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Biodecoding Total Biology

In order to heal any illness, it's necessary and enough to eliminate the origin of the conflict in itself. Claude Sabbah

What is
Total Biology is the science of purpose and meaning of health, disease, detrimental patterns and wellbeing. We all know what happens to us has an effect on our body, through our emotions. But being aware of precisely how the mind, the emotions and the body are interplaying through the brain is the basis to understanding the purpose of events and forces which govern our life. In life, everything is programmed in terms of survival, therefore even a disease is a survival program. Total Biology demonstrates that diseases and detrimental life patterns are the transposition in the mind or the body of a specific stress or conflict of individual, familial or ancestral origin! which intensity has overcome the threshold of manageability of the individual. In these conditions, the automatic brain, which is programmed to keep the individual alive instant after instant, sends the specific program in the body which is the perfect solution to the unresolved stress or conflict. This specific program which is the perfect solution to the unresolved stress or conflict is what everyone calls disease. The disease program is going to keep running until the person becomes aware of its origin and resolves the stress or conflict which generated this specific response. Therefore, once the purpose of an event or a disease is understood, it gives us the opportunity to change the program which controls it.

Total Biology , and its practical and therapeutic applications Biodecoding and Bioreprogramming, is a new science born from the genius, talent, and "# years of incessant research and e$perience of %r &laude Sabbah, M% from 'rance. Through a very rich, deep and precise comprehension of the biological mechanisms and archetypes governing life, %r Sabbah has been able to understand the source of diseases and life patterns. %r &laude Sabbah has integrated in Total Biology the work and knowledge of many different doctors, scientists and researchers like %r (yke ). *amer with his )erman +ew Medicine, %r Marc 'rechet and his discovery of the

,ro-ect.,urpose program and the &ellular Biomemori/ed &ycles, %r 0nne 0ncelin1Schut/enberger and her ,sychogenealogy and 'amily &onstellations discoveries and many others. The basic principle is that despite appearances, nothing happens at random in the universe and that every living being is programmed for life and survival. This means that diseases are not the results of a malfunctioning or degeneration of our bodies, but are part of this super program of survival and only constitute super1physiologic programs. The key to each of our diseases is to understand what purpose they serve, as they are solutions of the automatic unconscious! brain to resolve a specific stress.conflict which we live and for which we cannot find a solution with our conscious mind. 2nce you understand what specific stress or conflict triggered this disease in your life, you bring what was unconscious and was causing the disease up to consciousness and have the opportunity to work on it and release the stress associated. Total Biology has developed very specific tools and techni3ues, which practical use is called Biodecoding and Bioreprogramming to help everyone do this self1healing work.

Disease can be compared to a biological emergency measure, which increases or decreases the function of an organ in correspondence to an unresolved emotional crisis. Then again, not every individual may have the chance to fully resolve their distress, since it is not always easy to surpass an emotional conflict and life will not necessarily provide an ideal change of circumstances. However, for numerous individuals, a resolution can be achieved, whether it is through personal transformation or an environmental change. Although a solution based on a shift in the environment is momentarily strong, it may be based on circumstantial changes where ones problem is transferred to others. Recovery cannot be dependent upon modifications other individuals make. n other words, one person cannot be made responsible for the health of another. !ince it is our belief system and not our genes that control our health, how could biological healing manifest when we keep the same

limiting beliefs and perceptions about our issues or traumas" f someone cannot digest a situation, what perception has made them feel they cannot digest it, and how much of that perception is a distortion on their part" How do they filter the world and what are the subconscious imprints that predisposed them to such beliefs and perceptions" Aside from any personal impacts, how many are imprints from childhood and how many others are directly related to their parents stresses during gestation, or even belong to their ancestors" How can someone free themselves from those hidden stresses if the environment is perceived as responsible for their misfortune" f a woman heals breast cancer based on her reconciliation with her partner after he left her for another woman, what is going to happen if one day down the road he has another affair" n order to liberate herself from emotional stress, it is apparent that the woman will need resources which are stronger than #ust the information about her conflict and its e$pression in the body. f she continues to perceive her husband and his affair in the same way as before, it simply means she did not surpass the problem. However, if she learns how to detach, take responsibility, and manifest emotional independence, she could resolve her struggle for good. n other words the e$ternal problem still e$ists but it does not affect her emotionally anymore. t is not due to the discovery of the law of gravity that ob#ects will stop falling if we let them fall. n other words, it is not #ust what we know about our biological conflict that will create a shift in our biology and permit healing, but rather what we do about it. True healing comes from a change within oneself and a shift in awareness ted in %ioreprogramming & 'o (omments )

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The Bio-Memorized Cellular Cycles

During his research, the 0rench clinical psychologist 1arc 0rechet, uncovered the e$istence of %io21emori3ed (ellular (ycles and empirically demonstrated that events have a tendency to reappear in our lives in accordance with emotional impacts, which are memori3ed in the holographic system of our brain. The duration of a cycle is determined according to the age an individual becomes autonomous and capable of providing for oneself. This specific moment of independence is considered to be a recurrence of 4birth5 by the brain. *hen we are born, we move away from the security of the womb. !imilarly, when we become autonomous, we move away from the security of home and metaphorically 4go out in the world.5 0or e$ample, a young woman who starts her first #ob at the age of /years and 6 months, rents her own apartment, and is in all respects completely independent from her parents, will repeat from that time on, cycles of /- years and 6 months. Her subconscious mind might attract circumstances to replay significant events from the 4recorded tape5 7events imprinted by the brain during the first cycle, from the time of birth until the age of /- years and 6 months8. 0or e$ample, if she had surgery at /. years old, she might have another surgery at ,years and 6 months old 7/- years old and 6 months 9/. years8. f at /, years old she received an award as the best student in her class, she might re2live a similar e$perience at 6/ years and 6 months old 7/years old and 6 months 9/, years8 when given an award for best sales person of the year by her company. This ama3ing discovery of cyclical recurrence of life events, which has been verified by hundreds of therapists and their clients, permits us to understand that such repetitions in our lives are not due to ha3ard but rather a 4co2incidence5 of events related to certain dates and our cellular memory. :nce we become aware of such cycles, it is possible to free ourselves from certain repetitions of unwanted events. *hat is

unlocked from the depth of our subconscious mind wont then materiali3e as fate; For more information contact us : info@bioreprogramming net

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!aturday, 1ay /?th, ,.// How much free will do we have and how much of the scenario of our lives is our own?

Did you know you could entirely modify your life patterns and achieve emotional healing by uncovering the stresses and programs passed on to you by previous generations" Anne Ancelin !chut3enberger, psychologist, teacher and researcher at the university of 'ice 70rance8 is a specialist in Transgenerational therapy. !he e$plains how programs can be passed on from one generation to the ne$t and how our life is often reflecting circumstances, traumas and dates of events belonging to antecedent members of our clan. t appears we are not as free as we might think and we often e$press an invisible loyalty to our ancestors. *hat we call coincidences, such as the repetition of deaths at a certain age, separations, divorces, births, illnesses, and professional failures, are often related to unresolved stresses which reappear in our lives and will reappear in the lives of subse@uent generations in order to be addressed and

liberated. 0reud described a similar phenomenon as 4the return of elements that should have been surmounted a long time ago by our ancestors5 7Das Anheimlich, /-/-8, when he interpreted the repetitive nightmares of descendants of war survivors and the horrors they endured. %iogenealogy permits to identify the transmission of programs which may lead to health disorders. llness is sometimes the result of a biological e$pression related to the emotional distress belonging to a member of the clan, such as a parent, grand parent, great grand parent, uncle or aunt 7great uncle or great aunt8; f an ancestor could not find a satisfying solution to an emotional conflict during hisBher lifetime, the stress created by that specific conflict can circulate from one generation to the ne$t and e$press itself through the offspring, by way of a health disorder, a behavior, or an event. llness is often rooted to a conflict that has not been resolved for an ancestor. 0ortunately, healing is often possible through the awareness of such unresolved emotional Cancient stressC. %iogenealogy throws a new light on the astonishing coincidences within generations of families, their stories and recurrence of similar events. Through %iogenealogy we can understand that none of our circumstances happen by accident nor luck, but in fact are well programmed by our subconscious brain and the archives it contains. *hen an old conflict has been passed down to a clan member, healing is often possible through the awareness of such unresolved emotional stress. *e can now understand how illness is often rooted at a more innate level than the personal circumstances of an individual during his or her lifetime. %iogenealogy allows us to see under a different light the predisposition we may have to certain health disorders, and to address them by understanding ancestral stories and the emotional imprints they have created.

t is possible to ac@uire more freedom in our lives by understanding the root of our limiting subconscious programs and utili3ing proper tools to eliminate them. Reveals the psychic causes of illness and how to decode and resolve them2 D$plains how we inherit illness from our ancestors via cellular memory and provides protocols for diagnosis and treatment2 Demonstrates how illness is an ally that enables individuals to restore balance to both their life and that of their family tree%iogenealogy< Decoding the >sychic Roots of llness offers protocols for diagnosis and treatment for conflicts that can span generations. *hile the idea that emotional stress lies at the origin of every illness is becoming more readily acceptable today, it also is possible to trace the root cause of an illness to our ancestors22their unresolved psychic distress can become part of the cellular memory inherited by their descendants. Antil the issue has been settled successfully, it will continue to trigger illnesses in the generations that follow to offset the mindEs inability to resolve the problem. llness is the bodyEs way of protecting those who e$perience severe emotional shock or e$cessive amounts of stress. llness is therefore an ally, rather than the adversary conventional medicine purports it to be. Anderstanding illness in this way directs us to look for the psychic conflict that underlies it in order to eliminate the disease, rather than merely dealing with its overt physical symptoms. 0or e$ample, diabetes, which creates e$cess sugar in the bloodstream, can be triggered by the stress caused by feelings of powerlessness< To compensate for the sense of powerlessness, the body manufactures more sugar to fuel the muscles. To stop this e$cess sugar production, the psychic distress beneath it must be resolved or it will be passed on to the ne$t generation. *hen we discover the solutions that create harmony in the body and in our life, the body will no longer have to manufacture illness to restore a sense of balance, and illness will no longer be part of the be@uest we leave our descendants.