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Vogue magazine: The rise to fame The international trendsetting publication Vogue was launched in the year 1892.

For over a decade, the magazine was a wee ly social publication, earning its !ame only well into 19"# a!ter the ownership switched hands. The new ac$uirer, %onde &ast, acted swi!tly' ta ing the magazine overseas, ma ing it available in 9 di!!erent countries. (e subse$uently turned the magazine into a bi)wee ly publication that !eatured articles with a woman)centric thought along with a !ocus on !ashion. Popularity over the years Vogue magazine has success!ully held its own !or over a century and has grown with the civilization. The magazine*s prime success relies on pitching the right in!ormation at the right time. +uring the ,orld ,ar, women in the -nited .tates became more reliant on Vogue !or their !ashion trends because o! the wars overseas. /t was at this time, the magazine caught the !ancy o! readers that would turn out to be their most trusted !ollowers. +uring the 0reat +epression, Vogue magazine published articles about a!!ordable !ashion which gave it that much needed boost towards ma ing it a !orerunner in !ashion. Vogue 1agazine was one o! the !irst magazines to introduce pictures in their magazines' women could not only read about !ashion but also ta e a good clear loo at it. This made it an instant success among the women. They were able to relate to !ashion more e!!iciently and e2press their individuality simultaneously. /t was also the time when ready)made garments became available and soon women were able to replace e2pensive !abrics with a!!ordable clothing. The influences that made all the difference +uring the 19#"s, Vogue magazine began !eaturing models thus launching the careers o! many !amous !aces. +iana Vreeland was the new 3ditor)in) %hie! who made the !ocus o! the magazine women*s issues and everyday problems !aced by them. From the year 1941, 0race 1irabella became the 3ditor)in) %hie! and made Vogue magazine a monthly publication. .he incorporated several bold changes into the magazine and its circulation increased drastically' !rom 56",""" to 1.5 million. (er successor and the current 3ditor)in) %hie! 7nna ,intour has brought what is perceived as ultimate success to the magazine. .he portrayed 8eans as !ashionable casual wear !or women by putting women in 8eans on the cover o! the magazine. .he has also played a ey role in introducing !ashionable trends. ,ith a reputation o! being a tough boss, ,intour sure pushes her employees hard. Today Vogue magazine has a circulation o! over 11.9 million and 1.9 million online readers, attracting women between the ages o! 18 and 6". /t has been 1 year into the :(ealthy ;ody /nitiative*' adhering to not encouraging s inny models and models with eating disorders. Digital Vogue Magazine (aving become available online as well, they are $uite the champions o! cost) e!!ective, digital initiatives. %hoosing a yearly Vogue 1agazine .ubscription will

give you sizable savings< Vogue is available on the web and tablet plat!orms and magazine issues can be read on the i=ad, i=hone, 7ndroids and also on ,indows 8. The magazine comes alive while reading and it truly is the ne2t generation solution !or all magazine lovers. +igital magazines are steadily gaining popularity !or their mobility and convenience. Vogue digital magazines are e2tremely interactive and have a lustrous !eel. /! you love Vogue magazine, then get eco)!riendly and subscribe to digital issues today. >ou not only get to read glossier, versions o! the content, you will also save a tree in the process.