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H2 N2 atmosphere control system for advanced stainless steel brazing in continuous furnaces
HYDROFLEX technology HYDROFLEX ensures high quality brazing results using an advanced N2 and H2 atmosphere control system.

Features and benefits

Complete control of process parameters Less rework and rejection cost No need for test charges Quick start up due to furnace atmosphere conditioning Early warnings for necessary maintenance Active closed loop control of gas flows Idle mode during downtime to ensure atmosphere quality Automatic nitrogen purging for safety and analyzer protection Atmosphere supply of nitrogen and hydrogen Analysis system for controlling the atmosphere composition in the furnace Flow train for gas flow control Hard and software system for monitoring purposes

System overview


Gas samples from different areas of the furnace are analyzed in the control cabinet. The gas mixture and gas flow to the furnace are adjusted in the flow train in order to maintain a stable atmosphere composition in the different furnace zones.

Heating zone

Cooling zone

Analysis Control cabinet

Flow train



Hydrogen Nitrogen

Atmosphere supply and flow train

Hydrogen can be supplied from a liquid tank in gaseous form or from cylinders. The gas flows are controlled by means of the flow train. In the event of safety-related alarms or power failure, the hydrogen supply is automatically switched off and the furnace is purged with nitrogen. The composition of the furnace atmosphere can be adjusted to meet the varying requirements in the different zones of the furnace. As in most brazing operations, a reducing atmosphere will ensure a clean, metallic and oxide-free surface in the base metal, a critical aspect for good quality wetting and brazing.

Control cabinet

PLC for process control Operator panel for MMI Gas sampling system and gas analyzers Linde process knowledge has been implemented in the software for atmosphere control, easy access and process parameters follow up, process alarms, etc.

Contact details

Sami Ahonen, Project Manager Heat Treatment and Electronics, Phone +49.89.310 01-681

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