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Aulunin, Angela. David, Tom, Debbie, dt Samuel




50 Kidderminster Road Worcestershire B61 7JU






January 1995

Dear Friends,

It was a beautiful fall in England. The temperatures were

unseasonably warm with the highs in the 50s most of the

time. The colors on the trees were the brightest we have seen in our four autumn seasons here. This was probably due to the combination of temperatures and little rain to

wash the leaves off the trees. With all the rain that

England gets, we don't usually end up with leaves on the trees for very long. Most of the time, before the leaves

even get a chance to change, they have fallen to the

ground. There were days, as I was driving, I said a special prayer of thanksgiving because of the beauty all

around me. We have a great and awesome God.

We have been busy at Bromsgrove Christian Church. Let

me fill you in on a few items that have been going on and try to give you a feel for the work we are doing.

Inadvertently, we forgot to tell you in our last newsletter

about the choir from Texas that visited us on the Fourth

of July. They were here for a choir competition and made contact with the Bromsgrove Church through

teammates Donn and Joan Leach. There were over 100

people in attendance, and it was wonderful to hear God's

Word proclaimed in song.

Also, we were glad to have a friend from our home congregation (Bethany Christian Church Anderson,

Indiana) visit with us in June. It was fun to spend time

with John Longnaker III while he was traveling in Great

Britain. John had made friends here when he attended

Glasgow University in Scotland. He came over to attend

the wedding of a friend and to see the Kinemans, the Fousts, and other friends in Great Britain. We spent time

with John catching up on how things were going in



Each year Springdale College hosts the College Rally,

and, during that time, they also have their board

meetings. As a result, there are many Americans who

come to visit. The College Rally is a gathering for all the

Christian churches/churches of Christ in Great Britain. It

is a wonderful time of fellowship and learning.

Bob Wetzel, who is on the board at Springdale, was

here; so we took the opportunity to have him preach at

Bromsgrove. The former Principal (or president) of

Springdale College, Bob is now President of Emmanuel

School of Religion, Johnson City, Tennessee. He helped to begin Bromsgrove Christian Church during his time in Britain. We were glad to see Bob again.

We had the opportunity to visit an amusement park,

Alton Towers, with Larry and Debbie Kineman and their

family. We all got free tickets from a supermarket in

town. It was a chance for us to get to spend some fun

time with our teammates.

The Bromsgrove Christian Church had a family evening

that included eating and a lime to share our talents. This

gave us a chance to take advantage of the stage in the

quite an experience. We had over 50 in

church's hall

attendance and a lot of participation. The visitors were

welcomed into a friendly atmosphere; we hope to see them again. The youth did skits, the younger children played the piano and flutophones, and the adults gave

readings, played instruments, and performed skits. It was

a good time of fun and fellowship.




1 •«

Family Fun Night. Some of the children sang a couple of songs.

Samuel is the secondfrom the right.

Our newest addition to the Bromsgrove family is a

young man named Clifford Cox. He was baptized in

September. Clifford is very active in the youth program and helps in Sunday School. Please pray for him as he

continues to grow in Christ. Derek Stancombe, who

works with Tom and Larry, baptized Clifford and is

discipling him.

Clifford Cox was baptized by Derek Stancombe.


We were blessed with the visit of Lanis Kineman —

Larry's father who was the preaching minister at Bethany

Christian Church for 29 years. Lanis had the opportunity

to participate in some of the activities at the church and

was also able to preach at our Harvest Sunday Service.

Harvest Sunday is a time to bring in food to show God

of your appreciation for the blessings He has given you

during harvest. (Harvest is similar to our Thanksgiving,

but the English have no reason to celebrate the safe

arrival to a new country, a plentiful crop, or the survival

of a harsh winter!) It was a real joy to have Lanis with


We started a new program with the Sunday School. We

had previously been having Sunday School at 10 a.m.

and worship at 11 a.m. Worship service now starts at

10:30 a.m. with the children in the service with us. We

sing, have announcements, greet one another, and have a

special time of singing for the children. At about 11, just after the singing and just before the quiet times of

prayers and communion, the children and teachers are

excused and go to their Sunday School rooms. This new

arrangement has been well received. Also, we have

increased in the number of children attending; the

children and the teachers enjoy this new format.

To meet the need of educating the adults, we have begun CELL (Christians Evangelizing, Learning, and Loving)

groups. There are five of these groups, and they meet in

different homes. We have four adult groups and one

older youth group. By meeting during the week, the

Sunday School teachers get to be in a Bible study.

Attendance has been exceptionally good; we are pleased

with the growth in numbers and in spiritual maturity. Please pray for God to raise up spiritual leaders of the

^romsgrove Christian Church through these CELL



We were pleased to have my parents, Larry and Dixie

Gibson, come for a visit. They came for one reason and

one reason only: to spoil their grandchildren! They did a

wonderful job ofthat. Our children were able to t^e the

week off school, and they thoroughly enjoyed the

indulgence of their grandparents. It had been two years

since we had seen them. Samuel was a little shy at first,

but he soon came around and was giving hugs and

kisses. It was a quick visit (only seven days), but it was

so good to see them.


Tom and Debbie Foust

Christian Missionary Fellowship




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The youth had their second annual Autumn Retreat,

which proved to be a big success with them. There were

25 in attendance, and the weather cooperated as it was a

bit wanner this year than it was last year. Last year the

temperatures were freezing during the night and only up

to about 40 during the day. This year it stayed in the

high 50s during the day. Everyone was pleased about


Our youth enjoy getting together for whatever reason, and this just cemented their friendships even more.

There were two youth who went on the retreat who had

been sporadic in their attendance at events until this

retreat. They have both been very active since.

Alan Marshall, a friend of ours who ministers in

Streatham, London, came with us on the retreat to lead

the worship time and to preach. Alan's wife Luz and

their son Jake were able to be with us for the weekend as

well. The youth retreat took place from Friday evening

through Sunday afternoon. Following the retreat, Alan

and his family came back to Bromsgrove Christian

Church with us, and he gave a concert for the whole


Please pray for Tom as he has a major project going on

along with the church work: He is finishing his PhD! He

should have it done by the end of 1995. It will mean a lot of work for him, but.I think we will both be glad when it

is finished. Please pray that all would go well as he writes up his research.


Debbie Foust

I'.S. I know that there have been many prayers said on

our behalf concerning our housing situation. Our

landlords decided to sell the house and to live in

Australia. We may have found another four-bedroom

house to rent! It is a little older than the house we are

presently living in, but many of the rooms are a lot

bigger. Please continue to pray for us as we search for

new housing.




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Autumn, Angela, David, Tom, Debbie, <£ Samuel


Tom & Debbie Foust

22 Melbourne Road

Sidemoor, Bromsgrove

Worcestershire B6J 8PE








March 1995

Dear Friends,

Tom and I want to share with you some items that we

knowyou have been praying about.

We moved into our new house on February4,


We have a four-bedroom house, plus an office for

Tom. It is an older housewhere the front ground

floor had been converted into a convenience store. A lot of work had to been done to convert this area into

a living room. We hada lot of help from people at

Bromsgrove Christian Church and CMF co-workers.

The people have been wonderful helping us move, paint, and do repairs. Many hours were spent getting

this house ready to live in.

We would like to thank you for all your prayers and financial giving that made it possible for us to move

into this house.

Recently, I madea two-week trip backto the US for

my grandfather's funeral. Samuel went with me, while

Tom and the older three children stayed in England.

Since I came to the States only ten days after moving

into the new house, I left a lotof the unpacking

undone. So, I still have sorting and arranging to do a

month after moving.

Another item that I would like to give you some

information on is Tom's back. Many people have

prayed for Tom and his back pain. Foraboutone year

now, Tom has been having back pain. He had been

under a doctor's care during this time,

but he was

unable to determine the cause of the pain. He finally

went to a back specialist. They did an MRI and found

out that he has a degenerative disc in the lower lumbar region (the lower back). The doctors said that

he was a bit young to be having this problem, but that

it wasn't unheard of

Tom had been exercising regularly, so this is probably

why he didn't have problems earlier. (He played soccer with some high school kids at campwhen someone

tripped him, and he landed hard. This is when he

started feeling the pain.) The doctor told him that he

had very good back muscles, and, with regular exercise, he should be able to live without much pain, avoiding

an operation. He feels much better.

I would like to update you on the church's cell groups.

We started the groups

very well. In January,

in October; they were going

we decided to change the groups

around to make them a little more even. They have

been a wonderful source of learning and encourage

ment. The people love to get together, laugh, study,

eat, and fellowship.

Thank you for praying for your

brothers and sisters in Christ in England.

pur new address is:

Tom and Debbie Foust

22 Melbourne Road


Bromsgrove, Worcestershire


Our phone number, also, has been changed by ont«

number: 011-44-1527-832272.


Thanks again for your prayers concerning our house.


Debbie Foust




Autumn, Angela. David. Tom, Debbie. & Samuel



22 Melbourne Road

Sidemoor, Bromsgrove

Worcestershire B6l 8PE






September 1995




This summer has been the warmest, driest summer

since 1727, which is when they started keeping

weather records in Great Britain. Temperatures have

been in the 80s and higher since June. The English

all have tans! Of course, we are also having grass fires

and hosepipe (garden hose) bans. We have ticen

advantage of the weather by going to the park or out

to the back yard to play or to sunbathe every chance

we get. We have had several cookouts and enjoyed

good fellowship. We are having a true summer and

thoroughly enjoy it.

I apologize for the length of time it has been since my

last prayer newsletter. We have been very busy and

have had a lot of company, so I will try to

on a few ofthe things that have been happening.

fill you in


The major event in March: our car wasstolen. It was

in the parking lot of the leisure centerwhere Tom

exercises. He had

to run into town for a quick errand

before going in to exercise; when he came back, he

couldn t find the car. He quickly made a few checks

to make sure that I didn't have it and that it hadn't

been towed away, then he reported the theft to the

poHce. We went for a month without a car. The

police recovered it, and, after major repairs, we got

the car back.

Because we had to walk or depend on rides from

others wherever we went, I was thankful that we lived

close to town and the church. Thank you for your

prayers and financial support thathelped to pay for

repairs to the car.


April always brings a bright note into England. The

clocks go forward one hour, which meanswe have

one extra hour of daylight in theevening. After a

long, dark winter, this is a welcome sight.

Easter is also a bright spot in April. Tom was asked to do an Easter program for the Sidemoor FirstSchool.

We did a little skit for the children that included

Harvey and Zelda from Skituations. The children enjoyed themselves, and Tom and I had a fun time getting to act like children for a few minutes.

Tom was also invited to preach atAll Saints Church

ofEngland for the Bromsgrove community Good

CMF-Great Britain Team Retreat 1995: (back row) TimAho,

Larry Kineman & Rebecca & Michael, Ruth Walls, Debbie

Kineman &Kirsten, Will Walls, TammyAho &Andrew,

Debbie, Tom, Minnie Phillips, Woody Phillips, Teresa Fittro;

(front row) Samuel, DavidFittro & NathanaeU Aaron Lincoln,

Autumn,Jessica Aho, Angela, Diane Lincoln, and David.

Friday worship service. It was good to worship with

people from nearly all ofthe congregations in


The week after Easter is also the time when we have

our annual CMF-Great Britain Field Team Retreat.

At the retreat this year, we welcomed new teammates

Will and Ruth Walls.

We are excited to add this

couple to our team as they bring a much-needed dimension. Will has a counseling background and

years of experience working with churches. Also at

the retreat, we were honored with the presence of

Woody and Minnie Phillips who spoke and shared

their wisdom with us. Our family was able to enjoy

their company for a few days after the retreat.


May is always filled with color as the flowers are in

full bloom. Along with the newlife that the earth

brought forth, we welcomed several people into new life with Christ. On May 14, 1995, Ryan Taibert,

Colin Young, and Michael Kineman were all

baptized. Also,

Drabble placed their membership with the

Bromsgrove Christian Church. Please keep these people in your prayers.

on May 21, 1995, Phil and Cathy

Baptism ofRyan Taibert.


Almost overnight, our weather in England went from temperatures in the 60s to temperatures in the 80s. I was sure that after just the first few days, we would go back to our good 'ole English weather. But, it didn't happen. We crammed a wholesummer's worth of activities into one week because that is all the longer you can guarantee beautiftil weather here. I guess

God must have taken me seriouslywhen I asked for

more of that beautiful weather!

I have not failed to

thank Him daily for the sunshine. (I just wish I could

bottle some and keep it for the long winter ahead.) In

June, we said goodbye to Angela and her friend Kate

Allardice as they headed for America.


In July, we welcomed the Christ in Youth (CIY)

group, a wonderful group of young people led by

Steve Sigler and Brenda Hawkins who came over and

helped us. They did many things for us. They started out by helping us do some much-needed cleaning

around the church building, which had not hada

good spring cleaning since ourarrival three years ago.

They also painted some children's chairs and

refinished some children's tables.

The Three-to-Five-

year-old Sunday School class now fights over who gets

to sit in the two silver chairs! As the group was

painting-thcm, they-alMaugked-and-said there-weuW—

probably be arguments over who got those chairs.

Theirprediction came true. The bad partisthatour

son Samuel is usually the one yelling the loudest for

one of the silver chairs. He has had a lotof practice in

fighting with his oldersiblings to getwhat he wants.

The CIY group also helped us do a Holiday Bible

Club (HBC is like VBS). We had a tremendous

turnout with a total of 54 difi^erent children

attending, ranging in ages from two to ten. Sunday School averages 20 on Sunday mornings with these

same agegroups. A couple of families began

worshiping with us because of HBC. Please keep

these people in your prayers.

The Bromsgrove youthgatheredfar afun night.

Also in July, we had a couple of special visitors. Jack

Ballard, who was traveling back from Zimbabwe after

visiting his brother, stopped in England to visit us.

Jack is from Evergreen, Colorado, but we met Jack in

Norfolk, Nebraska,

where his son Jeff attended

Nebraska Christian College. We had a good visit with Jack; I put him to work doing repairs around the house. We did let him go sightseeing some!

Our other visitors were Jim and Sandy Garrison from

BethanyChristian Church in Anderson, Indiana. It

was wonderful to visit with the Garrisons and to show

them around the beautiful country of England.


Our family is doing fine. As I said earlier, we enjoyed the weather this summer and took advantage ofit as

much as possible. Angela was in America for seven weeks and had a wonderful time. I hope some of you were able to see and visit with her. We are glad to have her back with us chough. School began September 5, and we have been trying to get everything together for that. Life is not so quietat the


We are making plans for our furlough nextyear. We

plan to be in the States sometime in the summer of 1996 and will be in contact with you as soon as our

plans become more definite.

The Foust children.


Thank God with us for:

• Angela's safety in her travels.

• Newfamilies in attendance at Bromsgrove church.

• Baptisms of Ryan, Colin, and Michael.

• The Drabbles placing their membership with

Bromsgrove Christian Church.


Pray with us for:

• Ryan Talbert, Colin Young, and Michael Kineman

—all recently baptized.

• Angela, Autumn, and David as they begin school.

• Tom and I as we begin to plan for our furlough.

Debbie Foust

Autumn. Angela. David, Tom, Debbie, & Samuel



22 Melbourne Road

Sidemoor, Bromsgrove

Worcestershire B61 8PE






December 1995

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to bring you

up-to-date on a specific group within the Bromsgrove

Christian Church: the Youth Bible Study. A lot has been happening with this group.

This study started in January 1993, initially attended by sixyouth plusTom, who led the group. They have met from that date to the present on Thursday nights

at 7 p.m. They have been involved in many exciting

activities: retreats, camps, bike rides, concerts,

stringed orchestras, overnighters, and parties for EVERY imaginable thing! These activities have been very helpful in cementing their relationships with one another, as well as strengthening them spiritually.

On October 20-22, they went on their third annual fall retreat up north to

Twelve youth, four sponsors, and Samuel attended the

retreat. Although Samuel was the group's mascot, the boys {lads) in the youth group decided that Samuel was bigenough to run aroundwith them. They officially made him a lad! The young people had a

wonderful time as they ate, sang, worshiped, and

played. This was the first majorevent that interns

Cyndi Vest and Michelle Kakac led. They did a wonderful job.

The Bible Studycontinues to meeton Thursday nights at our house, averaging about 14 youth with

times of twenty-two in attendance. We are very

pleased with the growth of this group. They listen intentlyand take notes on what issaidso theycan be prepared to tell otherswhen needed.

An example of this is found in a young girl named

Allie Louch.

She has been

' ^^ notesandwasable

September, she went

Campus House/campus

needed because of the

coming of the industrial age. The building must

have been beautiful when

it was first built, but went into disrepair as attendance

started to drop.

The Youth Bible Study, September 1995- Allie isin thefront row, third

from left; Joelissecondfrom therightontheback row.

from left; Joel is secondfrom the >

the back row.

The Youth Bible Study, Septembi

. AUie is in thefront row, third

Several students visited

the Union one night and

discussed the subject of

baptism —whether they

thought it was necessary or not. After the others had

put in their two cents' worth, Allie could stand it no

longer. She spoke up and told them the biblical

reasons for baptism and where to find those verses.

The group got very quiet after that, then went on to

other things. She was very pleased at being able to

back up what she said with Scripture.

About ten years ago, the church was no longer able to

keep up the building. A coven of witches found out that the building was for sale and got the cash

together to pay for the building in full. The people of

the village found out that the witches had the money

to purchase the building and got together to try and

stop it. There was one man who was so concerned that he took his pension and life savings to pay for the

building. This action kept the building out of the hands of the witches. The village was then able to

applyfor grants; with this money, they restored the

building and turned it into a retreat center.

JoelMarshallis another person in the Youth Bible

Study. He has been able to share his faith at school and started bringing another young man from school

with him to Bible Study. It is wonderful to watch our

youth grow in their relationship with Christ and to

share it with others.

Since we arrived in England, 11 youth have been

baptized: Jerry Cline, Rebecca Crane, Richard Crane, Mark Ingram, Lucy Matthews, David (Gappy)

Godwin, Kate Allardice, Joanne Allardice Banner, Joel

Marshall, ClifF Cox, Ryan Talbert. Please keep them

and the other Bromsgrove youth in your prayers.


Our family is all doingwell. Tom is busy finishing his

Ph.D. That means that all the rest of us are trying to

stay out of his wayso that he can have peace and quiet. We are not always successful!

Angela now has her learners permit and has taken to

the road. Learning to drive in a manual shift is much

harder than learningto drive an automatic. Since the

schools do not teach drivers education as a class, I go

out with Angela for one hour, three times a week. She is doing very well. Wewill give her lessons with an

instructor aswell. Since this can be very expensive,

though, we decided to do some of the lessons


Autumn, David, and Samuel are all fine.


keeps Autumn and David busyas the work load increases with each year. Samuel is having a good

time learning to play Nintendo. He and I play

together, and he is almost as good as

me. I guess that

just about sums up my Nintendo ability.


Tom and Debbie Foust

Christian Missionary Fellowship





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Pray for:

• The youth of Bromsgrove Church, that they might

continue to growin their relationships with Christ.

• Allie Louch as she adjusts to life at the University.

• Joel Marshall as he continues to share his faith at


• Tom as he finishes his Ph.D.

• The rest of the family aswe attempt to keep sane

until the Ph.D. is done.


Debbie Foust

P.S. Our car was stolen on November 23, 1995

(Thanksgiving Day!), for the SECOND time in just

eight months. It was found on November 30, 1995 (oneweeklater). The car is now in the shop being repaired. Please keep us in your prayers aswe need extra measures of patience, strength (as we do more

walking), and understanding. Thanks!




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