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Easy Meal Service

Session (2012-16) MBA 3.5 3rd Reg Submitted To: Sir Salman Hussain Piracha Submitted By:
Name M.Naoman Razzaq Niaz Ahmad Asma Sumaiya Khadija tul Kubra Fatima Nawaz Saba Rafiq Roll No 36 44 37 35 52 101

Department of Business Administration University of Sargodha



We have no words to express our deepest gratitude to ALLAH who blessed and enabled us to complete this project report. Its great privilege to mention the feelings of obligations towards our affectionate parents and department, who prayed, encouraged and inspired us for higher education and are supporting financially and morally throughout our studies. We find it very difficult to select the appropriate words to express our gratitude to our teacher Mr. SALMAN PARACHA and his useful encouragement and dynamic supervision.

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Table of contents
Executive summary General Business Description Product and Services Customer Services Operational plan Inventory control Business Location Process Flow Chart Marketing plan Promotional Strategy Marketing Strategy Market Segmentation Factors may affect the whole plan Societal marketing concept: Pricing Sale forecast Human Resource plan Management and organization Job analysis Job description Job specifications Code of conduct Start up Expenses Utility requirement Financial Statement Projected Income statement for five year Project Balance Sheet On first day of business Easy Meal Service Project Balance Sheet Break even analysis Appendix

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Executive summary

The daily routine of peoples is too much busy specially employees due to high burden of their work they have not enough time to spend on their meal and they have no healthy and fresh food to eat in their working hours or place where they work. So to tackle with this problem of employees we start up our business with food providing service characterized by food which is supplied quickly after ordering. So we selected kalyar town near to university of Sargodha as production place to capture the market potentiality and untapped opportunity on this way as our business is provide meal and delivery service. Moreover, we will be the only meal delivery service providing industry on that location. Our target market is not restricted to any age or gender, but our main focus is Sargodha area and our niche market are hospitals, banks , educational organization and all type of employees in Sargodha. Our long term objective is to expand our business and by end of 10 year the business will be established in Lahore Islamabad and Karachi catering general public along with employees. We desire to start business with Rs 700000 .positive trend are seen in the year in income year on year basis. It will be a sole proprietorship business.

General Business Description

Company Name:
The name our business will be Easy meal service we have chosen this name because of our service is easiest for our targeted customer and provide an ease and require taste of products.

You need we deliver

"By working with passion and focus on safety and sustainability to create competitive advantages for our customers and in doing so always live up to our company values"

Mission Statement:
We deliver highest standard quality freshness, seasonality and combine modern, creative and eastern style of cooking

To promote profitable and sustainable business activity that meet the customer needs To cater the employees of any institution in Sargodha To gain competitive edge To provide excellent customer service Our obligation is to insure the quality of our meal service To get the customer loyalty and support

Customer care Trust Respect

Business philosophy:
In our business capital, kitchen equipments Product and services which we will provide to our target customer is important for us. Which is designed by our hired skilled labor this provide ultra feature making it distinct from others. Meal delivery services is a growing industry in this area because this type of industry is not exists in Sargodha area. In future the growth of this industry will be increase. It initially covers the area of target customer like banks, hospitals, educational departments, and employees in Sargodha market, while we will achieve our long term objectives by expanding our business to other cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. The core competencies of our business is that as it will introduce very first time in Sargodha so it can achieve its goals and objective by providing quality food and reliable service to its target customer to capture the market. Easy meal service will be a sole proprietorship business. Because of its brand identity and is simple business.

Product and Services Product

Baryani Rs 150

Chicken Rs 550

Daal Murgh Rs 70

Kheer Rs 50

Seasonal vegetable Rs 45

Roti Rs 6

Salad Rs 20

Raita Rs 20

Drink Rs 50, 80,105

Customer Services
We will provide customer service by providing delivery food service to professionals at working site. We will provide launch and dinner facility according to the need of people. Food will be quite healthier and hygienic. We will offer membership card facility to our regular customers. At special occasions or parties, we will also provide meal service facility. Depending on customer requirement, we will provide delivery within average 20-25 minutes to fulfill their order Initially stage of business we receive the spot payment of the delivery when our business will be strong stage then we will give weekly or monthly base package

Operational plan:
Production Technique:

Menu of easy meal service

Sir no 123456 78 9 10 11


Sale Price baryani 150 Daal recipe 70 Rote, 6 Seasonal vegetable 45 chicken khari kheer Rita salad Drink 1 lit Drink 1.5 Drink 2.15 550 50 20 20 50 80 105

Baryani ingredients:
Baryani ingredients contain rice, oil, food color, lemon, chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, black pepper, red chili, salt, tomato, zeera(cumin), Illachi, mint leaves, tamarinds

Chicken recipe:
Chicken recipe ingredients include chicken, tomato, onion, ginger, ginger, garlic, red chili, salt, green chili, cumin,

Vegetable recipe:
Any seasonal vegetable is used in vegetable recipe.

Kheer recipe include milk, rice, khoya, sugar, illachi, nets

Customer service:
We will provide customer service by providing delivery food service to professionals at working site. We will provide launch and dinner facility according to the need of people. Food will be quite healthier and hygienic. We will offer membership card facility to our regular customers. At special occasions or parties, we will also provide meal service facility. Depending on customer requirement, we will provide delivery within average 20-25 minutes to fulfill their order initially stage of business we receive the spot payment of the delivery when our business will be strong stage then we will give weekly or monthly base package when order receive on large scale then we will give buy three get one free .

Inventory control:
We use manual or limited integration method to control the inventory system of EASY MEAL SERVICE. This type of inventory management refers to the process of physically counting each item every week to get our easy meal service expenses. This method is suitable for smaller independently owned operators because we purchase fewer items and maintain simple accounting records. When all counting is completed then data can be transferred to our easy meal service accounting department. The inventory is complete if there are no mistakes. But the entire inventory process must start again in case there are errors. The task related to inventory control is performed by kitchen supervisor. We maintain the non perishable inventory item like flour, rice, sugar etc. under the system of manual or limited integration because these types of inventory no need to order on daily basis. On the other hand to maintain the inventory of perishable inventory item like vegetables, milk etc. we will use daily inventory tracking. The average lead time to maintain both inventories (perishable and non perishable) of food items is one day


Quality control:
We will use the following points to control quality of EASY MEAL SERVICE
By gathering regular feedback e.g. through survey questionnaires or focus groups Employees interest can be seriously taken into account Measurement and evaluation of employee satisfaction at periodic intervals of time Must follow certain standard operational procedures so that customer always receive exceptional quality and service Provide meal delivery on time and cook food in hygienic environment

Product development:
As we are initiating our project but with passage of time through survey conduction and by getting different ideas and feedback from different professionals, promoting new recipes, hiring experienced cooks and using other possible sources, we will make improvement and enhancement in verity of our easy meal service

We have managed the building for easy meal service on rent basis. We will pay Rs. 20 000 monthly rent including Rs. 20000 security fee charges. This double story building is accompanied with four rooms, Giraaj and lawn. We will use first flour for production purpose and ground area is used for parking and storage of food items. The office of easy meal service is on the ground floor. It is also facilitated with utilities access like water, electricity, telephone, gas.

The total area contained by easy meal service is 1360 square feet

Kalyar town, Street No. 1, university road Sargodha. Salon shop medical clinic, general store, vegetable shop, is also located near it.
See business location photo in appendix

Process Flow Chart

Call received

Put order on slip

Payment Receive


12 to 15 mint

Sale invoice




40 to 45 second 7 to 10 mints



Legal Environment:
Business will be registered through the chamber of commerce. No special license or permit is required for this business; National tax number will be acquired from FBR.

Material required for cooking arrangement will be kept in store. Perishable item will be purchase on daily basis. All the raw material would be purchase locally. Non perishable item will be purchased on monthly All the dry raw bases like (sugar oil rice).

Coca-Cola, Sargodha for soft drinks and mineral water. Pepsi, Sargodha for soft drinks and mineral water. Packing, fasil Baraders pholo wali gali block no1 sargodha Chicken, Ashraf chicken shop University road Sargodha

Managing Accounts Receivable:

We sell our product on daily basis as well as monthly basis. If one customer deals with our company on regular basis we give a package to that customer. We take an advance of Rs. 4000 and remaining settlement at the end of month.

Managing Accounts Payable (Aging):

We Purchase dry raw material 50% on credit basis and other 50% for cash. Entire perishable item will be purchase from local market on daily basis. Total 100% current 50% 15days 50%

Dry Raw material


Marketing plan
A marketing plan will create goals and encourage a business to expand, including delivery business. As mentioned above; objectives will be achieved passing through 3 phases. Marketing strategy will be implemented from the very first stage. For marketing planning, data will be gathered through primary market research. In it, some questionnaire will be given to learn about consumer preferences, tastes and trends.

Primary search:
Everyone speaks about the importance of being market leader. But today market conditions change much faster due to technology, fashions and media influences, as well as customers' tastes. The 21stcenturys marketer, who wants to succeed, will do so only by making the right choice of target market. After focusing on everything the Easy Meal Service will provide unique values and benefits to meet the needs of chosen market. We conducted a survey of the target market. Then make a analysis 80 % people in favor of this type of business. And 15 % people say that they avail this business for small parties. And 05 % people are not favor of this type of business.

Economics Feature and benefits

Pick and drop facility of meal from customer home to working place. Quality food Free call in future Free home delivery Time savings

Customer profile
Age limit of our customer 17 to onward.


Both male and female can make order.

our initial target market is Sargodha

Income level
Our target customers income Rs. 17000 to onward.

Social class and occupation

We target middle and upper class and people of every occupation.

Business Location
Our office located at street # 1 kalyar town university road Sargodha.

Promotional Strategy:
The marketing strategy for our business can be carried out by doing the following things: By running social media campaigns and advertisements. Placing ads in the local newspapers. Through Billboards, Banners and pamphlets in prestart up phase. Local Radio, cable networks and Billboards are excellent promotion tools through which we will promote our business till the business life. At the start of our operations we promote through these Medias. These expenses are given below.

Media Print media Social media Electronic media

Expenses 30000 10000 20000


When our business comes to on track then we utilize Rs. 5000 on promotion for each in every month. We promote our business through free through using our university radio and also through words of mouth. For advertisement we adopt VIPS formula. Means our business advertisements are easily visible and identify. Meet his promise and consternate on the singlemindedness.

Marketing Strategy:
We adopt customer driven strategy for our business. Today in current market customer having most important .what the customer want and with what type of business feel satisfaction.

Market Segmentation:
In the start we target the whole Sargodha market. Then gradually we expand our business operations. Our next step is to go on national level. At the end we launch our business at international level. We divided our market into different segments and then targeted according to their requirements, Banks, educational departments, hospitals, shopping malls and other business areas.


Domestic level



Educational departments


Shopping Malls

Business Areas

National level

International level

The next step is targeting the market segments .We target our all segments with proper planning. We give preference to our all customers.

We make a clear and distinctive image of our business through advertisement. We give some unique values to customer.

We should be trying to make our business different and unique for our customer. We make different type of innovations and adding unique features through proper advertisement.

Following factors may affect the whole plan

Major barriers
Major barriers that we may face are in the start

High capital costs

In the start of our business we need high capital for different process, like land, building, furniture and motorcycle.

Unique technology and patents

The cost of different equipments used in our production process is very high. Like equipments of kitchen.

Change in technology
We are already define about high technology if any type of change in technology relate to our industry will affect our business.

Societal marketing concept:

Instead of that if we want to advertise, we should advertise it for the purpose of making people aware.

Society (human welfare)

Societal Marketing concept

Company Profit

Consumer (wants and satisfaction)

Through this concept could not only work for the welfare of the society but can also make long term relationship with our customers and also for society long run interests. There are many methods of sales promotion but we include one of them to promote our business. Free gifts a free product when buy another product on some special occasions.

Normally, new businesses set their initial prices lower than their competitors. In our situation however, there is no direct competitor, goods will set the price of meals on average base price. We will face higher cost for promotions to increase customers' awareness and establish our brand name. People with higher incomes even moderate income are willing to pay more for features, customer service, quality, and convenience In the initial stage, we will not charge anything from customer for the services. We will use same strategies in future. We charged the price as same to hotel is working in Sargodha city.

Sale forecast
We collected the information about projected sales by analyzing the demand of our products services and history of this industry in Sargodha city. We are expecting our sales in first year and increasing 10 % annually.


Human Resource plan:

Hiring phase plan:
Initially we will hire two skilled cook, five delivery boys, one cashier, one dishwasher, one cleaner and one guard, one bread maker, one rickshaw driver and two helper (one helper is hire for help in cooking and the other one helper is hire for bread maker help) which is enough for us according to our need. We intend to hire additional workers in near future, when our sales will increases.

HR costing:
We start our business on small scale, as our business is simple and we target only professional people so the HR costing includes salaries only. There is no training cost because we hire cook which is expert in cooking. Moreover, we hire cashier which is responsible for receiving payment and handing over change and also take away orders as far as delivery men and other workers are concerned they do not need to be trained; they will get training with the passage of time. To retain the employees we will offer competitive salaries which will increase by 10% on yearly basis. Moreover employees should not be required to work more than the number of hours allowed for regular and overtime work periods.

HR plan to meet special events:

There is no need to hire more staff for special occasions or parties. The already working staff will meet the special orders of customers, but in future when our sale increases then we will make strategy for hiring more workers.


Hierarchy of management plan:


Cashier/o rder taker


Delivery boy

Rickshaw driver

COOK taker




Bread maker



Job analysis

Office management budget:

Designation/ Type Owner Take away order taker/ cashier Guard(12 hour) Delivery boy Rickshaw Driver Total

Number Monthly Salary (Rs.) 1 1 10000

Total Salary (Rs.) 10000



1 5 1 9

6000 8000 8000

6000 40000 8000 64000

72000 480000 96000 768000

Kitchen department budget:

Designation/Type Number Monthly salary(Rs.) Cook 2 12000 Dish washer 1 6000 Helper 1 7000 Cleaner 1 6000 Bread maker 1 10000 Helper 1 8000 Total 7

Total salary(Rs.) 24000 6000 7000 6000 10000 8000 61000

Annually 288000 72000 84000 72000 120000 96000 732000


Salary system for Delivery boy:

Every delivery boy has its own bike and we provide portable delivery box only. We give Rs 150 daily for petrol to each delivery boy and Rs 1000 monthly for bike maintenance and we give Rs 10 per order within the city if the order is far from our location we give 20 per order. In rainy day we give Rs 15 per order within city.

Job description:
As far as job description is concerned the cook responsibility is to cook respective dishes with full taste and responsibility to sever the target employees. Owners would be managing overall affairs of EASY MEAL SERVICE He will be required to process and check bills invoices, receivable management, maintain accounts for record purpose. The owner will also ensure safe custody of store keys. Rickshaw driver performs the duties of transportation and the delivery boy delivers the meal at working sites, or according to an order. Guard works for safety purpose, cashier is responsible for receiving payments and maintaining cash records, helper is for cook help, while the other helper is for bread maker help, cleaner is responsible to clean the environment.

Duty hours:
We will hire two cooks for cooking purpose one of these will perform its duty from 9am-4pm and other will perform its duty from 4pm-11pm.we will hire 5 delivery boys out of these three will deliver food items in first shift from 9am-4pm and remaining two will perform their duty in second shift from 4pm-11pm.we will hire one guard which will perform his duty during night timings .cashier, dishwasher, helpers, rickshaw driver and bread maker will perform full time duties from 9am-11pm.

See delivery box photo in appendix


Job specifications:
Employees Cook Minimum qualification/salary Cooking certificate Experience 5 years Salary- Rs.12000 Having 2 year Experience Salary- Rs.7000 Expert in bread making Experience 2 year Salary- Rs.10000 Having 1 year experience Salary-Rs.8000 Driving skill, own bike Salary- Rs.8000 Driving skill, own rickshaw Salary-Rs.8000 Graduate Good communication skill Salary- Rs.10000 Metric Salary- Rs.6000 Metric Salary-Rs.6000 Matric Salary Rs 6000

Helper Bread maker

Helper Delivery boy Rickshaw driver cashier

Dishwasher cleaner Guard


Code of conduct
The code of conduct describes the standard of conduct for Easy meal service

We should maintain the highest standard of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness to attract and retain our customers.

Duty of care:
Our duty of care is to provide delivery on time to get customer loyalty. We will provide delivery to our customers when they place an order and according to their need.

Quality assurance:
We will maintain the quality of food by improving the efficiency of working staff through conduction of feedback, and by maintaining the healthy environmental conditions.

We will provide healthy and hygienic food to our customers at reasonable prices.

Incentive way:
We will pay incentive pay to our workers to motivate them. We will offer incentive pay to cook and delivery boy depending on orders of special occasions or parties.

Long term perspective:

Our long term perspective is to maximize profit, and expand our business by offering and facilitating our packages to customers according to their needs

Performance appraisal:
We will set a standard on the basis of working ability and working efficiency to measure the performance of every individual so that the efficiency of every individual increases like cook, delivery boy, guard.etc


Start up Expenses

Descriptions Advertising Machinery & Equipments Furniture & Fixture Advance Rent Rickshaw loader Building maintenance cost Generator

Amount 60000 107700 197457 20000 90000 50000 40000

Machinery and Equipments:

Machinery Burner Oven Bulk cooker Refrigerator Exhaust fans Blinder machine Kettle set Fry pan mobile Tandoor Bracket fan Water cooler Wet masala grander Weight machine Total

Quantity 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 4 1 2 1 1 1

Cost/unit 20000 9000 1600 32000 1700 1600 11500 550 15000 2200 500 3000 1800

Total price 20000 9000 1600 32000 5100 1600 11500 2200 15000 4400 500 3000 1800 107700


Furniture and fixtures:




Total cost 1500 50000 875 35000 6600 22000 7699 37908 197457

Kitchen cutlery set Furniture Lights Ac Fan Computer Printer Delivery Box Total


7 1 3 1 1 3

125 35000 2200 11000 7699 12636

Utility requirement:

Utility Electricity Water Gas Telephone Office Electricity Total utility

Charges (monthly) 12000 2000 15000 5000 3000

Charges (annually) 144000 24000 180000 60000 36000 522000


Financial Statement
Easy Meal Service Projected Income Statement For the year 31 March 2013 Descriptions
Sale Less Cost of goods sold Gross profit Less Selling & admin expenses Salaries Telephone Electricity Stationary expense Rent Petrol Advertizing expense Other expenses Depreciation expense for Eq& Machinery Depreciation expense for furniture & fixture Depreciation expense for vehicle Depreciation expense for generator Building maintenance expense 768000 60000 36000 12000 36000 378000 66000 36000 10770 19745 9000 4000 5000

Amount Rs
8118720 5970912 2147808

Net Profit


See appendix for expected sale and CGS 1and 2


Projected Income statement for the year 2014,2015,2016,2017

Descriptions Sale Less Cost of goods sold Gross profit Less Selling & admin expenses Salaries Telephone electricity Stationary expense rent Petrol Advertizing expense Other expenses Depreciation Machinery expense for 806400 63000 37800 12600 39600 419737 66000 37800 Eq& 10770 846720 66150 39690 13230 43560 461712 66000 39690 10770 19745 9000 4000 5000 889056 69457 41674 13892 47916 507882 66000 41674 10770 19745 9000 4000 5000 933508 72930 43758 14586 52707 558670 66000 43758 10770 19745 9000 4000 5000

Amount 8930592 6567557 2363035

Amount 9823651 7224312 2599339

Amount 10806016 7946744 2859271

Amount 11886617 8741418 3145199

Depreciation expense for furniture & 19745 fixture Depreciation expense for vehicle Depreciation expense for generator Building maintenance expense 9000 4000 5000

Net Profit





Note: We assume that the sale of this business will increase 10% in future every year. Cost of
goods sold estimated 73.45% on sale of every year. Rent will increase 10% every year and petrol 4.7% on sale every year sale. Advertizing expenses will remain constant in every year and for depreciation we use straight forward method.


Easy Meal Service

Project Balance Sheet On first day of business
Current Assets
Cash at Bank Advance rent Account Receivable 134843 20000


Current Liabilities
Account Payable


Owner equity


Fixed Assets
Eq & Machinery Fixture & Furniture Generator vehicle Advertizing Building maintenance 107700 197457 40000 90000 60000 50000




7, 00,000


Easy Meal Service Project Balance Sheet

2013 Assets Cash Account Receivable Building maintenance 50000 for ten year Expire 5000 Furniture & fixtures 197457 Less Depreciation 19745.7 Equipments 107700 Less Depreciation 10770 Vehicle Less Depreciation Advance Rent Advertisement Less expire 60000 6000 90000 9000 Amount 671652 20000 45000 2014 Amount 875457 40000 40000 2015 Amount 1067461 45000 35000 2016 Amount 1246109 50000 30000 2017 Amount 1478186 55000 25000

177711 96930 81000 20000 54000 36000 1442293 Amount 35000 700000 467293 1202293

157966 86160 72000 20000 48000 32000 1576583 Amount 40000 700000 591583 1331583

138221 75390 63000 20000 42000 28000 1724072 Amount 45000 700000 734072 1479072

118476 64620 54000 20000 36000 24000 1883205 Amount 50000 700000 893205 1643205

98731 53850 45000 20000 30000 20000 2065767 Amount 55000 700000 1070767 1825767

Generator 40000 Less depreciation 4000 Total Liabilities Current Liabilities Account Payable Long Term Liability Owner Equity Net income Drawing (240000) Total

See balance sheet assumption in appendix


Break even analysis

Total variable cost annually = Total Fixed cost annually Sale price per unit Variable cost per unit


= 1566000 = 22552 = 15885.8

Break even sale = Fixed cost/unit price variable cost per unit = 1566000/22552-15885 =1566000/6669 = 235 units annually We must sell at least 235 units annually in order to break even, including fixed cost annually. Monthly we sell 20 units in order to break even. If our annually sale are Rs 5299720 and monthly are Rs 451040 then we are in breakeven point.

See break even calculation in appendix at number 3


1) 1We estimate the sale on average basis
Qty Baryani Chicken khari Daal Murg 55 12

Price 150 550 Total 8250 6600

Daily* 30 247500 198000

Monthly*12 2970000 2376000






Vegetable Kheer Chapati Rita Salad Drink 1lit Drink 1.5 Drink2.15

20 20 312 15 15 10 10 6

45 50 6 20 20 50 80 105

900 1000 1872 300 300 500 800 630

27000 30000 56160 9000 9000 15000 24000 18900

324000 360000 673920 108000 108000 180000 288000 226800

Total sale


We estimate sale on daily average basis. The quantity and price is mention on above table.


2) Cost of above estimated average sale

Baryani Chicken khari Daal Murg Vegetable Kheer chapati Rita& salad Rita Salad Drink 1lit Drink 1.5 Drink 2.15 Gas electricity Water Rent Salaries

Qty 55 12 20 20 20 312 55 15 15 10 10 6 Price 54 380 39 25 36 2.6 10 13 13 45 73 93 Total 2970 4560 780 500 720 811.2 550 195 195 450 730 558

Daily* 30 89100 136800 23400 15000 21600 24336 16500 5850 5850 13500 21900 16740 15000 12000 2000 17000 64000 500576

Monthly*12 1069200 1641600 280800 180000 259200 292032 198000 70200 70200 162000 262800 200880 180000 144000 24000 204000 732000 5970912

Above cost price per unit include only material cost and packing cost.

3) Break Even Analysis:

For calculating break even analysis we required one unit price but we have no of product therefore we make basket of goods to convert all product to one unit. We calculate variable per unit cost by divided annually variable cost into 360 days.


Our one unit include the following product that sale on daily basis.

Calculate per unit price

Daily sale of product Baryani Daal muragh Rote, Seasonal vegetable chicken khari Kheer Rita Salad Drink 1 lit Drink 1.5 Drink 2.15 Per unit price 55*150 20*70 312*6 20*45 12*550 20*50 15*20 15*20 10*50 10*80 6*105 Unit price 8250 1400 1872 900 6600 1000 300 300 500 800 630 22552

Fixed Cost
Descriptions Rent Water Salary for kitchen department Gas Electricity Salary for admin Telephone Stationary Advertizing Total Amount 17000 2000 61000 10000 8000 24000 2500 1000 5000 annually 204000 24000 732000 120000 96000 288000 30000 12000 60000 1566000


Variable Cost
Descriptions Gas Electricity Petrol Product Telephone Delivery boy salary Other expenses Total Amount 5000 4000 31500 2500 40000 3000 Annually 60000 48000 378000 4686912 30000 480000 36000 5718912

Projected Balance sheet Assumption

For deprecation of all assets we use straight forward method We assume that our drawing would be Rs 240000 every year


We use this type of packing for our product


Delivery Box
We use this type of box for the purpose of meal delivery following are the description of this box

Heat Insulated Box/Boxes with Dividers Color: Red, Material Oxford + Pearl Cotton + Aluminized Paper + PE Hyaline Membrane Keep Hot/Cool4-5 hours Inner dimension (Length*Width*Height) 45*45*40cm Outer dimension (Length*Width*Height) 48*48*42cm Weight8.1KG Capacity82 Liters


Location map and Photo:

Street view Front view

Giraj view

Launch view


Delivery Boy Uniform