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Online Resources Guide

_______________________________________________________________ Access UCA Library Online Resources via MyUCA Library page, or go to the Library home page: To use these resources offcampus, in most cases, you need to use your ATHENS Login. If a UK Federation login is needed, first select UCA from the drop-down list, then enter your ATHENS login (see * below).

Journals and Newspapers

E-Journals portal [select Print & E-Journals link]
This service provides a listing of electronic journals held by the Library, such as History of Photography, Photography and Culture, European Photography, and Philosophy of Photography - with links accessible on and off campus (by ATHENS login).

Journal Articles and Indexes [select Online Resources link]

Indexes help you find articles published in newspapers, magazines and journals, and often provide an abstract (= a summary) to help you decide how relevant the article is. Many articles on photography can be found using Art Full Text and the Proquest indexes, described below. If the full text of the article you want is not available to read online, or in printed form in the Library, it may be possible to get a copy by request, through the cross-campus loan or document supply system (though there is a small charge due to copyright regulations).

InfoTrac Newspapers
Infotrac has the full text of the following newspapers: Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, Observer, Independent, Independent on Sunday, Financial Times, The Sun - most of them from the mid-1990s on. It is updated daily. For the full text of The Times, New York Times and The Economist (from the mid-1980s), use the Academic OneFile database.

Academic One File

Covering a wide range of subjects including arts, business and marketing, this database indexes more than 11,000 scholarly journal, magazine and newspaper titles, of which almost 5000 are in full text. It includes photographs and other images only from selected publications. Coverage is from 1980 to the present, updated daily. The search results are grouped into different media / types of material - e.g. news, multimedia, books, magazines, academic journals, etc. - check each separately to see all of the results.
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Art Full Text
Provides abstracts of articles in UK and international journals, covering art (including Latin American, Canadian, Asian and non-Western art, new artists, contemporary art, exhibition reviews, and feminist criticism), design, advertising, architecture, crafts, interior design, photography, fashion and textiles, television and video. A wide variety of journals are available as full text articles from mid 1990s onwards.

ART Bibliographies Modern (ABM)

ABM provides full abstracts of journal articles, books, essays, exhibition catalogues, PhD dissertations, and exhibition reviews on all forms of modern and contemporary art, from 1974 to the present, including photography, performance art and installation works, video art, computer and electronic art, body art, graffiti, artists' books, theatre arts, conservation, crafts, ethnic arts, graphic and museum design, fashion and calligraphy. Updated monthly.

British Humanities Index (BHI)

BHI indexes over 320 journals and weekly magazines published in the UK and other English speaking countries, including quality newspapers published in the UK. It covers art, cinema, current affairs, gender studies, literature, music, theatre, philosophy, history, economics and environment.

Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI)

DAAI provides references and abstracts for articles, news, and reviews in design and applied arts publications from 1973 on. It covers new designers and the development of design and the applied arts since the mid-19th century, in the fields of Product design, Interior design, Graphic design, Jewellery, Textiles, Fashion and clothing, Illustration, Industrial design, Sustainability, Advertising, Exhibitions, Web design and Design management. Updated monthly.

FIAF/Film Indexes online

This combination of databases provides information on film since the beginning of the industry, including plot summaries, cast and crew lists, reviews, awards, biographies, etc., together with journal abstracts (from 1966 onwards) and full text articles from 50 of the worlds leading film publications, including a full run of Sight and Sound, Film History, Film International, Journal of Popular Film and Television.

IIPA (International Index to the Performing Arts)

IIPA indexes over 250 Film, Music and Performing Arts journals with 97 of these available in full text, including American Cinematographer, Dance Chronicle, Film Criticism, and Journal of Popular Film and Television. Very useful for film, but coverage also includes some aspects of fashion and costume. A number of these (i.e., ABM, BHI, DAAI, and IIPA) can be searched simultaneously as they are hosted by the same publisher, Proquest.

JSTOR Arts & Sciences archive provides access to the full text of 151 journals (18842009) covering the visual arts, including architecture, film studies, fine art, art history, music and the performing arts, religion, folklore, language and literature. It does not include the most recent issues.
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Periodicals Archive Online
An archive of older (1891-2000) full text journal articles from about 80 publications, such as the Journal of Popular Culture and Journal of Consumer Affairs, covering arts, business, social sciences, history, literature, philosophy, politics and psychology.

Vogue Archive (US Vogue)

A complete searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue published in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution images. Every page, photograph, advertisement, cover and fold-out is included. The Vogue Archive also features specialist indexing of full-page images from photo features: expert indexers have applied keywords to each separate image within a document. Updated monthly.

Visual media

[select Online Resources link]

Paley Center Seminars

An online video archive of seminars held by the Paley Center. with detailed written summaries and full transcripts, focussing mainly on television and journalism. Many of the seminars are based around documentaries, covering literature, cinema, music, history and politics. Examples include seminars on film editing, representations of gay and lesbian characters, women in television drama, and the impact of the media on contemporary society.

Stash is an online video library of animation, visual effects and motion design from around the world. Provides examples of innovative new short films, TV and cinema commercials, music videos, film titles and graphics, all with accompanying filmmakers notes. Its only available on campus. To login: Username/email : creative Password : stash

Academic Video Online

A package of online video collections (with transcripts) containing documentaries on a wide range of subjects, such as human culture and behaviour, race, gender and family studies, human rights, globalization, psychology, literature and the arts, architecture and design, bioethics and the environment, magic, music and religion.


[select Online Resources link]

Ebrary is an electronic library offering the full text of some 70,000 books on a broad range of topics, covering Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Marketing, Science and Technology. The books are mainly theoretical. Ebrary also includes some journals, such as the European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. All text can be searched; each printout includes the full citation to the book it is taken from. All titles on the database can be found on the Library Catalogue, which contains links to the full text. The catalogue also includes a range of other e-books not found within ebrary these are hosted by MyiLibrary. You can set your catalogue search to E-Books if you want to exclude everything else.
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Market Research/Forecasting
LS:N Global (Life Style News Global)
LS:N Global is an online trend forecasting and consumer insight service from The Future Laboratory. It tracks trends which are influencing consumer needs and brand buy-in. It includes text, image and video content, providing interviews, case studies and detailed information on specific consumer groups. Login is automatic - for on-campus access only. This service is not available with the ATHENS login.

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Mintel Oxygen
Over 600 expert market research reports, with detailed information on consumer buying patterns, product and service sector performance and emerging trends, plus news and company profiles. Our subscription includes UK Fashion Retail, British Lifestyles, Green and Ethical Consumers, and others. Updated daily.

YouGov, the most quoted research company in the UK, offers an authoritative measure of public opinion and consumer behaviour. Each report contains primary consumer research sourced from a panel of 350,000 consumers, allowing you to understand both consumer habits/intentions and the broader market environment, and to interpret emerging trends. Register to set up your personal account using this Username: UCAlibrary (no password required).



Your Athens username is: uca followed by your student ID number, e.g. uca0901234 Your Athens password is: your date of birth, in this (case-sensitive) format: 01jul92

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