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Combining similar facts, ideas or points together coherently Incorporate materials you have gathered and create it to become your own product To support a point that you make

METHOD Collect needed materials Make sure information collected is related to main idea Sort out and assess information Come out with a conclusion of your own

The body of a synthesis essay should : begin with a topic sentence that informs readers of the topic of the paragraph include information from more than one source clearly indicates which material comes from which source use attribution signals use in-text citations effectively informs readers of the similarities or differences between the sources

Sample of a Synthesis The extinction of dinosaur has always been one of the greatest mysteries in the field of paleontology. Several theories have been

presented as to possible cause for the disappearance of these giant lizards. The most popular one is that of the asteroid collision on earth, a theory strongly supported by the discovery of a layer or iridium by the Alvarezes (Sinclair, 1998). Other possible theories are the gradual fall in the sea levels and the volcanic eruptions (Hecht, 1997) and the Pele Hypothesis, which suggest death by suffocation due to excessive natural oxidation (Monczunski, 1994). But whatever the correct theory may be, all of three fall on the fact that the dinosaurs were wiped out because of the atmospheric changes, either from natural or extra terrestrial causes (Sinclair, 1998; Hecht, 1997; Monczunski, 1994)

Sample 2 : Title of research : Vegetarian Diet : The Healthiest Diet? Argument 1 : Vegetarian diet has positive effects on health Supporting Detail 2 : Vegetarian diet reduces the risk of dangerous diseases

Materials Passage 1 Vegetarian diets can meet guidelines for the treatment of diabetes and some research suggests that diets that are more plant-based reduce risk for type 2 diabetes. Rates of self-reported diabetes among Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) were less than half those of the general population, and among SDA, vegetarians had lower rates of diabetes than nonvegetarians (Mangels, et al., 2003).

Passage 2 Vegetarians may be at lower risk for non-insulin-dependent diabetes because they are leaner than nonvegetarians. Also, vegetarians high intake of complex carbohydrates, which are often

relatively high in fiber content, improves carbohydrate metabolism and may lower basal blood glucose levels (Havala, 1993). Passage 3 Vegetarian diets offer disease protection benefits because of their lower saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein content and often higher concentration of folate (which reduces serum homocysteine levels), antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, carotenoids and phytochemicals (Messina & Burke,1997).

Sample 2 : Synthesis The positive effects of vegetarian diet on ones health has always been emphasized by many researchers. Several theories have been presented as to how vegetarian diet can improve ones health. One of them is a theory that supported vegetarian diets ability on prevention of disease because it is lower in fat, cholesterol and animal protein but higher in folate, antioxidants, caretenoids and phytochemicals (Messina & Burke, 1997). Other researcher verified that non-insulin-dependent diabetes who are vegetarian may be at lower risk than nonvegetarians, with better metabolism and lower blood glucose levels (Havala, 1993). Mangels, et al. confirmed that vegetarians had lower rates of type 2 diabetes than nonvegetarians (2003). With these propositions, it can be concluded that by being a vegetarian one will definitely reduce his risk of getting dangerous disease like diabetes and at the same time will enjoy improved health than nonvegetarian (Messina&Burke,1997;Havala,1993;Mangels et al., 2003)