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Your Learning Style Visual , Auditory , or Kinesthetic ?

Posted on December 28 , 2007 by Nurita Putranti Standard In the book Quantum Learning presented three learning modalities someone namely : " modalities of visual , auditory or kinesthetic ( VAK ) . Although masing2 of our third study using this modlaitas at a certain stage , most people are more likely to one of the three " . 1 . Visual ( learn by seeing ) Glances up when talking , talking rapidly . For students studying visual style , which plays an important role is the eye / vision ( visual ) , in this case teaching methods teachers should use more / focused on the demonstration / media , take them to the objects related to the lesson , or peraganya tool by showing directly on students or describe it on the board . Children who have a visual learning style should look at body language and facial expressions teacher to understand the subject matter . They tend to sit in the front in order to see clearly . They think using the pictures in their brains and learn faster by using visual displays , such as diagrams , illustrated text books , and videos . In the classroom , children prefer visual record until the details to get the information . The characteristics of the visual learning style : Talk rather quickly much out appearance in the dress / presentation Not easily distracted by commotion Given the views , rather than being heard Prefer read from the read out The reader quickly and diligently Sometimes knowing what to say , but not good at choosing words More like a demonstration of the speech More like music than in art Having trouble to remember verbal instructions unless noted , and often ask people to repeat aid Strategies to facilitate the child's learning process visually : 1 . Use visual materials such as pictures , diagrams and maps . 2 . Use color to menghilite important things . 3 . Encourage children to read the books illustrated . 4 . Use of multi - media ( eg, computers and video ) . 5 . Encourage the child to try to illustrate his ideas into images . 2 . Auditory ( learn by hearing ) Glances to the left / to the right flat when talking , talking sedang2 alone . Students who rely on the type of auditory learning success through the ear ( hearing instruments ) , for it is then the teacher should have to pay attention to their students to the hearing instrument . Children who have auditory learning styles can learn faster by using verbal discussions and listen to what the teacher says . Auditory child can digest the meaning is conveyed through tone of voice , pitch ( high or low ) , speed of speech and other auditory things . Written information sometimes have minimal significance for the auditory child listen . Children are like this usually can memorize more quickly by reading the text aloud and listening to tapes .

The characteristics of auditory learning style : While working like bicaa to yourself neat appearance Easily distracted by commotion Learning by listening and remembering what was discussed than seen Good to read aloud and listen Move their lips and say the writing in the book when reading Normally he is a fluent speaker More clever spell harder than writing it More than verbal quips like reading comics Having problems with jobs that involve Visual Speaking in a patterned rhythm Can repeat back and mimic tone , rhythmic sound and color Strategies to facilitate the child's learning process auditory : 1 . Encourage the child to participate in the discussions both in the classroom and in the family . 2 . Encourage your child to read aloud the subject matter . 3 . Use music to teach children . 4 . Discuss the idea with the child verbally . 5 . Let your child record the lesson material into the cassette and push him to listen to before bed . 3 . Kinesthetic ( learn by moving , working and touching ) Glances down when talking , speak more slowly . Children who have a kinesthetic learning style learning through moving , touching , and doing . Children like this is hard to sit still for hours because of their desire for activity and exploration is very strong . Students who learn this style of learning through movement and touch . The characteristics of kinesthetic learning style : Speaking slowly neat appearance Not too easily distracted by the commotion situation Learning through manipulating and practice Memorizing by walking and seeing Using a finger as a guide when reading Feeling great trouble to write but in storytelling Liked books and they reflect action with body movements while reading Liked game busied Can not remember geography unless they had ever been in that place Touching people to get their attention Using words that contain action Strategies to facilitate the child's learning process kinesthetic : 1 . Do not force a child to learn for hours . 2 . Encourage the child to learn while exploring their environment ( eg : whom he read while cycling , use real objects to learn a new concept ) .

3 . Allow children to chew gum at the time of study . 4 . Use bright colors to menghilite important things in reading . 5 . Allow the child to learn while listening to music . Learning styles can determine the learning achievement of children . If given a strategy that suits their learning style , children can develop better . Automatic learning styles depending on the learner . That is , each person has different learning styles different . What about your learning style ? Wallahu'alam