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NOTION Music announcements.

NOTION Music is growing! - We have now released three iPad apps and theres much more to comeincluding iPhone apps and important updates. ll this should help !ou in getting !our creative thoughts down in a "uic#$ eas! wa!$ wherever !ou are % and gives !ou that per&ect e'cuse to (u! an iPad!

Whats more$ !ou can now use NOTION so&tware in con)unction with an! other music notation programme e.g. *i(elius or +inale. *o i& !ou want !our composition to sound (etter % tr! opening it up in NOTION, and hear The -ondon *!mphon! Orchestra pla! it! Need to tin#er on the move - then (ring it into the NOTION app

NOTION software its all about sound quality, ease-of-use and performance possibilities

NOTION Music i ad apps

There are now three NOTION Music apps &or the iPad.

NOTION /012.345 NOTION is a notation editor and pla!(ac# tool &or !our iPad$ giving !ou the convenience o& an eas! %to-use music creation tool at !our &ingertips. n incredi(le composition app &or an! music lover$ NOTION gives !ou the a(ilit! to compose$ edit$ and pla!(ac# scores using real audio samples per&ormed (! T!e "ondon #ymp!ony Orc!estra recorded at ((e! 6oad *tudios. 7ou can capture !ou musical ideas an!time$ and with the mo(ilit! o& the iPad$ !ou can ta#e this help&ul application an!where.

With a user-&riendl! inter&ace and simple interactive piano #e!(oard$ &ret(oard and drum pad$ NOTION ma#es it eas! to get started composing !our music. nd$ with NOTIONs a(undance o& advanced &unctions !ou can ta#e !our most (asic ideas to an entirel! new level right on !our iPad.

In addition to the notation editor !ou can also hear !our music per&ormed with real audio samples$ giving !ou the most realistic pla!(ac# possi(le. NOTION comes (undled with piano and &ull orchestral samples as well as popular instrument such as guitar$ (ass$ and much more.

8egin !our pro)ect (! using the simple score setup tool or open !our NOTON and Progression iPad &iles as well as Import Music9M-$ :uitar Pro$ and MI;I &iles. 7ou can continue to alter !our score and pla!(ac# using a palette &ull o& articulations$ e'pressions$ and d!namics. Or create the per&ect (alance using the &ull-&eature multitrac# mi'er and e&&ects.

Once !ou are happ! with !our creation !ou can share !our wor# with an!one (! simpl! sending a &ile that the! can use NOTION to view$ hear$ and edit !our creation. Other options include sending MI;I or Music9M- &iles$ or emailing a P;+ &ile that can (e viewed and printed an!time the! want.

$O%$&##ION /0<.445 Progression$ a guitar ta( editor &or !our iPad gives !ou the convenience o& an eas!-to-use guitar ta( creation tool right at !our &ingertips. n incredi(le app &or an! guitarist or (assist$ Progression gives !ou the a(ilit! to write$ edit and pla!(ac# guitar ta(lature or regular notation using real audio samples. 7ou can capture !our musical ideas an!time$ and with the mo(ilit! o& the iPad$ !ou can ta#e this help&ul application an!where!

With a user-&riendl! inter&ace and simple$ interactive entr! &ret(oard$ Progression gives even the ine'perienced guitarist and (assist an a(undance o& guitar &unctions$ including. vi(rato$ slides$ string (ending$ hammer-ons$ pullo&&s$ trills. Whamm!-(ar$ (ass slap$ e&&ects$ mutes$ harmonics$ and more

In addition to the ta( editor !ou also can hear !our music per&ormed with real studio samples$ giving !ou the most realistic pla!(ac# possi(le. Progression comes with acoustic guitar$ electric guitar$ and (ass guitar. 7ou can also add additional instruments such as classical guitar$ acoustic guitar$ mandolin$ and (an)o.

7ou can search &or ta(s online directl! &rom Progression. =iew some the most popular ta(s at places li#e > or download legac! :uitar Pro or NOTION &iles &rom numerous sites that !ou can pla!(ac# and then edit.

Once !oure happ! with !our creation !ou can share it with an!one (! simpl! sending a &ile that the! can view$ hear$ and edit. Or !ou can email them an image &ile that the! can print an!time the! want.

$O%$&##ION '$&& /025 The main di&&erence (etween this &ree version and the 0<.44 version is that !ou onl! get coustic and 8ass :uitar audio samples$ though !ou can (u! the ?lectric :uitar samples &or 01.44 inside the app. 7ou also miss out on (eing a(le to (ring whole li(raries o& ta( charts into the app. Its a great app &or getting started and the sounds are still ama@ing. This is also a great &ree tuition aid.

&ducation These apps are e'cellent educational aids &or a music student and teachers iPad tool(o' % along with /&or instance5 a Metronome$ Tuner and ural Trainer. With no networ# issues$ mo(ilit! and a good (atter! li&e % an iPad reall! can support music in education. The :overnments new ANational Plan &or Music ?ducation /;ec <2115 noted.
(Point 140.) Pupils can beneft from the use of consumer technologies such as tablet devices that provide access to low cost or free applications to support the teaching of music. Applications are available that simulate ke boards and other instruments! that tutor pupils and allow them to compose! record! practise and refne their music without the need for additional e"uipment.

+or an! &urther in&ormation$ please contact. $ic!ard "lewellyn$ NOTION Music$ 8uilding , Bhiswic# Par#$ CDD Bhiswic# Eigh 6oad$ -ondon W3 C7 Tel( 2F4F4 2<3 1C, &mail( rllewell!