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1We expect all members of our community to C.A.R.E.

Oregon Panthers Library Computer Lab Restroom Arrival & Departure Office
Follow adult directions Keep gum out of labs Flush Stand by your bus stop Use polite language
1st time given area
C Clean area after yourself
Enter and exit the labs quietly
when indicated by teacher
Wash hands
Observe the rights of
Line-up single file
Keep hands and feet to
before getting on the bus
Replace materials & Put unnecessary items under others in the restroom Speak in quiet tone
Citizenship books carefully & chair or table Be safe
Throw your trash away Ask permission first
Students put pass to lab basket if Give others their space
Maintain personal space Use the phone
Care for and return assigned a project in labs
Keep the bus clean respectfully
equipment Avoid loitering
Remain quite through class
Thank the bus driver
Push in your chair after unless discussion is required
use Show consideration for
Raise hands for question
neighbors' property
Use hallways to avoid
Chairs flat on floor and push in
cutting through library Dispose of trash property
when leaving labs
Keep furniture where it is Be a good role model
Leave settings and equipment in
better shape than you find it.
Keep hands to self.

Use appropriate language Use appropriate language Use appropriate Use appropriate Use appropriate
A Follow adult & Follow Adult Directions
language language language
leadership students Observe the bells and Follow adult directions Follow adult directions
Be courteous to others
Attitude directions the first time passing time the first time first time given
given Be respectful of equipment and
Be courteous Be courteous Be courteous
Use indoor voices
Be courteous
Come prepared with all Keep area clean and put away Ask permission before Be in line when the bus Be on time
materials any trash and recycling in lab leaving class arrives
Have paperwork ready
R Have planner signed
Come with a pass and
Stay seated until dismissal to
keep doorway clear for others to
Have a pass
Go directly to
Be at your bus on time
Have special bus passes
when arriving
Make appointments for
enter or exit
sign in on binder destination signed by administration seeing administration
Responsibility Have all necessary items to work before riding bus
Return books to re- Be direct in getting back Check in office when
in labs
shelving carts to class All walkers need to leave arriving late
Keep work focused on course campus after school
Use restroom during
curriculum work
breaks and passing time Carry bikes, rollerblades,
Leave equipment in better shape skateboards, etc. while
than you find it on school grounds
Use sidewalks for safety

Work with a Positive Attitude Use good Have a great Use good
E purpose
Be helpful to others when
manners attitude manners; with
please and thank
Use you have ability Help others in
Excellence internet/computer need
for educational
Use good
& Effort use only
Use good manners

We expect all members of our community to C.A.R.E.
Oregon Panthers Classroom Hallway and Stairs Gym Outside Cafeteria

Follow adult and Walk Show good sportsmanship Care for and return Eat your own food
classroom expectations equipment
Keep hands and feet to Keep hands and feet to Wait your turn in line,
first time
self yourself Use polite language be patient
Citizenship Take care of your
Follow adult direction Invite others to join your Keep hands and feet to self Clean up after
1st time given activity yourself, help others if
Use good sportsmanship
Push in your chair needed
Go with flow of traffic Share equipment
Take care of your
Be prepared to learn new and stay to the right Raise hand for
things each day dismissal
Go directly to
Show considerations for
destination Keep hands and feet to
neighbors property
Give your name when
asked Keep food in cafeteria
Take care of your Include others
Stay seated
Use conversational
Make appropriate Use appropriate Use appropriate
A contributions to class language language
Be courteous & patient Follow adult direction Follow adult
Attitude Follow adult expectations
first time directions first time
first time Be courteous Use appropriate language Use appropriate language
Stay at table until
Have a positive attitude Follow adult directions the Follow adult directions the dismissed
Be helpful and kind to first time first time
others Stop activity immediately Stop activity immediately
when directed when directed
Have a positive attitude Be courteous

R Arrive on time
Come prepared with all
When bell rings move
to next destination
Respect space and
Prepare for weather
Use sidewalks and
Bring your ID and
know your student
materials Have hallway pass crosswalks for safety
Responsibility during non-passing Stay in line
Ask permission before Return all equipment
leaving before re-entering the Deposit lunch money
Be on time to class building before school
Respect classmates
Bring a pass if leaving
Make arrangements to
meet with your teachers
Come to school everyday
Walk safely to next Stay on campus during Leave area cleaner that
E Set high goals for self
Work at a high level to
destination school hours you found it
Maintain continuous Help others in need
achieve your goals
Excellence movement
Use good manners;
100% effort, 100% of time
with please and thank
Effort Try, try, try; then ask for you