (efore 0hee6 whose /od is KWrath in AngerK6 /ird up thy loins and hearkenC Mo2e and AppearC *n2eil the 3ysteries of your CreationF (e friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od" the true worshipper of the !ighest 0he Angle of Water of 'ire" in the ta(let of 'ire 0he Queen of the 0hrones of 'la3e 0!E E./!0EE&0! EE, .LASA 3icala4oda olapireta ialpereIi (eliore6 das odo Busadire +iad ouoaresa caosago6 casare3eIi %:

Enochian Sex Magick Laiada eranu (erinutasa cafafa3e das i2e3eda a5oso adoho Mo4" od 3aof7fasa Bolape co3o (elioreta pa3e(eta )odacare od )oda3eranuC +do cicale Qaa )odoreIe" lape 4odiredo &oco Mada" hoathahe .A.DA 0!E E./!0EE&0! EE, + 0!+* 3ighty Light and (urning 'la3e of Co3fortC that un2eilest the /lory of /od to the centre of the Earth" in who3 the 9AA= secrets of 0ruth ha2e their a(iding" that is called in thy kingdo3 KBoyK and not to (e 3easured Be thou a window of co3fort unto 3eC Mo2e and AppearC *n2eil the 3ysteries of your Creation" (e friendly unto 3e" for . a3 the ser2ant of the sa3e your /od" the true worshipper of the !ighest 0he Angle of Earth of 'ire" in the ta(let of 'ire 0he #rincess of the Shining 'la3e" the -ose of the #alace of 'ire MA-E WELLC 0!ESE first $: calls are in reality $%F that is" $% in the Celestial +rdersF (ut with us the first ta(le hath no call" and can ha2e no call" seeing that it is of the /odhead 0hus" then" with us hath it the nu3(er of <" though with the3 that of $ ?E2en as the first key of the -+0A hath the nu3(er < @ After this follow the calls or keys of the 0hirty Aires or Nthyrs6 which are in su(stance si3ilar" though" in the na3e of the Nthyrs" di2ersified 0he titles of the 0hirty Nthyrs whose do3inion extendeth in e2er7 widening circles without and (eyond the Watch 0owers of the *ni2erse ?0he first is +uter3ost@ $ L.L $9 LEA = A-& $> 0A& A )+M $: )E& %%

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley ; #A) $% #+# 8 L.0 =< E!9 MA) =$ AS# > DE+ == L.& : ).D =A 0+% ).# =; &.A $< )AG =8 H0. $$ .C! =9 DES $= L+E => )AA $A ).M =: BA/ $; *0A =% -.. $8 +G+ A< 0EG 0!E CALL +- EE, +' 0!E 0!.-0, N0!,-S MADA-.A0)A das perifa L.L8cahisa 3icaola4oda saanire caosago od fifisa (al4odi4odarasa laida &onuZa gohuli3e6 Mica3a adoianu MADA faoda (eliore(e" so(a ooaona cahisa luciftias peripesol" das a(eraasasa nonuZafe netaai(e caosaIi od tila(e adapehaheta da3epelo4oda" tooata nonuZafe Ii3icala4odo3a larasada tofeIilo 3are(e yareryo .D+./+9 od tore4odulape yaodafe gohola" Caosaga" ta(aoreda saanire" od caharisateosa yorepoila tio(ela (usadire" tila(e noalanu paida oresa(a" od dodare3eni 4odayolana Ela4odape tila(a pare73eIi peripesat4a" od ta 5urelesata (ooapisa Lani(a3e oucaho sayo3epe" od caharisateosa aIitoltorenu" 3ireca 5o tio(ela lela 0onu pao3e(eda di4odala3o asa pianu" od caharisateosa aIi7la7tore7torenu paracahe a sayo3epe Coreda4odi4oda dodapala od fifala4oda" lasa 3anada" od faregita (a3esa o3aoasa Conisa(era od auauot4a tonuIi oresaF cata(ela noasa3i ta(eIesa leuitahe3onuIi Hanucahi o3e7petila(e oresaC BagileJ Moooa(e +L coreda4odi4oda El capi3ao it4o3at4ipe" od 8@ +r other Aire as 3ay (e willed 9@ 0his na3e 3ay(e appropriately 2aried with the Aire $<<

Enochian Sex Magick cacocasa(e gosaa BaIilenu pit tianuta a (a(alanuda" od faoregita teloca uo ui3e Madariiat4a" tore4oduCCC +adariat4a orocaha a(oaperiC 0a(aori peria4oda areta(asaC Adarepanu coresata do(it4aC ,olaca3e peria4odi arecoa4odiore" od 5uasa(e 5otinuIiC -ipire paaot4ata sagacoreC *3ela od pereda4odare cacareIi Aoi2eae core3epetaC 0ore4oduC )odacare od )oda3eranu" asapeta si(esi (uta3ona das sure4odasa 0ia (alatanu +do cicale Qaa" od +4oda4oda3a pelapeli .ADA&AMADAC 0!E CALL +- EE, +' 0!E 0!.-0, N0!,-S + ,E !ea2ens which dwell in the 'irst Aire" ye are 3ighty in the parts of the Earth" and execute the Budg3ent of the !ighestC *nto you it is said6 Behold the 'ace of your /od" the (eginning of Co3fort" whose eyes are the (rightness of the !ea2ens" which pro2ided you for the /o2ern3ent of the Earth" and her unspeaka(le 2ariety" furnishing you with a power of understanding to dispose all things according to the #ro2idence of !i3 that sitteth on the !oly 0hrone" and rose up in the Beginning" saying6 0he Earth" let her (e go2erned (y her parts" and let there (e Di2ision in her" that the glory of her 3ay (e always drunken" and 2exed in itself !er course" let it run with the !ea2ensF and as an hand3aid let her ser2e the3 +ne season" let it confound another" and let there (e no creature upon or within her the sa3e All her 3e 3(ers" let the3 differ in their 5ualities" and let there (e no one Creature e5ual with another 0he reasona(le Creatures of the Earth" and Men" let the3 2ex and weed out one anotherF and their dwelling7places" let the3 forget their &a3es 0he work of 3an and his po3p" let the3 (e defaced !is (uildings" let the3 (eco3e Ca2es for the (easts of the 'ieldC Confound her understanding with darknessC 'or whyJ it repenteth 3e that . ha2e 3ade Man +ne while let her (e known" and another while a stranger6 (ecause she is $<$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley the (ed of an !arlot" and the dwelling7place of hi3 that is fallen < ye !ea2ens" ariseC 0he lower hea2ens (eneath you" let the3 ser2e youC /o2ern those that go2ernC Cast down such as fall Bring forth with those that increase" and destroy the rotten &o place let it re3ain in one nu3(er Add and di3inish until the stars (e nu3(ered AriseC Mo2eC and appear (efore the Co2enant of !is 3outh" which !e hath sworn unto us in !is Bustice +pen the Mysteries of your Creation" and 3ake us partakers of 0!E *&DE'.LED E&+WLED/E 'inished are the Calls or Eeys 0he 0hree Mighty &a3es of /od Al3ighty co3ing forth fro3 0he 0hirty Nthyrs 0!E 'irst &a3eM LA)oda#eLaMeDa)oda)+Da)od.La)od*+La0a)oda#eEALa0a&uHaDa)odaBe-e0a 0he Second &a3eM .-+A.AE..AE+.0aGEAE+!eS.+..0EAA.E 0he 0hird &a3eM La&u&u)oda0a)od+Da#eGa!EMA+A&u&u#e-e#e&u-A.SA/.Ga Ended are the 'orty7eight Calls or Eeys $<=

Chapter Six Di2ine Eroticis3 .nti3ate union of the worshipper with the Di2ine #rincipal is a central the3e of religion .t is 5uite natural that the i3ages which are e2oked (y the De2otee in his ardor for the Belo2ed are identical or si3ilar to those that acco3pany sexual longings 0he traditional cultures of .ndia and the +rient" of Africa" #olynesia" of the nati2es of &orth and South A3erica" indeed of al3ost any culture unpolluted (y Budeo7Christian7 .sla3ic thought" ha2e no difficulty whatsoe2er with this parallel With the exception of the Song of Solo3on" Western religious literature a2oids Di2ine Eroticis3 like the plague E2en the esoteric disciplines of the West see3 unco3forta(le with the su(Iect and go to great lengths to 2eil their ter3s 0he (i4arre no3enclature of Alche3y" when studied with half your (rain in the (edroo3" re2eals that perhaps there are se2eral good reasons why the alche3ists were called KpuffersK But for the 3ost part" we in the West are expected to unite with our Di2ine Belo2ed 2icariously &uns are the KBrides of ChristK" we unite with the 'ather or the Mother only Kthrough the Son K E2en the K3agicK cere3ony needed to consu33ate these 2oyeuristic unions 3ust (e experienced 2icariously through a priest .n the highly explicit (ook 0he *lti3ate 0a(ooMSex" -eligion and Magic ?&ew 'alcon #u(lications" $%%$@" we explore the a(nor3alities of such practices and the psycho7sociological pho(ic reactions to Sex Magic . do not intend to use this space to ser2e as an introduction to the theories or techni5ues of Sex $<A

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Magick or 0antra 0here are 3any fine works a2aila(le that introduce those su(Iects 2ery well 'or the reader who is already knowledgea(le on these su(Iects" a few helpful hints concerning how Enochian can (e used in these areas 3ay pro2e 2alua(le and rewarding 0he 3odern 2iew that our nor3al waking consciousness stands so3ewhere (etween the li3itless potential of transcendental experience and the Kde3onsK that run a3ok in our su(conscious 3ind is not too dissi3ilar to the 3edie2al 2iew that Mankind is sandwiched (etween /od and the Angels" (etween !ea2en and !ell 0he working hypothesis of the 3agician of old went so3ething like this" K/od has do3inion o2er 3e and co3pels 3e to do !is will . ha2e do3inion o2er the spirit world" ?especially o2er the so7called fallen angels@" and Iust as . look up to /od" they look up to 3e" therefore . can co3pel the3 to do 3y (idding K .n $;8:" the noted Qa(alist and court 3agician" A(raha3 the Bew" in his classic work 0he Book of the Sacred Magick of A(ra7Melin 0he Mage" took this concept of the hierarchy of responsi(ility a su(li3e step forward and catapulted 3agick to the sa3e le2el as the ,ogic disciplines Si3ply put" to work the 3agick" you 3ust first (e united with Di2inity ?0his experience he calls 0he Enowledge and Con2ersation of the !oly /uardian Angel @ 0his initiatory land3ark is only acco3plished after a six 3onth period of purification and a strict regi3en of e2er7increasing longing for union with the Angel +nce this K3arriageK is consu33ated and the K(lessingK of the AngelDs presence is (estowed" the 3agician i33ediately turns to the lower spiritual world and (estows the sa3e K(lessingK on the resident deni4ens and extracts fro3 the3 a pledge of loyalty and support $<;

Enochian Sex Magick 0hese wild and infernal spirits who" up until now were unacknowledged" uncontrolled and 3ost likely at odds with the 0rue Will of the 3agician" were now going to (e gi2en the opportunity to work for his and their greater good And now that the 3agician had for3ed an inti3ate alliance with the Di2ine" he had the spiritual KauthorityK to force the lower spirits to cooperate 0hus" A(raha3 the Bew re2eals an indispensa(le truthF Magick de3ands an assault on two fronts at once .t re5uires reali4ation of your responsi(ility not only to that which is a(o2e (ut also to that which is (elow .t is only through you that the Di2ine ?your Superconsciousness@ can 3anifest on this plane Without you the spirits of the .nfernal regions ?your su(consciousness@ ha2e no hope of Ksal2ationK ?(alance and control@ .ndeed" without your controlling influence they will (eco3e a 2ery real threat to your life and sanity ,ou 3ust see to it that each area recei2es proper and e5ual attention &eglect your higher aspiration and you will find that you soon lack the spiritual integrity to co33and the spirits &eglect the spirits and they will sooner or latter surface to de3and your attention Wild (easts can (e do3esticated and trained to ser2e you .f you treat the3 well and allow the3 to share in your continuing good fortune they can reali4e their greater potentiality !owe2er" if you a(use the3 or forget to feed the3 they will ine2ita(ly sei4e the first opportunity to (reak out and de2our you for their needed nourish3ent 0he two pillars of the Enochian syste3" as outlined in Li(er Chanokh are6 0!E ELEME&0AL WA0C!70+WE-S +' 0!E *&.HE-SE A&D 0!E 0ABLE0 +' *&.+& 0!E W+-LD +' 0!E ELEME&0AL BE.&/S $<8

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley 0!E 0!.-0, N0!,-S W!+SE D+M.&.+& EG0E&DE0! .& EHE-W.DE&.&/ C.-CLES W.0!+*0 A&D BE,+&D 0!E WA0C!0+WE-S +' 0!E *&.HE-SE 0!E W+-LD +' 0!E D.H.&E BE.&/S Both these worlds can (e explored sexually and can pro2ide the diligent 3agician with the Ioy and fulfill3ent of his or her Di2ine Belo2ed and the passion and energy of (eing the Di2ine Belo2ed to an Ele3ental lo2er #lease pay special attention to the following E&+C!.A& SEG MA/.CE But to lo2e 3e is (etter than all things Li(er AL" ." 9$ . will now proceed to ignore 3y own ad2ice regarding other 3agicianDs 2isions . hope the reader will recogni4e the 2alue of what follows and will kindly forgi2e 3e .n the series of 2isions of the A< Nthyrs that Crowley chronicled in his re3arka(le work 0he Hision And 0he Hoice" he descri(es his 2ision of the Body of the great /oddess 0he i3agery is so powerful and his narrati2e colored with expressions of such tender awe" that one cannot (ut share" howe2er te3porarily" his o2erwhel3ing desire to unite with !er 0o lose oneself utterly in !er would 3ost certainly result in such intensity of (liss as to 3ake the ecstasy of orgas3 see3 as a candle held up to the sun But that was CrowleyDs 2ision CrowleyDs /reat /oddess 0o dwell on !er when you ha2e your own /reat /oddess ?or /od@ KwaitingK for your de2otion would (e as stupid as refusing a date with the lo2ely girl next door ?who has secretly lo2ed you all her life@ (ecause you ha2e to sit at ho3e alone" and pine o2er a painting of !elen of 0roy $<9

Enochian Sex Magick Do you see where .D3 heading with thisJ By a serious and concerted effort on your part" it is possi(le for you to achie2e the highest le2el of spiritual experience your e2olutionary7initiatory status will per3it" including a relationship with the Di2ine Belo2ed +nce you KknowK !er ?or !i3@ all su(se5uent KearthlyK ecstasies take the for3 of de2otional offerings to the /reat Lo2er who rewards the de2otee with increasingly sweeter e3(races until finally the e3(race is eternal Where do you seek the initial HisionJ .n yourself !ow can you start to look in yourselfJ +ne way is (y syste3atically skrying the A< Nthyrs &or let the fools 3istake lo2eF for there are lo2e and lo2e 0here is the do2e" and there is the serpent Choose ye wellC Li(er AL" $"8> .n 0he Little Mer3aid" !ans Christian Andersen writes of an *ndine who is so ena3ored of a 3ortal 3an that she relin5uishes her status as an i33ortal (eing for the opportunity to lo2e and (e lo2ed (y hi3 0his char3ing tale contains a profound 3agical truth Ele3ental spirits" whose natures are so speciali4ed that they lack the (alance of 5ualities necessary for sentient life" do indeed long for union with Kco3pleteK (eings such as oursel2es Because their natures are uni2ersal they truly are i33ortal and if they should e2er achie2e union with a 3ortal they would actually KdieK to their old" inco3plete existence to (e K(ornK into the life of their (elo2ed 0his is exactly what we do in our relationship with the Di2ine #rincipal 0he spirits of the Ele3ental 0a(lets are particularly suita(le for such operations and all that is re5uired is to call the3 up .t is so si3ple that you 3ay $<>

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley set to work ill7prepared for success A few words of caution 3ight (e in order 0hink (efore you proceed Bust what are you really prepared to handleJ Experience has shown that it is 3ost often wisest to contact a spirit fro3 2ery low in the ele3ental hierarchy for operations such as this Also" as in the e2eryday world" it is unwise to try to Iuggle too 3any of these relationships at the sa3e ti3e .f you think K!ell hath no fury like that of a wo3an scorned"K think again And so3eti3es Iealousy really is a green7eyed 3onster 'inally" and 3ost i3portantly" &e2er confuse your lo2e for the Di2ine with your lo2e for the Ele3ental 0he sexual KroleK the 3agician assu3es when 3aking lo2e to the /oddess ?or /od@ is dia3etrically different than the KroleK he or she plays when 3ating with an ele3ental spirit .n the for3er" the 3agicianDs attitude is that of adoration and awe and release is a gift fro3 a(o2e" the result of ecstatic surrender ?0o assu3e that attitude with an ele3ental lo2er would (e spiritual suicide @ 0he sexual KroleK the 3agician assu3es with the ele3ental is one of lo2ing do3inance 0he Spirit surrenders to you ,ou (estow your ecstasy as a gift and allow your ele3ental partner to share" through you" the Di2ine lo2e Confusing these two Klo2esK is surely the fountainhead of all the ills sexual repression has 2isited upon 3ankind .f it is your Will to (e a sex 3agician" see to it that you use your 3agick to face and con5uer your life" not to hide fro3 it $<:

Chapter Se2en 0echni5ues +f Enochian Sex Magick By Christopher S !yatt" #h D 0here is no e2idence that the co33unicating Angels that deli2ered the Enochian syste3 to Dr Bohn Dee and Edward Eelly e2er instructed the3 concerning sexual applications of the art Biographers will (e 5uick to point out the fa3ous incident of April $8:> when" according to Eelly" the Angel Madi3i suggested to Eelly that he and Dr Dee share their wi2es in co33on ?Dee was a(sent during this co33unication@ Enochian scholars argue that the text of this co33unication contains 3any flaws that do not characteri4e other less personal co33unications and that this 3ay ha2e (een a case of 3agical wishful thinking on EellyDs part &e2ertheless it see3s they did indeed swap wi2es and in spite of o(2ious atte3pts to erase the 3anuscript" the record confir3s this .t see3s the only K3agicalK result of this KoperationK was the (reak up of Dee and Eelly as 3agical partners and the close of one of the 3ost re3arka(le chapters in 3agical history 0o those knowledgea(le in the theory and techni5ues of 0antra" the keys of the Enochian syste3 open a treasure7house of practical applications 0he exercises outlined (elow should (e practiced only after you ha2e a thorough 3astery of the syste3 in all its non7sexual applications Any uncertainties on the part of the 3agician as to what he or she is doing will destroy needed concentration and create a K(reakK which will a(sor( the entire force of the operation ?.n sexual workings that could (e an o2era(undant a3ount $<%

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley of energy particularly if you perfor3 the exercises in 3y 0antra (ook @ EG#L+-A0.+& +' 0!E 0!.-0, N0!,-S As written earlier in the text" the 0hirty Nthyrs are the Khea2ensK or Aires of the syste3 Starting with the A<th Nthyrs and working to the $st" the Magician explores only as far as his or her personal le2el of .nitiation will per3it 0his process is co3para(le to KpathworkingsK of the Qa(alistic syste3 .n Enochian ter3s" the K/reat WorkK of the 3agician is to 3aster all A< Nthyrs ?Starting with A< and ending with $@ Experiences with the A< Nthyrs are highly personal and entirely uni5ue to each 3agician Working with the Nthyrs can (e a lifeti3e endea2or and it is entirely presu3ptuous and inappropriate for another indi2idual to KguideK another in this area 0his personal aspect of the Nthyrs coupled with the si3plicity of its Kone7Call7does7it7allK procedure 3akes it ideal for preli3inary workings 0he great stu3(ling (lock to exploring the Nthyr is the difficulty one encounters in K(reaking throughK to the next Nthyr .n the higher le2els this 3ay (e (ecause the 3agician has reached his or her initiatory li3it But in the lower Nthyrs it is 3ore often the case that the 3agician si3ply canDt Klet goK and refocus his or her attention to the section of the (rain where the 2ision is taking place .n Secrets of Western 0antra . pro2ide an entire array of exercises which will help the Magician Klet go K 0he following exercise is intended exclusi2ely for workings of the 0hirty Nthyrs 0here are two participants who3 we will refer to as the Magician and the Assistant 'or our illustration the 3ale participant is the Magician and will recite the Call and Krecei2eK $$<

Enochian Sex Magick the 2ision" the fe3ale participant is the Assistant and will e2entually record the 2ision 0hese gender roles are for illustration only 0he Magician can Iust as easily (e fe3ale and the Assistant 3ale 0his particular operation is e5ually effecti2e for participants of the sa3e sex and can also (e adapted for solitary workings .t 3akes a(solutely no difference who is Magician and who is Assistant .t is only i3portant that the couple decide (efore the operation co33ences &ote6 0here 3ust (e no a3(iguity a(out the willingness of either participant to take part in an operation of this kind .f one participant has to (e coerced" (egged or tricked into participation the 2ortex of ill7will that will e3anate fro3 the offended party will insure not only the failure of the operation (ut also the destruction of a 3ore precious K3agical assetK" the respect of another hu3an (eing EGAM#LE6 0he Magician wishes to explore the A<th Nthyr" 0EG" and the Assistant has expressed to hi3 that it is her Will to participate in the operation Both participants (athe and dress at first in si3ple" soft" white gar3ents ,ou 3ay light incense" (u3 candles or use lights or soft 3usic to enhance the 3ood S3all a3ounts of alcohol are also useful #repare the roo3 in which you are working with the appropriate sy3(ols for the Nthyr such as the sigils of the /o2ernors or the Ele3ental 0a(let fro3 which they are taken .n the case of 0EG it would (e the Water 0a(let ?+ne couple . know has the Ele3ental 0a(lets and the 0a(let of *nion constructed entirely of wooden pyra3ids which they painstakingly ha2e painted and lettered in Enochian 0hese are placed on the floor" under their (ed" prior to Tthyric or ele3ental workings @ $$$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Begin (y perfor3ing the Lesser Banishing -itual of the #entagra3 in the area in which you will (e working ?0he student is referred to the Appendix section of this (ook for additional instructions @ 0!E LESSE- BA&.S!.&/ -.0*AL +' 0!E #E&0A/-AM 0he Qa(alistic Cross facing east6 0ouch your forehead and say Atoh ?aah toh@ 0ouch your !eart and say Malkuth ?3al kooth@ 0ouch your -ight Shoulder and say He7 /e(urah ?2eh 7 ghee 7 (oo 7 rah@ 0ouch your Left Shoulder and say He7 /edulah ?2eh Y ghee 7 doo 7 lah@ 0ouch your !eart and say Le7+la3 ?lee oh 7 lu3@ #oint the sy3(olic dagger inward and say A3en ?aah 7 3ayn@ Still facing east6 0race the Banishing pentagra3 of Earth and 2i(rate ,!H! ?yoad M hay M 2aah2 M hay@" as you thrust your sy3(olic dagger into the heart of the pentagra3 With your ar3 still extended" turn to the South6 0race the Banishing pentagra3 of Earth and 2i(rate the na3e AD+&A. ?aah M doh M noy@ [-e3e3(er to thrust the sy3(olic dagger as you 2i(rate each /od na3eW With your ar3 still extended" turn to the West6 $$=

Enochian Sex Magick 0race the Banishing pentagra3 of Earth and 2i(rate the na3e E!.E! ?eh M hayh M yay@ With your ar3 still extended" turn to the &orth6 0race the Banishing pentagra3 of Earth and 2i(rate the na3e A/LA ?ah M guh M lah@ With your ar3 still extended return to the East" co3pleting the circle &ow .3agine yourself surrounded in a 'la3ing Circle of four #entagra3s Stand straight with your ar3s out for3ing the shape of a Cross6 Say6 Before 3e -aphael ?rah 7 fay 7 ale@ Behind 3e /a(riel ?gah 7 (ree 7 ale@ At 3y right shoulder" Michael ?3eekhigh 7ale@ At 3y left shoulder" Auriel ?oh 7ree ale@ 0hen Say6 Before 3e fla3es the #entagra3 Behind 3e shines the six7rayed Star 'inish (y repeating the Qa(alistic Cross6 0ouch your forehead and say Atoh 0ouch your !eart and say Malkuth 0ouch your -ight Shoulder and say He7 /e(urah 0ouch your Left Shoulder and say He7 /edulah 0ouch your !eart and say Le7+la3 #oint the sy3(olic dagger inward and say A3en ?See the Appendix for exa3ples of the in2oking and (anishing #entagra3s of all the Ele3ents which $$A

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley are used in Ele3ental 0e3ple openings and in2ocations@ 0he Magician then recites the Call of the A<th Nthyr" 0EG" ?Madariat4a das perifa 0EG etc @ while the Assistant si3ply relaxes and 3editates upon the sounds of the Enochian Call When the Call is co3pleted let the Magician slowly 2i(rate the na3es of the /o2ernors ?.n the case of 0EG there are four /o2ernors All other Nthyrs ha2e three @ 0hen" ?(elie2e it or not@" forget a(out the operation -elax" take your ti3e and enIoy each otherDs co3pany Build slowly and naturally to greater le2els of arousal Continue to do e2erything you can to sustain your lo2e 3aking ?At least =8 3inutes" (ut for /odDs sake donDt keep looking at your watchC@ 0he idea is to (eco3e Ioyfully and totally exhausted 0hen at the 3o3ent of orgas3 ?and not a split second (efore@ let the Magician re3e3(er the purpose of the operation ?the Skrying of the Nthyr@ and repeat the first line of the CallF Madariat4a das perifa 0EG cahisa 3icaola4oda saanire caosago od fifsa (al4odi4odarasa laida 0his 3ay (e done 2er(ally or 3entally (ut it 3ust (e well 3e3ori4ed so that it can co3e forth effortlessly ?&ote6 A tape recorder can (e used for (oth repeating Calls and taking notes So3eti3es two recorders are 2ery handy" one for taking notes and the other for playing Calls@ 0he Magician then falls exhausted and allows the flood of i3ages to wash through his (rain 0he te3ptation to fall asleep will (e al3ost irresisti(le and that is where the skill of the Assistant is 3ost 2ital After a few 5uiet 3o3ents if the Magician is not relating his 2ision to the Assistant she 3ust take it upon herself to 5uestion hi3 0his re5uires a high $$;

Enochian Sex Magick degree of tact and su(tlety for she does not want to distur( the 2ision and yet she cannot allow hi3 to fall into a deeper state of unconsciousness 0his takes practice She should ha2e a pad of paper and a pencil handy and should write down e2erything that the Magician says She should (e especially careful to correctly spell any unknown words or phrases and she should not hesitate to ask the Magician ?or the entity speaking through the Magician@ the correct spelling of Angelic words .f the 2ision stalls and reaches a point where nothing further is happening the Assistant can so3eti3es gi2e it a push EGAM#LE Magician6 All . see is a (unch of trees &othing is happening Assistant6 0ry turning around Do you see anything nowJ Magician6 Bust 3ore trees (ut there is a s3all pond in the 3iddle Assistant6 DWalk o2er to the pond Look in the pond and tell 3e what you see Magician6 At first . see only 3y own reflection (ut as . keep looking . see that the pond is actually a (owl supported (y the wings of four Angels" etc .f angels or other (eings appear in the 2ision they 3ust (e tested (y repeating the na3es of the /o2ernors one at a ti3e .f the entity shows disco3fort at the na3e of any of the /o2ernors dis3iss it (y continuing to repeat the /o2ernorDs na3e until it disappears and a (eing appears that is strengthened (y hearing the na3es Do not (e afraid of anything you KseeK or KhearK Maintain an attitude of good natured tolerance e2en if hideous sights or terrifying (eings or creatures appear $$8

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Act like a dispassionate explorer 'ear is failure and the forerunner of failure When it is clear that the 2ision is finished" or when it is o(2ious that the Magician is now fatigued or ready to fall asleep it is ti3e to end the operation .t is of the ut3ost i3portance that the Magician now Ksnap out of itK for it is he who 3ust (anish and close the 0e3ple .f the Magician is reluctant to Kwake upK and perfor3 his duties it is the AssistantDs responsi(ility to see that he does &o effort should (e spared to K(reak the spellK and return the Magician to the o(Iecti2e world 0urn on the lights" talk loudly" get a drink" or splash so3e water on your face 'inally" he perfor3s the Lesser Banishing -itual of the #entagra3 and the Magician and the Assistant re2iew the notes and transfer the3 to the MagicianDs diary 0he co33ents of the Assistant are often extre3ely i3portant and should not (e o3itted in the record +ften the couple will wish to change roles and explore the sa3e Nthyr on a su(se5uent occasion Allow at least one day (etween operations ELEME&0AL +#E-A0.+&S A&D C-EA0.+& +' 0!E MA/.CEAL C!.LD Dr .srael -egardie (elie2ed that certain sex 3agick techni5ues could (e used (y ad2anced students to incarnate KspiritualK energies on the physical plane" as well as 3aking i3portant shifts in the orientation of the #syche and the *ni2erse .n other words" if these 3ethods were used properly" couples could (ring into the world Kdi2ineK forces in the children they generated" who could influence the future of the race .n addition to creating Kreal childrenK these 3ethods could (e used to create K(io7psycho7spiritual 2esselsK" which would shift the focus of the 3ind as well as de2elop new powers and a(ilities $$9

Enochian Sex Magick 0he creation of the 3agickal child (y rituali4ed sexual practices is sy3(olic in one sense of the whirling forces of nature" 3ixing and separating in their chaotic dance of creation 0his 3ixing and separating process is 2i2idly displayed in the Ele3ental 0a(lets and the 0a(let of *nion of the Enochian syste3 Working with these (asic forces of nature allows conscious co7operation and co7creating with the cos3os" and the 3agician (eco3es a 3iniature for3 of the cos3ic process following its root law By willful and conscious co7operation the 3agician increases and refines his energies" sacrificing hi3self or herself willingly to &ature instead of (eing a passi2e food source in the spiritual food chain 0he reali4ation that 3anDs e3otional" physical and sexual energies are food for the KgodsK can create great personal tur3oil at first" howe2er when one (egins to Ioyously participate in the spiritual feeding fren4y" one is Kele2ated perpendicularly to infinity K SELEC0.&/ 0!E MA/.CEAL C!.LD 0!E E&+C!.A& ME0!+D 0he selection process is the 3ost difficult and" in truth" the 3ost 3agickal" aspect of the operation 0he Ksoul searchingK necessary for such an i3portant act is aweso3e and should not (e e3(arked upon with a fri2olous attitude 0he Enochian adept ?and no other should e3(ark upon such proIect@ is inti3ately fa3iliar with e2ery area of the Ele3ental en2iron3ent and with his or her current initiatory position relati2e to the 0hirty Nthyrs By re2iewing his or her personal diaries of perhaps hundreds of non sexual Enochian workings" the Magician can deter3ine the areas of the syste3 that 3anifest the 5ualities which are desira(le in the 3agickal child $$>

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley 'or the purpose of our illustration we will say that we wish create a 3agickal child of purity and (eauty A child capa(le of reflecting and trans3itting energy and i3pressions without (eing affected A child such as this 3ight (e a great actor or politician (ecause in this child others see the3sel2es reflected 0his is char3ing and disar3ing to others (ecause when they look at the child they will see only what they want to see By checking the records of our pre2ious e2ocations we see that 0D.M" the Eeru( ruling the Water Su(angle of Water is the perfect Spirit to 3anifest in such a child 0he techni5ue as outlined (elow has (een adapted fro3 the exercise 0he +rgastic Circulation of Light and is an excellent exa3ple of 0antric Enochian e2ocation .n Dr -egardieDs copy of Wilhel3Ds Secret +f 0he /olden 'lower" Ard i3pression" $%A8" there are a nu3(er of passages underlined Dr -egardie was not a ha(itual underliner" thus we 3ay assu3e that when he did underline it was for a 2ery good reason +ne of the passages which he underlined 3ore than once contained references to the circulation of light .n the next 3ethod" the proper circulation of light is essential for true 3agickal effects to occur and has (een 3odified for use in creating the 3agickal child .t is urged that the partners should practice the ritual 3any ti3es prior to including the sexual aspects As a rule it is wise to practice this together holding hands or touching in so3e fashion At the ti3e deter3ined 3ost auspicious for the conception of the 3agickal child the 0e3ple is 3ade ready Banished" Cleansed and Consecrated 0he 0e3ple is then opened in the /rade of AX S :X as outlined in Chanokh and the two participants recite a $$:

Enochian Sex Magick (rief +ath declaring their intention to perfor3 this creati2e act #A-0 . 0!E /-EA0 W!.-L.&/S 0he 3ale should (e on his (ack and the fe3ale should sit on top of hi3 Mo2e only when instructed" unless the penis (egins to lose its stiffness Begin (y i3agining a scintillating white light a(out the si4e of a s3all (asket(all for3ing a(o2e the head and piercing the top of the skull 0his is called the Eether point &ow 2i(rate the 0hree !oly &a3es of /od ?fro3 the Water 0a(let@ M#! A-SL /A.+L as the sphere of Light grows (righter and 3ore energetic Do this for fi2e 3inutes +n the last six 2i(rations of M#! A-SL /A.+L the fe3ale should 3o2e on each sound of the &a3es As the force of this whirling (all of power (eco3es exceedingly real for you and your partner" allow the energy to descend slowly through the head Allow it to rest in the throat or DaDath point !ere i3agine a la2ender color Hi(rate the &a3e of the /reat Ele3ental Eing of Water" -AA/.+SL until the energy (eco3es exceedingly real for you and your partner Again on the last six 2i(rations of -AA/.+SL the fe3ale should 3o2e six ti3es Bring the energy down through the chest until it rests at the !eart or 0iphareth Hi(rate the &a3es of the six Seniors of the Water 0a(let" SA..&+H" S+A.)&0" LA+A)-#" L./D.SA" SL/A.+L" LS-A!#M 0he color of light should (e golden yellow growing (righter and clearer as you 2i(rate each &a3e $$%

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley +n the six last 2i(rations of the na3es of the Seniors the fe3ale should 3o2e six ti3es Mo2e the power through the diaphrag3 and a(do3inal region to the pel2is ?,esod@" and 2i(rate the Di2ine &a3es of the Cal2ary Cross" Water of Water" &ELA#-" +MEBB 2isuali4ing a sphere of deep purple !ere on the last ten 2i(rations of &ELA#- and +MEBB the 3ale should 3o2e ten ti3es 2ery slowly 'inally" allow the energy to descend through the legs until it for3ulates at Malkuth" the feet Both participants 2i(rate the na3e of the Eeru(" the &a3e of their 3agickal child 0D.M 2isuali4ing a (lack sphere 0he 3ale should again 3o2e ten ti3es 5uickly on the final 2i(rations of the ChildDs na3e &ow" draw the energy up fro3 the Black light of Malkuth changing colors as descri(ed a(o2e as it ascends to Eether When the light reaches Eether concentrate on the White (rilliance of this region When the light is at Eether and your 3o2e3ents are co3plete" 3editate silently for a few 3o3ents and then (egin the circulation of white light &ote6 At ti3es Dr -egardie ignored the different colors of the Spheres and si3ply used the white scintillating light of Eether for each of the points !owe2er" he and . agreed that the colored syste3 is (etter suited for the practice of Sex Magick #A-0 .. 0!E +-/AS0.C C.-C*LA0.+& +' L./!0 Circulate the energy of the the White Light as follows6 $=<

Enochian Sex Magick Allow it to descend downward and outward 2ia the left side of the (ody during e2ery exhalation When it reaches the left foot" transfer the energy o2er to the right foot and allow it to ascend the right side of the (ody on the inhalation 0his should (e done at least $< ti3es 0he partners should 3o2e slowly in unison $< ti3es 0he second circulation of energy (egins in Eether and tra2els down the front of the (ody on the exhalation and then up the (ack of the (ody on the inhalation 0his should (e done at least ten ti3es as well 0he partners should 3o2e slowly in unison ten ti3es 0he third circulation" (eginning with Eether follows down through the (ody on the exhalation until it reaches Malkuth 0he energy is drawn up through the (ody to Eether on the inhalation When it reaches the Crown" i3agine it to discharge like water fro3 a fountain" at the end of each inhalation 0he fire and sparks of this scintillating fountaining go up and out through the Crown and then descend down and enco3passes the (ody on the exhalation After the final circulation has (een co3pleted and the fountaining 3aintained for a few 3o2e3ents" the couple should (egin 3o2ing and (reathing hea2ily as they surround the3sel2es with sparkling light 0he 3o2e3ents should then (eco3e spontaneous and at the 3o3ent of orgas3 the light should (e gathered and thrust (eyond Sahasrara" toward the Chakra with &o &a3e #A-0 ... 0!E C-,S0ALL.)A0.+& +' 0!E L./!0 0he orgastic Light of the Chakra of &o &a3e 3ay (e likened to the #hilosopherDs Stone" 0he /olden 'lower" or the Lotus .t is a (ody of light created (y the process of trans3utation of spiritual7sexual energy $=$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley and is the wo3( of the 3agickal child 0his is an experiential reali4ation" thus" the proof of the pudding is in the Doing and Creating 0he process of trans3utation re5uires the proper (alance and 3ixing of heat and cold" passi2e and acti2e" and white and (lack .n a (roader sense we are using tre3endous acti2e forces to create a non7acti2e force 0he nurturing we pro2ide the wo3(7child through our practices creates a worthy resting place of deep silence for the aspirants in2ol2ed in the creation process 0he circulating of orgastic light is no dou(t one of the 3ost (eautiful secrets of the /reat Work As the light circulates again and again and your practices (eco3e 3ore powerful and refined" a crystalli4ation occurs and you (egin to for3 the 3agickal child Whether you choose it to (e physical or spiritual or (oth" the creation of this spirit (ody allows you to ha2e contact with the forces of the higher Spiritual Body ,ou ha2e not only opened the doors of perception" (ut can now (egin the process of real action in a way unknown to those who lack this initiation $==

Chapter &ine 0he Lesser -itual of the !exagra3 0his ritual operates upon the Macrocos3 in the sa3e 3anner that the #entagra3 ritual operates upon the Microcos3 .t is to (e perfor3ed after the KLesser -itual of the #entagra3K and is 3ost appropriate for in2ocations of the Enochian Seniors $ Stand upright" feet together" left ar3 at side" right ar3 across (ody" holding the wand or other weapon upright in the 3edian line 0hen face East" and say6 = K. & - . ,od &un -esh ,od Hirgo" .sis" Mighty Mother Scorpio" Apophis" Destroyer Sol" +siris" Slain and -isen .sis" Apophis" +siris" .A+ K A Extend the ar3s in the for3 of a cross" and say6 K0he sign of +siris Slain K ?See illustration @ ; -aise the right ar3 to point upwards" keeping the el(ow s5uare" and lower the left ar3 to point downwards" keeping the el(ow s5uare" while turning the head o2er the left shoulder looking down so that the eyes follow the left forear3" and say6 K0he sign of the Mourning of .sisK ?See illustration @ 8 -aise the ar3s at an angle of sixty degrees to each other a(o2e the head" which is thrown (ack" and say6 $;$

Enochian World of Aleister Crowley K0he sign of Apophis and 0yphon K ?See illustration @ 9 Cross the ar3s on the (reast" and (ow the head" and say6 0he sign of +siris -isen K ?See illustration @ > Extend the ar3s again as in ?A@ and cross the3 again as in ?9@" saying6 KL H G Lux" the Light of the Cross K : With the 3agical weapon trace the !exagra3 of 'ire in the East" saying6 KA-A-.0A K ?0his is a word created (y the initials of a !e(rew sentence which 3eans K+ne is !is Beginning6 +ne is !is .ndi2iduality6 !is #er3utation is +ne K@ 0his hexagra3 consists of two e5uilateral triangles" (oth apices pointing upwards Begin at the top of the upper triangle and trace it in a clockwise direction 0he top of the lower triangle should coincide with the central point of the upper triangle % 0urn to the South 0race the !exagra3 of Earth saying6 KA-A-.0A K 0his !exagra3 has the apex of the lower triangle pointing downwards" and it should (e capa(le of inscription in a circle $< 0urn to the West 0race the !exagra3 of Air saying6 KA-A-.0A K 0his hexagra3 is like that of Earth6 (ut the (ases of the triangles coincide" for3ing a dia3ond $;=

Enochian Sex Magick $$ 0urn to the &orth 0race the !exagra3 of Water saying6 KA-A-.0A K 0his hexagra3 has the lower triangle placed a(o2e the upper" so that their apices coincide $= -eturn to the East and repeat steps ?$7>@ 0he Banishing -itual is identical" sa2e that the direction of the !exagra3s 3ust (e re2ersed 0o in2oke or (anish #lanets or )odiacal signs" the !exagra3 of Earth alone is used Draw the hexagra3" (eginning fro3 the point which is attri(uted to the planet you are dealing with $;A