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EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL FACTORS OF DISEASES In the understanding of diseases, one should take into consideration the external

and internal factors or the seen and unseen causes. External factors mean those physical factors which contribute to disease like germs, malnutrition, toxins, pollutants, lack of exercise, poor breathing habits, insufficient water intake, etc. Internal factors mean the emotional and bioplasmic factors which contribute to diseases, such as negative emotions, blocked meridians, pranic depletion and congestion, chakral malfunctioning, etc. For instance, an emotional factor may lead to the weakening of the solar plexus chakra (a major energy center located at the solar plexus) andThe Basics* 17 of the liver, plus an attack from the hepatitis virus or from toxins (such as carbon tetrachloride or phosphorus) will lead to a severe inflammation of the liver. The external factor is the virus or the toxin. The internal factors are the negative emotions and weakening of the solar plexus chakra and the liver that makes the liver vulnerable to viral infection. If the solar plexus chakra and liver are in good condition, and if the person is of higher vitality, then the probability of contracting the disease is decreased. The body's defense mechanism or detoxifying and eliminating system would likely overcome the virus or the toxin. The application of pranic healing would cleanse, strengthen, and gradually restore the solar plexus chakra and the liver to their normal conditions. This can be done with or without the aid of drugs. Diseases may manifest under the following conditions:

1) Due to the presence of external and internal factors. 2) Due to the presence of an overwhelming internal factor only. For example, a person harboring intense anger and frustration may cause severe pranic congestion around the solar plexus chakra, and heart chakra in the long run. Even if this person were to watch his or her diet, he or she would still end up with a heart problem like heart enlargement. Another example: habitual tension or stress may result in pranic congestion around the eye area and, in the long run, may result in glaucoma. (Note: Not all glaucomae are of emotional origin.) 3) Due to the presence of an overwhelming external factor only. For instance, taking a large dose of poison would certainly be fatal even if your bioplasmic body were in perfect condition. Or, for example, poor reading habits would eventually result in eye defects. THE FUNCTIONS OF THE BIOPLASMIC BODY 1) It absorbs, distributes, and energizes the whole physical body with prana or ki. Prana or ki is that vital energy or life force which nourishes the whole body so that it could, together with its different organs, function properly and normally. Without prana, the body would die. 2) It acts as a mold or pattern for the visible physical body. This allows the visible physical body to maintain its shape, form and feature despite years of continuous metabolism. To be more exact, the visible physical body is molded after the bioplasmic body. If the bioplasmic body is de-18 PRANIC HEALING fective, then the visible physical body is defective. They are so closely related that what affects one affects the other. If one gets sick, the other also gets sick. If one gets healed, the other also gets healed. This may

manifest gradually or almost instantaneously, assuming that there are no interfering factors. 3) The bioplasmic body, through the chakras or whirlng energy centers, controls and is responsible for the proper functioning of the whole physical body and its different parts and organs. This includes the endocrine glands. The endocrine glands are external manifestations of some of the major chakras. A lot of sicknesses are caused partially by the malfunctioning of one or more chakras. 4) The bioplasmic body, through its health rays and health auras, serves as a protective shield against germs and diseased bioplasmic matter. Toxins, wastes, and germs are expelled by the health rays predominantly via the pores; thereby, purifying the whole physical body. BASIC PROBLEMS AND TREATMENTS IN PRANIC HEALING Pranic or bioplasmic healing involves the use of prana and the manipulation of bioplasmic matter of the patient's body. The following are the basic problems and treatments encountered in pranic healing: 1) In areas where there is pranic depletion, cleansing and pranic energizing are applied to the affected areas. The emphasis is on energizing. 2) In areas where there is pranic congestion, diseased congested bioplasmic matter is removed or extracted from the affected areas. This is followed by projecting prana to the treated area. The emphasis is on cleansing or decongesting. 3) A malfunctioning chakra is restored by simply cleansing and energizing it with prana.

4) Drooping and entangled health rays are disentangled and strengthened. 5) Blocked meridians or bioplasmic channels are cleansed and energized. 6) Prana leaking out through holes in the outer aura are sealed. 7) Specific types of prana are applied to produce specific results. Certain illnesses need specific type or types of prana to produce faster results.

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