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Abhinav kumar Mob: 07838092378, 09911925665

Email: SENIOR SPECIALIST-SDM (Service Design Manager)

Obtain a responsible & challenging position in a progressive organization where my knowledge would have a valuable contribution.

Acting as solution designer for DB-Arc ro!ect responsible for producing "uality# secure and resilient designs for new or improved services. $his includes producing and maintaining all design documentation. %ood working knowledge of &ommissioning# 'ntegration# ()pansion & *pgradation of +O,'A -.& /D0 122i3#-%4/' A 15223 latform.

Datacenter .ervices6 .kill Area-*ni). .kill-7inu) 8unctional ()pectation-7inu) Admin .ubcomponents9 roduct9:ersion9 rovider +ame-;<(7=# +%+. .$+ 6 .kill Area- .$+. .kill-$elecom .witching# $elecom Deployment 8unctional ()pectation-%.-# .$+ $elecom :A. roducts .ubcomponents9 roduct9:ersion9 rovider +ame-+.+ -.. & -%4s# A7* 4&. & -%4# --.&# .A9A&(# -plus. $echnical .kills 6 .kill Area-(; .A '.. .kill-$elecom 8unctional ()pectation- rogramming9customization9-aintenance. Domain ()pertise 67inu)# .$+

roduct $raining on A&'.'O+ --.&#%B%#A&(9 .A. Database# .>7 with 'nformi) session# 7inu)# Apache. +etworks & $elecom training. < :-.. %($ 7inu) Academy rogram

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&urrently working as .D- on DB-Arc .teady .tate process for <&7 $ech-'O-& from August#12?1. 4orked as a .pecialist for <&7 $ech-'O-& on A&'.'O+ pro!ect from Dec#12?2. 4orked as an (ngineer /.witch3 on +okia .iemens +etworks & Alcatel-7ucent &ore ("uipments such as -..# -%4s# ng<7;# .%.+.%%.+ through an end vendor named +; .4'$&< & ;AD'O .(;:'&(. from October#122@. $rained in &ore $elecom roducts & %.- /B$. -4 'nstallation & &ommissioning3 by $elegent $eletraining vt 7td/$raining partner of +; .4'$&< & ;AD'O .(;:'&(.3 from August#122@ for 1 months.


'mplementation of ;el-A networks in $$.7 /$A$A3 and A';&(7 ro!ect in * (ast & <aryana# ,olkata/$ata36$he configuration of network to act as B% network & allow different calls to routed according to the same configuration through the network. 'mplementation of software upgradation in core elements. &ommissioning & 'ntegration of +.+ -%4 for $ata Docomo at :aransi & Aircel at Ambala followed by A$. $rouble shooting & fault management during commissioning & integration process. Operation & -aintenance of .witch for Alarms# faults9abnormal conditions of -.&. Alcatel-7ucent .witch in rovisioning# Operation & maintenance of &ore e"uipments such as 4&.# -%4#<7;#.%.+9%%.+. <ealth management of +odes /A-7u 4&. & -%43 at une /Bhawanipeth site#B.+73. Operation & maintenance of +odes /A-7u -%43 at .olapur /B.+7 site3. 4orked for Alcatel 7ucent#%urgaon as an +.. engineer in +%+ & '+ 4&. servers & was a member of central monitoring team C4A; ;OO-/>A&&3D which used to take care of the entire network & provide technical support to the field engineer. 4orked for <&7 $ech-'O-& as a . (&'A7'.$ & responsible for deployment of various :A. products of A&'.'O+ such -essage lus#%B%#A8%# .A9A&( etc. ;esposible for the creation of -O & implementing it on various sites. $ake handover of .erver hardware /usually &E222 enclosure F B75G2c F (va AA223 from < technician# perform multiple reboot on system to ensure health of hardware and check through OA9'nsight display any signs of warning 9 error. $ag all power source D*s and *sing ' plan and capture files of .witch / 71 9 7B 3 understand the logical connections and thereby access all nodes to ensure all nodes have valid ' s and 7ogin credentials.

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&onnect to *plink port# 7ogin to the server and verify the server can access all nodes / .witch and (:A 3 make sure (:A has all partitions supporting the Architecture of :A. nodes and data is secured if multiple roducts are hosted on enclosure /.-.& F %B% F %B.3 . (nable all the 7icense as per agreement between the Operator and Acision. 'nstalled %eneric Billing %ateway & integrated it with .-.& for &laro# Brazil & 4ind#'taly. 'nstalled -essage lus for $$.7#%urgaon & performed A$. Applied @th Digit ;ule for .ao aulo &+H?? where operator was &laro#Brazil. -anaging ;8. through B - $ool /(1( rovisioning ortal3 for the client. *nderstanding client re"uirement and prepare .olution Design ack for the ;8. as per DB standards . Attending ;eview call. 8ollow A&( ()ception approval process as and when re"uired. 4orking on rovisioning activities like Add backup#Add +etwork connection#Add storage#&ustom Decomission#<ardware *+'094indows .ervice#+ew dedicated <osting#+ew .<.9A<.9:<. services etc.


B.(. in (lectornics & $elecommunication from rof. ;am -eghe 'nstitute of $echnology & ;esearch#Amravati under Amravati *niversity/122=-122@3 with aggregate of 62%. assed ?1th from D.A.:.,apildev ublic .chool#;anchi/C.B.S. .3 with 72%. assed ?2th from Bishop 4estcott BoyIs .chool#;anchi/!.C.S. .3 with 8".5%.


DOB +A$'O+A7'$J .(0 -A;'$A7 .$A$*. 7A+%*A%(. (;-A+(+$ ADD;(.. A.. O;$ +o A+ +o $%& #

# Brd of -AJ#?@5E. # '+D'A+ # -A7( # -A;;'(D # (+%7'.< #<'+D' #BA+%7A 6 &9O .A,($ $<A,*;#
A2?-*;-'7A A A;$-(+$#+.O. .# DO;A+DA#;A+&<'-5BA221#K<A;,<A+D. 6 <=B?E5A? 6 B,+ ,E2@1>

%B'!(%) *+,%-

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